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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there, i'm hello, am i here? dean with the al jazeera and usa cummings. you live at form, doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. europe is back at the epicenter or upon the mc. very be were one years ago. the world health organization says europe has in the grip of
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a significant cove. at 19 resurgence. the european union coals for an immediate cease fire and negotiations was fighting intensifies in ethiopia. iran was president, demands us, sanctions been lifted as part of its returns, the 2015 nuclear deal, plus multiple floods this year have dumped an immeasurable amount of birth and murders, sanders, silt in rocks and large boulders in valleys all across this area. we are in the pool where the change in climate has been blamed for a series of devastating natural disasters. and i'm here so much of your sport, barcelona step up a pursuit of chubby. the club continued talks with cutters. all sud rumor for the captain back to the new camp as coach ah,
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we begin this news or in europe for the continence as once again, become the epicenter of the cove with 19 pandemic. that's the assessment of the world health organization which says there are more infections there than in asia. and africa combines cases are hitting record levels, especially in central and western europe. where vaccination rates on low germany is reporting the highest number of daily cases and the numbers are soaring in russia and ukraine. hospitalization, admission rates, duke of it 19, more than doubled in one week based on w, your europe's latest data. according to one, the label projection. if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a 1000000. gov at 19 bits in europe and central asia by the 1st of february,
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next year. and 40 city countries in oregon will face high to extreme stress on hospital bits at some point through the same period. well in the u. cave or infections are also rising, health regulators have approved marx anti viral pill to treat cove at 19. it's the 1st country to do so, and the pill will be used to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms and across the atlantic in the u. s. companies with more than $100.00 or more employees will be required to ensure their staff are vaccinated or tested weekly. the byte administration is issued. a deadline of january 4th. companies failing to comply will be fines, nearly $14000.00 for every violation or will speak to alan fisher in washington, dc about that in just a moment. first though, let's at had to london, which on a whole is standing by for us, joe. no,
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they're quite an alarming message. they're from the world health organization. but the situation in europe. yeah, i would say a pretty troubling set of numbers released by the world health organization. you had a lot of it in your intro there. 78000000 current live infections across the why to european region is defined by the world health organization, including parts of central asia. and that number rising by a quarter of a 1000000 new cases every day, long with through 3600 deaths every day. and prompting homeschooler the w i chose europe director to warn the europe is once again back at the, at the center of the pandemic. now that comes, i can tell you, it was pretty much of a shock to a lot of people. a lot of populations, particularly in western european countries who had gone about their business thinking the threat had largely passed recently. well, it certainly hasn't. and the big question is, why is this happening? why is this happening, particularly in
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a region of the world that has greater ready access to vaccines and many other parts of the world and the w h o points to, to broad sort of factors that he believes are responsible. the 1st, the relaxation of public health and social measures take the u. k. for exam. as an example back in july or mandatory measures were lifted here that sent have a very clear message to the population that they could go about their lives as normal. and so they have done in sufficient vaccination coverage is the other factor that the w h o points too broadly. this means in one, in one sense, people coming to the end of their immunity, conferred by the double vaccination jab if they had it 6 months or more ago. and they haven't yet had a booster. that's happening a lot. and also vaccine hesitancy, also very prevalent, certainly in the east and part of your former soviet countries. places like sweeney lack fear at the moment. especially russia,
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where misinformation is pretty rife on social media. a lot of people are reluctant to take the vaccines, russia ferrying the worst of all because in that w h o european region registering well over a 1000 deaths every day at the moment. and you will know, you mentioned the u. k. they're, they've just, they've just authorized this new anti cove and pill, which is probably just as well, given the state of the numbers where you are much higher than any other western european country. it's estimated something like one in 10 of all new infractions taking place globally. happening here on the death toll and hospital admissions. uncomfortably high as well. again, as i said, the u. k is an example of a place where all mandatory restrictions have been lifted more and more people back in offices on public transport, fewer and fewer of them wearing muscle, recognizing any sort of precaution whatsoever. and england in particular. so the victim of its own success in having been 1st and fastest with the vaccine ro that at the beginning of the year. and now seeing high numbers of this waning immunity
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and struggling with its booster program because of what, in part because of real public apathy. because of all those reasons i've set up scientists to calling for precautions to be put into place immediately reintroduced or face uneven, deadly. i went to the government at this point, reluctant to do so. okay. jonah haul, they're bringing us up to dates from london. jonathan, i thank you very much indeed. let's take you across the atlantic. no to alan fisher . he joins, you know, from capitol hill. allan just took us through some of these new measures that the u . s. president is bringing in particular, the sanctions. $14000.00. fine for violation when you some sort of arrangement was coming when i have the date is january the 4th, which means companies now have 2 months to comply. essentially, if you employ 100 people or more, every one has to be vaccinated. and if you'd a walker that isn't vaccinated, then you've got to provide
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a weekly test that shows you a negative and weird a mask in the office. not only that employers aren't liable for the cost of those tests, so that will come out of the workers pocket. that's an incentive to try and make sure more people are vaccinated. except of course, if you're a health worker, then everyone has to be vaccinated and the same employees applies to federal workers as well. there are no exceptions there and certainly the biden administration is pointed to vaccine mandates and seeing how it's help people get back to what they point to united airlines. they are, they said you have got to be vaccinated or you lose your job. 99 percent of employees decided that they would rather be vaccinate to say with tyson's foods. one of the big food manufacturers in the united states, more than 96 percent of employees have received the benefit. will that be legal challenges to this? of course there. well, this is american 2021 attorney general's around the country and already intending to go to court to say the biden's administration can't do this. it is beyond the rima of the law that they are using. this is not a workplace injury,
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therefore they cannot legislate for this. but the, by the administration, very saxon, of the ground and so on. and russia will ensco has been speaking to a senate hearing just in the last 20 minutes said, mandates do work. and that means we can get the vaccination rates up and the risk of infection don't and will allen, you are joining us from the campus. so hell, just tell us more about the hearings that are going on. well, the whole idea is to look forward to not to look back. the problem is, as we get into the hearing and until he failed, she is one of those on the panel at people will say, well, hold on a 2nd a year ago, you said x. but why happen? so why should we believe, you know, but the whole intention is to try and prepare america for getting through this pandemic from here on in. and they're saying that things like the vaccination that has been approved for children between the ages of 5 and 11 is a big step forward. but ritual lensky again, she's the head of the cdc. the center for disease control said that the death rate
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is not as low as they would like. and so they still have got a lot of work to do. but they've also got one eye on the next public health emergency. they're aware that once they get rid of covered, there might be something just round the corner. and many people think that a medical was caught unprepared for what happened during coven 19. and so the intention by the senate and others is to make sure that america is prepared for want me be around the corner gallon fisher reporting live from capitol hill. thank you very much. alan. uganda president. as calling for east african leaders to meet and discuss the worst and conflicts in a few pm. well, the u. s. embassy in this about is allowing some of that stuff and their families to leave your peers. governments has declared a state of emergency is to grow in rebels, claim to have made advances towards the capital. european union is among those colon for an immediate cease far priyanka go to reports. it's not the 1st call to
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arms spine. if he'll be a leader. but this time it's against an enemy within our prime minister abi amad. use the 1st anniversary of the conflict and t. glad to call on his citizens, to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels. until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to say, i'm in ethiopia and soldier, to condemn this miss g. this plan, while standing next to the f. c o, p in national defense forces to humiliate the enemy. late last year. if you appear national all me with a strength in numbers and significant air, paul pushed the tiguan rebels into retreat. since july, the rebels had been making new gains and expanding the bottle from insight into neighboring, unheard of our region. the central day have now entered an unlikely alliance with the oral more liberation army. a band splinter group from romeo region,
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home to few p s largest ethnic group when the federal military had to withdraw and pick right in june after suffering significant battlefield losses. not really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaign since including and lifting these regional forces on militia. but ultimately, that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the great forces through east, and i'm hora. the rebels are threatening to move the south towards addis ababa after capturing to strategic honda on a major highway linking the northern region with the capital where the teacher and leadership is highly unpopular mixed up because i was soldiers are not fighting alone. we should know that for sure, our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on
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satellite tv. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to in slave us. the us has been calling for immediate negotiations with our preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family members in the capital because of escalating violence. washington has sent especially on war for the horn of africa to few pia and they're all to reach left to deescalate the you got precedent has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for no addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down the aisle to 0. well, johnny has no from pretoria is davidson manual, a senior researcher and consultants at the institute for security studies is good to have you with us on this new. so just give us
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a sense of what kind of impact this crisis in ethiopia is having in the winter region. look, i think go, which is a do looking for no reason to look for them to raise piece. and the reason is i would say, i'm not going to put your cattle shall fall on the bar and cancers. gibbons instruct, inspired all the piece, talk between the air cheerleaders on dishes issue, man. so it is not only a concern for your be out of your whole home africa that you wise, the discussion and the ways of food such and lisa, sorry, it is necessary, but this conflicts been going on for, for a year now. why haven't there been any bigger attempts for me feel peers neighbors since to try and stop this 3 dialog?
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i think we have to do some issues and that's continue to prevent discussions on difference in terms of quality color cross. why didn't you call the family? that's different. well for the one thing we have a problem is that as a new conception unit, jeremy said, and we have to believe that this have been our follow why they have men at the center of the political game. you'll be at least this is jeanette wants their 2nd element who's our regional sense of security from the african from south africa. and so i job identity and i just said to call upon leaders to engage in dialogue as then we've all seen the impact. germany does not mean that the capable of and into war crushing the enemies and maintain the unity of it.
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but it's not likely to be the case be i might think he can retain the unity, the feel p up at the t p. ls are on the march and they're in certain gathering strength with, with, with allies. deeds were sent to the government to create magazines and called upon themselves to defend the country and tried the enemies show that they are very aware of the jail. apologies for the economy, which is a sign suggest collision of the country. it should be there. and this is for him to revise the position to see how to engage in balance. because by the look of team is what you're going to say now between of the government's policies and to get a policy. but we are sure that you know, you'll be posted on most of the crossings, the national courses in what is study. another comment that you've been reading on
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. i just want to in yeah, go from there. are those classes consider the back of what we have seen and it doesn't look better from government, decide you have to call for $1000000.00 to get themselves ready to defend it every ass. ok. say that as and then a great to get your thoughts. thank you so much for joining us on the news. our plenty more still ahead to misuse our including under pressure lebanon's prime minister is facing the difficult decisions for huge countries breast. saudi arabia . nearly all points jury is chosen and the merger come from black killed in the state of georgia last year in sports. the nbc
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gwinnett ah, after months on hold talks to revise, the 2015 you iran nuclear deal have been shuttled for the end of this month. negotiations between the signatories in vienna, stalls in june. yes, as well. kim, the returns talks and says that expects them to pick up where they left off. the original agreements assigned in 2015 and was designed to limits to hans nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief. but in may 2018 then president donald trump withdrew the u. s and began re imposing sanctions. november last year the i. e. a reported around stock pile of enriched uranium, had reached 12 times the permitted levels. in april, in direct talks began in vienna to bring the u. s. and the wrong back into
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compliance with the j. c. p. away. next day, iran began enriching uranium up to 60 percent. or 6 rounds of talks were held in vienna. they concluded in june to allow for presidency for him. res, seem to form in you. government spent speaking earlier, mom's president is i liked his demand for us sanctions to be lifted as parts of a return to the deal. m rose nagondo. let them have them off in the letter today. our government looks protect the interest of the nation. we try to preserve the rights of the people in any situation to us talk should be result oriented. should bear results that include the reduction of hardships for our dear people. as we have said before, we didn't leave and won't be the negotiating table, but will resist excessive demand and stand in the face of the arrogant countries ignore the rights of the iranian people. we will resist the violations of international agreements. the rainy nation showed his resistance over the past 40
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years and will turn him, you know, in the studio is or iran correspondence dorsen jabari door. so those talk set to kick off within a week or so or, or by the end of the month, i were things looking at this stage. well, things are certainly not going to be easy. this new negotiating team lead by the deputy foreign minister is going to be looking to 1st talk about lifting the sanctions before iran will even think about returning to full compliance. there is a sense from various sources i've spoken to within the foreign ministry as well as analysts. in toronto, i believe that iran is looking towards much more of a linear approach with these talks rather than a parallel one that they've had over the past few months. that means that they're 1st going to talk about the sanction being lifted, and then they will talk about what technical aspects of their nuclear program they will bring back into compliance. this is in line with what we've been hearing from you as ministration, inter on it for him. bracy during his last televise speech,
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didn't give much time to this nuclear agreement. he doesn't seem to think it's as important as other issues around it's facing right now. and there is a sense that his foreign policy moving forward is much more looking towards the east end iran neighbors rather than relying on west european allies. so there is that going forward, but at the same time, it is important to know that the 7th round of talks is going to be held on november 29th will determine whether or not they'll be additional rounds because of course this is not and with one round of discussion, this is gonna have to go on, but if they are at a standstill and they can't move past this initial stage than there really isn't much hope so it will have to depend on what the americans expect as well coming in . but i think the iranians are very clear of what they're expecting to happen in their coming meeting. ok, dorsey? very. thank you very much. indeed. we'll let. so find out, ben. what the few as form america. kimberly whole kurtz is in washington. d. c. for us. kimberly, what is the euro strategy going into these tones while the united states expecting
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to work with its partners and allies, namely the european nations that have been working closely with the united states on this issue to make one message clear. and that is, that the window of opportunity for negotiating is not indefinite. in other words, that it cannot be prolonged in the united states will also, if iran takes any what it perceives to be provocative steps that window would close . so the united states is very keen to get to work and get to work quickly. they don't want to see this drawn out over a long period of time. and to that end, what we saw ready is the united states on the sidelines of the g 20 in this past week, having a meeting with some european leaders in order to try and compare notes on ron's nuclear program and also on the path forward. so it's very clear that the united
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states is looking to do this in partnership ad with the unified voice. okay. kimberly hawk at their law firm in washington dc. thank you. kimberly lebanon's prime ministers facing pressure to sac his information minister for closing your dispute with saudi arabia. george cardon, he made comments about the war in yemen that have angered several gulf states. senator has more from a routes this conference was about promoting tourism in a nearly bankrupt country. but instead, lebanese prime minister and mccarthy had to address a crisis threatening his 2 months old government, saudi arabia and some arab countries have severed ties with lebanon for what they see as an increasing dominance of the hezbollah armed group. and then as we move, we are determined to restore ties with saudi arabia and gulf states. i'm repeating my cost for the information minister to listen to his conscience had put circumstances into consideration and take the stance he should take. this is the priority of the solution to get out of the crisis. yes,
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he any how to haven't walk the had the empathy. the latest dispute was triggered by the comments of information minister george cred, hey, who called the human war, a saudi aggression. it's a difficult balancing act for a prime minister who wants to restore ties with the countries traditional economic and political partners, but whose cabinet is controlled by hezbollah and its allies. they have publicly back the minister who has reiterated his refusal to resign. i also need to gain that consensus. i agreements of has bella movement, the political parties, as well as the manner that part the, the part of the minister could back a not to resign as well. if the design, the diplomatic dispute is aggravating divisions and 11 on which is among the battlefields where even in saudi arabia, geopolitical tug of war is played out and talk to them and help them all of many at
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liberty governments most over a can frank apology to saudi arabia and the gulf states after real demo, just controversial issues that includes ending his beloved military intervention in yemen. the saudi arabia has long accused, has beloved helping the iraqi back to to rebels in yemen, a charge the group denies. saudi arabia is pressuring lebanon to take a harsher line on has the law. but the lebanese foreign minister has said that kingdom is forcing impossible terms on the government has bala, he says, is a component of lebanese politics. and this wing has a regional dimension which can't be resolved by the authorities here already cabinet has been deadlocked for weeks after a dispute about the judge investigating last year's blast at bay report. and now, without support from gulf nations, it will be hard to secure much needed international aid to stop its economic
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collapse than the elisha zita, beirut. and almost all points jury has been selected for the trial of a black man murdered in the us state of georgia. last year. evidence in the racially charged case for a not over break will be heard by 11 point people and one black man, 25 year old aubrey was killed while we're running in a coastal neighborhood in georgia. back in february 2023 white men are charged in connection with the case of his family have criticize the jury selection . i was a surprise festus. some of what we've already been facing in this case is another part of the injustices that we see here in glenn county. i'm not just with this case but with many so it's just another part of what we face every day. well, nbc reports are jane gray joins, has no lie from brunswick, georgia and j. the racial makeup of this jury is facing questions, isn't it?
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it really is looking. it was a long and very contentious jury selection process 2 and a half weeks to get this 12 member panel as you talk about, there's still a lot of contention over that 11 white jurors, one black jury members, the judge in this case is already set and i'm quoting here, there appears to be intentional discrimination that by defense attorneys, he says in the selection process, but he also goes on to point out that they didn't violate any georgia state law by striking some potential african american jurors. and that this trial will move forward with this jury 25 year old ahmad aubrey's killing spark nationwide protests . he was jogging in a neighborhood here in brunswick when he was chased down, shot and killed by greg mc michael and his son travis, a neighbor william roddy,
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bryan captured the shooting on cellphone video. all 3 have been charged and his death. of course, at video i'll, i will be at the center of this high profile case, contain gray that lie for us in brunswick, georgia. thank you j, we appreciate it. lots were so heads here and al jazeera, as the leader of the post inserts, makes move to dissolve key institutions. warnings, the fragile peace of with the skiers dream to run in the swiss alps, half ah, hello boise sunshine across middle east ash per usual. but we have got some way whether in the forecast northern areas will cease and cloud and right. sherry ranges pushing i,
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which was northern parts of around western areas over the high ground. also seeing some unsettled weather. we'll see some bits and pieces of cloud and rain, cherry damp was just moving away from north in all parts of afghanistan as we go through friday. and on into saturday we will see temperature falling back to around 11 celsius into round. so a little cooler than it has been recently a shower still very much in place here, but for most as you can see, it does look fine and try pleasant. 32 celsius here in doha, about where it should be over the next few days. then the central parts of africa, the showers continue quite nicely, some larvae, showers there into uganda, pushing across at western side, tanza, near democratic republic of congo. see the usual heat of the day, showers a seasonal downpours, some wet weather, stripping its way down. now across a good part of angola might just see a shower or 2 into western areas of zambia as we go through where friday possibility of one or 2 showers to into botswana. and it's eastern parts of south africa. but i think for ease to south africa, to grab it
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a little draw as we go on through the weekend. ah, in the country, an abundance of resource trade far and wide indonesia, his, this concerns for me, we move full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs through invest. let's be part when denise is growth and progress. invest even easier now. well in to


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