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against cervical cancer and the leader of a coalition of gains in haiti asks the us for help to overthrow the government and a real puzzle beater and the n b a for the brooklyn. let's joe will have all the sports coming up. ah, healing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now not a lot can get this completed. we cannot lose hope, we know what to do, and we have the tools to, to, to get back with all the patient. this to you are now to sierra in the country with an abundance of results rate. byron walk indonesia whose turns
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for me. we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in indonesia. now, lou ah, welcome. if it is joining us, this is the else 0 news out your headlining stories international arm over the conflict in ethiopia is growing. the e u has called for an immediate cease fire, and the us embassy is allowing some staff and families to leave uganda,
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as president, has called for regional leaders to address the crisis talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear dealership, to resume at the end of the month in direct negotiations between all the secretaries and vienna stalled last june, after ever m racy won the presidential election. the world health organization is wanting that europe is back at the epicenter of the cove. 19 pandemic infection rates are higher than in asia and africa put together. a you government's being urged back now to avoid catastrophe. ah. the u. k says the quotes end of coal is in size as the cop 26 climate meet in glasgow carries on with its energy day talks to day. britain's government says insecure to coalition of dozens of countries, pledging clear commitments to face out coal power. but there are noticeable absences, the 3 biggest consumers of coal, india, china,
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and the united states of not signed up. and today, i think we can say that the end of coal is in sight. the progress we've seen over the past 2 years would have seemed like a lofty ambition when we took on the cot presidency back in 2019. who would have thought back then? that to day, we're able to say that we are choking off international co financing, or that we would see a shift away from domestic coal power. are to serious correspondent andrew simmons is in glasgow. he says some coronation field left behind me proposals to reduce coal consumption. the position is this, that coal is actually the single biggest contributor to climate change. and more in a 3rd of the world's electricity is fired by coal. so we have
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a situation now where they want to set out on this, which is deemed energy day, a plan to bring in a whole raft of commitments right across the board. and it doesn't just include the countries. it also includes financial institutions, dozens of them, and, and also other organizations all over the world to try to get the whole issue of coal being used to power up a that the pollutants that sweep a global warming across the whole world. so right across the board, but lots of commitments, no solid guarantees. that's one of the problems here. it's also something the poor countries absolutely depend on, on the coal to actually grow their economies. and that's why you're getting more more and potency to the argument from the poor countries. that the wealthier ones, it's fine for them. they've made their billions of dollars. we have to survive,
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we have to grow, we need the power, we have to go for the cheaper solution. so where is the money? it's all comes down the money we've. we've seen that whole debate going on as does a trillion dollars going in the right direction. but still, you have this question from the poorer countries. what about us? well, as we know, india has not signed up to the cold deal. and while renewable power generation has tripled there and cross recent years, the coal sector is also expanding. elizabeth thereon, and reports now from jer come home to india's biggest coal reserves. these fires had been burning across the jody, a cold field in india's eastern state of johnson, for more than 100 years. they've destroyed thousands of homes and made much of jody a town uninhabitable. philip bowery is now a single parent. after his 30 year old wife called me on the baby, fell into a pit while taking a daughter to use the toilet the ground. he often caves in the cause of the fires
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my daughter came running and said mommy has fallen into a bit. i rushed to the fort and i prayed to god that no one has to ever see a site like julia is india's most lucrative caulfield. but also the site of one of its biggest environmental disasters underground fires were 1st detected in 1916 and abandoned mines, which weren't decommissioned properly. more recently, 2 decades of unrestrained open cost mining has brought fires to the surface, but the indian government is pushing ahead with plants, expand the sector in jack and, and beyond developing it's just it's industrialized. and for that we need power more and more for what is needed for the 70 percent. we are depended on this. india is already the world's 2nd largest producer
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consumer and importer of comb. jacqueline is home to the country's largest coal reserves, but also to forests rich and bio diversity. the coal block under these fields. and that forest was auction to one of the is biggest companies nearly a year ago, but no work has started. that's because the state of jackson is challenging the central government's plans and the supreme court on environmental grounds. there are plans to convert these fields and large tracks of forest into mines. displacing tens of thousands of people who often belong to indigenous tribes. politicians and jobs can say any expansion must take people into consideration. the problem here is we want everyone wants call government one school, we want expansion. but what does it cost? people are paying for it. the truth is that there is an expansion, but people are not getting the do you want to have a call back? you want to have to call what? what about the people living about the service?
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like thousands of others, visit bodies as he won't leave julia because the government has provided proper accommodation elsewhere. as india's alley tricity demand grows with its economy, environmental essay, it must prioritize clean energy. any development to be beneficial in the years to come. elizabeth per annum al jazeera, darkened eastern india, and parts of chad conflicts is growing there. as the amount of fertile land shrinks, dry zones are expanding and changing climate, making resources, even more precious. he has asked me to address another victim of climate change. a prized horse succumbs to the searing heat. here an exhausted lamb was left behind by a migrating hood for wild animals to devour as his losses pile up idle muhammad rounds of his cattle and family and had towards the border with kimbrell
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me. well after that, oh beaufort, all would we are leaving to her the pastures, greener and the weather's more bearable. the migration will save what's left of my cattle, the drought, and the rising heat, taken so much away from me. far removed from what well gladys are doing at the climate change summit. his just trying to cut his losses and recover. even if that means risking attacks by bandits broke her arm and corrupt officials as he crosses the chide, come road border. mamma, you bring expects the dry period and his losses to continue al serra that must have been by the rains have failed us and the unbearable heat is drying up the little water that we have. it's painful to watch your animals die and there's nothing you can do about it is not sure if he will have any kettle left before the reins return . while politicians and expos discuss how to slow global warming, actors say people in this a hell already living but gloomy future. the leaders are talking about. they say
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the region continues to see arise, and temperatures. in fee 8 could get worse. effective. i'm also come to the desert . i can definitely tell you that in this region, which time has in fact run out of time. it's up to us to act and mitigate them. pendleton vivo, phillip armed gross till occupy like swathe of territory, farther limiting access to water and land for agriculture. as the impact of climate change becomes clear, pasta really is, are forced to make a difficult decision to sell their animals a very low prices, or let them die. and when they bring them to markets like this, they find a few people can afford to buy them. i mean, edris al jazeera jemina, a vaccine against the human papilloma virus has prevented thousands of women from developing cervical cancer. that's according to when you study from the u. k. the health service, they are launched a program 13 years ago, which vaccinate 12 and 13 year olds. so he found an 87 percent drop in cervical
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cancer rates. cervical cancer is caused by h p v. that's a common sexually transmitted infection. it kills hundreds of thousands of women every year. let's bring in doctor alley fat tom. he's a thanks and ologist. he joins us from ann arbor in michigan. dr. fat, all. good to have you back here on the news our on al jazeera. is this preventative or is it's therapeutic? thank you for the invite. this is a preventative vaccine prophylaxis. it's not. we cannot treat the infection with a vaccine. it's not going to work. so it's really our measure to prevent the infection a priori be for a 3 they happen. and therefore a big target population for this vaccine is kids at the age of 11 on the 1111 to 15 years old was the percentages here. i mean,
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how many people that gets the virus, but don't know they have it because they must be hundreds of millions of people out there in that situation. how many of them will definitely go on to get cancer? well, the majority of people are getting domestic infection and they can't clear the virus, nothing will happen. but there is a some of the right virus, the types from this virus, b, r i and therefore they go dormant and they, they carry the virus and therefore it comes back later when the, with the cancer. so mostly to think however, when it happens is really ready to see this disease and the infections and the outcomes are really serious. and therefore vaccination is water and we are able to prevent 90 percent off big servers. so that's something that we should be
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considering status with. thanks and 18. 121314 year olds. i think that was introduced a few years ago now before the u. k. did it before europe did it, it was introduced in australia and because in certain cultures, younger people are getting sexually active at a much younger age. they also vaccinated young boys of 12131415 years old. is that the way to go? if this is such a big preventative measure, which is clearly a huge plus yeah, we, well this, this infection is not going to that get to boys and therefore, and also be coming guys in because of the sexual interaction between them boys. and therefore, even boys kind of have awards and they can pin infections and therefore the target population is gallons and boys from the age of 11 and the vaccine is safe. there actually has been around for a long time, and the vaccine is giving you
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a almost complete protection as we seen with the satellite cancer. so basically, i think the issue is, is that even need to convince? so if we thought that there are there with the corporate 19 vaccine, there is a lot of them see with regards to the immunizing kids, especially the issue to be in sexual activities and infection. so therefore there are lots to be done. but on top of that, that many of these countries there are about 50 percent of the kids are getting the vaccine these days, which is not a good sentence. so yes, the boys are really good because the infection is almost half an hour. so if you take the 404-0000 cases, it's about 25000 gallons and about 900000 with eyes. so therefore they get should be getting distract. same if so many people. however, dr. fats can be
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a symptomatic, they have the virus in their system, but they don't know it. if somebody is sexually active, male or female in their twenties, thirties, even in their forties, is there any point getting the vaccine or is there a test that they can get to determine whether they've got the virus anyway, but they just don't know it there are you know they're on a desk that they can look for whether they have been exposed to the virus or not, as we say by the. and the prevention is really coming before the i only interactions or sexual interactions or sexual activities. because that's the period where we are at higher risk, awkward, contracting the disease and having the virus sitting there and on really close because usually many of the people will clear the virus. so when we say symptomatic, we clear that viruses mugged thing inside it just to clear them. the only proportion of those people will have the virus for
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a longer period of time. and that virus is not like shutting. it's really sitting there. and at some point the time we start to see the consequences, like i can spend money on this never because so all the people this, the, the, you can look for, i can look for the presence of the virus and so forth. but really, mainly we are really part of getting the kids just before the thought to become sexually active doctor on a complex medical story. thank you so much for helping us to break it down and make it more understandable. good to talk to you. thank you. hasen gang leda once the united states to help him to overthrow the government. jimmy shows a in effect controls most of haiti's, food and fuel. john henry, now from puerto prince haiti's, most powerful gang leader says the prime minister must resign peacefully or armed
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militants will remove him for fear. wonderful. now jimmy shares a known throughout haiti by his nickname, barbecue made his threat in a letter to the u. s. ambassador, asking for american support by sheer as a leads, a group of gangs known as the g 9. he read the letter to reporters at a news conference surrounded by armed men with della at the cost of blood. we are going to dislodge mister arial henri from the prime minister's office. and afterwards, the key to the country will be handed over to a new class of men and women of civil society who will have to govern responsibly to get the country out of the quagmire. in which it has been stuck for so long. although shares is one of haiti's most wanted men, the countries out gun police force made no effort to intervene. the man known as barbecue might be the head of 9 gangs, but he says he isn't a gangster. he's not a politician, he is the leader of a political movement that is launched a revolution here in the streets of the western hemisphere for his country. we asked the prime minister's office for
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a response and they told al jazeera prime minister harry along re doesn't deal with gas. share is ace is haiti is dominated by an elite 5 percent that he calls the real gangsters. he says he wants to turn haiti into a u. s. style liberal democracy. well, the, the, so the fellow fairly far from terrorizing the population, we're fighting to get haiti out of the yoke of systematic poverty based on a plot, hatched between traditional politicians and this corrupt, rotten, perverted, bourgeoisie. more than 200 haitians deported from the u. s. in cuba returned on wednesday to a capital in crisis. the rascal evidently message of him without it, my life was in danger. so i fled. now this sent me back. i ran from hell and now i am back. if anything haiti's condition has worsened its economy crippled by a fuel shortage, it's streets ruled by gangs. it's government under threat. john henderson,
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l g 0 port a prince. not at least one person has died in iraq off from mass outbreak of food poisoning that affected more than 500 people. it's not yet clear what caused the outbreak in the province of my son. so far, tap water and sanitation services are being found to be clean. a fast food restaurant has been closed as a precaution and samples and now being analyzed. mackwood abdullah had joyce live from baghdad. monkwood is this now in effect a criminal investigation as well? well definitely yes, according to health officials at the health director of at my san province at he stated that the whole case has been referred to the criminal court in baghdad. ah, and did all the cases now under investigation now. also, other samples are from the cases, have been sent to the forensic department and by the dad to be verified and to be
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checked, there is no up fine. now there is no final judgement. there is no conclusion as of yet in regard to the accusations as he got to this substances that caused the out poisoning. as you know that there have been that have been chemical and biological tests are conducted in may san province ob samples from the bait. the patients uh, samples in regards to analysis at tests including blood and euros urinalysis. ah, but as of yet it is all a biological according to the health of fish we, we spoke to and my son a today, they say that at the causes apparently is at biological due to a germs, a big teddy, an infection that happened to the cases up after they had medes from that fast food, restaurant and mason. all the cases are had medes from that restaurant. and authorities have closed down the restaurant and detained its owner along with
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workers there. markword. thank you very much. margaret abdougla had talking to us from back that still to come here on the news, our in sport, the skiers green run in the swiss alps. joe will have more when we come back. ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, sports would be joined by john peter. thank you, boss liner, a stepping up their pursuit of shabby as they look to bring their former captain back to the new camp. by coach talks,
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a continued rebel sad where shabby is currently in charge. officials from barcelona, written the stands to watch the country side in action on wednesday, and hope to finalize deal at the meeting on thursday. after the game shabby said a returned to boss who was common sense that he's looking forward to going home. but outside had said they don't want him to leave. at this point in the season. they were full manager young top has called his sides when the over athletic madrid nearly per face as they secured their place in the champions league knockout round . and the 200 m let to go. fans made the trip to face over corona virus, and they saw the team go behind off to 13 minutes yogato with the goal. right. who got a 2nd not long after thanks to sunday or monday. i'd like to go had a man sent off before the break, but didn't concede any more goals in the 2nd half as it finished to know the extent that i'm beaten. start the season to 16 games and secure the top for the next group with 2 games to form. and it's incredible group say so far. i wouldn't have
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expected that. obviously when i saw the draw, nobody would have expected that doing that is pretty special. i think after law it's, it's a red car. do i want the team going woman? no, no, not at all. i think we've got a better side already against 11 ac milan remain bottom of that group but did manage to pick up their 1st point to the competition with the draw again, porto they have to come from behind us. louis gave the business the lead and own go from defend shantelle member salvage, to draw from a line who still have a slim chance of progressing a comfortable wind from man. just city club brouge, although a freakish own goal by defend a john stone smith, the sites were level at half time, but said he turned it off to the breaks, going 3 more goals, including this one from gabrielle jesus to make it for one. city replaced harrison's around at the top of the group,
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a need one point from the last 2 games to reach the last 16 for the 9th success is season. railroad became the 1st team to score 1000 goals in europe's top club competition, korean bentham. i had the honor of bringing up the landmark against chuck didn't yet ukrainian side equalize before half time though, but benjamin finished off a great t move to secure his 2nd of the night after the break. when it for right out to one victory museum taught a brute d head of into milan, australian cricket his have kept alive their hopes of reaching the semi finals at the t 20 world cup. they bounce back from a heavy defeat to england with a thumping of bangladesh. aden's amber took 5 wickets for just 19 runs, as bangladesh were all out for 73, australia winning by 8 wickets. they've overtaken south africa and the points table with one more group game left in the nfl green bay pack has called back and we're just has reportedly tested positive for coven 19,
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or miss sunday's game against kansas city. or just as the late as pac has players have corona virus after 2 wide receivers missed last weeks when at arizona. because of it is unclear whether the raining and f l m v p is vaccinated or not. meanwhile, the brooklyn nets coach steve nash says the team would welcome back, kyrie irving, if new york's covey rules change, irving is currently missing games because he refuses to be vaccinated. his absence hasn't heard the nets too much, though. as kevin durant stepped up against the atlanta hawks on wednesday, scoring 32 points leading by for the next school. the final 12 3rd quarter durant finished that with a 3 to beat. the buzzer, they won $117.00 to $1.00 oh, $8.00. 6 cleveland cavaliers. players finished with double digits, as they kept portland windlass on the road. they may lead school to season high, 26 points for the trailblazers. but crucially, he missed again tying 3 pointer at the buzzer. cleveland winning $1.00 oh $7.00 to $1.00. i fall. 100000 mexicans have turned out on the streets of the capital to
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watch sergio perez tear it up in a formula one car. the red bull driver is carrying his country's hopes into this week. hens from cree. no mexicans have stood on the podium at home. paris has been very competitive in his car this season and is currently 4th in the standings. and just time to show you some stunning pictures from the european alps where italian skier marcus eder, has completed what he's described as the ultimate run. the olympic freestyle competitor has been working with a film director for more than 2 years to film. his dream run from peaks of zoom at in switzerland for the valley floor in italy. the route took edder through deep powder ice, capes, and crevices. at a said he'd been visualizing the run 5th, 2015. beautiful pictures there. well, that's all this book now or later. so thank you so much. when we come back on the
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other side of the break, we'll take a live update out of washington the very latest on the iran. if he talks back on end of the month, we'll see you in a couple minutes. ah, tens of thousands of children were born into or lived under the ice regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans or with a widowed mothers, rejected by their own communities chicken you think people are going to welcome them after that? of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera albertson. as australia burned, a photo journalist ran towards the flames to document the destruction. what does climate change? what lock claim,
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mandate climate. this is gale that we caught in a witness capturing change on out. just the challenge is getting people to engage with life is never scripted. never foretold. ah, it's never no matter what happiness never stole open. you read between the lines. listen, always listen, never stop asking, never stop questioning. wanting to know more discovery among cheer. the human story. b and punctual. be courageous. finding the untold story. celebrate excellence. keep alive the pioneering spirit.
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never stop. we haven't for 25 years. we've never stopped on our journey. never stops when our commitment to you al jazeera 25, he is a unique path. ah, the european union calls for an immediate cease fire on negotiations is fighting intensifies in ethiopia. ah, hello malcolm on peach adobe. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up aaron's president, demands us, sanctions be lifted as part of its returned the 2015 nuclear deal. europe is back at the 8 percent, or upon the mc that we were one year ago. the world health organization says europe's in the.


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