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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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challenge to do this job, to bear witness to history as it's made to make sure what is recorded as accurate and truthful. i'm sen. ah, more fighting in ethiopia as u. s. embassy officials leave addis ababa because of the concerns of violence could reach the capital. ah, hello, i'm im liang when this is al jazeera live from dough house are coming up, talk to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal are to resume at the end of november. after months of uncertainty. flags in nepal, have killed hundreds and destroyed homes and businesses. we look into what caused the devastation and chinese government asks people to stockpile daily necessities.
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after weeks of disruptions to supplies of food and fuel. ah, the uganda and president is called a meeting of the east african block on november 16 to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. a year long conflict between the central government and northern t cry, rebels has escalated sharply. the government's declared, a state of emergency is the t p l f says it seized more territory on the way the capital addis ababa. the u. s. embassy in ethiopia is allowing non emergency staff members to leave the country, saying that ethnic violence could happen without warning. when it comes to ethiopia, let me make the point that we are gravely concert by the escalating violence, by the expansion of the fighting that we seen in northern ethiopia and in regions
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throughout the country. ah, we are concerned with a growing risk to the unity and the integrity of the ethiopian states. let's bring in independent journalist, sam, you'll get a child who is live for us and at his ababa. thanks for joining us, sam. what more can you tell us about this meeting of the east african block later this month? i was just announced this comes in addition to jeffrey feltman, the u, as in boy, that has just arrived in ethiopia, trying to negotiate some kind of ceasefire. the relationship between the yoga and the united states has really suffered in the past weeks. or if you open, government continues to accuse the u. s. of signing was a t p a left. and this comes in addition to constantly or planning to constantly trade agreement between the ethiopia and the united states that really creates at thousands of jobs. and it's your best industrial parks court at the capitol fall.
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and if so, how quickly? well, it's really hard to make that determination because the information we're getting, we're getting from both sides conflict each other. the children government hasn't even acknowledged the fact that tough dessie and convulsion have been taken over by t p, an f. there are news reports saying that the t p a left soldiers are in the sovereign sofa d'silva, who will not seen that, but what we know is it yoga is now under an emergency order to how, according to the children, government protect the foundation of this country. there are many, many people that are being affected, and there are many people that displease people that are heading to our d'silva us well us, if the rumors are any indication, perhaps there might be a fighting nearby and the u. s. embassy as warning it citizens to levy yoga because of safety issues. citizens have also been told to take up arms to
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defend themselves against the k p l f. what are you saying on the ground there are citizens actually doing? well, it came from the local government, the city hall that said that people need to reach their weapons and fight in case t p comes to the sub box. they said the job and side has been accusing the t p less of all kinds of violations as reflected by the reports by the united states, united nations and the human rights commission. that puts the blame not just on that he cannot but the children in their sites. so this is really pushing a conflict of begun a year goes to a new development. and the company has so far produced more than 2000000 displaced people as well as has been defined by st. takes one, why a nation that has been the highlight. and this report,
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and it's not just integrated that this conflict has been happening. it's also and i'm horror enough far i've facing again more than 2000000 people. those are really just awful statistics. thank you for the update. can you samuel get a check in about after months on the whole talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear? do have been shadowed for the end of this month. negotiations between the signatories in vienna stalled in june, when iranian president abraham racy was elected. the u. s. has welcomed the return to talk since it expects them to pick up where they left off. around one us sanctions lifted in return to compliance with the 2015 deal. us as lani is a political analyst at the center of the middle east strategic studies. he explained some of the main disagreements between t, ron and washington. there are some issues that have been remaining in place and they are the areas of difference. one relates to this cope of sanctions. that's been run the been why the,
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the united states was to keep some tanks has been placed on the list of read this, where they can say that they are not related today. however, the rom believes that all the sanctions imposed again the country after the yes withdrawal from the native them all are related to the accord. but the us insist to keep those taxes in place. one of the important points is that they want to get a guarantee from the united states that the u. s. will love this from the, the, the, from the years ago. this seems to be more than for you for foreign companies or countries in order to have economic cooperation. ron has an perience from the past that the foreign, most of the big companies didn't work with the run as it expects that. so
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that's why one wants to make sure that this time it will have more chance to enjoy the economic dividends of the, the that's why this thing on began the there are also some other issues, but i think there can be maybe several other issues, some by 5 to 10 issues that needs to be addressed. we are reading to see that when the talk start in vienna, how they can address those issues. iran is mocking the 42nd anniversary of the u. s embassy tank into iran and 979. crowds have gathered in the capitol where the head of a runs revolutionary god is delivering his speech students storms, the u. s. embassy in $979.00 spiking a hostage crisis that lasted more than a year. israeli media is reporting that the ceo of n s o. a group has step down after us added the technology firm to its trade
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blacklist. israeli company is behind the controversial pegasus spyware, reported to have been used by foreign governments to target journalists and rights activists among others. and so group says it's just made by the decision, a russian software company and 2 other foreign businesses have also been added to the list. at least one person has died in iraq after a mass outbreak of food poisoning will in 500 people became sick in my son province . if not 3, yet. what caused the outbreak? and he was in an investigation, has ruled out tap water or sanitation problems. a fast food restaurant has been closed as a precaution and samples of being analyzed for more on this story. let's bring in mom or after why have to live for us in baghdad. hello. their mom. are they likely to be any more casualties? what you're hearing on the grounds. well the people in my son, providence, in southern iraq are very angry. but as usual they,
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their voices are not heard. they say that the health sector is a disaster and there has been iraq, and especially in may send a province emily very much mama has director of my sen province. emily, if you can hear me now, we will move on to try and cross back to mama shortly. members of the european parliament have pledged support for taiwan telling it's later you are not alone. a delegation has held its 1st ever meeting with president sy in when in ty pain tension is running high between beijing and ty, pay sponsor by chinese air force incursions into ty, one's a defense on taiwan controls and sign a phase. but china considers it
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a break away province. we came here with a very simple, very message, you know, a long euro extending we've, you value the defense of freedom and the defense approach, row and human dignity. james with the negation representing values, political growth. we are very fancy between us because we are all united in the to both of they went in democracy and we came here to stop the agenda of month in your relation is paying for the your vision to corporation. we buy one mile, china's rejected moved by europe to strengthen ties with tie one. the foreign ministry is told the year to correct mistakes and stop sending wrong signals to what he calls taiwan separatists. ok, let's return live now to mahmud, why his, who is in baghdad. apologies about before and that confusion ma'am,
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would tell us more about this food poisoning story and whether or not there's likely to be any more casualties. while i was trying to say that people on the ground and mason, especially victims of families, patients are very angry. but they say that again, that voices are not hurt because they blame the government for it. negligence and mismanagement, especially in health at sector and may sound province in is one of a civil provinces in southern iraq that are, are under privileges suffering from our negligence and mismanagement in many sectors and top of them health sector. now, at $568.00 at patients, cases of the food poisoning including one dead and in, according to the health director of my son, a province, my son,
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a province has their doctor also says that they have conducted a several tests. several at checkups. i turned out that this is not chemical poisoning, but biological or poisoning are due to a germs due to infection. ah, but your logical infection that is attributed to their food, all the cases had in the the same at restaurant. they say that are police in the may sound province at had, are closed down at the restaurant and peebles that order patients, families, these told them they're awesome and destroyed a part of its measures have been what can place, including closing down many restaurants. they're not observing the health measures . okay, thank you very much, that update. all right, still ahead on al jazeera, the later other coalition of gangs in haiti asked the us to help to overthrow the governments ah
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hello, we've got more those seasonal rains across much of southeast asia, alive down, pause, coming into malaysia at the moment in western side of bonnie, a 124 millimeters of right in 24 hours. so it has caused some localized flooding. where to where the still in place there just around some marcher jarvis started to see some heavier burst of rain. you shall scattering the showers therein to the philippines. therefore, friday, some showers are still across, putting across southern areas of indo china, some heavier bursts of rain to southern parts of vietnam. safe scattering a showers in places we go one through sas day heavy at times. heavy rain at times to pushing across a good part of australia. over the next couple of days. we have seen some violent storms into the southeast. recently, some heavy rain into new south wales pushing through victoria. we got more showers,
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longest bells if rain, just ram a southeast corner as we go on through friday, one or 2 showers to up towards the sunshine coast. the gold coast brisbin could see a little bit of wet weather temperatures here at around 25 celsius. splattering the showers just around the melbourne, pushing out for a w way, easing across south australia as we go one through sas day one or 2, she has into northern parts of western australia as well. shall make their way back him across the se for the weekend. ah. the climate american see his opponents. but why have government left? it's so late to act. we've allowed climate change to get out of control. people empower investigates why so little has been done a systemic fret. requires systemic change, and asks what by the reaction could meet them now because by 20, none of them have a crisis. what crisis own al jazeera lou?
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the me. hello, are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily, angling a reminder about top stories is our uganda president has called the meeting of the east african block on november 16th to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. the long conflict between the central government and northern rebels has escalated sharply from the government to declare a state of emergency talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear de la hill to resume at the end of november indirect negotiations between all signal trees in vienna store last june, after abraham racing won the presidential election,
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and iran is mocking the 42nd anniversary of the u. s. embassy takeover in ty ron iranian students, storms the u. s. embassy, $979.00, sparking a hostage crisis that lasted more than a year. and paul is struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of catastrophic natural disasters. in recent months, hundreds of people have died in flooding, triggered by monsoon rains. experts say climate change, you may be making these weather events even more extreme. same as robbie has more from melanie, she in the polls seem to patch up district in one of the poorest and most polluted countries in the world. everyone is saying the same thing. climate disasters with intensity that has never been seen before, are piling up faster than ever. nipples cascade of crises began in february with country wide forest fires. the black in the skies. mountain glaciers began melting
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faster, meaning more run off. then came intense rains and floods in june, august, and october. now from all that water, a higher rate of land slides blocking mountain passes faster than road truce, can clear them throughout it all. ongoing manmade soil erosion to meet the demand for building materials. climate scientists worn conditions are worsening across the himalayan region and are unprecedented. most of these events that we've, we've just explained, are very much actually been able to what, what we see is given by climate change. and so more such events are likely to be experienced, especially in the mountains, toppled and buried buildings dot the himalayan foothills. ominous reminders of what happened here. multiple floods this year have dumped in immeasurable amount of earth and mud, and sand, and silk in rocks and large boulders in valleys all across this area. and just to
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give you a sense of how deep this debrief field is, where i'm standing right now, i'm standing on the roof of what's left of someone's home. in the town of milan, she questions of public safety still hanging in the air while the course until she took alone to build this now partially destroyed like block of shops. she says it would have been better if the water had just washed the whole thing away. she still paying it off, but now has to take another load. just a habit torn down, the deposit them no, but the another be new. so you can, if the government gets his money, it's not possible to come back and stay here with scared of the river and there's no guarantee the same thing wouldn't happen next year. it's all about nature. and what can we do against nature? nepalese carbon footprint is relatively small, but it sits between giants, china, and india, 2 of the world's biggest polluters. it's topography also makes it more vulnerable
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to overall shift in global weather. nepalese in rural communities are frustrated and say, what's happening to them is not there for that. it concerns everyone and countries like nepal should not be left alone to put out. fires being fueled on a global scale is in basra, b o, d 0 them alum to river in nepal. haitian gang later has cold on the u. s. to help him overthrow his government is tantamount to a declaration of war on the administration by the g. 9 boss is demanding the prime minister resign john hanjin reports from the haitian capital. put a prince of haiti's. most powerful gang leader says the prime minister must resign peacefully or armed militants will remove him off. for now, jimmy shares a known throughout haiti by his nickname, barbecue made his threat in a letter to the u. s. ambassador, asking for american support. she was a leads, a group of gangs known as the g 9. he read the letter to reporters at a news conference surrounded by armed,
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met with della at the cost of blood. we're going to dislodge mister arial henri from the prime minister's office. and afterwards, the key to the country will be handed over to a new class of men and women of civil society who will have to govern responsibly to get the country out of the quagmire in which it has been stuck for so long. although shares is one of haiti's most wanted men, the countries out gun police force made no effort to intervene. the man known as barbecue might be the head of 9 gangs, but he says he isn't a gangster. he's not a politician. he is the leader of a political movement that is launched. a revolution here in the streets of the western hemisphere were as country we as the prime minister's office for a response, and they told al jazeera prime minister, harry only doesn't deal with guess. shares aces haiti is dominated by an elite 5 per cent that he calls the real gangsters. he says he wants to turn haiti into a u. s. style liberal democracy. oh, great. so little city,
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far from terrorizing the population. we are fighting to get haiti out of the yoke of systematic poverty based on a plot, hatched between traditional politicians and this corrupt, rotten, perverted bourgeoisie. more than 200 haitians deported from the u. s. in cuba returned on wednesday to a capital in crisis. the rascal, evidently message of him without it, my life was in danger. so i fled. now this sent me back. i ran from hell and now i am back. if anything hades condition has worsened its economy, crippled by a fuel shortage, its streets ruled by gangs its government under threat. john henderson, l g 0, port prince. the u. k. government says dozens of nations have a great to end the use of call. more details will be released later on thursday, during energy day at the comp 26 climate summit in glasgow. scenic trees include poland, vietnam, and chile. it's, i'm,
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the world's major uses are reported to be missing from the deal. meanwhile, india is continuing to expand its coal sector despite commitments to switch to renewable energy, wind, and solar generation have tripled in recent years. but the government says, coal is all i needed to make growing demand. elizabeth random report from jack hunt the state with india's largest coal was these fires had been burning across the jody, a cold field in india's eastern state of johnson for more than 100 years. they've destroyed thousands of homes and made much of jody a town uninhabitable. philip bowery is now a single parent. after his 30 year old wife call jani baby fell into a pit while taking the daughter to use the toilet the ground. he often caves in the cause of the fires. my daughter came running and said mummy has fallen into a bit. i rushed to the fort and i pray to god that no one has to ever see
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a sight like one julia is india's most lucrative caulfield. but also the site of one of its biggest environmental disasters underground fires were 1st detected in 1916 and abandoned mines, which weren't decommissioned properly. more recently, 2 decades of unrestrained open cost mining has brought fires to the surface, but the indian government is pushing ahead with plants, expand the sector in jack and, and beyond developing. it's just really, it's industrialized. and for that we need power more and more for what is needed for the 70 percent. we are depended on this. india is already the world's 2nd largest producer consumer and importer of comb. jacqueline is home to the country's largest coal reserves, but also to forests rich and bio diversity. the coal block under these fields. and
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that forest was auction to one of the is biggest companies nearly a year ago, but no work has started. that's because the state of jackson is challenging the central government's plans and the supreme court on environmental grounds. there are plans to convert these fields and large tracks of forest into mines. displacing tens of thousands of people who often belong to indigenous tribes. politicians and jobs can say any expansion must take people into consideration. the problem yet is we want everyone wants call government one school, we want expansion. but what does it cost people are paying for it. the truth is that there is an expansion, but people are not getting the do you want to have a call back? you want to have to call what, what about the people living about the service? like thousands of others visit bodies says he won't leave jody because the government has provided proper accommodation elsewhere. as india is alec tricity
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demand growth with its economy. environmentalists say it must prioritize clean energy for any development to be beneficial in the years to come. elizabeth peron of al jazeera jock and eastern india carbon emissions dropped dramatically last year due to global corona virus lockdown. and a new report says they were already back to pre pandemic levels. a study by the global carbon project shows emission for 2021, our own trunk to heat, 36000000000 tons. much of the pollution is from china, who's recovery began earlier than most countries. and noticed by chinese government asking people to stockpile daily necessities, the spot to panic, buying and hated online debates. it's always weeks of supply disruptions caused by coven 1900 outbreaks, and extreme weather. katrina, you explains from badging in recent weeks. shopping at this, bating fresh food market has become more expensive. a true surprise has gone up. we
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can't afford it. we had to buy some vegetables from the dealers on the street. the prices of common vegetables such as cucumbers, spinach and broccoli have doubled. some have become more expensive than pork, the staple meat and china. so when on monday, the chinese government issued a notice advising households to stockpile daily necessities. it sparked panic and heated discussion online. some posted about rushing to buy essential goods. others speculated that increasing tension with taiwan were the cause. but analysts say the announcement has been misinterpreted, that the reason that they put that notice out was basically, you know, routine, winter season preparedness for making sure that there's a good supply of fruit vegetables on the market in normal daily goods. and that some of the reason that language was in there was due to, you know, the, the potential sort of ongoing risk of coven locked downs. the pandemic has led to
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a renewed focus on china's food security. regional lock downs have disrupted food supplies to affected areas. and there have been other challenges. last month, crops in china's ne, a major food growing region, were destroyed by unusually heavy rains. a nationwide power shortage has pushed up the cost of operating greenhouses. and a shortage of diesel fuel has delayed cross country deliveries, expert se, china's emergency food reserves and mechanisms are generally in good shape. but while there isn't a shortage price hikes and supply disruptions hadn't hurting those who can least afford it. laura's in china's lowest income bracket living in small cities and rural areas. officials have moved to stabilize vegetable prices. also the bomb local governments will be instructed to ensure a market supply and the prize stability for bailey necessities coming winter. next spring, we will establish and improve the relevant safeguard and supply can isms and release
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governments. reserves at the appropriate time dating has also issued an action plan to reduce food re restaurant and cater industries. meanwhile, shop is hoping that sky rocketing prices will soon return. katrina, you al jazeera aging. the wiley celebrations are kicking off across india. the festival of lights is expected to be much bigger this year. following a dropping cove at 19 cases, have any metal reports from new jelly? it's the most widely celebrated festival in india and also the biggest shopping season. hundreds of devali shoppers had strong markets like this one in new delhi over the last few days with in just pull the 900 case load dropping to its lowest level in our area. and most of the population, at least partially vaccinated. dividing festivities have been on in full swing. businesses are all to come to not shopping to recover from the huge nothing they suffered during the lock down earlier this year. logged on to get with this year is
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no better than the previous one when we were in lago last year was still better than to see if there's hardly any will the season too. i remember that i should say a hypocrisy because on the one hand, they say get keep associated distancing. but the other hand, the adult, they have the actually, they don't maintain anything, any, they call them any social distance thing. so what's the point of a set? think of these rules, i don't understand. they've only also marked the onset of pollution season, especially in new delhi and parts of northern india to stem this. many states are only allowing people to boast what they call green crackers, because they're less polluting, denny, which is one of the most polluted cities in the world has banned all fire crackers and impulse a hefty fines on violators. daily's equality this we did dip to one, if it's worse levels this season and a meant to partially predicts that air pollution levels will remain high over the
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next few days or a south african writer has won the booker prize for the best english. novel is the promise by dan john diamond gal who wrote his 1st look at the age of 17, has been nominated 3 times for the award. is now finally taken home the prestigious prize for his novel. the promise and cutting depiction of a white family in post apartheid ah, you're watching out here, and these are the top stories. the sour uganda president has called a meeting of the east african block on november 16th to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. the year long conflict between the central government in northern to grow rebels is escalated sharply from the government to declare a state of emergency. the u. s. embassy in ethiopia is.


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