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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out there. ah, more fighting in ethiopia is u. s embassy officials leave addis ababa because of concerns the violence could reach the capital. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is out is your life. and so house are coming up, talks to revive the twenty's, dana iran, nuclear dealer, to resume at the end of november. after months of uncertainty. floods in nepal have killed hundreds and destroyed homes and businesses were looking to what caused the devastation and the leader. all the coalition of gangs in haiti asked see us for
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help to overthrow the government. ah, the u. s. embassy in ethiopia is allowing non emergency staff members to leave the country. the ye long conflict between the central government and northern to grier rebels has escalated in recent wakes. the governments declared a state of emergency as the tpl f says it seized more territory on a major road to the capital, addis ababa? the u. s. warns at citizens that unrest and ethic violence would happen without warning. when it comes to ethiopia, let me make the point that we are gravely concerned by the escalating violence by the expansion of the fighting that we've seen in northern ethiopia and in regions throughout the country. we are concerned with a growing risk to the unity and the integrity of the ethiopian states. like nancy
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independent journalist, samuel, i get a child who is live press in addis ababa. hello there, samuel, couldn't the capital full? and if so, how quickly? well it's very hard to know or to predict the future been government hasn't even acknowledged the fact that what it's being i leased from the other side saying dessie has been taken dessie 300 kilometers a week. there has in reports of them and the outskirts we've been checking sources, we've been traveling to check on site and we have not seen any i any one coming teeth. you're been groups, whether troops or soldiers into i d'silva citizens were tell to take up arms to defend themselves against the t p l. f. what are you saying on the ground there and addis ababa? where this comes in the shadow for that. if you've been a parliament or proving that emergency order that was enacted by the prime minister
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and his cabinet, it was the local government that said all the fuel grants should register their weapons and defend their interests, should the t p and come into the country. they talk and government has been accusing the t p and f of all kinds of allegations including violence killings and so on. so it's their way of telling your kids and i d'silva to protect themselves against any attacks or violations of their human rights. so could this conflict spiral into an all out way? well, it's been a tough year for yoga. it started integrating it travel tahara a far, we're getting a sense there might be heading this way. the u. s. government has been saying that they are taking a week there, advising their citizens to leave yoga. it's been a tough year, but the emergency order has grunted the police to come and detain any one up and
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the name of protecting the foundation of this country. there has been knocks on doors and asking for a these random id, checks, road checks, and so on. so we're beginning to see what the emergency or the state of emergency order is going to be in ethiopia. but it's not, it's not new in the yoga. we've had the same kind of a state of emergency, even during the t p and left net coalition. before i became 2 or 2018, we appreciate your insights there, samuel get ha, live for us in at is the battle. after months on hold talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal have been shadowed for the end of this month, negotiations between the cb trees in vienna stoled in june. when ronnie and president abraham bracy was elected, the u. s. has welcomed the return to talks and says it expects them to pick up where they left off around once us sanctions lifted in return for compliance for
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the 2015 deal abas, as lani is a political analyst at the center of the middle east strategic studies. he explained some of the main disagreements between tyron and washington. there are some issues that have been remaining in place and the they are the areas of difference. one relates to the scope of sanctions that the run the, to the why the, the united states was to keep some tanks has been placed on the list of read, where they can say that they are not related today. however, the rom believes that all the banks is imposed against the country after the yes, withdrawal from the addicted them all are related to the accord. but the us to keep those titles in place. one of the important points is that the rom wants to get a guarantee from the end of the day that the us will love this from the, the,
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as the, from the years ago. this seems to be more than for you on for foreign companies or countries in order to have economic cooperation. the wrong has been the periods from the past that the foreign, most of the big companies didn't work with the run as it expects that. so that's why it wants to make sure that this time it will have more chance to enjoy the economic dividends of the the that's why they just thing on began the are also some other issues. but i think there can be maybe several other issues, some by 5 to 10 issues that needs to be addressed. we are reading to see that when the talk to start in vienna, how they can address those issues. iran is marking the 42nd anniversary of the u. s
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. embassy. take over in say, ron, in 1979. these live pictures of crowds who have gathered in the capitol, where the head of a runs revolution and god is delivering a speech. students, stones, the u. s embassy in at 979, sparking a hostage crisis that lasted more than a year. the way of saying general her son salami that speaking to thousands of people at least one person has died in iraq after a mass outbreak of food poisoning, more than 500 people became sick. and my son, providence is not clear yet what caused the outbreak and investigation has ruled out tap water or sanitation problems. a fast food restaurant has been closed as a precaution, and samples are being analyzed for more on the store, less bringing mach mood. why hate? who is live for us in baghdad. what more do we know about the cause? mama will this is related to the
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for the earth poisoning get a case that happened in my sand, their province in the southerner, iraq. and my son, by the way, is one of the underprivileged provinces in southern iraq. many areas there are suffering from neglects and mismanagement. and that has been resulting in are many people dying or suffering from diseases because of lack of a proper a health safety measures. now, about 5568 cases. i have been suffering from symptoms regarding gay forwarded. a poisoning including one dead that's according to the health director of my son, a province at he just mentioned that that normally they receive our civil ah, food poisoning at cases or every day that's before this incident. but regarding this incident, it,
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he mentioned that all the cases that he had medes from the same at restaurant or that's it, that is there a local fast food restaurant. and he said that are all the cases are still under investigation. the center health report, still baghdad to the forensic ah, department to be verified to be a checked. and generally, as you know, that are in my san a. there have been, there have been many cases regarding food poisoning and also at negligence in the house at sick to remember are we reported, we reported a dozens of death is in july or in a hospital or that is due to negligence and mismanagement in one of the local hospitals in the car province. that's a neighbouring province at all. mason. we appreciate the update. their mom would abdel while hed live for us in baghdad. thank you. still ahead on al jazeera, as the leader of the bosnian serbs makes most to dissolve e institutions, warnings,
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the fragile pace could dissolve within them. and we'll look at why chinese government has asked people to stock up on vital supplies, winter approaches. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle airways. how are we got another spell, a very nasty weather, developing cross central parts of the mediterranean, the pair of low pressure pushing in across italy at the balkans and that will cause flooding as we go through the next couple of days damaging windsor's well winds getting up to around 90 kilometers per hour around the a drastic coast over the next a day or 2 to this area of low pressure here. where the systems to the east of that bringing some warm air in warm suddenly winds across that southeastern corner of
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europe. so still to temperatures in belgrade, getting up to 23 celsius on thursday afternoon, then things turning much cooler as we go through the next couple of days. and on into the weekend 11 celsius, the top temperature here by saturday. and that's because we have that cloud and rain, which is pushing in across the western half of the mediterranean, into italy, into the bulk is big down. pause could see a 100 to 150 millimeters of rain in parts of further generic alps as we go on through the next couple of days. just along the adriatic coast there. same line of cloud of rain pushes right up towards the baltic. states hooks back into that western side of poland, east in areas of germany, still seeing some wet weather to al continued make his way further east, which as we go on through friday with more rain coming in behind. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always killing the debates. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities
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across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates. now, this is not our responsibility, please. good luck. can responsibly get back? we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do. here. we must build all these papers. this dream on al jazeera, with the hello, you're watching your i'm emily angland reminder about top stories this hour. uganda, the president has called a meeting of the east african block on november 16th to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. the long conflict between the central government and northern to grow
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rebels has escalated sharply prompting the government to declare a state of emergency talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. scheduled to resume at the end of the month. indirect negotiations between all symmetry in vienna told last june after abraham. right, the one, the presidential elections and iran is mocking the 42nd anniversary of the u. s. embassy takeover in iran needs a live pictures from the same iranian students. stones, the u. s. embassy in 1979, spiking a hostage crisis that lasted more than a haitian gang later has called on the us to help him overthrow his government is tantamount to a declaration of war on the administration by the g 9 boss who's demanding the prime minister resigned, john henry reports from the haitian capital puerto prince haiti's, most powerful gang leader says the prime minister must resign peacefully or armed
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militants will remove him. jimmy shares a known throughout haiti by his nickname, barbecue made his threat in a letter to the us ambassador, asking for american support. shears, a leads, a group of gangs known as the g 9. he read the letter to reporters at a news conference surrounded by armed men, lit up at the cost of blood. we are going to dislodge mister hour from the prime minister's office and afterward, the key to the country will be handed over to a new classes of men. a woman of civil society who would have to govern responsibly to get the country out of the grandma and which it has been stuck for many ages. although shares is one of haiti's most wanted men, the country's out gun police force made no effort to intervene. the man known as barbecue might be the head of 9 gangs, but he says he isn't a gangster, he's not a politician. he is the leader of a political movement that is launched
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a revolution here in the streets of the western hemispheres for his country. we asked the prime minister's office for a response and they told al jazeera prime minister harry along re, doesn't deal with gas shares. aces haiti is dominated by an elite 5 percent that he calls the real gangsters. he says he wants to turn haiti into the u. s. style liberal democracy of the the so the federal tennessee fall from towers in the populations. we are fighting to get, hey, the out of the yoke of a systematic poverty. found it. on the basis of a plot between traditional politicians and disco. rob. rotten prevented bourgeoisie, ruby. ah, more than 200 haitians deported from the u. s. in cuba returned on wednesday to a capital in crisis, the basket level, the message of it and the other. my life was in danger, so i fled. now this sent me back. i ran from hell,
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and now i am back. if anything haiti's condition has worsened it's economy crippled by a fuel shortage. it's streets ruled by gangs it's government under threat. john henderson, l g 0 port prince napoleon struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of catastrophic natural disasters. in recent months, hundreds of people have died in flooding treated by monsoon rains. experts a climate change may be making these weather events even more extreme. same as robbie has more from mel m. she, in a polls seem to cultural district district in one of the poorest and most polluted countries in the world. everyone is saying the same thing. climate disasters with intensity that has never been seen before, are piling up faster than ever. nipples, cascade of crises began in february with country wide forest fires, the black in the skies. mountain glaciers began melting faster,
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meaning more run off. then came intense rains and floods in june, august, and october. now from all that water, a higher rate of landslides, blocking mountain passes faster than road truce, can clear them throughout it all. ongoing manmade soil erosion to meet the demand for building materials. climate scientists warn conditions are worsening across the himalayan region and are unprecedented. most of these events that we've, we've just explained, are very much actually been able to what, what we see is given by climate change. and so more such events are likely to be expected, especially in the mountains, toppled and buried buildings dot the himalayan foothills. ominous reminders of what happened here. multiple floods this year have dumped in immeasurable amount of earth and mud and sand in silt and rocks and large boulders in valleys all across
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this area. and just to give you a sense of how deep this debris field is, where i'm standing right now, i'm standing on the roof of what's left of someone's home. in the town of milan, questions of public safety still hang in the air, one of the costs until she took a loan to build this now partially destroyed like block of shops. she says it would have been better if the water had just washed the whole thing away. she still paying it off, but now has to take another loan. just a habit torn down the deposit of them though, but the other beneath her. even if the government gives his money, it's not possible to come back and stay here. was scared of the river and there's no guarantee the same thing wouldn't happen next year. it's all about nature and what can we do against nature? new paul's carbon footprint is relatively small, but it sits between giants, china, and india, 2 of the world's biggest polluters. it's topography also makes it more vulnerable to overall shift in global weather. nepalese in rural communities are frustrated
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and say, what's happening to them is not their fault. that it concerns everyone. and countries like nepal should not be left alone to put out fires being fueled on a global scale is in basra, b o. d 0. the milan to river in nepal ah, in the u. k. government says dozens of nations have agreed to end the use of comb. more details will be released later on thursday. during energy day, the cop 26 climate summit in glasgow. symmetries include poland, vietnam, and chile. but some of the world's major uses are reported to be missing from the deal. well, stephan is a climate change expert at the sterling national university. he explains why the deal on comb matters. that says countries like australia need to get on board coal accounts, probably for about 30 percent or so of the fossil fuel emissions. so it's right up
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there with oil and gas is creeping up to so it's one of the big 3 players. in fact, it's going up in the last 4 or 5 years after plateauing a bit. so it is a big challenge. and there's no doubt that if we want to have any chance of meeting paris climate goals, we've got to get cold emissions down really fast. and the action has to actually happened this decade. there are some very big players missing there. obviously my country is really is one of them. and also india and china is very big uses all. i also need to sign up to this as well. in our case here, unfortunately, our government is actually expanding the coal industry. we're opening up new call. mine's with projected lifespans of 25 years or so, which if we continue with this, that would put the paras climate goals out of reach and for the countries did the same. so clearly we are artist fork in the road that we do have to now stop expansion the colon b as an actually mandatory action that is required. if we won't have any chance of
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meeting, there is climate goals. this close relationship between a coal produced in countries like australia and the developing world, which still needs energy. and that gets to this issue of the, the transfer of resources, the 100000000000 dollar funding that will allow or, or help developing countries move away from fossil fuels much more rapidly into the new economy. bill and renewables. we've really have to fast track this this. so transitions factors, again. meanwhile, india is continuing to expand its coal sector despite commitment to switch to renewable energy. wind, installer generation have tripled in racing years. but the government says, call is also needed to made growing demand. elizabeth per annum report from jack han to the state with india's largest call reserves. these fires have been burning across the jody a cold field in india's eastern state of johnson for more than 100 years. they've
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destroyed thousands of homes and made much of jody a town uninhabitable. the bowery is now a single parent. after her 30 year old wife call jani baby fell into a pit while taking the daughter to use the toilet the ground. he often caves in the cause of the fires to my daughter came running and said mummy has fallen into a bit. i rushed to the fort and i pray to god that no one has to ever see a site like julia is india's most lucrative coal field. but also the sight of one of its biggest environmental disasters on the ground fires were 1st detected in 1916 and abandoned mines, which would decommissioned properly more recently, 2 decades of unrestrained open cost mining has brought fires to the surface. but the indian government is pushing ahead the plans to expand the sector in jargon and beyond india is developing. it's just really,
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it's been just realizing and for that we need power. more and more power is needed for and 70 percent. we depend on this india is already the world's 2nd largest producer consumer and importer of comb, jock and is home to the country's largest coal reserves, but also to forests rich and bio diversity. the coal block under these fields. and that forest was auction to one of the biggest companies nearly a year ago, but no work has started. that's because the state of jack and as challenging the central government's plans and the supreme court on environmental grounds, there are plans to convert these fields and large tracks of forest into mines. displacing tens of thousands of people who often belong to indigenous tribes. politicians and job can say any expansion must take people into consideration. the problem here is we want everyone wants call gorman one school. we want expansion.
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but what does it cost? people are paying for it. the truth is that there is an expansion, but people are not getting the view. you want to have a call back. you want to have the call. but what about the people living about the service? like thousands of others, billet bodies says he won't leave jody because the government has provided proper accommodation elsewhere. as india's electricity demand grows with its economy, environmentalists say it must prioritize clean energy for any development to be beneficial in the years to come. elizabeth peron and al jazeera jock and eastern india. i notice by china's government asking people to stop how daily necessities is spot. panic, buying and hated online debates. it follows weeks of supply disruptions caused by coven 1900 outbreaks and extreme weather. katrina, you reports from by g in recent weeks, shopping at this staging, fresh food market has become more expensive. the price has gone up,
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we can't afford it. we had to buy some vegetables from the dealers on the street. the prices of home and vegetables such as cucumbers, spinach and broccoli has doubled. some has become more expensive than pork, the staple meat and china. so when on monday, the chinese government issued a notice advising households to stockpile daily necessities. it sparked panic and heated discussion online. some posted about rushing to buy essential goods. others speculated that increasing tension to the taiwan with a course, but analyst safe. the announcement has been misinterpreted. that the reason that they put that notice out was basically, you know, routine, winter season preparedness for making sure that there is a good supply of fruit and vegetables on the market and normal daily goods. and that some of the reason that language was in there was due to, you know, the potential sort of ongoing risk of covert lockdown dependent because lead to
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renewed focus on china's food security. regional walk downs have disrupted food supplies to affected areas. and there are been other challenges last month crops in china. ne, a major food growing region were destroyed by unusually heavy rains. a nationwide power shortage has per stop the cost of operation greenhouses. and a shortage of diesel fuel has delayed cross country deliveries, expert se, china's emergency food reserve and mechanisms are generally in good shape. but wall that isn't a shortage price hikes and supply disruption hasn't hurting. or you can least afford doors in china's lowest income bracket living in cities and rural areas. officials have moved to stabilize vegetable prices. also, the local governments will be instructed to issue a market supply and the prize stability for daily necessities in the coming winter . next spring, we will establish and improve the relevant safeguard and supply,
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and we can isms and release governments reserves at the appropriate time. bating has also issued an action plan to reduce food re restaurant and cater industries. meanwhile, shop is hoping that skyrocketing prices will soon return to katrina. you al jazeera aging base till the end of the war in bosnia herzegovina, 25 years ago is in danger of unraveling. that's according to the top diplomat over saying the agreement last month about the incentives later announced plans to dissolve canes, dieticians to achieve full autonomy within the country. the move violates the 995 pace accords as join a home report. plans by the bosnian serb leadership to exit some of the country's tripartite institutions, including the military, are described by the international communities. hi, representative christian schmidt as tantamount to secession. they constitute, he says, the greatest existential threat of the postwar period. he's talking about bosnian
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serb leader miller and da dick who says a new army will be set up in the serb brown entity of republic, a sub scott with the bosnian army forced to withdraw if necessary. he says the serbs will call on their friends for help, a presumed reference to sir b, a proper and russia. i'll get a book because it's got you that are public us. epsco will control its own affairs in a legal constitutional manner, including by having its own army judiciary, fiscal administration, as well as intelligence and security agencies. we will reestablish all these institutions. but last month, a training exercise by both me and said police was denounced by muslim balls in the act and crow at leaders. the other members of a 3 way power sharing government formed by the 1995 date and peace agreement. they took place on the mountain overlooking, sorry, over from west snipers and artillery. they seemed to the capital beginning in 1990
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to thousands of civilians died in a war that culminated in what international judges have called genocide when more than 8000 mostly men and boys were massacred by serb troops in the eastern enclave of reverend each high representatives report to the un this week says there is a very real prospect of a return to conflict in bosnia. but there is no obvious appetite on the part of western powers to increase their security presence. their political tensions are part of daily life in a country such as boston, heard to governor, where you have different groups competing for political power. but you didn't ever see the threats of the violence or b as in session or be parallel institutions come this far as they have now. at least not in a very long time. miller dick has for years called to the separation of the serb run part of bows near from the rest of the country. just weeks ago, dick shed the seeds on social media. he and colleagues singing served nationalist
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folk songs in their sorry, over headquarters. it was a reminder that the u. s. sponsored piece in both near did not bring ethnic harmony, nor did it come with any long term guarantee. jonah, how al jazeera. ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera and these are the top stories this alum, uganda president is called a meeting of the east african block on november 16 to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. the year long conflict between the central government and nov. integrate rebels has escalated sharply from the government to declare a state of emergency. the u. s. embassy in ethiopia is allowing non emergency staff members to leave the country wanting ethic violence could happen without warning. when it comes to ethiopia, let me make the point that we are gravely concerned.


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