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and can we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid? what do you think is going to happen? the afghani colon counting the coast on al jazeera. ah, it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the j. c. p. away. the u. s. welcomes iran's return to talks with will palace to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dough are also coming up. cbs in tikrit has these subjected to beautiful spy alliance and suffering. the un human rights chief releases the report, blaming both sides and ethiopia. war for the coming of thousands of people to major
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climate deals done. now, officials at cop 26 get down to number crunching to plan how to slow down global warming. an american artist is putting a new spin on ceramics to portray icons of color. ah, welcome to the program up to 5 months of uncertainty talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. a scheduled to resume again at the end of november in direct negotiations between all signatories and vienna stole glass june off to hard, lana abraham bracy, one b rainy and presidential election. united states as welcome announcement, bytes european allies reiterating the possibility of reaching a deal. we believe it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the jcp away by closing the relatively small
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number of issues that remained outstanding at the end of june. when the 6 round concluded, we believe that if the iranians are serious, we can manage to do that in relatively short order. but we've also been clear, including as this pause has dragged on for some time, that this window of opportunity will not be opened forever. but tensions would inter robin washington high after iran choose the u. s. of trying to capture the tank. counting at soil in the gulf of m on the u. s. denies the claim. back to go ahead and mon, out from the pentagon. at a briefing here at the pentagon, the spokesman for the department of defense, john kirby, was asked about these allegations from iran, and he, in no uncertain terms, completely denied it. he didn't leave himself any wiggle room calling these claims
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ridiculous. i've seen iranian claims, they are absolutely totally false and untrue. there was no such effort by us naval assets to seize anything with this refers to is back on the 24th of october u. s. navy assets did monitor iranian forces, illegally boarding and seizing a merchant vessel and international waters in the gulf of rome. on united states. 5th fleet directed to ship scenario assets to closely monitor that situation at no time where u. s. forces attempting to retake or otherwise engage in the situations situation where you acted, complete in accordance with the law. so it's a bogus claim. now kirby said that the u. s. was monitoring the situation that they sent to ships which appear to be destroyers and aerial assets. the big question is going to be just how close, though small boats were allowed to get to a navy destroyer ever since the explosion on the u. s. s. cole, small boats have been a huge concern for the u. s. navy. i asked kirby about that. and he said that the
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captain has at his disposal the right to defend himself and his crew. he didn't say whether or not the captain thought about taking any sort of steps or if he did take any steps. but he said that they do reserve the right. if they feel that they're under threats. well that tension in the gulf could affect talks in vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal for lavelle. as this update from washington, d. c. drilled due date was coming. we were told that the deputy foreign minister would announce one by the end of the month, but now we actually have that date to put into the calendar. and they, the americans are welcoming this. they are cautiously optimistic. i mean, they sort of given a run, a very gentle warning, but they put it in diplomatic language because they talked about how great results are achievable. but i've also said that the window will not remain open forever. and that is their way of saying, look, we will talk, but you cannot store because that is one of the concerns that tech around might try to store things here. but in terms of what both sides,
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once the radians want the americans to give them a cast iron guarantee, but they will not walk away again. whereas the americans are saying, well, you know, we are very committed to this, but we reserve the right. so explore our options if we are given evidence, clear evidence that you are in any way violating this agreement. also they want iran to, to fulfill its obligations or to comply with this agreement before sanction lifted . so now we're in this position where there is a little bit of pastry. we've had the secretary of state, anthony blink, and talk about how there are other options. if the talks file read into that, what you will. and we have this video that the irradiance have released from this incidents their accounts. and what they say happened just over a week ago. obviously this has been released on the day that they have also given us the state. so i, some analysts wondering if this is perhaps to around saying, look, we are a strong nation, we are not scared of america. we are going to come to this table as a proud, strong nation, and we will not be bullied. we will knock out before you. well, let's get some more detail now on the iran nuclear deal. it was signed in 2015 to
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limit sharon's nuclear ambitions and exchange for sanctions relief. but in may 2018 then president donald trump withdrew the u. s. and began re imposing sanctions in november 2020 a report of the wrong stock pile of enriched uranium, had reached 12 times permitted levels. when zation says tara has limited access to nuclear sites since february, remarks, it's patrick, it's from the international institute for strategic studies. he says the timing of iran's return allows it to avoid a review by the international atomic energy agency. the reason they timed it this way is because the week before that there is a meeting of the board of governors. and the board really should criticize iran's lack of cooperation with the investigation. so there should be a sense, your motion at that point, but by scheduling the talk after that,
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iran is trying to avoid that since you're meeting. so i don't, i don't think it's a big step forward. if it's a part of the runs stalling tactics really. on the one hand, they said they're going to go back. they want to go back if you're going to start negotiations and it appears maybe conciliatory, and then they release the video accusing the united states. so maybe they're telling the people that there are no passes here that they're strong guys, they resistant united states, and they're going into these talks from a position of strength. i think that's the posture that they're trying to assume. they talk about legal assurances, every other country in the world was satisfied when the president biden said that he would continue to abide by the deal as long as iran did. but for some reason that wasn't the way they want, you know, some kind of a legal guarantee that just possible in the us situation. and then they also want to see some verification that the united states is back and they want to see it
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implemented for some period of time. this is tricky because under us law the united states can't make unilateral return if iran is still not abiding by it's part of the deal. the u. k. government says dozens of nations and agreed to end the use of coal. a statement was released on the 4th day of the cop 26 climate summit, and glasgow. signature is included ponens vietnam and chilly, but some of the world's major uses are reported to be missing from the deal top on wednesday, focused on financing a transition to green energy. over the next 5 years, we will deliver a total of $500000000000.00 of investment to the countries that need at most. and we can do more to day. i can announce that the united kingdom will commit a 100000000 pounds to the task force on access to climate finance, making it quicker and easier the developing countries to access the finance they need. and we're supporting
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a new capital markets mechanism which will issue billions of new green bonds here in the u. k. to fund renewable energy in developing countries. our diplomatic editor james base as more now from glasgow. its finance stay here and the words all sound very promising. indeed. richey soon as the finance minister talking about re wiring the global economy, saying the london will be a test case. the net 0 financial capital is the aim. and we will say heard from janet yellow and the us treasury secretary, calling for a wholesale transformation of the carbon intensive economy, saying that has to happen now. we're not preparing for future generations. the climate crisis is with us right now, but i can tell you some developing countries are a little skeptical that those very strong words are going to be matched by action because they've heard all of these words before. they've heard words. busy for example, back in paris, and particularly the commitment of a $100000000000.00 every year from the developing developed countries to the
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developing world. that was commitment 1st made in 2009. it was supposed to stop that annual payment in 2020. and it hasn't happened now they're talking about 2023 . and i think that the tension between the developing and developed world is one of those tensions that you will have below the surface. now, as this conference moves to a slightly different phase, the leaders have done that bit. they've started events, they've given it a boost at the beginning. now it's the hard, detailed technical negotiations that are going go go on in all of the many meeting rooms with the many thousands of people that are here at comp. and then by the end of next week, that's well, we'll know whether those negotiations are born through and i suspect get near near the end to give them another extra push. you're going to see. many of those leaders flowing back in the u. n. says has found evidence that all size and ethiopia tegra conflict of violated international human rights and some may amount to war crimes
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and crimes against humanity. the u. m. 's human rights, we've said the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality prank a group to repulse. these smart grieves, in my car, throw in northern ethiopia on earth. what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the t gray conflict. a joint ethiopian a you in human rights investigation? says rebel some t grey killed more than 200 as think i'm her as here in november last year. the conflict has now expanded. well be on t grey. it to neighboring, i'm horror and off our regions. and it's been devastating for civilians. the un report found the year long war editor and soldiers who backed, if you'd be as federal army, as well as if you've been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the t great conflict have committed
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violations of international human rights, human terry and griff to law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if he appears kaufman has largely welcome to report while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings its promise to set up a task force to investigate the allegations. why rebels him to guy said the report is flawed. citing the involvement of the fuel been human rights commission, but on the ground the conflict is intensifying in the capital, addis ababa? there's an air of tense come one, yes is a start of the conflict. playground rebels say the have capture to northern towns on a major highway leading to the capital. but somebody guesses it worries me a lot because death, a and compulsion are near addis ababa. they travelled many kilometers to get there . i think they will control addis ababa as well. so that's what i'm young. i will
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participate in the war and whatever way young people can, i'm planning to head to the front line. prime minister, i'll be m o has urged if you'll pin few night and fight against the rebels. you can call this pitch, which is dug very deep, will be where the enemy is buried. not wary p. o p, a disintegrate. we will bury this enemy without blood and bones and make the glory of ethiopia high up again. do you investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t grow. it does not include any attacks or civilian abuse since then, and now their fears the conflict could worsen putting millions of the europeans at risk, bianca though out 0. the international criminal court would investigate whether allegations of crimes against humanity were committed in venezuela, under president nicholas maduro. the court's chief prosecutor, car, him con, made the announcement at the end of a 3 day trip to crock us,
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where he met madura. the comfort security forces had been accused of torture and extrajudicial killings during the camp down on anti government protests in 2017. also to come here and al jazeera malawi, his child rides, really good, what's causing on a non rise and under age marriages. and we'll look at why china us government has asked people to stock up on vital supplies as winter approaches. more of that statement. ah, ah, look forward to brutus going through with sponsored point cutoff airways. hello there. let's start in south asian. it's a divided picture. weatherwise in india, it's dry up in the north, but west, down in the south, you can see that dense cloud cover showing where the rain is going to fall heaviest . we've got amber alerts that continue for corolla. we could see some flooding here,
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but showers and so on. so much of the south and for sure, lanka, the rain picks up across that eastern coast as we go into friday. but in law, so trickle up into ma'am by it's going to be a wet weekend here. but further north, it is looking fine and dry lots of hazy sunshine coming through from new delhi. and a lot of heat building in that northwest corner pakistan will see the heat around coastal areas. but the further north we go, it is going to cool down to a cold snap that's blowing down from kazakhstan. and as we head further east, it is looking lot fine and dryer, but it is going to get rather cool for more than parts of china. we've got siberian cold wind blowing down across mongolia that's going to knock the temperature down. and beijing, if we have a look at the 3 day, we'll see about quite a dramatic drop by the time you get to saturday and the wet weather comes into play . the southern areas though, we are seeing that rain pick up, it's going to be a wet we can't for shanghai, but it drives up to the korean peninsula and southern japan. that sure weather lou
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with sponsored by cassandra ways. oh, it's the was both populous democracy. diverse dynamic and undergoing women to seen context india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me feed. those are for context india analysis either lou ah,
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welcome back. quick remind about top stories here. this our talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear de la shuttle to resume at the end of november in direct negotiations stole in june off the iran held elections. the u. n says, has found evidence at all sides in ethiopia to grow conflict of violated human rights, and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it's report says the conflict has seen extreme hotel. you k governments as dozens of nations of agreed to and the use of coal, a statement was released on the 4th day of the 26 climate summit and glasgow signatories in component vietnam and chile. some of the world's major uses are reported. a been missing from the chinese government has asked people to stockpile daily necessities, fall as weeks of supply disruptions caused by kobe 19 outbreaks and extreme weather . but it's also spot confusion, unconcern, katrina, you report from beijing in recent weeks shopping at this fading, fresh food market has become more expensive. a true?
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yeah, the price has gone up. we can't afford it. we had to buy some vegetables from the dealers on the street. the prices of common vegetables such as cucumbers, spinach and broccoli have doubled. some have become more expensive than pork, the staple meat and china. so when on monday, the chinese government issued a notice advising households to stockpile daily necessities. it sparked panic and heated discussion online. some posted about rushing to buy essential goods. others speculated that increasing tension to the taiwan were the cause. but analysts say the announcement has been misinterpreted, that the reason that they put that notice out was basically, you know, routine, winter season preparedness for making sure that there's a good supply of fruit and vegetables on the market, normal daily goods. and that some of the reason that language was in there was due to, you know, the, the potential sort of ongoing risk of coven locked downs. the pandemic has led to
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a renewed focus on china's food security. regional locked downs have disrupted food supplies to affected areas. and there have been other challenges. last month, crops in china's ne, a major food growing region, were destroyed by unusually heavy rains. a nationwide power shortage has pushed up the cost of operating greenhouses. and a shortage of diesel fuel has delayed cross country deliveries, expert, se, tanya's emergency food reserves and mechanisms are generally in good shape. but while there isn't a shortage price hikes and supply disruptions hadn't hurting those who can least afforded laura's in china's lowest income bracket. living in small cities and rural areas, officials have moved to stabilize vegetable prices. also, the bomb local governments will be instructed to ensure a market supply and the prize stability for daily necessities in the coming winter . and next spring, we will establish and improve the relevant safeguard and supply me can exams and
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release governments the reserves at the appropriate time. bating has also issued an action plan to reduce food waste in the restaurant and cater industries. meanwhile, shop is hoping that sky rocketing prices will soon return to normal. katrina, you al jazeera staging that when the 1st cobra 19 vaccines were rolled out at the start of the year, many in germany hoped you would help them. tied over the pandemic, 10 months on infection rates are up again, while vaccinations plateaued, and as dominant cain reports and berlin booster shots and are available. but there are still millions of people who refuse to even take their 1st shot. seems like these have become commonplace over the past 2 years covey patients in hospital beds being treated by medical staff facing rising numbers of new patients. and all this, despite the wide availability of vaccines across much of europe, in germany, the number of new infections is much higher now than it has been for many months
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yelling either for i might have found that we are currently experiencing a massive pandemic of the unvaccinated the number of infections is increasing as the number of deaths from cove it, and especially the number of patients in intensive care units, and some regions of germany, regions where vaccination rates are not as high as in others. the yawn in deutschland, those regions include 4 states in what was the old east germany, where the uptake of vaccines is as much as 10 percent below the national average of the number of new cases is above the national average. despite urgent calls from some senior politicians in those states, but such warnings do not sway people like bodies lava kids, off. she's just one of tens of millions of people yet to be vaccinated in germany. i was just confused that and for the ones of us who are night are really excited about getting vaccinated just now and would like to think about it get more informed about it. and there's so many people, there's professionals,
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there's doctors, and it, there is, it is just endless. how much information you can get that doesn't really support these. these are, these vaccines. official figures suggest around one in 3 people here remains on vaccinated. some of that number include those ideologically opposed to the process, but for a wider section of society, especially younger children, the mere option of having the shots has not yet been made widely available. despite that vaccine centers like this, one in berlin, offering boosters to the most vulnerable people, is thought around. 2000000 such doses have been administered across the country so far. at the same time, the previous social distancing measures to curb, the virus are being strengthened in places, is being hungry. indeed, yawns with always introduced 1st measures in southeastern bavaria. for example, only vaccinated people. all those recovered from coven 19 will be admitted to clubs
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. disco sublet and similar location and surprised them into the i'll get what it although that view has not been endorsed at the federal level yet. many of the medics and ministers say cove, it is not going away any time soon. dominic came al jazeera berlin. when infections on the rise to in the netherlands prompting the reintroduction of masks the government solves expanding use of a corona pass showing proof of a cobit 19th vaccination or negative test is now be needed to enter public places like museums and jim's charity. say the corona virus pandemic has led to a rise in child marriages around the world. in parts of malawi, the number has nearly doubled, but it's not just the pandemic to blame as her test reports. now. among gotcha. when the sun rises over lake malawi, africa's 3rd largest lake, it usually means early morning chores. have to be done out here. washing dishes and
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doing the laundry is generally a job for young women and girls. when they finish, some of them will hit to school. but chief sally at t juma says every year, many girls drop out and become victims of early marriage left on measures to prevent the spread of coven 19 in her community. didn't help. zona mat in them in either the children had nothing to do our her. some got pregnant and got married. usually one goes miss school, the teachers tell us and we found that why, but when the schools close, it was hard to keep a check on them. now the schools have opened. we see that some girls aren't in cross cultural community leaders managed to persuade these teen mothers to go back to school. one girl says she wants to become a journalist, the others nurses. i already am a movie at 1st. my husband didn't want me to leave him in, he ordered me to stay. when the police got involved, he got scared. and let me go. now he has found another wife from the injured fog.
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even before the pandemic milan, we had one of the highest rates of early child and teenage pregnancy in the world. one out of 2 girls are getting married before their age of 18. then it defeats the problem, isn't it almost like a half of the women population, which is 51 percent of the mallory total population is becoming or dropping out of school. number one. and secondly, becoming more mother before age over the 18 teaches the rising poverty could force more girls out of school and into early marriages, especially varies. they also take buddy in those marriages because they've got to you via children who get molly saw that the, the gun. how something do any from those me allow he is one of the poorest countries in the world. most of his budget comes from foreign aid jobs. a hard to find, the only real option out here is farming,
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and there isn't enough work for every one. some young people would try to get to south africa to find work they. for those the con, do that getting married seems to be the only option. the law in malawi forbid, marriage for both boys and girls under 18, but without proper enforcement, it still happens. how to match us al jazeera, mon gotcha. malawi in the ivory coast, more than 50 people have been arrested at a protest against rising unemployment. i graduates angry about a lack of opportunities march to deliver a letter to the president demanding action. but police detained them saying they didn't have a license to protest. an american artist is using ceramics to express his use about his minority community. roberta lucas work is to be featured a major museum in new york. he says he wants to help other artists who might not get the chance to act so in the industry. how does your castro as the story as the
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mud slide through roberta lou goes hands, the clay rises to challenge conventions and retail history through a new lens. ceramic has for so long been used by anthropology to tell us about cultures where people were eating or what a party looked like. and i've just felt like my culture community has been absent from that dialog. logo ceramics, feature portraits of american icons of color from abolitionists, harriet tubman, to the rapper d m. x. their faces are emblazoned on delicately painted teapots and vases. the luxury items of histories colonizers now vessels to empower those once marginalized . people that have come before me through the civil rights movement, through my parents. all their energy is create an opportunity for me to know how
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the autonomy to make artwork. google was born to puerto rican parents and raised here in kensington. a philadelphia neighbourhood that struggle with crime and poverty, he had a no formal art education growing up by. he was surrounded by inspiration. my art history classes took place in the streets, seen graffiti. she mural art seeing the portraits painted of black historical figures in philly. that was the only type of art that i saw. and so ingrained in my mind as this is what art looks like. logo says as a young hispanic, he was type cast by teachers as likely to go to prison. he painted graffiti and worked factory jobs until he enrolled in a ceramics class and something clicked. you know, i'm not the best potter. i'm not the best painter. i'm not the best portrait artist . i'm not the best rapper. i'm not the best graffiti artist, but i do all of those things. and the thing that is unique about me is as eclectic as those things sound. the all actually make sense for the human experience. the
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fine art world quickly took notice, offering logo international fellowships and shows the metropolitan museum of art in new york. is the latest to display his work? yes ah, but where he feels most accomplished is here at an art fair in his old neighbourhood, turning heads and teaching. whoever passes that they too can defy expectations, holding someone's hands and teaching them how to make a path for the 1st time. is it is a magic re lease just shown to them exist in the vic and create something. i think that that complicates even their own narratives of possibility. a heart lugo says this is his greatest work of all opening young eyes, guiding fresh fingers to create new possibilities and to reach to the past. with pride, heidi joe castro al jazeera philadelphia,
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a south africa novelist has won the book a prize for the best english novel is the promise by dan john damon gal guy who wrote his 1st novel at the age of 17, has been nominated 3 times for the world, but he finally to accompany prestigious prize for his novel, the promise, cutting depiction of a white family in post apartheid south africa. ah, to have a quick check of the headlines here and al jazeera talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear de la shuttle to resume at the end of november in direct negotiation. stole in june off to iran held elections. but the announcement of more talks happened hours after iran reported a naval incident in the gulf of oman. it accused the united states of trying to capture tanka carrying its oil. the u. s. denies the claim.


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