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like to act, we've allowed climate change to get out of control. people impala investigates why so little has been done. a systemic for act requires systemic change and asks what further in action could meet then now the mob and i'd by 20 big. none of them have a syrian how to do a crisis. what crisis own al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera. ah, i know norton taylor, this is down to 0 news. i live from london. coming up. iran announces it will return to nuclear talks with world powers, by the end of the month. every day, more people are suffering and die. the un reports extreme brutality on both sides
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of ethiopia as war as to cry, rebels say, they're closing in on the capital. a major blue for you as president joe biden, and the democrats in local elections after surprise victory by republicans in the state of virginia. and with 2 landmark climate commitments made officials at cop $26.00. negotiate how though finance plans to slow down global warming and on the side of hired the latest sports rel madrid our own course for a place in the long 6 feet of the champions league, current benzino school twice that he was re. i'll see one when i was sight clothes on. yes. and take the lead in group the ah, iranian official say, nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month. iran deputy foreign register says tara,
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on his prepared to enter negotiations for us sanctions to be lifted. the state department has welcome to return to the talks. we believe it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the jcp away by closing the relatively small number of issues that remained outstanding at the end of june. when the 6 round concluded, we believe that if the iranians are serious, we can manage to do that in relatively short order. but we've also been clear, including as this pause has dragged on for some time, that this window of opportunity will not be open forever. i iran correspond dosage of our joins as live from doha. what's brought iran back to these talks while iraq never said they weren't going to go back to the negotiating table with
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the world powers. it was just a matter of time before they decided when they would resume these talks, then you administration of abraham racy, which took office in august, said that they were being handed over the file from the previous negotiating team of that president has had ro, honie, and that's why this period has passed and this taken so long. but of course, we've heard a lot from within iran, various different parties saying that there was a lot of discussion about whether or not iran will return to the deal because they haven't seen any kind of a gesture from the u. s. that they are willing to come back to for compliance in terms of lifting some of those sanctions which have been imposed on iran since the u. s. left a deal in 2018 and impose a series of strict sanctions on iraq and various programs. they really said that they are now decided to go back to the deal at the end of november. but this is interesting to note that the deputy foreign minister use, the board, starts in his tweet when he said that negotiations will start again in vienna. he said he didn't say they will resume,
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so it's not clear how long this the negotiations will go on in the past. these talks have lasted for about a week each time since they began in april earlier this year. and at the end of the weeks, the deputy foreign ministers returned to their capitals for further discussion with the various officials and the radians said that they are willing to go back to full compliance under the 2015 nuclear deal. if the u. s. lift the sanctions that they've imposed on around since they withdrew. and the americans have said that they want to see iran go back to compliance before there's any talk of lifting of sanctions. but the main sticking point remains the same with this administration and iran, as with the previous one. and that is the radians want some kind of a guarantee that the u. s. administration will not go back on their promises when there's a new president in the white house. that is the main concern for the iranian say, they saw that with then president us trauma and biden administrator came in. and now they're saying that this administration is not giving us any guarantees that if
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we reach an agreement and stall our nuclear program or limit our nuclear program and allow full access to the next administration coming into the white house will not do the same. so we'll just go around in circles. there is a lot of mistrust between to her on and washington that is continue now despite the 2 new administrations and office and indeed all assistive tensions rising at the same time as it seemed from a dispute in the sea of a man today. yes, certainly, it's not a coincidence that the iranians have released this video from the revolution regard naval division that shows according to the iranians. then seizing back their own oil, which they say the us stole from their tank current place on this vietnamese flag ship at the radian said that the revolution guard carried out an operation to seize the ship. and of course, we see a very serious situation that developed on october 25th between the us naval forces
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and the revolutionary guard forces. and that is, they came very close to one another in the ceo of oman, within less than 200 meters of each other. and that is something we have never seen before. the radians say that this is something that they cannot accept that the u. s. is not supposed to be in these waters. the americans say they were patrolling international waters. but there is a lot of skepticism into her on tonight that this video was released as a message to the new negotiating team heading to vienna, that the americans are not to be trusted. and of course, the remaining parties of the nuclear deal are trying to mend this very broken relationship between washington and to her on and this incident, which happened a while ago and now the radians are releasing the footage. tonight is an indication of how they radians feel and what the mood is like and tear on moving head towards the nuclear negotiations was take place later this month in vienna. dosage of our thank you very much. will phil laval joined his line from washington
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d. c. as tell us more about the u. s. response to iran returning to the new shooting table. well, i mean, there is relief that we now finally, finally at least have a concrete date. you know, we knew a day was coming, the deputy foreign minister had set a date would be announced by the end of november. but now we have that date november 29th to work towards. but i just think it was dorsey just said, you know, we had that statement from the deputy foreign minister and it said, and i quote, we agreed to stop the negotiations aimed at removal of unlawful and inhumane sanctions. on the 29th of november in november. and now that word start, i mean it's already a discrepancy here because if you look at what the state department said in a briefing earlier, they said that these talks would not be starting. they would be resuming that they wouldn't go back to the beginning, they would be resuming from pretty much where they left off. so there's already some discrepancies over the language, but at least now we have that day too, because we've had these furious talks going on behind the scenes between the i a, the officials to try to get this process back on track. and in terms of what both sides want the radians,
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want the americans to give them that cost. i guarantee that they won't just walk away again that they will remain committed. whereas the u. s. the sank, of course we all committed, of course we'll. but we are reserving the right to walk away if there is clear evidence of any kind of violation. also the us says to iraq, we want you to comply with the terms of this agreement. before we start listing any sanctions, so there is still some pastry going on, even though we have the state. you know, we've heard from the secretary state anthony blinking in the last few days. he was doing the rounds on the morning talk shows the weekend. he was asked all about this and he said, and he said my quotes that we are also looking at other options now. read into those words, whatever you want. lauren, but the fact of the matter is that there is an acceptance or a concern that runs nuclear ambitions could lead to conflict in the middle east, particularly israel. nobody's saying the words military strikes, but enough hence have been dropped, that people are concerned. and of course we have the timing of the release of this video on the iranian side. yeah. and what a pentagon officials said about the claims over that oil seizure?
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well, not to put too fine a point in it. i've said it's completely not true. this video, i mean, look at, this is one of those situations where you have to basically pick aside and decide who you're going to believe because there is what you might call video evidence, but it's not what you would describe as unfiltered, raw footage. i mean, this is heavily edited video, it has music. it even has what look like subtitles or a narrative on screen from the arabian side via the americans were asked about it. so john kirby pentagon spokesman was asked about it his what his, i, what his, what he had to say. i've seen the iranian claims, they are absolutely totally false and untrue. there was no such effort by u. s. naval assets to seize anything with this refers to is back on the 24th of october. u. s. navy assets did monitor iranian forces, illegally boarding and seizing a merchant vessel and international waters in the gulf of roman united states. 5th fleet, directed to ship scenario assets to closely monitor that situation at no time where
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u. s. forces attempting to retake or otherwise engage in the situations situation where you acted completely in accordance with the law. so it's a bogus claim. vega, me effectively say it is not true, but as i say, it's all about timing because this is an incident that is said to have taken place . but a week ago, and yet this video has been released by the iranians, and it's been released at exactly the same time that they've made the announcement that they are going to go back to the table. so there is obviously some something else to play here behind the scenes, of course, around wanting to show that it's not cowering to the u. s. that it is a strong military force. and it is going to the military to the negotiating table. with that in mind, i can imagine it phil, avail that i've as, as laneesa senior research fellow at the center for middle east strategic studies. he joins us now from terran, thanks so much for being with us. so our significant is this moment where the around says it's prepared to return to nuclear talks and this oil incident happens at the same time. what would you make of it will well,
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i think that was the that was not too much on what went to resume, to talk to the event in senior, negotiate that they will start to talk that it was that by your colleagues. i think by the word the stars, the even in deputy foreign minister wants to emphasize that a view approachable pursued by the new government in iran has said that it was a guarantee from the united states that us takes it like what happened on the song will not happen again, but they have not received, but they guarantee. and one of the issues is that those possible thought, i mean, regardless of how and what point they thought, i think the matter is that they have had differences in the past. and those differences might arise again in upcoming talk. and i think, you know, beginning the process, you can, can somehow give hope for reviving they make the deal. however,
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there will be difference of the head with a new urine. and government seems somehow more tricky when it comes to engage with the rest. the past can be somehow difficult ahead, but it doesn't mean that we cannot hope for reviving that there might be some changes when it comes to the format, or maybe the method that they might be following the thought. but that's the starting late november. and in the meantime, you know, what do you make of the level of tension between the u. s. and iran? how dangers of point is that out? you know ahead of the upcoming talks, there might be some hold that they creating leverage is by the both sides or somehow flexing muscle. you know, the thing that happened in oman, my must be direct the data to make the toss. well, that's the on the one side we have,
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you run who wants to question the legitimacy of the american saying, says on iran, on the other side, we have the united states who wants to put pressure on the run by, let's say, accepting maximum pressure against the country in order to bring to run to the table and get more compromises from your m got from the government. but it seems that you, one wants to undermine the science and saying that the taxes are not efficient and they do not work for the on the other side. us wants to put pressure. and the thing that happened recently, i think, is somehow craving leverage is by the both sides. and by, let's say releasing the footages and then these guys thing you wanted to insure its customers that they can buy all from you, ron and the sang since cannot work. so you won't want to say ahead of the make the negotiations that the sanctions are not that much effective you want. we'll come to
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the table with better cards in hand with a, from a position of strength and balance. given what you've said. would you say that the talks this time around a more or less likely to succeed? you know, for those i've been falling to nick the negotiations. we have been seeing many ups and downs in the process of negotiations. we cannot predict what will happen for sure. the past will be a difficult one. another is the one because that have been differences when it comes to the scope of sanctions that run expects to be lifted. the ran and the government has said that they do not accept the yellow, green, and red best meaning the sciences can be lifted. the b or the yellow meaning best ones need negotiations. and the red mist means the sciences that cannot be lift, that they need to read and government says that they do not accept such lists. meaning that this is somehow,
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it seems that when it comes to getting guarantee from the us government as well as the scope of science is that the run needs to be lifted. we might be seeing a difference in new york and government compared to the previous one, especially wrong because the government believes that the us wants to keep some taxes in place for a life li, non. if it talks the future the, this government believes that those, let's say even a few sanctions can have systemic impact in the wrong foreign trade. that's why they are insisting on lifting all sciences. and now they say that all science is imposed on iran after us was stolen from the nuclear. that bill are all related to the j cpa of us on a thank you very much indeed. thank you for having our pentagon watchdog says a u. s. strange striking, cobble at killed 10 afghan civilians was a tragic mistake,
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but did not break any laws. 3 adults and 7 children were killed in the attack, which happened during the us led evacuation of afghanistan in august. and independent reviews as the strike was a consequence of execution errors and communication breakdowns. it also found that those involved truly believe they were targeting and imminent threat of an eisler tack on campbell airport. still to come and use our and his re, spyware company, and 3 other foreign firms added to the united states side, but blacklist india is 1st home grown. 19, maxine is a pre approved for emergency use the world health organization. months after being rolled out in sport, this manish, but full manager puts an end to remove. he's heading to newcastle. ah, the u. n. has found evidence that all sides in a few years to dry conflict have violated international human rights. and some may
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amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. you and human rights chiefs of the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. the report has been released as easy or pure enters a new state of emergency with dry rebels moving towards the capitol. they say they're pushing for me to grow into the neighboring regions of m hara and a fall and down the highway running south to i just have a dig around. rebels say they took control of these towns this week including come . boettcher sits on a supply line, linking the landlocked nation to the navy, port city of djibouti, crank a group to report these small graves in my car, draw in northern if he appear on earth, what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the t guy conflict a joint if you appear in and you and human rights investigation, says rebel some tea grey killed more than 200 ethnic. i'm horrors here. in november last year. the conflict has now expanded well be on
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t gray into neighboring amarrow and off our regents and it's been devastating for civilians. the u. n. report found the year long war richer and soldiers who backed a few p. s. federal army, as well as if he'll been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the degree concrete have committed by relations of international human rights, humanitarian and grof g long. some of this may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if he appears kaufmann has largely welcome the report, while expressing it, serious reservations about aspects for the findings its promise to set up a task force to investigate the allegations by rebel sim t. grey said, the report is flawed, citing the involvement of the the op in human rights commission. but on the ground, the conflict is intensifying in the capitol. others arbor,
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there's an air of tense. com. one, yes is the start of the conflict t ground rebels say they have captured to northern towns on a major highway leading to the capitol. but somebody guesses her gun, it worries me a lot because dessie and con poacher are near addis ababa. they travelled many kilometers to get there. i think they will control addis ababa as well as with others. rather, i'm young. i will participate in the war in whatever way young people can. i'm planning to head to the front line. prime minister our be am with, has urged if he'll p and few night and fight against the rebels. you, with a quote, this pit which has dug very deep will be where the enemy is buried. not wary p. o p disintegrates. we will bury this enemy without blood and bones and make the glory of ethiopia high up again. do you investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of
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t gray. it does not include any attacks or civil and abuse since then. and now their fears the conflict could worsen putting millions of fuel pins at risk, bianca stuff, i'll 0. michaela has more on the you in response to ethiopia digger i conflict. the secretary general has taken notes of the report by the un human rights chief along with the ethiopian human rights commission. he says there's a deep need for accountability. he adds that such human rights abuses can only end if there's. busy an agreement about the cessation of hostilities between all parties to the conflict un has also expressed concern about the humanitarian situation with more. busy than 2 and a half 1000000 people already displaced at now says it's having increasing difficulty in getting humanitarian supplies into the region. we're continuing to, to reach out to all of the 30s on the ground for both the government and the de
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facto authorities to have as much humanitarian access as we can possibly have and, and, and to get more supplies in. as you know, we've been mentioning every few days the need to, to bring in food to bring and fuel to, to be able to conduct our operations. the question, whether these negotiations about access are being conducted in country or by outside parties. it's, it's both her, these are discussions that are being taken a i, by at the u. n. team in the country, but also by people such as the emergency relief coordinator and, and other senior officials in the system here and has welcomed the return of the us special envoy to the horn of africa. jeffrey feltman saying that all countries have a role to play in achieving stability in the region. anterior says 3 of its nationals have been killed in an ass trying. and the attack happened on the border
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between the disputed territory of western sahara and mauritania. video posted on twitter appears to show to bombed out trucks in the sahara desert. jerry in state media is blaming moroccan forces and described the driver's deaths as cowardly and barbaric. has been a major upset for us president joe barton's democratic party and local elections. after surprise, victory by republicans in the state of virginia is equally trouble for the democrats as the head into next year's congressional elections. publican, glen youngin, has been elected virginia's next governor with his democratic opponent conceding the race youngin a distance to himself, just enough from former president trump to win back moderates who supported biden in 2020 in new jersey. considered a strong blue state democratic governor phil murphy faces a close unexpected challenge results raised red flags for the democrats for the 2020 to mid term vote, which could see them lose control of congress. making it harder for binding to
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advance his agenda. in the 2nd half of his presidency buttons as these results show, americans want the government to get things done. know governor in virginia has everyone one is of the same, or he or she's the same party as a sitting president. what i do know is, i do know that people want us to get things done. they want us to get things done. and that's why i'm continuing to push very hard for the democratic party to move along and pass my infrastructure bill and my bill back better bill or it can miss political. and missy jones is alive from washington. d. c. a. just to go back to the results from, from virginia, one of the factors that play there and how much of a blow is this for button? i think the biggest factor was turn out and we saw this going all the way back to that california recall election where republicans were trying to unseat governor of
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gavin newsome in virginia. you saw a very excited and a very enthusiastic and energized republican base. in addition to that, we saw young and actually play on the culture wars. in fact, it was suburban white women who overwhelmingly back the republican candidate. in fact, more so to, to one than what we saw in the presidential election last year, where joe biden overwhelmingly won educated white women, but also one women by just a point. but this time around, it was though suburban women who actually moved in the direction of republicans and that was the difference in this big and this victory for the governor there. i mean then young can didn't compete anytime after trump did he, what will republicans read into that? yeah, he did not. in fact, i think what we saw was a blueprint for how republicans are running. and blue districts can compete moving
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into the mid term elections. what we saw from young can was a very successful strategy of not tying himself to donald trump something that we did not see in the california recall election. but we saw for the 1st time, every publican in the donald trump era, actually not saddle up to not closely align himself with donald trump. and i think that was also seen as a level of victory, a margin of victory for the the, the challenger. also, what it did was it allowed many of those, a suburban voters to actually move towards to republican because they did not see him as scary or diversified. tell me what do you think? i mean, in terms of body able to push through an agenda so far it's been stalled, isn't it? does this make it more difficult for me to get it through marginally easier? know the problem that president biden has with his agenda is within his own party. we know that republicans are not going to support the democratic agenda,
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washington as simply to polarize and to divide it for that to happen. and right now the struggles within his party are his and his alone, and they simply do not comport with what we see. some of the moderate in the, in the democratic party want right now, but make no mistake about it. what took place in virginia? what took place in new jersey yesterday. these are all going to be issues and concerns for democrats, as they head into the mid term elections trying to energize and excite their base. but more importantly, doing more and going beyond simply trying to tie candidates to donald trump. thank you very much. indeed, every can for doing to thank you. thank you. i'm not a states is added is res spyware. firms the n s o group and can d roots, cyber activities, blacklist, and also added to a russian software company. and one other foreign business commerce department says
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it's in response to their role in developing spyware and trafficking. malicious online tools. the move limits or access to u. s. components and technology, or requiring government permission for export market after the middle east and north africa policy manager at access. now, she welcomes the blacklisting. this is a major win and a major victory in the fight against surveillance access. now, in many other civil society groups have been sounding the alarm for years on the egregious human rights violations been committed and facilitated by the nfl group and the, the, the u. s. decision today send a strong message to the nfl group, but also other surveillance companies that are profiting from human rights violations, that it's no longer business as usual. so we commend the u. s. for making and taking the lead towards accountability. and we also urge the european union and other governments to take similar restrictive steps to make and hold surveillance
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companies accountable to the new south london still ahead. one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders known as barbecue, asked us to help him overthrow the government. taliban says it wants to end up kind of sounds dependence on opium. we'll hear how it may take a global effort and in sport india when their 1st game at the t 20. welcome to avoid exit. ah hello there. there's more unsettled weather on the way for southern and central parts of europe over the next few days. and that's thanks to a low pressure that's pulled away from the iberian peninsula. moved across italy, and it's on its way to the balkans. if we take a closer look, we can see those severe storms rolling away from the city up into croatia across
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the a drastic sea. and we're going to see some heavy rain strong winds, a rough seas, bosnia and herzegovina going season. torrential downpours as well as montenegro. we're expecting around $200.00 millimeters of rain to fall over the next 3 days. and of course that means we could see some flooding. but that systems also gonna bring significant snow to switzerland and wet or weather to places like hungry and austria and to eastern europe. but on friday it pulls across the balkans and we're going to see the temperatures come down in places like serbia belgrade we'll see about a 10 degree drop in the temperature is going to feel cooler, but it's going to warm up for places like grease and go to study the wind blowing up, and that's going to push the temperature up to $26.00 degrees in athens. farther north of this, it does get wet and windier up in the north east. it remains rather mild for the north west, however, but for the iberian peninsula, we are going to see some heavy rain in the north of spain.
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