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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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the expo 2022 by woods one i will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out for woods, wanna add the expo 2020 dubai spectacle, where we will unleash our potential boats wanna ah, pride, your destination lou. ah, this is al jazeera, am a reminder of the top stories, sr. iran says it has falls and attempts by the u. s. navy to seize its oil in the seas of oman. it says its revolutionary guard troops boarded the ship late last
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month because the tanker was about to be taken by the u. s. american defense officials of accused iran of staging. dangerous c maneuvers cheering the incidents . the un has found evidence that all signs in ethiopia is to grow conflict to violated human rights, and some may amount to more crimes and crimes against humanity is reports. as the conflict seen, extreme brutality and the united states has added, the israeli spyware firm en, eh, so group to cyber activities, blacklist, move, restricts their ability to access american products. a said, take you back, sir, talk story. now. iran, seeing it has foiled u. s. navy attempts to seize its oil and the sea of oman. joining us to discuss this form, berlin is having a dresser as easy, a visiting fellow at the german institute for international and security affairs. oh,
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we're still trying to it to nail down the details of what's happening. the iranians have one story. the americans have another. but this type of vague confrontation at sea is remarkable. why do you think this is happening now? yeah, as you mentioned, a yours is about what exactly happened in this case. and there are contradictory reports by 2 sides, but i think regardless, a lot of the way that the union made, you know, i stream very that because depiction in the area on a state, america is, is very important. i think there's several aspects, you know, getting ruled in this whole thing. first of all, a bit in mind that the announcement of this event
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happens right now at the end, the versus the seizure of the u. s embassy in center on 979. so there's a great deal they'll say, well, there's a my thing can be on the outside to say that this i'm tired of this is so close on time realism on is still in place. and also i think, i think a little also it's, it could be related to this talks on the j. c, p. i. because over the past, the wrong moms, the 2 sides have been actually your charter of not being ready to kind of, you know, enter into meaningful songs of the j. c. p. i. so in this case, i think you might have been trying to signal the message to the united states that it's ready to escalate. i to reason, i don't know if i had a chance to, to talk to this kid escalades quite, quite significantly though. i mean,
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looking at some of the videos, the americans and the iranians, there's some 200 meters of pods. it just thinks one, the one mistake one misunderstanding in this kid below. i mean, i am sure it's a situation. would you say this is an a doesn't have a potential to get to get even worse. i think it is very serious, a kind of one of these kinds of incidents and then see what i think the calculation on the inside is that, i mean this, this viewpoint is there that so ok, if you have tried a to revise it, produce every month or 2 comes to some terms having to buy the administration by what the maximum brochure is still there are practical. u. s. government says that, you know, it's no more coming to following that policy. so you might have reached the
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conclusion that you know, it needs to also go back to its maximum response to maximum pressure. so if there is the situation i can use kind of a kind of similar to what the witnessed a transpose. and do you think that these kind of incidents, this kind of a video will sway things either domestically in iran? is this likely to build support for the, for the government? or will it make things worse at home? how is this type of video going to be received domestically? yeah, of course, a psychologist is also something that you're in addition i have had in mind because, you know, actually there's 2 aspects to this. one is,
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there is some incidents in terms of cyber attacks against different infrastructures attributed to a series. and that created the kind of picture of the business in the don't 6 if you for the environment. so you don't want us to kind of remove that except maybe by saying that now we are strong. and this is the prove, also to say to signal a message, because this is something that i've seen in the past all hours in the rainy and mostly in the heart of the media or media close to the eyes. you see, they say that, you know, this is a signal that actually the united states wanted to do a piracy to steal, you know, always. so it means that the united states cannot be trusted. and any kind of meaningful and kind of interaction with united states is not possible at least. ok, great to get your thoughts they're having to raise as easy. thank you so much for
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joining us on the user to add some context. see this developing situation. we appreciate it. thank. algeria says 3 of its nationals have been killed in a strike. it says the attack happens on the border between western sahara and mauritania. the rainy algerian state media is pointing fingers at moroccan forces. video post search on twitter appears to show 2 bombs out trucks in the sahara desert. algeria is describing the driver's deaths as currently and barbaric. a powerful gang leads her in haiti is asking the us to help him all for through the government. jimmy is chaise, yay! who is known as barbecue is demanding. that's the acting president and prime minister ariel on re resign or re do so little at the cost of
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blood. we're going to dislodge mister ru laundry from the prime minister's office. and afterwards, the key to the country will be handed over to a new class of men and women of civil society who will have to govern responsibly to get the country out of the quagmire in which it has been floundering for many ages. i was on hand and joins is no lie from porto prince and sean at the gang leads are there. he was quite threatening to day. what else did he have to say? while they're right, there was the most powerful gang leader in haiti upping the ante. and what he says is a revolution against the current government. now the man known as barbecue jimmy share is a his previously said that he demands the resignation of prime minister ariel on re, well now he is issued the or else he says at the cost of blood,
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we will remove him and other members of this government he says he's leading a revolution and he did it in a rather formal way. this is a letter he wrote in french to the u. s. ambassador, asking for us support in this effort. now we asked the prime minister of haiti for a response in his office, sent us one line response that is prime minister ariel on re does not deal with gangs. interestingly, this all happened in an open press conference. this former policeman, known as barbecue, is one of the most wanted men in haiti, yet he announced where he would be holding this police this press conference. and he was surrounded by his own armed militants in the law celine neighbourhood, that he controls police did not make any attempt to intervene because they are simply outmanned and outgunned when it comes to going into those territories that are controlled by gangs. i should mentioned, this is not the gang that has held those 17 missionaries. it is a different one, but the government would say that barbecue is
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a leader who has killed people who has kidnapped people and who is contributing to the financial collapse of this country by holding up fuel supplies. that would come in to the capital, even hijacking trucks, kidnapping drivers, and that sort of thing. so we have a political crisis here. we also have an economic crisis and a security crisis because the police simply can't control the neighborhood. so what this is, is a confrontation between a leader of 9 gangs of very powerful man in haiti and the government. and the government says he's part of the problem because all of those actions are crippling the economy or, and haiti hurting those poor people. that he says he's trying to help and causing children and others to die in hospitals because they can't get the diesel fuel. they need to run all of the machines that operate there. so what this is in is it is an acceleration of a massive confrontation in a country. it's in a worse crisis than any,
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it's had in recent memory. and it should be said that haiti knows crises, okay. john handle their life for us from puerto prince john thanking the 8th annual a palestinian film festival has kicked off in ramallah showcasing more than 60 fiction documentary and short films across the occupied west bank. running until monday palestine cinema days will feature independence and artistic productions as well as rich arab and international stories. well, her abdel, her needs is lie for his own. the red car fits in ramallah. what are, what can we look forward to at this film festival that certainly we can look forward to seeing and actually getting to know better, a palestinian filmmakers. i know some of them have really reached quite high international recognition. for example, the movie does premiering tonight as recently received an award at the vin venice
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film festival and is indeed also nominated for an oscar. now this is a very peculiar kind of organization for it is festival. i'm, you know, did the aim of it is really to put to palestinian movie or on the international landscape. but organizers here really have to go through a lot of hoops to get this done. it couldn't escape to politics, it couldn't escape the occupation. so while you have here, let's say the api center of the festival. well there are 6 other locations where the festival is also ongoing, including garza. and that is simply because palestinians and other areas, those living inside of israel or dose living in gaza, could not make their ways here. now, if you speak to filmmakers, they tell you is very important simply because yes, there is talent around. yes,
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there is an idea around, but this is a very small industry. some will tell you it is basically nothing here around. and they have to do it all by themselves. and they're hoping to be able through this kind of event, to not only attract a wider audience, but also a track of those who are in charge of distribution. it's the latest palestinian film to be internationally acclaimed. recently receiving an award at the venice film festival and nominated for an oscar ella that eve or the stranger is the story of a man returning to his village in the occupied golan heights. but after so many years away, he feels like a stranger among his own people. the movie is the brainchild of army of buffalo d. like it's giving voice to the voiceless at some point and thinks a spotlight on this area. i'm a syrian m director from the golden heights. but for me be,
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i'm also palestinian in this case because this is like my home as well. i am a, we are an extension to the, to the palestinian case and took to the best place to me and feeling, making a move in palestine is not easy. it took me of 7 years to put the larry together. there is no sort of talent or ideas. the problem is finding the resources needed and like much of the palestinian economy, most productions rely on international financial support. directors have to rely on co productions, mostly with european companies. but the money comes with conditions. dragoman had some real numbers, part of the funds go back to the europeans because those are the co production conditions. and then there's rental equipment or crews from abroad to pay for. locally, we have real problems. we don't have an industry, every films, personal initiative. you're on your own from conceiving the idea to the final cut
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her the laundry from the high. regardless of these difficulties, filmmakers say it's important to keep on creating movies and present the palestinian narrative to the world. but making way them industry dominated by hollywood blockbusters is difficult, especially when it comes to reaching a wide audience. that's why having a presence on online streaming platforms is a good start may all day has curated a collection of palestinian movies for netflix. the flag really a great opportunity and a good museum to, to have this audience for ballast indian films because we know netflix when they came to the middle east or do they start with then netflix. they funded a lot of israeli funds and it is and this full dance it is. it was a speaking in arabic. so it was a kind of for there really, and it's there and it has a lot of audience. so it's great to have the palestinian narrative there for the
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audience to, to compare and at least to the what, what they like i what they don't like netflix is new collection is tighter. palestinian stories is made up of 32 award winning films that were either directed by palestinian filmmakers or tell palestinian stories. it also makes movie accessible to palestinians themselves. were often restricted in their movies or simply don't have access to a cinema. but for palestinian filmmakers, the dream of seeing their film coming soon in a theatre near you is still far away. without that hamid al jazeera come along, a 4 year old girl has been reunited with her parents almost 3 weeks after she went missing. in the australian outback cleo smith was found by police an unlocked house, almost a 100 kilometers from where she disappeared. she was last seen by her parents and
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a camping trip in a remote western australia and walk in their tents and found their daughter was missing, sparking a nationwide search. a 36 year old man has been arrested. an american artist as using the arts on ceramics to express his views about his minority community. roberto legos work is set to be featured at a major museum in new york. he says he wants to help other artists who might not get the chance to excel in the industry. how did your castro has his story as the mud slides through roberta logos hands, the clay rises to challenge conventions and retail history through a new lens. ceramic has for so long been used by anthropology to tell us about cultures where people were eating or what a party looked like. and i've just felt like my culture community has been absent from that dialog. logo ceramics, feature portraits of american icons of color from abolitionists, harriet tubman,
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to the rapper d m. x. their faces are emblazoned on delicately painted teapots and vases. the luxury items of histories colonizers now vessels to empower those once marginalized . people that have come before me through the civil rights movement, through my parents. all their energy is create an opportunity for me to know how the autonomy to make artwork. google was born to puerto rican parents and raised here in kensington. a philadelphia neighbourhood that struggle with prime and poverty, he had no formal art education growing up by he was surrounded by inspiration. my art history classes took place in the streets, seen graffiti. she mural art, seeing the portraits painted of black historical figures in philly. that was the only type of art that i saw. and so ingrained in my mind as this is what art looks
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like. logo says as a young hispanic, he was type cast by teachers as likely to go to prison. he painted graffiti and worked factory jobs until he enrolled in a survey mix classy and something clicked. you know, i'm not the best potter. i'm not the best painter. i'm not the best portrait artist . i'm not the best rapper. i'm not aggress graffiti artist, but i do all of those things. and the thing that is unique about me is as a collective because those things sound the all actually make sense for the human experience. the fine art world quickly took notice, offering logo international fellowships and shows the metropolitan museum of art in new york. is the latest to display his work? yes ah, but where he feels most accomplished is here and an art fair in his old neighbourhood, turning heads and teaching, whoever passes that they too can defy expectations, holding someone's hands and teaching them how to make a path for the 1st time is,
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is a magic way with just showing to them exist in the vic and create something i think that that complicates even their own narratives of possibility. so hard, luego says this is his greatest work of all opening young i guiding fresh fingers to create new possibilities and to reach to the past. with pride, heidi joe castro, al jazeera philadelphia in southwest and columbia at least 11 people have been killed after several homes collapsed under a landslide. landslide followed heavy rain in the marina region. rescue teams of pulled dozens of people out of the rubble, but many remain unaccounted for. operations were suspended on wednesday morning because of the danger of war, landslides still had here on al jazeera, got the sport for you, and it was a nice, a massive head says the world series came to an end. that story,
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and we're coming up after the break. ah a
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whole ah. a time to the sport here. sorry thanks. hello, hello will endure is still alive in crickets t 10 t world a comp. these rush just kinda fun by 66 runs to in their 1st match in the tournaments earlier. new zealand secured as 16 run victory over scotland. martin got so smashed $76.00 is but just missed out on the century. now they have full
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points from 3 games when the final to group game will guarantee them is false. in the last for scotland, i've been knocked out every chain ready and i see they're flying high. the moment i'm in the always part of the big challenge. i call them today, we have never played another movie for so you know, they're going to be a different challenge to us and we're gonna start last so every team has different challenges and match one is in a change or other line up. so it's going to be tough, couple of lines coming up filler manager and i emory is turned down the job as the next manager of premier league slide newcastle, saying he'd rather stay in spain for me. also in p s g pos was top contender to replace steve bruce who was stacked from the club shortly after it was taken over by a sound g banks, consulting. the spaniard, who's been villareal since last year says he was grateful for the offer, but a 100 percent committed to staying the legal fine living on christiana. and although rescued much the united from the brink of the feed to them champions,
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we on choose day off for falling wall know behind us atlanta, the sky saw, rounded off a great move to get the red devils level just before half time. and with united down again in the dying minutes, he produced some more magic to save his team's c. 2 is the final school, which means united talk group f. he does provide those moments and, and i'm sure chicago bulls didn't mind having michael jordan either. so, you know, sometimes teams have they have the plays they have and that's why they are at money united. and that's why they are champions at chicago, chicago bulls, you just come up with those moments by me, you know, have their spots in last 16, the german, 500 benefitiq of 52, and robot ones. ascii was the start of the show by and number 9, jesse himself, a hattrick, new toner manager. antonio conte wants to restore stability to the north london club. the italian takes over from new york city to santa,
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who was just full month into the job. was supposed languishing in mid table in the english premier league. my country philosophy is very simple to play with football and attractive, portable for our fans with passion. to have a team stable. not up and down. i think that the fun the server to to have a team competitive with their will to fight for me the new challenge, his tottenham, i want that to become an important part of my career. the other manager, the stadium. they're turning round on the 4th, the club and, and the lady one can me strongly, i think. and it is because of a 20, i don't know to accept to become the manager and the atlanta braves of one major league baseball. as wild theories, i got the job done at the home of the houston astros in epic fashion found malik,
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how's the late faction? oh, it's been 26 years in the making. but the atlanta braves, the world series champions, once again. and they captured the title in style by destroying the houston astros on the road in game 6. or if the leg getting the scoring going with a 3 run. homer atlanta gave up a for nothing lead and choked in game 5. this time however, they were ruthless dan's be swanson's massive hit was testament to just that. asked rose fans could hardly believe what had hit them when perch ready. freeman also got in on the home run action, by which point the celebrations were almost in full swing. and when the title clenching moment came, the brave didn't hold back at
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to learn to winning the world series with an emphatic 7, nothing demolition. i'm still numb so i really don't have emotions. i'm just kind of turn tell you guys things of how i feel because i don't really show anything yet . so. um it's gonna hit hard and soon surreal. ah, i spent the whole game now let myself special. we scored rounds, not let myself get ahead of things, because no one how quickly things can change. i'm not sure. it's really, really good. brave fans will hope they won't have to wait another 26 years. to enjoy. seems like this once again to well malik al jazeera on that, sorry, a spot for now, but i'll be back later. thank you very much,
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sarah will answer for me on the team and do hon gonna hand you overnight? so lauren taylor stunning buffy a month and i ah care about the pacific island nation, rapidly falling victim to rising sea levels. and the president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, whom do we appeal to for our people's right to survive in the challenge of planets . but can he secure a theater that he seemed to be stateless people? what is going to happen to us is going to be the fate of paris, winful, witness,
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and analogies in most people will never know what's beyond these doors. the deafening silence of 100000 forms. how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an option, but we're not most people i care about healthy us engaging with the rest of the world. we're really interested in take you in to a place you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there in the country with an abundance of results. great. i really want indonesia whose firms for me we moved full to grow and frank, we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part when the lease is growth and program, invest even easier now. aah! iran says is foiled. a u. s. navy attempt to seize its oil in a sea of am on the u. s. accuses iranian forces of dangerous maneuvers. ah, nora jane, this is al jazeera live from london. was it coming up? every day, more people are suffering and dying. the un reports extreme brutality on both sides of ethiopia as war as tiger i, rebels say they're closing in on the capital. a major blow for you.


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