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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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changing the world we live in without being national aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghan common counting the coast on al jazeera. ah, karen says it has defended a ship from being seized by the us in the sea of oman. yes. accuses radiant forces of dangerous maneuvers at sea. ah ha, i'm helmer, he had seen this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. every day, more people are suffering and dying for you and human rights chief release is a report on ethiopia. is wor, documentary,
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what she describes as extreme brutality as to great rebels take another time. the local us election results that have republican celebrating and president jo biden's, democrats, commiserating, and boys by major climate announcements. leaders heads a home phone call 26, leaving officials to negotiate sticking points like finance. ah, sharon says that house defends it's a vietnamese flag ship from being seized in the sea of oman. it says its revolutionary guard troops boarded the ship on october 24th, saying the tanker was about to be taken by the united states. the us meanwhile, is accusing of ron, the staging, dangerous movers at c will. joining me know in the studio is our iran corresponded
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dorsey jabari door, so just explain. so what's happening here? well, the revolutionary guards have now released this rather elaborate video that clearly has been edited, which shows the elite forces of the revolution guards and naval division. taking over at this oil tanker, there is communication clearly that we hear between the radian naval forces and what appears to be american and naval forces as well. talking to each other, warning one another about being in dangerous territories and that they should go on their own way. they rainy and say that this happened because they believed that their oil was going to be seized by the americans. and now we understand that this is an operation that the iranians carried out because they believed that they had to seize their oil before it was taken. this is not, of course,
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the 1st time that we've seen these kinds of maneuvers by the revolutionary guards happening in this region. the interesting thing now is that this incident happened on october 24th. the ranges have waited until now to release this footage and also the americans have yet they didn't say anything when it happened. they said they haven't. if with acknowledge on their side what took place according to accounts, from sources in the united states, the government are saying that they witnessed this incident taking place at, but they did not interfere with the iranians at the time. you're so anything in the timing here door, so like you see this 3rd supposedly happens on october 24th we're we're to, we can embed on those form. but is there anything in the timing? what kind of messager are people transcends here? well, they radians are marking out november 4th, which is tomorrow, and they call it the national day of fight against arrogance. it is the anniversary
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of the u. s embassy takeover and ron, which happened in november of 97952 american diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days just after the revolution of february, 979. and this is seen as a way of iranian media, iranian government and officials trying to mark that occasion to show their strength. of course, when we look at this footage closely, we see that it's been edited. it's narrated with foresee script indicating which ships belong to whom, and what is actually taking place as the video progresses. so, and there's music late over. it's very, very well choreographed, as we've seen in the past, from the revolutionary garden media department. so this is seen as a very interesting timing for the readings to release this video. and this news now clearly being sent a message to the americans that they believe to be the stronger force in the region . and that they are not scared or frightened by the u. s. presence in the c o one
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as well as in this rate of hormones. ok, dosa, jabari. they're talking to those developments. thank you. door civil, keep a close eye on that for you know, the un has found evidence that all sides and ethiopia as t gray region, conflicts have violated international human rights. and some may, a might to war crimes and crimes against humanity and human rights. she said, the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. priyanka group reports these mas graves in my car, draw in northern if he appear on earth, what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the t great conflict, a joint. if you piano, you and human rights investigation says rebels, some t guy killed more than 200 ethnic. i'm her us here in november last year. the conflict has now expanded will be on t grey, its neighboring, i'm horror and of our regions. and it's been devastating for civilians.
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the u. n. report found the year long war editor and soldiers who backed, if you'd be a federal army, as well as if you're been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the tiguan conflict have committed violations of international human rights, human italian, and rest you law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if your p s. kaufman has largely welcome to report while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings its promise to set up a task force to investigate the allegations. why rebel cmt grey said the report is flawed. citing the involvement of the fuel been human rights commission. but on the ground, the conflict is intensifying in the capital, addis ababa? there's an air of tense come one year since the start of the conflict. playground
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rebels say they have catch a 2 northern towns on a major highway leading to the capital. somebody guesses it worries me a lot because death, a and compulsion are near addis ababa. they travelled many kilometers to get there . i think they will control addis ababa as well. so that's what i'm young. i will participate in the war in whatever way young people can. i'm planning to head to the front line. prime minister abi ama has urged if you'll pin few night and fight against rebels. you recall what this pit, which is doug very deep, will be where the enemy is buried. not where he p. o, p, a disintegrate. we will bury this enemy without blood and bones and make the glory of ethiopia high up again. do you investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t gray. it does not include any attacks or civil in abuse since then. and now they
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are fears the conflict could worsen putting millions of fuel pins at risk. bianca the i'll 0 us special envoy for the horn of africa will travel to if you appear on thursday. the state department says jeffrey feltman will try to push the government 20 grand rebels into finding a peaceful solution. the u. s. is also urging to grow and forces not to advance towards the southern united states is that it's the israeli spyware from an s n grid, russian software company, and 2 other foreign businesses to cyber activities, blacklist the commerce department says it's in response to their role in developing spyware and trafficking and malicious online tools move limits or access to us components and technology by requiring government permission for exports. results from local votes in the united states could signal trouble for president,
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jo biden's democratic party, had an ex years congressional elections. republican at glen young can pushed the democrats out of the governorship in the state of virginia and in new jersey, democratic governor phil murphy, his face a closer than expected challenge in the states that tends to vote for his party. these results in states that president job binds and one last year suggested democrats, tight majorities, and congress are vulnerable in 2022 long. and fisher jones is now life on washington, d. c, a l. and that clearly, politically, a bad night for joe biden is now back in tain kenny use his influence to push through the 2 big bills he wanted congress to deliver. well he, he landed in washington dc from his foreign trip at the same time as glen young can was making his victory speech in virginia. he will be the new governor there, the state which has voted democratic and got notarial elections in the last 2 voted
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for barack obama and voted also overwhelmingly for joe biden. but he lost the, the democratic candidate, lost a lot of the suburbs around washington, d. c. and did really badly in rural areas, and they will start to pick over the results. they will look at things and say, well, look in virginia, the always vote against whoever is president. that's happened for a long time in new jersey. the will say, look, no democrat has ever won reelection, but you can't put lipstick on a pig to you see the appeal and spare mis phrase. the reality is that this was a bad night for the democrats. it was a bad night for joe biden, and they have to have a serious rethink before we get to the, the mid terms, which are no, just a year away. and very important. if the democrats want to keep a hold of the senate and the house and allen the, it's, and one of the democrats particularly worried about this because so there are those mid term elections next year. no reads either struggling to get things done. no. is
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there a wider fear that said there's trouble ahead? well, joe biden was hoping that when he came back from his foreign trip, it walk into the resolute desk in the oval office this morning. and there be 2 bills there ready for him to sign the infrastructure bill and the much larger spending bill. and of course neither of my there and fight. neither them look close to avoid. nancy pelosi said maybe maybe some moves before the end of wednesday. possibly a vote on thursday, but that's not moving things forward. in fact, your mansion who is one of the democratic senators has been holding up progress in the senate, has said we could possibly get a bill done by thanksgiving. no. the one thing on jo biden's in advantage is that getting something done by thanksgiving actually wouldn't be by. they would still give them a year to say, look, we've made a difference. this is helping americans, and we're doing a really good job isn't a great in of delivered on these promises. but the problem is, the longer it takes,
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the more there are stories about democratic and fighting. and that means you start to lose independent voters. and what were independent voters very important in the results that we saw in new jersey and also in virginia. so essentially, the democrats really need to get their act together. and joe biden, as leader of the party, and his president is the man that really needs to grab them and shake them. he can't just go on to the hell and say, i really want these votes and then walk away. he's got to be much more strict with his own party, with both flanks of the party. both the progressives and the moderates, and say, get this done, get it done. no, they're hoping to have all done so that they could help the results in virginia and new jersey. they failed. they can't fail again. they need to get this if they want success going forward from here. okay. alan fischer. there johnny his lie from washington. d. c. allen, and i thank you very much and dates in the news a heads the way it was handled was plainly as done in the back
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tampa center. and camber accuse is a stray of the seats and a simmering disputes of a canceled submarine deal. thus, why these electricity workers ins for lanka are angry about a deal strong with the united states. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored play cattle airways. hello, we got something of a change in the forecast for beijing over the next couple days is fine and dry at the moment, as is the case across a good part of china. high pressure in charge. so keeping it settled and sunny overnight. mr. folk, a problem at present having said that, we are going to see some showers coming in to southern parts of china's and longer
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spouse if right in the shower. really prepping up as we go on into a friday, could see some localized flooding easing i, which was at east side of the country. little more the way of cloud, also pushing up across northern parts of china by the state, beijing, around 18. so she is on friday to make the most of it because as we go on through the weekend, it will cool down rain coming in here light initially as we go on through our sat day by the end of the week. and we are struggling to get above freezing, so you can see that re grassy tourney to snow. big tate coming in for you. then we are liking it, scattering a showers across southeast asia. as per usual philippines, see some lively showers, heavy showers, western parts of bornea. he's in the way to some parts of sumatra, moore, he be showers, continue across southern parts of india. we have warnings in force. her round factor southwestern corner of india into a corolla looking at that wet weather, making his way right up the western gets through friday for the weather.
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sponsored by katara, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. right? aren't want indonesia, his firms. for me, we move full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when the this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah, this is out a 0 quick reminder of our top stories. this. our iran says it has defended
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a vietnamese flight shift from being seized in the sea of oman. it says revolutionary guard troops ordered the ship late last month because the tanker was about to be taken. volley, b u. s. american defense officials of accused yvonne of staging, danger seemed movers during the incidence you and has found evidence that all sides and ethiopians, t gray conflicts have violated human rights and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. this report says the conflict of sin, extreme with tallahassee and the u. s. is added, the israelis far were firm and a so group, a russian software company and 2 other foreign businesses, $0.02 to list for threatening of cyber activities. move restricts their ability to access american products. gunmen have attacked the capital of safe keeping province in the democratic republic of congo, killing 3 security forces personnel
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having fighting bouquets in the early ours and continued throughout the day on wednesday. officials say a previously unknown ons group target had several police stations, and an armory, 6 attackers were killed and 36 others were captured as an upbeat mood after leaders reach to landmark climate deals at the cop 26 summit and glasgow. they include agreements to reverse deforestation and cuts methane emissions by the end of the decades liters of flu, not leaving officials to our night sticking points like finance. how wealthy or countries are going to help others adapt to climate change? move to renewable energy the united states also, when tends to fully support the climate investment funds. capital mark gets
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mechanism through an innovating innovative, leveraging structure. this initiative will help attract significant new private climate finance and provide $500000000.00 per year for the clean technology phone's programming. that includes the new accelerating coal transition investment program. but i put magic, had to sir james bays has more from glasgow. its finance say here and the words all sound very promising. indeed. richey soon as the u. k. finance minister talking about rewarding the global economy, saying that london will be a test case. the net 0 financial capital is the aim and we will so heard from janet yet in the us treasury secretary, calling for a wholesale transformation of the carbon intensive economy, saying that has to happen now. we're not preparing for future generations. the
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climate crisis is with us right now, but i can tell you some developing countries are a little skeptical that those very strong words are going to be matched by action. because they've heard all of these words before. they've heard words, for example, back in paris, and particularly the commitment of a $100000000000.00 every year from the developing developed countries to the developing world. that was commitment 1st made in 2009. it was supposed to stop that annual payment in 2020 and it hasn't happened now. they're talking about 2023 . and i think that tension between the developing and develop world is one of those tensions that you will have below the surface. now, as this conference moves to a slightly different phase, the leaders have done that bit. they've started events, they've given it a boost at the beginning. now it's the hard, detailed technical negotiations that are going go go on in all of the many meeting rooms with the many thousands of people that are here comp. and then by the end of
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next week, that's well when will know whether those negotiations are born through and i suspect get near near the end to give them another extra push. you're going to see . many of those leaders flowing back in the world health organization is approved. india's co vaccinate vaccine for emergency use is produced by about bio tank within 10 percent of vaccinated. indians have taken the kovacs and jab, w h o approval means they're not elation the games cove at 19 is more likely to be in other countries. poland has reported one in 10 thousands. you covered 19 cases as infections. spike is the highest number of daily infections since the late april its health ministries considering tighter restrictions of the daily figures stays above 7, thousands infections are on the rise. 2 in the netherlands, prompting the reintroduction of face mosques. the government is also expanding use
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of a corona pass showing proof of a cove with 19 vaccination or a negative test. it will not be needed to enter public places like museums, and jim's charity. say the grown of ours pandemic has led to a rise in child. marriage is globally parts of malawi. the number has nearly doubled, but there, it's not just the pandemic to blame as harrow ma tasa reports from one god she. when the sun rises over lake maloney africa's 3rd largest lake, it usually means early morning chores have to be done out here washing dishes and doing the laundry is generally a job for young women and girls. when they finish, some of them will hit to school. but she, sally, i t juma says every year, many girls drop out and become victims of early marriage locked on measures to prevent the spread. of course, the 19 in her community didn't help. zona, amount in them in either the children had nothing to do,
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are her some got pregnant and got married. usually one girls missed school, the teacher sell us and we found that why, but when the schools closed, it was hard to keep a check on them. now the schools have opened, we see that some girls aren't in cross community leaders managed to persuade these teen mothers to go back to school. one girl says she wants to become a journalist, the others nurses. i already am a move at 1st. my husband didn't want me to leave him in. he ordered me to stay. when the police got involved, he got scared. and let me go. now he has found another wife from the community. even before the pandemic, malone, we had one of the highest rates of early child and teenage pregnancy in the world. one out of 2 girls are gearing married before their age of 18. then it definitely ease the problem recently, almost like a half of the women population, which is 51 percent of the mallory torture population is becoming
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a dropping out of school. number one. and secondly, becoming a mother before age over the 18 teacher said, rising poverty could force more girls are to school and into early marriages, especially varies. they also take, but in those marriages, because they gotta do their children who get molly saw that the, the gun have something to any from those men, malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. most of his budget comes from foreign aid. jobs are hard to find. the only real option out here is farming and there isn't enough work for every one. some young people would try to get to south africa to find what they for those a con, do that getting married seems to be the only option. the law in malawi forbids marriage for both boys and girls under 18, but without proper enforcement, it still happens. had him attached out to sarah ma, gotti,
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maloney they tell him christie workers ins for lanka on protesting against a power deal between the governments and the u. s. company unions are threatening strikes and powers disruptions. if the agreement isn't scrapped now, fernandez has more from colombo, a threat to the country and its energy sector is how state electricity workers are describing a deal to sell 40 percent of a state on $300.00 megawatt power plant, inter lanka. hundreds of employees have demonstrated outside the headquarters of the salon electricity board. on 20 for september, the government and an american company promoted by the us ambassador in colombo, announced reaching a sales agreement. it covered the purchase of this power plant construction of a gas storage terminal. and a monopoly of gas applies to all plants using liquefied natural gas. this bill is not good for you. oh no,
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say john. he be not good for the pantry. we're going to say that he's been in am, i was last for the pantry. and also this is the 1st time that we see that that unfortunate proposal being entered and by the government written in ongoing kinda is in progress. unions won't the deals scrap and said they will ensure this is done . on tuesday union representatives filed a petition at the supreme court, challenging the deal. we will take that into account, the imaging order tended to any country. so an open process in keeping with accepted international norms. if sure, lanka doesn't have the money, but be transparent. the union said has been no transparency about the deal with even cabinet ministers. still unaware of its details. one and a half months later, this was made clear when 11 governing alliance partners made scathing remarks against those behind the deal. you see my father, i know there was no discussion at all, don't lie. it was brought surreptitiously by force. we will not tolerate and watch
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these things happen. we will not accept it. ignoring our conscience, just hold on to ministerial posts. people of this country did not give president god to buy a raj, a box, or the mandate, and trust him for someone to steal our power fill axiom. bellagio has worked in the energy sector for more than 35 years. we asked him about the implications of the deal. i would ask everybody to exercise extreme caution, extreme caution one because this was, as the media says, it is around solicitor proposal. we should also not forget that the electricity act of the law in the country sees electricity should be procured on a company to do business. electricity should be procured on a committee mercy. so therefore that means the fruit should be procured unaccompanied. your basis symbol up here says the take or p terms where she lanka is locked into accepting a fixed amount of gas regardless of how much it needs is not good and even
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dangerous. she lumpkins are hoping it's not too late to ensure the deal is in the country's best interests, but more pressing is avoiding power outages that be plunged the country into darkness. men of fernandez are 0, colombo, the u. s. supreme court has hearing a case that questions the legality of restrictions on concealed weapons in new york state. currently, people who want to carry a gun must prove that they have a special needs to defend themselves. york's gun lobby says the law is unconstitutional. the diplomatic for life continues between france and australia after a failed, multi $1000000000.00 submarine due. the french ambassadors, history alia, has accused camera of intentional defeats when it cancelled their agreements. prime minister scott morrison has denied lying about his intentions. sarah clark reports,
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we are the 1st, it was the french president taking his swipe, but he is struggling prime minister over his decision to suddenly scrap a $60000000000.00 contract to build nuclear submarines. now it's the french ambassador to australia lining up with the next round of accusations. the seat was intentional. and because there was far more to take, then providing submarines. the way it was ended was plainly as that in the back france had an agreement to build conventionally power submarines for 3 years. navy . in september, the united states and great britain announced their own deal with a strata. that surprised announcement triggered an angry diplomatic exchange. the french ambassador in camber records to paris. now back in australia, he accused scott morrison of putting political interests ahead of astrology, diplomatic relationship. it says the leak of a private exchange with the french president represents anew load,
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sees an unprecedented new low in terms of our to proceed in those so in terms of truce and trust, you don't be a luxurious on personal exchanges. of leaders were life diplomatic. tensions were on full display at this week's climate summit in glasgow . but scott morrison defended his actions. guiding the scrubbing a sub steel with france was a strategies national interests not his own. i'm not going to cough fledging at a strider. i'm not going to call that on behalf of the strident i can do with whatever people try with me, but astride it has a proud record when it comes to our defense capability. that's why we were building these mobile building. i was this diplomatic stash has redefined the bilateral
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relationship between these 2 countries. france has scott parsons behavior, and the scrapping of his contract doesn't just affect this alliance, but has far reaching consequences for other countries considering future partnerships with strayer, france says it wants a concrete effort made by struggle efforts to get the relationship back on track. but neither side showing any sign of backing down that could take time here or clock out to 0. queensland, australia, ah, this is our 0. these are the headlines around says it has defended vietnamese flagship from being phased in the sea of oman. it says revolutionary guard troops border.


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