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the struggle of don't believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to call. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on how to 0. ah, all tardies to the t great concrete have committed violations of international human rights, humanitarian and griff g law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. you ad report says all sides involved in the fighting in ethiopia . have committed violations which may prove to be walker. i can vanelle this is al jazeera live from dover, also coming up after agreeing to cuts in methane emissions. world leaders discuss
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how bel financed the plans needed to slow down climate change. i so says it carried out an attack which killed 19 people and wounded 50 others at cobblins law. just a military hospital. the wage was ended. we plainly as tap into the french ambassador and cambra accuses australia of deceit, of the abrupt cancellation of a multi $1000000000.00 submarine d. ah, the you and i found evidence that all sides. and if you have used to cry conflict have violated international human rights. and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. the un human rights chief said the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. the report says all parties including the ethiopian army to grind forces and the eritrea army even directly attack civilians
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or cause civilian casualties. sabrina's integrity has been subject to brutal violence and suffering. the joint investigation team uncovered numerous violations and abuses including a lawful killings. an exceedingly shall executions, torture, sexual and gender vase violence violations again. so if you tease and force displacement of civilians, the t p are left spokesman, already criticized the un report before it was released. get a true read, tweeted that the report is fraught with a number of problems. the investigation didn't cover all of the heinous crime spots and didn't involve all the stakeholders. he said, he said hardly any effort was made to reach out to the government of tig rye and having the ethiopian human rights commission as a partner is an affront to the notion of impartiality. and the williams is a, is
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a journalist in political commentator. he joins us now from addis ababa. so this report found that all parties committed human rights at, sorry, committed international human rights violations, some of which may amount to war crimes from what was documented by the un. how much of this was, was really a surprise. thank you very much for having me. i think most of the things are investigated independently and it's towards accepting those are reports in my opinion, because are, as you may or may require, the government of utopia has already are indicated that it has found some of its soldiers are now engaged in some kind of ha, violations of humor, right in des, disciplinary measure discipline measures has been taken against us into the drugs found in the army. so on the other side,
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it also shows that it was similar crime. so by the other side, by the t p, a lift site. so i think it does a balance, said report in my opinion, and it's worth looking into it. how. how difficult was it for investigators even for journalists to get access to take wry to investigate these crimes? well, as a journalist, it would be difficult for us to travel towards on because it's very risky. and especially for local journalists, it's not recommended because you would be labeled or either the support her i'll pose or else is one or the other. so you'll be easily become a casually t if you try to. i'm going to was frontier in this circumstance. but the government has opened its door and does some fuel for, in journalists, including cnn,
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now's been reporting, go going to i mckelly and visiting some of those areas. ah, so it's a risky at the same time, but this lots are recommended. in my opinion. the u. n said michel by chalet noted that this investigation was embarked on at the request of, of the ethiopian human rights commission. but even so, she said there was a troubling lack of transparency and said that national authorities of ethiopian government has the responsibility to address the full range of atrocities that were committed. do you think that will be heeded by the federal government? yes, the federal government i think is a willing to or willing to corporate initially. and does that report to reserve it made available when they took that human rights commission, which is an independent organization, has spotted at reserve you in as
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a problem was a know that about the time of the releasing of the report and those we had a real control versus we have been hearing other than that, i don't see as i as the, the government house problem is or having independent investigation on this issue. or i thank you very much for your time under lamps. they say they're a journalist and political commentator a several countries along with the u. s. and the e. you have pledged to cut me thin emissions by me. 30 percent by the end of this decade, president joe biden calls the agreement a game changing commitment. it's the 2nd of 2 major deals at the u. n. climate summit. after more than 100 countries agreed to reverse deforestation by 2030. a diplomatic editor james base reports from glasgow. this is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. humans have for centuries raised at the world's forests,
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which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide bots, an agreement cop $26.00 if the words are matched by action could be a breakthrough. more than the 100 nations have pledged to reverse deforestation by 20347, potential to reduce, reduce carbon globally by more than one 3rd by more than one 3rd. so we need to approach this issue with the same seriousness of purpose as d carbon eyes in our economies fraud, ellsworth, so importance. but i, me, another leader, the president of brazil, the country with half the planets. tropical forest jebel sanara also supported the initiative in a video statement, even though act of his say, the destruction his sword during his term. in addition to the announcement on forest, another important development, a new initiative to cut methane levels, again signed by over
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a 100 countries. by the year 2030 methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, but it's 80 times more potent in warming. the earth, despite some positive developments, there is still war, is about a lack of ambition from those gathered here. frankly speaking, there is no dignity to a slow and painful death. you might, as obama island, instead of making us suffer only to witness our slow and fateful demise. leaders of the g. 20. we are drowning. and our only hope is the life ring you are holding. that theme of the western nations not doing enough was again reflected when representatives from more than 20 african countries called for more support for the continent. the un secretary general antonio good terrace, has warned. the divisions between the developed and developing world could completely derail this vital summit. james bay's al jazeera glasgow.
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one of the countries on the front lines of climate change is indonesia. its president says his country can reach its goals on time, only if wealthy nations increase financial support. ciocca window is one of the signature. he's committing to ending deforestation by 2030. he also says indonesia might be able to reach its very goal earlier than 2060 if rich countries pay what the promised in climate finance. jessica washington has more from indonesia, capital to carter in terms of indonesia is progress on stopping deforestation. it is rather a mixed bag, the government is quite optimistic that things are heading in the right direction and pointed to recent data, which indicates that in 2020 entities is deforestation range fell by 75 percent to its lowest ever since they started monitoring those because in the 19th, but environmental groups will say that, well, it's really not that clear college. and in fact, they will point to some factors which may have led to that drop in deforestation
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rates in 2020. but they do also have concerns that it's not so much a reduction in deforestation as a whole, but rather a shifting of the problem from areas such as cali mountain and to monitor where they have been long standing problems in terms of deforestation. to eastern indonesia. what, what is rather unclear is how this pledge will affect the ongoing commitments that the government has already made in terms of infrastructure projects. we know that the government is came to develop what it calls a food state which would involve the conversion of millions of pictures of land into farm land. and some of that includes forested areas in pump. and it's for that reason that environmental groups in indonesia say that eastern indonesia pump was specifically is the last frontier. if we're talking about this fight against deforestation, i feel has claimed responsibility for the attack on the africa and capitals, largest military hospital that these 900 people were killed and another 50 injured
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explosion and cobble on tuesday among both killed was the commander of the taliban special forces who was also in charge of the city security, shanell, bells or balls. oh, when a cool consensual cobble and telephone security forces run towards the size of an explosion, smoke leads them towards donald han military hospital, across the road from the now abandoned us embassy. one device was decent, aged at the hospital entrance, allowing attackers to move in. 20 minutes later, sick and exploded inside the compound with this man, films, from inside the hospital repeating, god have mercy on us. as he watches the attack, take place people shelter where they can is fire from the explosions. burn and gunman move between buildings. dozens of others managed to reach the back of the hospital, compound watchtowers, insecurity, wolves that were meant to keep them safe in size. now the biggest obstacle to
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escape above afghani was helicopters, circles flown by pilots from the previous government were now part of the telephone's defense hello. responded by sending the special forces through the site of the attack after the 1st explosion of created quite a large cord and around with the tech has taken places spread. it gum far has continues throughout the afternoon, so could have much of that with 2 explosions and 6 attackers, all of them were killed. one of the security forces of the tunnel banner in the area and our special bad your unit here who have very quick in their opperation. the whole area is now under our control the taliban, nor houses secure the military hospital because they know its weaknesses. they attempt at themselves 10 years ago. i suffices also targeted the hospital in 2017. then they dressed his doctors to evade security. more than 100 people were killed and injured. i saw his challenge,
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the tele bonds hold on security since it came to power in august. the group is carried out for major bombings and killed hundreds of civilians. the worst was cavalier port. tens of thousands of people evacuated. the last, foreign military forces withdrew. the main thing that people really much need and one from taliban was the grip over the security. and the last, if they lose that grip, if, if the end security increases, i think it will somehow a discrete taliban is present in the power to tell a bond, his dom played the rate of isolate the group is getting harder to ignore telephone casualties and mounting as i saw targets its members, particularly in eastern provinces, still in kabul taliban members respond like the previous government would have just a few months ago. the set up a large coolant to protect the public. special forces in
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a cover are deployed intelligence units, gather evidence that people here are hoping for more stop to attacks altogether. charlotte bellis al jazeera campbell still had announced there. i'm john andrew in port a praise we're fuel. his hairs in the games are hijacking truck. fishing in troubled wars, is the seafood industry phase. what's next on the menu, despite the french government backing down with hello, the seasonal rains doing quite nicely now across southeast asia, some heavier burst dufrane, just around borneo around st. marcher, $82.00 millimeters, frank in 24 hours to cook on values for this time of the year. and we'll see more heavy showers there as we go on through the next couple of days. so thursday, the,
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the heaviest rain through the western sort of, borneo easing over towards some archer java saying some heavy burst dufrane as well . moscow is there into the philippines. not quite so bad there. across the indo china, but the shower is never ready to far away. and southern parts of vietnam could see some heavy burst of rain as we go one through friday. a process of selling australia of sandy see some heavy burst of rain recently was seen some flooding into parts of a new south wales is this bank of cloud has made its way through next system starting to not its way and more lively storms coming in here. over the next 24 hours, more rainfall than through new south wales. heading towards that east inside of new south wales. as we go on through thursday, tried to weather does come back in behind. you can see there is more writing the forecast. so western australia will see some showers long spells to fright through thursday, going on into friday, easing a little further eastwards and noticed by friday turning wet. the sydney ah. the
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end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now, ah ah,
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watching out his era reminder of our top stories, this are more than 100 countries adjoining the u. s. and the e. u to cut methane emissions by 30 percent by the end of this decade. it's the 2nd big commitment from the u. s. climate summit in glasgow on for pact to end deforestation. by 2030, i saw says it was behind tuesday's attack on afghanistan's biggest military hospital in cobble that these 900 people during the commander of the taliban special forces were killed. the un has found evidence that all sides and ethiopians to great conflict have violated international human rights. some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity is rewards. as the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality civilians who degree has been subjected to brutal violence and suffering. the joint investigation team uncovered numerous violations and abuses including a lawful killings, an exceedingly short executions, torture,
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sexual and gender waste boilers. bo lucius again, so if you tease unforced displacement of civilians as go live now, who samuel get at you? who's in our isabella, samuel? i mean, these are startling findings. was any of this? no, and before we heard from the un you know, those so class fortunate enough to travel outside of the suburb are we've been hearing this kind of allegations all over and i'm and far and this report just highlights or a close what we've been hearing from since the beginning of this begun a year ago. okay. michelle bosh lay all encourage national authorities to take responsibility to address the full range of atrocities, regardless of, of who they were committed by. do you think there will be true accountability? well, if you're open government co sign this report, it's the,
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it's open human rights commission. i was working with the un to for this for to because i think there's an interest to investigate or address more. but again, it's an overwhelming negation and fox finding that i don't think there's enough resources to the event, get to a few of this because it's just overwhelming given to go so far, watching it from a distance. it's not overwhelming yet. or even before this report was released, there was criticism about the difficulty in getting access to a lot of these places to carry out this investigation. tell me a bit about your experience as a journalist there and getting access to try and verify some of these atrocities which as you said, have been known about for some time. i've been able to travel to tomorrow, my car drop and try different towns and villages into great. i'm one of the few
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fortunate travel reports from those towns and villages. but there are many, many media outlets that have been prevented from going there. but again, negation is worse, back and forth, was preventing a feel from governmental and that, that has been an open debate among my colleagues and money. again, allegations of this sort has been going on for, for a year. and we have just been overwhelmed. know, being able to voice the, i mean, the voice of the voiceless, which what we're supposed to do. but many of us have been stuck and decide about not being able to travel in before, especially in the last few weeks. now it's a difficult situation. thank you. very much for your time, so i will get you there in the sum of all the diplomatic fallout continues between france and destroyer. after failed multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. the french ambassador to
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a stranger has accused cambra of intentional deceit when it cancelled their agreement. australia signed up to a security packed with the u. s. m. u k. instead under that the illustrator will get it 1st, nuclear power submarines. i'm going to scott morrison has denied lying about his intentions. so the seat was intentional. and because there was far more at stake than providing submarines because it was a common agreement on sovereignty. sealed with a transmission of highly classified the way it was ended was plainly as tab in the back palestinians fighting against forced eviction, shakera and neighbourhood, and occupied eastern for them have rejected. the compromise put forward by israel supreme court proposed the families be allowed to stay in their homes for 15 years, but it also recognized the jewish federal organization as the owners of the land. perry force it has more from occupied east jerusalem. the families of shakes,
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jerome had been given a months to consider a compromise deal on their fate. on tuesday they returned the decision. no, i heard you was that how you said that we rejected the proposal, body israeli supreme court, which would have rendered us protected tenants at the mercy of settle organizations . we stem firm and our refusal to compromise on our rights. the homes were awarded to palestinian refugee families under jordanian rule in 1900 fifties. but a jewish settler organization claims it has ownership rights over the land. a claim endorsed by israeli court rulings rather than issue a final verdict. the supreme court had wanted the families to accept protected tenancy status for up to 3 generations. while they continued to make their own ownership case. some saw it as worthy at least of consideration. the final decision is to fight on in a case that's become emblematic of the palestinian struggle to nominate money. we hope that everyone who supported us for the beginning will keep doing so,
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so that we don't end up on the street. and if the court rules that we will be evicted the several weeks in april and may this year, it felt as though the small neighborhood was the epicenter of the palestinian israeli complex. the case was one of the triggers for the round of how much rocket fire that marked the start of this year's garza war. legal experts say that the fact that the court was pushing this deal so hard is the signal that it's aware that a final verdict is likely to go against the palestinian families. and such a final decision is one that would come with huge political sensitivity. the question now if such a verdict comes down, would it be enforced but is really government under significant us pressure to leave the families in their homes. inevitably, there will be a coalition crisis that will be a change in government, or there will be a terror attacked with double digit casualties in which the blood lust of certain elementary israeli society will soar and they will be evicted.
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israel's legal and political establishment had been keen to turn the temperature down and shake euro, at least for a while. instead, it may be about to start heating up again. harris will sit al jazeera, occupied east, jerusalem. the u. s. is given a final approval to pfizer covered 19 vaccine for children from the ages. 5 to 11 president joe biden has called the move a turning point in the fight against the virus. the food and drug administration has already said that the shot is safe for that age group. a smaller dose than normal was recommended. now official that the cdc has given a green light for it to be administered to 28000000 youngsters. and masks are being re introduced in the netherlands, softer arise, and corona, virus infections. the government is also expanding the use of a corona pulse, so improved for the cove at 19 vaccination or a negative test. and now we needed to enter many public places like museums and jims. infections have been rising since most social distancing measures were
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dropped in late september fuel trucks, drivers in hays. he are considering further strike action of to several workers kidnapped by armed gangs this week. union is insisting on the release, but a strike is likely to work in a fuel crisis that has brought much of the country to a standstill. on hanjin has more from puerto prince idled lines of cars snake through haiti's, capital drivers biding their time till the pumps come to life without fuel. the porter prince economy is, is motionless, is the cues of vehicles as police protect the tanks in the haitian heat. ah, frustrations run high with door to door to door to work, but return. there is nothing. widow, what of anything to do then it is about going to wander, pierre, who drives a taxi?
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locals called a tap, tap his waited 3 days. yeah. about i fight wick out. some one was beat up monday. i am still here. this is where i slip. i can't get fuel, i can't do anything. i can't work. i haven't it in the money and my pocket is only for gas. the fuel crisis that his paralyzed, the western hemispheres poorest nation, follows a political crisis after the assassination of the nation's last president and an earthquake that killed 2000 people earlier this year. fuel is slowly starting to trickle into florida prints when the lines are along and it runs out fast. when that happens, drivers, you have to wait for the next shipment, hoping it won't be hijacked by gang. over the past several days, a number of trucks have been commandeer, the drivers had been kidnapped, and what fuel the gangs don't use for themselves. they sell on the black market. the lack of diesel fuel that powers hospitals throughout the country,
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leave some in the dark with no lights when and at this hospital try to wait until daylight to give birth. as tanks across the nation, sit empty. upward framing dis has the end. we just mid few, we don't need violence. god. despite government promises, the fuel shortage shows no sign of improving, leaving many to wonder how much worse the situation in haiti can get. ha, john henderson, al jazeera, puerto prince france appears to have backed off from sparking a full blown trade war with the u. k. about fishing rides. in suspending a series of sanctions that were due to take effect this week. as the 2 nations prepared to meet in the next few days, boss says alexia bryan reports from northern france. many in the industry are struggling with the uncertainty mid morning and bill on you sir mer, and the fishing boats returned with their catch. but for many,
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it's smaller than usual. yes. would you please our chip fish ward lives, but we have to put up with this. we don't have any choice for the past. and once we have not been able to make a living, get all wasn't given a license to fish in british waters, even though he says he's been working in them for years. his boat didn't have the required tracking equipment to prove that. and the paperwork he provided was rejected. french officials are infuriated saying dozens of vessels weren't given the licenses expected by british authorities. president emmanuel crohn threatened a series of sanctions if the dispute wasn't resolved. but hours before a deadline he sit, he held off, negotiations are continuing. some here are frustrated by that decision saying france should have been more aggressive. others believe the measures could have backfired, real good on it. will that fishing here is often a family affair, and patience is wearing thin passmore, as i'm honestly,
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i don't understand them to give me a license, but i don't go often to their withers. i would've prefer them to give it to my brother who actually spent 80 percent of his time. there. it's means i have the right to it, but my brother doesn't. it's estimated psalm and frances biggest fishing port. i've lost half of their income. you sum up why mo, we're at a dead end in relation to fish. we've been living with this uncertainty for years. while the british decided to stay in or leave the european union solutions need to be found and they need to stop playing with the economy. and the lives of those who work in the fishing industry, the u. k. denies, it's acted unfairly. it's welcomed frances move to pause sanctions calling it a major de escalation. the you case breaks it minister, david frost, to set to travel to paris on thursday for more talks rubashaw. i think i hope that people will be smart enough to find an agreement. we are depending on the politicians. we have nothing left to do by the way, one,
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but it has already been on 10 months, and it's a lot of fishing, makes up less than one percent of either country's economy. but for this community, it's vital, and they need answers soon, alexia bryan, al jazeera bologna, so near northern france. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the u. n. has found evidence that all sides and ethiopia is to grow, conflicts have violated international human rights, in some cases amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it's reports as the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. well the more you deal with the violations documented between november 2020 and june 2021 appeared to.


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