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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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it seemed good punched its 1st title and 26 years with a 7 nil victory over the houston. astros at was in total of 4 to win, and the best of 7 championship hon runs by jorge sala and dansby swanson brought atlanta. the title with sa, also named the series most valuable player. ah, let's get you caught up on the headlines now. 2 major agreements at the cop $26.00 summit leaders of agreed to capture emissions of the wealth. second most pollutant gas methane by 30 percent by the 2030 and to reverse deforestation. by the same time together, we're committed to collectively reduce our methane by 30 percent by 2030. and i think we could probably go beyond that. we just announced this package of the general assembly and back of september. at the time was mentioned 9 country
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shad signed on to day. it's over 80 to approaching a 100 countries that are signed in on. another headlines, the french ambassador to australia, has accused it of acting with intentional deceit when it cancelled a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal is led to weeks of diplomatic tension. australian gave up a deal with france with billions of dollars after making a security packed with the us in the u. k. under that deal, australia will get its 1st nuclear power submarines. australian prime minister scott morrison though denies lying about his intentions in ethiopia, the governments declared a state of emergency after a sharp escalation and fighting in the north. rebels have taken to key towns on the roads to the capital, addis ababa, though that is disputed by the federal government. you as president joe biden is spending ethiopia from the key trade perkins in sudan, the main opposition leader says the deposed prime minister could actually return to form a new government meaning. and now we have meetings with the dog who remained under
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house arrest and to thousands of people have been demonstrating, meanwhile, against the military take over the international community also urging general up to father of the hand to restore the civilian government. i still have said it is behind the killing of 19 people in an attack on cobbled largest military hospital among those killed in that attack and got to stand with the commander of the taliban special forces. it was also in charge of cobbles, secure to and the u. s. is given final approval, 2 phases, corona virus vaccine for children. the sta, the food and drug administration has already said the shot is safe for children aged between $5.11. now, officials at the cdc, the center for disease control, given us green light for it to be administered to 28000000 youngsters. once again, you are up to date with the headlines on al jazeera, the listening post is next question the narrative. identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested
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in profit. the listening pays the key constructs the media on al jazeera. i mentioned i get a wanted chat. let's still okay. a shadow. com is that a slide by the mom? oh jesus with a lauren richard ginsberg and you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news. we cover the way the news is covered. here are the media stories we're examining this week. his name is carr, he's as big as they come in the indian film industry. we look at the drug bust that tells a story of the conflict between the authorities there and bollywood facebook and the continuing fall out from that whistleblower. a consortium of news outlets is now on the company's case here, at se alarm for the hot line in the mediterranean,
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that refugees are using to get their stories out. and just scroll, you scroll, we all school. what's it going to take to get us off our phone? on paper, it looked like a routine drug bust, a group of 20 somethings, partying on a cruise ship off the coast of moon, by charged with possession and trafficking. it was anything but routine among those arrested was audience con, the son of one of india's and the world's biggest movie stars. shuttle con, the circumstances suggest this case was never just about the sun or the narcotics allegedly involved. the authorities appear to be going after his father, who was muslim and belongs to a film industry bollywood who secular and liberal output conflicts with the ruling b, j. p. parties, hindu nationalist, ideology, known as hindus,
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fuck aware of the film industry sway on the masses. some say that the government has taken a 2 track approach on one hand prime minister neurons ramadi, makes nice with some of bollywood biggest stars on the other. his government's anti drug squads target the film industry, sending a message. our starting point this week is one by a drug bust, a legend on a cruise ship off the coast of moon, by among the 8 young people taken into custody. audion con, the son of one of india's and the world's biggest movie star. shut up company who happens to be a most accurate seni up the one game. but duncan, on me, is booted drugs. it gives me an air your body, but it is a salacious story. custom made for indian news channels that are selves addicted to volleyball, volleyball guy can dom expose, which i got, and the celebrity driven stories. it provides the driver. the details are merck and
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there's a larger pattern playing. the indian authorities are targeting bodies and what the film industry has come to represent the spin thompson the gave almost make it seem like, you know, a trailer in which one new episode is and forwarding every single day. one finds that there is more transparency in the way the case is being dr. that is why one is wondering whether there is more to it than meets the eye. many commentators of argued that it's shallow con, who's the target of this case. but i would say that it's actually the hindi film industry or bollywood that has been targeted over the last several years by b j. p. politicians and their allied him the nationalist group. so what i think the i in con, case represents, is a much broader assault on popular culture. in india, the drug bus would not lead news if the accused did not have
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a famous shot. a con is a muslim megastar who calls himself an indian patriot. in 2010, he made a move on the demonize ation of muslims delivering a line that stuck with audiences in india and beyond. my name is and i'm not at rest. con is married to a hint and is one of the faces of an industry that celebrates and exports. stories of secularism and liberalism and implicit rejection of the ruling b, j. p. parties. hindu nationalist ideology, charter con, represents an older ideal of india as a secular, multi ethnic and pluralist nation. he's a muslim who grew up in delhi and really modest economic circumstances. he goes to bombay to make his mark in the entertainment industry and succeeds wildly. and i think the very existence of a successful, popular,
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well respected muslim man challenges or threatens the hindu nationalist ideologies that have been prevailing over the last several years, which are trying to portray muslims as the ultimate other outsider or villain. i don't want to believe that that is why he's being targeted, but it is a rising sentiment of islam, of phobia in the country. and it is possible child on what he says travels all over the world. it is hard all over the world. if given the option of controlling that as you, anybody would want to, i don't know why people are focusing only on this party in this government. since i was born in this country, i have seen every single government doesn't do mandated. ah, anybody who's against them since independence in india, politics and bali would have had a very strange relationship. politicians have used film stars or during elections to get votes into done while you would start date favors from one
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additions. such got the game, you know, and everybody is part of it. shorter con is far from the only bollywood figure caught up in an anti drugs crackdown, conducted by the narcotics control board, the ncp. he's just the most famous name on a list that over the last few years has grown to include multiple actors, writers and directors. not all of them muslim. in fact, most of those arrested or hint. this 1st big drug related case happened last year. when an actor clergy, as everybody was arrested and he spent time in prison and then there were people also called in for questioning by the n c, b for drug related matters. the hindi pharmacy is the country's biggest soft power in terms of dissemination of ideas and thoughts and messages. it to me feels like an attempt to gain more power. there were other actors like shut down a pool,
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sada lee con, and this is the start the pick up on the call and also called in for questioning. a top entities from the body would, are very much part of a massive drug. got 10. that's the bottom night. bollywood was being vilified, left right and center as though it was some hot bed of all kinds of crimes and a place which was hiding all kinds of criminals. the when the wrench remote is b j. p. first came to power in 2014. the party was more focused on the news landscape than the film industry. india has more than 424 hour television news. the vast majority of them are now securely in the governance camp. some for ideological reasons, others for commercial ones or just to avoid angering the authorities in new delhi
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in 2019 when running for reelection. mowdy sent out this selfie with a group of actors, like many prime ministers before him. he was trying to cozy up to film celebrities and there are huge followings of potential voters. but the b, j, p, 's, pro hindu conservative polar, are not an easy sell involved with it's secular liberal reputation. those policies are far more popular with india news channels, which once again have the government back the dock and rotting underbelly of the bollywood elite is falling apart. and i can tell you, it stinks if you take the media out of its suppose media doesn't highlight this, then nobody cares. if both it young boys and girls were caught minus i didn't con, nobody would have kid, non media sensationalize did it. and i want to talk while you were to get your nickel up a set of mess with,
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but i started so much the indian delusion. news media is our embarrassment on humanity. the biggest, destructive force today is indian television, news, media, this cream and shout and destroy lives. this, if they had made it so big that i'm sure that even judges must be thinking in their mind. if i dig this decision, what will happen if i take that decision? what's gonna happen? let's call out clean up and boy got the bollywood dog. what do you say? why don't you look at how media has over the past few years been completely compromised, icy adults? because media and cinema, i do very strong mediums. you know, one is bringing used to you. i bet escaping to your fantasies. sometimes when it comes to public figures, what doesn't get said is as a revealing, as what does indian actors have among the biggest social media followings on the
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planet numbers that routinely run into the 10s of millions. but if shuttle con went online, searching for messages of support from within his own industry, he would find very few people willing to back, at least publicly, that silence tells its own story about the hazards of free speech in the rent remedies. indeed, many indians criticize bollywood. celebrities for not being as politically outspoken as their hollywood counterparts after the election of donald trump. many people were paring, how local hollywood stars were in there, criticism of trump as compared to how bollywood stars can never be as outspoken. but i think there's real consequences for being outspoken in india, celebrities could get told incessantly, their movies can be boycotted, and finally they or their families could be in physical danger. even if political powers or government agencies don't come to you,
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there's also targeted online attacks twitter attack instagram attacks that lead to lots of well, not everybody wants to be that prey. the majority of them are not speaking what that is harbinger of when find out. it just feels like another neil in the coffin. free speech. hardly a week goes by. it seems without facebook turning up in your news feeds for all the wrong reasons. this time, a consortium of news outlets has been publishing stories about the company. nick, your head's been following the stories. nick beyond what we looked at just a few weeks ago that whistleblower story wise. facebook back in the news that was a former facebook employee. francis. how going initially took history to the wall street journal, where she need thousands of internal documents to the paper. how going is now made those documents available to a consortium of more than a dozen news outlets including the new york times and washington post in the us and
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european outlets like lamond in france and torch. as i turn in germany and what kind of stories are we seeing as a result? well, much more detail, pretty damning detail that facebook is well aware of its problems with misinformation and hate speech in the us, but even more so outside of the us in non english speaking countries and it's doing very little to prevent it going back to india in 2001, 900, just before the general election. the documents show that facebook employees set up a dummy account to test user experience that that account was quickly flooded with no competing could be flooded with pro moody propaganda and anti muslim hate speech . as you know, richard india is seeing an alarming rise in islamic phobic attacks in ethiopia. employees repeatedly warned that facebook was failing to curb the spread of post inciting, communal violence in that country. if you happy and assets on the brink of civil war. and despite all of that,
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the consortium has also revealed that facebook dedicates 84 percent of its efforts to combat misinformation, to the u. s. market alone. that just leaves 16 percent to the rest of the world. and the u. s. market only makes up 10 percent of facebook's business. how was facebook responded to these stories because they had to know that they were coming . they did the actually tweeted before the newspapers released their investigations and they said that many of these dr. and so being mischaracterized and that it's all part of a gotcha campaign that's on the back of news that france is. how good is getting a lot of backing from some heavy hitters, including peer on many other founder of e bay, is a well learn an outspoken critic of the expanding powers of big tech. so yes, they are elements of a gotcha campaign. but that does not mean that the consortium hasn't exposed bad practices, more bad practices at facebook. ok, thanks me. cast your mind back to 2015. the height of europe's refugee influx when
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more than a 1000000 migrants tried to reach the continent by see the global news media were positioned around the mediterranean filing stories from various borders, sometimes from boats. when the numbers dropped, most of the journalists moved on the story. then faded from view, even though tens of thousands attempted that same trip in 2020, and more than a 1000 of them died try one n g o that refuses to let this story go. is alarm for the organization was set up back in 2014 as an emergency hotline, staffed by volunteers, to aid refugees in distress. not by sending boats, but by reporting on the situation at sea, by pressuring the relevant authorities to come to the rescue. but some of the governments that alarm phone is dealing with overseas, the border control forces that can be part of the problem. the listening posts joanna, who's now on alarm phone and it's efforts to shine a light on what is still happening on europe's borders.
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ah, my friend, this is a long phone. yes. how hold on. you're not c. you're in trouble. can you hear me? ok, good. sympathetic bully. yeah. on the other end of the line. move coming. one who weighs picks up the phone. 247. you are, you are okay. i've got i need to come. if i come down, come up. okay. okay. i'm going to need your position can, can you get me your gps position? an emergency hotline that doesn't just offer a lifeline, but the human most light boat, the reality is what happens at the world. destiny is the corporate, your engine stuff. okay. and there's water coming into, but people are being left was still on the left to drown and mediterranean because
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of the indifference of the european authorities being a hotline and an extra actor in the mediterranean, people fight, you're doing something that's practically useful to people. one of the funds to the wrong phone is precisely to have a vision of the world where black lives matter where everybody counts where what's happening in the midst right is not invisible. it's very difficult indeed to report from, from the theme is not only the parent and geography that makes it hard. but increasingly, sol states themselves for trying to obstruct such investigations. and that's why is the role of n z also allow for and others it's crucial. they have a crucial role to play, to tell the story of refugees and help establish patterns, help families, what is going on. very often, the only way the only ice over the meter and the gmc really goes on to see if something, some european governments want to stay at the influx. in 2015 of more than
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a 1000000 migrants marked the height of europe, refugee crisis. it affected politics and fan populace movements across the european union. tougher often less humane border policies where they were so their supporters argue that those policy, the work sent a message. the number of attempted crossings has dropped by about 90 percent of the last 5 years. still around 90000 people tried it. in 2020 greece, which has borne the brunt of the migrant crisis, has taken a particularly uncompromising stones on refugee prime minister curiosity attacking and his right wing new democracy party came to power in 2019. and jose media and human rights organizations have since accused the greek coast guard of attacking migrants pushing their boats and bring it back up to speed. that
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practice is called pushback. and under international law, it's illegal. the, when we re stuff fact with the greek minister of migration, he judged the question and tried to turn our attention on to neighboring turkey instead known as we b q is a 30 course, got that need to prevent people leaving turkey soil reaching the greek territorial waters and let's all to be clear with something else. turkey, he's a safe country and people fling that he's not feeling a was wrong. and therefore it cannot be an excuse to allow people to go into and see where is he being use. but even by people with no experience, etc, and this people sometimes with the support of the target cause god and up crossing illegally and some of them. unfortunately, i see lots of life in the region. the minister of migration avoided the issue of pushback and his government involvement in it, which is where alarm phone comes in. what can you see?
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you can see the show. you will really, really need to let you write that information, volunteers like jacob burkes and connect over the phone onto news outlets that no longer devote the resources to the repartee stories they want. how many are on the bike? okay, 23. how many women? 12, are there any children? some major media players have from reliant, at least partly on alarm phone for their own reporting. outlets like the new york times in germany. is there speak over the past months we have published a series of very well documented reports concerning flashbacks and violence and violations of human rights. i believe very little of this, or maybe none of this would be possible to document to the jews if it weren't for
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organizations including alarm phone, their role is to collect all evidence and testimonies from, from my parents, our role as media gatekeepers to collaborate with them establish the veracity of what they say and then publish the documentation of necessity when you 3 people on the move with people that of course, you documented coffee. you write that tragedy if it's, if the bare minimum that you can take. why do we collect document all this information so that when this race a system is over? no one can say we didn't know what kind of work these activists are doing, has landed them in trouble with the law. this past june, the greek police launched a criminal investigation into alarm found and several other n g o s. organizations like jazz or an a gym boat reports the charges, espionage revealing state secrets. joining criminal organizations and facilitating
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the illegal entry of migrants into europe. the prosecution is not holding back, it tapped the 8 workers phones, put them under surveillance, and it even went as far as recruiting undercover migrants, putting them back on boats bound for greece, who in an effort to prove the angio involvement in crimes at sea to date not a single person has been called in for questioning, and the evidence just doesn't seem to stack up. we ask notice, meet iraqi in this case against the angie o's is more about silencing those exposing government wrongdoing than it is about fighting crime. the government doesn't press charges, it is the judicial and the police that investigate crimes will not against them endure the villains. here are the smugglers and in one corporate him with a smuggler. i haven't named specifically, emmy endures, but there was a number of testimonies from asylum seekers got themselves identified. the names of
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organizations that either helped them to fly to turkey or would help them in the journey from the 36 course to group. this is deemed as a crime, and it is the police and the court that will decide i find it very, very, very hard to remain. this will ever end up in a sentence based at least on what i have seen in the police file. but i don't think the greek government or authorities pappas is a conviction down the road. it is to say that people who, getting our way this people need to learn the lesson, to land their place. and also to preemptively discredit their reporting. because any future reporting is based on alarm phone data, watch easier for the government to dismiss as propaganda by
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n g o. we're already under criminal investigation. when you are on the field and reporting this kind of violence abuses, there's always going to be pressure abuses. we never want to be under scrutiny. there is no doubt that allegations of smuggling must be investigated thoroughly. but one must make a distinction between those who profit for misery and those for there to help states have a duty to protect human rights defenders and not prosecute them. i'm going to call the green coast guard. hopefully they're gonna, they're gonna come according to alarms on the real crime aren't the ones, the greek authorities are investigating. it's the ones, the state is committing truncate game, i will try to buy and keep, keep everybody come keep come ok. despite the greed governments attempt to intimidate and learn phone is still there at the receiving end of phone calls. that may be the start of a refugee's new life, or the last call they ever made. so that no one journalist and politicians included
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can ever say we did not know. okay, i'll call you in 10 minutes. okay, thank you. but and finally, for all the scholars out there and there are billions of you constantly scrolling on your phone, whether you're walking down the street, taking a bath or trying to fall asleep, hears a viral video by mac, fly, and car lito, a couple of french internet personalities, a reminder of just how dependent people have become on their fonts. mclaren, carly, those videos are so popular in france that earlier this year president emanuel macro challenge, the pair to produce something about cove and safety guidelines. it got more than $15000000.00 views. there are just scroll video was at 1500000 views, scroller included and counting was the next time here at the listen post.
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she did, i don't really, i just got a developer a to muster a with all the pages you want to put you back. i've just gotten my credit card. don't be, don't just call it a business card with
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i compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the speed of the explosion. inspire i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been august, i was born. happy al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk. but little action is all about distract, create confusion to create smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically supported. the oil industry was
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a made bank roller or opposition to contact the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing? more shoot you a did was here's a good thing. absolutely. on algebra, ah 0600, i was james, he on now to 0. come all santa maria with your headlines and the u. s. president joe biden is coding at a game changing commitment. a pledge by dozens of countries to slash methane emissions by 30 percent by the end of the decade at agreement announced on day 2 of cop $26.00. the 2nd of 2 major commitments that diplomatic editor james bass reports from glasgow. this is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. humans have for centuries raised at the world's forests, which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide.


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