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ranika needed to oakland and develop it school track international shipping company to become a p middle east and tried and wanting skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of development who filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future wanted cato causes gateway to whoa trade. ah. ready ethiopia, government declares a state of emergency as to graham fighter say they are advancing towards the capital. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive window are also coming up with explosions at cobbles, military hospital kill 19 people i saw has claimed responsibility. all of our 80
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countries have signed up. this is fantastic. the mood is up beads at the climate summit as well. leaders pledge to slash methane emissions and reverse deforestation plus ah, the melody of aleppo, syrian singer, sub margaret, known for his purity of voice and marathon performances as died at the age of 18. ah, one year after conflict broke out in the northern region of tig ry ethiopia. as government is declared, a state of emergency after a sharp escalation and the fighting to grow and rebels claimed to have captured towns on the highway leading to the capital, addis ababa? that's being disputed by the government. the prime minister abbey are made as colon all ethiopians to take up arms against ag, ryan fighters, rank a group to report
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a new frontier. and if you appear swore rebels, antigua, i say, be advancing further south towards the capital, addis ababa? the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency. but it might the decree or does the states have the right to detain or arrest anyone suspected of working with or assisting the terrorist group. and the emergency order dictates that without permission granted from a designated authority, there is to be no gathering for public protest. allowed yacht double prime minister abbey amad as asked all if your pins to mobilize and fight back against the rebels . and the facade was little, there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt we will score a comprehensive victory in just a few days. the rebels from the northern te gray state say they have seized the towns of dismay, uncombed culture, which are in the neighboring um, her estate. the 2 are on
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a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims. we have to make sure that our children, i'm not dying from hunger, that we have to make sure that they have access to access the file. so we do what it takes to make sure that the cd is broken. if gladys managing it is what it takes to see when the united states has warned the trigger, i people celebration front old the t p left against any such move. let me be clear, we oppose any t p. let's move to alice, or any attempt by the t p l f to proceed out us dell concerns that violence could escalate with the green rebels. joining forces with the oral more liberation army and arms group in the region surrounding the capital of this. there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the liberation front. and the
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because the abby has managed to alienate the amo the, including some harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he'd be allowed to use, trying to take advantage of that situation as well as o l. and it's found least like these well being the highest price for the shifting back lines of if he'll be us war. that's right, don't, for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes. and around $400000.00 or on the brink of famine, bianca cooper, i was here, was growing international pressure to bring an end to the, to great conflict. us president joe biden, suspending ethiopia from a key trade program for what he calls gross violations of human rights. meanwhile, the u. n. is urging an immediate end to the violence to enable the delivery of life saving humanitarian aid. we have been in touch with the officials in ethiopia,
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and the secretary general himself has spoken repeatedly with prime minister abbey ahmed to see what can be done to bring the violence to a halt. and, and also of course, to allow for the full scale return of humanitarian assistance to the places that need it, including places like mikaela and a far so let's remind you of a key events in this conflict. it began last november, that's when prime minister abbey ahmed, or that a military offensive against the to drive people's liberation front. he said it was in response to attacks on army basis. a t p f says it was unfairly targeted. but later that month i'll be told parliament the military operation and to grow was over. but in june this year, to draw a fight as capture the regional capital mckelly by july the t p l f. and to the neighboring, i'm horror and the fall regions to the south. in october, the government launched the ground offensive to push out the rebels. and as he
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mentioned, the t p says that in the past few days, it seems to towns on the road that connects mcclay with the capital at is about well care to travel as a professor, oslo new university college. he says, well, leaders need to be ready to deal with an ethiopian without prime minister abbey on it. i think we have to be realistic and, and just see the challenge ahead. even though p d f and all a might take are, these are bar the war will not be older. the unrest and, and the resistance particular from them hot political link will continue. and we do also have added korea president of waking up north just waiting for the war to come on a train soil. so i think the u. n. and the us should be more realistic in their approaches to the situation. just to say that we are concerned and call for
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negotiations over and over and over again. doesn't really help the situation on the ground. we need to be much more realistic in the approach to the situation. and now i think that the national community really need to focus on establish haitian intervention. post are be awesome, and that's where the focus should be. sedans, main opposition leader says the deposed prime minister could return to form a new government many men. now we have meetings with della dock who remains under house arrest. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating against the military takeover they call to civil disobedience on monday, after a crackdown on the news. so i've got to say now at least 19 people are dead and another 50 injured in an attack on cobbles, largest military hospital among those killed was the command of the taliban. special forces was also in charge of cargo security. iceland, that's claim responsibility for the attack. charlotte police report from campbell
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o. when a can consensual cobble and telephone security forces run towards the side of an explosion. smoke leads them towards dalton military hospital, across the road from the now abandoned us embassy. one device was decent, aged at the hospital entrance, allowing attackers to move in. 20 minutes later, 2nd exploded inside the compound. with this man, films from inside the hospital repeating, god have mercy on us. as he watches the attack take place. people shelter where they can is fire from the explosions. burn and gunman move between buildings. dozens of others managed to reach the back of the hospital, compound watchtowers, insecurity, wolves that were meant to keep them safe inside. now the biggest obstacle to escape the above afghani was helicopters, circled, flown by pilots from the previous government. when a part of the telephone's defense hello responded by sending the special forces to
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the site of the attack after the 1st explosion created quite a large cord and around with the tech has taken places spread. it. gunfire has continues throughout the afternoon, so could have much of that with 2 explosions and 6 attackers and all of them were killed. the security forces of the tunnel banner in the area and our special boundary unit here to a very quick and opperation. the whole area is now under our control the taliban, nor houses secure the military hospital because they know its weaknesses. they attach themselves 10 years ago. i suffices also targeted the hospital in 2017. then they dressed his doctors to evade security. more than 100 people were killed and injured. i saw his challenge, the tele bonds hold on security since it came to power in august. the group is carried out 4 major bombings and killed hundreds of civilians. the worst was
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a cavalier port. tens of thousands of people evacuated. the last, foreign military forces withdrew. the main thing that people really much need and one from taliban was the grip over the security. and the last, if they lose that grip, if the end security increases, i think it will somehow discriminate taliban presents in the power to tell a bond his dom played the 3 of i. so the group is getting harder to ignore telephone casualties. and mounting as i saw targets its members, particularly in eastern provinces. still in cobble taliban members respond like the previous government would have just a few months ago. the sit up a large court and to protect the public. special forces in a cover are deployed intelligence units, gather evidence that people here are hoping for more stop to attacks altogether.
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charlotte bellis al jazeera campbell for us is given a final approval to pfizer corona virus vaccine for children. the food and drug administration had already sent the shot was safe. the children aged $5.00 to $11.00, a smaller dose was recommended. now, officials at the cdc have given a green light for it to be administered to 28000000 youngster. yes, president joe biden colds it again, changing commitments. the pledge by more than 80 countries to slash methane emissions by 30 percent. by the end of the decade, the agreement was announced on day 3 of cop 26 is the 2nd of 2 major commitments. the other 100 countries agreeing to reverse deforestation. by the end of the decade, our diplomatic editor james bay's reports from glasgow. this is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. humans have for centuries raised at the world's forests, which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide bots, an agreement cop $26.00 if the words are matched by action could be
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a breakthrough. more than the 100 nations have pledged to reverse deforestation by 2034 or 7 potential to reduce, reduce carbon globally by more than one 3rd by more than one 3rd. so we need to produce issue with the same seriousness of purpose as d carbon eyes in our economies for analysis. so important, but i, me, another leader, the president of brazil, the country with half the planets tropical forests, jebel scenario, also supported the initiative in a video statement, even though act of his say, the destruction his sword during his term. in addition to the announcement on forrest another important development, a new initiative to cut methane levels, again signed by over a 100 countries. by the year 2030 methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide. but it's 80 times more potent in warming the earth. despite some
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positive developments, there is still worries about a lack of ambition from those gathered here. frankly speaking, there is no dignity to a slow and painful death. you might, as obama island, instead of making us suffer only to witness our slow and fateful demise. leaders of the g. 20. we are drowning. and our only hope is the life ring you are holding. that theme of the western nations not doing enough was again reflected when representatives from more than 20 african countries called for more support for the continent. the un secretary general antonio good terrace, has warned. the divisions between the developed and developing world could completely derail this vital summit. james bay's al jazeera glasgow, for salt breaker it out to 0 when we come back, a new era for the u. s. city of boston with photos for the 1st time or choosing between 2 women and then next man alive, update us ponies,
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close on the livelihoods with millions are drawing up around late charges, decades of drought, and climate change recovery more, less dangerous. ah, ah, look forward to scully's with sponsored point cuts on at ways hello there, let's look to south asia and there's more wet weather on the way for southern areas of india. you can see that dense cloud cover bringing heavy rain to carola to andre pradesh. as well as terminal now do and put a cherry. now we've got amber alerts out here for the next few days. mother shows and storms pushing down into sri lanka and pulling up into central parts of india. but as we go into thursday, the rain will ease in the very south, though caroline will continue to get a drenching as will that eastern coast of india. but the further north we move, it becomes finer and dryer. lots of hazy sunshine for new delhi and there's
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a lot of heat building along the north, west coast and into pakistan. though the further north we go, it is getting cooler. we've got a cold snap pulling down, and that's going to affect nepal and bring the temperature down encampment due to below average for this time of year. now as we move to east asia, it's been rather chilly in the north west of china. we've had significant snow fall and those cool conditions have pulled into beijing, but the temperature will pick up over the next few days, though the air quality will remain rather unhealthy. down in the south, we've got cloud bringing showers to coastal areas as well in the east. it remains fine and dr for the korean peninsula as it does for japan. who with sponsored by katara always. the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk, but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been
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systematically. so 1st it, the oil industry was a made bank roller or opposition to climate act. the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing? more shooting and did with thing? absolutely. on all disease. ah ah, welcome back. a good amount about top stories here. this, our ethiopian government is the kind of nationwide state of emergency as to grind rebels advance further south. the us is calling for an end to the conflict and has suspended ethiopia from a key trade program. i still says it was behind the killing of 19 people in an attack on cobbles, largest military hospital among those killed was the commander of the taliban.
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special forces was also in charge of cobbled security and more than a 100 nations of pledge to reverse deforestation within the next decade that the un climate summit and glasgow. they also agreed to continentals of methane emissions, is 530 percent. now what leaders are hating the progress of those talks, the effects of climate change are becoming ever more devastating, like chad was once the world 6th largest inland body of water. but in the past 60 years, it's shrunk by 90 percent. awkward address is that one's a busy navigation channel for light fishing vessels. this portion of the lake chart is noah crossing point for cattle decades of poor water usage. celts, droughts on the impact of climate change, continued to alter the face of the lake and with it the lives of millions will depend on it. this family is forced to my great because of drought.
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not far from here, we met a fisherman pulling in his catch of the day. he says it's the most he got in a week a few my curls, not enough to feed his family. and hood, we used to catch a lot of fish and pastures with little effort, but it's so much more difficult. now i'm lucky to have even caught this much. he says fishermen like he must learn other skills to survive the hard times. the lecture is shared by cameron chad niger and nigeria. countries dealing with a 12 year old boycott. i'm insurgency that has killed thousands and displeased millions experts say the conflict is fueled in part by the effect of climate change . leg chad, one of the walls biggest lakes, but over 50 years it's changed dramatically. what was once a 25000 kilometer body of water is now estimated at scattered islands like this and pools just containing 1000 square kilometers. and that is left 25000000 people shot
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of food and jobs, and exposed to conflicts. 30 kilometers away from what is now the new shows of the lake. as this has an hava sorghum. after 5 months of labor and a $4000.00 investment from cal, it is not good quality now. so about 40 that, that only we get this yet for full text that, that's not enough because of the problem of the read that known, rented here. he says he will be lucky to get for bikes this year, which amounts to $3800.00 loss on his investment. a few decades ago, what he now calls a farm was deep inside the lake giant. for generations, this healy an oasis, a supported millions of families, life stroke and profitable trade among nations. governments in that region are struggling to address the fears and concerns of millions who are now watch
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helplessly as their means of livelihoods dry up. the la deal at the draft, it just as industrialized countries agreed to support developing countries. chad through its public treasury will also fund projects to mitigate the impact of climate change on its people. little comfort to those who lost so much back at as ease hasn't palm, his walkers continued to process theseus harvest, but at the back of their minds, they acquaintance of the reality that they like millions in the region may not get to keep their jobs next year. i'm at greece al jazeera, on the shores of the lake chant. now electrons are taking place and parts of the united states a year ahead of crucial mid terms. voters are choosing mass and other local officials. they're also considering referendums on state policies, but the most closely watched races are in virginia and new jersey to decide on who becomes governor i think is going to be very close,
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i think is going to get down to as you all know, turn out. and i think that based on what i have heard so far, ah, it's awful hard for me to be prognostic. katie, which i don't like doing, is present anyway from overseas. but, but i think i hope that every eligible voters, virginia new jersey shows up in votes and the more of the do, the better off i think our chances are and i think i think we're gonna, i think we're going to win a kristen. sammy jones has live now from boston at kristen, sir. so what's at stake in the election there where you are and why it is so unusual from a race point of view? ah, well, there is a male rural res taking place here in boston, which is a city like most the city is in the northeastern united states, which has become increasingly diverse. but unlike most cities in the northeast,
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it has yet to a lack of either a woman or a person of color to run it here in boston. now, less than how would the population is white, about 11 percent of the population is asian american. and that includes the frontrunner in this race, women by the name of michelle wu. i am out of her election. i've headquarters, you can see a big crowd has gathered in the poles, have just closed and excitedly waiting for the results to come. in a bonus, you shall lose the daughter a taiwanese indicates her phone. it is a woman by the name of a niece, a sabi george. and she also has a daughter, an immigrant safety vision, at a foolish immigrants here of america. she to identifies as a woman of color. so no matter who wins tonight, this will be a race and a person. it's worth pointing out that for decades here, that is
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a goal machinery was dominated by white working class neighborhood. and there were a series for decades of white men, either italian american irish men in leading the race. but these women have been really connected with affordable housing. transportation help with showing the power of progressive ideology. michelle, the scene has the more progressive candidate and she has a pretty big lead in the polls telling instantly, oh, her can't hold it to see it as a more pragmatic. okay, democrat perhaps it's slightly more. busy democrats, but again, this is a big switch for boston back to canada. yeah, chris, and i'm just waiting for you. there's a lot about voting taking place across the country. what, what should we be looking out? right, well,
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president joe biden was talking about the race in virginia. the governor's race series, local and state elections that are being closely lodged by both political parties. if they try to pick the temperature of the electron, i had the mid term elections in 2022 that raised in virginia. democratic to serve as governor once before, terry, because he is running against a republican business man young can. first time politicians, there's a lot of money, the importance about race, it's neck and neck. and it's really seen as a bell, whether these upcoming election is also a race in new jersey, a governor's race there with a democratic incumbent and some local races where they are races like this one in boston where we're seeing a really progressive democrat go up against more mainstream democrat and of course
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i must mentioned minneapolis where there is a valid initiative to change the police department to replace the police department with the department of public safety. you'll remember minneapolis where louisa killed george boyd. it's part of the black lives matter man. and prompted cause for danger, police report. so what happens there has been very closely watch around the country as well. all right, chris, absolutely. lifestyle in boston. kristen, thank you. now the opening of the pedestrian border between columbia and venezuela has brought somebody to thousands of venezuelans who cross daily for angels like food and health services. but the lack of diplomatic relations between the countries has worse and, and already volatile security situation at the border. alexandra and petra reports from kuta on the columbia south. phillip taurus in his family fled their mother's
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farm in the rural area of the border city of cook. with the 4 months ago when a group of 100 armed men set camped there. after philip asked him to leave, he says he received threats and then was shot 4 times. and often at the most of them are just ask them to move away from the house, not the entire farm or the area. because as i told them, if you are here, it's because the army allows you to buy them. instead, one of theirs was killed. then they came after me. thousands of columbia farmers were displaced from the north eastern countryside surrounding cuckoo to last year, as a part of military group entered the area fighting with communist elan rebels. they're battling for control of cocaine production and the contraband routes along the border with venezuela. it wasn't the big measure. the during the last 20 months, 22 community leaders have been killed in north atlanta region. in the last 45 days, 20 leaders, 14 of them, women have been displaced. this is
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a true managerial disaster. in the past, the city of cuckoo was mostly spared the worst of the conflict that affected remote parts of this region. the thing that changed about hope is in, in june a car bomb exploded in the cities military base, injuring 36 people. a week later gunfire helicopter, carrying colombian president the van duke, as it took off at the beginning of october, president who can answer deployment of a new military unit of 14000 soldiers to address the situation. but 3 weeks after the announcement, local say nothing has changed. in their communities, we've repeatedly asked the new units command there for an interview, but so far they said they have nothing new to add low on the quickest finance, one local official say increasing troops on the ground alone will not solve a situation that requires real alternatives. for poor coca farmers and that the
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lack of diplomatic relations between colombian, venezuela, facilitated the expansion of criminal groups to the city loudly. now me got the most would be most anya's enough from that i called a border dynamic of the last few years with closers and the lack of communication between the states as facilitated the group of these criminal activities offering been the best possible environment for their ross it's 4 cycles, it would allow me horror and an explosive cocktail, the leaf people like philippe, wondering if they will ever be able to get their life back. allison that i'm betty . i'll just eat. i cook with death in nigeria for members of staff and that children have been kidnapped from the university of a boucher abductions from schools for the north that frequently but kidnappings. in the capital. a rare and search and rescue teams in nigeria say the death toll from the collapse of a high rise building in lagos has risen to 16. 10 people are still missing. and 21 story structure came crashing down on monday. police say it's too early to
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determine why the building collapsed. so one of the arab wells most famous singers, suboxone, died on tuesday at the age of $88.00. syrian was known for performing songs and spot by arabic, poetry and his concerts that could go on for hours. natasha gonna report assyrians 1st heard subaru, factories, tenor when he was a child, calling muslims to prayer at a mosque in aleppo. during his 70 year career, he revitalized classical arabic music fans adored his christmas and his endurance on stage. in 1968, he sank for 10 hours to a crowd in caracas, venezuela, and made it into the guinness world record. finally, once told an interviewer, he came out of the room singing his family used to pinch him just to hear him cry
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because they loved that booming sound. ah, fuck remind era poets from centuries past for lyrics. the singer was patriotic and said his syrian heritage deeply influenced his music oh, factory performed across continents during his career, bringing traditional arabic music to audiences far from the middle east. hearing the news of his passing one kuwaiti composer said the melody of aleppo and the light of music wit out in the levant. ah, tougher, quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera ethiopians. government just declared a nationwide state of emergency as to brian rebels advanced further south. the u. s . his dom on an end to the conflict and how suspended the gunman.


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