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i'm strong, we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the lease is growth and progress, invest in the new year. now this is al jazeera. ah, hello fernando ha, i'm alamo. here, dean with the al jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. he feel p has government declares a state of emergency after to grow and rebels take 2 times on the highway leading to the capitol at least 19 killed and many more wounds in an attack on an afghan military hospital in kabul. leaders at the cop
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26 climate summers agreed to and deforestation by 2030 and caught dying on one of the most potent screen house gases. i'm not clog in glasgow where the british prime minister has warned the wall. he's cautiously optimistic, still a long way to go to secure a deal and that palestinian families living in shift jo ryan occupied east jerusalem rejects an offer that recognizes jewish settlers as owners of their lands . hi, i'm sorry. hi doesn't love all the latest sports english premier league fight tottenham get there. man. in london cob, confirmed antonio county as their new heads kites. ah,
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we begin without breaking news out of ethiopia, where the central government has declared a state of emergency earlier rebels from the te gray people's liberation. france said that they'd capture 2 towns along a highway that runs from the north to the capital aren't a sample burn. the government disputes this and prime minister abbey at modes. as asked always philippines to fight against, to grow and fighters. the rebels, what the government and what they call a siege. that's blocking aids, going into t grey. priyanka. gupta has this report. a new frontier. and if you pierce war rebels, antigua i say they are advancing further south towards the capital, addis ababa. the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency. we are prime minister arby amad as asked all if europeans, to mobilize and fight back against the rebels and the for the original. there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt we will score
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a comprehensive victory in just a few days. the rebels from the northern te gray state say they have seized the town. so they say, and con bolger, which are in the neighboring amara state, the 2 are on a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims. well, to make sure that our children are not dying from anger and starvation, we have to make sure that that access from it that was due by our so we'll do what it takes to make sure that this is broken. if in flood is marketing plotted, it takes $2.00 to $3.00 weeks. the united states has worn the te, gray people celebration front all the t p a left against any such move. let me be clear. we oppose any 'til if moved to artis or any attempt by the t p o f. to proceed at us dell concerns that violence could escalate what to grand rebels. joining forces with the oral more liberation army and armed group in the
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region surrounding the capitol of this, there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the or i'm a liberation front. and a because the abby has managed to alienate the all mo, the, including some em harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he'd be alive. he's trying to take advantage of that situation as well as o l. and it's found lease like these. what being the highest price for the shifting back line. so if, if he appears war that throughout dawn, for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes and around 400000 on the brink of famine. bianca gupta altogether. well let's say go live now to ethiopia. you can speak to samuel guess that you who's in the capitol,
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add to some about summit. what more do we know a bank, the state of emergency just as minister spoke earlier today saying that the state of emergency is going to be lasting for 6 months. the police would have the right to brace anyone that the dean out there again, the government or the state that they're supporting the t p which the children government has declared as a terrorist. busy organization, earlier this year there might be few, there might be restrictions on internet phone lines in the us. so that's what we're hearing from a distance. but the government is supposed to lay out more specifics in the coming days. i worry it is the government's if it's, well, it's not declared the state of emergency, but they're also effectively asking their citizens to take up arms. well,
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they denied the the fog or the allegation that the t p and taken over to major cities, the region including combo and dessie. but they also claim that more than 100 young people have been killed by the t p left. earlier today, they said they're urging that the law called use to organize and take arms to defend the interests that came from the local government. so they seem to be concerned, but again, this trends that the t p shown has really shaken the government to the war and they're going to take out the kitchen sink per se to try to defend us. they say the foundation of this country. ok. and in terms of the other developments, samuel, we're also hearing that the, that c p last or no, potentially forming some kind of military alliance with other groups fighters in
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a room or as well. is that feeding into the new declaration of a state of emergency? could this be a turning point when it comes to this year long conflicts, anything you well, to be honest, the left part of leadership is part of the government. i be, i'm a government in id, it's one of its leader has been appointed minister sports and culture minister earlier this last month when the prime minister forms and government. but again, the whole mission seems to be surprising because the left for the last 27 years before this 5 minutes, they came to our board, the t p a left and to to its core. because they did know, think the t p left stood for its interest. and this again, this coalition in the 580, i don't know how quiet to lot, but again,
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it says on achievement, some milestone. we're watching from a distance. but the children government seems to be ready, ready to fight and give all it so it can please legacy as well as the nation. i think ok, samuel gets it. she will leave it there forever. thank you very much indeed for joining us for me as well. the us is also cut ethiopia from a key trade program for what president biden calls gross violations of human rights . the philippine government says extremely disappointed in the move, let's say speaking, it's robin sanders, a former us ambassador to nigeria and the republic of congo. she also serves on the us national security council as its africa director and is currently the ceo of feeds. and joining us from washington kit to have you with us on the news or the us is certainly criticizing these. you'll be in governments and that is
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taking these extra measures. now. is there much more that the washington can do you know that the appears to be criticizing one side of this conflict and not the other? why is this? well, i think that the secretary's mission statement does criticize the yellow thing that under no circumstances want them or want to see them approach, addis ababa? so i think the criticism is on both sides. and if you really look at the executive order that was issued in september, yet it really directs it's attention to both sides in terms of humanitarian treatment access to treatment of prisoners, all those things, sanctions and everything that are individualized. and it targets both sides because the end game is to have a piece resolution to the conflict between things extremely,
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were i sorry to cut you off. do you think a peaceful. a resolution or talks at this stage is likely because certainly we've got a, a t p, our life is making gains. it would appear on the highway to ethiopia and forming alliances with the a roomy of forces. and now you have for avia with government essentially posing a state of emergency and asking citizens to take up arms. it doesn't sound like either site is keen to get to the negotiating table. no, clearly that's the case. but that doesn't mean that we don't continue to push to that the ultimate goal is to try to move all side to that and but clearly the indications. and if the information is correct, that we all heard last night. and again, this morning that there is a marriage of convenience going on between the t t l f. and you are elements are all of the liberation front. and that is really concerning. and that's really worrisome, because if you think about the map of the, you know,
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that added alibi in romeo state, it's physically, there is a city administration. and so do you have any batch from the north and you have it from the south? pardon the east, from romeo, that really puts a lot of pressure on, on, on, added on. and i think the thing that has to be done, if you have to have a broader diplomatic strategy besides just the us talking. you haven't really heard a strong statement come from the african union in the european union. i think we need other partners in the dialogue, including the united arab emirates, which reportedly giving some military support to the ethiopian government. so you need other players decide to raise pressure on both sides to find a way to resolve this conflict. so that he doesn't ethically do you think that would do it? do you think if more international voices asked the 2 sides to stop fighting,
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that would bring them to the table? i'm not saying that that's the, that's the resolution that's going to get them to the table. but right now you don't hear those other voice. and those other voices are just as important as our voice, particularly the african union, and particularly anybody outside that is helping the government or the other side. right now you have, you don't have a unified push again, the conflict that's going on there. you have 9 nations security council, you have african partners on the security council that clearly see this as an internal conflict. they're not saying anything. you don't have the african union saying, you know, you certainly don't have other bodies like the european union thing. and the goal is to put all of these things in play, because without any of it, we're not going to even begin to try to. we can move the piece process back to the front burner right now. if it looks like it's completely off off any burner that's
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going on and it's very worried. so these alliances that are being made because in the end they are american and the security situation and humanitarian race and the human rights abuses are going right now. totally unabated. ok, robin sanders? it's great. so get your thoughts and your perspective on what is clearly a troubling and very complex situation. thanks for bringing that in for us. we appreciate it. my pleasure. thank you. plenty. marcella has on this news are including we're in the poll where people are trying to pick up the pieces after catastrophic plants and technology firm. yahoo announces it's pulling out of china saying operating there has become a t t challenging and in sport 2 of the man he used to run world football face criminal charges in switzerland's. all that still to come on. the user
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leader is at the caught $26.00 climate summer to looking to build momentum master reaching agreement on 2 major global warming issues, t for a station and methane gas emissions. as part of a greater push to limits the rise and global temperatures. to 1.5 degrees celsius in the coming decades are diplomatic editor james bay's reports now form glasgow. this is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. humans have for centuries raised at the world's forests, which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide. bought an agreement cop 26 if the words are matched by action could be a breakthrough. more than a 100 nations are pledged to reverse deforestation by 2030 far 7 potential to reduce, reduce carbon globally by more than one 3rd. by more than one 3rd. so we
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need to approach this issue with the same seriousness of purpose as de carbon eyes in our economies. 4th, 3rd, 4th, 5th. but i me, another leader, the president of brazil, the country with half the planets tropical forests. jerbill scenario also supported the initiative in a video statement, even though act of his say, the destruction his sword during his term. in addition to the announcement on forests, another important development, a new initiative to cut methane levels, again signed by over a 100 countries. by the year 2030 methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, but it's 80 times more potent in warming. the earth, despite some positive developments, there is still worried about a lack of ambition from those gathered here. frankly speaking, there is no dignity to a slow and painful death. you might, as obama islands, instead of making us suffer only to witness our slow and fateful demise. leaders of
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the g. 20. we are drowning. and our only hope is the life ring you are holding. that theme of the western nations not doing enough was again reflected when representatives from more than 20 african countries called for more support for the continent. the un secretary general antonio good terrace, has warned. the divisions between the developed and developing world could completely derail this spiteful summit. james bay's al jazeera glasgow. our environment had said that clark is said in glasgow heading up our coverage of cop 26 snake. yes, thanks very much. i say bars, johnson, the british prime minister, he just held a press conference where he said he's cautiously optimistic, but has warned against too much hope in securing a deal here because it's a very much, a long way to go. and he writes me cautiously optimistic because i am reading the
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china is pushing back against the aim of limiting the temperature rise to want to help degrees celsius. they want to stay with 2 degrees celsius, which was the upper end of the parents agreement, which scientists say is now too high. such are the battles ahead, but we do have those 2 pledges that james is just talking about ending deforestation. cutting, maintain emissions by 30 percent by 2030, both crucial in the fight against climate change. another thing that bars johnson was just talking about, his press conference was the issue of green jobs. he's really pushing and promoting green jobs right now about 200000 people across the u. k. are employed in that sector, but climate experts say millions more will be needed by 2030. his knee fokker rising. else if the north sea, a mighty feet of engineering, try to knoll offshore wind from taking shape work of an army of newly trained apprentices. this is mark going to be my 1st time apprentice. when farms been
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erected outside in the homer? no say, so it's this idea locations me to kinda get started and did nearby whole. this is one of the largest manufacturers of turbine blades in the world. each hand crafted by workers, many of whom have retrained to join the sustainable energy sector. the region, once the major coal exporter has come full circle, embracing renewable energy. we employ a 1000 people on the, at this location. in direct roles, we have more than 20000 people apply for those roles of the sun. it just shows how it captures pizza, the man nation. not about working in manufacturing for the whole renewables such as a whole week, the potential growth as we grow and the blade size grows as well. they'll be further jobs created, not just direct jobs, but also in direct jobs to support this industry. this is engineering on a gargantuan scale. the factory opened only
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a few years ago as produce more than 1500 of these 80 metre long blades, and very soon the palm will be making even longer ones. meaning the frank 3 will have to double in size. a single turn of one of these turbines can power house for 24 hours. when i was a lot of these come down when we done all the way down, the north wall will probably be a 100 still throws big ships. but in the rush to d, carbonized, the economy, some local industries feel sidelined down canyon runs the last fishing firm in grimsby. and what was the biggest fishing port in the world? it's changed your aspect, lee. i can't believe in the last 10 years how it's changed now. all the money to get rid of everybody. and you know, just leave it for the wind farms. anything, the wind bombs, when they get, and even we need. we don't get it. they're just coming in and just do we want the life. and there's obviously people let them do like that because there's a lot of money involved in the transition to agreeing to economy isn't just about
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providing more jobs. it's about making sure nobody's left behind. if we achieve net 0 but we end up with a less equal society than we still failed because that will not be sustainable and it will not address the climate challenge in the long term. so. ready it does really need to engage with the communities who are affected and get that by and so they can actually lead the action rather than being. ready kind of sideline by eventually the oil refinery that sits to the mouth of the home. the river will have to close its workers, find new jobs. these are climate scientists hope the last days of fossil fuels. but the climate challenge isn't just about cutting carbon emission. it's about securing people's futures. new barker al jazeera, on the humble history. now to a critical but much overlooked part of the world's ecosystem, that is wetlands. and i'm pleased to say we can speak to jane metric as a ceo of wetmans international. i just refer back to that meeting pledge we had
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earlier today. it's a fact that the wetlands produce something like 30 percent of the wealthy thing, but that's not what this pledge is about. that's attacking man may be paid emissions. and the wetland issue is about a global warming more than that. yeah, that's right. so it's a natural process. the production is me saying, but what's happening is wetlands become more disturbed that going to release more me. so it's an argument actually for keeping wetland intact and keeping them in good condition. also, as the temperature rises, the mean time production from the wetlands will also increase. so it's a, it's a good argument for temperature lunch that keeps on going. so what, what is the state of the world's weapons right now? no good to be honest. excello to decline, especially for fresh water. watson's sauce because i value largely overlooked the values for people and nature. so we've lost more than 90 percent of the world's
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veterans in fact, and in terms of a carbon saying that they're very important to on. yeah, that's pretty much an understatement. so if you take all of the work force orders the watch. and so actually patients which is one of the kinds of weapons, so more than twice will force and yet they occupies. yeah. more than 5. they occupy just around 3 percent of status of the planet. mertsa, the carbon is stored on the ground. so it's great to think about the treat concerns, the carbon in the trees, but it's a bit foolish to forget was much more. so it's underground, especially in the pizza. and it's been lifetime of tens of thousands of years to keeping batch in the ground and re resting, drained people and is an absolute must do. it's absolutely urgent. do this. so what happens is, wetlands are being cleared for phone production and say yes, they've been drained and. 6 cleared for agriculture, also,
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coastal weapons of course and development. especially this is well happened over the centuries and it's $600.00 saying that also the source of water and there's water becomes more gas. of course, there's more pressure on the remaining wetlands, so it's kind of bitter cycle across. so how does it make you feel when you very briefly, how does it make you feel when you see these big announcements on deforestation? to the tune of $1900000000000.00 and williams isn't a part of the mix. i think it's excellent that far. so catching this attention. but there's a complimentary action which is needed, which is to address the world's wetlands. it simply will not be possible to get climate resiliency unless wetlands are in better condition. it's a very cost effective solution or a drain. appreciate that. thanks very much. indeed, jane much makia wetmans international and that's a 3 is is wrapping up now. it talks begin in smart finance climate finance. a key
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part of the whole jake saw on the agenda tomorrow. okay, thank you very much indeed. nick clark. i live for the 26 in glasgow, not rural communities in the poll is struggling after a series of major floods left them with nothing after the water and most receded governments. there's also management teams since these kinds of natural disasters may get even worse in the future. same survey reports now for one of for one flood ravaged districts. it may have been a home where children once played or perhaps a roadside business that helped parents put food on the table. maybe a guest house for passing tourists, whatever it was, it is now and forever part of a massive debris field that runs the length of the beloved she river. instead to pulse our district in valleys, across nepal, homes and businesses have been swallowed up by major floods 3 times this year, weeks on from the latest illusion. october, the number of dead and missing is still rising. and the list of damaged and
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destroyed buildings is getting longer. many nepalese have been living in limbo for months and which is, i know nadia is a mother and a grandmother. she and her husband invested everything they had in trout farms that sat at the river's edge a trade they had hoped to pass on to the next generation. what they spent years building was gone in a day for i bought my son and husband were trying to save the farm. but then we had to run as we were watching, flood waters came and swept away all the trees. and we took the kids and escaped the next morning. we came back to have a look and everything was gone. her daughter beemer ran the family cafe, which also became a casualty of unseasonably extreme weather. she says she now feels lost. did hear that though like me. oh,
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did it. i could not have even imagined what happened. we sacrificed a lot to build that place and it didn't even last 2 years. i'm very sad about that . i will go miles, thousands of people across nepal, just like bema, have lost everything, and they're trying to rebuild their lives from scratch. families displaced by the floods are living in these makeshift camps for now, where they're waiting for more semi permanent housing to be built further up hill. now that's going to be made out of corrugated metal sheets, not necessarily the best protection against the coming winter cold. but even though the river has receded, the idea right now is to get as far away from the water line as possible and onto more solid ground. but even uphills, that may not be so easy to come by. disaster management experts are warning that areas in the himalayan region that saw heavy rains are now at greater risk from landslides. zane basra, v o jazeera cindy,
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paul chug district nepal. so head on al jazeera, a new era for the city of boston versus choosing the 1st time it is to women as their next there and sport, one of ice hockey's top officials, is under pressure for how he handled a sexual assault case in 10 years ago. ah hello, we've got some wet weather. the forecast, the parts of the middle east general across north america, a little more clout here, just spilling out of turkey, syria, iraq, seeing a few showers here. much of the region though will last per usual be dry. plenty of hazy, sunshine, high sierra diana, around $34.00 degrees over the next couple of days at west or whether that we have farther north just running its way towards northern areas of iran. we'll see some
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wet weather also into the northern half of afghanistan. some cloud and rain, they're just gathering around kabul. you notice further south it does stay dry, it stays 5, stays largely warm and dry weather that stretched its way down across the horn of africa. we have got some rather wet weather, just around western parts of kenya can see some heavy showers, salsa dancing, some shower gander as well seasonal arrays, stretching the way, right. the way through the democratic republic of congo, easing up towards the gulf of kinney noticed much of angola, also seeing some very heavy showers. over the next couple of days, botswana could catch a shower or to see some wet weather, just making its way toward southern parts of mozambique for a time. and notice how the cloud just gathers across that eastern side of south africa, to harrisburg, as see, some rather live you down. pause with a top temperature of 29. ah, ah,
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25 years ago. it was in the middle east. oh, a 2 part documentary series mulkey the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels logged. and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of al jazeera, a unique pav twana will be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2020 dubai. what's what i will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity as pristine wildlife and natural resources. so lookout warbled. wanna add that expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will and leach our potential for twana. all pride, your destination
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ah ah, this is al jazeera cook trying to all the top stories this arm. if you appear has declared a nationwide state of emergency earlier, the prime minister had asked all ethiopians to mobilize to fight rebels and t gray, who say they've taken control of 2 times along a major highway to the capitol. world leaders have agreed to ends, deforestation by 2030 c handling the you and climate summit and.


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