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have been black or brown skins. the big picture trace is the economy disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera. ah, there's no more time to hang back or shoot an offense, or argue amongst ourselves. what lead us ramp up calls to tackle the climate crisis as they agree to end deforestation by 2030. ah, hello, i'm darren jordan. this is al jazeera live from dough. are also coming up to graham forces joined with another ethiopian rebel group. as i step up their offensive against the military. france rose back on its threat to impose sanctions on the u. k. as talks continue to resolve the dispute of efficient rice. and a long white,
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but some hope for justice. the murder case of a shrunken journalist are exposed at arms. deal comes up at the head. ah, what leaders of agreed to and deforestation? by 2030. it's the 1st commitment made the cop $26.00 climate conference in glasgow . presidents and prime ministers have spoken about the severity of the emergency, but it's far less certain whether they'll deliver the action needed to stave off catastrophic levels of warming on diplomatic edits. james base begins are coverage from glasgow. o intense diplomacy ahead of this event has been going on for years. this has been billed as the conference that can save the planet . it's host the u. k. prime minister, making the point of the city where it's being held. glasgow was the place where the
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dimension was invented 250 years ago, triggering and industrial revolution that started the climate crisis. yes, my friends, we brought you to the very place where the doomsday machine began to tick. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act now and the warnings of what is at stake here, continued this from the un secretary general. lillian, our addiction to fossil fuels, is pushing humanity to the bidding. we face a stark choice either we stop it or it stops us. we are digging our own grapes. u. s. president joe biden came to glasgow with, unlike his predecessor, donald trump, a strong commitment of pipe the climate emergency. but without the tools to do so, his green policies depend on
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a massive spending package that has already been paid back and has yet to pass congress. there's no more time to hang back or shit in the fence or argue amongst ourselves. this is the challenge of our collective lifetime, the existential threat, threat to human existence as we know it. the president told delegates the eyes of history were on them, but president biden's own eyes were the subject of speculation on social media. what did he doze off at one point as he listened to the speeches here in glasgow, there'll be 12 days of long, intense negotiations for this vital conference to be a success. all the stars need to align, but some powerful leaders like president she of china and russia. president putin are not here. and there's not been the hope for momentum ahead of caught 26 over the weekend in rome. the leaders of the most prosperous nations on the planet met. they said all the right words about the climate,
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but they didn't take the action that was needed. according to environmentalists, one g 20 country india has committed at the glasgow conference to be net 0 by 2070, but prime minister nor andro modi's announcement will disappoint many putting his country 2 decades behind the un target of 2050 barra india will fulfill 50 percent of its energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030, between now and 2030 indian reduces total projected carbon emissions by $1000000000.00 tons by 2030. and you will reduce the carbon intensity of its economy by 45 percent and by 2070. and you will achieve the target of net 0 emissions. living on the front lay mia motley, is the prime minister of barbados, a small island nation that was battered by a hurricane in july. court read. court read to the g 7 countries.
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court read court, read to the g. 20 earth. the ha, that's what it said. earth to cop for those who are ways to see for those who have is to listen and for laws who have a heart to fear. 1.5 is what we need to survive. the urgency of the situation is obvious, but it's still not clear. there's the commitment by all nations to try to fix things. james bay's al jazeera glasgow will appear as one country that struggle to deal with climate challenge as the 2020 environmental performance index ranks at the worst performing country when it comes to sustainability. nicholas hark reports from the outskirts of the capitol monrovia. this is liberia's guinea forrest region, often referred to as the lungs of west africa. but from where i stand, the air is and breathed the voice heavy with toxic chemicals. it stings the eyes,
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and this is why the international tire manufacturing company firestone has cleared part of the forest to make way for a rubber plantation. the size of singapore in the process of turning rubber into tires destined for cars in north america and europe. villagers say they are polluting the waters and the air farmington river was once the lifeline for millions of people living around monrovia. it's now in certain areas, not just a dead river, but a poisonous one. and that is driving people to their death. as a reminder to future generations to what cause villagers to die. they've carved out their coffins in the shapes of cars. these out a do our permanent citizen, while i bureau, is he because of that pollution? and you call me is any news i was here to coordinate senior news. we peer crime one more one we're yeah, we're crap. according to the environmental performance index. liberia is at the
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bottom of the ranking. this poor indebted country has given half of its land to private concessions to companies that are logging or exporting rubber minerals. the government says librarians are not responsible for this pollution in which we, we are like. they don't set us up. that's how it is. let we go, we, we, we feel what is happening everywhere. you know, the environment is if into one what happened in russia? what up in china, if us, yet, even though we are not permitted to almost a quarter of this country's population is displeased, people are fleeing land grabbing and land degradation as well as climate chains and most have made the capital monrovia that's barely one meter above sea. level their home look at the circumstances in which they live. both human industrial waste is being poured out and the government is doing nothing to pick up the trash or deal with this pollution, nor are they providing electricity to the people living here. most are relying on
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fossil fuels such as charcoal or diesel generators to power their homes and feed their families and was like barons carbon emission is a fraction to the ones of rich polluting nations. they are feeling the full brunt of the effect of climate change and have the most at stake at this cop $26.00 conference. and yet their voices are barely getting heard. well abram africa is an environmental advocate for sama, that's a low lying pacific nation, already threatened by rising sea levels. she says, climate change is an everyday reality for island people. while large countries pay lip service to the small steps taken so far. this is a warrior high from young pacific islanders we are not drowning. we are fighting. and really, i think there is a misconception that we are mere victims of the kind of crisis. but if you actually visit an island, you would see that there's so much resilience coming out of our communities.
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climate changes in the everyday lives of us as island people because we are coastal communities because we rely so much on our land in our ocean. when that relationship is change because the climate is changing, our livelihood change, and so we see are horribly cheap, meaning our fishermen aren't getting as much fish. we have extreme whether like psychos happening frequently, which means that businesses go out of business, family struggle are constantly in the state of adapting and having to we should over resilience because of the climate crisis. but one of my big hopes is that we can finally be honest with our failures. i think there's a lot of lip service about what has happened, even though it's small. we make it out to be big. but the reality is, we're very far behind. we're not going at the speed we need to be going. we do not have ambitious action, ambitious language, and we need to see that in order for us to meet the 1.5 target waterfront island to
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survive. so i think if at this hot robeto's a truly honest about how far behind they are and how much work needs to be done, then we can finally get together and say, you know what, this is the plan. this is the compass, this is how we go forward and try and get there as fast as possible to help you now and rebels from the to dry people's liberation from say they've joined up with rebel forces from the countries most populous region are near the tape you left says it's forces of sees the town of con belcher and it's a port in it. i'm horror, region or rebels. an army, i say they've seen the town of, can we say both towns on strategic points on the highway to out of if you have is prime minister, the ahmed is called an all citizens to mobilize in the fight against to grind forces. mom, he's been fighting the to gripe people's liberation of fun. for nearly a year, tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced by the conflict. your honest will to marry, i'm a teacher is international relations with a focus on africa and the middle east. he says the new alliance between a t,
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f and rebels and or mia is a significant moment in the conflict. there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the ration front. and the, i love it because the abby has managed to alienate the all know the including someone has. so he is really increasing the isolated and that you feel like he's trying to take advantage of that situation as well as the way in right now, since they have the momentum military moment, the objectives with their history. and now if you know the situation is rich such a boy and also the animosity between ethnic groups reach them all time that one of the last to go to i just have a bar. and
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a rule again, looks not a good idea, but they do have the intention and they have every intention of trying to get rid of as the prime minister. and perhaps some kind of transition into a new regime coalition focus what was the various groups that they seem to be friendly with aligning? was at this time including the from personal break here now to 0. when we come back, hundreds of refugees survive days that seem to be caught up in a growing dispute between turkey and greece. and we look at the impact of al jazeera, 25 years on since the network launch the mission, to give a voice to the voice that's more stable. ah,
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways, it's still not as cold as it should be, even northern china and mongolia devilish have jolen baton. this term is about minus one the same c. we still above that, we should go down a bit, but it's not really wanting to wear hovering 4 or 5 degrees buff average is true for hardness. true for beijing as well. the still some rain that's not have normal . every now again, pulsing out of that cold air. it comes, crossed warmish waters of the yellow sea that hits the korean peninsula and his reign for beautiful cardo hall. she was well where there shouldn't be rain and there is in this western southern part of china. it persists for the next couple of days. then this dry bit as the proper season ranko south focusing, i think, may be in the fall of thailand, singapore plants, the malays. it has been very wet. recently in borneo and java sumatra. maybe that's
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real wet. his easy off for time and with the south west one soon gone, the ne monsoon tried to establish itself. it's the time for this eastern side, the deck and platter to get the re what is certainly went into magic pradesh. what we're down to, sir, like as far west as going a few showers up in nepal of the far north of pakistan launch. it's dry picture here for the time being, but went to arrive soon. but the moment we looked to the west for rain up in northern iraq. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways, healing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not our responsibility. if people log can get it to this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to to get back to the last page. this screen on al
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jazeera lou lou, welcome back to pick them out of the top stories here. this a world leaders of agreed to n deforestation by 2030, or the $19000000000.00 has been pledged towards the plan. is the 1st commitment labor, the cop $26.00 climate conference in glasgow. meanwhile, india's prime minister has promised met 0 emissions by 2070 missing a key target of the climate. some un calling for nations to be carbon neutral by 2050 arrivals in ethiopia. more than 2 dr. regions say that joined up with forces from or a mia, the country's most populous region that came in control of 2 towns on the highway to the capitol on his other french president de manuel macros,
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delaying new customs checks against the u. k. a dispute of a fishing rights off to briggs, it was threatening to turn into a wider trade dispute, but more talks have been planned to defuse the crisis. alexia brown reports from bologna smith at the fish market in france's biggest fishing port. they're nervous, some here say they've already lost nearly 50 percent of their income after their boats weren't granted a license to fish and british waters were, are overhang otis a cool, not a problem, monica, this is all. what we don't understand is why some boats are given licenses and others warrant. some of these boats have been fishing in these waters for generations either. suddenly having acids or none at all, but that is on the ocean became the latest battle ground between the u. k. and the european union under our post bricks a tre deal, which came into force this year. it meant both sides could control who could fish
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and their waters. france accuses the u. k of unfairly denying permission to dozens of its vessels, fishermen, and we'll also mer rely on british waters for their catch. or the relationship goes both ways. because for the british fishing and st. france is the gateway to europe and they depend on ports like this. for access to the continent. if the u. k doesn't resolve the issue, francis threatening to roll out a series of sanctions, including tougher checks on trucks going to and from the u. k. and preventing british fishing boats from docking and unloading their catch, the u. k says it's considering legal action if the measures go ahead. all sudden cry bianco says dan osmond of rex. it. we knew that be a lot of problems for the fishing industry. what's happening now is not a surprise. and the biggest losers will be the british retirement, and the french fishermen and not just them. there is concern here that thousands of
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jobs could be affected, including those who process the fish that brought a shore from british boats. overcoat multi sub i. yeah. what we want is for everyone to be able to work for everyone to be able to go anywhere, respecting each other's jobs for us, all to have equal rights and work hand in hand like before. this city's home to a statute that pays tribute to the close relations between the u. k and france. but that relationships being solely taste it. and as politicians argue over their futures, sam and the fishing community feel they're being left out at sea. alexey o'brien al jazeera bologna assume air northern france. hundreds of refugees have been rescued by the great coast guard after spending days in the g and c. that boat was heading to italy from turkey, but lost power along the way, causing a dispute of who should rescue them. jones, oracle is visited the island,
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of course, where the refugees are being held in quarantine. most of those rescue to being held here at the reception and identification center on the island. of course it's currently being expanded to accommodate more refugees. we were allowed to film the rescued passengers from a distance, but not to talk to them, even though they've all tested negative for coven 19. the greek centers for disease control mandates that they spend 2 weeks in quarantine. after that, they'll be allowed to apply for asylum here than yonder baton. but in many they were weary after spending 3 days at sea, but they also seemed relieved their misery was over come some have mobility problems. we gave them water food 1st aid i and we are looking for clothing for them becoming their journey. here was an ordeal and an accident. they set out from turkey, heading for italy, but their ship lost power and they called for help. this is how the greek coast guard found them adrift on the g and c. they then towed them 750 kilometers,
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took course the nearest reception center where they could be processed according to e, g, and boat report and, and geo that monitors refugee boats. that tow lasted almost 3 days because the murat was dragged back and forth. greek authorities say that's because they were trying to get turkey to accept the boat back. we sent tweeting to request workers current. this never is on the, on the, just after we had these, she already got bored. going mainly we were asking whether the ship is ducky shot, not any dish durkis engine. whether we should do that durkis her. she wanted irregular migration has become a sensitive issue between greece and turkey. under a 2016 agreement turkish authorities are supposed to prevent refugees from entering the european union. but in march of last year, turkey actively encouraged refugees to storm greek borders. ever since then, aid groups alleged greek authorities have often tried to prevent potential asylum
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seekers from entering greek territory. such pushback or a legal under the geneva convention on the status of refugees. the passengers of the buddha to $7.00 to $9.00 were caught in the intensifying politics of board of management. jobs are pillows al jazeera cos, attend to one story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least 3 people, dozens of thought to be trapped in the rubble. the building in lagos is reported to have been under construction. it's not yet clear what caused the collapse. have been recent efforts to demolish will reinforce unsafe buildings in the city, but more than 80 demolish this year. but counting on the way for south africa, local elections report, se monday's polling drew a poor response, expected to be the toughest contest yet for the ruling african national congress party. some predictions suggest the and see will win less than half of the vote and may lose control of some of the countries biggest regions,
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isn't facing growing discontent of a rundown infrastructure and social inequality. it's been 12 years since the outspoken shoreline can journalists, la santa wicker, my tongue was brutally murdered. well now international media watch dogs are checking his and 2 other cases to people's tribunal at the hague. it will officially begin on tuesday to mock the international data and impunity for crimes against journalists. michelle fernandez spoke to his family law recruitment from the is waiting for justice to of years ago. his younger brother lesson there was killed. it was not the 1st time he had been targeted, but the investigative tool courts, that military intelligence operatives carried out the attack that killed in last month i had been through tough times before he was attacked. he was assaulted his house for a shot that is even really then assaulted so many cases fire. but he didn't feel frankly at the beginning that they would kill him. but they did. men on
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motorcycles followed him from his home to office in a military style operation that left the journalist with a fatal head injury. i was right here. 8 on this crowded street in colombo, that vicar amato was broadly murdered in broad daylight, a short distance from a major air force base in the 12 years since his killing. there are still more questions than answers record within this sunday, leading newspaper published regular, exposes, highlighting corruption that a story on massive kickbacks from the deal to buy meek aircraft implicating. then defense secretary and now president got up there. roger potter drew angry reactions . the crimson girl was due to give evidence, in that case when he was killed. the model of his sunday leader newspaper was unbowed and unafraid and approach. he followed just 2 days before he was killed.
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he made these comments reacting to an attack on the local t v station. we as media personnel will have to face up to these challenges, not the 1st time of media organizations are come monday, attacked in this certainly won't be the last but we as media personnel must face up with this challenge. not be both, don't want under what they were, attending division and united way face this did because with him, his family and media colleagues have criticize the slow pace of investigations. the government minister of public security told al jazeera that justice would be served was definitely destined for to be done. and could the culprits really be bad taken for books late? if somebody has done a wrong thing, as per the buddhist theory, late a, it says that even if you were out at c, e o, in the space late, you went in, fade a came late, you're gone, her may,
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you can't escape. so that is the what is the philosophy. so i used to believe in that, after years of delayed justice, international media organizations have organized what they're calling a people as tribunal. an event in the netherlands calling attention to the murdered of journalists in sri lanka, syria, and mexico. love increment of the says the truth will come out. only if there is political will. mere fernandez urges 0 for them. a us judge has dismissed all, but one charge against a business man, accused of laundering money for venezuela's government. alex saab remains accused of one count of conspiracy to launch the money which carries a maximum 20 year jail term. last month he was expedited to the us from cape verde, accused of siphoning millions of dollars for my state run food subsidy program. fan, as well as presidents as sob was kidnapped by the us lounge 0 celebrating its 25th
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anniversary. what loan stephan, arabic language, satellite news channel in 1996 here in doha is now a global network with several outlets and multiple languages. i'll just say or has been a vocal advocate to press freedom. and many of its journalists have been arrested while at work. mom involved takes a look back of the history of the network and the obstacles and dangers its face. the people at the time of its launch in 1996 on deceit, was seen by many as a drop in immediate ocean dominated by mostly western news channels and outlets 25 years later that drop has created the flood of change around the world. probably about 25 years ago to the day we launch the georgia news channel. we meant it to be a present from katara to those who needed global news and current affairs. before i just launched the world enjoyed little if any media freedom, citizens from iraq mauritania, were told what to think and say, so state own channels as focused on glorifying the leaders while ignoring the
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concerns of ordinary people. but when the channel began broadcasting under the slogans of the opinion and the other opinion and the voice of the voiceless, it earned the respect and the cognition of millions at its viewership rocketed on the other then i levied. thanks. dear, generous support. your highness, father emir, we have proved that the out of journalists are citizen, once provided with the required margin of freedom, is able to create and become a source of news and information to the world. one, thanks to god, we now see how i just, it has turned into that source of information for international media outlets. and what i'll do here is different channels are now available in 440000000 homes across the world. and it's digital platforms reach hundreds of millions of individuals as to its effects might be enough. dimension of the 0 roland, raising awareness regarding issues in the middle east and the global south with
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special focus on daily concerns of average people instead of dealing. while most media outlets swell, embedded with american and british forces during the occupation of iraq, i'm just focused on the human cost of the war, as it had done before. and i've got to stop. but it came at a cost of disease journalists were injured, arrested, and even killed among them. but at a europe, u. s. l strike on the capital bank that couldn't i, that i can town. we were well aware from the very beginning that this project would be faced by tremendous difficulty and that al jazeera would represent a challenge for guitar and it did. in fact, out 0 blazed, it's trail in an unfavorable environment. it was as if we were chiseling away as a rock in early 2011. and this was motels crystallized, as millions of people took to the streets with capital demanding freedom justice and the better life of this year. i was underground reporting while local regional,
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funny, international channel field talk, acknowledge that protests that became known as the spring in 2017. and the testament to how influential of disease had become a blockade on cotton was he posed by egypt. saudi arabia behind and the united up yesterday they insisted that channel must be shut down for the blockade to be lifted. that was rejected. so you're not going to shut down out. you know, when i push a balance here, i'll just yell a commitment to continue to report on the flight of civilians in palestine. lead to its offices in garza the bomb. along with those of other media outlets. this time by the side, the army life on tv. but those challenges seemed only to strengthen the networks to resolve and make it thrown more relevant in the region. to day, a da 0 network boasts 5 different channels. several websites and digital platforms all have cemented themselves as leaders in the field seeking the human story,
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and striving to speak truth to power. a quarter of a century has passed and what was once described by former egyptian dictator. symbolic as a tiny match box is now a global media empire, and a beacon of free expression in a region that has never needed it more. hum upon a da 0 though. ah tough. a quick check of the headlines here and al jazeera were leaders of agreed to n deforestation by 2030. the 1st commitment made a copy 26 climate conference in glasgow. the un secret general is calling for systemic action to avoid catastrophic climate change. i would addiction to fossil fuels is pushing humanity to the brain. we face a stark choice.


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