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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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ah, this story of al jazeera, a unique puff. ah, there's no more time to hang back or sit in the fence or argue amongst ourselves. what lead us ramp up calls to tackle the climate crisis, but some of the worse polluting countries pushed back plans to achieve 0 carbon emissions ah. on down jordan, this is al jazeera life and also coming up to glen forces join with another ethiopian rebel group. as i step up their offensive against the military, 3 people are killed and dozens are missing. after a multi story building collapsed in the heart of nigeria as commercial capital,
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lagos, and catholic, some booty, believers united. hating to pay tribute to the dead as the country grapples with a wave of gang violence. ah, what leaders of agreed to n deforestation by 2030. it's the 1st commitment made at the cop $26.00 climate conference in glasgow. presidents and prime ministers of spoken about the severity of the emergency, but it's far less certain whether they will deliver the action needed to stave off catastrophic levels of warming. our diplomatic editor james base begins our coverage from glasgow. o intense diplomacy ahead of this event has been going on for years. this has been billed as the conference that can save the planet. it's host the u. k. prime minister, making the point of the city where it's being held. glasgow was the place where the
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steam engine was invented 250 years ago, triggering an industrial revolution that's started the climate crisis. yes, my friends. we brought you to the very place where the doomsday machine began to tick. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act now and the warnings of what is at stake here, continued this from the un secretary general william, our addiction to fossil fuels, is pushing humanity to the body. we face a stark choice either we stop it or it stops us. we are digging our own grapes. u. s. president joe biden came to glasgow with, unlike his predecessor, donald trump, a strong commitment to fight the climate emergency. but without the tools to do so,
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his green policies depend on a massive spending package that has already been paired back and has yet to pass congress. there's no more time to hang back or shoot an offense, or argue amongst ourselves. this is a challenge of our collective lifetime, the existential threat, threat to human existence as we know it. the president told delegates the eyes of history were on them, but president biden's own eyes were the subject of speculation on social media. what did he doze off at one point as he listened to the speeches here in glasgow, they'll be 12 days of long, intense negotiations for this vital conference to be a success. all the stars need to align, but some powerful leaders like president, she of china and russia as president putin are not here. and there's not been the hope for momentum ahead of caught 26 over the weekend in rome. the leaders of the most prosperous nations on the planet met. they said all the right words about the
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climate, but they didn't take the action that was needed. according to environmentalists. one g, 20 country india has committees at the glasgow conference to be net 0 by 2070, but prime minister nor andro modi's announcement will disappoint many putting his country 2 decades behind the un target of 2050 barra india will fulfill 50 percent of its energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030, between now and 2030 indian reduces total projected carbon emissions by $1000000000.00 tons by 2030. and you will reduce the carbon intensity of its economy by 45 percent and by 2070. and you will achieve the target of net 0 emissions. living on the front lay mir motley as the prime minister of barbados, a small island nation that was battered by a hurricane in july. court read. court read to the g 7 countries.
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court read court, read to the g. 20 earth. the ha, that's what it said. earth to cop. for those who are ways to see. for those who have is felicity and for laws who have a heart to fear. 1.5 is what we need to survive. the urgency of the situation is obvious, but it's still not clear those the commitment by all nations to try to fix things. james bay's al, jazeera glasgow kelly, what brown for and as environmental advocate for samoa, that's a low lying pacific nation, already threatened by rising sea levels. she says climate change is an everyday reality for island people. while large countries pay lip service to the small steps taken so far. this is a warrior from young pacific islanders, we are not drowning. we are fighting. and really, i think there is
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a misconception that we are mere victims of the kind of crisis. but if you actually visit an island, you would see that there's so much resilience coming out of our communities. i mean changes in the everyday lives of us as island people because we are coastal communities because we rely so much on our land in our ocean. when that relationship is change because the climate is changing, our livelihood change, and so we see are horribly cheap, meaning our fishermen aren't getting as much fish. we have extreme weather like cycle happening frequently, which means that businesses go out of business, family struggle are constantly in the state of adapting and having to the show resilience because of the climate crisis. one of my big hopes is that we can finally be honest with our failures. i think there's a lot of lip service about what has happened, even though it's small. we make it out to be big. but the reality is,
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we're very far behind. we're not going at the speed we need to be going. we do not have ambitious action, ambitious language, and we need to see that in order for us to meet the 1.5 target waterfront island to survive. so i think if at this hot robeto's a truly honest about how far behind they are and how much work needs to be done, then we can finally get together and say, you know what, this is the plan. this is the compass, this is how we go forward and try and get there as fast as possible. and if you appear, rebels are made to draw people's liberation from say they've joined up with rebel forces from the countries most populous region or a meal. a t p left says it's forces of see the tom of can vulture out, it's report to me. i'm hauled a region while rebels and or me or say they've seen the town of. can me say both towns are strategic points on the highway to out us up above and either his prime minister, abbey ahmed, as called on all citizens to mobilize in the fight against the to grind forces. the armies been fighting the to gripe people's liberation front. for nearly a year,
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tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced by the conflict. let's bring into harness walter. mariam. he teaches international relations with a focus on africa and the middle east, and joins us from arlington. in virginia johan is good to have you back. so listen to grand rebel say they've joined up with albert. are the rebel forces from our amir? how significant is this move? because the armor will want suppressed by the t p a left when that oh yeah. well, let me stay resented that if ya during the 27 years of room by a lot. but now, there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the autumn when the gratian front and a, because the abbey has managed to alienate the all mo, the, including some has. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he feel like
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he's trying to take advantage of that situation as well as o l. a. a right now, since they have them in the military moment or. yeah, and, and to gras rebels claim to making advances in the i'm our region, as you say, also seizing an airport that what is the long term military and political game plan of the t p a left. what do they really want that's a very good question. for the objectives of a history. and now it, you know, the situation has reached such a boiling point. and also the animosity between ethnic groups has reached them all the time. that one of the last to go to this other by a rule again, looks not a very practical idea, but they do have the intention and they have every intention of trying to get
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reader and, and see prime minister, ibm it and perhaps started some kind of a transition into a new ok regime coalition, a sort of the various groups that they seem to be friendly with aligning at this time, including you and your peers. government is accused to grant fighters of killing a 100 youths in come boats, which they deny. i mean, but both sides have made claims and counts the claims of atrocities. what impact is the propaganda war? having in this conflict? honest, oh, there has been this entire ton of money. you know, there has been a disinformation campaign from every angle. but of course, in competitive terms, i would say we can meet the trust more that he left or it's re incarnation the to grand defense forces than we contrast the central government.
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the central government has all the reports coming from the central government have proven to be done by time not factual and most of the time and they have been promising a lot about me to take that particular example of this. i think made us offensive was to reach maralie. but what we see is the counter offensive by the law and the tv a life is gaining, the military opera. yon is just a final thought to you. i mean, if you appears prime minister abbey ahmed has called an old citizens now to mobilize in the fight against to brian for says, was he saying this now? and is this, perhaps some indication of the government is failing to stop the rebel? advance it? sure. it is, it's a failing and then now resorting to a sort of the people's uprising against the law, which doesn't seem to be practical. it's trained, national academy cannot stop that. he left. how can the civilians rise up and stuff
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like that? of course, the challenge with that order, so you know, it's a 100000000 people and that if you cannot lead again, especially with the track record that they had with the 2070 years of rule. but this is a very complicated issue and the famine has been used as a weapon for the high. and so that it really is, he's a need to break that in supplement so they can have access to food for you on a smaller marion really good to get your insight. thank you very much and for talking to are, is there a thank you and give you a 21 story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least 3 people, dozens of thought to be trapped in the rubble. the building in lagos is reported. have been under construction. it's not yet clear what caused the building to come down. there been recent efforts, the militia reinforce on site buildings in the city,
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but more 80 demolish this year. but address is following the story from neighboring chat. fast on the scenes, why ambulances and emergency workers, but there was nothing much they could do. they tried to dig through the rubble without bad hands. heavy duty machinery started coming into the area of lagos, which is a high brow residential and commercial estate in mega city. and then the work started in earnest. looking at the rebel, the mountain of rebel, they in fact, needed much more bigger heavy duty commit to move the rebel in order to access the people who have been trapped inside the building. now it's not clear exactly how many people have been trapped and legacy is no stranger to this disaster. respecting the construction code has always been a difficult situation in lagos enforcement. despite enforcement such contravention, continue not only in lagos, but across the switches nigeria, people bribe officials to look the other way. while the they go screaming things
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and making construction or constructing poorly built structures in legacy. eventually these structures collapses and killed a lot of people. every year we register such incidences, conference or break here and just when we come back, franz rose back on his threat to impose sanctions on the u. k. and a dispute of fishing, rice and u. s. supreme court judges are indicating which way they will vote, as they consider a challenge to a ban on abortions in texas more in that state i . i look forward to burritos. guys. with the sponsored by capital airways is still not as cold as it should be. the northern china and long gully dairy shelter alone, but out this term is about minus one. and so you see we're still above there. we
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should go down a bit, but it's not really wanting to. we're hovering 4 or 5 degrees above average. it's true for hobbin, it's true for beijing as well. the still some rain that's not abnormal. now again, pulsing out of that cold air when it comes, crossed warmish waters, the yellow sea that hits the korean peninsula and is reigned for a bit of hawkeye. don't hold shoe as well, where there shouldn't be rain and there is in this western southern part of china. it persists for the next couple of days. then this dry bit as the proper season ringo south. focusing. i think maybe in the far south thailand, singapore plants, the malaysia has been very well recently in borneo and java sumatra. maybe that real wet is easy off for time. and with the southwest monsoon gone, the northeast monsoon, trying to establish itself is the time for this eastern side of the deck and plateau to get the re what is certainly wasn't the magic pradesh or we're down to select and as far west as go a few shows up in nepal of the far north of pakistan. large, it's a dry picture here for the time being. but when tool arrives soon,
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but moment we look to the west for rain up in northern iraq. oh, the weather sponsored by katara, always a fearless mexican journalist, sideline for taking on a president. and a corrupt system ruled by a single party for over 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform, determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga of truth seeking and a refusal to be gag rating of silence, a witness documentary on out to sierra, ah o.
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walking back, a quick reminder about top stories here. this, our world leaders are meeting for a un conference to try and contain climate change. more than a 100 nations of agreed to and deforestation. by 2030 is the 1st agreement made at the 2 week summit. rebels in ethiopia, northern to bryan major say to have joined up with forces from other mia countries, most hotness region. they're claiming control of 2 towns on the highway to the capitol, added some of them on a 21 story building has collapsed and nigeria is lagos killing. at least 3 people, dozens of thought to be trapped in the rubble of the multi story building was under construction. friends, president emmanuel macros, belaying new customs checks against the u. k. the dispute of a fishing rights after briggs, it was threatening to turn into a wider trade dispute, but more talks of and plan to defuse the crisis. alexia brown reports from bologna, a semester o. at the fish market. in france's biggest fishing port,
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they nervous some here say they've already lost nearly 50 percent of their income after their boats weren't granted a license to fish and british waters were, are overhang otis are going like bugging monica? this is all. what we don't understand is why some boats are given licenses and others warrant. some of these boats have been fishing in these waters for generations either. suddenly having acids or none natural, but that is also the ocean became the latest battle ground between the u. k. and the european union under a post bricks a tray deal which came into force this year. it meant both sides could control who could fish and their waters. france accuses the u. k of unfairly denying permission to dozens of its vessels, fishermen, and we'll also mer rely on british waters for their catch. or the relationship goes both ways. because for the british fishing and st. france is the gateway to europe
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and they depend on ports like this. for access to the continent. if the u. k doesn't resolve the issue, francis threatening to roll out a series of sanctions, including taft checks on trucks going to and from the u. k. and preventing british fishing boats from docking and unloading their catch. the u. k says it's considering legal action if the measures go ahead. all sudden cry bianco says the announcement of rex it renew. there'd be a lot of problems for the fishing industry. what's happening now is not a surprise. and the biggest losers will be the british retirement. and the french fishermen and not just them, there is concern here that thousands of jobs could be affected, including those who process their fish that brought a shore from british boats. overcoat multi sub i. yeah. what we want is for everyone to be able to work for everyone to be able to go anywhere, respecting each other's jobs for us, all to have equal rights and work hand in hand like before. this is home to
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a statute that pays tribute to the close relations between the u. k and france, but that relationships being solely taste it. and as politicians argue over their futures, sam, in the fishing community feel their being left out at sea. alexey o'brien al jazeera alone, you're still there. northern france. russian president vladimir putin has stressed the need to strengthen the country's air defenses. a spoke during a meeting with military officials and arms makers in such re. putin's comments come as nato forces carry out military exercises near russia's border, it speak to little girl next year. we must further improve our air and space defense system. leading powers have been developing perspective, a high speed strike weapon. it's also warranted by the military political situation, including increasingly intensive flights by nato aircraft near russia. and the appearance of the alliances warships armed with guided missiles in the baltic and
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black sea. yet many government sources say who the missile strikes have killed at least 3 people, an injured 28 others in the married province. the attacks targeted the algebra district, south of the city of marin, who these began their push to take control of the oil rich province. 2 months ago. mara is the last strong old of the internationally recognized government. the not in the united nation special envoy for sedan says mass protests against the country's military takeover. more than a week ago, a working tens of thousands of people have been rallying at least 11 have been killed and more than a 100 injured. next to me to seen the mos demonstrations on special support stillbirth. and we have no way here to not to measure as soft stations account number can tow media efforts or games go in.
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there is a lot of sharpening between general come on climate residence and other places where other officials are located. but counting is on the way for south africa as local elections. early report show a low turnout for monday's poll is expected to be the toughest contest yet for the ruling african national congress party. some predictions suggest the agency will win less than half of the vote and may lose control of some of the country's largest regions in facing growing discontent, of a rundown infrastructure and social inequality. for me, the miller has more from so many of those that did come out to vote. they are a number of issues that they want dealt with. and this is what some of them had to say. my important issues, if small, the normal is the service delivery of the bottles, it's the st light's not working. it's the low chipping impact and so heavily on our
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economy. it's been 13 years that we've since experienced power cuts in south africa . so it would be, it would be good to actually not only here of the how long this will continue, but what would be, what would be the plane in bringing in bringing it to an end. political policies are vying for control of major cities and municipalities. 15 years ago, the governing african national congress had an easy majority since then their popularity is way and, and might explain why some people are staying away from the polls in protest against a government they say is failing them. this now is an opportunity for many of the smaller parties to gain ground. analysts say the african national congress may not get the majority that's needed this time around and it's likely that coalition governments will be found in major urban centers in south africa. they are areas in the country where people have stayed away from the polls,
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even try to block people from voting. they haven't been any major incidents, but for the african national congress. this really could be a test, a heads of national elections in terms of the difficulties it's facing. they are internal battles, and this really would speak potentially to the leadership role of president sal, rama parsa. and whether or not people have faith in the party and the president in south, after more than a year of political turmoil that delay the elections, somalia, as begotten, electing politicians for its lower house of parliament. the 1st 2 politicians for the 275 men below a house where elected in mogadishu, on monday, bare been chosen by tens of thousands of clan delegates. there is a separate voting process for the upper house. and in both branches of government, vote for the next president, the supreme court, his hearing arguments about an abortion law in texas, the regulation effectively bands terminations. once a fetal hot meat is detected,
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it's been an effects in september, but hundreds of thousands of protested against it. across the country, the justice department says it violates a landmark routing from 973 political hang as mona, from washington dc. in just about 3 hours of back and forth, the justices heard arguments for and against the texas abortion law. basically it goes round roe v wade, which allows abortion in the country and says that private citizens can basically sue anyone involved in how helping a woman get in abortion. and they could face up to a $10000.00 fine after the arguments, the lawyers for both sides said that they were optimistic. i don't wanna read too much into the tea leaves. but as i said, several justice we're obviously concerned with, i think you heard today the state of tex's nit, texas can do this with the right to abortion band with brown versus the board of education. a state could have gotten around the supreme court decision brown by
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allowing anyone to sued for $10000.00 in warner, someone who's integrating the school and the federal courts would have been completely powerless. so the focus for me is this case, in this case law, what happens in other states, what their legislators are elected to do are different. what are like the officials are like to do and so each state has a responsibility to do what they think is right. and their legislators have a responsibility to represent their constituents views. and so i'm pleased to, to represent this state on this particular issue and, and we're going to go for doing this. well, the justices of signals, they don't really plan to rule on whether the texas laws, constitutional, but whether providers or the federal government actually has the right to sue to stop. texas. the bigger abortion case is going to come in december, that's from the justices will hear about a law in mississippi that says, abortions cannot happen after 15 weeks of pregnancy, or that is far shorter than the current law allows. both of these decisions,
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though, are not expected for months, but they will have a huge impact on this country. russians are staying away from work this week as the country struggles with record corona virus cases and deaths. moscow is the worst affected and has been locked down since thursday. health officials reported more than $40000.00 infections and at least a 1000 debts on monday. and that makes russia one of the world's worst countries at the moment. sluggish vaccination rates are thought to be fueling case numbers. worshippers, about voodoo and catholicism have gathered at cemeteries across haiti's who pay tribute to the dead. this year, ceremonies have taken on special meaning as haiti struggles with skyrocketing gang violence, critical time, all and the last effects of august's deadly earthquake. john henry has mona from a capital quarter press follow a parade through port a print cemetery on all since day this year. and you'll reach the cultural crossroads of a country in crisis. as the faithful make their way through the
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maze of cripps, a voodoo band leader dances and pours out a mixture of rum and bell peppers to please the spirits. no, ma'am, your civil doretha. we are reduce, some people believe it's for sit in about we consider it our culture. that's our symbol. today, it's our ceremony, our birthday celebration a on this day of remembrance for catholic st. believers of 2 faith celebrate together, bringing candle it offerings, flowers, and sacrifices of food to the graves of family and friends. it's a day to leave momentos and beautify the resting places of those they've lost. celebrants, one with a human skull in hand oversee a tribute of candles, coffee, and hope. in hard times. the bay bay no demand, irish for our country to move forward. we want our country to be free. so every young man and we man can have
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a job. so all of the video people can have something to do. it's a rear cause for celebration nearly 4 months after the assassination of the countries president. all saints day is a mixture of traditions, christian and voodoo, rum and reverence. but this year it's happening in a haiti that's more in chaos. and at any time in recent memory, they come for the ceremony for much needed inspiration and promise of better times to come get movie burger king size monkey said there is no change without problems . and no change without suffering. just as a woman has to go to label cans before, not everyone can celebrate a baby's birth law even though we have a lot of guest is and gods, and the ghetto are this will end ah, the tree beach continue for a 2nd day of celebration on tuesday all souls day
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a day to celebrate not just the saints, but all the dead. a number that seems to be growing at an alarming rate. john henderson, al jazeera, puerto prince haiti. ah, don't forget you got the headlines here now does hear a word leaders of agreed to and deforestation by 2030. it's the 1st commitment made the cop 26 climate conference in glasgow the u. n. sec, the general is calling for systemic action to avoid catastrophic climate change. i would addiction to fossil fools is pushing humanity to the body. we face us thought choice, either we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough enough of booked the lising biodiversity enough of killing those.


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