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1000 visitors and buyers and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and government to come together to explore business. ab networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners i h t of 2020 was transforming africa. ah, i'm sorry. i'm to mozy in london at quick look at the main stories for you now and more than a 120 world leaders are in glasgow, scotland hearing about the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency delegates had u. k. prime minister boris johnson. say the world was strapped to a doomsday device and un secretary general antonio the terrace, told the cops when he sits conference, that by failing to respond to the crisis, countries with digging their own graves. oh, it addiction to force him fools. you splashing humanity to the body. we
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face us thought choice, either we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough. enough of built the lising, biodiversity, it off of killing go ourselves. we have carbon. enough of to thing nature like the toilet. enough of burning and the illegal minding. go away deeper. we are digging oh it own graves. and despite the urgency of the message, not all wealth leaders are in scotland among the absentees. reaching penn from china, which is the wild biggest polluter, and the russian president vladimir putin. in other news, more than 5000000 people have now died from cove at 19, according to the johns hopkins university tracker. but many experts believe the actual number could be much higher. the u. n is described, the vaccine roll out to poor countries, especially those in africa. any 5 percent of people have actually been inoculated as a global shame. jamini government,
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so say who see missile strikes have killed at least 8 people in india, 22 others in merritt province. the strikes hit, a religious school at a mosque south of the city. it follows developments on sunday, an announcement from the saudi led coalition that it killed more than $200.00 hu fees in merit this week. at 21 story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least one person. dozens of people are thought to be trapped in the rubble building is reported to have been under construction. it's not yet kale. what caused the collapse and the right to an abortion in the u. s. is in the balance. a supreme court justices here arguments over in the a total ban on the procedure in texas democrat lead justice department is bringing the challenge against the republican controlled state story of al jazeera. a unique path continues.
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okay about 4 weeks after the 911 attacks us warplanes bombed alger 0 campbell office, the bureau was empty. the time the network had previously given the location of its humble office to the authorities in washington. for one algebra or a cameraman, a routine deployment to afghanistan resulted in 6 years detention without trial in guantanamo bay for norman oklahoma. and oh, sure, laguna lu will are from stone marlborough larva who do the republic called a free and rob ricks. done. done with the live him in trin, i'll shall thought the land back to san you go, you'll enjoy that ali jack needed his out of the don't leave for them was up. bill is signal asked goody fee, or the ha, by the law school by the left. mother,
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joshua john ali lay in my lab said, will answer and we will collaboratively. dr. al jazeera bureau chief in cobbled high sierra luni, was also detained. he was visiting his family in spain, in september 2003 when he was arrested and sentenced to 7 years detention warning. al jazeera believed that its journalists had become the target of american government. anger. the channel had broadcast to video messages by ben larson that had been sent to its office. it's in the aftermath of the $911.00 attack. we know that al jazeera has a pattern of playing taliban propaganda over and over and over again. man, the diet, in the 6 of a keith come with
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a walk ins county who not yet any a lot that out of less than out of land nationally. the lot there you have to do the stuff about them and do it out of the element. do not to be and i kind of just can't see any how do you feel in her tongue? got a lot of stuff in her home, which was the or him the lunch. but i'm can do both. will one more thought in also and i have final 0. 0 and i don't have one. yeah. any higher than michelle and then my job but out of them. but the desire to be one of the higher than even on september that kathy, i mean the lowest up of me of the that is george bush. and i cannot, i did min lo celebrity that there was just mean edge of it. i kind of had him at the edge of the whole model and i cannot walk,
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walk with them or be lead and see vertica. and what limit going on despite these accusations west and broadcast is, were extremely keen and you down to the pictures given its wide network of reported, established throughout the region. the whether it was in iraq, where saddam hussein was being accused of holding weapons of mass destruction or in the occupying west bank with a pillow lead a youngster on a phone had returned ramallah al jazeera was the 1st international broadcast to, to interview at a time when he was under house arrest, his health was deteriorating and he vowed to continue to his last breath. you're doing a m. c. m. a putty on particular
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about that. and then shade that also in the occupied west bank. the battle for janine took place in april 2002 israeli troops entered the jeanine refugee camp for 11 days. they clashed with palestinian fighters can we wouldn't call him if he had laughed at fusion, even when little it's rough, not because he had a min and she's been women been home. can agenda was in the number of quoted mckenna, mit kellum for him on. it was your thought, all that know local fulton aligned them into mccann. he was jamie, the to be an initial band, highly and engineering and the uncle. so for the thought, well, i can show the by saw model there with the how about it? know, so she had the because he had a minute the let the can it's hot alley edge done a loaner illema because the genie and what that i'm that you know,
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the who i mean that it has a has, if you did wrong, can a genie and want to have more of a camera with that, with the joe will. wherever confrontations took place in the occupied west bank, al jazeera reporters were on the ground. they reported from the old city of napa from hebron and bethlehem. algebra reporters were also based in the gallons a strip. a continual hotspot by 2003 al jazeera was now well established and a household name. it began to expand, including online. in september of that year, an english language website was launched. it was an immediate success in alicia. another launch was al jazeera, a boucher. it began in early 2005 and gave you was real time footage of global and regional events. saddam hussein and his sons
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must leave a rack within 48 hours y and on top of accomplish adena ada. about that i thought i thought i thought and thought ill and way. abdul ana, south of sofa had helen on the 20th of march, 2003. the us led invasion of iraq began with will, custom canada, geneva the fella nuclear lynch. books slow other than ireland, but the ha, ha ha, an a with as the invasion unfolded, alger 0 repulses were deployed throughout the country. 3 weeks later, american tags rolled into baghdad. the 8th of april,
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2003 american jets formed al jazeera bureau in the iraq. he capital hi. tonic are you? an alger zebra reporter who was filming on the roof at the time was killed. he was not the only al jazeera casualty camera, men rashid wildly was killed while filming clashes in the southern city of karbala . americans want nothing more than to return home. and that is your direction to night. on the 7th of may, 2003, u. s. president george w bush declared the war to be over after an intensive search american troops located saddam hussein in a village close to the city of to crete al jazeera was the birth tv channel on the scene. the herana. if the old ones, i think was
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a nice lemon thought to a door when a kind of she had the left not but lot of sorted with lee, as of them were saying a word and them a gun and waste a he, when he told alina to fossil it was kyle valley, he was mcdonald, eddie. okay, couple alley. he cannot lumped up her barn. saddam hussein's trial was shown throughout the world. the former iraqi president was charged with crimes against humanity. it started to what, in any kia and a to cool anatomy, 0 or on a lot of he had weighed a list that la la mca, where i really wanted to see an, an alameda kia capital. what lem nikia? good. i had it and mina, i couldn't more that and that was not cometh thus we're. if i had to from wine island with them enough and now it has the vital an acid
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a had iffy and mechanical eddie kennedy to laugh. he amana in nor can them, nor nothing that if were they have to, he won pucca f fremont. bradley santa however, had a fee that natalie it at the curb can fee in charlotte and want us off as the conflict escalated. so did the number of casualties civilians, iraqi fighters resisting the invasion. and american soldiers al jazeera report has provided a realistic and close up view of the mountain casualties on all sides. oh, i'm ready. it's the coma. her phil arak, that the la jones emily came. so what do i be sold for? an account we had the massage fatal day. laraca was it's janish, indiana mom, thought of him column from i'm with the regime b d map or but then i'm also with but then also that i the left and that had this
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were danny. yeah. cannot had the that george matty is any you should if you had a hollow chevy that it and no liquidity that the us were, unless the model, but i honestly wish them, but can it's a would sure to beth's i'll connect, which is sierra, ne, a. so what is wrong with mickey in any you saw born fi update in fallujah, west of baghdad, a major u. s. military operation was launched in april 2004. while the u. s. claimed it was killing what it called terrorist al jazeera showed the reality of widespread civilian casualties. the transitional iraqi government was highly critical about his he was coverage ah, that same month disturbing images emerged from abu ghraib prison. the u. s.
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military were in charge. yep. were unable to defend the actions of their own personnel. the pictures to picking torture and humiliation created a global shock wife thought i will grab it as our latino charlotte garcia, baltimore la, dr. mental health and if carmen, kind of i think the other. so when would you think if you had that market one opinion with the financial, aidan us, isaac, when us a w j 0? well home, you staff going and you handed the iraqi resistance group and some groups began to kidnap foreigners at this time the u. s. accused al, jazeera of encouraging on groups. one report even suggested that president bush considered bombing al jersey was headquarters in doha or an amen home that off to the la to carla italy. what dilemma the kia celeste mallet? aleck honestly, be less out within his family comes at a young. i'm
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a 33rd for heal asagwa extra classwork, a. the morality fairly how alicia lane. welcome to work. i'd like to huffy xander lynn phil, i dfi decision of on it. video to appear in ramallah the ailing p l. o. lina jasa on a fat remained in his west bank headquarters on a foreign as close as 8th was surrounded by his ready tanks placed there by ariel sharon, who by then had become israel's prime minister. out of front left for jordan and then paris to seek medical treatment. ah, the 11th of november, 2004 al jazeera was the 1st to report the death of yasser arafat. al jazeera differed from its competitors by covering under reported regions from its earliest days, the channel had a presence in africa and actively sought out news from the content from its bureau,
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in the sudanese capital cartoon. it reported on the presence of al qaeda in east africa. it was also on the ground for the humanitarian crisis that beset doth 4 in 2003. that december and al jazeera correspondent was arrested on charges of quote, airing news containing false information aimed at smearing sedans. image was of a sum of up looking for the bumper portia of u. w. fee has your florida there at the end of for you to she runs into he through obama, to typically if he read and the helpful of them is hub. when look up the heather, he myself, he me done. let me of the had the on her a you sanford delicate, walked layla gisela. another place where al jazeera has been based is iran providing an important additional perspective on the middle east region,
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one wide min packet, dallas almond tucker lift. if he has antibiotic be, if he, if he at all that the loan egg will mikka phillips at the m anthony field for many a book audio can who ship um, them nephew is on the bus. me that got all mother lik and the hassle of michigan a cabinet. it's about 3 o'clock audio, some thoughts on the article, martha hadn't need, and they hadn't amato law. well bob, know the ha, ha, ha. selda al jazeera also had a strong presence in turkey, recognizing its important and historic rolled in the region. the channel reported extensively on turkey's transition from military to democratic rule. as to how would a democracy i with the how would flock albina, alaska. why call moth his blood are lower than mia who are limb? mia chron, shane and bosley upon what you felt threatens them, and he had been costly anomaly, kennimore, one shot gun walker. then why impaired the alarm madison away?
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the id, the national guard canal at al jazeera lemmy, a quin j she at the i am a man who and will not be at that account. what was on, if not gonna aj ya had the and the email address, i live in are still ha length or quinton dilate. her asian has been an important continent for algebra to cover the channel had conducted an interview with the al qaeda. leda osama, bin laden family in the late 19 ninety's doctor. later in afghanistan as the taliban regrouped, america's response was to send more troops by mid 2008. they were almost 50000 us troops in the country. meanwhile in kashmir, a devastating earthquake caused widespread damage and catastrophic loss of life. it went to him in a wooden was last month,
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but a call to le let it go. i thought about a marcus is as energetically locked. we're a copy of our agile and the other than cutler. have he been record joe as an i shot and f, a shots with 15 and the the way of me a get that would pop up another delay. got let, let obscene shops equip, baxter qualified 20 that means you hadn't met and now have that probably if he were here, elizabeth had thought that the log contractor for the apostle elizabeth or somebody else, but he left the rounds of china. prompted al jazeera to open a bureau in bay jing in 2002. china was one of the fastest growing countries in the world with an accelerating economy. so i now, i let go, am the john backed up al jazeera. if you begin, it just sit on bona asleep while holland lobby. mincie lal tucker, either a cash effort. i looked at her on her deed men and
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a half idea at that he see. yeah, we're a thought coffee. yeah. leah body ballad in v as yet. the asian soon army of december 2004 was truly catastrophic. the exact death toll is unknown, but it's believed that some 230000 people perished. giant waves engulfed coastal communities in thailand, sri lanka, and indonesia. had you book edited as soon as me and lydia, isabella, from the remote indonesian island, have been to ha, suffered the greatest number of dead wouldn't be forgot either in the hadn't had come upon jessie ella gonna be thus will i wait indonesia? docile. la la macdonald, heather, flaming. allah was sure he'd now let machine my so we need a lot of frequently mechanical thing that heather can wish i had. openness of bucking, theodor soil. hum, delilah. martha. now, your baggage del sabrina adam, alcohol. sabatino. luckily i shall boiler unaided. her by the from said i was
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while al jazeera had developed a reputation for frontline reporting, it also provided comprehensive coverage of natural disasters. methyl grandmother and kathy in the jam cameras, followed the work of the aid agency doctors without borders as they battle to save children. devastated by famine through canada and the corner of just euro, who not had the if the ship and ireland has him had the he a la seth alluded, fell a dolly a felon. fisher. anthony danny, be circle. you owe me for a lot of other been moved to left the world alarm and alum alamosa, either one of them at the leah algebra. bennett, i looked real al jazeera leah, 2000000000 heard from her. the address that we're a that the hold on the one ica are you them, cost us will shabby, hostile them to ricardo the for the peer. some tragedies were man made in 2007 in jemina. the capital of chad al jazeera uncovered the case of
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a french charity, accused of attempting to smuggle over $100.00 children out of the country. 6 french aid workers were later convicted on kidnapping charges. is the bar in years either and to act up a sub a sept. behave and i was select ella american a little you me, i'm in her a up fired woman cabella at you let out a lot file billy laugher, ella, the foreseeable cavalier. letty, a boy that fear my high came with them, but that gave my most willingly had he alert one of them. al jazeera, counted important conflicts in africa, including the rise of the arms group book of rum in nigeria. and the eastern region of the democratic republic of congo, which has endured violent ethnic rival beat for almost 2 decades. i'll do the remain chained and enduring present in somalia and in neighboring
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ethiopia, covering conflict in the region known as ogden. despite it being a difficult area for reporter to access, she'll be at a loss, mia? length at the bel air. or you will see la mija and totally le had the lip lip were dark. his i'll touch if mcinerney, half ian canister. yeah. you had the to what are lower that was he thought of min utley, north the, should it in with touch. they were to join in what are the al jazeera, if you had that, but that he a carrot and that she, if has he, hey, al mazur, reporting from south africa was also challenging. in the years after the country made the transition from a party to democracy. wherever there was conflict or political movement, al jazeera reporting was on the ground, be it in zimbabwe, angola,
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mozambique, or sierra leone. but a hot outline. the seller bill is at the area. what color libya and as hub ill, i said, are you on the 30th? much more armina cordial. insomnia, mar, alicia doyle soluble. uh huh. fickle a cecilia. misled at the courier i would that allan shannon at farm and athena the hud. you're a, would you know, we shouldn't have been any other than, look at the seller. be a muscle enemy, le soluble ahmed, kindly put on, or how will and the community, my sure, if you gentle a student can hon. alika is jemma. brianna alba millage natalia. cindy blackmore, where her corner stood any one? 0, i looked alertly, sierra alicia. it's angela madison and thought dr. yoletta going to the other door while other school number by shelton, i la in just miss another, missouri. the channels footprint and sphere of influence had spread far beyond the middle east. alpha 0 expanded its presence into south america. journalists reported
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on the environment on drug trafficking, poverty, and inequality. the new bureau was in caracas. the capital of venezuela quinn was alum cantonsville evidence in i'll feel it away. i'll see miami often mexic. oh them after that is he? let me, i couldn't like i had humans when. what's that is it? i can a citizen can be done. my good, who were chavez? and as i, as anybody ever is when i answered that it was casa lynn lymphatic had fellas, i'll allow me of them looked at it in the anna. oh, smith and mackenzie, little boy, or a call to miss edge's eda. when i started, when asked her to have it, i guess eda, ne, adding for norfolk at bell,
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you could the sooner rather be don't be. and now the in the household al jazeera success grew from a skilled and committed workforce. as a younger generation came on board, they benefited from a new training center set up in 2004 years later, it transformed into a specialized media institute. when and at the her little year that there's hours ahead of that, we're go idea. i'm 0. ella. had asked up lately, i lam a lot of each 2nd law that the dallas arrow yucca that it has an umbrella and was out of it altogether. liana was solid in its 1st 25 years. al jazeera has been criticized, and it has been applauded. however, it has never been ignored. it became an established part of the media landscape in the arab world. the success all vouch 0 prompted other channels to launch in the
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middle east in north africa. and if it to compete for audiences in countries of rising populations and economic growth, economic count. huh. we cannot see that it al jazeera established a new style of journalism in the arab world, based on reporting real news in a professional way. delivering comprehensive news and current affairs coverage from around the well with atlanta for dental. i wouldn't and you couldn't of effect even stomach how the melody lead at the national gym. yeah. and would then a worn and sick to me when i told you when repeat listen method, the muscle a cannot been in the silicon. many can meet up a shot of 10 years. after its launch al jazeera was now part of the international media landscape. and that sort of sabbatical, definite boy, while they are out of e. j. b. bad. the mr. korea to la la la la, la scott, would delevie an internet up the thumb booted up and i think does he had
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a mon ashleen logo? i fit on him and out of it, i fell out of bed. it's been a walk 3. that's an officer. dizzier who had the she j land nat and had that for the couldn't m. sadler? who will probably a period that he will finish said look the, an eminently to fight jo below that. but then johnson diameter at the admin at the ged been misled. a shot alana without his eras arabic channel established as a global brand construction which began on a new building to house the new channel. welcome to al jazeera. in november, the 15th day, one of a new era and television news on al jazeera english, launched in 20060. mocking a new chapter in the al jazeera story, promising to reach new audiences with bold reporting and fresh perspectives that have become a hallmark of al jazeera ah
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a pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy was me. i know that i might go to prison. good, so i will join the ron and you episode of democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough my life for democracy on how to 0. well is experiencing unprecedented extreme weather. reco temperature is being set last year than i feel for deteriorating
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false whenever the quote running down world lead is amazing. laws go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out a deal to flash. we mentioned before. it's too late all over you and climate summit on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianne noisy. welcome to the news ally from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock. either we stop it or it stops us. 1.5 is what we need to survive. wild leaders may compassion please for decisive action to stop global warming as the cop 26 conference gets on the way in glasgow.


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