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menaces had no idea of happening on the shop floor, but i could see the body bags explore and abundance of world class programming climate change. medical issue of survival on algae 0. ah, the you n's cop 26 talks begin with wild lead is under pressure to find a way to avoid a climate catastrophe. ah . other can vanelle this is al, does there alive from doha, also coming up. floods, landslides kill more than 100 people in the pool. at the latest, on the rescue efforts, south africa holds local elections had about the same as the biggest test yet for the ruling, a and c party. families were united as parts of australia open international
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borders. the 1st time since the start of the pandemic. mm. the world's biggest pollution is have agreed to take greater action to limit global warming at a crucial climate summit. g. 20 lead is met and rome on sunday where they committed to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. but they didn't agree on how to do it. environmental us had hoped for a bigger breakthrough ahead of the cop 26 leaders summers in scotland. that's due to kick off in the coming hours, but with a few notable absences, china as president teaching ping is skipping the summits in person anyway. he's expected to submit a written statement instead. u. s. president biden has criticized china ad russia for not bringing any new proposals to the table to deal with climate change or having to do is live for us now in glasgow with the latest mahard. so just tell us what's the run order of the day. how is this all going to play out today on the 1st
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day of this very, very important climate summit? while came 25000 delegates from almost 200 countries are in attendance here. and the opening ceremony is expected to kick off in about 4 hours with the british prime minister euque as prime minister. but as johnson telling the gathered delegates and would lead us, that time is running out. we are a minute to midnight is expected to tell them in terms of a keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius. and he's expected to tell the world that this we should move from a parish an auction, and that it's time for the world to act against a global warming or other dignitaries will be in attendance at the present of the united states. joe biden is on his way here and so many other world leaders that
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there will be expecting to a get a commitment to that 1.5 degrees. the u. n. is predicting, arise of up to $2.00 degrees, which will be catastrophic for the world. and many people, many of the delegates here believe that this is the last, the last option to fix a climate change. and for good am how many days they are in glasgow. one of our correspondence, part of our team of correspondence covering the cop 26 in glasgow. thank you. time his president has been facing criticism for failing to attend the summer's treating . you has more from pacing well, she didn't pay has not left china since the beginning of the current virus outbreak last year. it's likely that they didn't thought it was too risky for him to leave, or the optics would be bad. considering china's still has closed international borders, he also addressed the g 20, but by video link twice. and during his 2nd speech on sunday,
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he did address climate change quite extensively. so that could be the reason why he's already submitting a written statement to cobb $26.00. but during that 2nd speech, he did mention a few things. he said that there was a need for the world to really commit to concrete actions. he said that developing countries needed to lead by example, and also that developed countries did need to financially assist poor countries in achieving their targets. and he also said that technology would be crucial in building the world renewable energy capacity. now, china of course, has promised to peak its carbon emissions by 2030 and become called the neutral by 2060. there is enormous focus on what china does because it is the world's biggest pollution, the biggest emitter of a carbon emissions. now, last week, china renewed its pleasures or send some new pledges into the u. n, but it wasn't anything complete in you. one thing it did promise to do was to raise total, wind and solar capacity to $1200.00 gigawatts by 2030. liberia
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has struggle to deal with environmental challenges, the 2020 environmental performance index, get the worst room in country when it comes to sustainability. like let's talk reports from the outskirts of the capital monrovia. it is deep in labourers, gideon forest region that samuel dory comes to mourn his friends inside these coffins is maria. the farmer grieves of the pasture. renee, the village shopkeeper, the cause of their death, samuel says, is the nearby rubber plantation of the tire manufacturing company. firestone launch, it started with a coffee, says doorway accuses the company of toys and the water they used for drinking. informing i did. firestone hiscock and robert bringing air and water pollution. i'm feeling hurt. these are my citizens. it was, i am very angry. i keep saying it over and over, the government doesn't care about yesterday since regina,
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you see the destruction. our below. this is not supernatural. we will destruction. but from debt to water was the government knows of. firestone is exploiting only a 5th of the 10000 square kilometer land concession, but it is expanding as the 99 year government lease was renewed in 2005. the company is clearing large parts of liberia as guinea in forest reaching home to where species of animals like the pig, me, hippo, and western chimps. their habitat is under threat environmental as say the rivers are contaminated with heavy metals, killing aquatic life. i'll. this is supposed to be the lungs of west africa, but right here in the firestone confession the air is thick with chemicals. it's things the eyes now in the statement firestone says, is doing all it can to mitigate the effect of climate change. and it is thinking to the current librarian laws to protect the environment. slobbery at ranks at the
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bottom of the environmental performance index with researcher, saying that the country is behind its regional peers, particularly in protecting the biodiversity, ensuring habitat conservation, and preventing climate change. who are poor, little who have auto industry. we're bottom pocket who have the, the grid up potential to destroy our, if it is not us. and then when you make a report and think that we are doing less, what are you doing you another more as well? i bear is poor and indebted government has given almost half of the countries land in concession st. jude multinational companies in order to repay its debt to international creditors. these companies are exploiting the countries rich natural resources and displacing tens of thousands of people in the process most are making the country's capital their home. faced with this influx authorities are unable to manage the expanding slums in clear, the mounting waste with
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a capital barely one meter above sea level, the rising ocean is now destroying their homes for liberians. there is no escape from the effect of climate change. now, doorway sees in this coffins a reminder for future generations of what caused his friends death at home and the pollution that can no longer be ignored or destroying the lives of so many. nicholas hawk al jazeera and by monrovia to nepal. now where the country continues to struggle after several days of flooding and devastating landslides, all the $100.00 people have been killed and homes and crops have been destroyed. experts say land sides are becoming more common in himalayan region. as rains become increasingly intense. iglesias melt, same bas robbie has more from one of the areas being effective. i want to start by giving you sort of a broad sense of what it looks like here on the ground where east have cut my do about 2 hours into paul chart district. and i just want to give you a sense of what it looks like. you're right now,
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we're just going to zoom in here and i want to show you the river valley basin here . now, all the areas that you see, the gravel bed, the gray rubble and sand, that whole space, right there was covered in water. up until a few days ago. now what we're seeing here, all of that, that was, that is now grey sandy rubble used to be rice, patty fields. all that's left now is that small green space of farmland that we see in frame. now everything else was washed away by the flood waters. now, what this represents is a loss of economic income for the people who live in areas like this all across the country. it represents a loss of food security. those for agricultural crops that will grow not just to be sold, but to be consumed by these local communities. we have a more than 100 people dead on the policy side of the border from these floods. another $100.00 plus deaths on the indian side of the border. this is effected the
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country in almost every region that we can think of. and it's not just a $150.00 dead and are missing. there's bridges that have been destroyed, at least 5000 building structures, homes, roads, land slides are now threatening people's lives and livelihoods. yeah, men's information minister through the rebels of kill dozens of civilians in the city of morrow. 29 people were injured or died and asked for like, it comes off the saudi state. media reported the saudi led coalition had killed at least 218 who these in the past 3 days. who these began their push to take control of the oil rich province in september. more of is the last stronghold of the internationally recognized government. japan, 5 minister for me. okay. shita has declared victory after his ruling coalition when a majority and national elections on sunday, casita said his liberal democratic party has won a very tough election after it kept a single party majority. the vote was seen as
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a major test for sheeter who took office less than a month ago. asian stock showed gains and early morning trading after the renewal results were announced. it was a very tough election, but the people's will that they wanted to create this country's future under the stable l. d. p. commis, tow government, and the key to distraction was shown while accept this with gratitude. i also find it as a sobering moment. for mcbride has more now from sole from the l d p. 's point of view, the probably the more important number is that on their own, they have 261 seats, which is what's called an absolute majority, a stable majority in the lower house. it means that with that number of seats, they can keep control of the chairs of all of the important a house committees that pass the legislation. so it's much easier for them to govern to pass laws. a very good result, of course, because shita he had come to power under something of a cloud. he is not
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a very charismatic leader to say the least. he is not the 1st choice of rank and file l d p. members. he was seen as having being foisted upon them by the party elders. this obviously helps him now cement his position as a long term prime minister i. but this is also being said, not so much of the victory for the l. d p. as also at the, the, the failure once more of japan's opposition. this campaign has been completely dominated by the pandemic and the impact on the economy now to shita has promised a big stimulus package to try to get the economy moving again. as certainly an expectation of that to business has responded positively. the nick a index jumped by 2 percent when it opened on monday, but he has an a lot of work to do, to try to counter the, at the disapproval of, of the, the government and also of his predecessor prime. it is to suga for their handling goers. many people see it, the mishandling of the pandemic of pushing ahead with
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a controversial tokyo olympics despite very limited economic gain. and in fact, seeing in the aftermath of that, a spike in cobit numbers around tokyo said ahead on al jazeera south africa, whole local elections. and what could be the biggest test yet for the ruling a policy, a colorful offering for the dead. re me pharma and mexico working hard to keep tradition alive. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by cut on airways or about see the wind pick up in many places in europe is up until this point. although the weather is being covered in the atlantic, rain's been the sing, attempts haven't been dropping too much, but we have got the colors of autumn stretching all the way across europe. but the
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leaves are still on the trees, and i may well change. this is a bigger if low pressure in the sea, these white line see that indicates at least windy weather in the northern part of europe, where arranged in the problem further south that there is still rain further south is not quite the same. static stormi had, for example, in sicily. the next 24 hours will see the rain at its worst in northern italy, and running up to snow on the southern outs of the swiss. the french, the italian out and the 2 are all in austria behind that although it's been a briefly wet day in portugal, spain monday looks much dry, but this, this windy weather coming into from saddle and come to its own. i think during tuesdays stuff to bring rain to northern spain in the nancy slaves, the northern slopes of the house, italy looks better on tuesday. now the heart of that low is off the coast of scotland. so the big circulation here, the rains being spread towards norway and denmark and you think windy weather behind, wouldn't you? but in some sort of metaphor in glasgow, the center of cop 26 is in nice shelter. it's a light breeze,
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not cold. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always ah, the stage is said and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think we're ditching the sound bites and we're digging into the issues from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the lies, dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. upfront with me, mark lamb on hill on out 0. ah, the me,
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you're watching algebra, her reminder about top stories this world leaders are arriving at glasgow for the annual time of change conference, which is kick off in the coming at a g 20 meeting a day earlier. we'd agree to take greater action to limit global warming, although there are few concrete commit. nepal continue to struggle after several days of flooding and devastating land. or the 100 people have been killed on the crops destroyed. government has promised to provide a to the victim families, japan prime minister has declared victory off to the ruling coalition, one of majority and national elections for me. okay. she this is the l d. p has one, a very tough election offices policy held onto this policy majority of opened in south africa, the local elections vote. he said to be the toughest contest yet for the ruling african national congress policy. some poll suggest the a and c will, when less than half of the vote for the 1st time,
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and may lose control of some of the country's largest municipalities. being facing growing discontent, of a rundown infrastructure and social inequality for me to mila has more from the waiter back in 2000. and 6, the a n c had more than a 50 percent majority in local elections by 2016 that had dropped and that had to form coalition governments to ensure that they so ran major metro's and cities across the country. and now the concern for the agencies, they wouldn't even be able to go on of that type of support because of the difficult physician, the agency finds itself in, in terms of its leadership. this would also be a test around the faith. people have in president rama and the issues around leadership, but also very much like service delivery, where the a and c has failed many people. that's what they say. and also one of the key
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issues today is around the voter turnout. if you will, people that come out to vote. the more likely it is that the a fee could lose support. they have a sort of legacy in south africa, being the party of, of nelson mandela. they have a certain amount of loyalty, but there are also people who say, i'm loyal to the a c, but they have failed to me. and so i can't vote for anybody else. and so a low voter turnout would affect him quite tremendously and would work in favor of smaller opposition parties un secretary general and turnover. pettus has called on sir dawn's generals to reverse the takeover of the country's government. on sunday to sydney's teacher's committee called for a strike, an old thanks. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating the recent days to rejects the army take over. at least 11 people have been killed and more than 100, others interests and confrontations with security forces to australia. now my family's reuniting of the 18 months of border closures. citizens had been effectively banned
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from entering or leaving the country fully vaccinated australians and now being allowed to return home without having to quarantine australia, introduce some of the world's toughest border restrictions. last year. almost all travel was halted, living many citizens stranded overseas. so far, only the australian capital territory you south wales and victoria lifting restrictions, their talk has more from vision i would say an emotional things at the airport this morning with families have been able to reunite now. the borders were closed in march last year. and that's more than 18 months, and so many a stallion, they say about who he felt in the strains had been granted overseas. and that was of the international voters being closed and kept put on flight. the number of passengers retained to run. yeah. that made it difficult to get a seat number one and then you had the compounding issue of the expensive hotel contain cost, so it would be an affordable time the people to get home. on monday the national
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board had been reopened to cap to be lifted on the spot i t t, which is the capital territory of camber, is we've got nissan wells and victoria. and that way we've got the 80 percent fully vaccination back. right. so in the past, just who have been double quite a double back, they have no point team that can literally land and i can redeem life as normal. now, i should say night. one thing, the initial plot, the limited to australian permanent residence and immediate families of the visa holders and the temporary residence they've been left out of this national policy. so these national problem has also been lifted out the outbound passages. stallions now don't have to apply for an exemption to leave. we had to get request permission until now. so the 2nd stage of the board is reacting that should happen towards the end of the year. and the focus then will be on the international students and the critical workers. thailand is also listening, travel restrictions, bank hawk has reopened its air force
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a foreign tourists nearly 18 months after its board is closed. fully vaccinated visitors from 63 countries and territories cannot fly in because in 1900 test on arrival. and one night in a hotel for quarantine is all that is required. thailand is hoping to revive its economy, which is highly dependent on terrorism. whitehouse press secretary gen saki have tested positive for covered 19. she's the highest ranking official, the white house to publicly disclose contracting the virus. saki said she has not had close contact with president joe biden, nor senior staff members. since wednesday, thought vaccination has symptoms of miles in brazil, 955. his have died after a cave collapsed during a training exercise and sell paula 16. all those traps but have been rescued. the group were part of a team practicing rescue techniques. it happened near the city of alton office, 300 kilometers from south paula city. also in brazil,
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police have killed 25 suspected bank robbers and an operation against violent gangs . a stash of grenades and automatic weapons for 50 officers were involved in writing true farms where gangs were believed to be preparing a tax on local banks. operation ended in a shoot out marcusson's government and a band political party have reached an agreement to end a 10 day long march, calling for the release of a detained leader. thousands of terrific alibi supported. have been walking from the hor, toward the capitol since last week. the rally has been violent on sundays as protest is fought, place at several points. come on. hot has more from osama boss. after intense negotiations that lot dared for a while drove all word late into the night or the government on the committee announced that dad raised an agreement with the proscribe derek l. up, back, august on article all for if rotate details of data agreement i have not been di,
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wyles. it should be remembered that for the pot do rate ra will be in d and islam abad. have been cut off from the rest of the country. this particular product has already caught hundreds of millions of dollars and lot says there are containers full of goggle, which had been dictated, and i used as roadblock. the people of gotten it. some abad, have eved a sigh of relief. as you can see, the traffic is now coming back to normal that the gutter defaulted are still on alert. everybody will now be watching to see how this agreement is implemented and render marjorie will be able to go back from. what did i bought from where they were threatening a margin, islam abroad? so indeed, an interesting there rela men and some relieve, as far as this particular new discount, turn you case. foreign secretary has given france 48 hours to back down on
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a fishing dispute for london, looks and taking legal action prompts to threaten trade, disruptions from tuesday, if it's votes, and not gone to more access to british waters. alexia bryan reports, side by side at rome's famous, trevi fountain, french president, emmanuel mccall, and british prime minister boris johnson, appeared to be in good humor. but behind the smiles, the escalating tensions between their 2 countries showed no sign of letting up a meeting away from the cameras. failing to bring them closer to agreement, met no, le bo, it's not gone. now the ball is in their court. if the british don't make a move, obviously that measures that a plan from the 2nd of november onwards will have to be put in place. because it will be a no going funding. the ball is in the britons called frances accused the u. k. a flouting a post breaks at tre dale by failing to give french fishermen enough licenses to operate in british waters and outlined a series of sanctions if they weren't granted. if the dispute is not resolved by
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tuesday, france, we'll go ahead with a series of what it's called, targeted measures at ports like this along the coast. british fishing vessels will undergo stricter security checks and they may not be able to dock to unload their catch. they'll also be longer time consuming health and safety checks for trucks going to or from the u. k. caught up in the debate this british trula. it was seized off the port of laughter on thursday. it's captain accused of fishing and french waters without a license. but you don't know when i looked up, the company that owns the boat says it's being used as a porn, and the dispute, the british prime minister, has said the seizure wasn't what he'd expect from a close friend and ally, that it's up to france to step back from its threats on fish, i gotta tell you that the police, the position is, is unchanged. and i will, i'll just, i'll just, i'll just say this for the, for the record. i must,
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i was puzzled to read a letter from the french prime minister explicitly asking for britain to be punished for leaving the you and i are just how to take say to really, i don't believe that that is compatible either with the the spirit or the letter of the withdrawal agreement relations between the u. k and france, clearly navigating troubled waters with both sides, determined to hold their course and ex hebron al jazeera paris. no macedonia is prime minister has resigned half to his governing social democratic union party, suffered a major loss and local elections, thorns i have conceived defeat in the most important contests. there's race in the capitals copier handler is supported by the main sent a right opposition party are set to win, at least half of the countries municipalities. official results are due later on monday would surely get together those wallets. your citizens allow me on behalf of
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the social democratic union of macedonia and all our people to congratulate our opponents for winning the local elections. i am taking over the responsibility for such developments of the political events, including the result of these elections. i am here by resigning from the position of the prime minister and the president of the social democratic union of macedonia . 2 trains of glided in the u. k. 17 people were taken to hospital for treatment. the incident happened in a tunnel mer solsbury and southern england train drive was traps and treated by paramedics suddenly running around. i think people like, i mean, you know media tucker and jimmy lie and 7 other pro democracy activists have gone on trial in hong kong. i've been charged for their alleged roles and unauthorized event commemorating the 1989 piano and
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square massacre. all a have pleaded not guilty. can expand the annual vigil last year. due to the pandemic, critic say that was employed to fall in the field position, falling anti government protests and 2019. as mexico's day of the dead approaches, the as tech marigold is beginning to appear in every household. the flowers linked to pre hispanic times, but it's still very much present in more mexico now. sol farm is working hard to keep alive. one of the country's most beloved tradition you'll be getting a basket. so yeah, very good thought i lucky that my name is cutting vasquez and i've been a flower farmer for 30 years. i learned to love them from my grandfather who sold flowers all of his life and food. simple suit you flower has been used in spring hispanic time. it was placed at an around the altars to guide or the seas loved ones back home. it's
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a tradition we have cap that of our departed loved ones coming to visit on the day of that. made up on the bottom of the circle. it's culturally relevant, but also this is how we sustain ourselves in our town. often with most of our growth and bus which you for the, for the be sucked audio for game. it's so feeling to see the grow from the scene they yesterday we get to see how the pan grows, the, it's a beautiful process. we get to witness. that's how we realized the value of our work. then with your customers. so happy knowing that the flowers will end on their home, alter an offering for the loved ones. we meant the one the most look is the feel not we're for bread, red bread, fruit, apples, tangerine banana, and whatever. i love ones like the most. no. so it doesn't fit almost up on that. a waste our setting, the art on the 31st because that night is when the dead children come to visit their families from the 31st to the 1st of november,
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then the grown ups visit the october. the 2nd of november, the middle, this boy, the geeky, dumb, old low for linda. after that, we pick up the actor and we are the living and the beating all of the offerings of the celebration. and there we have voluntary british and sparse johnson welcoming leaders to the cop 26 liter summit in glasgow. we'll have more on that throughout the day. ah no, watching al jazeera, these are the top stories. world leaders are arriving at glasgow for the annual climate change conference. that is, that kick off the coming off at a g 20 meeting a day earlier. leaders agreed to take greater action to limit global warming. although there were few firm.


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