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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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ah ah moon half past the hour, i'm back with the look at the headlines for you now and world leaders meeting at the g. 20 summit in rome of agreed to keep global warming levels at one and a half degrees celsius. but they were not able to make a firm commitment on how to achieve net 0 carpet emissions by the 2050. so with the g 20 finished attention turns to the cop $26.00 climate summit. one ward leader who will not be in glasgow for that is the chinese president, eugene ping. katrina has more on that from begging present. she's in pain. has not
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traveled since the beginning of the crone of ours outbreak earlier last year, but that's dampened a lot of herbs that china will make further concessions when it does come to climate change. now that doesn't mean there has been nor movement her china is climate envoy. she jen while has said that china's making all efforts to increase the likelihood that it can meet its climate targets. she jumping himself has spoken widely, most recently at a by diversity conference about the need to invest more in wind solar hydropower. china is also investing in nuclear energy expanding the building of nuclear power plants. in other news, yelman's information minister says hoti rebels of killed a number of civilians in the city of married. 29 people were injured or died in an air strike. this is off the saudi state. media reported the saudi lit coalition and killed at least 218 hotties in the past 3 days. the u. n. chief has called on sedans, military rule is to reverse the takeover of power. tens of thousands of people have
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been demonstrating to reject the code. and the sudanese teaches committee has called for a strike in all states. pulls of opened in south africa, local elections, a vote, which is set to be the toughest contest yet for the ruling african national congress party. some polls suggest the agency will win less than half the vote for the 1st time in japan's governing parties held onto its parliamentary majority prime minister from year to sheet as liberal democratic party last 15 states. but it's still a big victory for the leader who took office less than a month ago. and for the 1st time and 18 months fully vaccinated, australian have been allowed to return home without having to court team type border restrictions have been in place since the sound of the pandemic. 955 died off for a cave collapsed during a training exercise in brazil. so paula state, a group were part of a team, practicing rescue techniques. those are your headlines. this is europe, east and undertaking this next. i'll see you again tomorrow from over 300 us gmc
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ah, what about the gentleman who died in know funding this with when we didn't available tomorrow? after you perform your search, we buried him tomorrow. with working here is the 24 hour day, 7 days
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a week job. thank you very much. and the amount of stress that we experience sometimes is immense. i can still help you maybe on these boss a i'm glad to sleep on. i'm a muslim funeral director here in london. i've now part time i'm letting the young people take over. so what will happen now is we have taken me 17 in front of the month for prayers. 17 is coughing, and we have another funeral happening today. after the prayers finish, we will take the gcs down to the monday i'm center center that told 9 full building at the back of the most talking. and she'll know what the jim adams over we will take you down to the medium center. and one of the rooms will do a quick if you look at it, as soon as you're ready, my colleagues will take it to the
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lady who passed away was mostly the nephew and the people that came to our office and their christian a believe that a bit vague in terms of what happens of the muslim funeral, as in a slum, it was members very quick basic and simple in that sense. but flew off to the men explained to me, ah ah, ah ah ah, now my grandson in college. sorry. he's come in in the last 6 months and we hope
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that we can train him to takeover for me to carry on to traditions, to carry on the service for the people here. one moment alone, my little one new a new one will be able to do you are one. this will give you a service. i think the the
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whole founding member who is the is i've been around idea of death. death is an everyday thing carrying on my family's legacy. mom to come to my mom. she went into the company because my great grandfather wanted a little bit help. so she can then he told me he is and she just carried on the bus. she decided she wanted to go back teaching. i was quite the boy. you want you to actually do this and i didn't know whether it was just because it was an easy option because you don't want to go to university kid that you really want to do. it didn't really enjoy didn't quite that it was my dad's a big character. i was really difficult because for 20 years over at 20 years we
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stop. we saw a stopping father and daughter became business partners which challenged the stomach. lee, how i was dealing with him and talking to him and this is very much disrespect thing and we deal with things very, very differently. i was a partnership with my dad and the up until recently. ah, luna was here for 20 years and she decided that she would stand back for a while because maybe she wanted to direct him. she knows, and i was standing in hawaii, we have women come here, their husbands have died and they can relate to a woman better than they can. a man, especially with asian women. so we need a woman to touch here and i think you will be coming back. we have about $30000.00 plus listing population here in the white chapel,
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east london area. and this is always been kind of melting pot of southern england apps. you know them lovely, play polo visit the mosque every now and then not only did i go over to the on the most to coast trouble that been over to know when i went to the, to the little towns and coating crap over there. like as they came in the other day. so i think it was e d l. it was the of them are actually that a for what group bridge 1st for the rich to the london. i was speech, she might arrive in belfast to summer and even the gym. i was, he was because the kids in his family working quite straight was caused off cuz you had to buy and go. he started me saying that i'm sure it was developed by now offering and i and yet i thought living area are the law. they live
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what they can let me know what that is is it brings shane out of there and is you in is may we work together? we get on together what, what i want to fresh. i mean the minute. well, we'll get on together what we will respect one another's views. yeah. to a point of we, we agree to disagree sometimes, but we don't ram have used than people, roach. the way i can get a bit fearful just in case you have your lack of idea when they're down. im like okay anything where is she going to happen? is it going about? but yeah, especially when you got the case cleo . i didn't give them the original question. yes, you have to give them the original green certificate asked me to ritual this law in this country. you have to have the green certificate original. okay. any problems give me a ring. okay, bye. thank you again,
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bye. you only bury somebody once and people remember things when they go wrong, weddings and funerals, and if you do it right the way my dad used to do it, then that's good. and if you do it wrong, goes people will never forget. you will always curse. you truly this is the picture of that. and me. why? yeah. when i was about 5 years of age because my father wasn't very happy about having photographs taken me and my mother's in the sorry, and i'm sure this was about 1956. this was taken. ringback ringback ringback ringback around about the mid sixty's when there was an influx of moving people arriving here in london, mainly bungler dishes or at that time it was is focused. ringback on the need for a funeral service grew from my father, purchased
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a black ambulance plan and started to do the funeral. here in london. ringback the money was only 17 if any man he deputize is for his father, who is away on the grid to make. i grew up here in this area, and we had this phenomenon called nation. we had right wing groups coming along looking for asians to beach up just for the sake of it. ringback my father would be to know. ringback ringback and it wasn't a good time in nice end of london. ringback my mom was welsh, she converted to islam during the 2nd world war with my father. she was a coal mine as daughter. can you imagine the stigma of the white lady marrying a person, but she didn't k, but i'm also proud to be a bangladesh she is ro oh
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yes, my dad does my dad. roughly 4 weeks before he died and smile when he graduated. and mona, when she graduated, she sees the world in a different way because being younger than me, she can maybe project forward where i don't. that's why i think politicians shouldn't be allowed to be politicians after 65. that some young blood far us away because they got better ideas as see things better than we do. we always thinking in the past and thinking in the future and it's important. so i do miss her. yes. oh i
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. 2 1 today we have the integration of the strong room for the 1st british mas demarco, and guess was different because life have come to join us in the celebrations. a kind of pivotal moment. hydro clean up the countries and indeed it was europe muslim burial service. we're hopefully gonna see luna and her family member coming in with starting at 530 so i think it's for she'll show it on time to go 15 minutes. ah
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ah. 2 ah, ah, i can just finish basically timing. okay, so where is this going? this is going to go into my client id before you go down to the right one. okay? that's really funny cuz i didn't realize and i should be on mailing to your partner . we are on maybe you can take a photo and i can send it to that. no, i to say that i was accepting it, given some idea of what went on a bit of excitement in the room. come to see may be wanting to be quite sure when
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the bandits up explaining how my grand i became, the care taker fell in love in the room for him. so many people that i didn't actually know knew of me or knew who i was, came up to speak to me on this one. because it, my dad was at the meeting, my grand office and he sees discussion. the bill was approved and parts of payment and at the time mister kathy was requested not to do any burials on behalf of the fund before getting part consent from the church. i found that my grandfather, someone died. sorry them quickly because that's what you make. i think what they're saying there's, you need to make sure we can get the fact that you're going to get the money close to the also your family and your contribution. going to building this room, which will,
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how's history. this is my great plan. so he was a fail oh, you can see like all the ports of engagement discharge, like all the way from calcutta, london to say what kind of to draw cash a lot of my grand that he's been back in a really older my dad i so he felt him, oh, really back to white kid because my dad and then there were many makes up of a background. i've seen them listen community so much, specially in the sand to what it is now. i wish my grandfather could say this now, and my children will have no idea the struggle is glenda had when he 1st came over here trying to get hello. yes. where would you eat this thing? it shows how people came out as are and then just, you know,
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the struggles i probably had oh, oh, oh, can you please make prayers? my father, me stop. she makes my father just possibly literally in the morning. 79 year old man. and i mean, totally ill cancer and he's, he's something for free to 4 months and has been his country for many, many years. so my dad with 4 look, he went for a lot. i don't recall was the best person as a son, but the last 5 years of change, 10 years of change. so 100 a law. we've gone to our dean,
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both the last 4 of us on brothers sisters. and this is gonna be a big time in our life. so i mean, is going to bring us close to a law. we must close to our family members. and in the future we shall love people . people recognize ha, ha, precious people around them, especially a father and mothers, and it, when they go, they go and says, no, replace nozzle is no replacement, both of mount handler but is sin. this is time. you know, you that you need you to be stand up like, man now becomes available. your charges is was for your father is lori for you? it was what i have. i you, that is much of our fire. yes. look up from your mother or for you sisters shallow . you shot my, you be fun and much you guys just for your father or the thought. loving your praise. very few. oh yeah, a lot of my him. you can go over the love i've been here since i've come to with the motion. mm. i want to say it
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rejects exactly if somebody's left wine. it's not something you broke in there and you can take lightly every single day. you meet somebody that makes you feel quite for we're thankful that your loved ones is still hey, ease, know, it's the way you view die. and then how you deal with your family and your friends . mm. and i shall scary, less to say ha ha ha man could at the more triply element she had become. as lynn said, we come 345 with the stand up and for example, scans been booked for 4 o'clock. thank you, says, but while i skip gasket moving into some of that, thompson i fly. don't get me. don't worry. i'll cut what
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we have 5 fuels. be at guns, a piece, and some. we've got me. net, you do a sending one, mezzo, the account numbers to forsake june . they pull me in today because a we've got so many funeral, so they need to, i this, i'll be at the cemetery kind of making sure she goes down well, because there will be pendleton in jesse's such a level and i see the time to meet people from beggar to keep saying his me a big insight into life itself. every day's a bonus. hello, sisters,
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please don't go the roads do what your heart tells you to do. the kind the kiss may be the last case. the anger may be the last and can you show somebody forgive? quickly? don't hold a drug. is my one. yeah. okay. about this, right. please decide this right below. excuse me, please. sorry, we all got screeches. whether we are muslim gentile jude. it doesn't matter. excuse me, please. sorry. okay. you say decide, go your state. decide. you bother. you don't decide. okay. from underneath lift up please. was me love i la la. slowly please. slowly. thank you, bob. this is we left at the end of the day, we go back to our creative i know and my grandfather saw stay full time and my mom will come in to make sure the business
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still runs smoothly. and everything storm respects me there really personalities of the most similar in the real. 7 hello granddaughter, how are you? i'm good. how are you? i'm alive. and what about you said, have you broken up from school? i have a break up on friday. okay. are you on your own? oh, are you with your mother? i have all my pictures. okay. will you, will you ask her kindly to give me a ring or a could need to know what time she'll be at the most tomorrow? because i want to make sure i'm here at the same time. ok, see to morning sharla. all right. okay. bye bye. bye. i
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know i didn't do the teaching and stuff but be nice and clear in the office. my dad it took us i just felt like going through some open you hey, how are you? i'm the last kid says was different and you know this is neela. yes. that makes more sense than is that there's another room as well.
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yes. excellent. let me back then move for you to come. i can give you an example of a moron. so any of you, when we come out, one gun was shot and people know from coming from an asian family, you do try to loop your by parent strains, very often charged to what place them. and i think i did that to certain extent and it wasn't until i was sort of in my forty's. i went back to teaching and thinking read, i should have done this a lot earlier. it really pulls in a hug. cleo doesn't feel that way. so clear behaving himself the board. he's a lovely boy. a lot of people to watch my can. there is man is little boy, he's mad. he the man the push and he'd be i think this is good. good news. mary's with me is developing a fight. oh and the marriage proposals, always noisy for now i spoke with bob mcgowan, have
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a nice come with mommy sheil. i'd give my fellow my, you know she's come and go to january a. i've always wanted to come back. but she said she'd come back part time, but this in all part time job i need to to be here like 4 days a week. so unfortunately not ready for that yet. so a my grandson with my guidance on his mum support, he can one day to what i do. body language is so important. expressions on people's faces. this is also an education and i need someone to stay the shift in the future . and i think he will be very successful with her to follow
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the actual court with ah, with let go. it's something that you've been doing since 1967 just caught that go with my mind is active, my body is active. i want to help and assist i want to retire. now. i'm just pull up time. you can say, i think i'll only retire, we're not going to stick with
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ah, hello there. we've seen some unsettled weather effect, eastern areas of the mediterranean. and so that cloud and rain is pushed across into the levant and into the middle east. now we had a very hot and dry summer in iraq, but this was the scene in herbal after hail and heavy rain effected the area. now that's gonna remain here for the next 2 days. we'll also see showers in syria and in lebanon. but much of the heavy rain will affect southern parts of turkey in the days to come. for the south of this, it's a lot finer and dryer a bit of cloud affecting guitar and parts of the united arab emirates, so cloudy for to by, by the time we get into choose day. but it does clear up,
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it's rather fine around that area as it is around the east of africa. we've got a few showers affecting the ethiopian rift valley. but a change in the wind has cleared things up nicely for somalia. for the wet to weather, we have to head to the democratic republic of congo and further west. a lot of the heat we've seen in south sudan is going to ease as the temperature comes down in juba. now further south, it is looking rather hot in johannesburg. we got sunshine on the cards, a temperature 28 degrees, but it is gonna turn rather wet for cape town on monday. the temperature just touching 18 and lots of rain on schedule. ah, in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to talk to code the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was most destructive chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. helicopters flying over the ridge,
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bring something and they didn't even see the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on out to 0. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah but you ends cop 26 talks. begin with wild leaders on the pressure to find a way to avoid a climate catastrophe. ah, kimbell, this is al jazeera calling from doha also coming up, floods, landslides, cale more than 220 people in the fall, with the latest on the rescue. if it's the japanese prime minister party keeps its
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majority in parliamentary elections. and.


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