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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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wow, on our own a unique path fixing longer ours some shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera ah g 20 lead. it's agreed to take stronger action to tackle climate change, but fail to set any specific targets. and so the stage is now set for cop 26, where governments are warned, this is their last chance to avoid climate catastrophe. ah, good morning,
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don't harbor when i'm come all santa maria, this is the world. he's from al jazeera, a better than expected results for japan's prime minister. for me. ok, shape is party is retained to the majority and sundays parliamentary election and emotional reunions at sidney airport. is australia reopens it's international borders for the 1st time? during the pandemic? ah! act now on climate change or pay a much higher price later. that is the one from italy's prime minister as g 20 summit wrapped up and run late is agreed to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. but they weren't able to commit to exactly how to achieve. net 0 carbon emissions by the year 2050. with the you in climate conference now underway in glasgow. environmentalists had hoped for a big breakthrough, supporters from adam rainy on the final day of the g 20 summit,
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leaders from the world's biggest economies visit one of rooms, most famous tourist sites. trevi fountain, its beauty was one. they all could agree on more difficult, was hammering out a concrete plan to tackle the climate crisis. the final communique, characterized by compromise and vague language stated that member countries are committed to reaching net 0 emissions or carbon neutrality by or around mid century . they did agree to stop funding the building of coal plants and poor countries. they set no target. however, for phasing out domestic coal use, the italian prime minister who hosted the summit, tried to focus on what he saw, a success summary sheet deep in this sense. so deep, we managed to keep our dreams alive, to commit to further measures and gigantic allocations of money further pledges of reductions. and that's the success given that in recent months, it seemed that the emerging countries in particular,
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had no intention of making the commitment on british prime minister boss johnson was clearly disappointed for the groups failure to make more ambitious commitments . the solution to climate change is clear. it lies in consigning dirty fossil fuels like co to history in ditching gas guzzling modes of transport. and recognizing the role that nature plays in preserving life on this planet. leaders acknowledged the need to close the covert 19 vaccine gap by helping to boost supplies with the goal of vaccinating 70 percent. the world's population by mid 2022 important talks took place on the sidelines. sunday. us president joe biden highlighted the environmental benefits of a deal. he announced with the e u that wrote back trump era tariffs on steel and aluminum. the united states. european union have agreed to negotiate the roles 1st trade grant based on how much
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carbon is in a product. environmental groups are concerned that if the g 20 a group of 19 countries in the e, you can't make binding commitments, it will be even tougher for delegates. from 200 country now meeting in glasgow to agree on concrete steps to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. trying to say that needed to virt the worst projections of climate disaster, adarine algebra, rome and so with the g 20 summit ramped up, the focus now turns to the united nations comp 26 climate talks in glasgow. or environment editor nick cock is that they were hoping that they would use the g twins uses spring board of momentum in to 20 say something. everybody's very disappointed with it is give it some perspective. so you had the parents group back in 2015, where the world agreed to keep the temperatures from rising be on 2 degrees celsius, ideally one and a half to re celsius 6 years on. we now know that to, to re celsius is too much already at $1.00 day,
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$1.00. and already we've seen catastrophic, extreme weather, especially this year. so for the g, 20 to graph to acknowledge that 1.5 is the target is a good thing, but it doesn't have enough half. what were the words urging meaningful and effective action? but agreeing few specific measures. i spoke to one observer here and she said that if the g 20 was meant to be address for her of a cop 26 and they fluffed their lines. so as world leaders shift their attention from the g 20 and others around the world joined them here in glasgow over the next couple of days, you can be sure that the developing nations will be exerting as much pressure as possible for the leaders, especially of the big mentors to up their commitments while the poor nations, the well, they're looking to cult 26. looking to this conference for world leaders for nations around the world as a step up their action and help them out to help developing countries. some folks from chandler bush on who's the ceo of i forest,
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the international forum for environment stability and technology. he says, climate change must now dominate international politics. it has to be right, give the thought, but there's, you know, for everybody simply because climate change is going to impact, followed the hunger development. all of the issues that we get about last year. india for example. last it be 7000000000 dollar 3.25 percent of g to be because the climate impacts these numbers are even higher for some of the african countries. so if they do not address climate change, we will have more hunger, more poverty and development. it has to be right at the top of the agenda. where do we get investments? where do we get money in developing countries to move to green economy? now that's where i think developed countries going to have to cross the iron. they have not done enough on climate finance. they do not want to discuss lawson damage and the $100000000.00. you know, that is
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a very small amount of money oriented countries have a population of about 1500000000. $100000000.00 means that every person is always going to contribute just in dollars every year on climate finance. i'm sure they can afford more to save the planet. and therefore, the finance deal is going to be very, very important than glasgow. and my hope is that developed countries including bodies johnston was so who so concerned about j build up the standard and much ambitious finance. to be that gospel onto the news in japan's governing parties defied expectations to hold onto a strong majority in sundays, parliamentary election, prime minister for me. oh, because she is a liberal democratic party, the l. d. p. last 15 states with its popularity hit by sluggish economy and slope.
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pandemic recovery was seen as a key test focus sheet who took off in less than a month ago. rob mcbride is in soul today covering events across asia. not bad, really losing 15 seats, but still holding on. what does this mean for the new prime minister? that's why they're much better a result than expected. and i think a collective sigh of relief in the l. d. p. a camp there had been predictions that they may even of not just to have a reduced majority may lose that majority altogether, but that hasn't been the case. the l. d p with it's much smaller, coalition partner the can nato party at well past the finishing line with 293 seats from the l. d. p. 's point of view. the probably, the more important number is that on their own, they have 261 seats, which is what's called an absolute majority, a stable majority in the lower house. it means that with that number of seats, they can keep control of the chairs of all of the important
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a house committees that passed the legislation. so it's much easier for them to govern to pass laws. a very good result, of course, because she there, he had come to power under a something of a cloud. he is not a very charismatic leader to say the least. he is not the 1st choice of rank and file l d p. members. he was seen as having being foisted upon them by the party elders. this obviously helps him now cement his position as a long term, a prime minister. but this has also been said not so much as a victory for the l. d. p as are also at the, the, the failure once more of japan's opposition, the opposition parties are, again, not making the kind of in roads that they had hoped to make their, despite having a collective coordinated effort. and so the status quo remains the same. the l d p, apart from a 3 year break about 10 years ago, having been in power now running japan for well over 6 decades. so then, what is it all main in terms of government policy going forward, rob m in we had,
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we had our bay nomics for a while. is there any sign of what is to come, especially with the, the state things are in after the pandemic or this, the campaign has been completely dominated by the pandemic and the impact on the economy. now kasheila has promised a big stimulus package to try to get the economy moving again, as certainly an expectation of that to businesses responded positively. the nic a index jumped by 2 percent when it opened on monday, but he has an awful lot of work to do, to try to counter the, at the disapproval of, of the, of the government and also of his predecessor prime minister suger for their handling or as many people see the mishandling of the pandemic of pushing ahead with a controversial tokyo olympics despite very limited economic gain. and in fact, as seeing in the aftermath of that, a spike in cove it numbers around tokyo. so he has all that to counter it has a lot of work to do,
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but also there are implications for japan's neighbors because the l. d, p is very much committed to as strengthening japan's military, given the rising strength of its neighbor, china and china, increasing assertiveness, and also of course we can see a very tough approach move going forward at north korea at the japan is extremely concerned, especially given the recent rise in missile testing from north korea into the seas, separate in the korean peninsula or from japan. so there are ramifications as well as here in the region that has rob mcbride to sir, with the latest on the japanese election. thank you. rob, yeoman's information minister says heard the rebels of kill the number of civilians and the city of maria. he says 29 people were injured or died in an air strike. as, as after saudi's state media reported the saudi led coalition had killed at least 218 hotel in murray. in the past 3 days. these began their push or to take
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control of the oil rich products back in september, murray, the last stronghold of the internationally recognized governments. the un chief is calling on sedans, generals to reverse the takeover of power. this is the day after hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounce the military rule. the sudanese teaches committee is also called for a strike in all states hip morgan as more national cato. where on one of the main roads in sudan, capital hudson, central business district, and normally on a normal day around this time, which is mid afternoon in hot assume the roads are jammed with scars and the shops are open. and that's because this road connects to many state institutions and many banking institutions in the heart of the capital. but right now, there are very few cars on the streets and many shop remain close. and this is a week after the military take over. now today is the 1st day of the working week. many people here say that they are very wary and they're very uncertain of the
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coming days. it's also the nation wide protest people calling for the release of prime minister of the lamb, built on his cabinet members who are arrested on monday. when the military took over many protests that have called on people to join a civil disobedience movement. and to join general strikes, protested at residential level, have set the barricade along the main roads and add their neighborhoods to try to get more people to join the civil disobedience movement. but to also make sure that there are fewer people going to work to show the army that they are still protesting against that take over some of the main road and bridges that were blocked by the military leading to the capital. one of them have been opened with the exception of 2 bridges, but there are also trees that have been cleared off the barricade set up by the port that says the army says that it wants to be life returned to normal as a way to form their civilian transitional government, which should be led by the military until elections are held in july 2023 but protested they, they're not going to wait for the formation of that government and see what it
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looks like. they calling for more protests in the coming days. but in the meantime, they say they will use every means available to show the army that they're not happy with the pick over. and they want a return to the democrats process that was already underway before the army over through the government. on monday. in the news ahead on fish, i gotta tell you that the position is, is unchanged. the fishing district attorney ukiah and france remained stagnant despite of meeting between the country's leaders. oh, not another 2 of the sel 0. celebrating 25 years of giving a voice to the point. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather in north america, and it was
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a very wet weekend indeed for some of the states in the southeast of the u. s. we saw flooding in virginia and maryland as well as washington dc. but that for storm system has now pushed its way to the northeast, taking the wet and windy weather to eastern parts of canada, leaving behind finer and dryer conditions. sunshine coming through for washington, dc, but it is rather cloudy for some of those areas around the great lakes, looking rather wintery as well for nova scotia and wintery for central parts of the u. s. the rockies. seeing quite a bit of a wintry mix, come into play things a feeling rather chilly here. but for the very wet weather we have to move to that west coast. we got a band of rain moving into california to oregon and into washington. it's going to be showers for san francisco and a rather wet week for portland, and seattle, but further south of this, it is looking a lot finer and dryer. apart from texas, we're going to see some severe storms roll in to dallas. by the time we get into choose day and as we move to central america,
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it's looking fine and dry across much of mexico sunshine from mexico city at $21.00 degrees celsius for the wet aware that we have to head further south. that sure update. ah, well in to a world of comfort and the services without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on. lou
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aah! on al jazeera, these are the top stories this our world leaders meeting at the g. 20 summit in rome of agreed to keep global warming at one and a half degrees celsius. thought the conference ended with no commitment on how to achieve net 0. copper emissions by the year 2050 japan's governing party is held onto its paula mentioned majority prime minister from york, a sheet as liberal democratic party lost 15 seats. still a big victory though, for the leader who took off his less than a month ago. and the u. n. is urged sedans to generals to reverse the tank over of power. since the day after hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounce me, latrete rule. for the 1st time in 18 months fully vaccinated australians have been allowed to return home without having to quarantine scenes of joy at sydney
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airport. his loved ones embraced in strict border restrictions in place. since the start of the pandemic have left many australians stranded overseas so far, only he started capital territory, new south wales and victoria lifting their restrictions. mo, what's our cock now in brisbin, for, as i say, or what's been the response on monday stallions taking the opportunity to come home? i certainly, i would say an emotional thing that see the import this morning when families have been able to reunite now the borders were closed in march last year. and as you mentioned, that's more than 18 months and so many astrology. and i say around 40000 astray and having stranded overseas, and that was but of the international voted being closed and kept put on flight. the number of passengers retained to that made it difficult to get a seat number one. and then you had the compounding issue of the expensive hotel contain costs, so it was simple and affordable was so many people to get home. so on monday those
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international borders have been reopened to kept the been lifted on those plots. and as you mentioned, i c t which is the capital territory with camber is we've got nissan wells and victoria. and that's where we've got the 80 percent fully vaccination back by rights. passengers who have been double quite double back. they have no point to that. literally land and i can resume life as normal. now, i should state one thing, the initial plot limited to australian permanent residence and immediate families of the visa holders and the temporary residence they've been left out of this national policy. so the national problem has been lifted from outbound passengers. stallions now don't have to apply for an extension to leave. we have to get requests permissions until now. so the 2nd stage of the board is reacting that should happen towards the end of the year. and the fact that then will be on the international students. and the critical work is i one to the thir about traveling within australia. you lifted a number of states there,
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which are changing their restrictions. but for example, you're in brisbin and queensland if you wanted to travel elsewhere in the country, that's going to be a problem. will international travel is almost easier now than interstate travel? we've got a number of borders still closed in the lots of as you mentioned, queens and where i am and witness trailer for the international problem arriving in city. if you've been double back that you don't have to contain, but you come to the lot in queens and where i am, you still have to quarantine in a hotel. they are trying home quarantine systems at the moment, but still it difficult and of course w y is difficult. again, it's got close to lots of i t t which is a low risk environment, a low risk type environment, as well as new southwell and victoria. so w white has had its board closed put some time, so it's a complicated scenario efforts drawings with turning to a struggle from the national countries to then try and get to the states when you're actually within australia. of course,
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it makes it quite complicated for though the study is trying to return in the head of christmas. that's or o'clock reporting from brisbane today. thanks, sarah. the white house press secretary jen. saki has tested positive for cove at 19. she is the highest ranking official, the white house to publicly disclose that they've contracting the virus. so he says that she has had, she's not had close contact, i should say, with president joe biden or senior staff member since wednesday, like it is vaccinated has been tons of miles. she will work from home until the end of accordance in periods. columbia has started vaccinating children over the age of 3. they received their 1st doses of the sign of bank bank, seen in the capital vulgar time. columbia is the 3rd country in latin america to administer jobs to children. under the age of 6, the country hopes to vaccinate up to 70 percent of its population by the end of the year. large groups of motorists crowded haiti's fuel stations on sundays, the country's crisis shows no signs of easing. the shortages of forced several
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businesses to close. this is the result of a port blockade by a coalition of powerful criminal gangs that demanding millions of dollars and the resignation of prime minister ariel henri security and haiti as deteriorated. ever since the assassination of president juvenile noise in july, the french president monument chronus w case, prime minister that the ball is in britain's court regarding an escalating dispute of a fishing rights. they met on the side under the g 20 in rome, but fail to reach an agreement. as alexia brian mar reports, side by side at rome's famous, trevi fountain, french president, emanuel macro and british prime minister, boris johnson, appeared to be in good humor. but behind the smiles, the escalating tensions between their 2 countries showed no sign of letting up a meeting away from the cameras. failing to bring them closer to agreement, met no labelle in all gone. now the ball is in their court. if the british don't
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make a move, obviously that measures that a plan from the 2nd of november onwards will have to be put in place. because it will be a no going fund in the fall is in written is called frances accused the u. k. a flouncing a post breaks a tre dale by failing to give french fishermen enough licenses to operate in british waters and outlined a series of sanctions if they weren't granted. if the dispute is not resolved by tuesday, frank will go ahead with a series of what it's called targeted measures at ports like this along the coast. british fishing vessels will undergo strict security checks and they may not be able to dock to unload their catch. they'll also be longer time consuming health and safety checks for trucks going to or from the u. k. caught up in the debate this british trula. it was seized off the port of laughing thursday. it's captain accused of fishing and french waters without a license. but you don't know when i looked up,
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the company that owns the boat says it's being used as a porn, and the dispute, the british prime minister, has said the seizure wasn't what he'd expect from a close friend and ally, that it's up to france to step back from its threats on fish. i gotta tell you that the pilot, the position is, is unchanged. and i will, i'll just, i'll just, i'll just say this. i for the, for the record. i must, i was puzzled to read a letter from the french prime minister explicitly asking for britain to be punished for leaving the you and i are just have to take say to really, i don't believe that that is compatible either with the the spirit or the letter of the withdrawal agreement relations between the u. k and france, clearly navigating troubled waters with both sides, determined to hold their course and exuberant elders era. paris sounds. government says it's reached an agreement with supporters of
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a band political party. the been marching towards the capital, demanding the release of that detained lida. come, i'll hide. as mona from islamabad, after intense negotiations that lasted for a while dread all was late into the night or the government on the committee announced that dad reached an agreement with the proscribed teddy kayla back by august on, i took all off it rotate details of that agreement i have not been di wise. it should be remembered that for the past due week romwell, p and d, and its lum abad. i've been cut off from the rest of the country. this particular project has already caught hundreds of millions of dollars and lots. is there a container full of goggle, which have been detained and i used as roadblock the people of gotten it. some abad . have eved a sigh of relief at you can see the traffic is now coming back to normal that they go to defaulted. they're still on alert. everybody will now be watching to see how
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this agreement is implemented and render. marjorie will be able to go back from what did i bought from where they were threatening a margin it's lama bought. so indeed, an interesting there relic men and some relief. as far as this particular new discount turn. finally today, november, the 1st is the 25th anniversary of this network. jamal sheil takes look back now at the history of al jazeera and the obstacles and changes its faced since its inception. oh, of the time of its launch. in 1996, all 0 was seen by many is merely a drop in a media ocean dominated by mostly western news channels and outlets. 25 years later, that drop has caused ripples the world over forcing astronomy of change across the globe. before al jazeera launch. the arab world enjoyed little if any media freedom, citizens from iraq to mauritania, were told what to think and say,
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through state home channels that focused on glorifying their leaders. whilst ignoring the concerns of ordinary people. but when the channel began broadcasting under the slogans of the opinion and the other opinion and the voice of the voiceless, it's on the respect and recognition of millions and it's viewership rocketed. while most media outlets were embedded with american and british forces during the occupation of iraq odyssey were reported, the otherwise untold story of the human cost of the war. as it had done before and gone, it's done. but this came at a heavy price, odyssey or journalists were injured, arrested, and even killed. among them thought a you murdered by a us air strike on the capital. baghdad in illegally occupied palestine, al jazeera, has always been present. it's cameras broadcasting the daily struggles of palestinians living under is radio occupation, correcting a narrative that's a previous you fail to tell that side of the story killed by the israeli army. from
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the 2nd intifada to the attack on an 8th flotilla headed to the besieged, gaza strip. and until the recent war in 2021, the network has reported the story from all sites and angle. again, this resulted in its officers in gaza, being bombed this time by the israeli army, live on t v in early 2011. and that's where the motto, being the voice of a voiceless, crystallized, arab capital of the arab capital, erupted with anger. and millions of people took to the streets, demanding freedom, justice and a better life. these are the people i'll do. 0 was on the ground reporting live while local, regional, and even some international channels failed to acknowledge the historic process that became known as the arab spring. all the while the network remained loyal to its other motto, giving error time to everyone, including the regimes that were cracking down on their own people. in 2017, and
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a testament to how influential al jazeera had become a blockade cutter was imposed by egypt, saudi arabia and the united arab emirates, they insisted the channel must be shut down for the blockade to be lifted. a demand rejected by cutters leader whose country hosts the network. so you're not gonna shut down. i'll just know when i here the country's rule are sticking to the commitments made by his father on the day the channel was launched back in 1996. the rest assured the channels freedom will not be restricted politically, it will be a platform for every opinion of what started off as an arabic language channel. 25 years ago is now a global media networks that includes 5 different channels. several websites and a plethora of digital platforms, all have cemented themselves as leaders in their field. all of them seeking the human story and striving to speak truth to power. a quarter of
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a century has passed and what was once described by 4 major option dictates office, knew about it as a tiny much box is now a global media empire who's flame continues to burn as a beacon of free press in a region that has never needed it's more dramatic y'all. i just had a doha and on the next edition of out of the real world, you can see part one of a 2 part documentary series marking our 25th anniversary. the story of al jazeera, unique past $2000.00 gmc today, monday. the 1st of november. ah, the are these are the headlines world leaders meeting at the g? 20 so much in rome have agreed to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. but they weren't able to make a phone commitment on how to achieve the net 0 carbon emissions by 2050.


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