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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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vendor is going to him, elaine self and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on how to 0. ah, i mean, we're on canada, the top stories on al jazeera. well leaders meeting at the g. 20 summit in rome have agreed to keep global warming of 1.5 degrees celsius. but they weren't able to make a firm commitment on how to achieve at net 0 carbon emissions by 2050. the head of the world meteorological as an organization is warning, the planets is headed into uncharted territory. these make up you dreamed in a climate will continue for the coming decades anyhow. so we will see more of the climate that lady chelsea sit and the bad news is that you have all reefs such
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a high concentration of carbon dioxide that the melting of blazys and snow and ice and sea level rise will continue for much longer time. full or the coming hundreds of years. the sudanese teaches committee is called for strike in all states are sued on a day off to hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounced the military takeover at least 4 people were killed. in the protests on saturday. japan's governing party has defied expectations to hold onto a strong majority in sundays parliamentary election promised at full mucous sheet as liberal democratic party last 15 seats. but it's still a big victory for the leader who took office less than a month ago. a 24 year old man dressed as the joker from the batman comic books. his attack 17 people on it. okay, train line in japan. witnesses told local media. the attack was armed with a knife was trying to stop. 5 t trains have collided in the u. k, with 17 people requiring hospital treatment. it happened in
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a tunnel ne solsbury in southern england, a trained driver whose trapped was treated by paramedics. hundreds of pro democracy demonstrators in thailand have been marching to demand reforms to the monarchy. and they also want the prime minister to resign. the protesters defied at corona virus restrictions on large crowds, together from downtown bangkok and hundreds of migrants of disembark with turkish flag at cargo ship in greece. the vessels carrying around 400 people when it sent a distress signal on friday. its engines had failed in international waters near the island of crete and white house press x rays in sac. he has tested positive for code 19. she's the highest ranking official at the white house to publicly disclose contracting the virus sac. he says he hasn't had close contact the president biden since wednesday, those are headlines now. it's back to out their world for
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. ah, no, by the good you'd be keeping up with them to call them you wouldn't mind, i'll put it the more like it and move it, wouldn't it without my my wife said, man from what am i doing with it? madam off i would walk away from a party. my only mother my dumb one woman
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a day and then when would you have been vehicles? i've been god, we'll get, we'll get what i'm doing. but you're a parliament really get dirty minded to one united way. vanity gilbert will have to delete and not gonna play whirlpool night on my google ban. i'll put him under my product to get that updated. if i keep thinking entirely up so hopefully ah . ringback ringback ready ready ready ready ready when you get it, bunny gabriel. deborah, god bless him. be available. you don't like you. i'm doing a free man. oh god. but don't forget on my and my mom yet. the minute jenoma gordon, mom, gilmer thomas. get him a marie? yeah, i'm campus. i'm at. i'm know what little of settle went in with him, dewberry magento, and william j. w. yes, had
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a leg up on it. bob gladly gave barbara to get him. who? oh, hulu. no, i'm offended. well, i'm under my phone. my. give me a call. no one. i came up, i wish albert, why will i get to my desk? and in so many one mentor meg is why medical content mom, legacy matter. carol democracy, magenta. so they won't let me find who brought it to me to dr. watson, a knit needle. lemme up, know got about it in the 8 was headquarters, am would in delhi monday. might do getting a quote on that. so i'm follow. lemme monkey deposit my de my getting the j the puzzle. a little when diary need nuclear during the summer to go, do you have any cotton caring? do what it could you out of? we could he did it. could you are miley vin equity? what if i knew if we did uncle and you mom, dad, dad, didn't you citizen,
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but when you market about killing? yeah i, i put a deposit. oh i i think but it won't get shot. no, on the on the video. but necessity. shell. yeah. no comments like, is it kind of easy id be over the best? won't do this option. she value they like to do it in a one month as well. we'll just get dumped up our country vendors on those due to project debate. therefore, eastman, i wanted to pay it was bussey's. yup. i decided it was. he gave up on and went to
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the bay one this year. the stuck on them coming out of cycles are really cut. is that there's also the bales already miss. yeah. but is that, yeah, but is that that is actually wanted us throughout. who could you ever decide you're doing it, but also going to be a song as an attraction to vote. one is in love with that guy that she'll kill young jimmy outcome rece block media probably be along the best. not. not that anyone. got you versus yell your humor a get by the way, where the no one that does you do great up us on monday to monday. i think i missed it. yeah. but it's not about it are busy was yeah, they did with
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a pretty simple idea. can you, you needed to get with somebody didn't that get to this day? i bad about, i mean you must article can include a book. what can now be the benny? what do you want to keep that before you go harder? yep. when you get data like people are like, ah, no, no, nope, integrated with the legal yeah. correct. i'm like the so i said some, i've been a guy electric and we get we are going with them before you run leukemia. you get hot? no, no, no. okay. well, you say you're welcome, you take it in a minute. it might, it might feel like what i said, the village plaza,
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me what they feel like madam is i'm bottle, but 8, i'm about to put up with you. bad of me. don't know if you feel, you know, regular neck bottling ah the limited power then you get the song when you to listen actually where am i supported was exported. don't do sunday the need to do if you do not have to do any . thank you. call me, i'm looking at it additional completely to thinking does it mom look me do it if you really want to get to the people who are still an entity,
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the type politic contributes to lock on cross product or the cell donna was any farther down as undergoing by the lower level don't dizzy and look for that. that's up to feel like the entered or not to be want to fix it easier than things from you said it's only would be the let me on. i'm don't feel like you have agreed to speak to the subject to do. commodity said do i get to watch you like me show me elephant. yeah i got under for me to put in additional some really was the that's what i think the last name actually let's do some people off part of formed on the little possible part. but you could only imagine in alicia are going to be putting down the farm down the
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downstairs are going his actual they'll be committed. additional information about that particular camilla for about a little bit on tomorrow. i i me doesn't mean to dip and then he doesn't want to be nationally. do you see this? and that is, and i got a d. c is it isn't the delivery will she did it on a company or money beginning in it to you? i can probably even start to pull it out, but i wonder, but distracted on priming for people to see what they much love for, let me hold on the unlimited social service for you need. and if i need to know via what am
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i, you say that if you gosh, more or less, are the media come up with a post to the phone? the article is happening. i think you'd only of us who my dear is it says the policy level nissan list, the nasa the and i'm the one of them on the honeymoon last day with the music taking my day. my stamps have been in the system. it's been about to be nearby and miller highly miguel william, but i will be done with them a highly you know, how much it up i need to make different equal. he doesn't have to. i was say what, what he's got on discuss on mute on far off. if it current on you don't put on the
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somebody sitting on not going so much of that particular thing that was due late in the future. useless. a live was in the really and it was going to a little party export association, giving it they're going to do with like, what do you live in it? we can say, please present the ah, one of the subject of interest for me will be the sold. he sold in the subdivision and even in europe because they even told me that the salt is used for ice in france. oh, in belgium. you know, in the, in the winter. so i would like to know these kind of big trade insur quit going from the pink lake to, to europe. not arbitrary price parsing. what export thing to property should ask allowable power to produce sean accountability,
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junky food. when you get to the people in the bible, you don't call on me as soon as we have made a visual shaded through a dim where there was a 1000000 export dental to property, sean, lyle, savanna parametric, good news. you do not was so on is should allow for appeal is just your deposit and there are security shortage because didn't challenge political. did a procedure we speak, it was the guy out to the premier for the pick up the the not be say they got when it is you maybe live you do lawyer alopecia it back. this is the of the month of the table enough. it meant to myself, moses are unpaid. no croissant one day, can be sanky them out. abandon associate illema loudly, baby cindy, lack cause of bond that you said mendosa men supply loop also last subordinate. jeff and quote, devout it, a book in napa, soap was getting nobela mer hub,
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although like, well, oh, at daylight i looked alma, not so much. equity began dear, i will put it back up here, then the let luck. alma de la miller cell of on to like, boys meant to now, but pretty little about pacifically. lou, i meant to not say like, gorski at cooper little of on the about making this l. o. me the possible lydia up there. hold off on this on the list, but by those you will i paid wise them through or davids operating? well, let me like maybe sell black what i've been to force issue or fake one. a bomb wasn't and stuff if you do kensal kusha filled it up. luna sabra way, little mute, cuz you own police osh, didn't it up more states like on phone and just take a seat bob,
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board mean that they don't go to p lawful agency. i'm trying to decode union one part i shouldn't say ah, just was really did if they found blah, just allow sale not been bullied from about us. go much. i've dealt with them. give me a de la. may call me say polly, my pull is a big jewish. a decision they pump does a funky bottle left bottles. the why if i'm cafe, live cute fusion life. i'm to peter limine assailant 5. i do for the farm out. don't the super. so luck was your last on not bent, the war. one about population soft. go live, come up again. you saw it's one play. mark played potty. get was super selected. your faith comes up near fall. but pleasure. hey, the village, the bishop group a day left was from new clues to india. i stayed clean deductibles, a faithful,
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gotten killed. sure, so well, i've been here 11 years old or you can shoot the lachelle from off on the block. she knows, disemboweled shows, fer disclosures of she on plain to fill up the sub a fake on of ways up. sassy luck was a way deli yolo luck. one up, lumpy lives up will fix the love honestly. did you wait? saw was a village and gone. fella separation to lucky de la saw was available marcella said where said back allah a la city funky, desolate ah why should you want to have icy deseeno conjure feeney met the blow may or brought you luck escalate to lucy and sally tumbled bottled on the left glass guide added torres, who sat at empty bottles, medical was a v, they do this or body let
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t g valley director marcial. oh, i see the negotiate expose the date of birth there for a said ovando aqua. yeah. and i, kimberly at dublin disabled. so to lazy danielle is espanol in them get it upload a sub with soon 12 i played youth. wow, that's good lou. john nash, it probably is a little history. easier shit, more not up. little book may see up. i don't always want papa public law school c, c, c c, the luckily apollo ella and you know, some quin your fall so you said you wanted them have them do eva on that he
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go don't know some back t ponder and no comping cap on that thing de la wester foretold rear it on de la loons. as deli, hipa opa junior did new son don't base you. her said to how requisition together become our page, write down, go. results all. take off why? he's got 50 off st. luke's young bay. he knew he did his own daughter to his new home. thank you. all the feedback so you're good to me. i don't know. i thought she never has gone. i don't for you know la la la valley.
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you more sick when it said on the one on 3, on the lack of wonder needed to know if i that i'm, isn't it every spelling knowledgeable of all stuff that play what on a partnership of this inspected part? i mean, i have and they said in the beginning of, of the 20th centuries, the lake has a kind of 8 square big then in the mid 19 seventies, they were talking about $3.00 limit square from that's i haven't seen any single
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data that explained this, but if i can judge from my eyes, we can say now around the 3 uh, 2.5. for example, if you look in the country, if she made it off or not on the with somebody in the party who need, okay. you know what i need to be cleaning, can i please? thank you. thank you very much. i look, i'm out when the road is under a let me unplug content, is going to be updated on the left us and also look, we did a serial article to you said it was easy, invasive to last year. and model of the skews opposite of sort of a different little book. good. you see me do like structural. i believe it put paramount that was on the not clear. the 3rd,
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the 2nd one was probably meg grass. i mean, i'm glad you did it on i p somebody they get to play metal. i risk going to laugh. wondering are you connected, easier or did i need to do q and d. c a. lesson graham project to see the initial cost us in the see the need to know the sky, see, comedy do fall under the 4th x or not. if it is again or not, by the way on the left is a 3 day, was that it will only lucky you later this is the mean delivered is that there is actual distraction on the actual battle on enter built. i meant that it is just an
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act on base while it was really when i was or do not read. oh, do you want to say, do you do live die by the lake that that leg quite passed. nipple to learn about a month, a doctor when us, i'm up to use it if it, but it i, ah, as you know, in unesco, they have different diable. they have something they called the tentative list of heritage. the tentative men that particularly they want to put it in the units or list, or to be a heritage for you want to. so that's mean they start the process but that in the process, and this is stop in 2005. but i guess i haven't heard any news from that, but i guess they are still in the process because it's take a while for unit school. do they need to export the reasons the motivations why they want to do so? and i think only the environmental issue is a, he's a big deal,
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you know, is a big issue to of the lake and to make it go ahead. it's kept in mind when we did is your mom funded a new or pre very he's also not when i walk, you need to know if the meetings are for the present in my family because like a mock or seem very important. why? oh, committee here let me see on my part for me to see on think that's just a little more committee and i need to give in a more looking we didn't apply entity later on today. come, i'd like to follow a little to get into pond, dwell concrete operation. quite it is the luck. it candidates on the director, money committee deposits interest director wanted to give my office glenview and
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like i think the government should do more of the lake is not just enough to put a lake in a ton to list of heritage or preservation unesco. i think more action is needed in terms of preserving the nature like if it, if it, if it would be me like somebody having waters in the government, i would put like an echo museum here for the nature for the salt or just kind of think that would be very interesting for them and then a kind of team that will help the commission because of the lake the ah ah
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news news, news. news, news.
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hello there. let's have a look at the weather in north america, and it was a very wet weekend indeed for some of the states in the southeast of the us. we saw flooding in virginia and maryland as well as washington d. c. but that sort storm system has now pushed its way to the north east, taking the wet and windy weather to eastern parts of canada, leaving behind finer and dry conditions. sunshine coming through for washington, d. c, but it is rather cloudy for some of those areas around the great lakes, looking rather wintry, as well from nova scotia and wintery for the central part of the u. s. the rockies . seeing quite a bit of a wintry mix, come into play things a feeling rather chilly here. but for the very wet weather we have to move to that west coast. we got a band of rain moving into california to oregon and into washington. it's going to be showers for san francisco and a rather wet week for portland, and seattle, but further south of this, it is looking a lot finer and dryer. apart from texas,
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we're going to see some severe storms roll into dallas. by the time we get into choose day and as we move to central america, it's looking fine and dry across much of mexico sunshine from mexico city at $21.00 degrees celsius for the wet weather. we have to head further south that your update . ah, with bottles in cameron's rivers come on in the street. plastic is everywhere. but if cloth holes can be fishing boats and bubble gum, wellington b. what more can be done with this plague polymers? earth rise, re imagining class day on al jazeera, november on al jazeera by years after the historic p feel between fog rebels in the
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colombian government, i'll just be re examined why tensions and violence of rising once again. emma award winning for flies investigates the untold stories across the us, millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the last old figured political crisis in mercy and personal short documentary africa, direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers. china marks $100.00 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cool for a boycott impact the sporting event november on al jazeera ah 25 years ago. and a new era in scale of vision used in the middle east, began with a 2 part documentary series. the 25th anniversary of al jazeera telling the story of the channels launch. now it became a recognized global brand. ah,
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the story of algebra are unique pop. ah, well ladies of the g 20 summit agree to take stronger action to limit global warming. but many say the meeting fall short of expectations. ah, i remember on call the south 0 light from de also coming up a warning that the world is headed into uncharted territories with more weather related challenges. as e m. u and climate, some it gets underway. process groups since you don't cope, i strike against the military as pro democracy demonstrate as.


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