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ah al jazeera, when ever you ah, whoa, facing longer house and shorter deadlines, south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death one 0, one east explorer, the dark side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera. ah well ladies at the g 20 summit agreed to take strong action to limit global warming, but reach no deal on a target dates to make eagles. ah . around car massages are alive from the also coming up. a warning that the world is headed into uncharted territories. whitmore weather, related challenges. as the you and climate,
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some it gets under way. process groups is who don a call for strike against the military as pro democracy demonstrates is barricade roads in the capital. and japan's ruling coalition is expected to hold onto the majority and parliamentary elections. but preliminary results suggest it could lead some seats. ah, that's now on climate change or pay a much higher price later. that's the warning from italy's prime minister as the g 20. so it wraps up in rome. leaders agreed to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius, but made no firm commitment on how to achieve. net a 0 carbon emissions by 2050. with the you and carmen conference now underway in glasgow. environmentalists had hoped for big breakthrough adam rainy ruffles on the final day of the g. 20 summit. leaders from the world's biggest economies visit one
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of rooms, most famous tourist sites. trevi fountain, its beauty was one. they all could agree on more difficult, was hammering out a concrete plan to tackle the climate crisis. the final communique, characterized by compromise and vague language stated that member countries are committed to reaching net 0 emissions or carbon neutrality by or around mid century . they did agree to stop funding the building of coal plants and poor countries. they set no target. however, for phasing out domestic coal use, the italian prime minister who hosted the summit, tried to focus on what he saw, a success summary sheet deep in this sense. so deep, we managed to keep our dreams alive, to commit to further measures and gigantic allocations of money further pledges of reductions. and that's the success given that in recent months, it seemed that the emerging countries in particular, had no intention of making the commitment on british prime minister boss johnson
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was clearly disappointed for the group's failure to make more ambitious commitments . the solution to climate change is clear. it lies in consigning dirty fossil fuels like co to history in ditching gas guzzling modes of transport. and recognizing the role that nature plays in preserving life on this planet. leaders acknowledged the need to close the covert 19 vaccine gap by helping to boost supplies with the goal of vaccinating 70 percent. the world's population by mid 2022. important talks took place on the sideline sunday. us president joe biden highlighted the environmental benefits of a deal. he announced with the e u that wrote back trump era tariffs on steel and aluminum. the united states is your opinion, have agreed to negotiate the roles 1st trade a grant based on how much brent is in a product. environmental groups are concerned that if the g 20
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a group of 19 countries in the e, you can't make binding commitments, it will be even tougher for delegates from 200 countries. now, meeting in glasgow to agree on concrete steps to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius side to say, that's needed to avert the worse projections of climate disaster. adarine al jazeera roam. prince charles called on world latest attacker to turn words into actions to tackle the climate change crisis. great, literally it is the last chance saloon we must now translate fine words into still finer actions. and as the enormity of the climate jalen challenge dominates people's conversations from news rooms to living rooms. but as the future of humanity and nature herself are at stake. it is surely time to set aside our differences and grasp this unique opportunity to launch
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a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident, sustainable trajectory, and thus saber planet. with the g 20 summit wrapped up the focused our turns, the u. s. climate talks in glasgow mohammed out there and he has more and more can expect in the coming guys much awaited conference on climate change. cop 26 is underway in glasgow at least 25000 delegates from 109 to 6 countries are an optimist. and they call it a consequential tiny point for humanity to deal with the climate crisis. the conference would have been held at this time last here, but was point because of the coven 19 pandemic. yet it's copied that makes it quite different to other summits. and organizers are very strict about people wearing masks, and also socially distancing. and every delegate is expected to present
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a negative call the test every morning before they are allowed to enter. the venue of the conference security has been tightened in and around glasgow. scottish police say that conference is the most complex and complicated event at beheld. is portland, at least 10000 police officers from across the united kingdom been deployed. there's also been a massive shortage of hotel groups on competition in glasgow due to price hikes, making some of the delegates off for some of the nearby cities like edinburgh. and they are commuting every day to the venue on international dale prophecies also planned for such a day with tens of thousands of protesters expect them to descend on glasgow. the activists were planning this. puerto said only through these peaceful acts of civil disobedience, or they contend the attention of the world towards the climate crisis. the head of the world meteorological organisation as warn the planet is heading into uncharted
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territory as temperatures continue to rise. these negatives ending in a climate will continue for the coming da gates anyhow. so we will see more of the climate that lady delancy said. and the bad news is that we have all reeves to such a high concentration of carbon dioxide that the melting of laziness and snow and ice and sea level rise will continue for much longer time, full or the coming hundreds of years. the lens calling on sit on his generals to reverse the take i the of power. it comes a day off to hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounce military rule. the sudanese teaches committee is called for strike an old states. hey, morgan has the latest from how to where on one of the main roads in dance capital, from central business district, and normally on a normal day around this time, which is mid afternoon in hot assume the roads are jammed with scars and the shops
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are open and that's because this road connects to many state institutions and many banking institutions in the heart of the capital. but right now, there are very few cars on the street and many shop remain close. and this is a week after the military take over. now today is the 1st day of the work and we many people here say that they are very wary and they're very uncertain of the coming days. it's also, they often nationwide protest people calling for the release of prime minister, the lamb bill, and his cabinet members who are arrested on monday when the military took over. many processors have called on people to join a civil disobedience movement. and to join general strikes, protest at residential levels, have set up barricades along the main roads and add their neighborhoods to try to get more people to join the civil disobedience movement. but to also make sure that there are fewer people going to work to show the army that they are still protesting against that take over some of the main roads and bridges that were
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blocked by the military leading to the capital, one of whom have been opened with the exception of 2 bridges, but there are also trees that have been cleared off the barricade setup by the port that says the army says that it wants to be life returned to normal as a way to form their civilian transitional government, which should be led by the military until elections are held in july 2023, but protested they, they're not going to wait for the formation of that government and see what it looks like. they're calling for more protests in the coming days. but in the meantime, they say they will use every means available to show the army that they are not happy with the pick over. and they want a return to the democratic process that was already under way before the army over through the government. on monday, japan's routing coalition is projected to keep its majority in the lower house of parliament, but prime minister, familiar cuz she does liberal democratic party, is set to lose some seeds. in a setback for the leader who took office nearly a month ago, rob mcbride repulse. this has not just been
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a contest between political parties, but also a struggle against voter apathy. especially among young voters who feel particularly disengaged. you are a lot easier by this campaign in the run up to sundays pole was aimed at encouraging more young people to vote. waco, having ruled japan almost continuously since world war 2. the liberal democratic party is seen by many is the only choice that's in spite of an attempt in this election by the opposition parties to coordinate that campaigns to win over l. d. p . c. panel. i don't have confidence in the other parties or need a liberal democratic party is good enough democracy. so even though the l e. p is winning big in recent elections, their support in the country is not necessarily high. historically speaking, the victory is indeed led by the set back of the oppositions mother seen as a test of newly elected prime minister,
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fumey oak is shita. his government faces wide spread dissatisfaction over its handling of the pandemic. he's got a relatively low approval rating, while many voters still seem undecided on him as a leader. many japanese ill, quite helpless about the fact that only one choice. you look at the policy that's announced by, for example, by the opposition, or is all wars less the same? and there's no eye opener. there's no convincing argument that's been displayed. and this, i think, is one of the biggest reasons why in all the turn out ratio still remains in the 30 percent out, is she there is hoping the promise of a stimulus package to revive the batted economy will win support. oh yeah, we will distribute the fruits of the growth, which means that we will increase your income. i have been saying that we need to have this kind of economic policy the increasing cobit 19 cases during the day after the controversial summer olympics. i did further economic pain for businesses
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like memorial to knockers who sees no easy solution to japan struggling economy. did you are working from home has become more common done and it affects us because salary men who used to go to work 5 times a week are not coming back in this election will likely cement because she does positioned as japan's prime minister or could mean he eventually joins a long list of short lived predecessors. rob mcbride al jazeera. so head out 0 on fish, i gonna tell you the, the pollute, the position is, is unchanged. told to resolve facing dispute between the you came, france, remain stagnant. despite a meeting between the countries, leaders i'm believe have when they talk or region enquired, and the world is coming together to combat climate change. i. tragedy is underway in one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. ah,
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ah, look forward to brighter sky's the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello there. let's start in south asia and there's more wet weather on the way of southern parts of india. and she lanka, you can see that dense cloud just sitting over that area, bringing heavy rain to tumble. now do and put a cherry where we have got amber alerts out as well as the northern areas of sure, lank. and now we have seen some flooding from this heavy rain, we could see more of that. but as we go further north, the showers continue across central area is it does dry up though, as we head towards new delhi. lots of fine and dry weather here, sunshine coming through and it's a similar story for much of pakistan. i wrote about heat building around those coastal areas. not as we head to the northeast, it remains rather dry for much of bangladesh. it's further east that we are seeing the wet weather, who make our way to china. we've got
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a weather system that's curling up for more than parts of vietnam, and that's bringing some heavy rain to this area is what quite a lot of cloud cover to the west. but to the east, it is much fine and dry a picture sunshine for shanghai and it's looking mile. the invasion, the temperature is sitting in the mid team sunshine breaking through that cloud. and it will be a similar story for the korean peninsula once that wet and windy weather swells off to northern parts of japan. that sure weather update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always a pink lake nitika attract tourists and underpins the local economy. thousands to pend on his precious souls, al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface . that threatened lake reckless, very existence, center goals, pig plate. on out,
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jesse. ah ah, it was out, zara. mine of else help stories. this hell would lead as me to get the g. 20 summit in rome have agreed to keep a global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius or in the conference wrapped up. they were unable to make a firm commitment on how to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2015 environment liz had hoped for a big breakthrough as the focus well, lead has now shifted garasco for the cop 26 climate change summits, whether expected to discuss their plans to cut a mission. the sudanese teaches committee is called for strike in all states of
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student a day off to hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounce the military takeover. least full people killed in protests on saturday. to trains in the u. k. have collided with some local media reporting that 13 people have been injured. the trains crashed their eternal in souls re in southern england is triggered a huge emergency service response, but is believed none of the injuries are serious. this suddenly, a lot of thing to sessions being thrown around. i think, i mean, you know, friends present amanew about your mcroy has told you guys finally said that the bull is in britain's court regarding an escalating dispute of the fishing rights they made on the sidelines of the g. 20 in rome, but failed to reach agreement. lexia brian reports side by side at rome's famous,
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trevi fountain, french president, emanuel macro and british prime minister, boris johnson, appeared to be in good humour. but behind the smiles, the escalating tensions between their 2 countries showed no sign of letting up a meeting away from the cameras. failing to bring them closer to agreement, met no, la, beau, it on all gone. now the ball is in their court. if the british don't make a move, obviously that measures that a plan from the 2nd of november bromwoods will have to be put in place with because it will be a no going fund in the fall is in britain called within it. france has accused the u. k. a flouting a post breaks a tray deal by failing to give french fishermen enough licenses to operate in british waters and outlined a series of sanctions if they weren't granted. if the dispute is not resolved by tuesday, france, we'll go ahead with a series of what it's called, targeted measures at ports like this along the coast. british fishing vessels will
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undergo strict security checks and they may not be able to dock to unload their catch. they'll also be longer time consuming health and safety checks for trucks going to or from the u. k. caught up in the debate this british trula. it was seized off the port of last on thursday. it's captain accused of fishing and french waters without a lie central. but you don't know when you're looking at the company that owns the boat says it's being used as a porn. and the dispute, the british prime minister, has said the seizure wasn't what he'd expect from a close friend and ally, that it's up to france to step back from its threats on fish. i gotta tell you that the police, the position is, is unchanged. and i will, i'll just, i'll just, i'll just say this for the, for the record. i must, i was puzzled to read a letter from the french prime minister explicitly asking for britain to be punished for leaving the you and i are just have to take say to really,
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i don't believe that that is compatible either with the the spirit or the letter of the withdrawal agreement relations between the u. k and france, clearly navigating troubled waters with both sides, determined to hold their course. alex here brian al, jazeera paris, you as president joe biden. hell, tolls had took his present wrench, of time owed, or the one on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit. it comes at a precarious time for you as turkish relations, as result of that explains from a stumble. this is the 2nd time that prisoners one, an prism by then have one a, one, a me thing. the 1st one was in june in a nato summit in brussels. and since then it was long awaited that prison. this 2 presidents are going to meet again. so the expectation were quite high during the u . n. g summit in, in new york, but it didn't take place the meeting between the 2 liters. but finally it happened in rome and relation between teeth. these 2 countries are streamed over several
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issues, regional issues and domestic issues, human rights in the country, and also regional issues such as east mediterranean, syria, north africa, and so on. but 2 days out, the 2 days a meeting was quite important. not only in regards to jas, turkish relationship, but also for the ne to as well. because the growing differences between these 2 companies are posing a threat to, to, to ne, 2 as well. in that sense, we could see that these tools are particularly regarded as very constructive and posted by d. took your site and also the took yes, i says that add one i buy them has agreed to quit, to establish a common mechanism that would take over the, the dispute between these 2 countries. we do not how the details yet, but this establishment off a mechanism is also quite something new. hawksoft governments as has reached an agreement with supports of a band political party. they were marching towards the capital,
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demanding the release of the detained leader. call hi, to has mo, from his logo. after intense negotiations that locked in for a while, dread all was late into the night or the government and the committee announced that dad reached an agreement with the proscribe teddy caleb bag bucket on i took all off it rotate. details of that agreement have not been di wise. it should be remembered that for the past due week ra will be in d, and it's lum abad. have been cut off from the rest of the country. this particular project has already caught hundreds of millions of dollars in lot days. there are containers full of goggle, which have been detained and argued as roadblock. the people have gotten it, some abad. have eved a sigh of relief that you can see. the traffic is now coming back to normal, that it goes to 40 that still on a luck, everybody will now be watching to see how this agreement is implemented and render
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marcher will be able to go back from. what did i bought from where they were threatening a marge on? it's lama bought. so indeed, an interesting there relic men and some relief, as far as this particular new discount turn. hundreds of pro democracy demonstrators in tile and march to demand reforms to the monarchy. they also want the prime minister to resign. purchases defied crone of ours restrictions on large crowds and gathered in downtown bangkok. hundreds of migrants of disembarked from its hercus flag, cargo ship and greece. the vessel was carrying around 400 people when it sent a distress signal on friday. it's engines had failed in international waters near the island of crete has been towed to safe anchorage near the turkish coast, and those on board taking tom migrant facility. athens says, turkeys refused to take the ship and its passengers, but despite a 2016 agreement, which obliges it to do so. exploiting natural resources is important for economic
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growth in many pos, the world. despite the effects on climate and the environment. and in ecuador, illegal mining has been a wavelength for decades. now, there are phase government plans to issue more international licenses, will cause more damage to rosa buy reports from the city of as but old us a community that's resisting the advance of large binding companies. this is the pacific, were dorian forest, an area field with wild life and unique vegetation? it is slowly being devastated. bulldozers are used to divert the river. as legal miners try to find gold. esanova has been doing this for 12 years. he says he rent the equipment and hires members of the community to help out at them on the mark him as a mom we, we bring a machine and we make a whole and then we get the material and start building a pool. and then we start extracting when we get a 150 grams of gold or so than it's worth moving somewhere else. people like they
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see lever, spend hours next to the river, trying to find a scraps left by bigger miners. she shows us how she's able to find some gold particles that allow her to make around $20.00 a day and feed her 4 children. all of them. we don't get to work every day. we work long week and then that's it. then we have to find another area. we are told, some of the country's best gold is found here. lack of government controls, makes it easy for illegal activities to spread. look what's happening here. this is one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. this is little movie river and it's slowly being destroyed by illegal minors. at the same time. local family say that this is the only way they have to make a living, but it's having a huge impact on the environment. all around is he will community. there are abandoned pools, allegedly filled with chemicals, used in the process to extract gold, eddystone,
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and appa is the leader of the church indigenous community. he says he's concerned, as they look on them, is hillary or the river is contaminated, it can not bathe, fish would drink water for 11 years. it's contaminated and we are asking children not to go to the river on university research shows that water in the province of m it alice has high levels of aluminum and iron. janet got a best lives in a nearby community. she says her children are showing signs of skin problems, pressing his adam or lasso once to increase mining and all exploration activity in the country, to jumpstart a troubled economy and to fight illegal operations. but experts say it will not solve equality endemic problems. luckily, because you're busy or if they want to tell us that exploiting these resources will solve our problems of misery under development and that we will progress. but history tells us that has never happened because it's not the 1st time our elite
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ser, incapable of thinking an economic model that is not only extracting nature's resources because that's where our problems lie. ecuador swayne forest is among the most threatened in the world. poverty, unemployment and the promise of development are causing massive damage. the government, the state of fighting it is desperate to bring international oil and mining companies and give it away. that is i will. i'll just eda is made, allow us to call or horror communities across the globe. ho boldly does. at the close of the cops on, it can provide solutions to defend them from extreme weather events in malawi, nearly $1500000.00 people depend, unlike choa, but less rain full in recent years is led to dangerously low water levels. and that's affecting livelihoods. are m a t as a report from the lower wilson city, my remembers the time when lead sheila mallory 2nd biggest lake, nearly disappeared. temperatures got extremely hot and there was
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a little rain. he and his friends are fish here since they were boys. just like they fathers and grandfathers did they say the drying of the lake has become more frequent than usual? boucher negligible. there is a difference. there. used to be a lot more fish. there were only a few of us, so there was no over fishing. now the population is boomed, there's also a climate change. last year the lake dried up. the world banks is nearly half of africa's population loose below the poverty line. and many depend on rivers and lakes for their livelihoods. when full leg, sheila is approximately 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide, but he keeps shrinking. if the fish in the lake continue to disappear is not only the economy that will be devastated, but entire communities. fishing is how many people here survive is what they been doing for generations. one and a half 1000000 people live in the areas around the live children basin people act my disability. she buy stock from fishermen to feed customers at her restaurant. and melissa, when the men don't bring back much fish,
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my business suffers. that means less customers and not much money for my children. live scientists, they africa, is the continent most affected by climate change and also the least responsible for it. you're looking at people not being able to do other used to do before, and the income levels continue to go down and that already also exacerbates is do with her poverty. so it's a big problem at the moment. so we hope that we can be able to, to find out some solutions to this families out here are away their way of life is changing and that they may have to find alternatives to fishing, such as farming an option. many say they are seriously considering how to matessa al jazeera lake, chilla maloney, a 24 year old man, dresses. the joker from the batman comic books and the sac, 17 people on the hook, your train line in japan, and a video uploaded to social media passengers could be seen fleeing carriages. many were heading into the city center for hollow in gatherings. witnesses told local
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media, the attacker was armed with a knife was trying to start a fire. police arrested a suspect at the scene. whitehouse press secretary gen sac. he hasn't tested positive for coven 19. she's the highest ranking official at the white house to publicly disclosed. they've contracted the virus in a statement. saki said she hadn't had not had close contact with president joe biden or senior staff member since wednesday. zach is vaccinated and her symptoms are mile to work from home until the end of her quarantine. and for the 1st time, in 18 months fully vaccinated australians had been allowed to return home without having to quarantine. there was scenes of joy, sidney airports as loved ones embraced strict border restrictions in place. since the start of the pandemic left many australian stranded overseas. so far, the only australian capital territory new south wales and victoria are lifting restrictions for vaccinated citizens. and american airlines is scrapped hundreds
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war flights across the u. s. on sunday, bringing its number of council trips to 1600. i've lost 3 days. the airlines playing high winds that forced its busiest airport, dallas for fort worth international to shut down. the company is also struggling with a shortage of flight attendance. ah, there's out there in these. it's help stories. world ladies at the meeting at the world leaders meeting at the g. 20 summit in rome have agreed to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. but as a compress wrapped up, they weren't able to make a firm commitment on how to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050 prince charles. urge them to turn the words into ashton's great, literally it is the last chance saloon we must now translate fine words into still finer actions. and as the enormity of the climate,
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jalap challenge dominates people's conversations from news rooms to living rooms. but as the future of humanity and nature has.


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