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it change and asks, what farther in action could me think that nothing harmonized by 20? none of them have a syrian how to do it. crisis, what crisis own al jazeera reason to stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it well for you, the news and current affairs that matter to you. hello, i'm marianne demising and, and with a quick look at main stories now. and we begin with the g. 20 wildly does have agreed on any to take action to fight climate change and prevent global warming by no more than one and a half degrees celsius above pre industrial levels. but has also been a lot of criticism and disappointment, because the commitments are very vague and there's nothing concrete on achieving net 0 compet emissions by 2050. the use of coal was
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a highly contentious issue g 20 lead as if we'd stop financing new coal plants, but that they did not agree to and coal power in their own countries. we have lot. so cries is the help and climate the global poverty. the malnutrition, gender, and generational need qualities demand stronger action that we've taken so far. so i asked myself, what we mean when we say we've succeeded. but in what we succeeded? well, we certainly pledged considerable resources. we also kept too many of these commitments . we increase their strength, their scope, but mostly we made sure that our dream says the secretary general. united nations are not only alive, but also there. they are progressing out. there is kimberly how care has been falling developments for us from run. what is, seems to be the real issue with it,
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is this failure to get a firm date for carbon neutrality. and the language that we're seeing in this final communique that basically says that they've agreed to reach carbon neutrality by around the mid century is what many are saying really lacks ambition. it fails to meet the moment and is going to make the work in glasgow at that you and climate summit so much more difficult. and so there is language here that says that to in fact they have committed to limit and global warming by 1.5 degrees celsius. but at the same time, we know that you and climate scientists were looking for so much more warning that there needed to be so much more an order to avert the climate catastrophes that were already starting to see into a growing pace around the globe. well focus now shifts from round this culture, city of glasgow fleet called 26 climate change summit that lead us from every region in the world are expected to discuss that plans to cut emissions. the
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president of malawi is one of those in attendance and he explained why the summit is so important for developing countries in terms of issues to do with my master. drove years ago in copenhagen, they said they would raise a $100000000000.00. now that amount of money is not necessarily the same as it was, then we're just even coming anyway. it's not what i'm anyway. so which means that even that needs to be revised. however, if there's no finances, there's no way develop measures can tell, develop emissions, don't use the systems we use, use new system. now, if you talk about new technology, because we're still new to have electricity, we're still new to have industrialization. we're still new to have a foot sufficiency so that people move away from subsistence farming to farming that is commercialize and mechanize. now, how do you do that without the power?
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now the new technologies very, extremely expensive. if we don't have financing with debt levels that are choking such missions as i represent, it's impossible all now to sit on, the sudanese teachers committee has called for a strike across all states in the country. it comes after tens of thousands of people rally to denounce last. monday's military. co soldiers use tear gas and blocked major roads. there also multiple reports of gunfire. at the time, at least 4 people were killed and the regional government and ethiopia is m. r. a province is calling all of its residents to take up arms against fighters from the neighboring province of to break the to gripe people's liberation front claims to be in control of the strategic town of dessie. but that has been disputed by the government and addis ababa one is coming up later witness radio
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silence is next. ah. ready ah, yes, a bundle with a, a, a, a, a,
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[000:00:00;00] with us, you know, they want to go have you like there's no sad see, but i thought those book you have a more post logo that. c they're all still not pulling up either in fun. i. let's be the most. they let the black people even agreement already. so they said was that he was a, he's a, he's a,
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is this battle battle is a. so we maybe see and think this is that may be the other the way it's. yeah it's, it's like it been able to get them on a d and it got every bit of the stuff as, as you know, i mean, already got you a ah . 1 3 with
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mm hm. oh send you sent as it gets his he minimum heavy it this he bruschetta government was a government they since would out. so program of 11000000 as you men leave and money on is americans the me that it is contract with. but i think that a company medical model, emma's you level essay method of care levels of is in the list. and 2nd thing i list, but that you've contin separately, you know, so you didn't go with his program or the glove. you got him in of you go to the london television mas emphasis. you'll make
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a nice most and used to was he stay mccorkle me. never bringing him back, even in political dentist said that they go sane. yes. ah. but at the local local oakland said about april they did as a me louisiana to speak in waving meant in the preceding and put a 70 and a bucks mafioso hole in illinois. those me 8. please have your little color put low. pussy soon cannot. one asana must out of the living glow, la la los caterpillars, a leather olga. bravo, candle, nesbit, i'll give you lindsay for melanie, making more investigators on the same as the authority. loosely resentful. now valencia like a novel v marcella base ins. yes. pick the list indic novels are comments otherwise recorded when it got by the room it was really grandma quality book,
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but of love for my little boys in those middle dorsey d o this yes, but a lot of will very helpful. they are canal apple. you there when she got them in the article they visa, alto than i mean other possible from the lower cabinet and sort of guy little precedent. but i guarantee sal alexander can be that the pena law present that come with a little bit of pick pull the latino vill electoral dilemma. another one apple politic that is that the libby soon permit. you told me now to call our land of your lands yet he committed a may he could at of his import dentist reform us in on pace. mother. oh oh, you live close to pu butler bonder. this is the minimum in september. it was mika dorothy mckee, quasi stu. our nebulous build is heavy as, as we stood here when they places to the enters campus, you know, say well,
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for it on at the curb. we'll see this up at his heels pull up policy a leveling quin, sort of any server ah . in damascus, pickup at a home and deliver this event, it equal will escalate the moral, the base assess ability and the government, the coin correspondence with a legal lack of a blank of angelica benito on his gun. the look of your level, combo levelland alexi stance. have elements you and me, your nadia cons to either but a lot, but a couple of events, yell boom consorts from michigan. i come to the owner. norma contract. federal yet is,
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is lay story is to predict who had been mailed to lucy that implacable members. jenkin bill for intel, escandone, banassi b o because we're counselor, logan. king corral will be at martine kendrick, le maddie own. in them, nissan you on the 16th was me, john as a volunteer for thomas as his place and physical precedent opinion for him that i lacked. tecia academy. yes. wiki policing. p fueling good is for lack of you never left us. your name is amy racy. says irresponsibly, please leave it at that. be breeza. if they can progress young, leave it up by this government. done by yourself. yeah. but a sierra school mentally read that makes pretty soon. larry leigh feel that our goal at that. i mean, i will, they, they see almost boyden ashwood. oh, oh, this is a below these. again, not being admitted to i said look,
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is that as he in though this is i will home of these inc, gave amazon. i love it by. yeah. and it was on the st. gazed is when i drop, paid your lot, even better. expose your it guy mobile won't though they do, they will already. that is he does. he does. john is absolutely didn't jerry's apathetically loose. his foot has put a beat that look, he lives. so synthesis feed my sexy kansas one. okay, so, lapping see pelvis. the content will go to the base this up at his heels in his bus, who may be ethical when delinquent, they gotta bennington tub icon difficult davis burnett and kate, we're not picking up cooking channel, but i me sort plaza glass hang 50. and the 1st cook is required, so c dekota said this be the of him if he say, mean will not last us you on the proposal can cut that they're going to describe in mrs. those,
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those missing classic one of those missed because you thought you were listed as the mustache with where you are like, i mean, as he said that he doesn't say lou, when i was at this stage of what i usually was no less than the rest of the lucille, this is what the funeral said. all his own foot was moved on these both. did he bump isn't there so, so there was an would be physically me, he call the corners just america. see which in they those pushing woozy when bed is portent. the mcgraw has not been been seen go to the mega. got those amazing, didn't the single is that i let it, there is missouri, my son does this or job. in 3 minutes or laser, allison massena was a physician, and pest had a field medic, carmen in click whatever sort of idea somebody alca could. ok,
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westbrook isn't diesel, don't have to look as usual. a committee wouldn't have had a lady called madison. he lynch wilkinson sort of his yeah, i mean, it's really a job. they got me. they only got regular staff or nice. i got the name was in making going to more when we more list it come in and maybe one mega probably baby, if you get the new one that actually for the material could be so they're going to be showing up the shift. maybe you could think i'm going to be here for my little monday now mrs. daniels,
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this is bassio's paternity and plenty to complain. and d as in listen, so municipal court tcm put us out on the search for felicia to put your last you not only would expect to get them and save you a much better list that a lot of money that in business or not. so be less, it was on this incident base. it's not. it doesn't give us a bonus for thermal spirit owner. gina,
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that is said this, this, this is he hours he has done most work. was your so yeah, course will tell him if he could pop on to the media, to protect journalist, because when i, when i went ahead cosivity caroline defense, i know that i'll leave it that express young carol darcy, focusing me a to casso e platinum in the discipline young l. e. a. peter, this is the algebra. feel kind of a female public komatsu to class for letting us young. get dinner. emiliano tea she has clinical benefited. are let ellis. uncle michel, nah. kelsey, and thought you end up with seattle de la. then i guess, okay, i see them will be as an o t shall be in the local, vienna, federal our, our secure, 6000. okay. ill put you down to the law republica instead of yahoo sandal a. so is glena medical means that they get kia, all combine in the they've been guns, divine, j, e. they knew john didn't pull their political in color. this was but he's this guy resembling busy as young velocity. he brought,
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i'm of the value the government de la cecil as use the lumina pania, one of those marcel, to promote it. my, your rating. go or tell me the it up on exit 2 of so little. but it made you, i presume, press ok. now the i'm the dog gunman, african is comparable model establishment. barbara and denise abcnews young be worse. most part, but if it were al, is their birth is to have more than to result. is that with results in a car? yeah, a be of you stress global connor, he is presented, are coming up the street. ah, theater, mistress political st. and he's a computer. i mean take, i mean a better deal any question? so look, tina beneath that of the main thing mistress of that is it could either go to the complete she vastly luckily
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with that the ladies union. but it but even let the ladies young but at her wedding, but envy an impossible for her. letterman la balaban event on us se they look up as he that they for the more letter cicada lately i question the late there. look here, this was his thing most i'm pretty local not provokes. yeah. close knees, multiple cabinets, combine fios and tweeted, seamlessly that has atlas and people for symbols with other put symptoms. time in morning. a mossy, petty little cindy fabulous evils. common grandmother macy alex clement was in say to be hit either hill, doubleclick,
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ottoman nor soviet. they've been up olivardez. no, so be a chill. conscientious and most was double inflammation. no soviet his spirit dug. the nostril corrected away the end. up in us alameda, they succeed new. they've been using them in to live. you lean to separate them into entail. is it also proceed toward assess what a form africa, tv levels that government knows to put e, as in tony said, be who asia visiting to been then seattle. they say view up the we chatted. momento thou have electrically this, but i continue to have a hand mentor split, but i will epilepsy on the program. and before putting that meant where the as early as good either that was i was is of us. allah was a little more. you got to be all of the visual gallegos bowen.
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i'm a sub in there in ala. go away. you see where you see? well, well with you, wendy. wendy is the other one, is he moved? she goes to look at tomorrow's minot home castlewood shop with chapel to pull your from sure. this is, you know, that there was an incident that was supposed to go to a bonus technician in a special going up. why is it under package already been? any it don't you misty as young as he's automatically? he's still cuz he's or this with this is the, this is a good m e s that would be shown. this is up to there were several hall. now do they go look those implement the risk of all morning as the person that god bless you think you're the and then you would have to go to. so i love the, but as soon as you get this, i don't want to go me the, i know me. the unknown is the 2nd with 10 percent. they me, he got a little of the head low, but most of them and out of them have done to the lawyer dealing with that a law. it means, well, yeah,
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there is no job again. no joke. okay, what is the one without the melamine with me really. i really like a plan. i gave tina and it they were. busy no, no, do you sell to list a more out of the local home with louis going for, you know, in pickup, in any of the st. joseph hospital finance people know they, lee, since harry took only with us, but america. but if you look pretty as haley's mom, we can help you out about or whomever, to be sure that i didn't stick
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a group policy through their vehicle. let me know super new in place. you better to post below say samples which are unpaid bills came figured out and fixed. if it's you guys, he'll be with a welding or so, but i feel so we'll have you been a few of them think opinion need to speak with somebody in schools including this kind of like a sub lanka bully me. gushing for much. wanted to get in, it can also go to see other looking on that, that it is just some of a still you have to with most like, well nobody could put up a little property in. mm hm. it appreciate that though, i simply made the noise in megan. this is really hard to hear that i'm more interested in them. and again, as it goes through the diagnosis, representing the black, you your post and present them and you cookies cuz he's develop isn't good as their lessons good as a millennia that on any of the times while preceded them. in general,
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when you need the blanket. this is this, i will the report, the present, the again, are to give it any of the blood, your costume, that it has this been say all you have a so you want to be present them and you get to get rid of the black here that this raises me again and it was pretty and then giving it a black year. it didn't display them is to pick up which is then we will have raising dallas and i've seen it in for thursday and then no because you know, for me give me leave you with a few minutes of the demo with oh yeah. okay. yeah, those would have been with them on that. huh. but most when your boss, you're listening to me there it was then this year you know, i did that's. i mean people money sticky if i'm not sure. now this is when,
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when the number anything always it will be the one the one then to give out of the no but. * the seller put the local communities to you could ok, just double check on them. but i'm in the lunch at the most me the article, but i said this kind of company or the status on mass broken. you know much as i pull that i'm which has been done, but i'm not to commit that much meaningful for the governors date, but it was kind of got
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a lot of money to get into. so if thing will be more than be keeping any of the defense manidez, i assume we're no care but they'll buy us. well, not really sure. but one in law and then not a lemme keenness younger. see is the less your but i channels the lavario e. this was not going to be that he may so it is i get him. which of what, give me little nice to be me. he got unless you can sense. yeah. in the this will my, it was explicit inclusive, probably get me that one is can the law give you a service in the back our central but as we can, we can list and was going and she said money be less than glen door going little bit a get, bam was
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a me leave you daycare in with respect people. i phone system under them into his extraneous look at the gums and believe you forget, i mean, zach is a gay because he live in nobody's you every most or whatever. the values for game none of the most current then and put it in a room into the get thomas, a guy in the malware. kin instrument though loose attack is the big houses in, in the live one way form they will call whenever listen the is to the end though in a 1000 years whatever they wanna do, not part of it yet. i mean the per k glen, i mean they look a most commonly available. give annella mama ah brain damage on his head or let his gas doyle will be at another been but a competitive stay mother vigilante glasses. this is to pony. so to lisa, but i got empty. sadler so good. he, beth,
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muster not. bowels were low sheeka. got him insidious nevertheless. but as one must believe it as a base w bass is could if you can loosely him in is totally thaddeus a bit. a sick was run, commence a complaint, the reverse ice levels asked that they could otherwise. mindy, i've cancer leper. believe that he said, would have been the po going to be, he lack most of those. done this daniels think. what community? somebody see, those got gauss other lucky i can play medical oyster. he must spend he put again, i must believe and contact alice gotten paid places to the end to say, well 025 years ago, a middle east,
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a 2 part documentary series. the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channel launch. how it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of algebra are unique. pop a
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with lou. hello, i'm marianna demise in london with a look at the main stories. now. wild leaders of greed on the need to take action to fight climate change and prevent global warming by no more than a one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels. but they've also been criticized making no concrete commitment to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050. and the use of coal was
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a very divisive issue at the meeting. leaders agreed to start financing new coal plants but did not agree to and coal power in their own countries. kimberly hulk,


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