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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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snow short documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cause for a boy impact the sporting event november on out just sarah ah g 20 leaders promised to keep global warming to one and a half degrees celsius. but leave rome without a commitment on net 0 carbon emissions. the stage is now set for cop $26.00. governments a warn, this is their last chance to avoid climate catastrophe. ah! hello i mariam tomas iananda watching al jazeera,
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also coming up on the program. protest groups in sudan call for a strike against the military. pro democracy demonstrates his barricade roads in the capital, and that japan's new prime minister is projected to win elections. but the ruling party's loss of seats in the parliament could. we can fully, of course, she does power. ah, welcome to the program or world leaders have agreed on me to take action to fight climate change and prevent global warming by no more than one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels. but they have also been criticized for making no commitment to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050. the use of coal was a highly contentious point. gee, 20 leaders agreed to stop financing new coal plans, but did not agree to and coal power in their own countries. this is important
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because the meeting was meant to be a spring board for the cop $26.00 gathering and glasgow and includes countries which account for 80 percent of global emissions. we are a lot so crisis the hell to incline the global poverty. the malnutrition joan during generational need qualities, demand, stronger action, but we've taken so far. so i asked myself, what we mean when you say we've succeeded. but in what we succeeded, well was certainly pledged considerable resources. we also kept too many of these commitments. we increased their strength, their scope, but mostly we made sure that our dreams as the secretary general united nations are not only alive, but also that they are progressing. our as corresponding kimberly alcott is my 1st in rather than i suppose, these deep divisions over the use of col really highlight the,
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the challenges that lie i had for the climate conference in glasgow. this is a climate conference that many had hoped that the g 20 meetings would kind of have an energy that that would start that climate conference. and instead what we're getting from this draft communique has been very disappointing for so many i should point out. we're standing by to wait for the final press conference here in rome. 1 at the g 20 by u. s. president joe biden, that's expected to happen any moment. but until then, what is clear is that there is a lot of discussion and we expect a lot of questions from joe biden or to joe biden as well about this. communicate and sort of what went wrong because of what is seems to be the real issue with it is this failure to get a firm date for carbon neutrality. and the language that we're seeing in this final communique that basically says that they've agreed to reach carbon neutrality by
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around the mid century is what many are saying really lacks ambition. it fails to meet the moment and is going to make the work in glasgow at that you and climate summit so much more difficult. and so there is language here that says that in fact, they have committed to limiting global warming by 1.5 degrees celsius. but at the same time, we know that you and climate scientists were looking for so much more warning that there needed to be so much more an order to avert the climate catastrophes that were already starting to see into a growing pace around the globe. so this is the disappointment that has been expressed by many you as president joe biden ran i and got into office, largely because of his commitment to combating climate change, calling in an existential threat. so there's no question that as he faces reporters in the next half hour, that in fact he, he's going to get some tough questions about why he didn't do more. and she'll the
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leadership that he promised. right? because it's such so many issues to tackle at this meeting when ever leaders gather the g. 20 it sort of the summit to try and save the world, everything on the table from climate change to poverty and inequality. and now of course the coven 19 pandemic. what do we like to hear from the president of the united states when he speaks very shortly? well, the u. s. president is expected to tout what he sees as some successes, but again, many have been criticizing here that the bar seems to be particularly low. we heard from the italian liter just a few moments ago that the success seems to be keeping dreams alive. and that's hardly building on the successes of the past. so might say this is an accomplishment coming out of a pandemic. but given the challenges that are being faced around the globe, there's an expectation from leaders. and so we expect that there's going to be some
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questioning up to joe biden about why is a wealthy nation that is now giving? it's 3rd, coven shot. in many cases too much of the u. s. population. why the u. s. has not done more to ensure that countries like or continents like africa, for example, where we know that people have been vaccinated in terms of population of about 5 percent. when you look at the entire continent, oh why there is such inequality and why there hasn't been more done now. the u. s. has made enormous pledges, but they've been slow to deliver on those. and so that is likely to be one of the questions as well. i can tell you that there has been a lot of interest from the u. s. media about the u. s. president's meeting with the turkish leadership type error to one. specifically, the fact that a nato ally has hung on to technology purchased from russia. and of course, the questions there become with respect to nato. the fact that nato exists in part to counter aggression from russia. how this could be a reliable partner. now,
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according to his senior administration, official, the united states as want to get affirmed that partnership with turkey says it is an important now life thanked it for it's helped with afghanistan, but raised concerns again about this program and says it's working through the process as they discussed the future moving forward, so they've put in place and mechanism to do that. they addressed human rights as well as rule of law concerns. but again, this is i work in progress relationship as it is with china, where we know that the sector state also met with his counterpart and voice concerns. all right, thank you very much. kimberly how kit set with all the latest there in rome as a g 20 summit reaches its conclusion. well, algae, there is political analysts, marwan, bouchard joins me live now from paris and just her. i suppose that some of the points that kimberly was making there about all these different big global issues on the table marwan. how much of a test is a summit like the g 20 for the multilateral order. so the ability of the world's
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most powerful countries to work together at a time when we've seen more and more populism and more of a, an inward looking approach. it's a huge desk warm and i think in so many ways on so many years since 1999, the finance ministers live on the heads of state that basically failed. ready us in more ways than one, not the idea that they make commitments that don't follow through or they make vague commitments and they're not held responsible for them. the problem with all of that is that you have 90 countries plus the european union who are basically sovereign and the idea of. busy suffering states getting together without a boss, you know, without a leader without a is or the constitution. you know, it's not the secret national security. it's not the security council, it's something else. so it is like an adult group that decided to come together in
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order to deal with major economic and other issues facing the, the world. the fact that they are suffering means that the act, each according to their own national interest. it's, it's at times that some of some of the members tried to shame other members into actions that, like we've seen on the issue of climate change, like we've seen on the issue of the minimum global tax sometimes to succeed. sometimes it doesn't. generally speaking, i would say it's just like herding cats. all right, thank you very much. marron really appreciate it. moran bashar, a, giving us his analysis, sat on the g, 20 summit and, and of course cop $26.00 coming up in glasgow. thy shortly thank you. marwan and at speaking of glass glass in vine, and it's a nick cock. i actually joins us live now from that because that is where the focus
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is going to shift. and actually nick joins us live now. nick, how useful nick? if i can ask you how, how useful is this g 20 communique going to be? i had a v, the called 26 there. well ma'am, if they were hoping that they would use the g twenty's as spring board or of momentum into coats where they say something, everybody's very disappointed with it is give it some perspective. so you had the parts group back in 2015, where the world agreed to keep the temperatures from rising beyond 2 degrees celsius, ideally one and a half to re celsius. 6 is all we now know that to to re celsius is too much. we're already at 1 point one, nearly 1.2. and already we've seen catastrophic, extreme weather, especially this year. so for the g 20 to grasp to acknowledge that 1.5 is the target is a good thing but says we're hearing from kimberly, it doesn't have enough half. what were the words urging meaningful and effective
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action? but agreeing few specific measures. i spoke to one observer here and she said that if the g 20 was meant be a dress rehearsal, the cop $26.00, and they fluffed their lines. so as world leaders shift their attention from the g 20 and others around the world, join them here in glasgow over the next couple of days, you can be sure that the developing nations will be exerting as much pressure as possible for the leaders, especially of the big emitters to up their commitments at we spoke to the chair of the least developed countries. he is also at the president of malloy and his name is lazarus chiquita. let's hear from him now in terms of issues to do with financed it 12 years ago. and copenhagen, they said, would raise a $100000000000.00. now that amount of money is landis seller, the same as it was then. we did it incoming anyway. it's not what i'm anyway so which means that even that needs to be revise. however, if there's no financing,
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there's no way develop nations can tell developing nations don't use the systems we use, use new system. now if you talk about new technology, because we still need to have electricity, we still need to have industrialization. we still need to have a foot sufficiency, so that people move away from subsistence farming to farming that is commercialized and mechanized. now how do you do that? without the power now the new technologies, they are extremely expensive. if we don't have financing with debt levels that are choking such nations as i represent, it's impossible. well, the poor nations, the well, the looking to cut $26.00 looking to this conference for world leaders for nations around the world as to step up their action and help them out to help developing countries. harry matessa went to mallory and from the she sent this report.
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wilson city my remember the time when lead sheila mallory 2nd biggest lake, nearly disappeared. temperatures got extremely hot and there was a little rain. he and his friends are 1st year since they were boys. just like they fathers and grandfathers did they say the drying up of the lake had become more frequent than usual. oceana? gleeful. there was a difference. they used to be a lot more fish. there were only a few of us, so there was no over fishing. now the population was groomed, there's also climate change. and last year the lake dried up. the world banks is nearly half of africa's population loose below the poverty line, and many depend on rivers and lakes for their livelihoods. when full leg, sheila is approximately 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide, but it keeps shrinking. if the fish in the lake continue to disappear is not only the economy that will be devastated, but entire communities. fishing is how many people here survive is what they've been doing for generations. one and
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a half 1000000 people live in the areas around the live chill. what basin people at my disability. she buy stock from fishermen to feed customers at her restaurant. and melissa, when the men don't bring back much fish, my business suffers. that means less customers and not much money for my children. live scientists, they africa, is the continent most affected by climate change and also the least responsible for it. you're looking at people not being able to do or these to do before. and the income levels continue to go down and that already or so excess base is do with her poverty. so it's a big problem at the moment. so we hope that we can be able to, to find out some solutions to this families out here are away their way of life is changing and that they may have to find alternatives to fishing, such as farming an option. many say they are seriously considering how to matessa al jazeera leg, sheila malawi, and watching out his era life from london, still ad foil on the program. pakistan's long march is over after an agreement and
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10 days of sometimes violent protests. digging for gold in ecuador, white locals, am government disagree over the future of ecosystem? ah, hello there. well, autumn is certainly being felt in europe. we've got wet and windy conditions across many areas and that unsettled weather is set to continue for the next few days. the wind and the rain pulling in from the west, pushing across to the east. now ahead of this eastern europe, missing a lot of fine and dry weather, stretching old way from poland down to the balcony. that is going to change. by the time we get into choose day, and that's thanks, the low pressure that's pulling in, bring some heavy rain storms and snow to pots of france to switzerland. so snow for
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the outs and some heavy rain from northern parts of italy. we have got some red warnings out fully gloria and tuscany. we could see some flooding from those torrential downpours. but as we go into tuesday, it's going to push across into austria into croatia. this area is going to see a lot of wet weather and with that we are going to see some of those temperatures come down. for example, in belgrade it's lorraine as well for greece and the rain continues for fronds. it winds up slightly on tuesday for britain an island, but where those briscoe winds will remain. scandinavia see some of the rain fall heavily as we go further. 6 into the week, but it remains rather dry for western russia, and it's rather mild in moscow at 7 degrees celsius. ah, the fearless mexican journalists side lying for taking on a president under corrupt system, ruled by
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a single party for over 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform, determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga of truth seeking under refusal to be gagged. radio silence, a witness documentary on out to sierra lou ah, welcome back to look at main stories now. wildly does have called for meaningful and effective action to fight climate change at the g 20 summit in rub. but they've been criticized who, making no commitment to achieve nat, geo,
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or common emissions by 2050 president to the united states, had talks with his turkish count about russia. type ottawa in one of several sideline meetings at the g. 20 summit to man discuss recent tensions between that countries of attack he's purchase of russian missiles and the focus of worldly. just shifts now from room to the scottish city of glasgow. the called 26 climate change summit. leaders from every region in the world are expected to discuss that plans to cot emissions. now the sudanese teacher's committee has called for a strike in all states of sudan. it comes a day after hundreds of thousands of people rally to denounce last. monday's military, co soldiers use tear gas and blocked roads. at least 4 people were killed it. but morgan brings us the latest now from the streets of heart to him. where on one of the main roads in for that capital hudson central business district, and normally on a normal day around this time,
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which is mid afternoon in hot assume the roads are jammed with scars and the shops are open. and that's because this road connects to many state institutions and many banking institutions in the heart of the capital. but right now, there are very few cars on the streets and many shop remain closed. and this is a week after the military takeover. now today is the 1st day of the work and we, many people here say that they are very wary and they're very uncertain of the coming days. it's also a nation wide protest. people calling for the release of prime minister of the lamb, built on his cabinet members who arrested on monday when the military took over many protests of have called on people to join a civil disobedience movement. and to join general strikes, protested at residential levels, have set up barricade along the main roads and add their neighborhoods to try to get more people to join the civil disobedience movement. but to also make sure that there are fewer people going to work to show the army that they are still
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protesting against the takeover. some of the main roads and bridges that were blocked by the military leading to the capitol, who have been opened with the exception of 2 bridges. but there are also streets that have been cleared off the barricade sets up by the processes. the army says that it wants to be life returned to normal as a way to form their civilian transitional government, which should be led by the military until elections are held in july 2023, but protested. they're not going to wait for the formation of that government and see what it looks like. they calling for more protests in the coming days. but in the meantime, they say they will use every means available to show the army that they're not happy with the takeover. and they want a return to the democratic process that was already underway before the army over through the government on monday. all now for if you're appear, the regional government in, in am hora province is calling on all of its residents to take up arms against fighters from the neighboring province of take wry. you take people's liberation
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from to t p. last. claims to be in control of the strategic town of jesse that's been disputed by the field by the open government. now i'm horace regionally to say the htp l. f. attack women destroyed infrastructure and looted property fighting has moved south after rebels. we took control of to grow from the government in june. the taliban has denied that its men shot and killed 3 people at a wedding in eastern afghanistan. men reportedly posing as members of the armed group attacked guess that a ceremony and non gall province because they were playing music. the government spokesman as a personal feud was behind the violence use it was bad. the last time the taliban was in control of the country now block has down to governments as it reached an agreement with support of a band political party. its been marching towards the capital, demanding the release of that attained lead to cabal. hydra has more now from islam
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abbas off day intense negotiations that lasted for a while dread all was late into the night or the government on the committee announced that dad raised an agreement with the proscribe derek. a la bag bog. it's gone. i took all, all for rotate, details of that agreement. i have not been di wise. it should be remembered that for the past 2 weeks, ra will be in d and islam abad. have been cut off from the rest of the country. this particular product has already caught hundreds of millions of dollars and lot says there are containers full of goggle, which have been detained and i used as roadblock. the people of gotten it. some abad have eved a sigh of relief at you can see the traffic is now coming back to normal, that it goes to fortunate. they're still on alert. everybody will now be watching to see how this agreement is implemented and render marjorie will be able to go
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back from. what did i bought from where they would send me a module islamabad. so indeed, an interesting there rela men and some relief as forwarded this particular new diskin turn. japan's willing coalition is projected to keep its majority in the low house of parliament, but prime minister full mucus sheet as liberal democratic artes. full, costly and seats in the general election, though, as seen as the 1st big test for the newly appointed leader who took charge only weeks ago from mcbride reports. this is not just been a contest between political parties, but also a struggle against voter apathy, especially among young voters who feel particularly disengaged. you are a lot easier by this campaign in the run up to sundays pole was aimed at encouraging more young people to vote. and boy, having rule japan almost continuously since world war 2, the liberal democratic party is seen by many is the only choice. that's in spite of
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an attempt in this election by the opposition parties to coordinate that campaigns to win over l. d p. c. panel. i don't have confidence in the other parties will need a liberal democratic party is good enough to mother. so even though the l e. p is winning big in recent elections, their support in the country is not necessarily high. historically speaking, the victory is indeed led by the set back of the oppositions seen as a test of newly elected prime minister. fumey oak is shita. his government faces widespread dissatisfaction over it's handling of the pandemic. he's got a relatively low approval rating, while many voters still seem undecided on him as a leader. many japanese ill, quite helpless about the fact that she's only one choice. you look at the policy that's announced by, for example, by the opposition is all wars less the same and there's no eye opener. there's no
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convincing argument that's been displayed. and this, i think, is one of the biggest reasons why in the turn out ratio. so remains in the 30 percent off because she there is hoping the promise of a stimulus package to revive the batted economy will when support. oh yeah, we will distribute the fruits of the growth, which means that we will increase your income. i have been saying that we need to have this kind of economic. oh that we just want a lesson and tell us present, jo, allied and speaking, how fondling that communicate. and the g. 20 summit and rad america showing up and working with our allies and partners to make progress and issues that matter to all of us. and there's really no substitute for face to face discussions and negotiations among the leaders when it comes to building understanding cooperation . i found in all of my meetings here, both the larger sessions and the one on one sessions. and i had many of those a really are in are some on our partners and allies for american leadership to,
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to help bring the world together and solve some of these big problems. i found my one on one engagement with so many leaders and the importance of strong personal relationships, never feels to say, i never ceases to amaze me. when it's looking at someone straightened the eye when you're trying to get something done, they know me. i know them, we can get things done together. and so i want to thank the italian people, by the way, for the g 20, for their hospitality, and, and congratulate primary sir dragon. he did one heck of a job. lizzy the g, 20 through a difficult year, marked by a great global challenge, is a, critically among them ending the pandemic drive in a broad base to sustainable global economic recovery and tackling the climate crisis. i believe we made tangible progress in each of these issues in part because of the commitment that the united states brought to the table. for example,
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i'm proud of the d 20, endorsed the global minimum tax. this is something united states has been driving for, for over a year, building momentum, a to up to this achievement. and this is incredible when for all our countries, instead of nations competing against one another track investment by bottoming out corporate tax rates. this set a minimum floor 15 percent to ensure that john corporations began to pay their fair share no matter where they're headquartered. instead of hiding hiding profits overseas were also great established of fund in the future that for countries that can drawn, tell, prevent, if necessary. and respond to the next pandemic prepared for the next time around yesterday. together with prime minister johnson and merck owen, my crone president crone, we came together to, to reiterate our shared belief that diplomacy, diplomacy is the best way to prevent iran from gain in nuclear weapon. and we discussed how best to encourage iran to resume serious good faith negotiations. and
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i also want to know that even as i've been here in rome, as you might guess, and some of you, i suspect, do the same thing. american reporters been focused on the vital issues that affect american workers and families at home. i just finished meeting with a broad coalition of partners on how to address the media applied same backlogs in dealing with that, that the world's been dealing with and facie. and we're facing back at home and how to make sure we have access to all the products we need from shoes to furniture, to electronics, to automobiles, to make sure that we talked about how better secure i self against these future shots, where the pandemic climate change rather disasters in the bill back better framework, which is god willing going to be voted on or as early as of some sometime this coming week of that i announce on thursday include for the 1st time ever several, several $1000000000.00 to help strengthen the supply change to make sure we have
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access to everything we need and it has kind of give workers and folks making all these products is a little bit of breathing room the bill back better. we're also gonna make it easier for them to afford everything from child care. while they are at work for their kids a 2 years, a free hike, high quality preschool. and finally, it today was proud to announce together with our close part you partners. another critical when for both american workers and a climate agenda, the united states and the european union have agreed to negotiate the roles 1st trade grant based on how much carbon is in a product. as we negotiated the steel aluminum tariffs that were in place, we made agreement and i might add strong support of you as steel workers back home . and i want to thank them. i want to thank tom conway, who i spoke to, did a president of the united steelworkers for his partnership and arriving at this deal. the deal immediately remove
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a point of significant tension with our friends in the european union and rejects the false idea that we cannot grow and economy in support. american workers while tackling climate crisis is the same time. we're talking about a lot a lot during the g 20, the cop $26.00. but we also know tackling climate crisis has been all hands on deck effort. american workers are critical part of the solution. now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with a p z. miller. thank you. have a question. i didn't recognize the max on mass con, i apologize. thank you, mr. president. here in room you've tried to showcase that of air case back, but back at home, your poll numbers have, have fallen. your party nominee for governor in virginia is facing a very tough a tougher that expected race. your party spent months trying to negotiate the center piece of your democratic of your domestic legislative agenda. so we're one
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year now since your election what and you've done a lot in the year.


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