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is good enough to market. so even though the leafy is winning big in recent elections, their support in the country is not necessarily high. historically speaking, the victory is indeed led by the set back of the oppositions mother seen as a test of newly elected prime minister, fumey oak is shita. his government faces wide spread dissatisfaction over its handling of the pandemic. he's got a relatively low approval rating, while many voters still seem undecided on him as a leader. many japanese ill, quite helpless about the fact that only one choice. you look at the policy that is announced by, for example, by the opposition, or is all wars less the same? and there's no eye opener. there's no convincing argument that's been displayed. and this, i think, is one of the biggest reasons why in the turn out ratio still remains in the 30 percent out because she there is hoping the promise of a stimulus package to revive the batted economy will when support oh yes,
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we will distribute the fruits of the growth, which means that we will increase your income. i have been saying that we need to have this kind of economic policy. the increasing cobit 19 cases during and after the controversial summer olympics i did further economic painful businesses like memorial to knockers who sees no easy solution to japan struggling economy did a lot working from home has become more common um and that affects us because salary men who used to go to work 5 times a week are not coming back in this election will likely cement, cuz she does position as japan's prime minister or could mean he eventually joins a long list of short lived predecessors. rob mcbride al jazeera mostella had here on houses in by hundreds of afghan migrants of dislodge from a turkish black congregation in greece, running on empty a fuel shortage. and china forces the world's 2nd largest economy to ration diesel
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. and in small the land to brave edge ever closets the wealthy. with that said robin peninsula, the chances of showers increase with every day with a still very low to be honest. this though, bit different, where you see these from students coming in a line of class. it brings in showers. they mostly don't amount to much nest their in house by the mountains, which they are eastern turkey, northern syria, and northern iraq, where flash floods are still in the full cross the next day or so. but beyond that, it's generally quite is still not particularly cold. look at the wind wants to bring in the snow from the central plains of asia when it just about succeeds by
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the end or wednesday. it tries to bring that snow in at a catholic storm, but whether it succeeds, we are yet to see. i don't think it will think he's just the 1st push mean showers further west though, in northern iran as well. the flashlight potential exist there as we change the wind direction there up the whole of africa from southwest to a northeast. so the sharon jamie's rather, we killer a few light ones if you see, but mostly it is west of the rift valley, which is where the seasonal range of b through d. r. congo. danforth? no, no my go. she'll arrays welcomed, but did you notice, dubious temperature, 40 a little high for this time the you might think you be right. the average is $36.00 . the record is $40.00. it is cooling data. ah, the stage is said, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you thing. we're ditching the sound bites and we're digging into the issue from international
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politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the lars. dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. upfront with me, mark lamar help on out 0 it's the was most populous democracy. diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous, seen context, india dixon, in depth look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context india. and alex is eda. oh
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a color that you're watching out there. that's remind you about top stories of silence. while the does that the g 20 summit, of course, the meaningful and effective action to ensure global warming is limited to $1.00 degrees celsius. the final communicate from rome doesn't include a deadline for net 0 emission. french president and no macro says the ball is in britain's court regarding the fishing dispute is over the number of fishing licenses being allocated to from by the u. k. intentions of escalated from caesar. british vessel sudanese teachers committee has called for a strike in all states. of food on the day of the hundreds of thousands of people rally to denounce the military takeover. at least 4 people were killed in those protests on saturday. when returning to our top story and now diplomatic had his
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head, james base has moved from that g 20 summit which has just dropped off in room. some of the g 20 leaders went for a picture in the central room in one of the most historic places, the trevi fountain. that's where, you know, the tradition is to throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish. and i'm sure they wished for a greener earth and protecting the planet. but campaigners say it's not about wishes or wishful thinking. it's about actual action. and i think that is going to be one of the problems from this g 20. that translates to glasgow. what actions are they actually promised, and what will those actions mean in terms of the environment? the metrics and all this are very difficult at what we're going to have is each country putting forward it's nationally determined contributions. what it's going to do to try to protect the planet, to try and reduce its emissions. but then it's up to scientists and scientific models to work out what that action is going to mean in global warming. and what i
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think is likely in the next 2 weeks, as we head through the glasgow summit, as you can have disagreements between world leaders who say the action is great, and it is a great step forward. and many campaigners who say it really isn't enough. while speaking of climate change, poorer communities across the globe are hoping that wild leaders at the cops summit can actually provide solutions to defend them from extreme weather events. m allowing nearly $1500000.00 people depend on lake chola, but less rain for their in recent years has led to dangerously low water levels and that's affecting livelihoods. hurry, matessa reports, wilson city, my remembers the time when lead sheila mallory 2nd biggest lake, nearly disappeared. temperatures got extremely hot and there was little rain. he and his friends are fish here since they were boys, just like they fathers and grandfathers did they say the drying up of the lake has become more frequent than usual? was here. negligible. there was a difference. they used to be
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a lot more fish. there were only a few of us, so there was no of a fishing. now the population has boomed. there's also a climate change. last year the lake dried up. the world banks is nearly half of africa's population loose below the poverty line. and many depend on rivers and lakes for their livelihoods. when full leg, sheila is approximately 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide, but he keeps shrinking. if the fish in the lake continued to disappear is not only the economy that will be devastated, but entire communities. fishing is how many people here survive is what they've been doing for generations. one and a half 1000000 people live in the areas around the live children basin people at my disability. she buy stock from fishermen to feed customers at her restaurant. and melissa, when the men don't bring back much fish, my business suffers. that means less customers and not much money for my children. live scientists, they africa, is the continent most affected by climate change and also the least responsible for
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it. you're looking at people not being able to do either used to do before and the income live was company to go down and that already or saw exacerbates is do refer poverty. so it's a big problem at the moment. so we hope that we can be able to, to find out some solutions to this. families out here are aware their way of life is changing and that they may have to find alternatives to fishing, such as farming an option. many say they are seriously considering harder. matessa al jazeera lake, chilla maloney, while the united states and the european union have agreed to ease terrace on steel and aluminum imports. the u. s. will now allow certain metals from the e. u to enter duty free. that avoids ear retaliatory measures on u. s. products that were due to take effect in december. for me, you as president, donald trump, introduce those levies 3 years ago. phil about has more for us from washington dc. what this does is it gives president biden a number of wins at 1st of all allows him to show off on the world stage that the u
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. s. is back that it's making friends again, which is what a lot of the g trends he's been about. it's about him showing that the u. s. is moving away from that. isolation is the approach that the previous administration favorite in a number of ways. it allows him to also avoid these a. you retaliate to retire. if remember, they would you to kick it in a matter of weeks. they're going to double duty on a number of things. like for whiskey like harley davidson motorcycles, all american products and this would not have gone down well domestically. it also allows him to show off his green credentials. we know that president biden has made tackling climate change, a real tenant of his presidency. he's going to be at the cop summit in a matter of days. this allows him to show that they're working in the u. s. with your rep, which is known for producing what you might call clean metals, as opposed to china, which is allowed use as co powered furnace is. so can make cheaper metals, but not necessarily battles that are great for the environment. and also on the subject of china, it allows him to show some presidential muscle against china,
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which you guys will go down well with some courses here in the united states. now, in terms of the actual logistics of this agreement, the announcement has to be made. we've had an announcement of an announcement that is coming at the moment. the terrorists are 25 percent on steel, 10 percent, all minion, we believe, but it's probably going to be something more like a sliding scale. so, depending on how much the input level is, that will then affect how much the terrorists. aw, so it will be all relative and again, the amount will be this buffer zone, this green zone of what we think will be $3300000.00 tons a year allowed in. but again, those details are due to be made public later by president biden. us live on the live, crucially, these metals will have to be made in the a use that means they are melted and poured in the you. it means that countries like china, like russia, like south korea, can't make them than send them to europe and past the modern saying they were made in europe because they had a few finishing touches put on in europe. but as i say,
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those details coming and becoming house hundreds of migrants of disembarked from a turkish flagged cargo ship in greece. the vessel was carrying about 400 people and sent out a distress signal on friday. after its engines failed. the migration ministry says 6 passengers have been detained for questioning. greece is one of the main routes and the e. u for migrants and refugees crossing from turkey. john toughness is following this forest from athens. the official version from the atlantic coast guard is among the nationalities on board. and this is just an early estimate. pakistan is africans, lebanese egyptians, iranians, syrians and bangladesh. but that remains to be confirmed in the breakdown in numbers also remains to be confirmed. apparently these people were provided with food and water, of which they were short, while they were being towed to the island of cos where they are now being registered. so they remain questions about what actually transpired on this voyage
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. the greek authorities do confirm that they did attempt to return the boat to turn to a turkish hover. what i was told by the coast guard official and i quote, there were initiatives on the greek side to return the boat to turkey, which were refused, but were not told when those initiatives took place. the story on the greek side has consistently since march of last year, then that the turkish state is now aiding and abetting smugglers on the coast of asia minor. and these various attempts to launch refugee filled boats into greek. horses are now a state sponsored operation. pakistan's government says it's reached an agreement with supporters of a band political party. they've been marching towards the capital, demanding the release of their detained leader. come, all hider has off day intense negotiations that lasted for over grove. all word
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late in the night or the government on the committee announced that dad raised an agreement with the prescribe that he, caleb beg, budget on our goal all for if rotate details of data agreement i have not been di was it should read a member dead for the pot, do rate ra will be in d and islam abad. have been cut off from the rest of the country. this particular product has already got hundreds of millions of dollars and lots is they're not gonna den or is full of goggle, which have been detained. and i used as roadblock the people of gotten it. some abad have eved a sigh of relief that you can see. the traffic is now coming back to normal, that the gutter defaulted are still on alert. everybody will now be watching to see how this agreement is implemented and render marjorie will be able to go back from . what did i bought from where they were threatening a margin, islam abroad. so indeed,
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an interesting there rela men and some relieve as voted this particular new discount turn. all the taliban has denied that some of its members shot and killed 3 people at a wedding in eastern afghanistan. men reportedly posing as members of the armed group attacked guests ash a ceremony and anger ha, because they were playing music. the government spokesman says a personal feud was rather behind the violence. a hundreds of pro democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets again and thailand, demanding changes to the monarchy and for the prime minister to resign. the protesters, as you can see that defied kind of the 19 restrictions on large crowds and gathered in downtown bangkok, full key figures who campaigned last year for reform remain in detention there for royal defamation. while china has started rationing diesel a nation wide energy shortage has led to a surge. 8 and demand for the fuel and a rise and prices. many truck drivers now say they're not able to complete long
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distance routes to deliver vital goods. katrina, you has more from beijing. these truck drivers are used to criss crossing china driving hundreds of kilometers every day. but a nationwide shortage of diesel fuel has changed that, or you would go to the me, oh, i'm scared to leave beijing and dr. long distances, some petrol stations have run out of diesel fuel. the machines are closed. 2 days ago, i drove south to whole bay province, and a man in paddle stations didn't have any. the shortage has been accompanied by a shop rise and prices. since january, the cost of diesel here has increased by about 30 percent abyss patrol station customers are limited to by just 200 meters of diesel fuel. but outside the capitol, the supply problem is much was had some supply with having to wait days to refuel. there have been long lines of vehicles at petrol stations and china's southern and eastern provinces. due to rationing, many drivers say they can only refuel for one days. journey,
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which means cross country deliveries are taking longer to arrive. china is in the middle of a power crisis that is triggered blackouts. in many cities, shortages of coal and natural gas have led to a surge and diesel consumption. factories and businesses have turned to diesel power generated to maintain operations, draining supply. the 2nd reason is probably because a lot of these are, it's being re routed to the our culture sector during this harvest season. to basically support our grain, trying and to prepare for planting, winter cross. and on the, on the supply side, basically, the domestic supply for diesel has been going down because china has the asked for a lot more be so a to the right to, to the rest of the world. some estimate china's diesel stock pals to be at the lowest level and at least a year. environmental crackdowns on crude oil production in some regions have worse
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than the shortage. the government has asked chinese refineries to increase production and imports, but this would be enough to contain the shortfall. experts warn that scarcity of diesel is likely to last for months and could worse and existing problems in the global supply chain. katrina, you out a 0 paging was bought as next here on out 0. the greeting all the latest from the t 20. well come out, museum score crossing when over india. ah, i've never seen so much devastation or experienced how quickly every thing can change. as the current of ours, pandemic surged, the events of india became much more than just story. now. every one was affected, we couldn't keep the people we cared about alive. and there were times on air when
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i had to hold back tears. but every day i was driven to convey the connect of trauma to make sure that despite the high numbers, we didn't forget that every single death represented of families worst moment. and how a lot of suffering could have been avoided. i became a journalist to tell the story of what is happening, but also show the wider context. i'm elizabeth moran. m ah. ah ah.
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welcome back. now, in ecuador, illegal mining has been a way of life for many decades. now, there are fears though, that government plans to issue more international licenses will create even more damage. theresa bar reports from the city of as brought us. this is the pacific, or dorian forest, and there we are filled with wildlife and unique vegetation. it is slowly being devastated. bulldozers are used to divert the river as illegal miners tried to find gold, which f a noah has been doing this for 12 years. he says he rents the equipment and hires members of the community to help out. on the market demo, we bring a machine and we make a whole and then we get the material and start building a pool. and then we start extracting when we get a 150 grams of gold or so then it's worth moving somewhere else. people like the lever spend hours next to the river,
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trying to find the scraps left by bigger miners. she shows us how she's able to find some gold particles that allow her to make around $20.00 a day and feed her 4 children, all of them and we don't get to work every day. we work one week and then that's it . then we have to find another area. we're told, some of the country's best gold if found here. lack of government controls makes it easy for illegal activities to spread. look what's happening here. this is one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. this is the river and it's slowly being destroyed by illegal minors. at the same time, local families say that this is the only way they have to make a living. but it's having a huge impact on the environment. all around is he will community, there are abandoned fools, allegedly filled with a chemicals used in the process to extract gold, eddystone, and appa is the leader of the church indigenous community. he says he's concerned
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as the look on them is hillary, you're the rivers contaminated, you cannot bathe fish or drink water for 11 years of us. it's contaminated and we are asking children not to go to the river. madonna university research shows the water in the province of him. it alice has high levels of aluminum and iron. janet got a bass lives in a nearby community. she says her children are showing signs of skin problems. president, he's had more lasso once to increase mining and all exploration activity in the country, to jumpstart a troubled economy and to fight illegal operations. but experts say it will not solve equals endemic problems. luckily, because you're busy or if they want to tell us that exploiting these resources will solve our problems of misery under development and that we will progress. but history tells us that has never happened because it's not the 1st time our elite are incapable of thinking. an economic model that is not only extracting nature's
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resources because that's where our problems lie. if whether swain forest is among them or threatened in the world, poverty and employment and the promise of development are causing massive damage. the government, instead of fighting it, is desperate to bring international oil and mining companies and give it away. that is i will, i'll just cedar. it's made us the color. well, it is now time for sport and his for this as here. thank you so much. we'll start with football and barcelona stars. sergio where has been diagnosed with an irregular heart beat, their suffering chest pains and breathing problems during bar salon is match on saturday, the 33 year old fell to the ground and was treated by medic staff on the field before being taken to hospital for a cardiac exam, where i will have further tests in the coming days to determine the full extent of the problem. i've been to 20 world cop, one of the term and favorites. india are on the verge of missing out on the semi finals new zealand revive their tournament. hopes leaving india windless up to 2
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matches. and he we chose to field 1st and the restricted india. it's just a 110 runs from there. 20 overs. he'll have no trouble reaching the target. losing just to wickets with 33 balls. despair earlier in the tournament, india is only muslim player mohammed shami was the target of online abuse after losing to pockets on indian captain. dear coley, saying, attacking someone over their religion is most pathetic things someone can do. early re spoke to sports broadcaster run a kapoor, who believes call these actions could be a landmark moment for indian cricket. the guys, tweed was a bit of a cup out really without acknowledging the issue game laid on tuesday evening. the game was sunday and the news that followed was sunday night. but i'll give you a little bit of credit here because the nature of his response is unequivocal. we have never had a public figure. this level, the equities and the list is in the biggest name in cricket, and therefore the biggest name in port his mask was most marketable cricketer as
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the public that goes offline, have been silent. an issue that they believe could for some sort of controversy on social media only has, has done something which is, which is bad. so honest or moment, you know, a major cricket speaking up on an issue, attacking it, had john and mentioning that this is about religious bigotry, which has europe. lesson is brotherhood remains. 3 unite, did all the right things for a leader and a public figure. just say it's, i think that's what's refreshing about this and it should get us to speak out more, which i really hope it's a real shame, isn't it? that even the statement, how can anyone have a problem with someone saying there's no place for discrimination on the basis of religion? how can i have a problem with that yet? in the optimal the comments that does seem to be a brigade of abuse her towards him. again, stan remain a strong chance of reaching the semi final following a fix to to run, went over and amid the former captain ashura can play this final international match. after announcing his retirement the day before the game asked made 31 runs
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in its final inning, afghanistan of 12 of their 3 matches to sit 2nd in the group. only the top 2 will progress to the semi alexanders of rab has won his 5th. the atp title of the season in vienna. the german beat, american qualifier. frances t. f. o, in straight sets and sundays final. well, number 4 is winning, run the searing. please titles of his hokey olympics and cincinnati masters. it's the 24 year olds, 18 title overall especially, you know, i didn't start the week off very well. i didn't feel like i was playing. the last 2 matches were great and be honest. friends have been playing with tenants and i hope you keep it out because it's ranking. all right, very quickly. i'm the atlanta braves can secure the world series later on sunday, for the 1st time in 26 years. out of the game for against the houston astros, donald trump joined the atlanta crap for their traditional pre game tomahawk chop. i
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agree to the game at 32 home runs from dansby swanson and jorge solo pro. proving the difference atlanta lead $31.00 in the series. i'm just thankful to be here. but like i said, i think that, you know, there's still a lot love to be written and i think that we need to go out and, and continue to compete for ourselves in that position to get the city what it's been longing for. you know, a been playing as tough and playing as real tough. and so, you know, we gotta, we gotta when, to morrow. i mean that's if at our back to the walls before. so, oh, you know, our guys know what to do. i mean, does not, who wants to be said, i mean, we know we have to do it to where the mar. okay, and that is all you support for now is sassy back to you. thanks so much fun. well, that's it for me and associates, hey, and doha, but i'll hand you over to bob or sarah and london will have much more news and just
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a moment as well as ongoing coverage of both g 20 and 26 and bhaskar. ah mm hm. and in the country with an abundance of results with already won indonesia, he's firms for me, we move to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part when denise is growth and progress. invest. indonesia now
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talked to al jazeera in the field, goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration rooms that are crossing still this dangerous jungle, can make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia, panama borden, in search of a fence on line, they say the only thing left are there expired passport on al jazeera november announces iraq, also a year of turbulent weapons. well, lead us gather in bloss, go for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning full blinds, goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the us. millions in ca gast, on both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution and more than a year after the lawful trigger. a political immersive personal short documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china mall, 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cause for
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a boy impact the sporting event november on out just sarah? ah gee, 20 late has promised to keep global warming to one and a half degrees celsius. but leave rome without a commitment on net 0 carbon emissions. the stage is now set for cop $26.00. governments a warn this is their last chance to avoid climate catastrophe. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm to mozy and monday you're watching al jazeera also coming up on a program. protest groups in sudan called for a strike against the military.


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