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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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well, to ritual on the call from say, cuz the vision is, are under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking and the return of unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on out 0. ah gee, 20 lead as agrees a keep global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, but there's no pledge on net 0 emissions. ah, there i'm this tells you, hey, this is al jazeera live from data. also coming up. the stage is set for a global summit that's being seen as the last best hope for nations to act on
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climate goals. more strikes and demonstrations answered on a day off to 4 people was shot dead during protests against the military crew and japan's new prime ministers projected to hold on to power off to sunday's election, but opposition gains could weaken for me. ok, she does influence ah well we begin with the latest from the g 20 summit. while the does, there have been calling some meaningful and effective action to ensure global warming as limited to 1.5 degrees celsius. but the final communicate from rome doesn't include a deadline for net 0 missions. and the world's biggest economy is also didn't set a target for phasing out cold domestically. we have lots of crisis, the health and climate, the global poverty, the malnutrition, gender, and generational need qualities demand,
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stronger action that we've taken so far. so i asked myself, what we mean when we say we've succeeded. but in what we succeeded, where we certainly pledged considerable resources, we also kept too many of these commitments. we increase their strength, their scope. but mostly we made sure that our dream says the secretary general of united nations are not only alive, but also that they are progressing. well while climate change was the main focus and the g 20 summit, this year, other significant talks took place on the sidelines. u. s. president joe biden met with turkish present russia type out on and they agreed to improve their strained relations. they spoke about their differences around anchor as acquisition of a russian missile defense system. and it's threats to expel diplomats from 10 countries, including the u. s. while taiwan and tre, dominated, as the u. s. secretary of state, sat down with his chinese counterpart anthony blanca and told china both nations
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should fairly manage their trade competition. and paras, johnson and emanuel micron were again at odds over the post wrecks at fishing dispute between france and the u. k. well, let's now speak to our white house correspondent, kimberly how can she joins us from rome. kimberly, once more, can you tell us about that meeting between lincoln and one year? all we know is that the secretary of state and his chinese counterpart met because there are obvious tensions between the united states and china. add the fear is that those will escalate and spill over into open conflict. and so is the feeling of the united states that to avert that they need to continue discussions. and so that's why this meeting was held, and we know that it had a couple of focuses. the 1st is really to do with the issue of taiwan, the united states, sending a strong warning to china that anything beyond the status quo would be unacceptable
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. now the other thing that they warned against is any sort of unilateral action towards taiwan, something that has been simmering ad escalating the eyes of the united states for some time. so part of me. so this was one of the main points they discussed. the other key point that was discussed was the issue of trade the united states, as well as other countries from the globe. we've been very concerned about china's trading practices. and so there was also a warning issued with respect to that, that of the message delivered was essentially that china is disrupting the international norms of trade. and the u. s. will continue to protect its interests . and kimberly, i see there's also been this attempt to try to smooth over tensions between the u. s. and turkey. what have you been hearing from the americans about that discussion yet? well, the senior administration official said that it was a candid conversation, but it was also constructive. as you've pointed out,
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there are some great concerns about nato allies, turkey purchasing, the us security system, the service to air missiles system from russia. and given the fact that one of the purposes of nato is to counter russian aggression, this is obviously troublesome. so there were strong words about that ad. there were also strong words about the rule of law, which is of great concern to the united states, particularly given. there are so many political prisoners. so as a result, the u. s. president underscored the need to hold human rights and to uphold the rule of law. our white house correspondent committee. how could they with all the nations for us from rome today? thanks so much. kimberly. well, course wanted wrestle soda is in istanbul, he has more on turkeys view of that meeting between biden and other one. this is the 2nd time that pres, madeline, an prism by then have one a one, a me thing. the 1st one was in june in a nato summit in brussels, and since then it was long awaited that prison. this 2 presidents are going to meet
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again. so the expectation were quite high during the u. n. g summit in, in new york, but it didn't take place the meeting between the 2 leaders. but finally, it happened in rome. the relation between teeth, these 2 countries are streamed over several issues, regional issues and domestic issues. human rights in the country, and also regional issues such as east mediterranean, syria, north africa, and so one but 2 days out, the 2 days a meeting was quite important. not only in regards to jas, turkish relationship, but also for the ne to as well. because the growing differences between these 2 companies are posing a threat to, to, to ne, 2 as well. in that sense, we could see that these tools are particularly regarded as very constructed and posted by d. took your site, and also the tourist. i says that add one, i buy them has agreed to quit, to establish a common mechanism that would take over the,
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the dispute between these 2 countries. we do not how the details yet, but this establishment off a mechanism is also quite something new. well, the focus of wildly it is will now shift from room to glasgow. as the you and climate summit there gets underway. that meetings been described as a make or break maintenance for our planet. rising temperatures are affecting millions of people with floods, super stones, and wildfires. causing devastation. listen would cup $2.00 to $6.00 begins in glasgow to morrow. quite literally. it is the last chance saloon. we must snow translate fine words into still finer actions. and as the enormity of the climate jelena challenge dominates people's conversations from news rooms to living rooms. but as the future of humanity and nature herself are at stake. it is surely time to set aside our differences and grasp this unique opportunity to launch
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a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident, sustainable trajectory, and thus save our planet. while our environment at a net clark is in glasgow now with more as me describe is the most a consequential summit ever. a turning point, perhaps for humanity. others say is not really important at all, is not going to have any effect as just a talking shop. a, a cove it melting point. it melting pot, if you like, for 25000 delegates who has stuck inside a tent for 2 weeks. and then more of an opportunity for bleed is to say more of that, blah, blah blah, to quote, a famous you fact of his recently. but the sons tells us that there is no question that we need positive action here to say the least. is it even feasible? is it possible that speak to the greenpeace chief a jennifer morgan, who's a veteran of these crops, you've been to all 26 of them? said you over what, what's your expectation harrow, we can make it
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a positive outcome. i mean, my expectation is that the leaders who calm are going to come and make commitments that will keep this 1.5 degrees goal in site that they're going to come forward. the develop countries and support the poorest countries on earth to deal with the climate emergency. and that we're not going to have rules that are gonna open up some offsets, which are pretty dodgy, and can endanger the paris agreement. and that's all to play for. it's day one. yes it's the world lead is arriving to morrow. it's a pretty much a procedural day to day. not a lot happening and we've heard from the mel devion for a minister. obviously. that is a nation very much at risk from sea level rise. we've also heard from the president of the un general assembly who's been speaking as well, but all eyes on tomorrow with the national leaders arrived and give their national statements in what could be a tumultuous fortnight. now moving on and the sudanese teaches committee has called for a strike and all states of sudan that comes
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a day off the hundreds of thousands of people rally that to denounce the military takeover soldiers use tear gas unblocked. major roads and gunfire was reported, at least 4 people were killed. had morgan has more now for us from khartoum on the phone. this is normally the time of the day where you see a lot of cars on the street of the shop open. and we can count on, you can count the number of cars that pass by and if not, many, normally people are either on their way back home or on their way to see other assess. and you can see some kind of what could be. but since the military take over on monday and especially following yesterday's mass protest, there's hardly any kind of business activity here at the central business district . now the resistance committees that the grassroots committees across the dental level have called on the people in their neighborhoods and their residential areas to stay in their home and abide by the civil disobedience committee. the teachers
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union has responded and said that they will be joining that call for to be and also the pharmacists union was also called night to repeat it. but for professors to continue setting a barricade in the residential neighborhood and continue their process until there was a return to the democratic process that was ongoing before monday school. so still their calls were supposed to be in many, many shopping businesses around the central business district. here and assume remain close and it's not clear if people are being away from work, whether it's because they are following the civil disobedience call that they want to see know whether it could be barricaded or set up a residential level, residential neighborhood level. it's preventing them from coming to work. allan, ethiopia, the regional government of em hora, has called on all of its residents who are able to fight to take up arms rebels from the te gray people's liberation front claim to be in control of the very strategic town of dessie. that though is being contested by addis ababa,
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a statement from the regional government said the t p. a left raped women, destroyed infrastructure and looted property. fighting has moved into the i'm horror and afar. regions after rebels re took control of t gray in recent months. on the saudi led coalition has killed at least $218.00 who the rebels and as strikes and the yamini province of marin and according to state media, which also reported that dozens of military vehicles were also destroyed in those raids. the who the is a began their major pushed to take control of that well rich province. back in september, murray was the last stronghold of the internationally recognized government in northern yemen. on stella had here on our 0 why hundreds of afghan migrants of disembarked from the turkish flagged cargo ship in greece and running on empty fuel shortage and china forces the world's 2nd largest economy to ration diesel. ah,
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ah, look forward to brutus scores. goober sponsored boy cutoff airways. this is something recently in western bullying and sat a rack and some in western java. now the spread of class was just nothing particularly concentrated, but the forecast still focuses on that area. these orange tops are the deepest of the thunderstorms. still in java. some degree in sumatra. and again, weston borneo. it looks like the northern part of the philippines lose on is a lot drive. it was not true for central and southern vietnam. the rain fell off, in fact, curious this look at the rain that developing in north vietnam and then curling into one gee in the southwestern part of china. so far in both grilling and hanoi, there's been 2 and a half times the average that you might expect for october says out of season rate, and we're going to november now. and it's still forecast rain in the same area
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a bit more on season. now, as we change from the southwest, the ne monsoon, the focus on where the rain should be falling, goes to the eastern side of the deck and platters who down towards town, either where there's a red warning red for flooding. but forecast wise, that's quite widespread potential goes a long way north, up towards audition, over the next day or so. rest of india, nepal by thresh, fairly dry. at the moment she is true mainly throughout middle east, except for northern parts of iraq, where there are flash floods. oh, the weather sponsored by catera, always joy abacus, launch trade and investment in south africa into african trade. they give the access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates, more than 55 countries participating. trade in investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the
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applicant export import back at the premium partners the i 80 of 2020 was transforming africa. lou ah, hello again. i'm this darcy of hey in doha. let's remind you about top stories here . this our leaders at the g 20 summit of course for meaningful and effective action to ensure the global warming is limited to 1.5 degrees celsius. but the final communicate from rome doesn't include a deadline for net 0 emissions. how badly it is now heading to the scottish city of glasgow for the cop 26th climate change summit. leaders from every world region are expected to discuss their plans to cotton missions. the sudanese teachers committee
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has called for a strike in all states of sudan a day after hundreds of thousands of people rally bare to denounce the military take over. at least 4 people were killed in those protests on saturday. or hundreds of migrants of disembark from a turkish flagged cargo ship in greece. the vessel was carrying about 400 people and sent out a distress signal on friday after its engines failed. greece is one of the main routes into the e. u for migrants and refugees who are crossing from turkey. john travellers has more. the official version from the hellenic coast guard is that among the nationalities on board. and this is just an early estimate. our pakistan is africans, lebanese egyptians, iranians, syrians and bangladesh is. but that remains to be confirmed in the breakdown in numbers also remains to be confirmed. apparently these people were provided with food and water, of which they were short, while they were being towed to the island of course,
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where they are now being registered. so the remain questions about what actually transpired on this voyage. the greek authorities to confirm that they did attempt to return the boat to turn to turkish harvard or what i was told by a la coast guard official and i quote, there were initiatives on the greek side to return the boat to turkey, which were refused. but were not told when those initiatives took place. the story on the greek side has consistently since march of last year been that the turkish state is now aiding and abetting smugglers on the coast of asia minor. and that these various attempts to launch refugee filled boats into gree quarters are now a state sponsored operation. and to pan thrilling coalition is projected to keep its majority in the lower house of parliament. but prime minister for me. okay, she does liberal democratic party is that to lewis
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a number of seats for mcbride reports. this has no just been a contest between political parties, but also a struggle against voter apathy. especially among young voters who feel particularly disengaged. you are a lot easier like this campaign in the run up to sundays pole was aimed at encouraging more young people to vote. waco having rural japan almost continuously since world war 2. the liberal democratic party is seen by many is the only choice that's in spite of an attempt in this election by the opposition parties to coordinate that campaigns to win over l. d. p. c. panel. i don't have confidence in the other parties or need a liberal democratic party is good enough to mark it on him. so even though the l e . p is winning big in recent elections, their support in the country is not necessarily high. historically speaking, the victory is indeed led by the set back of the oppositions mother seen as
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a test of newly elected prime minister, fumey oak is shita. his government faces wide spread dissatisfaction over its handling of the pandemic. he's got a relatively low approval rating, while many voters still seem undecided on him as a leader. many japanese ill, quite helpless about the fact that only one choice. you look at the policy that is announced by, for example, by the opposition, or is all worth less the same and there's no eye opener. there's no convincing argument that's been displayed. and this i think, is one of the biggest reasons why in the turn out ratio still remains in the 30 percent out because she there is hoping the promise of a stimulus package to revive the batted economy will win support. oh yeah, we will distribute the fruits of the growth, which means that we will increase your income. i have been saying that we need to have this kind of economic policy. the increasing cobit 19 cases during and after
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the controversial summer olympics added further economic painful businesses like memorial to knockers who sees no easy solution to japan struggling economy hitting luncheon or working from home has become more common done. and it affects us because salary men who used to go to work 5 times a week are not coming back in this election will likely cement, cuz she does positioned as japan's prime minister or could mean he eventually joins a long list of short lived predecessors. rob mcbride al jazeera, how pakistan's government says, and to reached an agreement with supporters of a band political party, they been marching towards the capital, demanding the release of their detained leader. command hider has more off day intense negotiations that lasted for over dread. all was late into the night or the government on the committee announced that dad reached an agreement with the proscribe that he, caleb beg, budget on,
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or to call all for it rotate details of data agreement. i have not been di, whiles a tribute, a member dad for the past due week ra will be in d and islam abad. have been cut off from the rest of the country. this particular brought their tag already got hundreds of millions of dollars and lot. they're not gonna den or is full of goggle, which i've been detained and i used as roadblock. the people of gotten islamabad, have received a sigh of relief at you can see the traffic is now coming back to normal, that it goes to 14. they're still on alert. everybody will now be watching to see how this agreement is implemented and render marjorie will be able to go back from . what did i bought from where they were threatening a marge on islam abroad. so indeed, an interesting there rela men and some relieve, as far as this particular new discount turn off font says it will decide whether to sanction the u. k. of a dispute about fishing rides. by tuesday,
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the u. k. fritz font says it isn't rolling out legal action either. french president emanuel mack on ambitious prime minister barak johnson met privately on the sidelines of that g. 20 summit and run the route was over the number of fishing license as being allocated to france by the u. k attentions of escalated since france seized a british vessel and lexia brian has more from paris. it appears actually that the 2 sides are further apart than ever. and both the giving starkly different accounts of this meeting that was held earlier between the french president menu mccall and the u. k. prime minister barak johnson. now, earlier french officials came out and said both sides had agreed to de escalate that in the coming hours. measures would be announced that with ease tensions and you know, that going forward, things could look a bit better. but shortly after that there was a mean talk from downing street and the prime minister spokesman saying, actually they haven't been in agreement asked on,
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hasn't changed. there are no plans going forward for formal talks, and actually it's up to france to withdraw its threads. now i'll remind you what those 3 csa, basically france, has been very unhappy about the number of fishing licenses that it was given under this post bricks. it tried to do and it was so frustrated. it said that if it didn't get the licenses that it wanted, that by tuesday it would go ahead with a series of sanctions. they include a stronger chicks at pulls. some british fishing vessels may not be able to dock might not be able to unload their catch. now that has left britain very frustrated . they've said that they threats a disproportionate that they are disappointing and they are threatening legal action of their own. now francis said, since this meeting that it will make an announcement on tuesday about whether those sanctions will go ahead as planned. lasonya diego has more now of the view from london. best seeing this situation completely differently. and of course this all
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stems back to that tense fil relationship that the u. k. currently has with the european union in the read out from, from downing street as well, but the prime minister barak johnson did say that he raised the issue of the northern island protocol, which for the u. k. is the most important issue that it's around in it's in the u. k. e u relations. now the problem is, is that the european union, having seen how the u. k signed up to those deals at the beginning of the year in order to be able to have a post breaks that trade relations. it fundamentally as seen the u. k as a non trustworthy partner because having dialed back as it were, the success of all of the trade agreement that they signed. initially the u. k. had said that this was a tremendous agreement that it was paid paving the way for normal relations. but
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now since then, especially with the brakes that minister david frost as well, they've said that says plenty wrong with that agreement. so really b u. k is not really carrying a lot of favor in terms of trustworthiness with the european union from being of course absolutely central to the european union itself is not going to sort of bend towards any demands that the united kingdom is going to make at this moment. certainly of all these issues now moving on the united states and the european union have agreed to ease terrorists on steel and aluminium imports. the u. s. will now allow sudden metals from the you to enter duty free. that avoids you retaliatory measures on u. u. s. products that were due to take effect in december for us president donald trump introduce those levies 3 years ago. sullivan has more from washington d. c. what this does is it gives president biden a number of wins. first of all allows him to show off on the world stage that the u
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. s. is back that it's making friends again, which is what a lot of the g twins he's been about. it's about him showing that the u. s. is moving away from that isolation is the approach that the previous administration favorite in a number of ways. it allows him to also avoid these e u retaliatory tariffs. remember they would you to kick it in a matter of weeks. they're going to double duty on a number of things, like for whiskey like harley davidson motorcycles, all american products and this would not have gone down well domestically. it also allows him to show off his green credentials. we know that president biden has made tackling climate change. a real tentative, his presidency. he going to be at the cop summit in a matter of days. this allows him to show that they're working in the u. s. with your rep, which is known for producing what you might call clean metals, as opposed to china, which is allowed use as co powered furnace is. so can make cheaper metals, but not necessarily battles that have great for the environment. and also on the subject of china. it allows him to show some presidential muscle against china,
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which you guys will go down well with some courses here in the united states. now, in terms of the actual logistics of this agreement, the announcement has to be made. we've had an announcement of an announcement that is coming at the moment. the terrorists are 25 percent on steel, 10 percent, all minion, we believe, but it's probably going to be something more like a sliding scale. so depending on how much the input level is, that will then affect how much the terrorists, aw, so it will be all relative. and again, the amount will be this buffer zone, this green zone of what we think will be $3300000.00 tons a year. allowed in but again, those details are due to be made public later by president biden. us live on the live. crucially. these metals will have to be made in the a use that means they are melted and poured in the you. it means that countries like china, like russia, like south korea, can't make them than send them to europe and pass them on and saying they were made in europe because they had a few finishing touches put on in europe. but as i say,
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those details coming and becoming house on china has now started rationing diesel and nationwide energy shortage has led to a 3rd and demand for the fuel and arise and prices. and now many truck drivers say they're not able to complete long distance routes to deliver vital goods. katrina, you has more from beijing. these truck drivers are used to criss crossing china driving hundreds of kilometers every day. but a nationwide shortage of diesel fuel has changed that. are you what go to the meal? i'm scared to leave beijing and dr. long distances, some petrol stations have run out of diesel fuel. the machines are closed. 2 days ago, i drove south to hope a province and a man in pedo stations didn't have any. the shortage has been accompanied by a sharp rise and prices. since january, the cost of diesel here has increased it by about 30 percent abyss patrol station customers limited to by just 200 meters of diesel fuel. but outside the capitol is the 5 problem is much,
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was with some supply with having to wait days to refuel. there have been long lines of vehicles at petrol stations and china's southern and eastern provinces. due to rationing, many drivers say they can only refuel for one days journey, which means cross country deliveries are taking longer to arrive. china is in the middle of a palate crisis that is triggered blackouts. in many cities, shortages of coal and natural gas have led to a surge and diesel consumption. factories and businesses have turned to diesel power generated to maintain operations, draining supply. the 2nd reason is probably because a lot of these are its being re routed to the agriculture sector during this harvest season. to basically support our grain, trying and to prepare for planting, winter cross. and on the, on the supply side, basically, the domestic supply for diesel has been going down because china has the us border
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a lot more diesel to the rest. so to, to the rest of the world, some estimate china's diesel stock pals to be at the lowest level and at least a year. environmental crackdown on crude oil production in some regions have worse than the shortage. the government has asked chinese refineries to increase auction add imports, but this would be enough to contain the shortfall. experts warn that scarcity of diesel is likely to last for months and could worsen existing problems in the global supply chain. katrina, you out a 0 teaching. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines world leaders at the g 20 summit of course for meaningful and effective action. 20 global warming is limited to $1.00 degrees celsius, of the final communicate from rome. it doesn't include a deadline for net 0 emissions. we have.


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