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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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longer house and shorter deadlines, south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explores the dark side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera. ah, tackling climate change takes center stage as g 20 leaders meet on the final day of their summer in rome? ah, you're watching all their life from headquarters in del time, daddy navigate the also a heads more strikes on demonstrations into gun a day after 4 people were shot dead during protest against the military post clothes in japan's elections. and the 1st picture for prime minister from your
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shadow, barely a month after he took office and running on empty fuel shortage and china forth the world's 2nd largest economy to russian diesel. ah, hello. so it is the final day of the g 20 gathering of world leader is the main focus is climate change, but there are other significant talks happening on the sidelines. he was president joe biden has met with his turkish counterpart president reggie play of or tuan, and not come after ankara threatened to expel diplomats from 10 countries, including the u. s. relations have been strained since turkey's acquisition of a russian air defense system. also, the u. s secretary state sat down with his chinese counterparts. disputes between beijing and washington range from trade to security and taiwan. then there's boris
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johnson and emanuel mack home. they've agreed to work towards de escalating a post breakfast. fishing dispute between france and the u. k. we have our diplomatic editor james bay's covering all of those. he's joining us from room. so james, plenty obviously happening on the sidelines. but what's the take away message when it comes to that all important topic of climate change leaders had to call 26 summit in glasgow next ordering earlier on, some of the leaders went to the center of rome to one the best known places, the chevy fountain where you know, the tradition is you make a wish as you throw a coin into the fountain, i am sure many of them wished for greener environment, vironment for the prosperity of the planet. but campaigners say it's not about wishing, and it's not about wishful thinking. it's about action and there are real concerns at this g 20 hasn't come up with the right action. certainly, the draft communique that al jazeera scene, i think, will cools, can some to concern to activists. and to scientists. i can tell you though,
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from one senior official who's in the know that even now, and it's about 4 hours before the supposed to be the final press conference here at this summit. they are negotiating the climate section. i'm told they are negotiating it word by word and there continue to be disagreements and the may well be some movement on that final document. the leaders here, as you say, have been discussing climate and that summit in glasgow is starting now. and these guys will be going from here, these leaders to glasgow to take part in the cop 26 hosted by the u. k. and they were addressed by the you case, prince charles, there's a look up to the 6 begins in glasgow to morrow. great. literally is the last chance saloon. we must now translate fine words into still finer actions. and as the enormity of the climate gallant challenge dominates people's
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conversations from news rooms to living rooms. but as the future of humanity and nature herself are at stake. it is surely time to set aside our differences and grasp this unique opportunity to launch a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident, sustainable trajectory, and thus save our planet. one of the problems is that at this g 20, some of the leaders aren't here in person and clearly you can bang heads together a lot better if you have everyone here around the table. and notably, president putin, of russia, president, she of china, to big an emitters, china. the 2nd biggest emitter in the world are not present here and are not going to be present in glasgow. and that means there wasn't a meeting between 2 worlds. 2 most powerful men, president biden and president, she were still told that is a plan potentially for them to have
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a remote summit before the end of the year. but the 2 foreign ministers did meet the state council on foreign minister, china wang, ye and antony, blinking at the u. s. secretary of state, we told would they had a very candid conversation where they agreed to work together on things that they agree on. so they're going to work together on myanmar and north korea, the rom, nuclear deal, afghanistan and climate. but they agree to disagree and the u. s. a was express serious concern about issues closer at home. in china, china's human rights, hong kong, taiwan sion jang tibet and the east and south china sea were told by the state department among the difficult issues during that meeting. okay, james, thank you so much. james bayes reporting from rome, that's crossover to istanbul, there's resources are and at rest, all you have the latest for us on the meeting between the u. s. president and the turkish president that has now taken place. well,
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did the re thou, sir, from what america site and the turkish i just have been a really is the american read out is mostly focusing on relations with turkey in regards of the nito perspective and says that the american side has expressed prism by the express is willing will to, to maintain the constructive relations with turkey and emphasize turkeys, important rules as a nato ally and particularly its contribution over the last 2 decades in afghanistan. it says that also that the 2 leaders have discussed the but of the political process in syria. the election in libya and the dispute in east mediterranean and also diplomat diplomatic process in south cocoa can. so coke as, as, as well. however, the turkish result is specifically talking about a establishment of a, a joint mechanism at between the 2 countries. that is going to be taking care of the dispersed between the 2 countries in case of a disparate, this common
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a mechanism is going to take place and try to settle down that this was the one that comes to this with between these 2 countries, there are several issues and growing differences between these 2 countries is mediterranean north africa, syria caucuses, and also the did the human rights issue in turkey. so just recently, this 2 countries, and we're almost above, in a very serious diplomatic, this with the turkey threatened, the u. s. is ambassador to be declared as persona, non grata, and the other several other issues as well. we do not know what the details of this mechanism, how is going to work, who is going to be involved at which level, but the details are yet to be yet to be seen in any way. did the meeting between these 2 leaders are crucially important, not only in terms of the u. s. turkey relationship, but also, but even for the, for the unity of the nato as well. and i think that's why the americans particularly focusing on the nato perspective. ok,
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we're so thank you so much for that update from stumble and another meeting have has taken place between the french president my new and my call, and the case bores johnson. and they've agreed to diffuse days of arguing over post brooks at fishing, writes. so the 2 leaders agreed to work towards a de escalation after the u. k said it was actively considering invoking a mechanism for resolving brooks at disputes for the 1st time. earlier in the week from seize the british vessel and is now threatening to block ports and increased checks on both. if the u. k. doesn't grant more licenses to french fishing vessels? let's go to the next year, brian, joining us from paris. i suppose. the devil will be in the detail, alexis, but any more detail on how they will actually de escalate the situation after this meeting. no word yet on the exact measures that will be taken to de escalate this other than the fact that they have
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have agreed to work on that in the coming hours. perhaps we'll hear something from both leaders when they give separate press, brave briefings in about 5 hours or so. but all we know is that they have made this agreement to de escalate. that this meeting was aimed at ease intention after days of threats of claims and counterclaims from both sides. now, the french presidency has said that as nicole expects respect from, from both sides, he that he expects britain to respect the rules. and regards to this phishing dispute that he expects seriousness and respect from, from both leaders in this dispute. france has been angered because it says it wasn't given the fishing licenses that it expected under this post bricks. it tried to deal frances europe minister tweeting earlier this morning that europe head received 90 percent of the licenses it had applied for, but that final 10 percent that they all belonged to french fishing boats. and he said that at that point it becomes targeted. it becomes not a technical issue, but
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a political one and fishing is an industry that is intensely political on both sides of the channel. both sides have been accused of ramping up the racing rhetoric as a to play towards a domestic audience. mccall is facing a presidential election and april next year. he will want to be looking like he is standing up thought the french fisherman in this issue. of course though they will have been pressure from the international community on this, these 2 countries, france and the u. k, they are close allies, they are also neighbors even if they're relations are looking particularly strained at the minute. and they will it bring pressure to sort this issue out because it is day one of that major climate summit. and you know, they would have been a, pushed us to sort this out between these 2 allies because really the future of the entire planet is at stake. fishing should hopefully be sorted reasonably quickly. that was the feeling that was sort of going around the g 20 summit. we will wait to hear the details of what measures are going to be taken in the coming hours. yeah,
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we will. okay, thank you so much. i, alexia brian, reporting from paris. let's get the u. k. sides from sonya diego and london. sonya yes. well this seems to have come at an opportune time. of course, what we have, what has been report is that in that 30 minute discussion that took place between prime minister bars johnson and president emory mac call is that mac hone. did come out with a promise to try and get a secure and reasonable agreement at the cop $26.00 summit. this of course, something of a tremendous simple because for the u. k. this climate summit has something that has been shown as a proof of how britton can actually be a serious player and a post breck, that the post breaks it situation that it finds itself in. so this climate summit
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means a tremendous amount for the government in particular for the prime minister who has been touching this is one of his main issues. he has been sort of focusing on strong with the other leaders around the world. now, if he can get to the cloud, as it were of president mac cohen in turn the european union to try and support him on some of those issues. and indeed to deliver a successful agreement, then that will reflect well on barbara johnson as well. however, looking at the reality have the picture. you've got again, as the lexi mentioned, you've got an election, which is in place for the for michael, you've got boris johnson who is trying to also place britain firmly as a major global player as well. but looking at the detail of it, the actual issue of fishing, right? so both countries contributed to a tiny amount for the economies as well. so really is more about sort of what else
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can be done and in exchange for this as well. but looking at this side as well, it really does not look good to have 2 major plays. one which firmly at the, at the center of the european union, france. and you and the u. k. pressure of the european union to be seen to be warring on the sides of this climate summit as well when there is much more important work to be done in terms of climate and trying to get an agreement that the country's involves can all stand by. thank you so much. sonya gay go reporting from london. still ahead on al jazeera families have been fishing on this lake in malawi for a generation. then we look at why their way of life is changing. ah, ah, look forward to brutus guys with sponsored by cut on airways.
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now the snow on the slopes north of beijing in preparation practice for the winter olympics, but it's actually not natural. snow's just had to be put there because the air is not yet cold enough. the real winters held back in west among gal even will. and, but i've seen 8 degrees and harness a days as well. this is a warmer than is normal for this time. you will get college and haven't got a yet little low spinning ray not through. and north korea on its way to how carter, maybe north horseshoe this during monday and tuesday. and i most have china's fairly dry the rain curling back into one gee. and actually through southern char, his fetish, humid and rather more clarity wet than you might expect for this time of the year. the southwest monsoon rain has more or less goal now, but it's still in the flow turning towards the northeast. northeast monsoon, which means time will not with the red warning at is at risk of further flooding.
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but to be honest, the forecast was just anywhere through magic pradesh. further west to go and southward could see significant rain focusing. of course, on the eastern side it started off, few snow showers. the northern part of pakistan, most of the middle east is caught at the moment, but the habits of big showers in iraq. and i think there are few more still to come . oh, the weather sponsored by katara, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for the trade. i really want indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be possible in his growth and progress, invest even easier now. ah,
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the the top stories and i'll just say rather solid to trans, your leaders have agreed on what will be said in a documentary, at least at the end of the summer. months have been negotiating the hard to bridge differences on how to tackle global warming and a firm date for achieving net 0 carbon emissions. the presidents of turkey on the u . s. have agreed to improve their strange relations. joe biden and roger pe berto on spoke about their differences around anchor and acquisition for russian missile defense system that led to turkey's removal from the f. 35 fighter jet program. french president 21 my call and the u. k. prime minister boris johnson have agreed to work towards the escalating a post that fishing disputes. u. k. had been actively considering invoking
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a mechanism for resolving breakfast disuse. for the 1st time. the sudanese teachers committee has called for a strike in all states of sudan a day after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to denounce the military takeover. soldiers use your gas and block. major roads gunfire has been reported. so don's doctor's committee says at least 4 people were killed here, but morgan has more from the capital, hard to the protest that's been days in the making. thousands of people gather on the streets of her too demanding a return to transitional government. something they say was wrapped from them after the military coup on monday. i know from the dean, we went to the street because we reject the military rules. and he reject authoritarianism and categorically reject all the behavior of the military council . and if no more be no one another, log on, we want to topple the security committee and bring it down. we don't trust these
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people. this is not their 1st cou. we need the world to know that the sudanese people are living under oppression and are being beaten. our voices are not listen to because there is no coverage and there's no internet. ah, they're risking a lot. days of protests in the capital letters treat to st battles with the military and demonstrates a skilled with the internet cut off organizers used mosque flyers and graffiti to reach people who the military also blocked the main road to the airport. the plant root of vis march saturdays protests were met with tear gas and live ammunition. what is really concerning is the vast array of military security actors that are on the streets. there are just incredible set also of security sectors that now patrol the streets no sense that they are necessarily taking orders from a central spot. and i think each that i know that diversity of different bills,
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rectors is really worried. ah, these demonstrators are demanding that prime minister, the lamb dukes, cabinet, be restored. it was toppled by general abdel for the helper han. he also dissolved the sovereignty council established after the overthrow of omar bashir 2 years ago . some political parties have supported the cool o relationship with hans as he will hold elections in july 2023 and then hand power to the elected civilian government. but the takeover has provoked international condemnation. the u. n. n u. s. has called on the military not to intervene in the protest regional and international acts as have been urging de lobel han to reverse his school. and was though the transitional government, which he dissolved on monday, but many processes here. so even if that happens, it's their fault showed all their demands to completely hand over power to civilian rule. the people on how to toombs. 3, call it a power, grab and demand a return to a democratic process. he bal, morgan,
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august 0 or 2. at least 12 people are now known to have been killed in a car. bomb attack at aiden's international airport in southern yemen. several more wounded in the exclusion. the city has been rocked by several blasts in the past few years. it's been the seat of humans internationally recognized governments since the rebels took over on, on in 2014, the taliban has denied its men shot and killed 3 people at a wedding in eastern afghanistan. men reportedly posing as members of the armed group, which i guess that a ceremony. none dar har because they were playing music. be government spokesman says a personal feud was behind the violence to japan. now where the ruling coalition is projected to keep its majority in the lower house of parliament, after pulled close just a short while ago, prime minister, whom jo, cuz she does liberal democratic party, is forecast to lose some seats. the vote is seen as the 1st big test for the newly
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appointed leader who took charge only weeks ago. from you can see the want a leadership vote after you shaheed us to go resigned a year into the job. rob mcbride is monitoring japan's general election from so it is seen very much as a test of sheet as a popularity he is new to the job. but of course he inherits the the disapproval love by the public of his government's general handling of the whole cove. it pandemic, and also by association. he's impacted by the unpopularity of his predecessor yoshi, he de suga. this has been a fight, not just about politics, but also a struggle with voter apathy. with this is as the background, the last 2 elections for the lower house have seen the lowest boat to turn out in japan. as since the 2nd world war, little more than half of the eligible voters actually came out at to vote. and it's disproportionately the older generation in japan that tends to vote and tends to
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decide these elections. it is an older grading population, older people in japan seem to regard it as their civic responsibility to go and vote. consequently, a lot of the campaigning. a lot of the policies are aimed specifically at elderly voters, which then just goes to feed into this feeling of younger people, just not being engaged in the whole process. so that is going to be interesting to see what the vote to turn out is going to be early indications a seem to suggest that this sunday there has been slightly better voting than in, in the last 2 elections. but not by much at low voter turnout. generally favors the ruling l d p. china has started rationing diesel. nationwide energy shortage has led to a surge and demand for the fuel under raise and prices. many truck drivers say they're not able to complete long distance routes to deliver vital goods. katrina, you has more from beijing these truck drivers are used to criss crossing china driving hundreds of kilometers every day. but
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a nation wide shortage of diesel fuel has changed that. or you would go to the me oh, i'm scared to leave beijing and the drive long distances, some petrol stations have run out of diesel fuel. the machines are closed. 2 days ago, i drove south to whole bay province and american pedo stations didn't have any. the shortage has been accompanied by a shop rise and prices since january, the cost of diesel here has increased by about 30 percent. a bit petrol station customers limited to buy just $200.00 leases of diesel fuel. but outside the capital, the supply problem is much was had some supply with having to wait days to review. there have been long lines of vehicles that petrol stations and china's southern and eastern provinces. due to rationing. many drivers say they can only refuel for one day's journey, which means cross country deliveries are taking longer to arrive. china is in the middle of a power crisis that is triggered blackouts. in many cities,
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shortages of coal and natural gas have led to a surge and diesel consumption. factories and businesses have turned to diesel powered generated to maintain operations, draining supply. the 2nd reason is probably because a lot of these are, is being re routed to the agriculture sector during this harvest season, to basically support our grain, trying and to prepare for planting, winter cross. and on the, on the supply side, basically the domestic supply for diesel hosting. going down because china has the asked for a lot more, b, o, a, to the rest. so to, to the rest of the world, some estimate china's diesel stop pals to be at the lowest level and at least a year. environmental crackdowns on crude oil production in some regions have worse than the shortage. the government has asked chinese refineries to increase production and imports, but this would be enough to contain the shortfall. experts warn that scarcity of
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diesel is likely to last for months and could worse and existing problems in the global supply chain. katrina, you out a 0 paging. the united states and the european union have agreed to ease tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. the u. s. will now allow certain metals from the e. u to enter duty free. that avoids you retaliatory measures on us products that were due to take effect in december. former us president donald trump introduced the levies 3 years ago. phil laval has more from washington d. c. what this does is it gives president biden a number of wins. first of all allows him to show off on the world stage that the u . s. is back that it's making friends again, which is what a lot of the d trends he's been about. it's about him showing that the u. s. is moving away from that isolation is the approach that the previous administration favorite and a number of ways. it allows him to also avoid these a. you retaliate 3 tariffs, remember they would you to kick it in a matter of weeks. they're going to double duty on a number of things. like,
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for whiskey like harley davidson motorcycles, all american products and this would not have gone down well domestically. it also allows him to show off his green credentials. we know the president biden has made tackling climate change, a real tenant of his presidency. he's going to be at the cop summit in a matter of days. this allows him to show that they're working in the us with your rep, which is known for producing what you might call clean metals, as opposed to china, which is allowed, which used as co powered furnace is. so can make cheaper metals, but not necessarily battles that are great for the environment. and also on the subject to china. it allows him to show some presidential muscle against china, which you guys will go down well with some courses here in the united states. now, in terms of the actual logistics of this agreement, the announcement has to be made. we've had an announcement of an announcement that is coming at the moment. the terrorists are 25 percent on steel, 10 percent, all the minion, we believe, but it's probably going to be something more like a sliding scale. so depending on how much the import level is,
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that will then affect how much the terrorists are. so it will be all relative and again, the amount will be this buffers on this green zone of what we think will be $3300000.00 tons a year allowed in. but again, those details are due to be made public later by president biden. us live on the line. crucially, these metals will have to be made in the a use that means they all melted and poured in the, you mean some countries like china, like russia, like south korea, can't make them than send them to europe and pass them on and saying they were made in europe because they had a few finishing touches put on in europe. but as i say, those details coming and becoming house police and columbia has seized more than 2 tons of cocaine in the tour. a city of carter here, another in the us. the seizure is worth a $100000000.00 and was found in a container bound for rotterdam in the netherlands. military force is captured, the leader of a major drug cartel last week is the government steps up a crackdown poorer communities right across the globe. hope that world leaders at
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the cops summits can provide solutions to defend them from extreme weather events. in malawi, nearly 1500000 people depends on lake chola, but less rainfall in recent years has led to dangerously low water levels and not affecting livelihoods. harmless, hossa reports wilson city, my remembers the time when lead sheila malawi, sickened. biggest lake, nearly disappeared. temperatures got extremely hot and there was little rain. he and his friends a fish tear since they were boys, just like they fathers and grandfathers. did they say the drying of the lake has become more frequent than usual? was here. negligible? there was a difference. they used to be a lot more fish. there were only a few of us, so there was no of a fishing. now the population has boomed. there's also a climate change. last year the lake dried up. the world banks is nearly half of africa's population list below the poverty line, and many depend on rivers and lakes for their livelihoods. when full leg,
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sheila is approximately 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide, but he keeps shrinking. if the fish in the lake continued to disappear is not only the economy that will be devastated, but entire communities. fishing is how many people here survive is what they been doing for generations. one and a half 1000000 people live in the areas around the lake. she'd what basin people act, my disability. she buy stock from fishermen to feed customers at her restaurant. i, melissa, when the men don't bring back much fish, my business suffers. that means less customers and not much money for my children. live scientists say africa is the continent most affected by climate change and also the least responsible for it. we're looking at people not being able to do either used to do before, and the income levels continue to go down and that already also exacerbates is do with her poverty. so it's a big problem at the moment. so we hope that we can be able to, to find out some solutions to these families out here are away their way of life is
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changing and that they may have to find alternatives to fishing, such as farming an option. many say they are seriously considering harder. matessa al jazeera lake, chilla maloney, a wooden canoe more than a 1000 years old, has been discovered in southern mexico. it was found almost completely intact in a pool of water near the ruins of chinney. some that was once a major mayan city, with temples and pyramids, experts believe the vessel would have been used to transport water or deposit ritual offerings. ah, hello, the headlines on al jazeera g 20 leaders are expected to call for a meaningful action on keeping warming.


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