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ah, hello, are you watching out there? i'm emily. i went to reminder event of stories is our last day of the g. 20 summit of world ladies is taking place in rome. several meetings are happening on the sidelines, including one between the president of the u. s. and jackie, the group history to discuss climate change is well ahead of the cop 26 conference in glasgow. the sudanese teachers committee has called for striking all stances for them a day up to hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounce the military takeover . at least 4 people were killed in protest on saturday. and japan's nearly appointed prime minister faces his 1st big chest in national election. casting their balance to decide whether to keep premier sheeta up to one of the ruling party's leadership race last month. let's get more on our top story and the g 20 summit. the turkish and us presidents have been meeting on the
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sidelines for more on the significant discussion. it's bringing that matthew browser who's in a stand bowl. he's a former white house and senior state department official. thank you so much for joining us. just how fragile is this relationship between the u. s. and turkey? can you give us a context? sure, yeah, and thank you for having me on. so in washington, turkey is it took a governess, brand is toxic. there's a miss, i think understanding washington of what turkey's been up to, whether it be in the eastern mediterranean, where it's been asserting its rights with regard to exploring for oil and natural gas. and to speak with greece over territorial waters or in the south caucasus were turkey supported by john and last year's 44 day war against armenia or in syria, where turkey is seen as being willing to use military force. washington looks at all those things as a negative. from turkey's perspective. turkey sees washington as partnering with a terrorist group in syria. it sees washington is taking the side of greece rather
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than turkey and asserting his rights. turkeys were heights in the eastern mediterranean and then washington sees tricky. seas washington as not supporting us his own interest in the south caucuses, to to settle the consequences or by john intermediate underlying all of this is a what i said. the idea of the us partnering with with turkey views as a terrorist group in syria. and then the turkeys purchase of a russian air defense system in 2017, which really should ship a notion of turkey in washington as a, as a reliable nato ally to its core. both of these are misperceptions. and so this, this meeting today gives a chance for both leaders to get to get the momentum restored in the relationship. it certainly is a complex relationship. if you are a fly on the wall, what were you likely hearing today between the 2 ladies? i think we would hear president biden saying we just had a crisis in our diplomatic relationship in the last week and
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a half where you declared our ambassador and 9 other ones from europe and canada. persona non grata for making a statement supporting decision by the european court of human rights to free a civil society activist who's in prison. we can't have any more of those crises. we de escalate it. but let's not have crises. let's just work together. and i think what we'll hear precedent, narrative one is saying is look, you're a master and the other should not have been telling turkey how to run his court system. there's a separation of powers in turkey, whether you think it's a strong separation or not. and let's get to business, let's get to work in restoring our relations. and the 1st order of business will be that you united states allow us turkey to buy more fighter jets from the u. s. not the most advanced fighter jet the, the next generation when the f 35. but more of the fighter jets turkey is already bought for decades of 16. and actually turkey looks at that f. 16 purchase that's been muted over the course of the last booted over the course of the last few weeks as we did this de escalate. the other dispute over that russian air defense system
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and the most advanced u. s. military aircraft. thank you. thank you for breaking it down for us matthew bryce. life president. you stumble. he's a former winehouse in senior department. official. appreciate your time. and matthew boat is in japan and casting their ballads in a general election to decide whether to keep the newly appointed prime minister, the governing liberal democratic party has been led by assuming shita since he won a leadership voice a month ago. he took charge after your she had a suga resigned a year into the job because shita has promised to revive japan's pandemic. batted economy with a stimulus package from mcbride is monitoring japan's election from sol. hello there, rob is really, is quite the test for the new prime minister. why is it just so important? it is seen very much as a test of because she does popularity. he is new to the job, but of course he inherits the,
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the disapproval by the public of his government's general handling of the whole a cobit pandemic, and also by association. he's impacted by the unpopularity of his predecessor yashimi. he de suga. this has been a fight, not just about politics, but also a struggle with voter apathy. with this is as the background, the last 2 elections for the lower house have seen the lowest boat to turn out in japan. as since the 2nd world war, little more than half of the eligible voters actually came out at to vote. and it's disproportionately the older generation in japan that tends to vote and tends to decide these elections. it is an older, graying population. older people in japan seem to regard it as their civic responsibility to go and vote. consequently, a lot of the campaigning. a lot of the policies are aimed specifically at elderly voters, which then just goes to feed into this feeling of younger people, just not being engaged in the whole process. so that is going to be interesting to
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see what the voter turnout is going to be. early indications seem to suggest that this sunday there has been slightly better voting than in the last 2 elections, but not by much at low voter turnout generally favors the ruling l e p. are there any indications i mentioned just briefly them, but how is the vote shaping up at this point? well, at the moment, the l. d. p. a with the coalition, a small coalition partner, the camico party. they have a very comfortable majority around 300 seats in a 465 seat chamber. already casita has indicated that they are expecting to lose some seats. the big question is they do maintain the majority which they are expected to do a, how much is it reduced by if it is reduced because it's smaller than majority is the harder is to maintain control of committees to enact legislation. and of course, the smaller the majority that then reflects very badly on casita himself. and if
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they do perform badly, then there is the prospect that he was going to see more opposition within his own party and the prospect that he could eventually join this long list of predispose as short lived predisposes. in the job of japanese prime minister. thank you. for the update keep us updated on how it progresses. rubbing fried for us live in some china has started rationing diesel. a nation wide energy shortage has led to a surgeon demand for the fuel and rises in prices and truck drivers. se then are able to complain. long distances to deliver vital goods. katrina, you has this story from badging. these truck drivers are used to criss crossing china driving hundreds of kilometers every day. but a nation wide shortage of diesel fuel has changed that. you go to the meal, i'm scared to leave beijing and the drive long distances. some petrol stations have
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run out of diesel fuel. the machines are closed. 2 days ago, i drove south to whole bay province and ammonium pedo stations didn't have any. the shortage has been accompanied by a sharp rise and prices since january, the cost of diesel here has increased by about 30 percent, a bit petrol station customers limited to bind to 200 meters of diesel fuel but outside the capitol. the supply problem is much worse than some truck drivers having to wait days to refuel. there have been long lines of vehicles at petrol stations and china's southern and eastern provinces. due to rationing. many drivers say they can only refuel for one day's journey, which means cross country deliveries are taking longer to arrive. china is in the middle of the power crisis that is triggered blackouts in many cities, shortages of coal and natural gas have led to surge in diesel consumption. factories and businesses have turned to diesel powered generators to maintain operations, draining supply. the 2nd reason is probably because
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a lot of these are being re routed to the agriculture sector during the harvest season to basically support green trying and to prepare for, for planting winter across. and on the, on the supply side, basically, the domestic supply for diesel has been going down because china has the export or a lot more to the rest, to the rest of the world. some estimate china's diesel stop pals to be at the lowest level. and at least a year environmental crackdown on crude oil production in some regions have worse and the shortage. the government has asked chinese refineries to increase production and imports, but this would be enough to contain the shortfall. experts warn that scarcity of diesel is likely to last for months and could worse an existing problems in the global supply chain. katrina, you out a 0 paging for more in the store lives,
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bringing it shane long. who's in beijing? he's the co founder of plenum and independent research consultancy. hello there. chance thanks for joining us at the heart of this matter seems to be the energy crisis. explain how trying to got to this point where it's rationing fuel yeah. these are rationing, has lot to do with the power for us to go because there was a power shortage and a lot of the companies, in fact, she's decided to use a diesel generator to supplement the feed couldn't have from a degree. so shop it increases the demand for diesel, and then that's a consequence. i think a lot of the petrol station started on the actual and diesel and was there was also price control of the actual station that they were losing
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by selling diesel had the curren regulated price because the wholesale price is already higher retail price. what are the long term consequences of these shortage in? do you think this local supply chain issue will create more headaches for an already affected global supply chain issue? yeah, i mean, that will probably get to make the global supply chain issue longer to solve patients to short term in the next one or 2 halters. these picked up the most of the call and there are always other stuff in the world. probably continue and trying very hard vision has been very busy dealing with the post the last few days . also, because all, all you need to come up with more feasible supply and also just is going to be signing the retail price diesel as well. so that's
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probably easiest occasion little bit in the wonder. what do you say the solution to this issue? are there alternatives today? so i know these on the south is, is fine. know these are really cross starting from diesel, right. the surprises started from coal generated power. so, you know, with the powerful days you can resolve them in the diesel shortage, won't be much easier to doll. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. chan, long founder of plenum and independent research consultancy. thank you. thank you. around the world, exploring natural resources, has been seen as an important tool for economic growth. despite the effects on the environment in climate and in ecuador, illegal mining has been a way of life for many decades. now there are fees, government plans to issue more international licenses,
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will create more damage. teresa bar reports from the cd of as morales, the community that's resisting the advance of large mining companies. this is the pacific war, dorian forest, and there we are filled with wildlife and unique vegetation. it is slowly being devastated. bulldozers are used to divert the river as illegal miners tried to find gold, which f, a noah has been doing this for 12 years. he says he rents the equipment and hires members of the community to help out on the market demo. we bring a machine and we make a whole and then we get the material and start building a pool. and then we start extracting when we get a 150 grams of gold or so, then it's worth moving somewhere else. people like the lever spend hours next to the river, trying to find the scraps left by bigger miners. she shows us how she's able to find some gold particles that allow her to make around $20.00
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a day and feed her 4 children, all of them and we don't get to work every day. we work one week and then that's it . then we have to find another area. we are told, some of the country's best gold is found here. lack of government controls, makes it easy for illegal activities to spread. look what's happening here. this is one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. this is this movie river and it's slowly being destroyed by illegal minors. at the same time. local family say that this is the only way they have to make a living, but it's having a huge impact on the environment. all around is he will community. there are abandoned fools, allegedly filled with chemicals, used in the process to extract gold, eddystone, and appa is the leader of the church indigenous community. he says he's concerned, as they look on them, is hillary, you're, the river is contaminated,
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it cannot bathe fish or drink water for 11 years. it's contaminated and we are asking children not to go to the river on university research shows that water in the province of mid alice has high levels of aluminum and iron. janet got a best lives in a nearby community. she says her children are showing signs of skin problems. pressing his air more lasso wants to increase mining and all exploration activity in the country, to jumpstart a troubled economy and to fight illegal operations. but experts say it will not solve equality endemic problems. luckily, because you'll be scenarios, they want to tell us that exploiting these resources will solve our problems of misery under development and that we will progress. but history tells us that has never happened because it's not the 1st time our elite are incapable of thinking an economic model. that is not only extracting nature's resources because that's where our problems lie. it was all swain forest is among the most threatened in the world
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poverty unemployment and the promise of development are causing massive damage. the government, instead of fighting it, is desperate to bring international oil and mining companies and give it away. that is, i will, i'll the theda if mean i love to call or a wooden can no more than a 1000 years old has been discovered in southern mexico. it was found almost completely intact in a pool of water near the ruins of chit chain. that was once a major mine city, with temples and pyramids experts believe the vessel would have been used to transport water or deposit ritual offering for the next. here on al jazeera india is cricket captain, takes aim, and internet troll all those details coming up in just a few moments. the
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each and every one of us has got a responsibility to change our patients for the better. or we could do this experiment many of us could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. but he had any idea that it would become a magnet is incredibly recipe asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the future. in december the year and getting this pick up the collect the thing to get to say the reason this is extremely important service that they provide to the city. we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who left behind the
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lou ah ah, poor communities across the globe hoping world late is at the upcoming called the summit. can provide solutions to defend them from extreme weather events. him allowing nearly 1500000 people depend, unlike chill wall, but less rainfall in recent years, as they did dangerously low water levels. and that's affecting livelihoods as her room a tougher reports. wilson city, my remembers the time when lead sheila malawi, sick into biggest lake, nearly disappeared, temperatures got extremely hot and there was a little rain. he and his friends. i fished. yes since they were boys just like
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they fathers and grandfathers. did they say the drying up of the lake has become more frequent than usual? oceana liebel. there was a difference. they used to be a lot more fish. there were only a few of us, so there was no of a fishing. now the population is boomed. there's also a climate change. last year the lake dried up. the world banks is nearly half of africa's population loose below the poverty line, and many depend on rivers and lakes for their livelihoods. when full leg, sheila is approximately 60 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide, but he keeps shrinking. if the fish in the lake continued to disappear is not only the economy that will be devastated, but entire communities. fishing is how many people here survive is what they been doing for generations. one and a half 1000000 people live in the areas around the lake. she'd what basin people act, my disability. she buy stock from fishermen to feed customers at her restaurant. i, melissa, when the men don't bring back much fish, my business suffers. that means less customers and not much money for my children.
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live scientists, they africa, is the continent most affected by climate change and also the least responsible for it. you're looking at people not being able to do other used to do before, and the income levels continue to go down. and that already also excess of atheist luther poverty. so it's a big problem at the moment. so we hope that we can be able to, to find out some solutions to these families out here are away the way of life is changing and that they may have to find alternatives to fishing, such as farming an option. many say they are seriously considering how to matessa al jazeera lake. sheila milan, it's time now his fault with layer and a lot come out of the t. 20 world cup there. sure is emily. india taking on new zealand in a crunch match at the t 20 world cup. later on sunday, the 2 teams are looking for their 1st one at the tournament. having both lost their opener against pakistan, a defeat for either will make qualifying for the semi finals very difficult. the
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top 2 teams in each of the 2 groups qualified for the semis. but ahead of the game, there has been an unwanted spotlight on the indian camp. besides only muslim player in the game for that team. they defeat in their defeat against pakistan. as a mohammed shami, he was target up on line b as of his faith. the indian cricket board did not condemn the harassment, but did publish a tweet in support of shami. however, india's captain visit coley did not meant his words, saying, attacking someone over there religion is the most pathetic thing someone can do. there's a good reason why we are on the field and not some bun, just spine less people on social media that have no garbage to actually speak to any individual in person. this is literally the lowest level of human potential that one can operate at. and that's how i look at these people and the student has got a good mental just missed we have and precisely what we are doing, what we are doing on the field. and none of these people are even in the vicinity.
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do you imagine doing something like that? they do not have the courage or the spine to do well. to talk more on this. we have sports broadcast, run a couple with us, live from them by thank you for joining us. well, took the indian team captain about a week to respond to the abuse of his teammate mohammed, chummy. do you think that very coli should have shown more support? while i think ideally we would like to brush response and we discuss that when i was on your show on tuesday as well. the guys tweet was a bit of a copout without acknowledging the shoot game. later on tuesday evening, the game was sunday and the news that followed was sunday night. but i'll give you a little bit of credit here because the nature of his response is unequivocal. the once he's used like directly point out, he's not misled. he's taken the issue head on, and quite frankly, he's, he went on to elaborate even when the media manager wanted to push things along. so this is more powerful than any tweet. ideally, you should respond to the next day, but it is the middle of a walk up maybe is not good under social media on your media. and the 1st time we
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address the issue when the press conference can bug you went on it basically, my opinion. well, you mentioned the indian cricket board there and there tweet in support for me, but they didn't fully condemn the abuse. can you clean as to why you think that is? i think there's a convenient line being drawn here. anybody who touches upon issues which are community neutral on social media tend to receive backlash. there is an army of social media tools which ironically react cody himself has gone after his statement and rightly so. but the safest way to put out at that time was support for shami without acknowledging that the bid that the use was on the basis of his fate. it was bigoted, it was his speech. and if you don't acknowledge that in support shami, you still at least say something to me. it's a bit of a cop out. i would have liked for the board to express that and were turned 0 tolerance towards any sort of abuse based on religion, which i think is something that our call yesterday. but this is just one example of so many different cases like this isn't it? why do you think that this issue just keeps coming up?
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well, i think this is refreshing and unique in a way because we have never had a public figure of this level. but he's on the list or he's india's biggest name in cricket. and therefore, their biggest name in sport is bad, the world's most marketable cricketer. and these public figures oscillate have been silent on issues that they believe code for some sort of controversy. and social media only has, has done something which is which of apps a corner store moment here of major cricketer, speaking up on an issue, attacking it, heads on and mentioning that this is about religious bigotry, which has your place in esteem, brotherhood remains united all the right, things for a leader and a public figure to say, i think that's what's refreshing about this. and it should urge to get us to speak out more, which i really hope it does. and india's match with new zealand, it has some huge implications. how has the online abuse controversy? how do you think that's impacted the prep? her preparations are very kali's team. it's a real shame, isn't it? that even the statement, how can anyone have a problem with someone saying there's no place for discrimination on the business
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manager? how can you have a problem with that yet? in the aftermath of cody's comments, there does seem to be a brigade of abuse her to woodson, which just as you what your needs are. in fact, it almost establishes without cody's point, that this is the sort of outrage that they've got to block out. i think he's used to it by now. i don't think it will affect performance on you. it is a massive game. those probably the biggest game and yet played in a t 21 cup that gone against a team that they don't have a good record against. but like we saw against factors done all these historical records sent for very little. i hope that this team is a good game because this suddenly seems to be this, you know, this, this, this, this liking towards radar cody, that goes beyond cricket. he seems to be a statesman now for a new cricket. more interesting that while certainly a lot to look for, to run a couple more, thank you so much for your time. thanks for having me. will england be australia and one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament so far? sadly for the neutral, the match wasn't anywhere near close contest england steamrolled the ozzy's australia only managed a 125 from their 20 overs in reply,
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england only lost 2 wickets. just butler top scored with an unbeaten $71.00 england or top of their group on beaten after 3 matches. worse alone, sr sergio aguiro had quite a personal scare during his teams. 11 draw against alvis in la liga. the forward was substituted before half time after complaining of chest pains, and feeling dizzy. the 33 year olds spent the night in hospital and had a cardiac exam were still waiting for a barcelona statement on his health. manchester united have bounced back after their 5 mill humiliation against liverpool, united manager only. gunner soul shire can breathe a little easier. following a 3 mill victory over tottenham. a superb strike from christiane. a rinaldo gave man you the lead just before half time, and they doubled their advantage courtesy of uruguay. and striker edison, kalani marcus rochefort, came off the bench to score late in the match. united move up to fit in the lead
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performance was really good from the start and it was really good from a, from tuesday morning when we, when we worked, we worked on something that we felt and hoped and thought was going to work on it. did it every month to a t did did a jobs and we kept the kept the clean sheet and we kept the ball away from, from david to save. he never how to save to make so it's, it's great going over to your own funds at the end of the game and the sellers with them, of course, cuz they, they've deserved this one as well. i'll swinging over to baseball, and the atlanta braves are now just one went away from their 1st world series title . in 26 years, they beat the houston astros on saturday to take a 31 series lead homeruns from dansby swanson and jorge sala helped them seal a 3 to win on the night. the braves can wrap up the championship at home with game 5 leader on sunday already. that's it for me. be back with you in a few hours,
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but hinge back over to emily for now. thank you very much. leah. all right, that. so from us here for this news hour, but don't go anywhere directly. we'll have one you shortly. in the meantime. hey, to our website al jazeera dot com bye for now. ah, ah. a think lake linda attract tourists and underpins the local economy. thousands to penn don't. it's precious. ah, al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface
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that threaten lake red bus. very existence center goals, spring plate on ouch is here. well as experiencing unprecedented extreme weather record. temperatures being said, glass is an i feel for deteriorating false. remember the quote running down world leave is amazing. gloss, go in the u. k. in a bit to fresh out a deal to flash a mission to port to late all over you and climate summit on al jazeera question, the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or dc information, east squeal or not you don't comp anyway to verify, identify who is telling the story that those device and these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit. anticipate the consequences from the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people died because of it the lifting pace,
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deconstruct the media on altus era, facing longer house and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0 one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience in south korea on al jazeera. ah, tackling climate change takes center stage as g. 20 leaders meet on the final day of their summit in room. ah, you're watching out, is there a light from a headquarters in dell? i'm daddy navigator. also a heads more strikes on demonstrations and so done a day after 4 people were shot dead during protests against the military coup poles
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close in japan's elections. and the 1st big test for prime minister from yoke is she done barely a month after he.


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