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i'll just hear a well explorer, the major environmental issues above and below the surface. the threatened lake wreck. those very existence shinagle spring place. anal jessie. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news allen live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. tackling climate change takes center stage is g 20 latest made on the final day of this summit in rome, more strikes and demonstrations in sudan
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a day after 4 people were fatally shot during protests against the military coup. japanese voters go to the polls in the 1st big test for prime minister for me. ok, shita bailey, a month after he took office and running on empty a fuel shortage in china forces the world's 2nd largest economy to ration diesel. and i'm leo harding, with all of your sports india's cricketers, prepare for a crunch match against new zealand at the t 20 world cup with both sides looking for their 1st one of the tournament. ah. hello and welcome to the program. it's the final day of the g 20 gathering of world latest. the main focus is climate change, but there are other significant talks happening on the sidelines. let's take a look at those. you as president joe biden, his met turkish president, reggie type,
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the one that comes after anchorage threatened to expel diplomats from 10 countries, including the us relations have been strange since turkey's acquisition of a russian, a defense system. the us secretary of state sat down with his chinese counterpart disputes between badging and washington range, from trade to security, and taiwan, and prime minister boris johnson and president manuel micron meeting. to discuss the escalating, a post breaks at fishing dispute between france and the u. k. okay, we have a team of correspondence covering all these stories and more, but let's start with that diplomatic edited james phase, who's in rome for us? hello there, james. the official agenda has been a lengthy but there's also been a lot happening on the sidelines as we just heard. what's been the most significant for you? well i think it has to be about the climate because of the timing of this summit later today, most of these leaders will be flying from rome to glasgow for those crucial talks
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cop 26. we're going to see in the coming hours the final communique from these leaders here. ready in rome, i've already seen a draft copy of that communicate and it's not i don't think going to satisfy many environmentalists or scientists. it's not very strong action and strong words that they've been hoping for. in fact, i spoke to a senior un official who is on their way to glasgow, and i share the details from the communique and i was told it's not good. it's not the inputs of people have been looking for from the g 20 for glasgow. disappointing . i was told, but the expectations in recent days had not been high. there is still pressure though being put on these leaders. the 26 summit, as i say, is in glasgow. scotland. so the u. k. is the host and the g. 20 leaders were addressed by the case prince charles. listen, look up to the 6 begins in glasgow to morrow. quite literally. it is the last
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chance saloon. we must now translate fine words into still finer actions. and as the enormity of the climate gallant challenge dominates people's conversations from news rooms to living rooms. but as the future of humanity and nature herself are at stake. it is surely time to set aside our differences and grasp this unique opportunity to launch a substantial green recovery by putting the global economy on a confident, sustainable trajectory, and thus save our planet. one of the problems i think for the summit is that not all the leaders are here, some of not come citing cobra 19 the most significant rushes president vladimir putin and president. she of china and they are not going to gloves. go on that which i think presents
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a problem because you bang heads together when you're actually in the room with people. that was a meeting here in rome between the chinese foreign minister and the u. s. secretary of state. and that was important because this was the highest level meeting between the u. s. and china that has taken place since the beginning of the year was still being told is likely to be some sort of virtual summit between the 2 most powerful men in the world present. she and president biden before the end of the year, but certainly in the meeting that they had here in the last couple of hours, they said that they could work together on issues like me on my the climate have kind of storm north korea, iran, but a state department official said there was serious concerns about other issues close at home to china, places like taiwan in china and she, john and tibet, hong kong and east and sort of east and south china. see the u. s. opponent expressed its concern. that's about all those issues and about human rights in
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china. the 2 countries agreeing to work together. but knowing that on some issues they can work together and other issues. they have very, very different views. james, to be flying, the wall for that meeting. thank you very much for the update james. bye live for us in rome. ok, let's bring in wrestle said, who's lived for us in a sample? he has the light is still in the meeting between the us president and his turkish counterpart. russell. thanks for joining us. the relationship between the 2 countries has been strained. what more do we know about what was discussed? well, it's an important meeting that just presented to the prison out of the one. and the present by them has just math. one time since prism buy them to the office was in june in a nato summit in brussels as his since then there was an extra expectation that these 2 leaders are going to meet, but it didn't happen. their speculation was quite high during the u. n. g, a meeting in, in new york,
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but that the meeting between the 2 leaders did happen. so it was unclear whether 1 am by than are going to have a meeting $11.00 meeting in room or not. but finally to they, it has to taken the place. so this meeting is coming right after the, the diplomatic dispute between turkey and usa, over the imprisonment of a turkish businessman, osman kabbalah, and the, the dead. 10 for an envoys, including the jesse ambassadors, they have asked target immediately release or, or small cover. and over that outline said that he is keen to announce debt they did that this 10 invoice, including the usa, germany and france and basses, as persona non grata. but that this book has been resolved at the last minute. so i buy them as, as our go on, that is to countries the largest need to allies needs to find ways to avoid the crisis with each other. another issue at the table in the mid thing between avalon and by the was the effort to fight fighter just programs. turkey has been kicked
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out of the programs after purchasing the russian maid as $400.00 miss as defense system. american says that this systems are, did, the russian made systems are a threat to the nato systems, but turkey went on by and the, that, that the russian made air defense systems. and the other issue is i did the coming turkey's operation in to syria. recently a turkish military force and took a back seat in opposition, forces have been attacked by the white p g, which is the primary ally of us a prisoner once said that turkey is in preparation of conducting an operation into syria against y p g. so turkey, medical relations recently how being quite screened over several issues, syria, yes, mediterranean co because there's north africa. so when this meeting is quite crucial for these to come to the relations, but not only in regards to the turkish medical nations,
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but also particularly important for the nato as well. because these 2 companies are the largest needle members, number one, and number 2 respectively in terms of the, the, the company size population and the military personnel. an expert says that the, the growing differences between the u. s. the and turkey are causing extra to the unity of natal. thank you very much, wrestle for that update live for us in the sample. the u. k. prime minister bars johnson infringe president manuel mccall currently meeting in rome as a post bricks at fishing, dispute continues. the u. k says it's actively considering invoking a brick set dispute tool for the 1st time. this comes is from suggest it will restrict the energy supplies to the british channel islands, which heavily dependent on french electricity. earlier in the wake, france seized a british vessel and is now threatening to block ports, as well as the increase check, some boats. if the u. k. doesn't grunt more licenses to fringe fishing vessels?
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all right, let's go live to lexi o'brien who is in paris for us. hey, there, legs. this dispute is showing no sign of d escalating. how important is this sideline discussion between the 2 late it's well as meeting between the french president menu macro and the u. k prime minister barak johnson. it's just been called a brush past me think so by the very nature of it won't. it's not expected to be very long. and the news agency is pay is reporting that actually the british didn't own any press at the top of this meeting either. the 2 gentlemen have actually come face to face a couple of times during the g 20 summit about an hour or so ago they were standing next to each other next to the trivia fountain. on saturday, they were at the iran talks. i were in the family folks, so they had a bit of a fist pump, the sort of action of the moment, especially during the pandemic. now, that handshake seemed to have gone out of favor. but despite the sort of moments of bon me out in the open, they had been
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a lot of strong word said both from both camps and recent days. france of course angered that it wasn't given the fishing licenses. it feels it was deserved under the post bricks that tre, dale, and from, from europe minister came on. bone has infect twisted in the past half hour or so. it's also saying, look, we've been negotiating patiently and constructively for the past 10 months. europe has been given 90 percent of the. busy licenses they were after that last 10 percent. all of those, a french licenses that they're waiting on. so they say, you know, in that case, it appears to be targeted. and that's when it becomes not just a technical issue, but a political one. and that is why france is saying, look, if we don't have these licenses by tuesday, we will unveil what process calling proportionate measures. you mentioned some of them blocking of the ports preventing from british troll is from, from docking and unloading their catches. as i said, they say they are proportionate misha's but they don't want an escalation here. they just want the licenses that thereafter. it will be pressure though,
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from the wider international community. we've already also seen pressure from some scientists and environmentalists look. this is the final day that really important g 20 summit, the 1st day of the major climate summit. and one that the u. k. prime minister himself is framed a moment of truth for the world. and so these, if these 2 countries, these close allies and neighbors context, we find some common ground on fishing rights. where does that leave the rest of the world when the very future of our planet is at stake? lexi, thank you so much for that update. lexia brian live for us in paris. ok, let's get the perspective from the u. k. camp and bring in sonya guy go who is live for us in london. hello this sonya, how is this feud being viewed by those in the you can well, you could say so much being seen through the lens of bricks. it because it is of course, wholly tied up with that. and the question is exactly to what purpose is the u. k.
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doing it? is it doing it as an extension to try and sort of figure out what it's, what is able to do in the continuing mechanisms that are following that? but it is also to do with how it can maneuver more of its elbowing power as it were in the european union itself. and exactly how it's able to do that. now that have been newspaper headlines already in the very much pro bricks that press that would indicate that bar as johnson, the prime minister, once the european union to bring my cron into place to put them into place. however, it is also questionable to see exactly how much influence boris johnson and the u. k. actually have now that they are out of the european union. of course, this is not the only issue that is fil clouding the relationship between the u. k and the rest of the european union, there is still the ongoing issues surrounding northern ireland. and the question
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whether the brakes administer the u. k will trigger off article 60 as a mechanism to try and resolve some of those issues that the u. k. government is still unhappy about and now while you could say that the, that the power really could be with brussels as well. it is, of course you have to remember this, that there are still other tensions around the european union as well that perhaps could give prime minister bar is still a little bit of hope that he could cause brussels more trouble if he can. or is of course he had a meeting with the polish prime minister as well. again, another country that has fallen fall of brussels rules and regulations recently. so by applying this kind of pressure, once copies over, it will be interesting to see exactly how the u. k. is going to maneuver itself without doing further damage the population. because of course, if there is any kind of sanctions that are going to be imposed on the u. k,
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it is ultimately going to affect the british public, whether they're going to be able to get goods in. and of course, the bush johnson has made, of course, many promises that christmas is not going to be affected. maybe if he pushes his luck too much, it might very well be. thank you very much for that update. sonya k go live for us in london from rome, the focus of world leaders will now shift to glasgow as the you in climate summit gets underway. me, the meeting has been described as a make or break moment for the planet. rising temperatures are affecting millions of people with floods. super stones and wildfires causing devastation. our environment, it is a nic clock, has more on what we can expect from the summit in glasgow to say there's a lot at stake here in glasgow is an understatement. the science tells us what needs to be done, and we'll see in the holes behind me over the next 2 weeks. if national leadership
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have what it takes to step up, the world is over heating and extreme weather is already hitting hard. and to demonstrate the importance of this conference, we return to every increase scene of those devastating wildfires in the summer. where the still picking up the pieces in early oldest with temperatures, adams seen high wildfire ripped across southern europe. the land was parched and the fires quickly spread. northern area in greece was the hardest hit. the inferno last for 2 weeks, thousands were evacuated. today you can see what's left the devastation in this area was total. people are well used to annual wildfires here, but not on this scale. not with this much last thousands of factors of forest and livelihoods just incinerated. and because of the fires a new threat as the rain comes so do floods and mudslides defies of destroy the land, natural ability to withhold water to act as
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a flood defense system. so now in periods of intense rain, the water just cascades of these hillsides so they're using the dead trees to shore the soil and the land intact. it is hard, exhausting work, but vital to preserve what's left and encourage regeneration of the forest. a big part of evy as far as the economy has been obliterated. cost as i own use, livelihood comes from his bees. we make honey from the resin of pine trees or used to i feel sad that this once green forest has been burnt, and i find it difficult to figure out what we'll do and how be keeping can continue to exist on ever. we will not be around when this forest is once again able to give us honey. so for us, our area has died. collecting pine reson was an important money owner for farmers like georgia's agnostic but not in the more. he also lost a 5th of his goat,
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her to the fires. across the island, more animals died than survived. but the destruction was great for farmers. buildings were burnt, animals were lost, and grazing gland has disappeared. in other words, what we had here was lost from many years, need to go by so that things can return to how they were helping people around the world to adapt to and mitigate against catastrophic events. like this is a big part of the climate conference in glasgow. so what a success caught $26.00 looked like the science tells us we need to prevent temperatures from rising beyond ideally one and a half degrees celsius. for the 2021 production gap report shows that current government plans will produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels required to make that happen. so in glasgow, we need a strong declaration that commit to net 0 missions by 2050, as well as big reductions by 2030. this has been a seismic event that has changed lives perhaps for a generation,
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but the forest will come back because nature always does. if humanity allows it to . well right now, the omens here in glasgow and not good just this week. we heard that even with the latest global commitments to cut emissions, we're still heading for $2.00 degrees celsius. and remember, the target is one and a half degrees. and the $100000000000.00 a year promised by rich nations to developing countries by 2020 will that won't arrive now until 20. 23. trust is a limited commodity here in glasgow and it will be a long, hard battle to reach the agreement. the world needs plenty more ahead on this news . our including families have been fishing on this like him, allowing the generations, we look at why their way of life is changing and in sport is scary moment for barcelona star, sergio at wearer. where ill have an update on the strike is health light on schools .
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ah, the sudanese teaches committee has called for a strike in all states of sudan a day after hundreds of thousands of people rallied to denounce the military takeover. soldiers used to t gas and blocked major roads and gunfire was reported to dance. doctor's committee says at least 4 people were killed. we'll talk to him morgan shortly, but 1st her report from cartoon, ah, a protest that's been days in the making. thousands of people gather on the streets of her tomb, demanding a return to transitional government. something they say was rob, from them after the military coup on monday. unless now some of them we went to the street because we reject military rule. and he reject authoritarianism and categorically reject all the behavior of military council. i don't know my be not
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what another what log on we want to topple the security committee and bring it down . we don't trust these people. this is not their 1st coup. we need the world to know that the sudanese people are living under oppression and are being beaten and our voices are not listened to because there is no coverage and there is no internet. ah, they're risking a lot. days of protests in the capital letters treat to st. battles with the military and demonstrators killed. with the internet, cut off organizers used mosque flyers and graffiti to reach people. oh, the military also blocked the main road to the airport. the plant roots of this march saturday's protests were met with tear gas, am live ammunition. what is really concerning is the vast array of military security actors that are on the streets. there are just incredible set also of security sectors that now patrol the streets. no sense that they are necessarily taking orders from a central spot and i think each batch,
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i know that diversity of different those rectors is really worried. ah, these demonstrators are demanding that prime minister, the lamb dukes cabinet, be restored. it was toppled by general. haben for the helper han, he also dissolved the sovereignty council established after the overthrow of omar bashir 2 years ago. some political parties have supported the cool o relationship. hon. you were hon. says he will hold elections in july 2023 and then hand power to the elected civilian government. with the takeover has provoked international condemnation. the u. n. n u. s. has called on the military not to intervene in the protest. regional and international acts as have been heard in general, hon to reverse his school and was though the transitional government, which he dissolved on monday. but many processes here saying, even if that happens, it's their faults short of their demands to completely hand over power to civilian rule. the people on how to toombs. 3, call it a power,
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grab and demand, a return to a democratic process. let's take a closer look now at the pro democracy groups behind these protests. brittany's professionals. association is a network of independent trade unions if demanding the restoration of the transitional government. it includes the sudanese that doctors central, committing its been documenting the injuries and deaths of protest is to catch the government's official figures. and then there's the so called resistance committee is grassroot bodies spread across the country whose members organized protests in their local communities. let's bring in have been morgan now, who's lived for us in the capitol. hello there. here we have those violent protests yesterday and there are more demonstrations expected today. tell us more about the teachers unions involvement. yes, the teacher's union is just one of the several unions that have announced that they are joining to civil disobedience calls that have been made by the forces of freedom and change. coalition, the kidneys, professionals,
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associations and the resistance committees. now the resistance committees have set up barricades on main roads as well as on residential areas. the roof over the dental areas to prevent security forces from entering those residential areas and targeting the activists and protested, but also to make sure that people can not go to work. so they're trying to let the military know as much as they can, that they don't want to be ruled by the army, and they want to return to the classic process. now, the several institution around the country are yet to open, both as the state and federal levels. we've done a little drive around town and usually around this time are usually given time to me. you would see a number of cars and many shop open. but today, very few shop that are open and there's very few car movements on the street. many people say that movement is hard because of the barricade, but people also say that they are joining the civil disobedience to show them that they want a return to do the transitional government that was dissolved on monday. now,
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the head of the un mission here and put down who's also the special representative of the united nations secretary general has met with prime minister capital hemmed up in the morning. and he said that the prime minister is still under house arrest, but mediation efforts are until we to try to get the country out of the current political crisis. they also effort to bring together the forces of freedom and change coalition. because all of this happens after a division in the ruling coalition. so there are efforts to try to bring together the coalition that has led to government protests against president. so i'm going to be here, but they're also trying to bring back the, the, the power sharing agreement between the military and the protest movement. and so far they get to be any concrete results coming out of those meetings and out of the mediation effort. so people are saying that unless they see the, the prisoners who have been erected release and until the prime minister, the speaking to the public again and back in the position of prime minister, there will continue with decimal disobedience and they will continue and will
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continue with the barricade that they've been putting in residential areas, and they will continue to protest against them in the military take over. thank you very much for that update. even morgan for us live in it cartoon at least 12 people, and now known to have been killed in a car bomb attack in the items international airport and 7 pm, and several more wounded in the explosion. the city has been rocked by several in the past few years. it's been the state of humans internationally recognized government since creepy rebels took over santa in 2014 still ahead on algae 0. i'm they have when they took for region in a while or, and the world is coming together to combat climate change. i. tragedy is underway in one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. and in the atlanta braves close in on the world series title by selection all coming up
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a are the bellows on the move now throughout europe, not just in one place in these carrie from atlantics going in this direction, which means areas of settle, weather, high pressure sort of squashed out towards the western side of russia and to some degree only to some degree as a levant. but throughout the military, we've had this stormy weather. they're going eastwards, just catching north part of libya that was affecting sicily, calabria, and saadenee. as you see, there's more rain there to day, so thanks back over the come in. not a proper storm, sisters on the move for the amber warnings out potential for flooding. that's come in through portugal in spain. the yet water come here as well as you can see that won't last long ease going south with that bit of a turn up. so red warnings and for potential flooding for northern italy. this is
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during monday with snow throughout the house is coming from front, right up towards the austrian terrill. then we're casting for the north with eyes probably focusing for a while and cough 26 in glasgow. yet more rain coming through through scotland and norman. yes. has been flooding recently, and the warnings is delightful that this system keeps going east was during monday bringing rain to sudden sweden. so the doorway and venture denmark, the following weather actually looks pretty shower to start with, but actually it turns quiet. ah, the 10s of thousands of children were born into or lived under the icicle regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps you the orphans all with it. we don't mothers, rejected by their own communities. she could do like people are going to well come with mouth about, of course, mom and you documentary his,
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that chilling and traumatic stories from the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera in the vietnam war. the u. s. army used to heidi talk to cub, beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was of most destructive instances chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge braying something and they didn't even see the caird foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on al jazeera lou ah ah,
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hello, you're watching out there. i'm emily. anguish, reminder of ant up stories was our last day. the g 20 summit of will, late is, is taking place in rome. several meetings are happening on the sidelines, including one between the presidents all the u. s. and jackie, the group is to you to discuss the climate change as well ahead of the cop 26 conference in glasgow. the sudanese teaches committee has called for striking all states of sudan a day after hundreds of thousands of people rallied to now the military tank. 4 people were killed in protest on saturday. and japan's nearly appointed prime minister faces his 1st big chest in national election or it is it costing the balance to decide whether to keep premier shita up to one of the ruling party's leadership race last month. let's get more on our top story and the g 20 summit. the take.


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