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who more than 1000 years old has been discovered in southern mexico, it was found almost completely intact and a pool of water near the ruins of chic janisa. that was once a major mayan city, with temples and pyramids and experts believe the vessel would have been used to transport water or deposit ritual offerings or an open art exhibition by world renowned artist is on display in chiles. capital santiago works on display include rubber ducks like that, one fried eggs and a toy robot. the sculptures sit on the shore of the artificial lake of the family part. the exhibition will go on tour around the country from thursday. ah . the headlines on al jazeera, the sour g 20 leaders are expected to focus on the climate crisis. on the final day
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of the summit in rome, just ahead of the cop $26.00 conference in glasgow earlier, they agreed to impose a global minimum tax on multinational companies or diplomatic editor james base has this update from room. the main plenary session, when all the leaders are sitting around the table is on climate. those words, obviously important words as a final communicate are important. we don't know those yet. they're not, it's not been released yet, but we've certainly seen a draft copy out there as obtained a draft copy. and that language in there, which talks about keeping global warming well below 2 degrees is not the 1.5 degrees that the u. n. and most ex, but si se is absolutely essential. the united states and the european union have agreed to ease terrace on steel and aluminium imports. us will now allow certain metals from the you to enter a duty free. it avoids you retaliatory measures on us products that were due to go into effect in december. the former us president donald trump introduced the levies
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3 years ago. the leaders of britain on france are expected to meet later to discuss the post bricks at fishing disputes bore is, johnson says he can through lo, taking legal action against france after it sees the british vessel. paris is threatening to block ports and increase checks on votes. on laurie's, if the u. k doesn't grant more licenses to french fishing vessels. japan's newly appointed prime minister faces his 1st spec test, the national elections, voters are casting their ballots decide whether to keep from jo casita after he won the ruling parties leadership race. a month ago, he's promised to revive japan's pandemic battered economy with a stimulus package. sedans doctor's committee says at least 4 people were killed in protests on saturday. hundreds of thousands demonstrated what's being described as the most significant challenge to military cool leaders. up to date with the
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headlines on al jazeera, more news coming up after and sight story. but by the world is experiencing unprecedented extreme weather. reco temperature's being set glasses and i feel the deteriorating. busy fault whenever the quote running down worldly visit me, think laws go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out a deal to slashing mission before it's too late. follow the you and climate summit on al jazeera. a fishing dispute between britain and france heads into choppy waters. both sides accused the other of breaking post regs. it agreements on fishing rice, but what's really behind the route and why has it escalated now? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm how much am jerome?
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fishing is not only an important industry for the u. k. and france, but a deeply emotional issue as well. it was fiercely debated during discussions on britain's departure from the european union. and now tensions are rising again. the u. k. used to be part of the use common fisheries policy that gave all european fishing boats equal access. after briggs it e u and u. k. vessels needed licenses to fish in each other's territorial waters. the boats have to prove that they had fish there in the past. to make things more complicated, the self governing british territories of jersey in guernsey and the channel islands issue their own licenses. france accused the u. k of only granting at a small number of the licenses its entitled to britain denies this, saying those boats that rejected couldn't prove a track record of fishing in the area. the dispute escalated on thursday when france detained a british trawler accused of fishing without a license. another boat was fined for not complying with maritime checks. frances,
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threatening to block british boats from ports if the issue isn't resolved by tuesday, alexia bryan has more from the port of love, frances laid down an ultimatum. if its fishermen did not get the licenses that they say they deserve, and that they expected under the post bricks at tre, dale by tuesday, then ports like this one will be at the center is what they call in targeted measures. british fishing vessels will not be able to dock at ports like this, they'll be tougher, longer health and safety checks on trucks going in and out of port from the u. k. also, versus fishing vessels will face toughest security checks if the fishing and fringe waters boats like this one. this scala troll that was seized earlier in the week accused of fishing and french waters without a license and its been caught up in this escalating dispute between france and the u. k. over access to british waters and waters off the coast of france, including the island of jersey,
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which sits just about 22 kilometers off the coast. now the french president, m l m a chrome has said that this route is actually a test of the case, global credibility. he's told a newspaper that you can spend years negotiating this trade deal. and then within a matter of bumps decide which, but you want to stick to, depending on which bits suit you best. he says that is not an example of good character in the french prime minister. john castillo has reportedly written to the european commission asking for support and saying that it must demonstrate that there is more damage by leaving the european union than by staying within the block . but there are also concerns here in france and ports like this infringe fishing communities up and down the coast. that if the measures do go ahead on tuesday, as france is straightening, actually it will be the ports, it will be the fishing communities and consumers who end up paying the price. france is also threatened to restrict energy supplies to the channel islands.
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president emanuel micron says the dispute is a test of the you case credibility. britton's prime minister promised to retaliate france breaches posts briggs agreements. both leaders are due to discuss the matter on the sidelines of the g. 20 meeting in rome. all right. joining us now are our guests in cambridge, gram goodwin honorary research associate at the center for business research at the university of cambridge, he is former special adviser to the 1st minister in the northern ireland assembly in brussels. peter clippy, editor of brussels report, e u. a news website covering politics in the e u and in paris is jean christophe, gillian, founder and ceo of xin on 7, a european public affairs company. john christophe was closely linked to the former . you briggs at negotiator michelle. barney? a warm welcome to you all, and thanks so much for joining us today on inside story. fits are. let me start with you today. france claims that britain has denied fishing licenses to dozens of
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french boats. britain is saying that most licenses have actually been issued, but that some french vessels don't meet the criteria for british waters. who exactly is more to blame here? oh, it's hard to say, i mean, this has been going going on for a while, a basically the u. k is saying, well, you need to be able to prove that you have been fishing before. and the franchise disclaiming that this is all just an excuse to allow the u. k to, to prevents certain french fishermen to fish in its waters. graham at its core, is this dispute essentially about how many french fishing boats are going to be allowed to fish in u. k. waters. but i think it is, but it's a minute to say it's very help to know from the british side why. why has been made into such a big issue? it is just an issue off. a few dozen small fishing boats failed to prove that they
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are traditionally fished in these waters. the treaty signed at the beginning of this this year, the trade in corporation agreement. clearly sutton's it says that you have to provide a proof. my understanding is the spokes. how can you know by the proof and i'm not able to fish. although again, my understanding is that the, the gelatinous warranties are allowing them to fish for the time being. give them a bit more time to establish this proof. now there's probably a lot more behind this really that explains why the french making such a big issue with the color of this issue. it's just a minor issue, providing proof of traditional fishing and switching brands. jean christophe of france has threatened further checks and restrictions on british vessels if this is not resolved. from your vantage point, are we going to see france blocking other british boats from entering french ports? and we need to to understand what's going to happen this afternoon. and room
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between the 2 leaders that are going to meet around this issue. another larger one and most and more important. because what i'm, what i'm looking at is something is more very, quite either personal between 2 leaders or a less french and you, british issue than a michael johnson and both regarding their internal agenda and especially political electoral agenda for anyone. michael. so i'm not very sure we've got, we're going to go a bit more up on the escalade saying, which is something already i i have no, i have not seen on the fishing or the fishing issue, something as hard as this between france and the u. k. we hadn't been having some kind of a conversation that that level between france and spain in the same merits him or fishing issue. but this is more something that is happening because we have,
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there is specific agenda here and falls both electoral and at the same time because fonts is going to be presided, but having the presidency of the you starting january 1st. so something is happening because it's, it's more political internal agenda because at the same time boys johnson wants to show his citizens that he's mastering and controlling what's happening in his water . something is happening around this more than a more larger brick set activation, technical and political conversation which was already very intense between you and, and, and, and, and the u. k. appeared to, are you surprised to how quickly this has escalated and from your vantage point, how big of a diplomatic route could this actually become? i mean, how, how much more tense could this get? well, you know, fisheries is a very sensitive political issue everywhere. so if you're a politician and you want to poster than fisheries is a, is a great, you know,
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a great topic. now that says, i think it could still further escalate. but there's 2 important things. first of all, this cannot be seen an independent from the overall e, u, u. k. tensions a over irish c checks and the demands by the british to scrap the role of the european court of justice and policing a part of the the deal between the new k, the northern irish part now that set. secondly, ultimately, both sides will need to compromise on fishing because european fishermen and french fishermen are dependent on being able to fish in british waters on the one hand. and the british fisheries sector is dependent on the european consumer markets on the consumers of the european union. to be able to sell all their fish and we've
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seen earlier this year, particularly with, with scottish fishermen, how much damage can be done when, when this is being disrupted. so at the end of the day, it's great for postering, but a deal will need to be found. john kristof, i saw you nodding along to some of what peter was saying there. did you want to jump in? did you have something you wanted to add? yeah, just just just i'm cry ok with the whole perspective, but inside the you agenda probably he could precise it more than i can do. the fishing, of course, is a political sense civil and national sensible issue, especially in some regions inside the european. we have conversations between, for example, spain and morocco, which are very intensive around the written issues. but at the same time, inside the global activation of the brick set, which is both technic, lee and politically very sensible. and it's quite normal to my point of view. it's something that is not very prior to re something is happening much more on the
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northern lot northern island border. any other issues are more than this one. and this is more something that can be handled because it set the level of these 2 leaders. i really think it's more a, an internal process issue more difficult that for example, men remark one has a lot of difficulties to apart from the commission because terrible at all the pressed on the u. k. yesterday. but you know, the other leaders inside the e u members are not very if you look at from the polish point of view, the italian point of view, whatever. this is not a very sensible issue. and today in rom, i'm not very sure the ones that are going into conversation, we'll be talking about that as so i'm not sure this has gone to going to be escalating more much more because as, as, as, as of hannah solar, it just said before, they we need each other,
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we need to fish in the british waters and the breadth need to this market and need to transform in some factories and frost in reality. graham or emmanuel micron now told a newspaper that this phishing row is a test of view case credibility or that of you case global credibility buquet, of course, is also involved in a dispute with the e. you about the trade agreement. regarding northern ireland, how much is the u. kay's credibility at risk right now? well, not much, i think, i mean, i think we've got a series of somewhat outlandish threats from emanating from ministers in, in paris. and we know we know what are the lies. this is the young, it is the fact all bricks of yourself, the, for the family as a 2nd letter to the, the president of the e. u commission this week. saying that the, that the british copies seem to be guiding from bricks. it not absurd thing to say
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this is, this is one of francis biggest export markets from the french government is going to come british economy can't be seen to be doing well. i mean, it's ridiculous. you, you're quite right. this is being tight and the other context here quite right. this is being linked to the more vital protocol which i think is a much bigger and more difficult issue with a trustworthy possibility of blowing up. but surely these things are best taken separately. the fishing issue is, is just a matter and access of an excess of $3000.00 small, small fishing boats to travel items water. so we felt that it could go to her arbitration and the fact of linkage and effect of the young primary. this is letter to the e. u suggests that the french government wants to complicate this to make it into a much bigger issue practice because of the presidential elections coming up next year in france. i, i am, i not qualified to comment on that,
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but the whole issue is closing bemusement in k, which we just like the government of the public model press really understand why french doings peter it. do you believe that absolution can be found to this that it's supported by other e u member states or? well, what we saw is that france has been making quite aggressive threats, including the threatening to cut of its tricity to the, to the okay, or, or to jersey and guarantee. i mean, the question is, sir, ultimately, if they would do that mean again, it would probably hurt france as a, as an electricity exporter versus so i don't think that will go that far. what we saw is that the other european governments are supporting france in theory, but they do not necessarily support all the or aggressive rhetoric. so they do not necessarily support older. the threats that have been coming from the, from the,
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from the french side. so as i mentioned, yes, ultimately a compromise, so we'll need to be found perhaps this is indeed a marker on trying to gain some support among the fishing community and in the yellow vests. you could say the ordinary workers to, to bolster his credibility there. but i think if this escalates done, it would blow up in his own face. so he also has an incentive to, to make sure there is a landing zone here. and indeed, perhaps today, and he stalks with a burst johnson. they can try to, to sort results. jean christophe, of course, you've heard peter and graham both talk about the fact that emanuel micron is going to be facing a presidential election next year. and perhaps this is for domestic consumption. let me ask you what kind of risks this carries for him. i mean,
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if he seems to be strong domestically because of this, how much does that help if this drags on becomes more heated, becomes more of a diplomatic route? how much does he lose? because it we have to, as i say, starting, we have 2 events that are close leaning than have a different perspective when we have that presidential election and obviously em annual max is trying to boost his capacity to be popular in specific brittany, northern part of france region where the fishing industry, even though it's that economically so sensible, is something very popular. so these issues, especially when you're talking to the u. k. and when you have that long history between french and u. k, specially in these regions which are complicated, very popular to have a fight with you the, the 2nd,
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the but this is not something that he could drag on to the end of a pro. well, well you have that because eventually election moves. but the main point to me is where he has to be in capacity to now have a conversation with with both actually is that we were having that transportation in the starting of the year been union starting for 6 month starting in early january, 1st of january, so he's then the leader of the european issues, and then we have that conversation with you k regarding that activation of the breakfast. but he won't be able to talk only from the french point of view. and as i said, and i tried to to point is to stress, is that when you come from spain, italy, poland, austria, germany, you're not noon. i'm not sure that that fishing, you know, issue is something that can be and especially if you had that aggressive capacity
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and not diplomatic rhetoric is something that can't be handled too long. so i'm pretty sure something's going to happen this afternoon and probably going to have that intensity lowing down in the next days. probably in the next weeks a before that, you know, we had that 2nd of november day, which is something very good. so i'm, we're going to have that solution right now because there's no interest now that the move has been done either from the mac or side of the boys. johnson side boys johnson had this to show his mastering, controlling of what's happening in the waters of an of a, of a britain. the great britain coming from the brakes had said, you know, and it's something he has to be showing. so it's quite the good enemies, a fighting each other they're trying to get, you know, it's something more internal again than european of course, and even riches or french gram. i know that you've said that you expect that this is going to be resolved in fairly short order,
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but i just want to look at what happens if that's not the case in the u. k. has said that it is ready to retaliate. do you believe that if this drags on the u. k, would take retaliatory measures and if so, what could those measures look like? well, i think the british government is, is a key not to specify what they might be. the british government doesn't want to make this problem see much more serious, and it actually is good, but the french are a current. peter suggest you've already threatened to cut off electricity, not only to the july. those are 2 melanie, the favor and into connector is also threatened to go so on customs, texas. they threatened benson, shell fishing boats from, from your k boats. none is this, these are very strong threats and out of all proportion to the problem as it exists . so i think the u. k. government would have to respond in some ways,
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but obviously phones will respond as well. or if it go slower, tally on the on track, getting it to, to france, of companies will, will merely go elsewhere. go to rotterdam at work and campbell lloyd, i think right through the frederick process would be try to avoid things to be trying to avoid damage to the trade coming through. tie. and of course see that the head of the french region, the savior that are, is a, is a candidate. it's central counted at india, french presidential election. so basically he will be protecting kelly. so if somebody's threats are probably rather empty, but to us, better from chris officer will, will probably know more by the end of today is i know we've spoken today about how emotional an issue fishing can become in both countries. i want to take
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a step back for a moment though and, and look at, you know, how much does the fishing contribute to the economies of both countries and how much of a lifeline is it for coastal communities? well, of course we're talking about thousands of jobs attends a day both in the u. k. in france. so even if this is in percentage terms, only small. if the role of damage would be done in a short periods to you know, to a certain economic sector and if this would be and then very region regionally concentrated in a, in an area that is relatively important for electoral reasons. then a small issue can actually become much more important is basically in that sense punishing of both its ways. i don't think we should also. ready underestimate how
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fisherman, in the public eye are seen as hardworking ordinary people. so if you are a politician and not just in france and you're standing up for a fisherman, i think you will always always gain from that so. so i think that's definitely something to be kept in mind. and the light of this crisis, jean christophe, france, was angered by a decision from the u. k. in jersey last month to deny fishing licenses to french boats. they argued that it was a breach of the briggs a deal from your standpoint. was it a breach of the, of the brakes a deal? if you look at the whole, again, the way the bricks it is being handled. now. it's a very strong conversation either politically, technically it is, it's quite know we, this is something that is, it's impossible to prepare at that level because it's something that always has to be. it's a living, you know,
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something that has to be handled very precisely. and we're going to have these kinds of threats and again, conflicts either for strong issues or, or small ones, but very symbolic, as it has been said around the fishing or the merit. tim issue, it's always something very symbolic. again, we the, you have the same with morocco in the southern europe, and we've been having internally that conversation before with britain and we from the printer side, read spain the same. oh, spain and portugal. so something is happening around that. but if you look at the bricks, it being handle right now. and people are very submissive, but something is happening. and it's that conversation will be going to something probably not what has been written down, but something that evolution is, is moving from that written down to something more living. and it's quite normal.
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so if you look at both sides, now we are pretty sure other incidents will happen. other kind of the conflicts, other minor are bigger, but it's normal because this is something that has been written down that the treaty has been assign of course, but it's living material was something that is handling people's life is tending realities and all can't be only you have the, the written part and you have what has to be handled after that written book. and it's happening now. it would be happening because of a conversation that is very aggressive right now that it's going to be this way for the next month. and next years, all right, well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the discussion there. thanks so much to all of our guests. graham gudgusten, peter clip and jean christophe gallium. and thank you for watching. you can see the
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program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also during the conversation on twitter, our handle is at ha, inside story from me mohammed jim jerome and the whole team here. bye for now. ah, to al jazeera in the field goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration that are crossing this dangerous jungle to make it to north america and meet some authorities trying to cross the columbia, panama borden, in search of a better line. they say the only thing left or their expired passport on al jazeera lanita is approaching a tipping point. in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit, al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the
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climate emergency whitney screen films documenting the human experience on the front line planet. as the wet reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population, people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera, pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy on me. i know that i might go to prison, so i will join the ra, a new episode of democracy maybe explores the struggle of those who believe
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democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to come. when are fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call home will, but you can use in current affairs. that matter. yes. o g 20 liter is to focus on climate change on the final day of the summit in rome, after agreeing on a global corporate tax terrain in big business. ah, you're watching l to 0 light from a headquarters in delphi. i'm getting navigator also ahead.


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