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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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ah, talked to al jazeera in the field, goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration. ruth, crossing phil this dangerous jungle can make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia, panama borden, in search of a better line. they say the only thing left either expired passport on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters in dell. ha, i'm dead. he navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes. 2 people are reportedly shot dead in sudan as tens of thousands take to the streets to protest against military rule climate change and rebuilding the global economy are high on the
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agenda on the opening day of the g. 20 summit in rome, t gray and rebels and sudan say they've sees the strategic town and neighboring, i'm horror region the if european government denies the claims argentina freezers, the prices of more than a 1000 household goods, to curb a soaring inflation. and i beat assembly with your school to arsenal, continue their unbeaten streak and sell african stall, quinton peacock returns and takes the me before a few 20 rule cup game against sri lanka. ah, welcome to the news hour. we begin in sudan where the doctor's committee says 2 people had been shot dead in protest against the military coup. tens of thousands of people are on the streets and cities around the country. the u. s. when the u. n . had called on so don's military not to interfere with demonstrations. at least 13
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people have now been killed since the military took power on monday. laura burton manley begins, are coverage it clean days in the making. thousands of galvanized on the streets of cartoon, demanding return to a transitional government, something they say with rob from them after the military coup on monday. they're risking a lot days the protests in the capitol let the street the street battle for the military and demonstrators killed. 6 elaine land on and off and loved lean, we went to the street because we reject the military rule and he reject authoritarianism. and the categorically reject all the behavior of the military council. i don't know my be not what another what log on we want to topple the security committee and bring it down. we don't trust these people. this is not their 1st coup. we need the world to know that the sudanese people are living under oppression and are being beaten. our voices are not listened to because there is no
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coverage and there is no internet. with the internet cut off, organized as he's moth, suppliers, and graffiti to reach people. the military also blocked the main road to the airport, the planned route of this march. what is really concerning is the vast array of military security actors that are on the streets. there are just incredible set also off of security sectors that now patrol the streets no sense that they are necessarily taking orders from a central spot. and i think that i know that diversity of different those records is really the worry. these demonstrated that demanding the prime minister, abdullah, hum, docks, cabinets be restored. it was toppled by general abdel fata at bonham. he also dissolved the sovereign counsel established off to the overthrow of omar bashir 2 years ago. oh,
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the loan is jacqueline brown says he will hold elections in july 2023 and then hand power to the elected civilian governments. him. but the takeover has received international condemnation. ah, the u. n. a u. s. has called on the military not to intervene in the protests. the people and cartoon streets call it a power grab and demand to return to a democratic process. laura about among the al jazeera. let's get an update from him. morgan. she is joining us from a cartoon. so how about 1st of all, on these reports that to protest her as had been shot dead in m. good, a man. what more can you tell us? yes, we have been speaking to active across the 3 fifties in the city. nice capital. how to me and what we do know is that there are over a dozen people who have been injured in under the man from the protest. many of
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them right now at the hospital receiving treatment, and it's not clear yet if any of them have lost their lives as a result of the live ammunition that was fired at them live ammunition was also fight a protest in eastern. now as we try to cross one of the bridges that was blocked by the military, now we've also witness protesters actually managing to push back the military and cross from eastern aisle or, or to east into the central part of the capital. despite security, trying to prevent them from back now it's taking days for them to be able to do this, to be able to mobilize this by the lack of phone lines and internet shut down that was imposed monday school. many of them have been relying on door to door called on trying to spread around flyers and a neighborhood communications to be able to mobilize the people they say. but even with prime minister of them, i am the parent that has home. he's not completely free, as many of the political prisoners still remain in jail. so they want to see the military revert back from it. school and hand overpower, completed the civilian rule,
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and then they would be able to and their process and call it a day. is there any sign at all that this is putting some sort of pressure on the military to, to your anger verse the to well, one thing we have seen from the military since the process started is amount of for they've been using against the processes over it doesn't have been killed since monday, but they also talked of political negotiations. now we've heard from general latin put that on on tuesday. and then again on wednesday that he has reached out to prime minister abdulla. i'm going to be part of because 1000000000 cabinet that he wants to form. and that prime minister, the lamb duke has, has his reservations with regard to being the prime minister of a cabinet appointed by general abdel for that hon. there's also been a statement from the united nation mission here and put down about trying to negotiate a return back to the transitional power sharing agreement that was fine between the 2 slides. but so far it's basically going door to door between the 3 sides, the force of freedom and change coalition, the executive capital that has been dissolved and the army which overthrew the
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transitional government and to power on monday. all of them trying to reach some kind of settlement to end the political crisis, especially because people on the street say that what they want to should be happening is to see the military departure from the political theme sticking to their assignments as military do around the world and they want to see the politicians civilians be the one in charge of the transitional government. okay. hipaa. thank you so much for that update from cartoon. let's bring in rog mccully. she's the editor and african arguments. she's joining us by skype from belfast. thanks for your time, your initial reaction to what we've witness today out of to don. well, it's an exhilaration for most of these people, you know that the last 2 year were is actually the last 2 years of the transition was actually a cut off from the revolutionary movement that was supposed to with the sudanese people once and for all from security slash military and now militia
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alliance over power for the last 60 years since independence. so even though it might seem like a regression on the progress that it was made, it feels to move people on the ground that gets the actual corrective to use were hands words the actual corrective movement towards real transition to democracy. one that does not include an involvement by military and other armed forces, but they are believe that this will actually pressure the military and, and but, hong to, to reverse course and reverse the qu. well, the pro democracy movement also has a playbook. now that it's reading from, it's been doing this since 2013 in 2018, 2018. they were successful and they managed to pressure a. she is government back in the day into
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a stepping down. and then in the days after it also managed to a get the security council, the 1st security council of it now and others and to hand over. so. so yes, the pro democracy on the sudanese public do seem to take it to believe that as peaceful protesting on the streets does yields a positive results in one thing or another. somehow from the from at least some elements of the military to do so. as we saw back in 2019, when some of the military cited with the protesters at the time to the demands of the people, one percent, always a, the free officers of the military. the ones who have not been, i do, i do ideologically kind of aligns with different factions, all parties for them to step forward and protect the public. just that's,
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i mean, their involvement should end with a secure ties inc. and protecting the public from a vicious onslaughts on, on the public, but not later on to be involved in the actual political process rates. and speaking of any political process or reporter was mentioning a moment ago, that there could be some sort of political negotiations that could take place. how likely is that and, and what would you expect to come out of those? well, i mean, members of the f c, or at least some of them have expressed an interest in going back to the negotiation table. they see this as the only way out of the only way through this a reverse to before the 25th of october, before the qu. but the public or the put port pro democracy movement on the street seems to have another idea in the list of demands published by the resistant
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committees over the past 2 days. in preparation for today's 1000000 martian procession, we had made it very clear that they would not go back and to, to, to a transition period governed by the declaration or the constitutional declaration. because it's already been violated by the military and by the security forces. so the pro democracy, people to put policy movement on the street doesn't want to return to the pre cook, or they want a different kind of transition. okay, we'll leave it there. thank you so much. raga mac o. e, for speaking to us from belfast. sure. now the annual g 20 summit is underway and rome, climate change on covered 19 or top of the agenda for the leaders from the world's major economies. italy's prime minister or cold for aggressive solutions to the
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climate crisis. mario dragon also urge his fellow leaders to prioritize the equitable distribution of coven. 19 vaccines. are white house correspondent, kimberly hawk it joining us from room. so we're saying kimberly climate change is a big issue this weekend for those leaders in room. any progress on that front? well, we are seeing some signs of progress and that comes in the form of a draft communique. now this has not been finalized, but the early language seems to set the tone for the cop 26 so that you and global climate, some of that will be taking place in glasgow. and so it's really important 10 that has been identified by the g 20 leaders that they need to get some unified language in order to see that when the 200 countries participate in glasgow, that there is something that tangible that can be accomplished. and so this draft communique seems to indicate that the leaders of these 20 nations have agreed to
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take urgent steps to limit global warming by 1.5 degrees celsius. now, the other reason that this, the significant, that this is coming from the g 20 leaders is the fact that the g 20 not only is made up of the richest countries in the world, but is also making up 80 percent of the emissions. the greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to global warming. so this is really critical. in fact, the un secretary general saying that all roads to success in glasgow will lead through rome. so certainly this draft communique is a positive side, but still it has not yet been finalized. and on another note, there has been a meeting on iran on the sidelines of the g twenties. so what's going on there and what are the leaders hoping to achieve on iran? yeah, this is a pivotal meeting and this comes at a very important time, given the fact that iran has just signaled that it is willing to return to los
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stalled negotiations in vienna. to potentially return to the 2015 agreement to limit its nuclear program. so in advance of that, we expect that that will happen next month. what we've got is what's known as the e 3 plus one. that would be the united states, germany, the united kingdom, and france. all coming together here at the g 20 to discuss where they stand on limiting iran's nuclear program where they go forward. a senior administration official saying that this is not going to bring about any sort of big statement or deliverables this meeting. but what it will do is make sure that all of these parties are on the same song sheet. what we should also point out that has come out of these meetings is that the leaders of the g 20 have agreed to a global minimum corporate tax of 15 percent. and why this is significant is that what this will do is 140 countries of agreed to this. it will prevent
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corporations from essentially trying to evade income taxes by going and putting their companies off shore. what this will allow is for governments to collect this money that they've been missing out on. and the goal of this is really to try and lift up the working class and the middle class that have been evaporating for years . so this is another significant headline coming out of the g $21.00 little hitch that we should point out. many of these corporations are located in the united states. joe biden is big behind. this is the u. s. president, but the u. s. congress has yet to sign on to this, and that could be a little bit of a hiccup for the u. s. president, but still the white house believes that it is moving forward on a very significant achievement with the global minimum corporate tax. okay, thank you. so much kimberly how can reporting from room punch him or head on the all the news our including the u. k. is prime minister talks of a turbulent relationship with from this is the route over fishing, right?
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escalate recognizing religion. india's indigenous tribes say it's time their beliefs are accurately reflected in the sense of coming up and for their work. a picture of who sold a show in game 3 of the world theory. ah, the 1st rebels from if you appeal to grow region say they are now in full control of the strategic channel dessie in the neighboring. i'm horror region. the claim by the to grow people's liberation front is being contested by the government. fighting has moved into the har and far regions. after rebels reach a control of t gray. in recent months, the conflict has been going on for more than a year. thousands of people have been killed and more than 2000000 displaced. let's
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bring in, samuel gets out. so he's a journalist, he's joining us from the city of so though any so claims and counterclaims. can you tell us what you've heard and, and who controls dessie right now? well, we don't know earlier today around lunch time, 12000000 each yoke on time. the t p left announced that they have claimed dessie her heart so further, mara region. ah, but in the last hour they ethiopian government has denied that they've taken control up. but a, you know, we spoke to our sources, they tell us they are, they have seen soldiers, we just cannot confirm if the t p lab has indeed taken over a dessie again. unimportant manufacturing hub in the hearts of them are a region which all sir, money, investment from money. many countries, including china, a turkey which is building a railway, worth the $1700000000.00. ok,
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thank you so much, samuel f for giving us that update from ethiopia. let's us me to william davis. so he's a senior ethiopia analyst at the international crisis group. he's joining us via skype from nairobi. thanks for your time. and so, as i was just saying to samuel claims and counterclaims over dessie in particular in the m horror region, i, i wonder if you can just tell us strategically, how significant is the town of dessie for the to grind forces on for the if you open government i think it's important that it opens up the routes to and this out about is another major sort of obstacles. so it's a great forces. it's also a large and significant city as samuel was describing and also allows the 2 great forces, easy, a passage to the east patch to take control of the booty road, the main trade route. so it's important in those respects
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a large psychological blood. if the 2 great force is doing, do indeed take control of it and i think, you know, they have a decent amount of control, but they're still fighting ongoing. but it is part of the steady gains on the battlefield for the 2 great forces. since july rates and look, this conflict is we're saying it has been going on for more than a year. do you see this as being able to be solved militarily? it's always, almost a year this year on november, the 4th. i mean, i think it depends what we mean by so i think at the moment it doesn't look so much like to stay all night. instead, it does look like the great forces are making these quite steady gains, especially on this front through east and i'm horror that opens up potential pressure on the to booty road. and i just have about, we do not know whether they will face stick or resistance on the other front and in northwest and around guns and these types of areas. but it does look like the 2
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great forces have a significant military ascendancy where that actually takes us in terms of the politics of the situation. i mean, of course, a whole other question. yeah, well, that's the thing. i mean, what are the options, are the alternatives right now for the federal government? well, they're limited and obviously there's fighting, ongoing, and destiny. and these types of places are resistance, but they do seem to be consistently losing out. we saw yesterday quite a significant sort of further call to the people and not just the military to defend against. it's a great force if you can see this kind of a threat. but other than those types of options we have at how being used against citizens integrate over recent weeks, but that's not likely have any significant minutes. we effect, so at some point the federal government may have to look at the option of negotiation as the pressure increases because of the 2 great wrong. so what's at
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stake for the people if, if you, if this conflict continues and says, well, this is an incredibly critical time for, for the country. those take great forces. the leadership absolutely sets on their objectives, overcoming what they say, the federal see john t great trying to remove security threats, reclaim territory, and eventually perhaps run a referendum on take res, independence. but there's a huge question mark about whether that the stabilize the stabilize ation. we've seen, we'll get, what could we see, you know, some sort of rapid and chaotic loss of governmental authority. that's a possibility that really could lead to all sorts of the problems in either of the countries. so it's a, it's a very critical time for the country. okay, we'll leave it there. we thank you so much for speaking to us that william davidson . thank you. thank you. now the united arab emirates as the latest golf
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country to recall its lebanese ambassador kuwait, saudi arabia, and the great have done the same with re odd, also barring imports of lebanese goods. the dispute comes off to lebanon's. information minister criticize the saudi lead coalitions war, any eman in a video, circulating online lebanon's prime minister. and as he says, he's keen to establish the best relations with saudi arabia. the arab league is calling on all parties to find a resolution the u. k. prime minister says he can't rule out taking legal action against france, the post breakfast fishing, diplomatic dispute continues. the rest got worse earlier this week when franz sees the british boats. paris is threatening to block ports and increase checks on boats and laurie's, if the u. k. doesn't grounds more licenses to friends, fishermen, the british government says that were put the e u in breach of a trade agreement. was that more than you can respond with paul brennan and london and just a moment. but 1st let's bring it to lexie o'brien. she's joining us from the french
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port city of have so like see where you are, how could port to be effected by the measures that france is threatening? well at this port is, is one of the pool. it's one of the several ports up and down the coastline that could have to change how it does things come tuesday if france does not get the licenses, but it says it expects on tuesday. it could be toughest security checks for british british fishing vessels that are shipping that are fishing in the waters around here. that could also be much tougher health and safety screening for trucks going in and out of the u. k. and it could also be british fishing vessels prevented from docking here and, and unloading the catch. now, one boat, the tool that's just behind me here, is already being caught up in what france was calling a 0 tolerance approach because of this escalating fishing route. it was seized earlier this week. we were just talking to one of the crew earlier and i asked him,
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you know, have you been given any permission to leave just yes. and he said, no, he sort of intimated that that was not yet the case. but look, there are fishing communities up and down the coastline who are watching this very closely. they are talks underway. we understand in brussels between france, the u. k, the european commission, and also the island of jersey. this is a channel island, the u. k. crown dependency, it lies just 22 kilometers off the coast further down south from here. and these guys are, of course, passes to this escalation, dispute france, very angry that it didn't get to the fishing licenses for a freshman that believe it should have been given. now the european commission says, resolving this dispute, especially before tuesday, is a top priority. and that all french vessels that are entitled to a license should, has been given one. but the french president, the manual mccolan. he says this actually goes far beyond just a fishing dispute. and that it is actually more about the u. k. credibility on the global stage, that he's being reported as saying that looks,
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you cannot spend years negotiating this post brick set trade deal, and then just a few months and decide which bits you want to stick to because of which bits suit you best. he said that is not a sign of good character. now french u. k relations clearly at their lowest ebb and decades. and that probably is going to be made worse by a later, reportedly sent by the french prime minister john cast dicks. asking for a message to be sent to basically saying that, look, if you do want to leave the e u, there's actually more damage to be done by that. possibly trying to make an example of the u. k to any other countries who may be thinking of leaving the block. there are also concerns though, and ports up and down the coast, infringed fishing communities as well. warnings that are really the industry in the areas around here have lost tens of millions of dollars because of the pandemic. and a lot of urgency for this, the speed to be resolved before there are any more losses. ok,
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thank you so much. lexie for that reporting from france. let's across over to the u . k. and bring and poll brendan football, how likely is it that you can actually takes legal action against france as the u. k. prime minister had been warning. well, i mean, it looks as though they will, and certainly the prime minister boris johnson has been talking relatively tough as he's gone to rome for the g. 20 meeting leaders there. he's had a meeting this afternoon with us live on the land, the european commission president, to which he's effectively reiterated some of the comments that he made to reporters earlier. that is to say that he's puzzled by the, by the disputes, and that he said he'd raised his concerns about the rhetoric from the french side. and he told the land that the french threats were completely unjustified to the reporters. little earlier, he'd said that britain was prepared to respond. if france brought in those kind of restrictions on british boats landing the catches in french ports, there would be a proportionate response. but there are coals from industry and from political
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commentators, for people just to dial down the rhetoric and actually to sort this out frankly. with britain on the verge, just 24 hours away from hosting the cop 26 climate summit. perhaps the biggest summit of yours in my life time. many people feel embarrassed. johnston is being ludicrously, distracted by this dispute over whether or not some 40 or 50 fishing boats are granted writes to waters around the channel island channel islands of england. and the other thing that many people are concerned about is the political capital. the forest johnson appears to be squandering with the disputes that he's, that he's willing to allow to festa. he needs all the people, all the leaders that he can to be on his side to be pushing in the same direction. so, allowing a bilateral dispute with frances president, micron to, to festa and, and explode potentially next week. if this all does come to pass is not exactly
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going to foster good relations when people go to glasgow in the hopes of doing some deal there. now, what is the possibility of, of deescalate missile you go back to facts and figures instead of rhetoric and posturing? i mean, the difficulty is agreeing what the facts and figures off britain says some 98 percent of the applications have been approved. that doesn't seem to tally with some of the other statistics that, that there are around. i'm saying that britain has only approved 14 applications, sorry, 60 and applications out of 47. so if the 2 sides connect the agree, what are the facts which boats are actually entitled to fish? where then perhaps there would be a route to do to resolve all of this before tuesdays deadline. ok, thank you so much. paul brown and reporting from london. here were the news. our on al jazeera here is what's coming up as a cobra, 1900 vaccination mandates. loons. new york prepares for a shortage of firefighters and police officers turning a new chapter. how homeless south africans are using
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a book selling scheme to become financially independent in sport? the brown james returns from a spell on the sideline to inspire the lakers to another when a featuring sun showers across the middle east. hello, everyone cares or weather reports for seen those showers across the la vans, northern areas of syria, into northern iraq and just clipping western portions of iran. but largely it's a dry picture door, a high of 34 degrees. it's also dry right across pockets on both in the south and the north karachi getting up to a height of $34.00 degrees. it's an increasingly unsettled pitcher across turkey. energy from the central met, his drifted toward the east. so we're getting into these pulses of rain budrum on
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talia going to see a pretty heavy pocket over the course of the weekend. central africa. nothing out of the ordinary here are storms coming and going, but particularly heavy western portion of the democratic republic of congo through the congo rate in to get bond around the gulf of guinea. severe drought is being predicted for western and southern areas of angola. the rainy season is expected to be below average for this time, the year rain has cleared away across much of south africa, so were left in the sunshine cape town with the high of $23.00 degrees, but some showers rolling through and bob ways. so hurry, we can expect it there with the high of 32 degrees. that's it. enjoy your weekend. ah, in the country with an abundance of resort. byron wind, indonesia.


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