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fighting has moved into the higher end of 5 regions after rebels, we took control of to cry in recent months. and world late is ryan for the g. 20 summit. discussing the global economic recovery from the pandemic. the u. n. chief is urging them to take ambitious action on climate change or risk subjecting the world to catastrophe. indian prime minister and render murdy has met the head of the roman catholic church at the vatican. mowdy is in rome for the g. 20 summit. during the talks, he invited pope francis to visit india, an estimated 18000000 catholics live in the country, but they represent a small minority in the hindu majority. nation of 1300000000. the meeting comes as human rights groups, more attacks against christians arising in india. they say more than $300.00 incidents of violence have been reported this year alone. most when the northern states of order pradesh and order hand,
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as well as ha yana and jelly in the south western state of kind of tucker the governing hindu nationalist. b j pe has ordered district ladies to conduct a survey of churches. it says it's worried about what it calls, religious conversions by force. earlier this year, a catholic priest died in custody and moved by me. stands for me was 84 and suffered from parkinson's disease. the tribal rights activists was accused of terrorism and refused bail. the government says it acted within the law to break this down. now let's bring in a baron se practice from baron se per cache lewis. he's the director of the jesuit migrant service. thank you so much for joining us for cash. how significant is this meeting between the indian prime minister and the pope in the context of these wave of this wave of violence against christians in india
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basically be said to lead those who admit it is not an important issue. but at this time, the christian and mostly minorities and all the concerned citizens of india and the subcontinent. this, this is significant because of the bad religious freedom to minorities, especially christians and muslims in india and all the other one of the lives, tribal women and children youth. that thing is something number 2, this is also significant because of the interaction in terms of violation of human rights under the all, no above trances kept on insisting on 2 things. number one, god is the creator, alter design or monster picked a way to save you. and there is no one in the one little all of us. if that is the
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case, we are all his children. so. ringback there is no place for divisions based on cost . it's in the city, gender, religion region. what in addition, when using religion for order to go, if not make social purposes is debating the country under 30000000000 population. so the christian minority, muslim minority and consent that isn't sort of very closely watching and seeing what time spreads between them from the limited reports that have come out. it is reported that all. oh, passingly mentioned from the all the distance from the bible. i say chapter $32.00, what's the dean? but it is that every one will do right cheer snuffs, and just tease on that happens. people will be in free freedom under both the
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country as well as bombs that are be peaceful. and this is what an indian tradition is called. roger. every one should do that modern d and take responsibility, especially the and elected democratically elected government should do. it's not just government, it should also govern its people, in which case it cannot law tolerate, keep silent when the christian minority, mostly minority, under children and women, you'd better live there right there. he is violated. we are very closely watching what actually transpires. we will wait and see what, what they can. the only comes up of us an outcome of this visit to see whether something has but annoying the ball. keeps on insisting on equal appeal,
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all the children of god, which also means the quality of all does a distance up, is going to be under every country on the 3rd to so the christian community is also waiting and watching to see this cannot be a position for publicity, say, what, what matters is the ground the whether the rights, the lives on the dignity of the christian minorities, mostly money, art is the list and also table children, women, whether this will be hold on the christian my. so let's whistling minority on so citizens of distant deeds are waiting and watching that these 4 position should not be used for elected but which means the election that is coming in on monday. but the dish should really be, you know, conversion up, hard to see that the rights of the people constitution values of this country is
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under me. the question, fortunately we do, we do have to move on, but we appreciate your insights for crash lewis, who is from baron f, the director of jesuit my grand service. we appreciate your insights there and we'll see how that meeting unfolds. and the results in india as a result, thank you very much. still in india and indigenous tribes that campaigning to have their religious beliefs recognised in an upcoming senses. more than a 100000000 indigenous people live in india, many worship nature and don't identify with any of the 6 religions listed in the senses. but an influential hindu nationalist organization is opposing their efforts . as elizabeth parent reports from jack honda stage, the people of larger data village in india is eastern state of jack and sing songs, praising nature. they belong to the around tribe and to some of the more than
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50000000 indigenous people of central and eastern india, known as other bosses. anthropologists, they are the vast these of the country's 1st inhabitants and their beliefs pre date of all religions and india. first to worship motherhood. second, his father's and the son, his guard, or rituals are about worshipping. these guards for safety and prosperity. we are only worshippers of nature, and god does not have any shape or size. like many other vices, members of the tribe of followers of a distinct religion called santa one millions of indigenous people had been converted to christianity, or hinduism by mission. reason, the past 150 years. millions of others don't identify with the 6 religions on the indian senses. hinduism, islam christianity, sick of them, both of them and jane as them. out of aussies began de campaign for recognition of their religion after the indian government led by the by the p, a jumper party or
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b, j. p. decided to drop the other religions and persuasions option from the next census . but more than 7000000 other bosses, johnson has one of the biggest populations of indigenous people. politicians here passed a resolution last year saying the state recognizes the things, tribe, and religion called soft enough. they're all in the central government to do the same. but the b, j, p ideological wing, the hindu nationalist organization. the recess has been holding outreach programs, trying to convince other bosses, the hindus a big party, the b g. b. an artist says, believe that since i was his anita worshippers, even in hinduism, we believe that you can be in a pieced view to worship river, the sun mountains, and even trees. so brothers, you do the same to so we believe they are hindus. but if they say they're not, hindu, the b j b has no problem with that. the other asi said, the government wants to force them to choose the hindu option for political reasons
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. and that by basically the fact that the b j. p is conspiring to include tribal people amongst hindus, so that we can use them as a voting bank. the demand for the inclusion of a separate religion, genuine and the indian government should do it. followers of tribal village and say they have withstood pressure to convert to christianity or hindu ism and will continue to do so. they say they refuse to take part in the next census. if the government refuses to acknowledge them, elizabeth peron and al jazeera jock and eastern india, the un humanitarian chief is wanting. half of afghanistan's population is facing starvation. ahead of this weekend, j 20 summit, martin griffith's called on the world's most powerful countries to immediately release aid to f. chemist on he spoke to al jazeera as christian salumi. almost half of the children under 5 are risk of severe acute malnutrition. one in 2
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of the population of afghanistan don't have enough food to eat dinner when the next meal is coming. so the food insecurity is, is reaching levels which is unparalleled globally. it's a, it's an extraordinary picture. are you an agencies able to get in and out of the country more easily? now, are they able to move about the country freely and access people in need? the un has scaled up with international and joe's and national partners. and the security in afghanistan to reach people in need hasn't been as good as this for a long time. so that there are some, there is some good news. un flights are regularly going in and out and around afghanistan. staff have gone back in the operating conditions are beginning to improve, but the needs are skyrocketing. how can the international community inject cash into the country without compromising its principles without violating
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international laws and sanctions? are still in place, is that possible putting cash into the economy is not putting cash into the hands of the telephone as the very care about that. putting cash and the economy means that nurses can be paid. it means that the traders can operate. it means that women running small businesses can do that. and if you don't have that, what are the consequences? the consequences will be, i am quite sure, drawing instability, more problems in terms of violence. the possibility of the region destabilizing. we constantly hear from women and girls there that they're afraid of the situation and they don't trust what the taliban is saying. would you trust your daughter there right now? look at the i, i totally understand that. you know, the taliban has a past, which we all know, alaskans know particularly well. and i negotiated with the taliban and nice nitrate
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exactly on this issue. and we made no traction. we made no progress. so the engagement and the negotiation is important. as you say, it's imperfect in different parts of afghanistan. ton of ban needs to assert its own command, control over different parts of africa, and insist on the promises it makes it the leadership level to be delivered at the local level. so if, if i, if my daughter was living and it's kind of started, yes, i'd be concerned, and i totally understand the fear that people have a desire to leave. but our best efforts should be to make kind of a place where girls can feel safe, can prosper, can work, can move. that should be the effort that i believe it's possible. it's been almost awake since a large group of migrants set off on the mexican city of tampa chola aiming to get to the u. s. a while previous caravans had been stopped by mexican authorities. this one has managed to advance. john holman, has more from southern mexico it's
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a tough awakening for the group of more than 3000 people who are moving through met confer. trying to get to the u. s. after another night spent sleeping on the street . there's a lot of children here. the 7 in the martinez family is struggling already. another football of and some of them were tired, but the children even more so one is ill. she's got sores, they've all got irritated skin. it must be the sun and the change in the temperature. so like most people in the caravan, the martinez is, have come from central america on today. in their case 15 people, 3 generations of their family have fled. later they'll tell us why. like many of this, they arrived quickly at the mexican city of tampa, tula hoping to then travel through the country to the states, but authorities confined them there for months. now they've managed to get out. we
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will little they can carry these bags, contain all of elvin martinez, is his wife and free children's possessions perched on a rickety buggy girl gas. thou, i might. 6 want them, i reckon wheels might give out at some point today during the walk. i'm right now, this is everything that you have in the world pretty much know. our 1st all look at in, in soon enough it's time to head off. the group started before dawn to avoid the south metzger peak. the only sound the little chatter and the children who can't take it any more and despite long lines of calls and taxes to the side of them, no one's going to give them a ride. the mexican government plan this time round seems to be to let people advance but only on foot. and they've set up checkpoints like this one daily ahead
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of the caravan to make sure that cars buses, taxes aren't picking migrants up. and that way round the migrants in the caravans a quickly getting worn down and they still a couple of months walked from itsco city, the caravans officials stopping point 6 months at the current rate from the us. where many want to eventually get to the martinez family are already on the verge of giving up. but one thing stops them. now we have nothing back home. we sold everything. and what's more, we can't go back to my husband had problems with extortion because he's a taxi driver and my son to because he didn't want to join the gangs. and those that don't join can be killed when it led on leslie to other memories of his son. she says was so precious by the gangs to join that he took his own life in the whole time. and my, my son killed himself when he was 20. i mean,
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i'm not going to be a life back home is tough, but so is this journey. that night we left the family sleeping in a leaky warehouse in another village. only a tiny bit further on the long walk. no john, home and out. is it a swindler in bolivia, the fangs of an 11 year old girl who became pregnant thompson being raped by a family member. his spock feast debate. demonstrators rallied in the pass on friday. over claims that religious groups stop the girl from getting an abortion. the un says forcing the girl to go through with the pregnancy qualifies is torture him. but the bolivian conference of bishop says both live should be protected. large amounts of volcanic puma, stones causing trouble on japan, southern coast. the pebbles from an undersea volcano have clogged 30 ports,
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damaged dozens of boats and disrupted fishing. the government has declared a natural disaster as the stones continue piling up officials or warning the pebbles. and now, luckily impacts the coastline for the no, hey, the handley is a vulcan ologist and an adjunct associate professor at mont university. she explains the damage the stones can cause to be ecosystem. the erection, i could and under water bulk around about over a 1000 kilometers south of turkey. and the erection was pretty large. so normally these underwater volcanoes, you know, we see see some activity in a bit of an ice cream coming out. but this one produced and asked him that reached about 16 kilometers into the atmosphere, so quite a substantial erosion and an explosive eruption. and that's what created these pumpkin. and so there been estimates that anywhere from a tens of millions of cubic meters up to a 100 already over a 100 cubic at sorry,
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100000000 cubic meters of pump were created from interruption. and just to put back to, if you transfer the amount to olympic balls and you're killing them with me, if you had a 100000000 cubic meters, that would be equivalent to 40000 olympics and pools of material that may have been one question can cause a lot of time and he can obviously clog engines like him being causing a lot of problems in the area. and also it can scratch and break because like he said, you know, it's a rock and it's very abrasive. and so it's dangerous and can cause a lot of problems for fishing boats, and i know it's affected tourism in the area as well as the fish and they've been reported. some of the fish may have injected some of it up this material and it's all kind of, i guess, all in that all in the water and coming everything that is ingested by the fish and kill some fish in the local area. sport is next here and al jazeera and le bron
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james returns from a spell on the sidelines to inspire like his to another weed. ah, on counting the cost, billions and losses, bankruptcy and bailouts. when will the airline industry recovery begin? washing terms diminished influence in the last america. tesla becomes the 1st one trillion dollars also america, where the disrupt just is the truck industry. counting the cost on al jazeera, this city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and this is another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy about a situation to now, it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to clean punishments for
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certain crimes. everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from ransom. now together that feeling that way forward into the new reality. ah ah ah, i'm not the sport he's jim. thank you emily. we started a t 20 cricket world cup. what quinton to call returned to the south africa side on took the knee before that game. again shall anchor to call, made himself unavailable for tuesday's victory over the west indies after an order from cricket, south africa, that all its players should participate in. the anti racism gesture, the cog apologized. i was back in the line up for saturday's game with sher lanka,
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the south african opened at any may 12 runs, but his side a chase down as harvey said, 143 to win by 4 wickets with just one bow remaining. a big match. next up in that grape is australia taking on england by size hoping to push towards the semi finals as well as london early blo ahead of the ashes. australia started the tournament with windsor with south africa and show lanka. while england divorcee won their 1st 2 games against defending champions west indies and then bangladesh, both teams sit on full points in the table and whoever comes out on top in dubai will move a step closer to the knockout stage. a tournament that. ready would. ready be considered joint set a stage. so you're very so, so what goes well, they've been, you know, probably just about the full tain the last she's been in what will criticize?
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yeah, huge guy. we know these guys really well we know such a big guy in the context of making those semi finals. there are a few places that will be coming out this summer from really saw. it would be great to get on the board against the indian captain. very kaylee had some strong words for the social media. trolls have abused him and his team following that opening defeat to pakistan have a listen to this. there's a good reason why we are playing on the ceiling or some bun just spine lets people on social media that have no garbage to actually speak to any individual in person . this is literally the lowest level of human potential that one can operate at. and that's how i look at these people and the student who got it didn't meant adjustments we have and precisely what we are doing, what you're doing on the field. and none of these people are even in, in the vicinity. do you imagine doing something like that? they do not have the courage or the spain to do so well now, and also have extended the unbeaten run to 9 games in competitions after
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a to know when a left in the premier league. it didn't take them long to get in front, defend gabrielle putting off one to love within 5 minutes over them. and they got a 2nd sure the answer and it was with right with his school. so in his last 7 games, that's the place to put one back just before the break, but off no, keep around sale, pulled off a couple of brilliant say to keep them out to nearly finished paris as a man coach, support sitina is hopefully no messy will be fit for the champions league game against i'll be live sick on wednesday. the auction finest battling a muscle injury and he was substituted half time against raining legal champions. little child at the break before kept crying. 74 minutes. that was his 1st goal at the season. and paris then found a light when i sang, sang helen demeria. and now 10 points ahead. alice help with the table. the atlanta braves have regained the lead in baseball as wild series thanks. was stunning
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performance from rookie pitcher ian anderson. he completely shut down the houston astros as he failed to school. around all nights, david stakes has the action. number 44 being remembered today is the world series is back in atlanta. before game 3, the atlanta crab paid tribute to braves legend hank aaron, who passed away back in january, his wife billie was there. and his son, hank junior, through the ceremonial 1st pitch ah, with 755 high runs, aaron was named for his big hitting, but it was a picture he stole the show on friday. i thought a free to catch 23 year old ian anderson pitched 5 no hit innings for the braves. the 1st rookie to do that in the world series for a 109 years. even so his manager decided to pull him out midway through the game. he was like, are you sure? are you sure? you know, i'm, but i was his i. e, and i'm just, i am going my gut right here again. so after you don't know the risky decision paid off, even though the no hitter didn't hold, the astros failed to get
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a run on the board all night. and the braves east to a to nothing victory, which gives them a to one lead in the best of 7 series. ever all, travis star, no, got the games, only home run, but it was the rookie anderson getting all the credit afterwards. you young kid like that, go and out there and doing what he's doing. ah, i mean, he's turned into an absolute animal beast in the playoffs, and am, you know, i don't think we get this far without him and, and he's been just unbelievable. now, was cano ah uneventful night for us. but, you know, and invariably when you shut us down, you 0 guys, come back, you know, the next day and score god so hope history, peace to so oh, the braves if, when all 6 of their post season games, i'm sofa and 2 more victories on saturday, and sunday, we'll see them when the 1st will series, since 995. debbie stokes. l g 0. the florida panthers incredible winning streak in
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the n h l continues despite the sudden resignation of the coach joke, woodenville. he stepped down on thursday night, save his role in chicago, black whole sexual abuse scandal with his pants, his team in the middle of a historic run. and on friday they put off a 3 to over time. when over the detroit redwings to become any to 7th team and an h l history to begin a season with 8 straight victories. that's not just too short of the record 10 winds achieved for the toronto maple leafs and buffalo sabres. the black hawks were also in action on friday, looking for their 1st when the season, but they were beaten $63.00 by the informa carolina hurricanes the thing together. a fantastic run. the kinds of now on the opening 7 games, which is the best art in their franchises history. in the be a liberal in james was backfill, assigned to these acres, and help them make it 3 wins in 4 games. james sat out late because last 2 games with the saw uncle, the returns the line up against the cleveland cavaliers. the side where he started his n b, a career,
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18 years ago to the day. and he led the way the lakers with $26.00 point comma anthony came off the bench and added $24.00, including $63.00 pointers. as the lakers ended, the cavaliers a 3 game winning streak afterwards, the bron reflected on his milestone anniversary of 2025 and over again 25. so getting better, getting better with age, just like just like wine. so, you know, but it is a treat and i will never forget that moment. i have uniform on wine and go for the 1st time and step on a floor. it was just very unique because it was very nerve reckon canadian gulf at taylor bunder. hendricks shot a court record, a tenant de paul to take the lead at the mute a championship. a 30 year old to work. he put picked up 9 bodies and one eagle in his 2nd round on friday. that's bumped up $25.00 places with of the leader board. he's on 11 under paul. one clear of patrick roaches. that soil sport with me
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and piece that we'll have more for you. a little bit later. alley. all right and go ozzy's. i say. all right, thank you very much. that's all from us here at the news hour, but i'll be back in a few moments time with more as the days. so stay tuned. ah november oh, now j 0 all through a year of turbulent weather. world leaders gather in glasgow for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning full blinds, goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the us. millions incur august on both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the lat. pole trigger. a political, quite immersive personal short documentaries africa. direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china mobs, 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cause for
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a boy called impact the sporting events, november on out jazeera, a fearless mexican journalist, sideline for taking on a precedent under corrupt system, rolled by a single party for over 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform, determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga of truth seeking and a refusal to be gagged. radio silence, a witness documentary on out june sierra. ah, 25 years ago, a new era in the syllabus in the middle east began with a 2 part documentary series mopping the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels logged. and now it became a recognized global brand.
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ah, the story of al jazeera, a unique puff, ah, play important role in protecting human client. ah, ah, ah . so make certain a security forces fire at protest is tens of thousands of people are taking to the straits against the military coup. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera alive from dough. how also coming up, it appears to cry. rebels had taken can.


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