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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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oh, the weather, sponsored by casara always facing longer hours and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death one 0, one east explorer, the dark side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, thousands of protest as tank to the straits in sudan against the military takeover and arrest of civilian ladies. climate change in the economic recovery from corona
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virus, a high on the agenda. as the g 20 summit is underway in rome, indian prime minister and render murdy maids. pope francis at the vatican as concerns mount about rising attacks, against indian christians and the desperate journey for a better future. we meet the migrants from central america, determined to walk their way to the us. i'm devin ashworth. sports is the atlanta braves me within 2 games of winning baseball as well, series and south africa. batsman quinton, to cock returns to the team on takes the ne before that t 20 while koch game against herancha. ah hello and welcome to the program. we begin in sudan where thousands of people are taking to the straits to protest against mondays, military code. major roads and sedans. capital have been closed, and a cybersecurity watchdog says the internet has been blocked. the u. s. and the un,
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no calling on sedans, military not to interfere with demonstrations. these alive pitches. at least 11 people were killed during protest. this wake activists have broadcast messages in mosques, urging people to continue their opposition to the military's take our no, my be not mine. and then what's log on, we want to topple the security committee and bring it down. we don't trust these people. this is not their 1st coup. we need the world to know that the sudanese people are living under oppression and are being beaten. our voices are not listened to because there is no coverage and there is no internet. there is nothing in the constitution that allows braun to dissolve the government and to rest members of the cabinet. okay, so let's take a look at how sedan got to this point. a military saved power from a transitional government led by prime minister adela hum dock. on monday general abdel fletcher han has dissolved the foreign council or sovereign council. rather. that ruling body was established after my elbows. she was overthrown 2 years ago.
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but hans also announced the state of emergency. he promises to hold elections in july 2023, and then hand power to the elected civilian government. protests have been held around sudan to reject the return of military rule. let's go live to our correspondent, human morgan, who's in cut to the capital. hello. they have a, what's the latest that you're hearing on the ground? well, emily, we've been thinking to the 3 by the 1000. we've also seen in the island of jason to the capital city. we've seen these firing pier guys, processes, we're chanting against the military takeover now around the country. they're thousands of people marching and they've been mobilizing for days. and right now we're around. we've been doing a drive and you can see the heavy military presence with you can also see smoke rising. 5 where we have parts of the capital and look coming from the tires that
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have been planned by the processes who are saying that they don't want the military to take over. they don't want to wait until july 22 to 3, as hon. say that to the civilian rule, and they won the reinstallation of the times, the transitional government, which was dissolved by the head of the army on monday when he announced that he was taking over the country. so right now you can see heavy military and police presence around the capital, how many of the streets are empty, but when you look, you can also see that there's more coming from the tires, where as far as the capitol, that's where the protest is. are people chatting in some parts away where we've been you can hear the chance at a distance. a loud and clear thing that they don't want the military to take over and move the country. thank you for that update. have a morgan out correspondent live in a capital there. all right, let's bring in g, han booty, f. she's a senior risk analyst who is work covens, subsaharan, africa, north africa, and the middle aged. thanks so much for joining us. g hon. so far,
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the pictures that we're seeing out of cartoon and surrounding areas, i'm mostly peaceful. how likely do you think this will continue? well, i think this really depends on the military use affords. our sources in sudan are confirming to us that the protest movement demonstrated their protesting against the crew are willing to maintain these protests as peaceful as possible, like in 2019 when the secret reports of youth violence. this time again, there are really emphasizing on the need of the movement to remain peaceful, not to justify any use of violence by the ministry. and this is very important for them will be protest given how larger scale they have gotten to will these protests plus the international condemnation be enough pressure on general by hand to walk back the cur. i mean, there has been, i think that the 2 main elements here as he said, are the domestic pressure. and now we're not talking about thousands of protesters,
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birds. the protest movement is calling for millions much so the pressure is escalating domestically. internationally speaking sense of the crew has taking place. we heard international condemnation of by foreign governments, including the u. s. and the united nations. now we're seeing that the united states, for example, are really trying to pressure other important potential allies to, to the military. for example, the, the u. e. they're trying to pressure them because this will ultimately be one of the main key pressures the united states that have been actively lobbying to try to get this a power sharing agreement to work. but if we see that the military will be getting any foreign support. so, you know, in terms of financial donations for fuel and other means that they need, that it will, did use the pressure internationally. so this requires a, a,
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a coordinated response both domestically but also internationally from europe, but also a key gulf of countries talking about the impact in sudan itself, or how much will these ongoing strikes have an impact on major, such as sectors such as energy and transport well we've seen that the sudanese professional associations have been very active and very well organized and against fighting 2019. they have been able to paralyze key sectors for a projected time up to few weeks. this time again, we think that there will be able to do that because of their, the level of organization that they have and the coordination across the country. we've heard different unions who have come to that not to be in the education in the protest sector, enforced to down enforce who don is a very key hop for us to monitor because it's the main trade hub of
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the country. so any major disruption there will be affecting all to be competent, but also exports. and for their we've seen that the workers imported on haven't been able to call disruptions. and this wouldn't be a determining factor, both for the civilians, but also to pressure the ministry inbox of our thought. john, thank you so much for your in science. johanna bu. d f. a senior risk analyst. appreciate your time to the rest of the day's news. now and the annual g 20 summit is underway in rome. presidents and prime ministers of the world's leading economy is amazing. for the 1st in person summit, since the pandemic started italy's prime minister called for aggressive solutions to the climate change prices, mario druggie also, she felt related to prioritize the equitable distribution of cars. 19 vaccines. the condemning is not over. and there are startling disparities in the global
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distribution of vaccines in i, hank, and i income countries, more than 70 percent of the population has received at least one, those in the poorest ones. this percentage drops to roughly 3 percent. these differences are morally unacceptable and undermine the global recovery. ok, let's speak to our diplomatic editor james base. he's live for us in rome. hello there, james. there's been plenty on the agenda today. what stood out for you the most well, i think the thing that's going to come out of this and these far by far the most important is climate. because it's very deliberate that the g 20 meeting is taking place at the weekend ahead of monday. when the 26 vital climate talks takes place, these leaders will be flying from rome,
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directly to glasgow. and as the un secretary general has said, all roads to glasgow lead through rome. if it's going to be a success in glasgow, it's going to depend what happens here in rome. and that's why the 1st glimpse of the final communicate that we've seen now is, is there a scene or a copy of the draft communicate is interesting. the g 20 saying they remain committed to capping global warming and then the quote is well below 2 degrees celsius. that's compared with pre industrial levels. now, 2 degrees, they say well below, but the us target is $1.00 degrees, so they're not committing to that. they say that they want to keep that within reach. they say they want meaningful and effective action to try and get to that. but they say that taking into account among the g 20 different pathways and approaches that suggest to me the plastic language showing that there are some disagreements around the g 20 table. the other key figure,
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there are lots of different metrics. of course, when it comes to the climate emergency, they're going to hear about in gloss, get one. the other key ones is about the developed countries r e, the g 20 helping the developing world with the climate crisis. and they're the g 20 say that they have a stressing the importance of offending the commitment to mobilize a $100000000000.00 annually until 2025 for developing countries. so a commitment to do that. but i should also tell you, they 1st agreed that was a good idea in 2010. it was going to start in 2020. and it's not in place that commitment. it is, it is. it's currently not being fulfilled by the g 20. so a promise to do something that in the past they've promised and haven't fulfilled. yes, james, that was my next question. i mean, this seems to be just a lot of posturing will actually anything happen as a result of these discussions and agreements? well, i think that will be some progress on some issues. a global tax trying to make sure
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that international companies multinational companies pay pay some tax at least because some have been shut, shopping around, dearest jurisdictions around the world to make sure they pay a little tax as possible. now, there's going to be a deal. it's already been signed up on g 7, g, 20 a. going to endorse that. that there has to be a target of or that has to be 15 percent of tax paid by these companies. so. so i think that that will be there. and i think the also that can be some positive movement as you've already heard from the timing prime minister on the global distribution of vaccines. a fresh commitment there. but the key issue, the absolute key issue here is the climate cop summit says is taking place and policy will take place every year. but only once, every few years. can we get the momentum for a very, very big climate talks the last one, repairs 6 years ago? calls go, is a key chance the us that because generally studies are the last chance. and you look not just what we're going to hear in the communique, but the individual g,
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20 countries and that commitments the commitments of all the other countries around the world. and the worrying statistic is this comes from us scientists, they've looked at where people are right now in terms of that commitments that countries have put forward. and they reckon that those commitments won't get us to what the g 20 is talking about. well below 2 percent they won't get us to the 1.5 percent target that has come up from the u. n. if you do the sums they say, currently as things stand, then by the end of the century they'll be a temperature rise of 2.7 percent. the un secretary general says that would be catastrophic. let's hope something gets done. thank you very much for the update james phase at diplomatic editor live in ron plenty. morehead, on this news, our including why the us drug regulators, and now authorizing a lower dose, the cause of 19 back st for children
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recognizing religion. india's indigenous trying to save time, they believe they're accurately reflected in the sense it and in for the rookie pitcher who stole the show in game 3, baseball world series. ah, rebels in ethiopia to grow region, have seized the strategic town of jersey in the neighboring m. hi, region. fighting has moved into the em hara and far regions after rebels we took control of to cry. in recent months, the conflict has been going on for more than a year. thousands of people have been killed and more than 2000000 displaced. let's bring in samuel to get a job. he's a journalist and joins us from the city of soto in a beer. hello, this samuel festival. you've received some confirmation of the rebels seizing. jesse, what more can you tell us?
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we did was able to speak to our source, including residence. they tell us that the city is the hands of the t p left the troops or rebel groups, terrorist organizations that the job in government claimed them to be. but now dessie, which is really a manufacturing hub with interest from an investment from turkey, italian company, even a korean company where they manufacture much of that takes time that's exported from from is where it's located. it's an important city and people are really on under siege and they're just waiting for what's going to happen to them. but again, jesse is that important city and it's in the heart of an important city and, and here we are. but there was a warning. even with the leadership of the t p that they're coming to jesse,
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and here they are in jesse at the moment. ok, thank you very much for that update, samuel, get it to a journalist in ethiopia. i appreciate your time. conway is the latest golf country to recall its lebanese ambassador. saudi arabia and rain did the same on friday with riyadh, also barring imports of lebanese goods. the dispute comes after 11 on the information minister, criticize the saudi lead coalitions war in yemen. in a video circulating online, lebanon's president says he wants to say strong relations with riyadh, and a group has been formed to help men ties. the arab league is cooling on all parties to find resolution. the united states is starting to vaccinate is to start rather vaccinating children between the ages of $5.11 against coven. 19 the drug regulation agency has authorized a lower dose of the 5 the job for that age group. as many as 28000000 children
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could be eligible, the head of the food and drug administration says the move will encourage a sense of normalcy in the country. a decision follows arising infections of the delta variance and the reopening of schools. new york city is braced for a shortage of public sector workers after a vaccine mandate deadline passed on friday in place in 55 to unions. one, many staff will go on unpaid lave for refusing to get the job feel. lavelle has more from washington d. c. i new york needs it's firefighters and it's cops, but pretty soon there may be fewer on duty than before. we're trying to avoid what is going to be inevitable disaster by design on monday morning. told to get at least one shot and prove it by friday night, giving a choice of a cobra vaccine or no job unless medically exempt, many refusing city work is from 1st responders to sanitation. i don't feel that i should be coerced into taking it before i'm ready. i'm already back to get
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back to you with a man not putting your harming your fellow sanitation workers in your harming your neighbors and your harming the people. new york city and it's time to stop. and now a city preparing for a shortage in washington, st. hundreds of fire fighters still on vaccinated, only some claiming their exempt. there are some firefighters for whom we don't have any vaccine or the small number of about 30 and we don't have, they do not have the vaccine in exemption request ending with the d. c. government or the department of health. those individuals who would be the 1st that we would take adverse action right when it comes to officials here in washington. the message is clear. cobit shots provide the best defense and the best way of getting this country back on track, but many outside this place do not want to be forced. this country split not just by politics, but by vaccine mandates to protest in minnesota. i go to the health care providers
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vaccine mandate space center work is in mississippi, protesting a federal mandate to and airline pilots trying. i'm failing to block a mandate affecting them all of this as the vaccine look set to be approved for young kids. so when i look at the risk and benefit from my 9 year old son, it's not really a close call. the benefits he will get from the vaccines far outweigh any risk. as the f d, i overwhelmingly, recommending on friday that 5 to 11 year olds get the 5 job. it still has to be signed off by the cdc. that could come as soon as next week. with shots on offer in a matter of days, even if some parents are cautious for my kids, i don't think i'll be getting the vaccine for them. and so it's been very good tested, you know, a really, really good testing protocol. just it's too dangerous. one study claiming only 27 percent of parents plan on giving this reduce dose vaccines to decades straight away. the white house may have its co beating plan, but it's got
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a long way to go in convincing the rest of the country, philip el al jazeera washington. people in tang i have been rushing to get vaccinated after the pacific island recorded its 1st. corona virus case on friday, the infection was detected in a person from new zealand. she was fully inoculated. the 100000 residence on the main island of toma top to have been warned. they could face lockdown next week. toner is one of the few nations in the world that has so far avoided corona, virus outbreaks, french president menu all mccall and says a fishing dispute with the u. k. as a test of the country's credibility in a post bricks world. the u. k. is threatening to conduct increased checks on all e vessels fishing and it's for his if france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions, paris is threatening sanctions. if the u. k. doesn't grant more licenses to french fishermen. the british government says that would put you in breach of
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a trade agreement will get more in the u. k. responds we pull brennan shortly, but 1st let's go to alexia brian, in the french port city of the hub. hello the legs, one of the latest efforts to resolve this dispute. while look, there are conversations underway in brussels between the european commission, france, the u. k, and also jersey. this island, a u. k. crown dependency that lies just 22 kilometers off the french course. these, of course, all the parties to this escalating dispute over fishing licenses, frantically angry that it's fishermen didn't get the licenses it feels they deserved. now that you're paying commission as a result, that excuses a top priority that all french vessels who were entitled to a license should get one. but of course, if it is not resolved by tuesday, france has said it will start unveiling a series of measures which will effect ports like this one. they will be extra security for precision vessels fishing,
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infringe waters. they will be extra checks on trucks going in and out of the u. k. and also some of those chicks actually caught up the british troll of behind me part of what prompts it's been cooling, a 0 tolerance approach to boats fishing, etc. without a license. now the captain of dispos has been accused of fishing in french waters without a license. early we did actually see a member of the crew leave with a lawyer. there are conversations on the way about the future of the troll or the captain is due to appear in court next year. but the crew have not in fact, been detained. they are free to leave whenever they want, but it is understood that the crew has been asked by the company that owns the troll it to stay here until the bushes able to leave its hoped that could be within a matter of days. but the french president to manual across says, this is not just a fishing dispute that actually is much bigger than that. it's about the use case, global credibility. now he's told a newspaper that look, you can't spend years negotiating this post bricks at tre, dale, and then within
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a matter of months, just decide which bits of it you want to stick to, depending on what service here. mccomb says that, you know, this just does not sign of of good character. and so that's why they're going ahead with unveiling these measures on tuesday if the dispute is not result. but there are some words of caution being, being spoken from the ports and from some of the fishing communities around here as well. a gentleman from the port of kelly said, look, the pandemic has cost many in this area, tens of millions of dollars over the past year, and everything really must be done to try and avert any future losses. i see, thanks for the update. lexia brian live for us there. alright, let's bring in poll brennan, who's in london. paul, what's the latest from the u. k camp? well, i'm, there's an exasperation. i think from commentators and opinion farmers about the way that this dispute has been allowed to escalate in the way that it has, particularly on the eve as we are here in the u. k. of hosting the most important
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climate science of probably of our life types cop 26 opens up in glasgow in scotland on sunday to morrow. and this dispute over whether or not certain french vessels should be granted licenses to fish around the waters of jersey. whether they have previously been there and whether they can prove it is, you know, it's a distraction, frankly, from boris johnson who is in rome for the g 20 sites trying to cobble together some kind of consensus on a much bigger issue that is saving the planet boris johnson is trying to find some common ground. he's trying to pull oil on the choppy waters of the relationships of his relations with the french leader in manuel macro in rome. he said that he, i mean, he would do whatever he, it was necessary to protect british interests in this. and he would obviously stand by to take the appropriate action. but he think he said he, i think it's everybody wants to see cooperation between european allies. and that's
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the crucial thing. you know, france clearly is aggrieved. it's aggrieved because of the way the british appeared to be wanting to renegotiate the northern olive protocol elements of the bricks. it's agreement. it's also agree, frances, aggrieved by the orchestra submarine deal that recently went through cutting out france from a $1000000000.00 submarine deal. and instead doing a deal to supply nuclear submarines provided by the u. k. australia and the u. s. and france was left very much embarrassed and out of pocket by that. now the question is whether it's that can all be brushed over. you would have thought that the black and white is, are they entitled to a license these french boats? yes or no? it's relatively simple if they can prove they which pitching in those waters before breakfast their entitled to a license. similarly, the boat that is where lexia is in the off, it does appear that the british now rather grudgingly admit that it didn't have the proper paperwork to be fishing where it was. so it's surely perfectly admissible
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for the french to impound it. the question is, how we go into, how are they going to calm this all down so that, that can be some kind of resolution. and there isn't really a clear path. yes. as to how this is all going to be made to calm down. certainly plenty of moving parts to this dispute. thank you for the update. hope and, and they live for us in london. okay. and a change of pace. it's time now for the whether he's jeff low. good to see you. some us mid atlantic states other greatest title flooding in nearly 20 years. let me show the scene in virginia. we had people waiting through the waste deep water. so we had a storm system and high tide colliding here. and these were the scenes we saw. so it's now moving further toward the north and east. it's going to clip eastern portions of long island right into new england. you're going to be in the cross hairs over the weekend. over the last little while calgary picked up 4 or 5 centimeters of snow were in the sunshine on saturday with the high of just one degree. and it's going to be a sunny weekend for vancouver at 11. we haven't been able to say that for a while through california, just a few scattered showers toward the north,
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but nothing like we saw about a week ago. and next stop, we're going to the caribbean priscilla band of rain. we contract through the bahamas eastern cuba, jamaica right through to nicaragua, costa rica, and panama top end of south america. it's meeting up with that. what, whether we're in columbia brown middle gene bogota, we've seen some land sites also toward the south, up against that border with ecuador, some storms moving over, the west end, the east of paraguay, look at the exceptional heat. in santiago you said a record just the other day, so i'm going to be record breaking again, but a high of 32 degrees on saturday. that's it. enjoy your weekend season. still ahead on al jazeera ports and fishing boats damaged in south in japan. after large amounts of pebbles from an undersea volcanic eruption pile up on the coast and in sport, the florida panthers winning run continues despite the sudden resignation of their head coach.
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ah gotcha, one of the fastest growing nations in the world ah, won the cause of needed to oakland and development school international shipping company to become a middle east and trade and learning skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting to the future well, need cost, so cost to gateway to whoa trade. pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy was me. i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the ron and you episode of democracy may be exposed to struggle if those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to co winner fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say
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enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera lou. ok, hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily. i'm going a reminder of our top stories this protest is it back on the streets of costumes denouncing mondays, military code, the us and the un calling on to them military? not to interfere with demonstrated at least 11 people will have been killed during protests. its weight rebels from a few of these 2 griver agent had faced the strategic town of dizzy in the neighboring m. howard region fighting has moved into higher and to 5 regions after
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rebels. we took control of to cry and voice in mound. and world late is ryan for the g. 20 summit. discussing the global economic recovery from the pandemic. the un chief is urging them to take ambitious action on climate change or risk subjecting the world to catastrophe. indian prime minister niandra murray has met the head of the roman catholic church at the vatican. modi is in rome for the g 20 summit. during the talks, he invited pope francis to visit india and estimated 18000000 catholics live in the country. but they represent a small minority in the hindu majority. nation of 1300000000. the meeting comes in human rights groups, more attacks against christians arising in india, they say more than $300.00 incidents of violence have been reported this year alone . most were in the northern states of pradesh and order hand as well as ha yana
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and jelly in the south western state of kind of tucker the governing hindu nationalist. b j pay has.


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