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live for us in london. thank you. still ahead on al jazeera, it has the longest, the mediterranean coastline in africa, but some of libby, fishermen say crumbling moraine infrastructure is dragging back the industry. and in the bron james returns from a spell on the sidelines to inspire the like to another when a here's her, we can forecasts for europe and africa. hello everyone. we've had a weather maker in the central mediterranean to quite a number on sicily this time. it was the eastern portion of the island seen those scenes of flash flooding, but also winds guessing up to about 100 kilometers per hour. still red weather alert in play for sicily on saturday. but let's track where that energy goes on sunday, clipping the northeastern portion of libya. we could see some flooding and bon
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ghazi, and that wave of rain pushes into bedroom and on talia. so what, whether to be expected, they're ok back to saturday, and we're go into the iberian peninsula, where we've got a plume of moisture working across the peninsula. there are some weather alerts in play across portugal as the slums further toward the south. but another wave of rain still to cotton, northwestern slice of europe right now, some rounds of rain here as while working across the united kingdom. and there are weather alerts in place still for england, scotland and wales reign alerts that we could see some flooding. and that will continue on sunday. is that next wave moves in through ireland, the united kingdom, western france and the low countries. okay, well and it's fine off in africa right now where the bulk of the energy over western africa his pushed out toward the atlantic, but still funder downpours for connor creek on saturday season. ah,
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the climate american see his opponents. but why have government left? it's so late to act, we have allowed climate change to get out of control. people impala investigates why so little has been done. a systemic for act requires systemic change and asks for further in action could meet a crisis. what crisis own al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results trade far and walk indonesia, his firms. for me, we move pool to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let pre pop linda. this is growth and progress. invent indonesia. now,
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lou a. how are you watching al jazeera, i'm emily angland. reminder about top stories, dis, our world late is, are in rome, discussing the global economic recovery from the close of 19 pandemic you and urging them to take ambitious action on climate change or risk. subjecting the world to catastrophic outcome rebels in ethiopia is too dry region say they face their strategic kind of fee in the neighboring and higher region is not a confirmation from the government. dive in, algebra, conte independently, verify the claim. and protest is back on the streets of customs announcing monday's
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military curve. the us down, the un calling on to them military, not the entity with demonstration. at least 11 people have been killed during protest. wait 2 ways is delight his golf country to recall its lebanese ambassador, saudi arabia. and while rain did the same on friday, with riyadh, also putting a hold to all lebanese imports. diplomatic feud comes off to lebanon's information minutes to criticize the satellite coalitions war in yemen. in the video circulating on line lebanon's prime minister nat geo, mccarty is urging the information says to make the right decision and fix arab relations. the arab lee is calling on all parties to also resolve the dispute. the united states is to stop vaccinating children between the ages of $5.11, against cause of 19 a drug regulation agency has authorized
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a low dose of to find the job for that age group. as many as 28000000 children could be eligible, the head of the food and drug administration says the move will encourage a sense of normalcy in the country. the decision follows arrives in infections of the delta variance and the reopening of schools. lawrence gaston is the director of the world health organization center on global health law. he says vaccine mandate for children are unlikely for now. i still worry about the u. s. commit into global vaccination in equity, but to the united states. this is a really important landmark, because children 5 to 11 year sold will be able to get the 5 to coven vaccine. it'll get our schools more stable and secure kids educated, and they'll, they'll be much safer, and their families will be safer. there already are a number of requirements for people to get vaccinated. president biden announced
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3 vaccine mandates for the entire federal workforce for hospitals, nursing homes and also for large businesses. and cities and states and businesses themselves are already requiring vaccinations. so we already have a lot of mandates. i do not foresee cities and states. i mandating it for children, or at least until we get some better safety data and vaccination mandates for the workplace are really starting to, to take hold in the united states and where we, we started to, to move up in our vaccination rate. now that we're going to do it for young children and will even be higher. and so i'm encouraged by this move, but i'm not complacent. we need to do
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a lot more to get the entire population vaccinated. it's been almost a week since a large group of migrants set off from the mexican city of tampa. shola i need to get to the us. but while previous groups have been stopped by mexican authorities, this one has managed to advance john home and has more from southern mexico. oh, it's a tough awakening for the group of more than 3000 people who are moving through medical and foot, trying to get to the us after another night spent sleeping on the street. there's a lot of children here. the 7 in the martinez family is struggling already went on the phone and some of them were tired, but the children even more so one is ill. she's got source, they've all got irritated skin. it must be the sun and the change in the temperature. like most people in the caravan, the martinez is have come from central america on today. in their case 15 people,
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3 generations of their family have fled. later they'll tell us why. like many of this, they arrived quickly at the met can city of tampa, tula, hoping to then travel through the country to the states. but of, for it's, he's confined them there for months. now they've managed to get out. we will little they can carry these bags, contain all of elvin martinez, is his wife and free children's possessions perched on a rickety buggy girl gas thou now and i reckon the wheels might give out at some point today during the walk. i'm right now. this is everything that you have in the world, pretty much, no ali test all look it in, in soon enough, it's time to head off. the group started before dawn to avoid the south metzger peak. the only sound a little cheddar and the children who can't take it anymore.
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and despite long lines of calls and taxes to the side of them, no one's going to give them a ride. the mexican government plan this time round seems to be to let people advance but only on foot. and they've set up checkpoints like this one daily ahead of the caravan to make sure that cars buses, taxes aren't picking migrants up. and that way round the migrants in the caravan a quickly getting worn down and they still a couple of months from mexico city, the caravans official stopping point 6 months at the current rate from the us, where many want to eventually get to the martinez family are already on the verge of giving up, but one thing stops them. now we have nothing back home. we sold everything. and what's more, we can't go back to my husband had problems with extortion because he's
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a taxi driver and my son to because he didn't want to join the gangs. and those that don't join can be killed when it led on leslie to other memories of his son. she says was so precious by the gangs to join that he took his own life and the whole time and my my son killed himself when he was 20. i mean, i'm not going to be a life back home is tough. but so is this journey that night we left the family sleeping in a leaky warehouse in another village, only a tiny bit further on the long walk? no, john, home and i'll just eat a swindler. indigenous tribes in india campaigning to have their religious beliefs recognised in an upcoming senses. more than a 100000000 indigenous people live in the country. many of them worship nature and don't identify with any of the 6 religions listed in the senses. bottom influential
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hindu nationalist organization is opposing their efforts as elizabeth moran and reports from jack hon state the people of roger data village in india's eastern state of jack and sing songs, praising nature. they belong to the around tribe. and some of the more than 50000000 indigenous people of central and eastern india known as other vos, sees anthropologists, they are the vast seas of the country's 1st inhabitants and their beliefs predate all religions and india. such a fairly 1st re worship motherhood. second, his father's and the son, his guard, or rituals are about worshipping. these guards for safety and 30. we are only worshippers of nature, and our god does not have any shape or size. like many other vices, members of the tribe of followers of a distinct religion called santa one millions of indigenous people have been converted to christianity or hinduism by mission, rays of the past,
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150 years. millions of others don't identify with the 6 religions on the indian senses. hinduism, islam christianity 6 of them, both of them and jane ism ottawa sees began de campaign for recognition of their village. and after the indian government led by the, by the p, a jumped the party of b, j. p, decided to drop the other religions and persuasions option from the next census. but more than 7000000 out of office, johnson has one of the biggest populations of indigenous people. politicians here passed a resolution last year saying the state recognizes things private religion called solving us. there are things the central government to do the same. but the b, g, p government's ideological wing, the hindu nationalist organization. the recess has been holding outreach programs, trying to convince other bosses, the hindus pig on top of the bgp. an artist says,
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believe that since are the wells, he's on each of worshippers. even in hinduism, we believe that you can be on a piece t, v to worship river, the sun mountains, and even trees. so brothers, you do the same to so we believe they are hindus, but if they say they're not, hindu the b j b has no problem. with that other asi said, the government wants to force them to choose the hindu option for political reasons . and by basically the fact that the b j p is conspiring to include tribal people amongst hindu so that it can use them as a voting bank. the demand for the inclusion of a separate religion, genuine and the indian government should do it. the followers of trouble religion. so they have withstood pressure to convert to christianity or hindu wisdom and will continue to do so. they say they refuse to take part in the next census. if the government refuses to acknowledge them, elizabeth peron and al jazeera john and eastern india to miss stones are causing travel along japan's southern coast. they come from an undersea volcano and have
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clogged 30 ports, damaging dozens of boats and disrupting fishing. the government has declared a natural disaster. the stones are moving around. officials warn they could affect the coastline, so the north. on give me some little dear. what though, i thought it was exciting how pumice from a volcanic eruption in august reached all the way to the western shore of okinawa, but after a week the palmers had accumulated up to 50 centimeters. this is disastrous. fishermen in libya as say their trade could create a profitable industry in the oil rich country, but they say it lacks investment and accuse authorities of neglect and like train reports from tripoli. it's sun rise in tripoli. as a new day begins with the soon river in the area of sue of july. some of these fishermen are preparing to go out to see others begin coming back after an early stork with their due look the hoping, fishing these waters,
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for decades. he says there is a lot of opportunity in fishing through what is difficult financially, because of its high cost key. there sir, alleviate to let that be. sir. libya has a beautiful coastline and as rich and 1st chicken if the government looked at the sector and cleaned the waters built up our infrastructure. it would encourage young men to work in the sector and the situation would be much better than our okla. libya has africa's longest coastline on the mediterranean. it extends over 1800 kilometers. it's abundance and see life could make libya, premier export or of seafood contribute to achieve in food security and create new job opportunities for a lack of government funding. and marine infrastructure has left the sector neglected. the higher cause for fishermen is passed along because it's also led many to send their goods to neighboring countries like tunisia where they'll get
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a higher price enough mosquito. our main problem is the export of fish many customers. complaint if a fish is too expensive or there isn't any good fish in the market. that's because all the good fish exported with as algy then worked for the ministry of marine resources. yes, he says with the right planning and investment, libya's fishing industry could be an important source of income for the government rather than depend on oil export. but one at that it does. the fishing marina's aren't very bad shape. they are in dire need of maintenance and renovation. the infrastructure needs re vamping and government investment. we are studying how to invest in this important sector so that we can take advantage of it. the libyan unemployment rate is estimated to be around 20 percent, with oil exports representing nearly 95 percent of the government, annual revenue authorities. here are now looking to the see as an alternative for development. i look, trina al jazeera, triple it still ahead on al jazeera,
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it's his strategy or against england in a huge match. said the t 20. craig, a welcome. we'll hear from both camps. these folks, ah, tens of thousands of children were born into old lives under the i school regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans all with a widow to mothers, rejected by their own communities chicken. you're saying so people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera in the next episode of planets as to west ahead of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air. get a new perspective with the changing face of the coal mining industry empowerment
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will report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wall flies in greece since created you. problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather joined us for planets as to west. on al jazeera lou aah! devon in south africa is the 1st unesco city of literature on the african continent . the port city attracts writers from around the world around the country rather, and hosts an international book fair, but from many south africans access to bookstore and simply buying a book is out of reach. natasha can aim reports from germany. eric mccollugh could
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one day be an author of the kind of self help books. he says, transformed his life. i was feeling myself that you know, maybe i'm made for this life. my life will suffer their life, you know, of being poor, and then i'm not well educated. so i would think all the negative things would been in my mind, and those are the voices arguably in my mind. so reading books was able to change my mind, and he was living in a homeless shelter in durban when one of the residents told him about an opportunity to sell books were then 18 months later, he's living in an apartment, running his own business and earning enough money to send to his family, a carlo is one of 14 people who have gone from homelessness to financial independence. 3 years ago, the durbin book fair lodged a bookseller's initiative,
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it donates, used, or as the founder likes to say, pre loved books and arranges space at grocery stores, churches, and the beach. one of things it's exciting about this program is that we are hoping people to engage with books, engage with literature durbin is unesco city of literature. we have an opportunity here to promote literacy and to encourage people to read, who thought that they couldn't afford books. and yet now they can. the south african book development council says 60 percent of people, 16 and older, live in a house without a single book. it sites, lack of access to libraries and bookstores and affordability as the main reasons durbin has always had a vibrant writers community. in 2017, it became africa's only unesco city of literature. not to sound clear fade. i suppose it's a bit of a melting pot of cultures. and so the big indian population,
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huge african population english. and it's also a city way. i think you have to explore things don't necessarily pop up through the bookseller's program. books that may have been destined for the landfill are continuing to bring joy, wonder, and amusement to readers. the organizers believe the program is also accomplishing something just as valuable as self sufficiency. they say it's altering the perception people have about the homeless and revealing their untapped potential. natasha name l. jazeera durban, south africa. it's time for sport, his jammah. thank he, emily, we began with baseball in the atlanta braves have regained the late in the wild series. thanks for stunning performance. from rookie pitcher in anderson, he completely shut down the houston astros, who failed to school or run all nights. david stikes has the action number 44 being remembered today, world series is back in atlanta, the full game 3,
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the atlanta crab paid tribute to braves legend, hank aaron, who passed away back in january. his wife billy was there and his son, hank junior, through the ceremonial 1st pitch ah, with 755 high runs, aaron was named for his big hitting. but it was a pitcher who stole the show on friday. i thought a free to catch 23 year old ian anderson pitched 5 no hit innings for the braves. the 1st rookie to do that in a world series for a 109 years. even so his manager decided to pull him out midway through the game. he was like, are you sure? are you sure. you know, i'm, but i was a psyche and i'm just, i'm going my gut right here again. so after you don't know the risky decision paid off, even though the no hitter didn't hold, the astros failed to get a run on the board all night. and the braves east to a to nothing victory, which gives them a to one lead in the best of 7 series. ever all, travis star, no, got the games, only home run, but it was the rookie anderson getting all the credit afterwards. you young kid
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like that, go and out there and doing what he's doing. ah, let me his turn into an absolute animal beast in the playoffs and am in i don't think we get this far without him and, and he's been just unbelievable. now, was cano ah uneventful night for us. but, you know, and invariably, when you shut us down using our guys come back, you know, the next day a score. god so hope, history, peace you, sir. oh, the braves of one, all 6 of their post season games at home so far. and 2 more victories. on saturday and sunday, we'll see them when the 1st world series since 1995. they be stokes al jazeera, the florida panthers incredible winning streak in the n h. l continues, despite the sudden resignation of that coach joe quinn, though he stepped down on thursday night saving his row in chicago black coast section of the scandal with his hands, his team in the middle of a historic run. and on friday they pulled off as 3 to over time when over detroit,
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redwings the come and the 7 team and an h. l. history to begin a season with a straight victories that sounded too short of the record at 10 when fatigued by the toronto maple, leafs and buffalo favors the man now in temporary charge at the pump. this is andrew brunette. he says this reading from the loss of coach quinn ville, when he was in charge of the black coax back in 2010 quintinella and the management team at failed to properly investigate allegations. one of their players had been sexually abused by an assistant coach. that's a sad day for our organization. it's a sad day for a players to side day for the game, a hockey that this is still lingering in our game. it's a great game and you know, we've had years, you know, it's gone on and we're better in that, you know, the games better not. and hopefully we learn this time. black coax will also in action on friday, looking for this bus one of the season that i will be soon at $63.00,
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by the informal carolina hurricanes, who are putting together a fantastic one of the right. the kinds of now one that openings 7 games, which is the best art in their franchises history. in the m. b, a lebron, james was back to the los angeles lakers and have him make it 3 winds in full games . james sat out like his last 2 games with a sore ankle, but he returns the line up against the cleveland cavaliers beside why he started his nb a career 18 years ago to the day. and he led the way the lake has with 26 point comma. i'm 30, came off the bench and added 24 in creating 6. 3 pointers. as the lake has ended that have loose and free game winning streak the brought afterwards reflected on his 18. yeah, and be a on a bus $2925.00 and over again. 25. so get better. get better with age, like just like, just like one so. yeah, you know, but it is almost a treat and i would never forget their moment or curves,
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uniform all. and i want to go for the 1st time mr. ball and maybe a floor was just very unique because it was a very nerve written tell you that paris azure land, coachman, se, porch and tina is hopeful in unless he will be fit for the champions league game against. i'll be like sick on wednesday the argentine has been battling a muscle injury and he was substituted at half time against raining legal champion sale. this was just a precaution psv trout at the break before catch to mock me off lies in the 7 people minutes. that was his goal of the steven perez found the late when i how the maria they hadn't point clear out of the table a huge game at the t 20 cricket wildcat, laser with australia taking on england both sides fighting to push towards the semi finals as well, as land and early blow ahead of the ashes in december, australia, it started the filament with winds. i have a south africa, i'm sure lanka. while england have also won the 1st 2 games,
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they were against defending champions, west indies and then bangladesh. both teams is sit on full points in that group and whoever comes out from top into by will move a step closer to the knockout stage. right. yeah, very strong side, obviously commute to determine that probably would. ready be considered joint 2nd favorite, i think probably going to be one of our whole stage to, to very much like dr. turn well missing. you know, probably just about the form tain the last. she is in white bull credit. so yeah, huge game. we know you guys really well, we know such a big game the context of making those semi finals. there are a few plays that will be coming out this summer for me and we saw it would be great to get one on the board against early fighting. took that from the australians. emily ahead of that much. carla conway. so that one, i know a little bit of a healthy newsroom rivalry mine. i know
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a lot. i saw it. all right. don't go anywhere. more news and just to mine. ah, it in the next episode of planets i swiss ahead of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air. get a new perspective. the changing face of the coal mining industry in ponies will report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic wildfire in greece since created you problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather. joyless for planets,
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s o. s. on al jazeera. well as experiencing unprecedented extreme weather record temperatures being set and glassy is an i feel for deteriorating foss. whenever the quote running down world leave is amazing. laws go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out a deal to slash emission to ports to late follow the you and climate summit on al jazeera. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working. and what's not, a lot of people are only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, a fearless mexican journalist, sideline for taking on a precedent under corrupt system, ruled by a single party for of a 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform, determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga of truth
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seeking and a refusal to be gagged. radio silence, a witness documentary on out to sierra. ah, thousands of protesters take to the streets in sudan against the military. take over. i'm the arrest of civilian leaders. ah, hello there, i miss darcy. this is al jazeera life and are ha, also coming up climate change on the economic recovery from the corona buyers. the high on the agenda, with the g 20 lead us summit getting underway in rome. us drug regulation.


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