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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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exit on dirt. climate in crisis on al jazeera. ah, when ever you ah ah . climate change and the economic recovery from the corona virus, a high on the agenda with the g 20 leaders summit getting underway in rome. ah. hello there, mr. payne, this is alger their life and also coming up us drug regulation is authorized, a lower dose, kind of in 1900 vaccine to children age between 5 and 11. saudi arabia expels the
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lebanese ambassador. it's the kingdoms response to being accused of aggression and the war the desperate journey for a better future. we meet the migrants from central america, determined to walk their way to the us. ah. well right now, presidents and prime ministers are gathering and rome for a meeting of the world's leading economies up the annual g 20 summit. the equitable distribution of corona virus vaccines and the global economic recovery from the pandemic will be high on the agenda. fighting climate change will also be domination. discussions as this to day meeting precedes the call 26 glasgow. the un secretary general has warned of catastrophic outcomes for the wild. if the leaders fail to take ambitious action on the climate crisis, we asked you the above what the scientists tell us that are
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the levels of emission that should be needed in 2030. and in 2050 and it is clear that it leads nowhere. if developed countries will try to blame emerging economies and the emerging economies will try to blame developed countries. these is the moment for every body to the maximum. well, that's now thanks for our data matter. get at a james base. he is in ryan france today. james is we've been hearing that fairly hefty agenda. can you talk us through the main issues to expect on the table today? well, when the g 20 gather, they discuss all the economic and political issues of the world. so that's why it's such a big agenda that's facing them. clearly. climate top of the list, coven, 19 very near the top of the list too. and there,
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there has been some positive momentum on further global distribution of vaccines. what they're actually going to be discussing is that in the beginning of the sessions here, as well as important factors with regard to the global economy as parts of the world begin to come out of the pandemic. one of those is i think almost a done deal. it's about a tax and corporate tax around the world deal done by the g 7 when they had their summit in carmel, going to be endorsed by the g 20, making sure multinational companies pay enough tax. they don't tax shop around the world and they pay at least 15 percent of corporate tax. the other, i think more contentious item going to be discussed in the coming hours is about global energy supplies. as countries begins, come out of the pandemic demand is going up around the world. and as a worry, particularly in europe, that this can be a problem with winter coming and getting energy to, or all, or all of the countries of europe. and now this of course evolves the oil price
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evolves. opec involves gas. and i think the controversial bit with regard to europe involves a g 20 member. and that's russia because russia supplies so much now of europe's energy, that many believe that europe's energy supplies at the mercy of president vladimir putin. so, could be contentious discussion. he's all actually here. he's going to be participating remotely. it's not a full tweet deck of tweet a g 20 countries this time because of coven 19. some are passes breakfast, participating remotely, while others, most of them are actually here in person to other things. coming in the coming hours. not involving all of the g. $21.00 of those is present one of turkey. he's in a meeting with present call france and with chancellor merkel this her last ever international summit, amid great tension between turkey and western nations. and the other discussion is going to be going on is between the u. s and the european nations who are part of
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the iran deal. so the u. k. france and germany discussing that deal and trying to see if there's a way to get the u. s. back into that deal. iran has not returned so far to the talks in a stalled in vienna, but says it will go back to the negotiating table before the end of november. and james were watching live pictures now of some of the leaders and representatives of various to 20 nations arrive at the venue, being welcomed by the italian prime minister, the merrier drug. he will be expecting a lot more of them to arrive in the coming hour and a half or so ahead of the the 1st gathering of the day as we've been saying, dreams s g 20 is also taking place in the run up to that climate conference in glasgow, so presumably what's being said here, amongst the leaders that we see will release at the tone for discussions there. what is not the only thing that's being discussed as i just mention, but i think it's the most important thing that's going on behind the scenes all the time. here at the summit,
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it's deliberately time to have g 20 summit just days before comp. in fact, the leader is going to be flying, most of them directly from rome to glasgow for these vital climate talks. now we're going to get at the end of the day, a communique. not the end of this day, but the end of the final day, which is in 24 hours time here in rome, from the g 20 leaders that i think will say all the right things about climate. although they're still working out the words and i was in touch with one of the shippers that he, envoys from the leaders who are doing the negotiations. and i was in touch a late last night with this person who told me that they are still working very, very hard on all aspects of the text. but what they actually say on climate, probably in the most, not the most important thing. the most important thing is going to be the individual commitments from the individual countries of the g 20. and a lot of pressure from campaign has a lot of pressure from the un lot of pressure from the u. k, which is a host of the cough conference for g 20 countries to increase the commitments
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they've already made out of america. that jane phase across all of that for us from ryan will be talking to him throughout the day today. thanks so much for now. james . well, as james is referring to, there have been lots and lots of a sideline bilateral meetings ahead of their senate. meanwhile, the u. s. and french presidents met for the 1st time since their most serious diplomatic, last years and years. and joe biden acknowledged that the handling of security packed with australia and the u. k. was canvie that agreement for the cancellation of a multi $1000000000.00 day of a camera to buy french submarines biden's as he was under the mistaken belief that paris had already been informed. we have your own. no more moral, decent ally friends with us in the beginning. reason in par can we did was quantity was not done
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with a lot of grace. i was under the impression that happened that had a clue no us importance precisely to be sure that such a situation will not be possible for all future hunger coordination of hunger cooperation. but for me, what's important is that we built during the past with some very concrete actions in order to strengthen the partnership in say, hello, this clarification between what european defense meals and how this is completely compatible with nato. what's your sovereignty means and how it's important for global security? when are moving on and the united states will soon start vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 against coven? 19, the drug regulation agency has authorized a lower dose of the fires
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a job for that age group. as many as 28000000 children could be eligible, the head of the food and drug administration says this will bring the us closer to returning to a sense of normalcy. the move respond by a rise and infections of the delta variant and the reopening of schools on guston is the director of the world health organization center on global health law. he says vaccine mandates for children are unlikely for now. i still worry about the u. s. commitment to global vaccination inequity, but to the united states, this is a really important landmark because children 5 to 11 year sold will be able to get the 5 to cover vaccine. it'll get our schools more stable and secure kids educated and they'll, they'll be much safer and their families will be safer. there already are a number of requirements for people to get vaccinated. president biden announced
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3 vaccine mandates for the entire federal workforce for hospitals, nursing homes and also for large businesses. and cities and states and businesses themselves are already requiring vaccinations. so we already have a lot of mandates. i do not foresee cities in states, i mandating it for children, or at least until we get some better safety data and vaccination mandates for the workplace are really starting to, to take hold in the united states and where we, we started to, to move up in our vaccination rate, now that we're going to do it for young children and will even be higher. and so i'm encouraged by this move, but i'm not complacent. we need to do
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a lot more to get the entire population vaccinated. all the lebanese ambassadors to saudi arabia and barclay, and have been given 48 hours to leave, and saudi arabia has recalled it's ambassador and announced it stopping the imports of all lebanese goods. the dispute comes to lebanon's. information minister criticize the saudi lead coalitions war and yemen in a video that circulating on line lebanon's prime minister not mcafee is urging the minister to make the right decision and fixed arab relations. the arab league is now calling on all parties to resolve the route. then i called a has moved from bay ridge. a few days ago, a video circulated on line in which the information minister was criticizing the saudi a lead military campaign in yemen. in fact, calling saudi arabia the external aggressors. now, this of course angered saudi arabia. the information minister said that his
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statements were made before he was appointed in the new government. they were made back in august, and this was his personal opinion. but that was just not enough for saudi arabia. even the lebanese government tried to distance itself, the prime minister, the president. they tried to distance themselves from the statements made by the information minister saying that it did not reflect lebanese government policy. but clearly with saudi arabia's decision to recall it, some back sort of for consultations and demanding that the lebanese investor in saudi arabia leave the country within 48 hours. it is just, this is just not enough. now this is going to, this is definitely a blow to the new government. so, ever since prime minister matthew took office, he has been talking about, you know, trying to restore relations with the gulf corporation council states. because as of late, really, the relationship between lebanon and gulf arab states has been at an all time low.
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in fact, especially saudi arabia believes that iran through it's local ally, has the law now controls the country. and this is why saudi arabia really has been staying on the sidelines. so the traditional partners of lebanon, the gulf, our countries, the political and economic partners, they have been on the side line as of yet. so this new incident definitely is going to further further strain. the relationship major roads in sioux dawns, capital have been closed. i had planned protest that against monday's military crew . the u. s. on the un calling on to don's military not to interfere with demonstrations. at least 11 people have been killed and st. protests this week. activists meanwhile, had been broadcasting messages and mosques, urging people to continue their opposition to the military's takeover of power. and still ahead here on al jazeera, it has the longest coastline on the mediterranean, in africa, but crumbling marine infrastructure is getting in the way of nearby as fishing
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sector and recognizing religion. india's indigenous tribes aids time their beliefs are accurately reflected in the senses. ah look forward to scores with sponsored point cuts on at ways. here's her. we can forecast for europe and africa. hello everyone. we've had a weather maker in the central mediterranean. do quite a number on sicily this time it was the eastern portion of the island seen those scenes of flash flooding, but also winds guessing up to about 100 kilometers per hour is still red. weather alert in play for sicily on saturday. but let's track where that energy goes on sunday, clipping the northeastern portion of libya. we could see some flooding and bon
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ghazi, and that wave of rain pushes into budrum and on talia. so what whether to be expected there. okay, back to saturday and we're go into the iberian peninsula, where we've got a plume of moisture working across the peninsula. there are some weather alerts in play across portugal as the slums further toward the south, but another wave of rain still to cotton, northwestern sights of europe right now. some rounds of rain here as while working across the united kingdom. and there are weather alerts in place still for england, scotland and wales reign alerts that we could see some flooding. and that will continue on sunday. is that next wave moves in through ireland, the united kingdom, western france and the low countries. okay, well and it's fine off in africa right now where the bulk of the energy over western africa has pushed out toward the atlantic, but still funder downpours for connor creek on saturday season. oh, the with sponsored by casara ways, question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or
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d. c. information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people die because of the listening pace deconstruct the media analysis era. ah oh ha. you're watching al jazeera. let's remind you about top stories here. the 1000. well, leave is currently gathering and rome for the g 20 summit. we'll discuss the global economic recovery from the pandemic. the u. n. chief is also holding on them to
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take ambitious action on climate change or risk of subjecting the catastrophe. the u. s. will soon start vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 against private 19. the drug regulation agency has authorized the find the job for that age group. the move respond by arising infections and the re opening to schools. saudi arabia and buffering are expelling the lebanese ambassadors and their countries. that's often lebanon's information minister, criticize the saudi lead coalitions war and yemen and a video circulating online. libby is fishing factor has the potential to be a profitable industry for the oil rich country and has one of africa, longest coastlines, but a lack of the tension and an investment from authorities is also left at neglected milling trainer reports. now from tripoli. it's sunrise in tripoli as a new day begin this in the area to
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a juma. some of these fishermen are preparing to walk to see others begin coming back after an early start with their day booked the hoping, fishing these waters for decades. he says there's a lot of opportunity in fishing industry what is difficult financially because of its high cost kinda hello, debbie, debbie, debbie, so libya has a beautiful coastline and is rich and fish. and if the government looked at the sector and cleaned the waters built up our infrastructure, it would encourage young men to work in the sector. and the situation would be much better than now about o'clock. libya. that's because longest coastline on the mediterranean, it extends over 1800 kilometers. it's abundance and see life could make libya, premier export or a seafood contribute to achieving food security and create new job opportunities for a lack of government funding. and marine infrastructure has left the sector neglected
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. the higher cost for fishermen is pass along to customers. it's also like many to send their goods to neighboring countries like tunisia where they'll get a higher price. enough mosquito, our main problem is the export of fish. many customers complaint the fish is too expensive, or there isn't any good fish in the market. that's because all the good fish exported with algae, then we'll work through the ministry of marine resources. yes. and he says with the right planning and investment, libya's fishing industry could be an important source of income for the government rather than depend on oil export. but when at that it does, the fishing, marina's aren't very bad shape. they are in dire need of maintenance and renovation . the infrastructure needs re vamping and government investment. we are studying how to invest in this important sector so that we can take advantage of it. the libyan unemployment rate is estimated to be around 20 percent, with oil exports representing nearly 95 percent of the government,
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annual revenue authorities. here are now looking to the the as an alternative for development like trina, i'll do 0 shibley's while. meanwhile, a fishing route between the u. k and francis no sign of being resolved. britain is now threatening to increase checks on all you vessels fishing in its waters. if france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions, the dispute began earlier this week when from sees the british bows. it's also linked to a post breakfast fishing agreement. paris is threatening sanctions if the u. k. doesn't grant war licenses to french fishermen and british government says that would put the e u and breach of a trade agreement. alex here brian is following this for us comparing. the british captain has been summoned to appear in court in august next year. he's accused of fishing in french waters without a license. he had on board about 2 tons of scallops. when his boat was checked and seized, taken to the french port of the half earlier this week. now those checks were part
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of this escalating route between the u. k and france over the rights to fission british waters and particularly waters around the island of jersey. a u. k. crown dependency that lies just 22 kilometers of the french coast. francis wasn't given the licenses it deserves, and that is expected under the post bricks it trade deal. and that has got it incredibly frustrated. so on tuesday is it said it will unveil what its calling targeted measures. if it doesn't get the license, it licenses it wants, it said that it will stop british vessels from docking in french ports, that it will stay pop chicks, time consuming health and a health and safety checks on trucks going in and out of the u. k. and that could have an impact on shots like the one behind me, because france is the gateway to europe for all of those british fishing vessels and the fish that they try to sell it to the continent. there are lots of measures underway to try and prevent that happening, including possibly what we call a brush half meeting in rome. the sunday on the sidelines at the g. 20 meeting
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between president emmanuel mccall and the u. k. prime minister at boris johnson. now both sides are being accused of ramping up the tension to play to a domestic audience. president mccall will be standing for reelection and april next year. and the votes from those c side towns where fishing is a lifeline could be crucial to his re election. now politicians and poland have approved the construction of a wall along its border with bella, rooster stopped migrants and refugees from entering. over the past 2 months, thousands of people have attempted to enter the european union. there. the block has accused minsk of providing safe passage to the e u. in retaliation against sanctions. the wall will be a 100 kilometers long and cost around $400000000.00. in bolivia, the face of an 11 year old who became pregnant after being raped by a family member has sparked, fierce debate demonstrates his rally than the past on friday, or the claims religious groups intervene to stop the guy from getting an abortion
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the you and says forcing the girl to go through with the pregnancy qualifies of torture. but the bolivian conference of bishop says both lives should be protected . ah, it's been almost a week since a large cave as migrant set off from the mexican city of tampa. chil, i'm aiming to get to the united states, and while previous caravans had been stopped by mexican authorities, this one has managed to advance. john holman, has more from southern mexico. ah, it's a tough awakening for the group of more than 3000 people who are moving through met square foot, trying to get to the u. s. after another night spent sleeping on the street. there's a lot of children here. the 7 in the martinez family is struggling already went on the phone and some of them were tired, but the children even more so one is ill. she's got source, they've all got irritated skin. it must be the sun and the change in the
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temperature. so i, like most people in the caravan, the martinez is have come from central america on today. in their case 15 people, 3 generations of their family have fled. late to they'll tell us why. like many of this, they arrived quickly at the mexican city of tampa, tula, hoping to then travel through the country to the states, but of forests. he's confined them there for months. now they've managed to get out . we will little they can carry these bags, contain all of elvin martinez, is his wife and free children's possessions perched on a rickety buggy girl gas. thou i now. 6 and i reckon the wheels might give out at some point today during the walk. i'm right now, this is everything that you have in the world pretty much know out a test or look at in, in soon enough it's time to head off. the group started before dawn to avoid the south metzger peak. the only
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sound a little chatter and the children who can't take it anymore. and despite long lines of calls and taxes to the side of them, no one's going to give them a ride. the mexican government plan this time round seems to be to let people advance but only on foot. and they've set up checkpoint flight this one daily ahead of the caravan to make sure that cars buses, taxes aren't picking migrants up. and that way round the migrants in the caravan a quickly getting worn down and they still a couple of months walked from mexico city, the caravans official stop in point 6 months at their current rate from the us, where many want to eventually get to the martinez family are already on the verge of giving up, but one thing stops them. and now we have nothing back home. we sold everything and
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what's more, we can't go back. everybody. so my husband had problems with extortion because he's a taxi driver and my son t because he didn't want to join the gangs. and those that don't join can be killed . it led anna leslie to other memories of his son. she says was so precious by the gangs to join that he took his own life in the ultimate tiring gang of my son killed himself when he was 20. yeah, i mean if i can, i get out of my life back home is tough. but so is this journey? even early, as i said, that night we left the family sleeping in a leaky warehouse in another village, only a tiny bit further on the long walk, nor john hohmann out. is it a swindler or india's indigenous tribes? are campaigning to have their religious beliefs recognised in the upcoming senses?
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there are 104000000 indigenous people in india. many of them worship nature and don't identify with any of the 6 religions listed in the census. the now an influential hindu nationalist organization is opposing the efforts of elizabeth braun. reports from jack can states the people of larger data village in india's eastern state of josh can sing songs, praising nature, they belong to the tribe, and to some of the more than 50000000 indigenous people of central and eastern india, known as other bosses. anthropologists, they are the bosses of the country's 1st inhabitants and their beliefs, pre date of all religions and india such fairly 1st revulsion mother. the 2nd, his father's and the son, his guard, or rituals are about worshiping. these gods for safety and prosperity. we are only worshippers of nature, and our god does not have any shape or size. like many other vices, members of the tribe of followers of
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a distinct religion called santa one millions of indigenous people have been converted to christianity, or hinduism by mission. reason. the past 150 years, millions of others don't identify with the 6 religions on the indian senses. hinduism, islam christianity 6 of them, both of them and jane as m. r. bosses began their campaign for recognition of their religion after the indian government led by the by the p, a jumped a party or b, j. p, decided to drop the other religions and persuasions option from the next census. with more than 7000000 out of office. johnson has one of the biggest populations of indigenous peoples. politicians here passed a resolution last year saying the state recognizes this things, tribal religion called us, they're all in the central government to do the same. but the b, j. p ideological wing, the hindu nationalist organization. the recess has been holding outreach programs,
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trying to convince our bosses, the hindus lot a big party, the b g. b, an artist has believed that since our, the was, he's on each of worshippers. even in hinduism, we believe that you can be in a pieced be to worship river, the sun, mountains, and even trees. so brothers, you do the same to. so we leave the hindus. but if they say they're not hindu the b j b has no problem with that. yeah, the other bossy said the government wants to force them to choose the hindu option for political reasons. and that by basically factor to be j. p is conspiring to include tribal people amongst henders, so that it can use them as a voting bank. the demand for the inclusion of a separate religion, genuine and the indian government should do it. the followers of trouble. religion said they have withstood pressure to convert to christianity or hinduism and will continue to do so. they say they refuse to take part in the next census. if the government refuses to acknowledge them, elizabeth peron and al jazeera john and eastern india and
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a large amount of volcanic pew, miss sterns causing trouble on japan, southern coast. the pebbles which came from an under the volcano, have now come to bessie ports. damaged dozens of boats and disrupted the fishing industry. the government has declared a natural disaster, but the stones are still on the move, and officials will midline effects the countries coastline further north to ah, hello, that this is algebra and these are the headlines. while need is, are gathering and rome for the g. 20 summit del, discuss the global economic recovery from the pandemic. and the united nation chief is also calling on them to take ambitious action on the climate crisis. or risk subjecting a while to catastrophe. different to get it a james base has more on other challenges to be addressed. that one is a deal that's already been done effectively by the g 7 being in the dos by the g 20
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that so corporate tax rates, making sure that multinational companies pay enough tax that shop around the world for the lowest tax rates. 15 percent minimum tax rate for.


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