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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 10:00am-10:30am AST

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all concerned about the rise in reported cases of whole working conditions from around the world government. unsecured agents are described recently answered as a more disturbed load. the country ah, climate change and the economic recovery from the grown of iris are high on the agenda with the g 20 liter summit about to get underway and run. ah, hello there, i missed you. hey, this is alan here at life, and also coming us drug regulators authorized a lower dose code 19 vaccine for children aged between 5 and 11. saudi arabia expels the lebanese ambassador. it's the kingdoms response for being accused of aggression in the war in yemen. and the desperate journey for a better future,
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we meet the migrants from central america, determined to walk their way to the us. ah ah, presidents and prime ministers are gathering in rome for a meeting of the wilds. leading economy is at the annual g. 20 summit. the equitable distribution of corona virus, vaccines, and global economic recovery from the pandemic will both be high on the agenda. phasing climate change will also dominate discussions as this to day meeting precedes the cop 26 conference in glasgow. the un secretary general has want of catastrophic outcomes for the wild if need has failed to take ambitious action on the climate crisis. we asked you above what the science is, fellows that are the levels of emission debts it should be needed
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in 2030. and in 2050 and it is clear that it leads nowhere. if developed countries will try to blame emerging economies and the emerging economies will try to blame developed countries. these is the moment for everybody to the maximum or not speak now to our diplomatic editor james bay is he is in ryan for us. james, it's a fairly hefty agenda today. can you talk us through the main issues on the table when these leaders meet? when the g 20 meet, they really do discuss all the issues around the world. as you say, code vaccines seem to maids. i think, an agreement on that for distribution, more covert vaccines climate is going to be right at the top of the agenda. but actually, what they're discussing, when they meet in an hour's time, are issues to do with the global economy. as some parts of the world come out of the pandemic, one is a deal that's already been done effectively by the g 7 being adored by the g 20
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that so corporate tax rates, making sure that multinational companies pay enough tax at a shop around the world for the lowest tax rates, 15 percent minimum tax rate for corporate companies is i think going to be agreed by the g 20. the 2nd issue on the morning agenda is more controversial and it's due with energy supplies. there are increased energy demands as parts of the world, particularly europe come out of the pandemic and a problem in europe with the winter coming. and that being enough energy supplies to go around. so this is going to affect oil. opec gas supplies, and the controversial bait, i think, again, concerns europe because europe get so much of its energy now from russia that many believe that europe is at the mercy of russia and vladimir putin, the russian president, who's not actually here. he's going to be attending this summit. virtually. it's a g 20, but it's actually only a g. 16 in person and for other leaders attending it virtually for co reasons.
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we're told chinese president present. she is also one of those who's attending virtually other things happening during the day, not with the whole g 20, but an important meeting, i think with present oh to one of turkey. he'll be meeting. he'll be meeting with president, mccall, france and with chancellor merkel. this is her last ever international summit with attention is currently very high between turkey and the e. u. and the other important meeting was later in the day is to do with the iran clear deal. the 3 signatories from europe, france, the u. k. in germany, we meeting with the u. s. trying to work out how to get those talks going in vienna that have become stalled. iran has said that it will come back to the negotiating table by the end of november, a very busy day there in roman james. this g 20 as we've been saying, is also taking place in the run up to that climate conference in glasgow. does that potentially give this gee 20 more ways?
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well, i think it's very, very important. it's deliberately tooling that one should take place before the other, the un sector general, making it quite clear that he believes that won't be a successful meeting. that won't be a successful outcome for the world and for the climate emergency, if they don't have the g 20 doing the right things here. certainly they're discussing climate and climate will be mentioned in the final communique. i've spoken or been in touch with one of the sherpas, the sherpas of the invoice of the leaders who behind the scenes the doing all the hard negotiations. and that person told me very late last night. the negotiations was still, well, i'm the way they were discussing the whole of the communique, the communique will say good things on climate. i think the one thing you gotta watch for is the individual g, 20 countries and a phrase you're going to hear a lot in the coming days over the next 2 weeks. national did nationally determined
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contributions. that's what each country is going to commit to. in terms of the climate, or are they going to increase those commitments? that's the key thing to watch in the coming hours coming days and coming weeks change phase. that doesn't matter. get us on the ground in rome for now. thanks very much jane. how a head of that g, 20 summit, the u. s. and french president's man for the 1st time since the most serious diplomatic dispute in years. joe biden acknowledge the handling of the security packed where the strain and the u. k. which was clumsy, that agreement forced the cancellation of australia's multi $1000000000.00 deal to buy french submarines. biden says he was under the mistaken belief that paris had been informed. we have your own. no more war. this is ally, france is friends with us in the beginning reason part came we did was quantity with
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a lot of grace. i was under the impression that happened that had been clear to me now, what's important precisely to be sure said such a situation will not be possible for future hunger, coordination of hunger cooperation. but for me, what's important is that we built rings of baskets, some very concrete actions in order to strengthens a partnership in say, hello, this clarification between what european defense means and how this is completely compatible with nato. what's your sovereignty means and how it's important for global security? now, moving on and the u. s. will soon start vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11. the drug regulation agency has authorized
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a lower dose at pfizer by on to coven 90 and jab for that age group. at means as many as 28000000 children could be eligible. the head of the food and drug administration says this will bring the country closer to returning to a sense of normalcy. the move referred by arise and infections of the delta variant, as well as the reopening of schools. lawrence guston is the director of the world health organization sent on global health law. he says vaccine mandates for children are unlikely for now. i still worry about the u. s. commitment to global vaccination in equity, but to the united states. this is a really important landmark because children 5 to 11 year old will be able to get the 5 to cover vaccine. it'll get our schools more stable and secure. kids educated and they'll, they'll be much safer and their families will be safer. there already are
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a number of requirements for people to get vaccinated. president biden announced 3 vaccine mandates for the entire federal workforce for hospitals, nursing homes and also for large businesses. and cities and states and businesses themselves are already requiring vaccinations. so we already have a lot of mandates. i do not foresee cities in states mandating it for children, or at least until we get some better safety data and vaccination mandates for the workplace are really starting to, to take hold in the united states and where we, we started to, to move up in our vaccination rate, now that we're going to do it for young children and will even be higher. and so
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i'm encouraged by this move, but i'm not complacent. we need to do a lot more to get the entire population vaccinated. now, the lebanese ambassadors to saudi arabia and bahrain have been given 48 hours to leave. saudi arabia, meanwhile, has recalled it's ambassador and announced it, stopping all lebanese imports from crossing its borders. this diplomatic feud comes after lebanon's information minister, criticize the saudi led coalition war in yemen, in a video circulating online netherlands prime minister, not mcafee is urging the minister to make the right decision and fix arab relations . then how to has one i from day was a few days ago, a video circulated on line in which the information minister was criticizing the saudi a lead military campaign in yemen. in fact, calling saudi arabia the external aggressors. now, this of course angered saudi arabia. the information minister said that his
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statements were made before he was appointed in the new government. they were made back in august, and this was his personal opinion. but that was just not enough for saudi arabia. even the lebanese government tried to distance itself, the prime minister or the president. they tried to distance themselves from the statements made by the information minister saying that it did not reflect lebanese government policy, but clearly with saudi arabia's decision to recall it, some back sort of for consultations and demanding that 11 investor in saudi arabia leave the country within 48 hours. it is just, this is just not enough. now this is going to, this is definitely a blow to the new government. so ever since prime minister matthew took office, he has been talking about, you know, trying to restore relations with the gulf corporation council states. because as of late, really, the relationship between lebanon and gulf arab states has been at an all time low.
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in fact, especially saudi arabia believes that iran through it's local ally, has the law now controls the country. and this is why saudi arabia really has been staying on the sidelines. so the traditional partners of lebanon, the gulf, our countries, the political and economic partners, they have been on the side line as of yet. so this new incident definitely is going to further further strain. the relationship hostile ahead here on al jazeera ports and fishing boats damaged in southern japan after a large amount of pebbles from an undersea volcanic eruption pile up on the coast and recognizing religion. and is indigenous tribes say it's time their beliefs accurately reflected on ah,
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that atlantic weather is really polishing that western europe, bringing a lot of rain, persistent rain, this line of clad east that rain slow moving it 1st, but it's accelerating now and still sold storm system that one's cold, so much flooding so much trouble in sicily, southern it's leanne in malta. so 1st of all, the incoming rain. now, although the fed risk is declining in scottish borders and still flooding on the ground in coverage is this part northwest and sassy. looks fine, but the next out of range moved east. what's in this more to come through all and now head of this rain, it's been inducing a bit of wolves, southerly breeze. so for denmark and sweden rep into the low teens once will cost the rate of pay to that to some degree and rain proper swings through they fairly quickly during sunday, still over certain areas. if you follow a line sass, remember that satellite picture goes through france towards spain and portugal. now
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during saturday, that means rain for central space heading southwards. that is true for pasco, sort of a few cooler. the storm system still sick that is becoming small. now the warnings will go from south miss lee and sicily. during saturday they'll be gone for sunday, sunday itself. and again, you look further west and that next time her tongue of rain is coming in through portugal and spain. not a pretty sight ah, ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress,
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invest indonesia now ah ah, hello. they are watching out as aaron. that's remind you of our top stories here. this our well leaders are gathering in room for the g 20 summit. they'll be discussing the global economic recovery from the coven 19 pandemic. and the u. n. chief is calling on them to take ambitious action on climate change or risks subjecting the well to catastrophic outcomes. saudi arabian bahrain are expelling the lebanese ambassadors and their countries. that's after lebanon's information minister, criticize the saudi led coalitions war in yemen. in a video circulating online and the u. s. will soon start vaccinating children
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between the ages of 5 and 11. the drug regulation agency has now authorized the pfizer biotech cove in 19 jobs for that age group. the move was bad by rise and infections and the reopening of schools. well, meanwhile, the new york city is based for a shortage of public sector workers after vaccine mandate deadline their past on friday. and police and fire advisor unions of warned that large sections of the workforce will go on unpaid leave for refusing to get the job. the level has more now from washington, dc. oh, new york meets it's why of writers on it's corpse. but pretty soon, there may be fewer on duty than before. we're trying to avoid what is going to be an inevitable disaster. why desired, on monday morning, told to get at least one shot. i'm prove it by friday night, given a choice of a code vaccine or no job unless medically exempt many refusing city workers from 1st responders to sanitation will feel that i should be coerced into taking it
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before i'm ready to learn about a general rule with the murder, not budging, your harming your fellow sanitation workers and your harming your neighbors and your harming the people. new york city and it's time to stop. and now a city preparing for a northridge in washington, st. hundreds, the fire fighters still and vaccinated only some claiming their exempt. there are some firefighters for whom we don't have any vaccine or small number of about 30 and we don't have, they do not have the vaccine in exemption request ending with the d. c. government or the department of health, those individuals who would be the 1st that we would take adverse action when it comes to officials here in washington. the message is clear, kobe's shots provide the best defense and the best way of getting this country back on track. but many outside this place do not want to be forced. this country split,
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not just by politics, but by vaccine mandates to protest is in minnesota. i'm good at the health care providers vaccine mandate space center work is in mississippi, protesting a federal mandate to an airline pilots trying. i'm failing to block a mandate affecting them. and all of this as the vaccine looks set to be approved for young kids. so when i look at the risk and benefit from my 9 year old son, it's not really a close call. the benefits he will get from the vaccines far outweigh any risk. as the f d, i overwhelmingly recommending on friday that 5 to 11 year olds get the fight a job. it still has to be signed off by the cdc. that could come as soon as next week with shots on offer in a matter of days, even if some parents are cautious for my kids. i don't think i'll be getting the vaccine for them. and so it's been very good tested, you know, really, really good testing protocol just it's too dangerous. one study claiming only 27 percent of parents plan on giving this reduced toast vaccines to decades straight
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away. the white house may have its co it beating plan, but it's got a long way to go in convincing the rest of the country. phil laval al jazeera washington on the u. s. and the un calling on sued ons, military not to interfere with plan protests on saturday. their been regular street demonstrations and the civil disobedience movement has been growing since the military crew. on monday activists say at least 11 people have been killed. on friday, general abdel fats, albert han dismissed more ambassadors from their 1st among them, the ambassadors to turkey, the u. e and south africa. well, the u. n. g monetary and chief is wanting, that half of afghanistan's population is facing starvation. ahead of the g 20 summit this weekend, martin griffith's called on the world's most powerful countries, but immediately released aid to ask on a stone. he spoke to 0. kristen salumi almost half of the children under 5 or risk of severe acute malnutrition. one in 2 of the population of afghanistan don't have
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enough food to eat dinner when the next meal is coming. so the food insecurity is reaching levels, which is unparalleled globally. it's a, it's an extraordinary picture. are you an agencies able to get in and out of the country more easily? now, are they able to move about the country freely and access people in need? the un has scaled up with international and joe's and national partners. and the security in afghanistan to reach people in need hasn't been as good as this for a long time. so that there are some, there is some good news. un flights are regularly going in and out and around us got his time. staff have gone back in the operating conditions are beginning to improve, but the needs are skyrocketing. how can the international community injects cash into the country without compromising its principles without violating
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international laws? and sanctions are still in place. is that possible? putting cash into the economy is not putting cash into the hands of the taliban. see very care about that. putting cash and the economy means that nurses can be paid. it means that the traitors can operate. it means that women running small businesses can do that. and if you don't have that, what are the consequences? the consequences will be, i am quite sure, drawing instability, more problems in terms of violence. the possibility of the region destabilizing. we constantly hear from women and girls there that they're afraid of the situation and they don't trust with the taliban is saying, would you trust your daughter there right now? look at the i, i totally understand that. you know, the taliban has a past, which we all know and as guns know particularly well. and i negotiated with the
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taliban and nice nitrate exactly on this issue. and we made no traction. we made no progress. so the engagement and the negotiation is important, as you say, it's imperfect in different parts of afghanistan. ton of ban needs to assert its own command control over different parts of africa and insist on the promises it makes it the leadership level to be delivered at the local level. so if, if i, if my daughter was living in kennesaw, yes, i'd be concerned and i totally understand the fear that people have a desire to leave. but our best efforts should be to make, i've kind of a place where girls can feel safe, can prosper, can work, can move. that should be the effort that i believe it's possible. well it's now been almost a week since a large cape is my rent set off from the mexican city of tampa chola aiming to get to the united states that while previous caravans have been stopped by mexican authorities. this one has managed to advance. john holman,
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has worn out from southern mexico. ah, it's a tough awakening for the group of more than 3000 people who are moving through met comfort, trying to get to the u. s. after another night spent sleeping on the street. there's a lot of children here. the 7 in the martinez family is struggling already. went on the phone and some of them were tired, but the children even more so one is ill. she's got source, they've all got irritated skin. it must be the sun and the change in the temperature. so i like most people in the caravan, the martinez is have come from central america on today. in their case 15 people, 3 generations of their family have fled. late to they'll tell us why. like many of this, they arrived quickly at the mexican city of tampa, tula, hoping to then travel through the country to the states, but of forests. he's confined them there for months. now they've managed to get out
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. we will little they can carry these bags, contain all of elvin martinez, is his wife and free children's possessions perched on a rickety buggy girl gas. thou i now. 6 and i reckon the wheels might give out at some point today during the walk. i'm right now, this is everything that you have in the world pretty much know out a test or look at in, in soon enough it's time to head off. the group started before dawn to avoid the south metzger peak. the only sound the little chatter and the children who can't take it anymore. ah, and despite long lines of calls and taxes to the side of them, no one is going to give them a ride. the mexican government plan this time round seems to be to let people advance but only on foot. and they've set up checkpoints like this one daily ahead
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of the caravan to make sure that cars buses, taxes aren't picking migrants up. and that way round the migrants in the caravans a quickly getting worn down and they still a couple of months, whoop, from mexico city, the caravans official stopping point 6 months at the current rate from the us. where many want to eventually get to the martinez family are already on the verge of giving up, but one thing stops them. we have nothing back home. we sold everything. and what's more, we can't go back to my husband had problems with extortion because he's a taxi driver and my son to because he didn't want to join the gangs. and those that don't join can be killed when it led on leslie to other memories of a son. she says was so precious by the gangs to join that he took his own life in the hold him and my son killed himself when he was 20. i
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mean, not life back home is tough. but so as this journey, not night we left the family sleeping in a leaky warehouse in another village, only a tiny bit further on the long walk. no. john homan out, is it a squint le? india's indigenous tribes are campaigning to have their religious beliefs recognised in the upcoming census. there are a 104000000 indigenous people in india. many of them worship nature and don't identify with any of the 6 religions listed in the census. but an influential hindu nationalist organization is opposing their assets as elizabeth bron reports now from jackson stage. the people to the larger data village in india's eastern state of georgia can sing songs, praising nature. they belong to the order, our tribe,
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and a some of the more than 50000000 indigenous people of central and eastern india known as other vos, sees anthropologists, they are the vast seas of the country's 1st inhabitants. and they believe pre date of all religions in india, fairly 1st to worship motherhood. second, his father's and the son, his guard, or rituals are about worshiping, these gods for safety and prosperity. we are only worshippers of nature and our god does not have any shape or say, like many other vices, members of the tribe of followers of a distinct religion called santa one millions of indigenous people have been converted to christianity or hinduism by mission rays of the past 150 years, millions of others don't identify with the 6 religions on the indian senses. hinduism, islam christianity, sick of them. both of them and jane as m. ottawa sees began bay campaign for recognition of their religion after the indian government led by the by the p,
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a jumped a party or b, j. p, decided to drop the other religions and persuasions option from the next census. with more than 7000000 out of office, johnson has one of the biggest populations of indigenous peoples. politicians here passed a resolution last year saying the state recognizes this thing, tribal village, and called southern us. they're all in the central government to do the same. but the b g, p government's ideological wing, the hindu nationalist organization. the recess has been holding outreach programs, trying to convince other bosses the hindus lot of pig on top are the bgp and auditors believe that since our the was, he's on each of worshippers. even in hinduism, we believe that you can be pieced. we to worship river, the sun, mountains, and even trees. so brothers, you do the same to so we believe they are hindus. but if they say they're not, hindu, the b j b has no problem. with that other asi said,
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the government wants to force them to choose the hindu option for political reasons . and that by basically the fact that the b j. p is conspiring to include tribal people amongst hindus so that it can use them as a voting bank. the demand for the inclusion of a separate religion, genuine and the indian government should do it. followers of tribal village and say they have withstood pressure to convert to christianity or hindu ism and will continue to do so. they say they refuse to take part in the next census. if the government refuses to acknowledge them, elizabeth peron and al jazeera jock and eastern india. now larger amounts of volcanic pew, miss stones are causing trouble on japan southern coast. the pebbles, which came from an undersea volcano of controversy, ports damaged dozens of boats and disrupted the fishing industry. the government has declared a natural disaster of the stones are still on the move. and officials warn they like these affects the countries coastline farther north. on give me some bitter do
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what i thought it was exciting how pumice from a volcanic eruption in august reached all the way to the western shore of okinawa, but after a week the palmers had accumulated up to 50 centimeters. this is disastrous. ah, hello, that is out there, and these are the headlines. what leader, health leaders have gathered in rome, they'll be discussing global economic recovery from the coven, 19 pandemic, and the united nation. steve is also calling on them to take ambitious action on the climate crisis. or risk subjecting the well to catastrophic outcomes. our diplomatic editor james base has more on other issues that will also be discussed in room. one is the deal that's already been done effectively by the g servant being the dos boy, g 20. that's all corporate tax rates making sure that.


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