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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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setting the discussions, what is green washing is when an oil company talks green, 30 unflinching journalism, are you committed to building a vibrant democratic up gotta sharing personal stories with a global audience? our ministers had no idea what happening on the shop. but i could see the body bag explore and abundance of world class programming climate change. medical issue for barbara on elegy 0. mm. mm. i'm only inside and i, you top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. and french president of hell. the 1st in person meeting since that countries most serious diplomatic dispute in years, australia counseled a deal with france in favor for one with the u. s. on the u. k. j barton, acknowledge the humbling of that security pact was clumsy. we have a know more and more now why friends
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with a, with a lot of grace. i was under the impression certain things that happened that had on the you on humanitarian chief is wanting that half of countless towns population is facing stone vacation. speaking ahead of this weekend's g, 20 summit, martin griffith's called on the world's most powerful countries to mediately release aid to afghanistan. the us food and drug administration has authorized the pfizer biotech cove at 19 vaccine for children as young as 5 trials for the age group. began in july new york city has braced for
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a shortage of emergency workers after vaccine mandate deadline passed on friday. police and fire adviser unions have warned. large sections of the workforce will go on unpaid leave for refusing to get the job. fell. lavelle has moved from washington. there was an ultimatum, essentially presented to city workers by the mayor build diblasio similar to those things that we've seen in the private sector over the last few months. right, where they've said you must get vaccinated all phase consequences. here build blasio said right friday, 29th of october, 5 pm. you have to have had at least one covert shot and you've got to be able to prove it. that's a deadline has passed those members of the city workers. so i was talking, police were talking fire, we're talking sanitation, you know, the people who collect the trash look up the sewage, all of them, if they have not been able to show by now that they owe back to make them come monday morning, they will be placed on paid leave and this has not gone down very well with a lot of people union. a saying this is out of order therapy, huge protest against this measure. fulfilled last year says, you know,
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this is about protecting people. there been huge protests as i say, but lots of these work is a say, we're not anti facts. we're not back says we've had the vaccine wheel processing because this is america, it's about freedom of choice. you can't force us to do this because if you do that is the beginning of a slippery slope. so a lot of discussion about this, a lot of anger and a lot of people who potentially may not be able to work on monday. that said, you know, the police department in new york, it is a large police department. they say 80 percent of their employees and are vaccinated. they put 1000 jobs into obs yesterday, so they say for them, it's not about philly and tie a precincts. it's about replacing od shift work, his hair on that people have not been vaccinated. the fire department, it's the largest in the country. the union says a 5th, the fire stations could close. but again, a lot of people just waiting to see how much this will be felt come monday morning, the lebanese ambassadors to saudi arabia and bahrain up and given 48 hours to leave those countries. it's in response to accusations of saudi aggression in the yemen
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war. the u. k is threatening greater checks on all you vessels fishing and it's just a france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions. the escalating dispute is linked to a post brakes at fishing agreement. harris was threatening sanctions of the u. k. doesn't grants more licenses to french fishermen? thousands of protesters happened marching in. molly's capt. obamacare against the presence of french military. frances already begun to withdraw soldiers from its northernmost molly in basis. molly's prime ministers, the keys for arms of abandoning the country, britons queen elizabeth has been advised to rest for the next 2 weeks and follows an overnight hospital stay. last week. she will avoid official visits during this time. buckingham palace says the queen is determined to lead the u. k. in commemorating its war dead on remembered state just over 2 weeks. okay, those you have. my niece continues. hey, on al jazeera, after witness stay with us. ah
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ah yes, a little bit a bundle with a a, a, a, a
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with us you know, they want to go have you like there's no sad see, but i thought those book you have a more post logo that. c they're still not pulling up either in fun i. let's be the most. the people even agreement already. so they said that he was a, he's a, he's a, is this battle battle is so maybe see and think that may be the one. but anyway,
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it's, yeah it's, it's like i've been able to get them on a bit of the stuff as, as you know, i mean already got you a ah . 1 3 with mm
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hm. oh send you sent as it gets se minimum heavy it basically bruschetta government was heck of ivan. they since would out. so programmer the letter the unless you man leave and money on his m. he comes the me that it is contract with. but i think that a company medical model, emma's you lab last night master gala both of his in the list and 2nd we'll, i'll just put that in with his grandmother. glad you got him and have you go to the london tele, viscous mess emphases. you'll make a nice most unusual systemic group,
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but we never bringing back even in political dentist said that they go sane. yes. ah. but at the local local oakland said about april they did as a me louisiana to speak in waving meant in the president and put a 70 and a bucks mafioso hole in illinois. those me 8 pretty severe that will cover put low policy soon. general warner seniors must out of the living club. la, la, los caterpillar's, a leather ogre, bravo, candle, nesbit, i'll give you lindsey federal and making more investigators on the same as the authority. literacy recycle. now valencia like a novel v marcella. base re in this. yes. pick the list, indic, novels are comments otherwise recorded. when it got by the room it was really global quality book. but of course for my little voice in those middle dorsey
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d o this yes, but a lot of will very helpful. there to canal apple. you there when she got them in the article deliveries out of in, i mean, other possible from that all come up and sort of dallas police event, but i guarantee sal alexander can be that the pena law present that come with a little bit of pick up the latino vill electoral dilemma. another one apple politic that is that the libby soon permit you tell me now to call our land of your lives yet he committed i may he could at of his import dentist reform us in by his mother. oh oh, you live close to pu battlers bonder this is the minimum in september. it was me courtesy may he quasi stu our nebulous barrel dystrophy of years as we stood here? what in take places to the enters campus, you know, say, well, for another carlo,
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see this up at his heels. pull up, police he a leveling, quincy out of any server. oh, in damascus. pico but a hub and deliver this event, eke wendell escalate. the moral the base assess ability and government decoy caught us on the put a legal la garza, blank of angelica benito wellness gun. the look at the elaborate combo level under lexi students have their own. a monsoon major nadia cons to either. but ela, but a couple of students yell boon consorts from michigan. i come jojo, norma contract to federal. gaddy, this is les storer is to predict who had been
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mailed to lucy, that implacable number, 17 bit of rental escandone, banassi, vo, levi, were counselor, logan. king corral will be at martine, completely remedy only them. nissan you, on the 16th was me. jonas, i've already went to miss as his place and basically precedent opinion for him that i like was tisha ackerman. yes. wiki pasta. listen. p. v. willingness for lack of you. novelist, us, you on emmys, immediacy, fiercer responsibly. please leave it at that impressive. vacant progress. young, leave it about his government, done by yourself yet, but his sierra scornfully rep that makes pretty soon. larry less young that i go up there to me now will they this year most boyish royalty. ah ah. noticeable oh no. these, again, not being admitted to i said look, is that as he in though this is our home of these and gave amazon i love about yeah
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. and it was all on the st. gazed is, will not grow, paid your lot, even better. expose your it guy. mobile won't of a either already that is he does. he does. john is absolutely i didn't. jerry's episode philosophy fritz has put a beat that he loves to synthesize me to feed my 60 kansas one. okay. so lapping people both the content database based this up at his job and his bus, who may be ethical when delinquent grade got a minute of a con, difficult, davis burnett and kate, we're not picking up that. he chatted. but i me sort of put aysa glass hang 15th of this book, his record. so c dekota said this be the of am if he say, mean will not last us. you on the proposal can cut that there are going to just been, this is those, those missing coffee to war?
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one of those miss because you thought you were with miss elizabeth. sh with or like a venus. he's like, he doesn't say let's where i was at this stage up. i lazy was know, you lose you lose worth a b as to lou. this is what the fuel federal is on foot was moved on these, but did he bump isn't there is also there was an would be physically me, he call the corners. does the america see which in they those pushing woozy when did finish portion them about something be single which of the mega got those amazing dividend. the single isn't it? i love it. that is missouri. my son does this or joel in 3 minutes or so. we've seen him as a physician, empathetic feel medic, carmen, a quarter of a set of id. somebody anchored oak of west block his entitled him to look as usual
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. i can develop upward into his hypocrite, a lady called madison. he lins wilkinson sort of his yeah, i mean that was just the only got re stack on a 2nd. the name was micky, going with the sun when we come in when a man or negative $5050.00 up in the leader thought it was literally for them to get there would be so they're going to be showing up the shift emmy vehicle. maybe you could think i'm going to be out here. now this is done with this is bassio's that you are back
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in plenty to complain. the b c d as in the phone. so municipal court protest, i don't maybe search for felicia to put fuel last year. not only would express your government, save you into a much better, i live better local money that in less than that. so we left it was $200.00 and food base isn't a fuser. it doesn't give us that, but i get bones thermal, spit on it. seeing that, who's this this just as he see ours? he asked almost for ya. so yeah,
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of course one telling me he could pop up to the media to protect journalists, because when i, when i went ahead acidic, i like the fence. i know that al deli, without explanation harold are saying poco significant or a to casso even plot to cut them in the discipline. you own l. e. a feeder. this is the algebra. feel welcome to fulfill cubicle komatsu to class for that unless you don't get the anger emiliano theseus clinical benefited are let ellis, uncle michel look else at and thought you end up with santa della, and i guess, okay, i see them all the us and latisha vienna they will be in a federal our case our see can assist out with some. okay. okay, i'll put you down to the law republic. i started yahoo sandal a. so is thought blynn identical means that they get gay, all gum bone in the living guns. they live on j e. they knew john didn't pull their political and gone through this, but he's just going to lose some of the busiest young velocity he brought on the the, the value the government de la cecil has used the lemon veneer owner. there was
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a muscle to promote it my, your rating curtailment, the it up on exit 2 of so little barbara, and maybe you approve brace or k naveen. i'm dog gunman, africans comparable model establishment, but for no room and dirtiness abcnews young be worse. those factors are al, is their birth is to 1000000 to results if that will result in a bit of eustace global car. yes, brazil mentor are coming upstairs. ah, there to mistress political sen. he's a computer. i mean, they can, you know, the scope a total, any question? look, trina, been it travels with the main thing is true. so that if it was put out she that the like the movie channels with
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the ladies union but the it but even let the ladies you medical wedding good and the and in beside local that was left beloved event on us. i see the look up a see that they for the more let us see kinda late there. it was due on the late there. look here this was he still not 100 bit people come up or looks. yes. me multiple cavities, combine fios and we've seen nessie that has atlas in fever. the symbols would have either put symptoms, family, a mossy, petty little cindy, fabulous evils. common grandmother mosquito gal exclaiming, putting, say to the head either will doubleclick ottoman no soviet they've always been up a lava. no, so be a chill,
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conscientious and most was startling. flemish june no soviet his spirit, double the nostril corrected. obedient, opinion lemetre. they 6 annually been in the men to leave union tossing, putting them in those in daily style. a little pussy. dodie says what a fort america tv levels hit government, no support v. as in tony said, b who asia, the selling the bin then seattle, they said you upload, which hadn't momento thou have electrically this, but i continue to have a handle mentor split but overlap extending program. and before putting that met, where does he as one of the as good either that was out for those of us or lola was otherwise you got to real all by visual come up and she goes on though in come with them alone. come away. you see where you see well
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with wendy, wendy, wendy, is they are the one is the more she goes to look at them on rosemont, not kristen. chuck with trouble with this is you know that i didn't want it to kinsmen, we still suppose it goes, a bubble done as division, and this isn't going up. why is it under product? he's already been any it don't you misty as young as he's automatically he she'll kaziz or this week. this is the, this is a buddha e. establish on this. this is the, this is a buddha was ever halted. they called there was a bill. i'm embarrassed to come all week as the person that can like is think of the in the graphical. know. so i love the, but it's one ok you give is it on for you to go to the n o me, the anon is disabled with them present. they may end up on the head low by most of them and out of the matter don't. elliot? nobody, they always fails in law and means mother knowledgeable. got this
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joke. okay. where's the one beside the melinda where there was in there with me as you really are, that i may go if you can again, tina with it. they may. busy no, no, no, the sell to list a more out of the local home with him to so he said, you know, in the company that i sent to so this is federal finance. people know they lee, since hear them very, to put it only where she left america, that the glue will place you in as a lease moment. he can yet about all, but i'm going to be sure that i placed a ballistic and ruthlessly through the vehicle. but you will, amino super annoying place you the better to post below say samples which end
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tables can figured out and fixed. if it's you guys, he'll be new in policy of those duties, federal welding a so but as we go through. so course bill have you been a few other? i'm thinking you need to speak with somebody. it's courses including the scandal like a sub lanka. bully, me gosh, for much wanted to copy, but it can also go to c as in lima, that, that it is a similar way story up to that most likely nobody could put a buffer, black, yellow proceed in. mm hm. it received that thought, implement the noise it can make you go, mr. is it harder here that i'm more we'll present them and again, as it goes through the diagnosis, it was sent in black. your post. it presented me cuz he's a kid a cuz he's develop isn't giving us. the lesson is good as a millennia that on any times while receiving them and general when you need the blanket, this is this. i will the board of the present the again or to give it any of the
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blood. you're guessing that it has this, he's been saying, oh you never this if you want to be received them again or to get rid of the black here that this raises me again us and it was our present. they given, if they black it didn't display them, is that the app was, is then we will have raising them, as in nancy unity and for those as universe, for me is a leave you with a few minutes of the demo with others, with some of the most when you're, you're listening to me there we will stand is your unit up. i do lots. i mean people money sticky. if i'm not sure now this one will be anything. he always will be the one, the one there will be
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a lot of i'm going to give out of you know, but you got for the seller, put the local communities to you could just double check on stuff but up i'm in the lunch at the most me the but i said this week i will talk to him, but this jessica, so must broken, you know, must i pull that i'm, which has been done, but i'm not to commit that much meaning more for the governor's date, but i got a lot of money to get on the
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thing will be in will then be keeping any of the defense manidez. i assume we're no care person, they'll bounce with us. well, not really sure. but one in law and then not a lemme keenness. younger. see is the less your but i channels the lavario, eat this was not going to be that will the he may so please get him which will give me legal. nice to be me. he got unless you can sense. yeah. in the this will my, it was expressing muscle probably coming down this. can the law give you a service in the back? our central but i think she'll be going into lunch. comalla kimberly's the glen door, going little bit a get them was a me, lee, you'll daycare in with terrific people. i phone system and he said his extraneous
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look at the amazon village. you forget, i mean, zach is a gay because you live in nobody's you every most or whatever the values for game, none of the most current then and put it in a room into the get thomas, a guy in the malware kin instrument though loose attack is the big houses in, in the live one way form, they will call whenever listen the is to the end though in this 1000 years. whatever they wanna do, not part of it yet. i mean the per k glen, i mean they look a most commonly available. give annella mama ah brain damage on his head or let his gas doyle will be at. no, they've been but a competitive the mother he nancy glasses, gases upon. so to lisa. but i could empty sadler so good. he, beth national bowels were low. he got him insidious
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nevertheless. bit us winners must be gross. as a base w pass his could. if you daniel's clear human is totally thaddeus a bit, a sequence run command. second thing, d, v versus levels as tucker element as guns, high level belly, them he separate it then they put they to be he lack most of those done this danielson think what tremendous about his eagles, gecko. so the lucky i can play medical voice a, he must spend he put again, i must believe and contact alice places to the and to say, well in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to friday toxic had beside, with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance with chemical warfare. a decade later,
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the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brang something they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out of their own with a with
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no i'm not insight into here. top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. and french president of hell, the fast in person meetings since by countries most serious diplomatic dispute in years. australia council to deal with france in favor for one with the us in the united kingdom. joe biden acknowledge the handling of that security packed was clumsy. we have a no more i why
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it's been with us.


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