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exploring how the corporate 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context. india analyses either unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah, oh, we did, was clumsy. was done with a lot of grace. the u. s. and french presidents appeared to turn over a new page after the fallout from a security pact between washington, u. k. and australia. ah, i mean we're on con this out there a life and doha also coming up one in 2 of the population of,
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of gun to stop. don't have enough food to eat dinner when the next meal is coming. the ones humanitarian chief tells out 0 times running out as he calls on world leaders to immediately release aid. talk on a song a hard week on the road. we meet some of the migrant families who have been bought on a desperate journey to the u. s. southern border and the u. s. health regulate to authorize his phases cove at 19 vaccine for young children. ah, the u. s. in french presidents have held their 1st in person meeting since that diplomatic dispute ahead of the g. 20 summit in rome. joe biden acknowledged the handling of a recent security agreement with australia and the u. k. was clumsy, he said he was undertake, under the mistaken belief paris, have been informed about the deal in advance. that agreement forced the
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cancellation of australia's multi $1000000000.00 deal to buy french submarines. we have no older or no more loyal. no decent ally in france. it's been with us from the beginning. reason in part where we came we did was clumsy. it was done with a lot of grace. i was under the impression certain things happened that had but i made clear french read through, you know, what's important is precisely to be sure that such a situation will not be possible for all future congo coordination of congo cooperation. but for me, what's important is that we build during the past week, some very concrete actions in order to strengthen to bother sheep in the hill. this
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clarification between what european defense means and how this is completely compatible with nato. what's european sovereignty means and how it's important for goal security. a white house corresponding kimberly how kit has moved from rome. the meeting between the french president emanuel mac craw and u. s. president joe biden was important because these are long standing allies and the rift that was created as a result of the united states working with united kingdom and australia and forming a security partnership known as office leaving france in the dark was a flap in the face according to the french president and well, there was a telephone call to try and men the relationship. this was the 1st face to face meeting were joe biden acknowledged the mistakes of the united states, saying that this was clumsy and also without brace to leave france, a really ignorant of what was taking place. we should also point out,
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though that the apology appeared to be accepted by the french president who talked about the importance of the relationship moving forward. what mattered were the actions in the coming days, weeks, months and years now? and joe biden also had other meetings here in rome. he met with the italian president as well as the italian prime minister. but there was another headline, and that was the announcement that health ministers and finance ministers of the g 20 r working creating a task force in order to achieve an ambitious goal. and that is to see that the world's population is vaccinated up to 70 percent by mid 2020, to early abiding. visited pope frances of the vatican to discuss climate crisis. and the current of ours pandemic during space has moved from room president biden with the pope, a deeply personal and spiritual moment for the u. s. is 2nd ever catholic president,
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but also a chance to discuss the most pressing issues at the top of the list, the climate emergency. the biden administration had hoped by now to have passed its massive spending legislation, giving the president the ability to match his words on climate with action. but there's been no breakthrough. as the u. s. president toward rome with his motorcade of 85 vehicles. the un secretary general said all roads to success at the climate conference in glasgow. and just a few days passed through rome. what is the minimum g 20 countries must deliver at this summit? for there to be a chance of success at cop $26.00 in glasgow. we asked you the above what the scientists tell us that are the levels of emission that it should be needed in 20, said he, and in 2050. and it is clear that he leads nowhere.
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if developed countries will tried to blame emerging economies and emerging economies will try to blame developed countries. these is the moment for every body to the maximum. g. 20 leaders had been arriving in the italian capital, including some like the australian prime minister, scott morrison, and the brazilian president jebel scenario, who faced the most criticism from climate campaigners. a senior un sources told me that the priest summit negotiations conducted by the leaders envoys known sherpas had been extremely difficult. there's been some positive movement on the global distribution of cobra. 1900 vaccinations. but on the key issue, the climate emergency has been absolutely no progress. another issue complicating things is the fact that some leaders, notably rushes president putin and china's president. she will not be traveling to rome or glasgow and will be attending this g 20 remotely. james bayes al jazeera
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rome, i've got it sounds, economies on the brink of collapse, and the un humanitarian chief is calling on the world's most powerful countries to do something about it. during this weekend's g 20 summit. martin griffith spoke out there is kristin filling me about what the stake. almost half of the children under 5 are risk of severe acute malnutrition. one in 2 of the population of afghanistan don't have enough food to eat dinner when the next meal is coming. so the food insecurity is reaching levels, which is unparalleled globally. it's a, it's an extraordinary picture. are you an agencies able to get in and out of the country more easily? now, are they able to move about the country freely and access people in need? the un has scaled up with international and g o, a national partners, and the security in afghanistan to reach people in need. hasn't been as good as this for a long time. so that there are some,
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there is some good news. un flights are regularly going in and out and around us got his time. staff have gone back it the operating conditions are beginning to improve, but the needs are skyrocketing. how can the international community inject cache into the country without compromising its principles without violating international laws? and sanctions are still in places that possible putting cash into the economy is not putting cash into the hands of the taliban as the very care about that. putting cash and the economy means that nurses can be paid. it means that traders can operate. it means that women running small businesses can do that. and if you don't have that, what are the consequences? the consequences will be, i am quite sure, drawing instability, more problems in terms of violence. the possibility of the region destabilizing. we
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constantly hear from women and girls there that they're afraid of the situation and they don't trust with the taliban is saying, would you trust your daughter there right now? look at the i, i totally understand that. you know, the taliban has a past, which we all know and afghans know particularly well and i negotiated with the taliban in 99 j. exactly on this issue. and we made no traction. we made no progress. so the engagement and the negotiation is important, as you say, it's imperfect in different parts of afghanistan. ton of ban needs to assert its own command control over different parts of africa and insist on the promises it makes at the leadership level to be delivered at the local level. so if, if i, if my daughter was living in kennesaw, yes, i'd be concerned and i totally understand the fear that people have a desire to leave, that our best efforts should be to make us kind of
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a place where girls can feel safe, can prosper, can work can move, that should be the effort that i believe it's possible. it's been almost a week since a large group of migrants set off from the mexican city of tampa, trula aiming to get to the u. s. a while previous caravans have been stopped by mexican authorities. this one has managed to advance. john holman, has more from southern mexico. oh wow. it's a tough awakening for the group of more than 3000 people who are moving through met comfort, trying to get to the u. s. after another night spent sleeping on the street. there's a lot of children here. the 7 in the martinez family is struggling already. another offer, some of them were tired, but the children, even more cell one is ill. she's got source, they've all got irritated skin. it must be the sun and the change in the
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temperature. like most people in the caravan, the martinez is have come from central america on today. in their case 15 people, 3 generations of their family have fled. late to they'll tell us why. like many of this, they arrived quickly at the mexican city of tampa, tula, hoping to then travel through the country to the states, but a forest. he's confined them there for months. now they've managed to get out. we will little they can carry these bags, contain all of elvin martinez, is his wife and free children's possessions perched on a rickety buggy girl gas thou i now and i reckon wheels might give out at some point today during the walk. i'm right now this is everything that you have in the world. pretty much know ali test all look it in, in soon enough, it's time to head off the group started before dawn to avoid the south metzger peak
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. the only sound a little chatter and the children who can't take it anymore. and spite long lines of calls and taxes to the side of them, no one's gonna give them a ride. the mexican government's plan this time round seems to be to let people have bots, but only on foot. and they've set up checkpoints like this one daily ahead of the caravan to make sure that cars buses, taxes aren't picking migrants up. and that way round the migrants in the caravans quickly getting worn down and they still a couple of months, whoop from mexico city, the caravans officials stopping point 6 months at their current rate from the us, where many want to eventually get to the martinez family are already on the verge of giving up, but one thing stops them. and now we have nothing back home. we sold everything and what's more,
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we can't go back ever but my husband had problems with extortion because he's a taxi driver and my son t because he didn't want to join the gangs. and those that don't join can be killed . it led anna leslie to other memories of his son. she says was so precious by the gangs to join that he took his own life in the ultimate firing gang of my son killed himself when he was 20. yeah, i mean a lot of like you're out of your life back home is tough, but so as this journey, even around it that night we left the family sleeping in a leaky warehouse in another village. only a tiny bit further on the long walk, nor john hohmann out visitor. a squint le stella had at our desert, a deep thing. this meter, the post brings it facing, writes the u. k. threatens to board a french quotes while paris again owns the sanctions. and how the increase use of
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hydro power in georgia is threatening a species of fish that lived along the dinosaurs. ah now nor'easter traditionally brings a lot of snow with us later in the season. at the moment you've had water, could dakota dories to bring a huge amount of rain damaging winds to a big system. now this eastern side of the u. s. the action being off the coast. so if you look at it more closely for saturday, the rain is now moving slow. the north was a better looking picture. the warnings will be dropped. not the end of it, though, you can follow them up to re massachusetts and probably eventually towards the nova scotia. this is during sunday with better weather to come, but rather a cold breeze, i suspect on its way through for the next couple of days. on the other side,
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the u. s. where it's been so wet recently, there is more rain coming in slowly from the pacific, but the time being is just a scattering of shouts, but a snap in the mountains. there's the cold breeze coming down out of the canadian interior. hasn't yet affected toronto, but there is no in it. so i think it'll be a cold blast for this as an active, whether is a super specific lie to the bahamas for cuba and then towards honduras. but that line is marching slowly eastward was generally dry to the west drawing yucatan dry through most of mexico, as you can see. but sunday takes the potential for shout towards haiti, eastern saudi cuba, jamaica, and abbey further south into nicaragua. ah, the climate has changed. every year for millions, a year, sheets of talk, but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate,
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smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically. some photos, the oil industry was a main bank roller or opposition to climate action. the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing more to to have did, was fewer 60, absolutely. on august eve. ah ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder of our top stories this our the u. s. and french presidents have had, have held their 1st in person meeting since the country's most serious diplomatic dispute. in years, joe biden acknowledged the handling of a recent security agreement with australia. and the u. k. was clumsy of got
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a sounds, economies on the brink of collapse and the un humanitarian chief bought in. griffith is calling on the world's most powerful countries to do something about it . during this weekend's g. 20 some and thousands of people are again, walking through mexico hoping to cross into the united states. unlike previous migrant caravans, mexican authorities are not stopping them. hoping to walk becomes too much and they give the us food and drug administration has authorized the pfizer biotech code 19 vaccine for young children. the decision means at 21000000 children as young as 5 could be eligible for the vaccine. charles for the age group began in july, the dr to vaccinate. children was spurred by rise infections of the delta bearings and the reopening of schools. full of el is in washington, d. c, filled potentially millions, the can now get vaccinated. however, vaccine hesitancy and straight up anti vaccination attitudes are still prevalent in
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the us i absolutely am was still, you know, a few days away from this going into a fight because this is by no means a done deal. let me look on my son that it will, but you know, there is still scope fritz to not happen. so the f d a has approved it. so what this means is the f d a advises they got all to get together of resume. they poured over all the evidence and then they held a focus on whether or not they should agree that they should happen. and it was an overwhelming vote. 17 voted in favor at the 5 job for 5 to 11 year old, 0 against and there was one abstention. now pfizer says that it is a much reduced dose. it's about a 3rd of or an adult would get. and it's in 90 percent of cases reduces the risk of severe disease, but it still has to go to the cdc. that is the next stage for the cdc advisory body meets next week. it again makes a decision that it passes it upstairs to the big boss, rachelle, and ski, and she makes the final decision. now, it's pretty much a get so that it will happen, you know,
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everybody expects it to go through and they all prepared for this. you know, this will affect some 28000000 kids. older kids can already get it. if they're over the age of 12, this is 5 to 11 year olds, and there are $15000000.00 doses ready to go with the whole, but they are in vials with orange cups. whereas the other ones have purple caps to make sure that they don't get confused. and all of the states or the majority of states i'd be buying in advance. so they've spent the last few days last few weeks, getting their supplies, getting their orders in. so they all ready to go. president biden says that these will be ready in pharmacies. they'll be in dr. surgeries, they'll be in community census the, the road i will be very quick out. it will be in perfect time for the holidays because remember we are handling towards thanksgiving. that is a huge family events here with the united states. many families were spit last year, so they're coming together. but there are still some hesitance, you know, the kaiser family foundation, which is a non profit here in the us that specializes in health care advice and, and all the rest of it says that according to its research, 27 percent of parents are so just over a quarter, so they will not give this faxing to their kids as soon as it is authorized,
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they are still holding out. so there is, as you say, still some hesitancy here. and it's not just the parents of the children fil, is it? new york city is facing some hesitancy as well from surprising quarters. yeah, yeah. so there was, there was an ultimatum, essentially presented to city work is by the mad build diblasio. similar to those things that we've seen in the private sector over the last few months, right, where they've said he must get vaccinated. all phase consequences. here, bill diblasio said right friday, 29th of october 5 pm. you have to have had at least one coded shot and you've got to be able to prove it. so we are now at what 20 past 7 in the evening here on the east coast that that's a deadline has passed those members of city workers. so we're talking, police were talking fire, we're talking sanitation, you know, the people who collect the trash look up the sewage, all of them, if they have not been able to show by now that they owe vaccinated and come monday morning, they will be placed on paid leave, and this has not gone down very well with a lot of people unions. a saying this is out of order that have been huge protest
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against this measure. but built a blasio says, you know, this is about protecting people that have been huge protests as i say. but lots of these workers say we're not anti facts. we're not anti backs as we've had the vaccine. but we are protesting because this is america. it's about freedom of choice, you can force us to do this because if you do that is the beginning of a slippery slope. so a lot of discussion about this, a lot of anger and a lot of people who potentially may not be able to work on monday morning that said, you know, the police department in new york, it is a large police department. they say 80 percent of their employees and are vaccinated. they put 1000 jobs into obs yesterday. so they say for them, it's not about fully anti a precincts. it's about replacing od shift work is here that people have not been vaccinated. the fire department, it's the largest in the country. the union says a 5th, the fire stations could close. but again, a lot of people just waiting to see how much this will be felt. come monday morning . phil laval, the law firm, washington d. c. thank you. the problem is sort of haiti has condemned the gangs responsible
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for wave of kidnappings in his countries. thing they will be brought to jo. 5th. it comes nearly 2 weeks after 17 members of the us missionary group are abducted thought one got grand beth isaiah on all those who take the haitian people hostage terrorized the population are the enemies of the people. all those who support bandits help them find weapons and ammunition is all those who give them the money under shoals. all those who used them to block all activities in the country. all those who deal with them so that they can take power. guthrie did act, they are the enemies of the haitian people, and we are treating them as enemies. the u. k is threatening greater checks on all e u vessels fishing in its waters. if france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions, the escalating dispute is linked to a post briggs fishing agreement. paris is threatening sanctions of the u. k. doesn't grant more licenses to french fishermen? the british government says if those actions are implemented, it would put the
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e u in breach of a trade agreement. already us is the chief executive of the national federation of fisherman's organizations. he said, the situation is both political and technical and it won't be resolved overnight. there is a lot of concern, of course 2 of our vessels have been detained, arrested. this may be normal enforcement proceedings, but on the other hand, it takes place against the background of very belligerent noises. rhetoric coming from the french government and france indeed seems to be determined to escalate this issue. to be frank, i find it difficult to understand this in fisheries terms. i think there must be an additional element which is domestic french politics because these kinds of issues about the allocation of licenses issuing of licenses can cause these
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technical difficulties. but they are usually result of a technical level. and indeed i understand that the discussions between the u. k and the you have been proceeding to resolve the standing issues involved. so those licenses will be borderline cases, quite difficult, where the evidence of having fish historically within the 6 to 12 mile limit is absent others. they will be upper to this that are trying to secure the advantage of having a endorse and deficient you say water. so it's highly technical and we would expect progress to be made at that level. very much surprised that it's been escalated to this level. and this level of belligerence and directory can be used. the lebanese ambassadors, the saudi arabian bahrain of both, and given 40 hours to leave those countries, saudi arabia, as also announced,
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stopping all lebanese imports, crossing its borders and recalling their ambassador, lebanese prime minister in the g, mccarty is urging his information minister to make the right decision to fix arab relations. george could r, he's criticism of the saudi lead coalitions war in yemen as led to an escalating diplomatic crisis. and pakistan's prime minister has held a security meeting to discuss recent vaughn and protests. supporters of a band political party are marching towards the capital as long roads. several police officers were killed and at least $25.00 others wounded during a rally on wednesday. thousands of their members are marching on the capital, demanding action against france over the 2017 charlie had no cartoon controversy. come, all hide has more from his armor. the dead eager la bag burger don had refused to call off the long march toward the lama bod. after spending a night in the industrial down of goodrow, while they're now moving toward bod,
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read, they will be confronted by the 1st major up to the river jer, knob. there was a meeting of the national security committee of the cabinet, the prime minister calling a harder military and civilian chief to discuss the strategy forward of god. the government will be trying to ensure that the margins are not able to cross that major barrier which ever knob that decision has already been taken. but even if they are able to cross that barrier, they will be confronted by yet another river. which ever jayla i'm so the buckets dani a powder military force, now have been authorized to use force. when necessary. so far, the police had been using maximum restrain. and the minister also say that while the government determined are stopped to march, they wanted to send a message, a garage to say that if day march stop, the leadership of the day gala beg burgersson really be released. however,
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there will be no compromise on the issue of the expulsion of the french ambassador or debating in parliament. large numbers of volcanic punish stones, a closing trouble on japan, southern coast, the pebbles which come from an undersea volcano of clag, a clogged story, 30 ports damage dozens of boats and disrupted the fishing industry. the government has declared it a national, unnatural disaster, and several species of sturgeon are in danger of becoming extinct in georgia. the fish are facing threats from manmade dams. robin forest, they walk out reports if memory only river if you could travel back through the mists of time, say around 200000000 years, you would find fish remarkably like the ones swimming the present day waters of the re oney river. 5 critically endangered species of sturgeon still spawn in the rony . that is, they travel up stream from the black sea to lay their eggs. but upstream,
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numerous stems have contributed to their drastic decline. this one is devout c. hey hydropower cascade. completed in 1987. it stopped fish from reaching spawning grounds that had existed for millennia hydropower. so very neat proper for sure. this purges spawning grounds are chris. oh and now it's only 9 kilometers ending to pass. it was more of a 50 temperature to understand the threat to moon and needs more data. we said mcgee is ready to help. he remembers the days when the sturgeon, with large and plentiful, catching them, now is illegal. but if method locals know who to call a lawyer ma'am, is let us, we keep is alive, put it to the basket, and wait for to moon all the others. they'll come take
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a sample and let them go. you fish are released back into the river. that's delivering results. one species thought to be extinct has been re discovered the so called ship sturgeon. but dna analysis also has revealed a worrying trend hybrid individuals, which can no longer reproduce. man's intervention is everywhere. here the river has been diverted to reduce season of flooding. the sluice gates used to be used for quite a different purpose. if close you could trap migrating sturgeon, and they could be caught far more easily. well, thanks to observe is on the ground. those kinds of big fishing events are far less common. it 12 monitors now patrol a 92 kilometer stretch of the re oni last year can add his team, undercover to $22.00. incidence of poaching, including this brig of hooks designed to snag sturgeon on the river bed. they said
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sca that's m a look at one of them. we are in contact with each other over the phone. we pass on information. what is happening in our area, or if a boat goes by, i will tell the others where it went, in which direction, and we will react so that if something illegal is happening, we can stop it. the sturgeon are now better protected and better understood. but george is government once more, hydro power on this river, not less. their survival still hangs in the balance. rubbing 1st year walker al jazeera on the re only river in western georgia. ah, this is al jazeera elisa, top stories. the u. s. and french presidents have held their 1st in person meeting since their countries most serious diplomatic dispute. in years, joe biden acknowledged the handling of recent security agreement with australia and
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you cake was clumsy. we have to order for no more loyal.


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