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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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leased him dog from pressures he once had, we told him that we have cleared the field for you and no one would lay obstacles on your way from this day forward. and also you have the liberty to form the government as you may wish. we will not interfere in any decision by any official we bring along hello. still ahead on al jazeera, the ears suspends funding to the world health organization programs in democratic republic of congo, after a sexual abuse scandal. kidnappings, on the rise in haiti, we hear from a teenage girl who was snatched off the street. she walked home from school. and in sports, as the atlanta braves can pace in baseball's world series. we hear from those offended by their refusal to change their name. ah ah
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hello, here's your weather update in emit 15. we're focusing on the middle east and we got to talk about some showers, work in the way across northern sections of syria, northern need rock into western iran, but also the risk of seeing some showers in cats are more toward the north end, the west. but for example, della we've got to put the risk in there. so want to put that on your radar through saturday at please see those winds gas stain up to about 40 kilometers per hour. and oh yeah, monday is november 1st. so your average for the month of november is about 30 degrees. not much to report through pakistan. plenty of sun lahore getting up to a height 28 degrees. energy from the central med starting to drift into war. the eastern med so unsettled into budrum and turkey, for example, and also toward the east central africa. we've got our storms coming and going, but heaviest concentration of rain is around the gulf of guinea. and toward the south. we've had been dealing with bouts of heavy rain through south africa, but the bulk of that energy pushes out towards sea. but still some rain falling in
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durban. and you know, for the eastern cape winds, have been a factor as well over the past few days. but i think on saturday we'll see those winds back off just to touch. and they'll gust up to about 55 kilometers per hour. and now they're up to date season. ah, ah, 25 years ago, a television news in the middle east began with a 2 part documentary series, monday the 25th anniversary of al jazeera telling the story in the channel, and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of knowledge is even a unique path in the country with an abundance of resource rate, far and walk indonesia, whose firms for me, we move full to grow and froth,
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we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest literally pot. linda, this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now lou ah ah, how are you watching al jazeera. i'm emily anglin. i reminder of our top stories this our in ra, m. u. s president joe biden has met italian ladies. sand is set to hold talks with his french counterpart earlier, biden met francis to discuss the climate crisis. the talks come ahead of the start
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of the g 20 summit. meanwhile, global protests are being held in 26 countries. to demonstrate against the use of fossil fuels, swedish activist gratitude berg has joined the match in london would demonstrate his marching between major banks and the u. k. is threatening at great checks on the old e u vessels fishing in its waters. if france goes ahead with a series of proposed sanctions, is blazing, dispute is linked to a post for exit fishing agreement. the european commission has reportedly suspended the funding to the world health organizations operations in democratic republic of congo. that's after an independent inquiry found more than $88.00 workers. some of her works for the w, a show sexually exploited and abused women during the response to be a bowler outbreak linked emails to the reuters news agency. sure, the
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e u is withholding more than $24000000.00 for the u. n. organization. ok, let's speak now with robert fleming felt. he's an investigative journalist who broke the story of the w. h o abuses in the democratic republic of congo. he joins us on skype from the eastern city of book of thanks for joining us. robert. these are shocking allegations of sexual abuse of women. many who in already vulnerable situations. what stood out most to you during your investigation? yeah, well i mean, i think one of the most important things to emphasize at this point is the overall scale of the scandal. so between our 2 investigations for the new humanitarian and thomson reuters and this commission that was set up by w h o. we're now looking at more than 150 women who have gone on the record to say that they were abused, exploited in many cases, raped by responders working for the ball, the response. overwhelmingly. w h o employees. overwhelmingly foreigners working
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for w h o. in one of the more striking aspects of this was the fact that the abusers organized sort of rackets of abuse and indeed used the resources of the response to engage in their view. so as an example, in a number of instances, drivers were sent and marked w h o vehicles w h o drivers to pick up women to ferries, them to hotels, which doubled as offices for w h o. where those women were sexually exploited or abused in at least one case a w h o driver was sent to the mark w h o vehicle to kidnap a minor was brought to one of these hotels and was raped by a w h. ho, employee, robert. these are just shocking allegation. senior has suspended funding to w h o programs in congress. is that enough? and is that in fact creating more of an issue for the victims in this situation? punishing them rather than punishing dollars eligible?
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responsible. well, the reality is that it is the case that you funds as well as world bank funds, us government funds, you fund all the funds that went toward this response, did indeed enable the sorts of response these sorts of abuse rather on a massive scale. so it can be said that it is potentially a very small helpful 1st measure to hold w h o to account for things that occurred in the country. and it's important that you put on the team requirement that restitution be paid to victims of the sorts of abuse before it will consider resuming funding to w h. o. but one of the more important questions that needs to be asked is overall institutional accountability, including accountability for senior leaders within w h ho, director general pedros and a number of other individuals. should the w h o be tasked with
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investigating these allegations? you know, can they do that objectively? well, the point has been made, for instance, by the great poly donovan of the code blue campaign that in effect w h o has been tasked with investigating itself. this is what it's been doing. it's tapped itself with investigating itself, and incidentally in the process it's offered sweeping exonerations of as i said, it's senior officials of director general pedro of in send an incident manager manager michelle. yeah. mike ryan and the number of other senior officials and this is sort of curious for a number of reasons. a w h o is not a sovereign state. it can't offer a criminal prosecutions. and it should get out of the way for national authorities to prosecute individuals responsible for the massive crimes which have been documented by journalists and by w h o commission. but furthermore, or director general pedros personally visited the bowl as phone 14 times. he was a personal friend to one of the individual was accused of abuse. another of the
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individuals accused of abuse was a senior official member. the name of the car was a senior official within the response w h o in gauge and institutional cover up when allegations surfaced against those to innovate individuals including pedro's friend and those other senior officials that i mentioned were staying in the very same hotels which doubled as offices where i talked to who tell employees who said this sort of abuse was an opening secret. it was there in front of everybody side. everybody knew it. so w h o officials are left in a position where they need to either plead gross negligence or willful ignorance, in other cases, not a particularly good defense. well, it's certainly a very important story to tell. we appreciate your investigation that robert fleming felt an investigative journalist who broke the story on the w. h. o abuses in democratic republic of congo. thank you for your time. thank you so much. were wanton troops in northern mozambique have helped the government regain territory
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taken by an group. the 4 year conflict has killed thousands of people and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced. one to says it's funding the military operation itself. but rights groups have questioned this out. 0 is malcolm web has moved from pembroke. more than 700000 people have fled their homes in northern mozambique. in the last 4 years, an armed group called out, bob has attacked towns and villages. he says it wants to bring his lemon law to the province. his fighters have beheaded people and abducted others. the people who fled to this town told us, they don't understand why want to go? i'm going to do, do you, will you wonder what you do running to the forest to check my children? so i don't know what happened to them. why they decided to take my kids. i don't know. it was here at the marilla hotel in the town of palmer city and grew through more international attention than ever before. it attacked the town in
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march. the hotel was popular with contractors servicing in nearby natural gas project. it was besieged for days. thousands died trying to escape week later, french oil giant tow towel suspended his operations in the area and pulled out its workers that had been preparing to extract $20000000000.00 worth of offshore natural gas than in july when troops arrived to help the government forces over the following months they fought the armed group out of the towns and villages. it controlled the celebrated to gain together at this parade. i'm big's armed forces had failed to contain the insurgency, the rwandan troops have had much more success. there are questions around who's paying for the operation. their equipment, like the helmets wearing looked new. it's all in agreement between the president of
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the 2 countries and the terms of that agreement aren't entirely clear. rwanda's president pooka gummy says, we wonder is simply helping an ally and funding the operation itself. we need friends ending with this. one is just making its own contribution but made them beacon right groups. wonder if we're one that could even afford the cost, which included importing fleets of military vehicles and why it would pay. it is not part of the governance of conflict, emotion, but it is not clear as to what is paying the building off the national forces that the 2nd country to fight divide. the many observers suspect franz could be paying because of total fossil fuel interests or that french president emanuel mccomb broke
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a deal. he met with the president of both mozambique and miranda earlier this year . when he visited veranda in may, my con promised 500000000 euros of development aid and spoke of helping regional responses, including in mozambique. but france has neither confirmed nor denied its funding. the rwandan troops on the ground through all the questions around whose funding the enemy now ship ab, aging rifles captured from them by the london forces don't suggest they have a lot of money. i feel as claimed responsibility for some of the attacks that local discontent with a government is more apparent than foreign connections. for many, it's not clear who is behind the forces fighting in the conflict. what is clear is that both local grievances and $20000000000.00 worth of natural gas lie in the middle of it. malcolm web al jazeera, amber mozambique to haiti now and the kidnapping of american and canadian mission
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raise has captured the world's attention, the wife of abductions in recent months, has left people traumatized across the country. reynolds spoke to one victim and a warning. some of us may find this report disturbing. she is a 15 year old girl, the only child of a family that is far from wealthy, but that didn't stop kidnappers from grabbing her off the street last month. on her way home from school. she asked us not to show her face or use her real name, will damper. they took me and blindfolded me and put me in a car. i don't know where they took me. then they raped me. i was crying and calling out for my mom, and i could hear other children crying to her mother who also asked us to conceal her identity, sold all her possessions, and scraped together the equivalent of 2000 us dollars to pay her daughters ransom
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. went this hunting artesia, i feel good because they didn't kill ha. i was glad i could see her and get her back at them. my dad and mother and daughter are now destitute, living in a safe house run by a private organization that helps battered and abused women and girls. a near total breakdown of law and order has left many haitians at the mercy of criminal groups who use kidnapping to make easy money. women and girls are particularly vulnerable . honestly, there's no place that i can quite like thick your place and haiti right now. everywhere is unsecure, thought n gas, old woman aid workers say, some victims die in captivity, and there remains are never found. others are too deeply traumatized to go on. i had some case that human all girls that had it has been kicked, not they kill themself. few, if any of these crimes are ever solved according to
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a haitian human rights research organization, nearly 800 people have been kidnapped since the beginning of this year. mary is now receiving medical and psychological treatment. oh, we need security in the country. a lot of young women and men are being kidnapped now. she is one of many victims in a country living in fear. rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince argentina's, former president mauricio mccray has appeared in court on spying charges, is accused of ordering intelligence agencies to monitor the families of crew members of a submarine that sank 4 years ago, geno shamela reports. ah, it was more like a political rally than a court case with several 100 supporters of the former president modi's. your mac, re gathered in the small town of the lord is they believe he's innocent,
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that the charges against him a politically motivated ha warren, who jalap, he can never have spied on any one. what's the point of listening to the families they should be looking for? they is responsible for the submarine tragedy. i had a mother, i'm disgusted. they even started this case. it's unbelievable. they would spy on people who had suffered such a terrible loss. many of his supporters urging him to stand again for the presidency in 2 years time. if he does this case hanging over him won't help. it was adjourned. the legal technicality for prosecuting judge hadn't sought the permission necessary to try a case involving the state intelligence agency. so could a market them, okay we, we are, we want to cleaner life with more transparency, more honesty, because more constructive and includes an independent and impartial judiciary. ah, macros support is a jubilant about the delay. it's not know when or even if he'll be required to
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return. at the heart of all this, the legal wranglings and the political maneuverings lies the still unanswered question of what happened to that submarine? the i r a san juan, and it's 44 crew members. that's the quote in the families. a still asking the submarine disappeared in the south atlantic ocean in them, but 2017. with 44 crew on board. it was sailing from the southern tip of argentina to the naval base in martineau plata. when contact was last, despite an extensive weeks long search, nothing was found. anxious, families were told nothing. as their anguish turned to anger their campaign, frances became a political football a little. this shows a lack of respect these football chance show a lack of respect to us and our children, to the justice system. it's an unnecessary political circus. the wreck of the
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submarine was discovered a year after it disappeared at a depth of 900 meters, 460 kilometers of the argentine coast a technical for to cause an implosion. there were no survivors. the wreck will not be re floated, but the relative say they want to know more about i get all this so that one has been suffering since this began comes to one end of their spying illegal, spying on my mom and dad on me. it's not just, we want justice that they tell the truth, that while the san juan remains at the bottom of the ocean, while the falls on the case remain locked in military archives. and while those in office, at the time of the tragedy seek reelection, the families fight to discover what really happened to the 44 crew on board the submarine san juan, is likely to continue for some time than you showing their al jazeera dolores. when osiris province sport is next on the al jazeera,
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including the latest on the plain teacher of christian ericsson, after his cardiac arrest during the european championship. ah, a ah
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. ah lou. ah, it's time have his boy, he's paid emily. thank you so much. oscillating president, john le porter says chevy wool coach the club one day, but refused to say whether he'd be the immediate replacement for ronald crewman. the dutchman was sacked wednesday and the porter admits he should have acted sooner than our boss is. b team coach surgery bus one has been put in temporary,
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charged with the club, sitting 9th, in the league for my boss manager. pet. guardiola believes these formats he may. chevy is ready to take over at the no camp is and i don't have any dobs at he's ready to to do to do the job. so he knows the house environment and he is so important in this, in his role. and he knows the game here by sean and, and i'm pretty sure he is do. he has more experience right now that i had, for example, when i took over the clap of the team from barcelona. here is just a, we're going to take some live vision now of you as president joe biden. he has been speaking with french president and manual mccomb with there is no place in the world where we can work together, which was francis value. and no matter where, how we view and so now we're,
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they're still working together. you're caring in that part of the world or having to tour what happens in other areas from our partnership with today. and so i wanna get something clear from all the credit with hard a lot more. we're in britain on of thank we thank you. i mean to her, there you're asking me to answer is, i think what happened was to use your english phrase. we did was calmly, there was not done with
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a lot of grace. i was under the impression certain things that happened that hadn't been done, but i made a clear friend re to extreme and of itself the so i don't know really that we have the same value. what do you think will happen for me? i was under the impression that french had before long before that deal was not going through. i honestly, i know you had but having said, look a little too much we have done together shopping together, celebrated together and value for anybody to really break it up in the world. we're one of those inflection point world history is you're changing
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pictures on the board room and it happens every week from $50.00 to $75.00. the chapter that i want to be in the same board. oh, in with us was not cm only bonnie, a stay as president for the state. and now what's important is precisely to be sure that such a situation will not be possible for all future congo coordination of congo cooperation. but for me, what's important is that we build during the past week, some very concrete actions in order to strengthen the partnership in for hello,
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this clarification between what european defense means and how this is completely compatible with nato. what's european sovereign to mews and how it's important for global security. and just as a, from important for vacation plus we launched the cerebral corporation as i mention . so for me, what, what really matters now is what we will do together in the coming weeks. the coming month coming yes. oh. 7 okay, we were just hearing from a president, joe biden and french president emanuel micron, who were meeting in rhyme or the u. s. president says paris is an extremely valuable partner. let's cross now to our white house correspondent,
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kimberly holcombe, who is live for us in rome. hello, they, kimberly, we now we've just heard from the 2 presidents and sir, tell us a little bit about the significance of the 2 of them making well, it's significant because there has been a bit of a rift between these 2 world leaders, namely because of a deal that was struck between the united kingdom, the united states and australia security partnership known as august. now, as part of this deal, what happened was that i deal for a sale of diesel powered submarines trust roja from france with scrapped. and instead the united states was in fact going to have a deal instead that would replace that nuclear powered submarines. and that was of course something very damaging to the relationship. and so you see these 2 leaders
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now working to repair that will focusing on what they can work on together, including climate change and other key issues as they try to move the relationship forward. kimberly, thank you very much for that update. so just repeating those news, justine president, dr. barton and emanuel my phone has just out a press conference. we'll have more information on that. i'm just coming up shortly . stay with me. assassination is just as it does, stabilizing the democratic process, you will use it, it will be the los for holding a documentary. explores how autocratic leaders undermine democracy to consolidate
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the discussions, what is green washing is when an oil company talked green, but at 30 unflinching journalism, are you committed to building a vibrant democratic afghanistan, sharing personal stories with a global audience, our menefe has had no idea what happening on the shuffle, but i could see the body bag explore and abundance of world class programming. climate change is another complete issue of survival on al jazeera you as president joe biden maids, pope francis, that the vatican ahead of the g 20 summit as world latest sake to find a common ground on climate change. i or this is climate protest is gather in cities around the world, demanding more urgent action from late it ah,
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hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up the you.


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