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you cannot, his team are not covered the $22.00 incidence of poaching, including this rig of hooks designed to snag sturgeon on the river bed. they said scott, that's looking at one of the we are in contact with each other over the phone. we pass on information, what is happening in our area, or if a boat goes by, i will tell the others where it went, in which direction, and we will react so that if something illegal is happening, we can stop it. the surgeon are now better protected and better understood. but george's government once more hydropower on this river, not less, their survival still hangs in the balance. rubbing 1st year walker al jazeera on the rio de river in western georgia. ah, hello, i got the headlines on al jazeera president, joe biden has the head of the roman catholic church of the vatican pair,
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discuss the climate crisis on ways to end the corona virus pandemic, or white house correspondent, kimberly hallett has this update from the vatican both of these leaders are very concerned is the issue of climate change. this is something that the spider ministration and joe biden himself have identified as an existential threat. they see global economic recovery linked to addressing climate change. and this is something that pope presses for his heart has also identified as a problem that is hurting the least of these around the world, specifically the working class and those that have been marginalized. so there is a feeling among both of these men that there's a shared responsibility, particularly among the wealthy, around the world to see that this is addressed in order to help those that are suffering so disproportionately from climate change. front as the captain, if a seas british fresh fishing vessel has to appear in court next year, already said the troll, or was fishing illegally in french territorial waters. the u. k. has threatened to
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board french boats while paris is warning of sanctions in a deepening dispute about post bricks at fishing rights. so don's military chief ignore the warning from the us not to impede the work of the civilian administration hours before launching a qu, according to us media, washington, the envoy for the horn of africa visited her to him earlier this week before through don's military power and to solve the government, focused on prime minister has held a security meeting to discuss the reef and violent protests. supporters of ban political party are marching toward the capital as lama by demanding the release of their leader. here paying commissions reportedly suspended funding to the world health organization's operations in the democratic republic of congo. that after an inquiry found more than 88 workers, some of whom worked for the w h o. sexually exploited and abused women during the response to the ebola outbreak. of the dates were the headlines on al jazeera up
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next. as the stream, thanks for watching november on al jazeera, all through a year of turbulent weapons. world lead us gather in glasgow for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning 4 lines goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the us. millions in ca, gast, on both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the lat, pole. trigger a political, quite immersed in personal, short documentary africa, direct show cases, african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and quote for a boy called impact the sporting event november on out just sarah, i hi us, i me okay today on the stream,
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we are going to be looking at the reasons why a viral social media post on facebook unleashed weeks of anti hindu violence out his ear is tanveer child re reported on the protests that quickly followed. oh, go ahead. so about what the capital got. got people from all walks of life in those muslim 1st, john bought a gun. what took place in las vegas? most of the country go back with the one just as many of them out on the side. we spoke to someone, a couple of it will be for the one. we're going to see what, what, what our holy hindu bochita was. burns. many hindus were killed. minority women with rate these incidents keep happening one after another. yet we never get real justice when you are born. here we are taxpayers and contributing to the country as
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development and every sector. yet we are being attacked and marginalized in every way. now we are here to protest and fight for our survival. what is, how can bangladesh protect it's hindu community? that is the theme for today's show. if you're new chief, you can be part of our program. but your comments, your questions, your, your stories, even right here in the comment section and be part of the discussion. let's meet the panel hello to time via children you so him just their reporting. chaffey and nina chaffey. welcome to the stream. nice to have you, please introduce yourself to our international audience. tell them he was and what you do. i'm sharpie most cooper. i'm assistant of over. so a war, religious and culture, university of tucker gadhafi and i, nina, welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to our global audience. hey, i'm the net will show me empty director, real grammar bonus, hello skin. do we do, sir? human notes and legally duncan image of butler. nice,
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happy and welcome back. and very good to have you on the stream. always. we reached out to him for his help, mercedes, many times we reach out to government officials to be part of today's program. we received absolutely no response. let's start with a look at where some of these outbursts of violence have happened in bangladesh. show my laptop here and via perhaps you can help me out here because it's not just one area that the religious sites and shops in homes damaged right across bangladesh. can you explain why this happened from a viral social media post that actually was probably quite mischievous. and probably wasn't anybody disrespecting the muslim faith or islam a tall? probably not. oh, should i go faster yet?
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can you go faster and sharper? you go 2nd. yeah, go ahead or so as a journalist, of course i've been observing primary data is and also talking to lot of colleagues what's going on. this obviously is not the 1st time it happened in bangladesh. on many occasions we have seen, especially during hindu religious festival, a surprising at this sort of events take place this time with much more significant, much more dramatic. you know, of course, that at least 3 hindu bangladesh ships were killed foam muslin protest as were probably in the temples were shot dead by police. so the very tragic event. now we know at least 6, this the kind of very dramatic incidents, including common law, which is in the east or southeast. you may call it nor cali. and the non curriculum . it was a very tragic incident from all a college. i mean, there's
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a fairly poor community living in more rural settings. their homes were. many of them have to take shelter in the field just to save their lives because they were scared that you know, was going to protect them. there aren't any police. incidentally, a lot of people interviewed later even came out and videos in social media. the local people are saying that look at typically we don't have communal problem between hindus and muslim. i have a lot, i've helped a lot. and yet i'm seeing these pictures of these outbreaks of something it can be, let me just say the conversation was shocking to go pick up. sure. ok. so i think the for 2 reasons be that checks are still significant and as well as one the 1st of all, best buy it only affects of the marlins that is spread across the country. and number 2, the,
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the frequent that talks on the minute it is in last 9 years in 2013 of 2600 that tax. and if i go into why this is happening. so 1st of all, i must say that the immediate cause for these paul is, is definitely the defamation of the whole. you put on by blessing it underneath into god honda once. so this is the immediate cause, bob, but i would say this is a does, does the causal, bailey, this is not the actual region. i see this model is this problem, 2 perspectives. number one is a data, some mastermind behind these attacks and they had their own as in this. and these political come, you know, and they could make interest. and there may the most names nor hindus
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there just few minutes. and the secondly, i'd like to see these attacks from another point of view, look them the more be attacking the minute is causes and the temple and that this to be analyzed from social, religious and, and the historical and the colonial perspectives. and, and then we can understand little bit, the whole dynamics of the what's actually happening in the country right now. oh, let me, let me bring i, he, there's, there's a lot for us to talk about nina. let me bring into the conversation. i want to play the prime minister. shake has siena and her response to this, these weeks, this weeks of violence. have a listen, have a look and then i'm really interested in your response. nina. here's the prime minister. hi,
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this is really unfortunate as to what happened a few days ago. there's an investigation going on and we're getting lots of information. and of course whoever is involved with instigating the sort of incident. we definitely will find them. go ahead, nina. yeah, i want to talk about the history on my dish. i went in to who before the liberation wire. in 1947 up the continental us, you made it in the name of religion that india and pakistan. and in 1971, we are a lawyer. what happened in on
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the basis of nationalism not on the basis of but after $975.00, that to major general toms and govern bangladesh and be moved. similar items from the constitution. they inserted me lined up for bramble of the constitution and they brought that stick to the east lamb is the end of states. so at this is the history of bangladesh. and after a long time this prison government try to being a constitution. but it is a time of thinking now now what is happening and the stipulation was sent to ex they, but a to a while, you can measure the ability to go by, by piece i doing alliances. we release the bike is that
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b and b has that meter. elaine sleep dumber. the slum. and emily didn't sleep. he finds that the slum. so i think that the reason is it was just as that we are. why don't you go benefit? okay, i mean it mean i, i hear i'm just gonna say that bases of both of our way here outside of bangladesh and don't know as well. yeah, absolutely. tanveer, let me just just finish this and so i can have our audience understand a little bit more if they need to 90 percent of the population in bangladesh. muslim 9 percent hindu, that's an important fact for you to know time vague ahead. i mean, both of them say that pretty much i agree with. there is a far more deeper roots to all of this problem. i made it, as nina pointed out, since 947 partition of greater india into east and west are, you know,
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and he was based obviously division was based on religion, that d proto sentiment that still exist. you know, it's not necessarily coming in billing, but it's also national listing, feeling it, whatever happened in that region has a sentiment that sparks in each of the country we have seen in india in recent days, writes and billy and other places, the national citizenship act across the board killing up by with a border area by indian security forces. all the sentiment plays into nationalism sentiment in bangladesh. and as both of them right pointed out politics is a major factor here. i mean, all the part, it's mike. i really just, jim out the party or the national this friday, which is technically the main opposition party, which was in power at least twice. and even the ruling party having
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constitution and everything written doesn't change your sentiment. we're saying populace movement in many parts of the wall in recent years as well as what happened in yoga. yeah, it's far more deep rooted and when things like social media is now there, lot of phones, videos from both side of the border, india and bangladesh. when spike a media becomes another tool, let me just share and just share this with you again for you who are familiar with the region. if you have a look at the map of where bangladesh is going to come in a little bit closer, see how close it is, how, how close the poodle in india and what happens in india is going to influence bangladesh. and i think yeah, it's located inside the india. yes. the mother said yeah. ok. i just like to add with that on with that. yeah, he rightly pointed out the influence of india. and my little,
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the discussion i mention that social influence look at what is happening in the neighboring countries that both in me and mother the india. so what we can observe in the social media do is of prosecuting most of the population in both in me and my as well as in india that has a negative effect. and i started very calisha last 4 or 5 years. i see i have seen all kinds of devices. these are these groups that are using that in be mostly in sentiment by, by the hindus and the big pieces like that. and the social media is full of those plastic. you should videos. i think that's what you're spending, why the mall infection of the population, a given pile in and having the n p n t non most incenting man, why this trend is growing up? i think this is one of the reason that suffer may,
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i should think where she walks the victim, i should, i call it the proxy, victimization, the feeling of proximity, my visual among the muslims. what's happening inside india and me a month that is affecting bung of issue population as well. let me share something with you. excuse me, sharpie. national, our son is an investigative reporting program. he's a journalist. he talks about the digital space and how powerful it is when we're talking about division of communities in bangladesh. curious, what is unique about a serious intentions are clashes or violence that they all are originated from digital space. and they all are have something to do with heart and religious sentiment. and this trend is, or was linked to in the shall both move man, which demanded that and as far as supposed ations accused of war crimes. and then the opposite islam, which demanded last time in laws,
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or the knowledge is for whoever hard islam or discard audits, profits. so i think, i think yes, and also the ruling parties insistence on clinging on to power at any cost. it's also sidelined over the democratic discourse that also polarized the over the society country. so many layers gang on the shaft, go ahead. all. i mean, obviously the site the being is being polarized based on the 2 sides like the chart of movement and the hip as a moment. but definitely got better, has, has handling this to this side very, very technically. and it's still a long way to go, like i and i would say is still there are some rules, look at the college traditional the country is still the nation building. after
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nearly 50 years, we have the similarities, as well as based religion in the constitution. so there, there is a beauty and that ambiguity shows what actually happening in the society. so definitely all where they have to do a lot because the people have the most faith on the daughter of the bowl shape most one. so i think it's still a long way to go and, and these issues they need to implement some inclusive policies to, to incorporate. well, political, they said as little as the minorities, i'm going to introduce in a mom's voice into conversation with him on the actual must rule. and he is reading, wrestling with the nature of bangladesh. what does it mean? what does this mean about language and its ability for one faith to talk to another faith and live happily together? this is what a mom told us earlier. the interfering the violence in bangladesh is awful is
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despicable. it should be immediately stopped, muslims and hindus christians. but eastern people or faith are equal citizens of the country. we are all equal, we're all human. so please stop the violence, stop the fight. what i would like to say to one of the government is in bangladesh, truly and democracy had freedom and rule of law. this would not be happening. bangladesh needs a complete democracy over all it needs do in order in these communities to come together and create a civilized and inclusive society, baudelaire supplies strength and unity. and then as the government officials didn't want to come on this program to discuss this issue that is prevalent in bangor study right now. what are they doing? about 8 was judicial inquiry. the i requested a judicial inquiry on the incident in formula. and after every incident like this
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in previous years, also there's a lot of error. there's a lot of that position. people are unknown, people have been accused and been taken. are those. and then few months by where it's out of media and you don't hear about it who was actually behind it, who was a real bridge and the politics states. it's charlotte, we are 2 years away from election the general election. it's a contentious issue, opposition as well as the ruling party blames each other in every turn. things like that happen. it's not a problem of the society as a journalist, looking from different perspective, i don't think bangladesh is a country where you see people are coming out on every day basis in those and muslims in bangladesh typically got to learn very well. it's almost an incident as now it is a jumping. yeah. yes, yes, please do this. ok. i think the most important thing is if the trust
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is broken between the hindus and most of the government can do the build their temples and build the houses they can do it easy. but it's very difficult to rebuild the trust because that into that most themes and that requires the government into fads because that, that trust building repairing that trust is very important. because we have bung elisa, we're living side by side last housing. yes. and that draft is broken in some areas i should not say is broken in in every area of the country, but definitely the task is broken and that needs to be rebuilt chassis, in order to do so. yes, yes. yeah, it did to just finish. i quit because i want to bring in nina, i think because they pass know for nina shortly. just just finish a sentence, go ahead and, and then i'm going to put me on. i want to spot this something
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a little bit fast. yeah. but if you want to hear from now, but i will discuss this letter. i mean, i'm just looking here at the prime minister on my laptop here. him to use afford alongside them. was the brothers junior liberation? will they have equal rights in bangladesh? how do you get to a situation where that is happening down on the ground? nina, if we, if we think that obviously we think that, oh, that he moves and muslims have that you guys the but does need i that by ministers are of the she say, but it is not that. well, there's a that, how old are you with that guy's job? impunity. cheers from that 2001. there is no odd does meant in favor of victims of pilots, common and highlands fuel fuel does mean so we can see that very
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few just mentioned but there are many, many, many cases i filed from 2000, 2001 and 20072008201314 and new monday via we didn't get any just mentioning about our teams. and it is, it is, it is, i can say that it is that in favor of scab on school, because these, these cases are filed by the state. it is that it is a failure so let me just let me just go back there to look for this. so there are many causes. i can, i can talk about this, that up here. there is no uniform integration system. there are many dice up into the center systems this year. there are many types of i, i just, i know that in, you know,
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but they are not getting that justice though. so how does it well is i will be in dublin by, by us, by the government. all right, so let me just go via, via twitter one more time because i only have twitter is the government voice. i don't have the government voice to around the league. government has taken swift initiatives to provide relief assistance and rehabilitation support for the victims of the recent communist violence. prime minister shake has seen him as instructed officials to build new houses for victims. okay, and then some more, i just want to go to i'm diction either in the, in the language up really this is why delay in this must be compensation by dusting . all i'd as so the system will not allow me the graph. they'd still be rebuilt. yeah. i he, i, he, that, i think, and i think that's really important. you made that point very clearly. let me just bring in one more voice. this is tiffany. tie up from the daily star with
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a whole list of ideas about where we go from here in bangladesh and that issue of comment or violence. have allison, religious freedom and community harmony are deeply rooted in the diverse characteristic of validation or values. are seat in the spirit of god, nationalism, or scores. there are certain elements that are trying to serve vested interests or radio. squatters and the government now leads to eliminate them, and they have taken measures to bring the culprits to justice. however, for long term stability, and they need to take a hard look at the buckets that harbor such radicalized ideas. and is it needed even engaged in dial 0? also, if you have noticed many of the attackers were young men. so we also need to look at the aspect of engaging their mainly productive economic activities and mentoring them and guiding them in the right direction. or using the gaunt installed, these are there so multifaceted and never changing perception alongside greater
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vigilance would be critical here. so i just want to pick up on some of the thoughts that you've been sharing on youtube audience. thank you for that. and i am says, or one, cuz as she citizens enjoy equal rights in our country, does it matter if a hindu or muslim? i'm not sure if you're watching the same program and am but the conversation that would be having would maybe suggest otherwise or what he says, why the attacks against hindus happening now? why now can they're just very quickly, can you put into context, why now? i think as i say, the election year politics in, i mean, not election year, but is a weight typically a holistic starts at least a year or 2 ahead of time. it's difficult to pinpoint who was behind this, unless it really true, investigative it by the security forces takes place and the real culprits are behind. but the sentiment is another dimension. the judgement is not the dimensions
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. yeah. people get hyped up. there are a lot of people in rural areas that don't have to spend the complexity of is i want to hear it. graham has been dis, a crate that they've gotten pretty emotional. there are religious artes to hide them up. and you know, that's when typically that happens in india or submission happens. thank untimely. housing banking of hands graduate and i, we had, they had me and nina, so much to talk about that. this is the end of the shall for now. thank you guys have been part of the program. thank you. you tube, it's feel comics. i see you next time. hey cathy, lenny ah, leaders from the world's biggest economies arriving here in rome to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all lies will also be on the g twenty's responses. so the climate emergency become they probably need
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a way to prioritize the planets, help over g d p. special coverage on i'll just bear with
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me frank assessment is likely to change making behavior at all. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily angland. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, you as president joe biden makes pope france. is that the batt again, the head of the g. 20 summit as world leaders say to find a common ground on climate change.


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