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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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oh, how catastrophic wild flies in greece. it's created you problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather joy just for planets or to work on al jazeera. ah, he was president, i biden is missing. pope francis at the vatican ahead of the g. 20 summit climate change on the pandemic on top of the agenda. ah, hello there, i'm this tells you, hey, this is al 0 life and also coming up top us oil executives testify before a congressional committee. they're accused of contributing to climate change and covering it up for ones and forces help to push back an armed group in northern
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mozambique. but questions are being asked about who is funding the military operation? good by facebook. hello nita, but will a corporate name change tackle the social networks many problems. ah. all right, now you as president joe biden is missing with the head of the roman catholic church at the vatican. the pair are expected to discuss the climate crisis and ways to end the corona virus pandemic. these talks come ahead of the start of the g. 20 summit and rome. after that 2 day gathering the u. s. president will then travel to glasgow for the un climate salad. when it's peter our white house correspondent kennedy, how could she's out the basking for us today? it, kimberly, i see president biden who is often late for meetings, showed up rise on time for this one. that's it was rare for the
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u. s. president to be so punctual. but his motorcade travelled behind me and he arrived at the app historic palace. he was greeted by the vatican's month, signor, and also we know that he will be meeting later with the secretary of state of the vatican if you will. but the meeting that everyone is focused on is the u. s. president's meeting with pope frances that we understand is still under way. well, the president's arrival was carried live. the actual meeting was not or is not that is due to co restrictions. we know that the vatican videographers will be present, but no other press corps will be there to see the exchange of gifts, the exchange of pleasantries, or even some of the issues that they may discuss. now terms of those issues, we know that migration is important, that will be discussed, income inequality. but one of the issues that they'll really focus on we're both of these leaders are very concerned is the issue of climate change. this is something
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that the biden administration and joe biden himself have identified as an existential threat. they see global economic recovery linked to addressing climate change. and this is something that pope francis for his part has also identified as a problem that is hurting the least of these around the world. specifically the working class of those that have been marginalized. so there is a feeling among both of these men that there's a shared responsibility, particularly among the wealthy, around the world to see that this is addressed in order to help those that are suffering so disproportionately from climate change. so we know that that's a major focus is the meeting. in addition to this meeting with joe biden, he will also be meeting with the italian prime minister, the italian president. and then later on with french president emmanuel macro, where there is a little bit of damage control to be done as they try to repair a rift over a disagreement on security and cavities. we were saying earlier, biden is only the 2nd catholic, u. s. president. and a devout catholic has
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a very personal relationship to process he does this is in fact his 4th meeting with pope france essays. the 1st one though, since 2016, but they have known each other for many years. and you're right, joe biden is very public about his faith. he has quoted scripture and speeches. he attends mass weekly weather in washington, d. c, or wilmington, delaware. and he even carries a often, a rosary with him for important discussions. he will, we know during the radar know some of been lot and back in 2011 when he was vice president the he clutch for rosary during that very important grade. he's very public and open about his faith and he is also very public about his relationship with pope francis. in fact, we know that when joe biden suffered the loss of his son due to cancer many years ago that it was put frances, that counseled the family, including the 1st lady, jill biden, who is present at this meeting as well. so this is something that is
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a formal meeting between 2 heads of state, but it's also one that is very pres, personal rather for president joe biden. and white house correspondent, company how good in the vatican today following that visit for us. thanks so much. kimberly. now tough oil and gas executives have denied misleading the public about climate change. the c, or is of exxon mobil, chevron b. p. america, and the president of shall, all appeared before the u. s. congress. they were asked about their roles and down playing the threat of global warming, as, as the 1st time that they've actually tested under earth on the subject. how does your castro reports? it's been a year of historic wildfires and the american west. deadly freezes in the south and record breaking, flooding in the east. the fury of these weather disasters likely amplified by climate change nearly matched by the anger of democrats on the house oversight
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committee, who grilled oil and gas ceos on thursday. there are more of us than there are of you. you can poison the planet to make money, but we're going to defend the planet so we can live and we will win. find it in yourself today to tell the truth. it will be better for your company is futures and will be better for humanities future. the purpose of the hearing, according to the democrats who called it, was to force the oil and gas industry to admit that it knew of the harm of burning fossil fuels for decades, but chose not to tell the public as evidence, internal memos from ads on mobile drafted nearly 40 years ago, warning management that climate change could produce catastrophic effects for much of the world. mr. woods given these grave warnings from exxon's own scientists over and over and over again. do you believe that it was ethical
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for exxon to run a new york times advertisement that down played down, played the risk, and instead highlighted the potential positive impact of climate change from the oil ceo's denied deliberately misleading the public and pointed to recent efforts to move toward clean energy b p says it's striving for net 0 emissions by 2050. i recognized that some may doubt how serious we are about are in it 0 ambition. i get it. or progress hasn't always been a straight line. but we've learned a great deal and we view the path we're on as a business imperative. then an eggs on mobile lobbyist was secretly caught saying this in june. did we aggressively fight against some of the science? ah, yes, we're exxon mobil fired the lobbyist saying he did not represent the company's
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viewpoint. me, well, republicans have come to the industry's defense. we are nauseated by the continuous attacks on war. can americans and american industry while you're getting beat down to day, there are people here the believe in what you're doing and we thank you. this is the beginning of a year long investigation that democrats hope will hold big oil accountable in the same way. big tobacco hearings in the ninety's eventually led to massive settlements paid out by the industry. although critics say it'll take more than accountability to stop the earth from warming. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. while jeff cogan is the director of the climate solutions lab at brown university, he says potential investors will now be looking at possible lawsuits against the energy companies. the chair woman of the house or a house oversight committee to day said at the end of the session, look,
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i'm going to move forward with subpoenas for some of the documents that we haven't received from the companies. they were asked to voluntarily provide them and they refused to do so. and so the peanut are coming and that starts to set the stage for potential future litigation into investors. of course should be paying attention to this and seeing the kind of risks that the owners of the major oil and gas assets are now facing due to public scrutiny. when one of the congressmen representative ro, connor asked at the current ceo of exxon about what a previous c, o of exxon had said, right. and that previous he had said, he had denied that there was a link between fossil fuels and global warming. and so when the currency of exxon with ask today about that, he simply refused to admit that that was a mistake,
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that that was a wrong statement. and so you get this kind of continuing problem of big oil not willing to own up to what its own scientists have been saying for more than 40 years. now, captain of a british fishing vessel seized by france earlier this week has been ordered to appear in court next year. friends with our to say the troll and didn't have a permanent operation, their territorial waters. but the owner of the boat says it was fishing legally. the dispute between the nations as linked to a post bricks and fishing agreement and has escalated in recent days for brandon has more on the british reaction. seems to be a huge amount of surprise expressed by british ministers and government sources. today. the situation that has developed over this, that said, has been growing tension over fishing, writes, particularly around those channel island. water's very, very close to the french coast and they have been traditionally fished by french fishermen formula. well, for the hunt, for centuries. the fact is though,
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that the british say that under the new trade and cooperation agreement that was signed as part of the breakfast deal, the fisherman who wants to fish those waters need to show that they have traditionally fish those waters. and many of the french boats that have been applying for permits to do so have not been able to show gps track records, if you like, to show that they have been in those waters pre breakfast. and that's why that parents are being knocked back. the french accused the british of bad faith. the british insist no, no, no, this is not. this is purely down to the lecture of the law. and the french are so angry that they've, they've threatened retaliation. like he, brian is in paris for us with more on the british fishermen that's not been ordered to appear before that french course. he was caught up on these extra checks that are happening as part of this deepening route between britain and france over access to fishing. right now,
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france says it's fishermen got fewer licenses than they should have done when they were being allocated. and france is accusing britain and also authorities in jersey, the channel island that is just 22 kilometers off the coast of france, of acting in bad faith in relation to this post bricks at trade deal, which laid out the fishing rights in this area. now some fishermen here say that under that deal they were left effectively sitting on the dock that they had been fishing in this area for not just the years around bricks it but for generations. but maybe their boats have changed. maybe they don't have that sophisticated gps equipment, but that they did have log books detailing all of their exclusions in the area they handed over this information. but in this case, they say it was disregarded and they didn't get the licenses they were after. and that is why frank phase, you know, it is going to use the language of force. they say it appears that that is the only language that britain will respond to. they have said they are going to unveil what
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they calling targeted measures. now, there are sanctions which will come into play. they say on tuesday, if they don't get the licenses that they expect. mostella had here on out as in more on how joe biden intends to unite congressional democrats behind his ambitious spending plan. last the increased use of hydropower in georgia is threatening a species of fish and lived alongside a dinosaur. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello, good to see your weather. start kicking off in southeast asia right here right now, and i'll take you to the western side of borneo. more than a 100 millimeters of rain over the past 4 hours. but the rain in this area has been relentless. so we do see these scenes of intense flooding and still in the forecast
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on saturday, we see those rounds of rain for that western slice of borneo on it. take you to vietnam right now. we're in northern central areas, more than a meter of rain. so far this month and of course it's still going and there it's still more in the forecast on saturday, not only for northern central sections, but also toward the south x japan were in the clear plenty in the way of sunshine here. tokyo looking good at 20 degrees and temperatures are above average for the northern size of china. beijing coming in at 20 degrees on saturday. next stop. i'll take you to india where a lot of rain in the bay had been gall. it's going to crash into that se coast and really cut its way across the country. we do have weather alerts in play here. a for tamela now do the risk of seeing some flooding. so a lot of activity going on toward the south, but we looked for the north and things are dry, new delia hiv 29 degrees. when buy is also going to be dry. 33. and there's at what weather and coach with the high of 31 see again soon. ah,
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the weather sponsored by katara always in the country with an abundance of resource. byron walk into these firms for me, we move full to growth. i'm fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in the new year. now with oh, are you watching out there?
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let's remind you about top stories to south. u. s. president joe biden is meeting with the head of the roman catholic church at the vatican. amazing comes ahead of the start of the g. 20 summit and rome. biden's aids of said the visit with the pope carries personal significance for the u. s. president. top boyland gas executives have denied a misleading the public about climate change. the c or as of major oil companies appeared before the u. s. congress. lots of 1st time they've testified under oath on the subject. france says it's ordered the captain of the british fishing vessel seized earlier this week to appear in court next year. well, dorothy says that authorities say the troy was fishing illegally and french territorial waters. or london trips in northern mozambique have helped the government regained territory taken by an armed group, the 4 year conflicts that has killed thousands of people and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced. rwanda says it's funding the military operation itself,
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but rights groups have questioned this out. there is mountain web is on the ground for us in pembroke. more than 700000 people have fled their homes in northern mozambique. in the last 4 years, an armed group called out, bob has attacked towns and villages. he says it wants to bring his lemon law to the province. is fighters of beheaded people and abducted others. the people who fled to this town told us they don't understand why, but to i'm going to do and you will wonder what you do running to for us to check my children. so i don't know what happened to them, why they decided to take my kids. i don't know. it was here at the marilla hotel in the town of palmer city and grew through more international attention than ever before. it attacked the town in march. the hotel was popular with contractors servicing a nearby natural gas project. it was besieged for days. thousands died trying to escape week later,
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french oil giant tow towel suspended its operations in the area and pulled out its workers. it had been preparing to extract $20000000000.00 worth of offshore natural gas than in july london, troops arrived to help the government forces. over the following months. they fought the armed group out of the towns and villages. it controlled. they celebrated their game together. at this parade, mozambique armed forces had failed to contain the insurgency, the london trips. i've had much more success. there are questions around who's paying for the operation? well, they're equipment like the helmets. they're wearing, looks new. it's all in agreement between the didn't of the 2 countries in terms of that agreement aren't entirely clear. rwanda's president pooka gummy says when there is simply helping an ally and funding the operation itself, we need friends to the ending with this.
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one is just making its own contribution that made them beacon right groups. wonder if for one that could even afford the cost, which included importing fleets of military vehicles and why it would pay. it is not part of the wouldn't governance of conflict goes emotion, but it is not clear as to who is paying the building off the national forces that a 2nd country, the fight divided the news. many observers suspect france could be paying because of tow towels. fossil fuel interests or the french president emanuel mccomb broke a deal. he met with the president of both mozambique and when the earlier this year, when he visited rwanda in may, my con promised 500000000 euros of development aid. and spoke of helping regional responses,
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including in mozambique. but france has neither confirmed nor denied it. funding the rwandan troops on the ground. there are also questions around whose funding the enemy now ship ab aging rifles captured from them by the london forces. don't suggest they have a lot of money. i sell is claimed responsibility for some of the attacks that local discontent with a government is more apparent than foreign connections. for many, it's not clear who is behind the forces fighting in the conflict. what is clear is that both local grievances and $20000000000.00 worth of natural gas light in the middle of it. malcolm web al jazeera, amber mozambique. now the european commission has reportedly suspended funding to the world health organization operations in democratic republic of congo. that's often independent inquiry found more than a she a work as some of whom worked the w h, her sexually exploited and abused women during the response to the above outbreak.
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linked emails to the reuters news agency show the e. u is withholding more than $24000000.00 to the w h. o. well, meanwhile, the head of the w h o is reportedly uncle is to be re elected for a 2nd 5 year term without any opposition. alessa also obtained by the reuters news agency shows doctor tedra of hon. m. gibber. yes, this is the only candidate nomination ahead of the un agencies elections, and may i u. s. president joe biden, meanwhile, is struggling to finalize a pair of spending bills. he doesn't. yes, appear to have the full support of his democratic party for is $1.00 trillion dollar spending programs, a group that follow. titian says it won't burst on the infrastructure bill without voting on a separate $1.00 trillion dollar bill biden himself made a red trip to the capital to congress to back has spending package. these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pitch
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americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitiveness versus complacency about expanding opportunities, not opportunity to deny small leading the world or letting the world pass this by phil laval has one out from washington d. c. we are hurtling towards the mid terms and still a year away, but that's nothing in politics. so what this does is if you can get this past, now, that means the by the time we get to the middle of next year, people have a tangible something they can, they can point towards. they can say this actually made my life better, my balance better affected my life in a positive way, and that way they may be more inclined to lend support. secondly, this bill also has a huge number of provisions for going green for tackling climate change. and remember, joe biden is going to be at the cop summit in glasgow, scotland, and a few days where he is going to stand on that well state. and he wants to be able
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to say we in the united states, we are leading the way. look, this is what we're doing. so this bill falls down. he can't be in that position and i could potentially be quite embarrassing for him. now this is a huge bill is billed by a better plan. it was 3 and a half trillion dollars a huge amount. it's still pretty big. it's still 1.75 trillion, but they've got to make a number of concessions. they've had to lose some things to do with, for example, expanding medical care for those in low income families who perhaps were looking to get dental or vision treatment. they've had to make concessions to parental leave, where the u. s. already really likes behind and they've still got some hold out some who still say they want more to be done or they want things put back in there around 2 or 3. and the problem that they've got is that they need all of the democratic support that they can get because 2 or 3 people doesn't sound like a huge amount. but the majority that margin is raise a thing. so it could all come crashing down if they don't get full support, which is why nancy pelosi has been cracking that metaphorical wit. today she's been trying to get people on board. joe biden delayed his flight to head for the vatican
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to meet the pope by a few hours so that he could try and go make the case personally. but now as he comes into land, he's finding that perhaps things are not as soon as he thought they were. on the top, you estimate and taiwan has stressed washington's commitment to help the island defend itself. sandra eared kirk described relations with taipei as rock solid. the u. s. applies taiwan with military hardware and training. and taiwan president, sighing when confirmed on thursday that american forces were present on the island . we continue to have a shared and fighting interest in peace and stability across the taiwan street. the u. s. considers this central to the security and stability of the broader pacific region and the united states. and we are deeply concerned by ongoing p r c. efforts to undermine that stability. our commitment to taiwan is rock solid and contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability across the taiwan street. and
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within the region. facebook has changed its name. the parent company of the famous social media site is now called meta chief executive mark zuckerberg says it reflects the met reverse and a future wild with far more online interaction or ensure as an editor at cnr technology news website. he says dr. berg wants to be ahead of the next technological curve. there are 2 things going on. one is that there is unbelievable amount of pressure and scrutiny happening on facebook. and that is something that's very important. it's a good conversation that we're having. and hopefully, one that's going to be a good thing. the other thing is that marks are covered the founder, the co founder and ceo. facebook has for a very long time, been very interested in the next phase of technology. he really is frustrated that he missed out on being part of the phone revolution. and he's frustrated that his
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future is tied to apple in google, who control the 2 main operating systems of our phones, iphone and android phone, which and so as a result, he wants to be. one of the leaders have been next stage of computing, which he sees as being the metal verse, right? the digital world that we all would experience together. and because of that, that is why he's making this name change. now the timing is pretty awful, frankly, but it's something that he's been talking about a lot. and so i'm not surprised that he just decide to go forward with it even despite everything's going on. and i think that there is some sort of a future beyond are, right, we're not going to just be using computers and phones and tv for the rest of the time, you know, in the future, at some point something else is going to take over. i don't know what that is, and neither does my succor burke. but he is betting that that, that the virtual worlds, this metal verse will be
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a part of that. now moving on and strong winds have left more than 450000 homes and the trail in state of victoria. without power. the winds brought down electricity lines, rips trees from the ground and damaged homes. trains services were suspended in melbourne and several vaccination centers rule. so closed wind gusts, in some areas that were the strongest, recorded and more than a decade on. meanwhile, several species of sturgeon are now in danger of becoming extinct in georgia. and the fish are facing threats from man named dance robin virus. dear walker of what's now from the rio, any river, if you could travel back through the mists of time, say around 200000000 years, you would find fish remarkably like the ones swimming that present to day waters of the rio, any river 5 critically endangered species of sturgeon still spawn in the rony. that is, they travel up stream from the black sea to lay their eggs. but upstream,
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numerous stems have contributed to that drastic decline. this one is devout c. hey hydropower cascade. completed in 1987. it stopped fish from reaching spawning grounds that had existed for millennia hydropower. so very me probably for sure with this purchase point grounds are the chris oh and now it's only 9 kilometers. in the past, it was more of a 50 temperature to understand the threat to moon and needs more data. we said mcgee is ready to help. he remembers the days when the sturgeon, with large and plentiful, catching them, now is illegal. but if method locals know who to call a lawyer, miss little as we keep is alive, put it to the basket and wait for to moon or all the others. they'll come take
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a sample and let them go. you fish are released back into the river. that's delivering results. one species thought to be extinct has been re discovered the so called ship sturgeon. but dna analysis also has revealed a worrying trend hybrid individuals, which can no longer reproduce. man's intervention is everywhere. here the river has been diverted to reduce seasonal flooding. the sluice gates used to be used for quite a different purpose. if close you could trap migrating sturgeon, and they could be caught far more easily. well, thanks to observe is on the ground. those kinds of big fishing events are far less common. 12 monitors now patrol a 92 kilometers stretch of the reopening. last year kennedy's team covered the $22.00 incidents of poaching, including this brig of hooks designed to snag sturgeon on the river bed. the cisco,
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that's in a look at one of the we are in contact with each other over the phone. we pass on information. what is happening in our area, or if a boat goes by, i will tell the others where it went, in which direction, and we will react to that. if something illegal is happening, we can stop it. the sturgeon are now better protected and better understood. but george's government once more hydropower, on this river, not less, their survival still hangs in the balance. rubbing 1st year walker al jazeera on the rio river in western georgia. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines us president joe biden is missing with the head of the roman catholic church. the vatican, the meeting comes ahead of the start of the g. 20 summit and rome. whitehouse correspond. kimberly how good has this update from the.


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