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of this were in the clear and in many cases, temperatures are above average tickets. iberia right now. rounds of rain will be rolling through the peninsula, so we got to be on the lookout for flooding in the days to come somewhere. we have seen fighting is southern italy. this disturbance still parked over the central mediterranean, so red weather alerts and play for calabria and sicily on friday. could see some more flooding to come toward the east. that energy is starting to drift into the eastern mediterranean, but it is comp, ron talia 26 degrees and then we've got disturbed weather for eastern turkey with some high elevation snow off to africa right now. and through beneath we have seen flooding across about half of the country, but dry conditions in store on friday and meanwhile to the west. we do have our storm. so abidjan, thunder downpours with a high of 27 degrees. that's it. that's all season. ah. but the climate has changed every year for millions of years,
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decades of talk. but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically voted. the oil industry was a made bank roller or opposition accommodate the campaign against the climate? do you think that's a bad thing? more shooting did misuse? absolutely. on all g 0 ah 25 years ago, a new era in television news in the middle east began with a 2 part documentary series marking the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channel lulu. and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of knowledge is even a unique path. oh
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a. hello. we got the top floors on the i'll just renew our us president joe bite in his meeting with his, with the head of the roman catholic church. of the vatican, this meeting comes ahead of the start of the g. 20 summit in rome. cop oil and gas executives have denied misleading the public about climate change. the seals of major oil companies appeared before the u. s. congress. the 1st time they've testified under oath on the subject from the order, the captain of a british fishing battle seized earlier in the week to appear in court next year, already said patrol or was fishing illegally in french territorial waters. the
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president of the european commission has told taja 0 the you is working hard to prioritize ways of easy code 1900 vaccine in an inequality. ursula of underlying spoke to us ahead of the g 20 leader summit in italy on the you on climate conference in glasgow. up 26 will be a moment of truth because we all know that we are not on track yet to fight climate change. we are running against the time against the clock, so we need action now in this ticket. the 2nd topic is the question of fairness of the so called climate finance. the developed countries have promised to support with $1100000000000.00 per year. the most vulnerable and least developed countries, and we have to make good on this promise. let's focus on the fairness one, cuz that is key. and actually the g. 20 countries are responsible for 80 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. and yet questions will also be asked and sacrifices will be asked of middle and low income countries. you mentioned the
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finance, which is obviously important, but shouldn't go wider than that. shouldn't it? for example, be at the heart of the foreign policy of the you to try to alleviate the stresses that many of these countries are feeling. the goal must be on one hand climate adaptation to support developing countries. and that this is very important. and on the other hand, to support that, the developing countries do immediately leap frog in to clean sustainable at the best circulate economies. and this is the big goal. and for that we need not only finances, but we also need innovation. and this innovation also has to go to the developing countries. the cop conference, obviously, under the shadow of the pandemic, which is still raging numbers are contained in parts of europe around the world. they are not a lot of actions are being pledged. i know that you will be announcing a huge pledge, but you do not being delivered will certainly not deliver it fast enough. now there's another proposal that says that actually what we should do is waive the patent of these vaccines,
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giving poor nations the ability to produce their own vaccines. the e. u does not support that proposal, but isn't that the answer to give poor nations the ability to help themselves? i'm forced to subscribe the goal to give developing countries the ability to help themself with what seems. therefore, we propose compulsory licensing because waving the patent doesn't bring you any manufacturing capacities. but compulsory licensing does that. and we have a 2nd initiative. we invest $1000000000.00 together with our african friends to bring m r a new technologies, the faces for the covered vaccine to africa, and to build up their manufacturing capacities. let search shift the focus to afghanistan. now now the use planning to reopen its diplomatic mission and f canister, which obviously a closed when the taliban took over back in august. it's also announced, or i believe you will announce the support package of just over $1000000000.00 to
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help the african people you've specifically said the african people should not pay for the actions of the taliban. but of course, overall development aid is still frozen because of the actions all of the taliban. what do you see the role of the you being enough? garrison right now is the winter's coming. and therefore, the european union is leading the initiative to provide humanitarian aid. plus, we call it also, for example, to support teachers or health care workers that they can do their job. because the banking system is basically broken down. so the salaries are not being paid. but i suppose it's that balance, obviously helping the african people. but having to deal with the taliban, it's just quite a difficult balance to strike. and i wonder how long it sustainable for they should not be forever. this is foreclosed clear. this is for the crisis moment at the right now and we are working and that's very important with a neighboring countries creating a platform because they are affected also to. but the most important right now is
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that the taliban government has to show that they come up with their deeds following their words. so far we haven't seen that years. president joe biden is struggling to finalize a pair of spending bills. he doesn't yet appear to have the full support of his democratic party for his $1.00 trillion dollar spending program. a group of politicians says it won't vote on the infrastructure bill without voting on a separate $1.00 trillion dollar bill biden had made a rare trip to the capital to urge congress to back his spending package. these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pits, americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitive versus complacency about expanding opportunity, not opportunity. and i spoke leading the world or letting the world passes by
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philip l has more from washington d. c. we are hurtling towards the mid terms and still a year away, but that's nothing in politics. and what this does is if you can get this pass now that means the by the time he gets in the midst of next year, people have a tangible something they can, they can point towards. they can say this actually made my life better, my balance better effective my life in a positive way and that way they may be more inclined to lend support. secondly, this bill also has a huge number of provisions for going greed for tackling climate change. and remember, joe biden is going to be at the cops summit in glasgow, scotland, and a few days where he's going to stand on that well stage. and he wants to be able to say we in the united states, we are leading the way. look, this is what we're doing. so this bill falls down. he can't be in that position and i could potentially be quite embarrassing graham. now this is a huge bill is billed by the best plan. it, you know, it was 3 and a half trillion dollars a huge amount. it's still pretty big. it's still 1.75 trillion,
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but they've got to make a number of concession. they've had to lose some things to do with, for example, expanding medical care for those in low income families who perhaps were looking to get dental or vision treatment. they've had to make concessions to parental leave, where the u. s. already really likes behind and they've still got some hold out some who still say they want more to be done or they want things put back in their on 2 or 3. and the problem that they've got is that they need all of the democrats support that they can get because 2 or 3 people doesn't sound like a huge amount. but the majority that margin is raise a thing. so it could all come crashing down if they don't get full support, which is why nancy pelosi has been cracking that metaphorical whit. today she's been trying to get people on board. joe biden delayed his flight to head for the vatican to meet the pope by a few hours so that he could try and go make the case personally. but now as he comes into land, he's finding that perhaps things are not as so not as he thought they were. the top you, us diplomat in taiwan has stressed washington's commitment to help the island defend itself. sandra and kirk, the scribe relations,
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which i pay as rock solids. the u. s. supplies taiwan with military hardware and training. taiwan president, sighing, when confirmed on thursday, american forces were present on the islands. we continue to have a shared and a fighting interest in peace and stability across the taiwan street. the u. s. considers this central to the security and stability of the broader india pacific region and the united states. and we are deeply concerned by ongoing p r. c. efforts to undermine that stability. our commitment to taiwan is rock solid and contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability across the taiwan strait and within the region. the kidnapping of american and canadian missionaries in haiti has captured the world's attention. there still no word on their fate. nearly 2 weeks later, the wave of abductions and recent months has left people traumatized across the
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country. rob reynolds spoke to one victim and a warning. some viewers may find his report. disturbing. she is a 15 year old girl. the only child of a family that is far from wealthy, but that didn't stop kidnappers from grabbing her off the street last month. on her way home from school. she asked us not to show her face or use her real name, will damper. they took me and blindfolded me and put me in a car. i don't know where they took me. then they raped me. i was crying and calling out for my mom, and i could hear other children crying to her mother who also asked us to conceal her identity, sold all her possessions and scrape together the equivalent of 2000 us dollars to pay her daughters ransom went visiting artesia i feel good because they didn't kill ha, i was glad i could see her and get her back at them with the other one. mother and
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daughter are now destitute, living in a safe house run by a private organization that helps battered and abused women and girls. a near total breakdown of law and order has left many haitians at the mercy of criminal groups who use kidnapping to make easy money. women and girls are particularly vulnerable . honestly, there's no place that i can quite like stick your place in haiti right now. everywhere is unsecure, thought ingles, a woman, aid workers say some victims die in captivity and there remains are never found. others are too deeply traumatized to go on. i heard some case that human all girls that had it has been kicked, not they kill themself. few, if any of these crimes are ever solved according to a haitian human rights research organization, nearly 800 people have been kidnapped since the beginning of this year. mary is now
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receiving medical and psychological treatment. oh, we need security in the country. a lot of young women and men are being kidnapped. she is one of many victims in a country living and fear. robert of al jazeera, puerto prince. facebook has changed its name. the parent company of the famous social media site is now called meta chief executive mark sucker burg, says it reflects the matter verse on the future world with far more online interaction the firm sounds or says or brings together the company's apps, including instagram on what's up under one brand, ensures and editor at c. net a technology news website and he says mark sucker berg wants to be ahead of the next technological curve. there are 2 things going on. one is that there is unbelievable amount of pressure and scrutiny happening on facebook. and that is
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something that's very important. it's a good conversation that we're having and hopefully one that's going to lead to good things. the other thing is that marks are covered the founder and the co founder and ceo. facebook has for a very long time, been very interested in the next phase of technology. he really is frustrated that he missed out on being a part of the phone revolution. and he's frustrated that his future is tied to apple in google, who control the 2 main operating systems of our phones, iphone and android phones. and so as a result, he wants to be one of the leaders of the next stage of computing, which he sees as being the med reverse, right? this digital world that we all would experience together. and because of that, that is why he's making this name change. now the timing is pretty awful, frankly, but it's something that he's been talking about a lot. and so i'm not surprised that he just decided to go forward with it even
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despite everything going on. and i think that there is some sort of a future beyond our phones, right? we're not going to just be using computers and phones and t, v 's for the rest of the time, you know, in the future, at some point something else is going to take over. i don't know what that is and neither does mark zuckerberg. but he is betting that that, that the virtual worlds this met diverse will be a part of that. still ahead on the i'll just there were news, our pay go shot to remember the bermuda championship stories coming up in just a moment to jeremiah. ah a ah
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ah, several species of sturgeon are in danger of becoming extinct in georgia. the fish are facing threats from man, may dams, open force. j. walker reports from the re yoni river. if you could travel back through the mists of time, say around 200000000 years, you would find fish remarkably like the ones swimming the present day. waters of the reopening river, 5 critically endangered species of sturgeon still spawn in the rony. that is, they travel up stream from the black sea to lay their racks. but up stream, numerous dams have contributed to that dressing decline. this one is that art cc, hydro power cascade completed in 1987. it stopped fish from reaching spawning
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grounds that had existed for millennia hydropower. so very proven for sure. this purges spawning grounds are the chris oh and now and it's only 9 kilometers. in the past, it was more of a 50 temperature to understand the threat to moon and needs more data. we said more gaily is ready to help. he remembers the days when the sturgeon, with large and plentiful, catching them now is illegal. but if method locals know who to call a lawyer, miss miller, as we keep is alive, put it to the basket and wait for to moon all the others. they'll come take a sample and let them go. you fish are released back into the river. that's delivering results. one species thought to be extinct has been rediscovered the so called chip sturgeon. but dna analysis also has revealed
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a worrying trend hybrid individuals, which can no longer reproduce man's intervention, his everywhere. here, the river has been diverted to reduce season flooding. the sluice gates used to be used for quite a different purpose. if close you could trap migrating sturgeon, and they could be caught far more easily. well, thanks to observe is on the ground. those kinds of big fishing events are far less common. 12 monitors now patrol and 92 kilometers stretch of the reopening. last year kennedy's team covered the $22.00 incidents of poaching, including this rig of hooks designed to snag sturgeon on the river bed. they said that's in a look at one of them. we are in contact with each other over the phone. we pass on information. what is happening in our area, or if a boat goes by, i will tell the others where it went, in which direction, and we will react to that if something illegal is happening,
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we can stop it. sturgeon are now better protected and better understood. but george's government once more hydropower, on this river, not less, their survival still hangs in the balance. rubbing 1st year walker al jazeera on the rio river in western georgia. let's get an update on all the sports his years jemma. thank you the rain. let's start with the scandal. the rocks the an h l . jo quin veil. what i'm whole case most successful coach is the latest high profile figure to resign his part in the chicago black hawks. failure to properly investigate allegations of sexual abuse. quin villa coach to the black hawks to the family kept tracy back in 2010. when one of the play is kyle beach, a claim to have been abused by an assistant coach during the playoff quinn bill said he didn't know about the math until this year. but a report is found that he and others in management did no more focused on winning the championship. and in an interview this week,
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the alleged victim beach is that his coach was definitely aware. i watched the entire leadership management group entered joe from joe's office to have a meeting about it is 10 years, 11 years 63 year old quinn though quit his current job at the florida panthers following a meeting with the n h l commissioner on thursday. and a statement he said, i want to express my it's sorry for the pain this young man at kyle beach has suffered. my former team at the black hawks have failed khan, and i own my share of that. i want to reflect on how all of this happened and take the time to educate myself on ensuring hockey space is all safe for every one. quinn ville, one at 3 stanley cups with chicago, and as the 2nd most successful coach in an h l. history, he resigned with about 3 years and 15000000 dollars left on his contract with the panthers is made their best at a start in n h l season. on friday, they're looking to become any the 5th franchise in history to begin
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a season with 8 straight victories for that out. also looking for him in coach quinn ville is not the 1st to resign. a more could follow stand. bowman stepped down as the general manager of the black hawks on tuesday, and also quit is g m of the u. s. winter olympic team. the n h l commissioner is meeting on friday with winnipeg jets general manager kevin shall day off. he also worked for the black hooks in 2010 that coke. so on a several us sports franchises, he, he continued to hold onto that native american t name, another of them, the atlanta braves, a county competing in baseball's wild series. and so many critics, refusal to change is offensive. john hampton recalls the last team and major league baseball, named after native americans his brought their controversial logo and the tomahawk chop. huh. to the 2021 world series, the atlanta braves and baseball commissioner rob manfred insist indigenous
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americans are just fine with that. but there are hundreds of tribes in the u. s. and many activists, a in agreement between local native americans and the team doesn't make the imagery or the stereotypes. they go with it any less racist. you can't be a little bit racist. you're either racist. and so i having these types of things associated with native culture you are acknowledging that it's, you know, you're a program in our culture, ronda laval doe, a member of the a coma pueblo tribe says the sports stereotyping leads to cultural mockery. just watch this teacher and a california classroom decades after baseballs racially segregated, negro league was retired. indigenous americans continue to see their caricatured
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identities broadly used in north american pro. sports by teens with names like the kansas city chiefs in chicago, blackhawks some teams if drop the native american imagery, the cleveland indians and the washington redskins, a vote 3 random. but others such as the chicago blackhawks in says those names are attribute and they're not about to give him up. but people who study the, to this imagery, say it causes significant harm. indigenous or native seemed mascot decrease indigenous youth, self esteem, community worth, and future academic aspirations. it increases stress, depression, and suicide ideation among indigenous people. and it has a larger effect of disconnecting native people from like their culture. and until sports teams and their fans change, many native americans will continue to call for an in to cultural
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appropriation. john henry al jazeera chicago, utah jazz, and the only unbeaten team left in the m. b a after racking up another when this time, if the houston rockets, 7 of their players reached double figures with black book of its top scoring was 19 points. the jobs and start of the season with full straight, big trees for the 1st time since 2006. danny, over to you on beecham teams heading into thursdays games, the golden state warriors mister call. google's are both lost warriors taken down at home by the men, his grizzlies, a one 04 to one. i want an oversight. john miranda starring for the grizzlies with former masters champion. patrick raid has been impressing the crowds at ghost benita championship, the american who's the highest ranked player in the failed at chipped in for buddy from off the 14th green. that was the sick one of his 1st round. but if he thought that was impressive, well, how about this on 17 of the hitting his drive into the bushes he was old to take
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a penalty job. and from the rough in it a sight of a cart path, he hold out for an ego. he's really does vary. oh, boss lane as president do on the port is due to face the media in the next hour for the 1st time since the club fired ronald kumin is head coach, says bar john will also speak at the news conference. the clubs b team coach has been put in charge temporarily, instead of permanent replacement is found raj, ron took his 1st training session on thursday of saturday's game in malaga, but it's another form, a plat, javi hernandez. he's widely expected to take over the full time while short will club rex and we've been getting the hollywood treatment is that very famous. owners came to town actors. iran reynolds and rob mcelhanney bought the club back in february, but hadn't had the chance to visit until now. rec, simply in the national league, which is the 5th tear of english football. but reynolds and mcelhanney have much bigger ambitions. well, most people would say we want to get stuff really good. actually we're gonna take
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everyone to space. yeah. lately. that's been the thing. yeah. no i, i, you know, recent discussions guess i'll receive that i should just of the way up here. yeah. steps. and then, you know, hopefully to make sure that raxon is the name for that. it's a little bit more global than it is now. and that said, that's a big priority for us is expanding and growing the club. and in every way we can. and the fact that the club has been around for a 160 years and will be around for another 160 years. and, and that's really important to us so that we want to win right now while we are alive. and we also want to set up the structure for the club to continue to win long afterward. debt. i have my one party trick, which is the, the, the, the name of the longest town. i believe i can say correctly. somebody pushed when get go get acquit him. the robot center city yoga. oh, thank you. i will not attempt that it yet and blame it. i wouldn't fancy attempting that either. that is all your support from me. allah have more for later dary. okay, jemma. thank you. so much we'll see you later on and thanks for watching the news
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are on al jazeera and associated with you in just a moment. you'll have much more of the day's news and all the latest headlines. thanks for watching of i ah november. oh, now to sierra, also a year of turbulent weather. well lead us gather in glasgow for crucial summit on the battle against climate change. emmy award winning 4 lines goes beyond the headlines, investigating the untold stories across the u. s. millions in car gast, on both in parliamentary elections under a new constitution and more than a year after the lawful trigger. a political, quite immersive personal short documentary africa direct showcases african stories
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from african filmmakers. china marks $100.00 days until it host the winter olympics . but how will the pandemic and call for a boycott impact the sporting events, november on out, jazeera, talked to al jazeera in the field, goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration, crossing this dangerous jungle to make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia panama borden, in search of a bent on line. they say the only thing left or there expired passport on al jazeera in the next episode of planetary swiss ahead of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground. and up into the air, get a new perspective with the changing face. the coal mining industry impose a report on illegal logging, had romania, and explore how catastrophic wild flies in greece since created new problems that
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all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather joined us for planets as to west on al jazeera. ah, here as president, i biden is missing by francis at the vatican ahead of the g. 20 summit. climate change on the pandemic on top of the agenda. ah.


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