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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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falls on the case, remain locked in military archives. and while those in office, at the time of the tragedy seek reelection, the families fight to discover what really happened to the 44 crew on board the submarine san juan is likely to continue for some time. daniel shaw, they're out to 0. delores one osiris province. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. top oil and gas executives have denied misleading the public about climate change. the seo is of major oil companies appeared before the u. s. congress and the 1st time they've testified under oath on the subject. you as president joe biden doesn't, yes, appear to have full support of his party for his $1.00 trillion dollar spending bill. a group of democrats says that won't vote on that package without a separate $1.00 trillion dollar bill. these are not about love versus roy,
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or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pitch americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitiveness versus complacency, about expanding opportunity, not opportunity didn't and i spoke leaving the world. we're learning the world press is bar on the u. s. president though is now in rome, nissan while leaders ahead of the g 20 summit. he's also due to hold talks with the head of the catholic church and the coming hours after that 2 day gathering. he'll head to glasgow for you and climate. somers. she was national assembly has approved a rast of laws broadening citizens legal rights. the country has been coming under fire at home and abroad for a crackdown on protest earlier this year. the new laws stems from the 2019 constitution, which requires reforms to modernize cubic judicial and penal codes that just say to say they increased protection for those accused of a crime and improved transparency. the laws are set to take effect in 2022.
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the espionage case against argentina's former president meridian mockery has been suspended. he is accused of ordering intelligence agencies to spy on the families of crew. members of his submarine sank 4 years ago, rebels and ethiopians. tiegram regents at least 10 people including 3 children, have been killed and another government asked strike. the european army says a targeted facility used by the t g. ride people's liberation front in the regional capital, mickely. government forces increased air raids in the region and the past 2 weeks. nearly half a 1000000 homes in the australian state of victoria had been left without power. after a strong winds tore down electricity lines, the storm also damaged buildings and uprooted trees. some train services were also suspended, although the headlines next up, it's one 0, one east question. the narrative. identify who is telling the story that motivates and these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit.
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the listening pace, deconstruct the media on al jazeera in south korea, online shopping is booming with cove at 19 restrictions, keeping people at home. but delivery workers are paying a high price. well, now, buying gotten their lower. working round the clock, they race to deliver packages on time. if they fall behind they have to pay. this is not right. we are the one who 2nd 5 to support. this is then the grueling conditions are killing them as well that does your actual real one? 0 one east investigate why korean delivery workers are dying for the countries.
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convenience who ah ah all 25 is a time that i get into my truck. is
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sleepy, but i turn on my radio. usually i tried to blister myself. why listen bill that all goodies well i did. i myself with cheerful and then the fresh so i can enjoy my full day and oh, this is national anthem though. starting over the day, he says the korean national anthem, with 61 year old delivery driver, how juan jay is
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a subcontractor with the korean postal service. he works an average of 14 hours a day or 70 hours a week. he his just begins at the regional distribution center. there are thousands of parcels here waiting to be sorted, not by warehouse staff, the by the drivers themselves. this is one of the major complaints of these delivery drivers. they spend hours at the beginning of their shift, sorting and then loading these packages onto their truck. and they say they're not tied all those hours. i'll job a delivery the stop. that's our job is clearly checking our contract. but before
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that, we have to spend like 4 hours every day before we begin our job. without payment drivers are only paid when they deliver an item around inc. her parcel, the boom in online shopping due to coven 19 means dr. as a spending even longer sorting. packages, delaying when they can scar their deliveries. since the pandemic began, 21 delivery workers have died. unions say it's from overwork. it's not just cause the like that is are, these is collect during the world. this is not right. this is my life. they claim that in all day, the government says happily manage the defense that is fantastic vacation,
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which might be to them of who, who was the wong, whose 2nd 5 to support them. we are the one we are the one who, the 2nd 554 that says 10 south korea has the longest working hours in the developed world. hard work transformed these country from a war torn japanese colony into the world 10th largest economy in just a few generations. leaders promised the people that their sacrifices would pay off . the children would reap the rewards. but many koreans say they steal. paying the cost. death by overwork is so common. there's a word for it, clarissa, who did her oh oh. 7 7
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0 oh, okay. delivery work is stage a rally in downtown, sold in january the she logistics companies a great to hi and you stop to sol parcels to reduce working hours, and to stop deliveries after 9 pm. 6 months on union say the promises have not been on it. oh i hear you, julian. well oh oh okay. yes . so good. 6 the protest comes just days after yet another driver collapsed. on june, the 13th i 48 you wrote father of 2 named him, guam soon suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and fell into
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a coma to go to closing. so then you get the one you know, you have oh, you know pimlico lease young walk worked side by side. we've gung soon. he knows how easily it could have been him. today it was on the law as your little boy that goes you want it will get to as well. yes. there do that's all right there is that i me tell you, i'm wonderful. he's always heard that i argued with jerry colewell long ago, really with jolanda long as you, as a total. did it over you don't go. i one doesn't cause a single person. yeah. that way each highway always mil till you leave it on a sunday. there's a long hold on. yeah, i get there wasn't
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a good option. i mean, it is because i've only done involved with his own internal solution with like long su, young walk is in his fourties with 2 kids and works around 90 hours a week. his workload means he rarely sees his children. sir, it's hung down. we'll have to do after sorting packages all morning. it's afternoon before he can make his 1st delivery. will she online and it's for syria with her a whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. whoa, whoa, whoa,
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little ill with ah oh.
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trouble sugar you shirley alive, boucher ship window oftener. trouble shiver. just before 9 p. m. after 14 hours on the job, sean will get an automated message from the company. ah. yes, i thought it was hard when you're in l. o she you personally couldn't g dish jones and dish. she turns on. oh she, you, prison can get on and get on off, but you, unless you're doing that through our wall is i was only i'm, when just on rule we okay. all point cool. only. you ha, ha, itching or a damien. we would enter under. we're not hearing a diamond bears. when you june,
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you can, you can. if i was it you, she knew you do what you. she point, amanda is. why do i look it over? so young walk keeps working. it will take at least another hour to finish. for the fresh food he delivers after 9 p. m. he'll pay penalties our car washing has you get to how you live it a bill for you? it was only told you they told you i didn't want you to know the town that you get . it is only a people who with my like a you get woman on either she pulling the one on the other one of his own. will tanya, if there were that's a fine of roughly $40.00 for an item. he's paid less than $1.00 to deliver
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a whole lot, i'm willing to she only will finally wraps up around 11 pm for a 16 hour day. he's at around $130.00. that's before he's paid tax, his petrol, all phone bills, or any penalties, a light deliveries or i think they're gonna call you marty wall. what's up? he said, oh no, no, you do the gun boots up where you don't. i mean either the problem or when you got it, then what's hong kong? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hulu. polaroid, any? yeah, i want you to put a 10. okay. i speaker. one of my p i
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a 2 door has it on the other. if you don't got in good tommy is i get you done this from allan, you did an answer from da da da t. v on yesterday and i made since i was unable to ship all chairs on the 11th. i will be watching on that blue. 27 year old jang duck john returned home from a night shift at 6 am on october. the 12th 2020. ready he went to the bathroom to
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shower. when he hadn't emerged an hour later. his father opened the door. is off it okay sooner cousin. old if m all gone, hasn't she go yoke john? it would have her pulled on saturday in political care if there were 20 cook dinner . ah, couldn't, we would go finally pagan, i was able to t o that to him on friday passing young who i mean opa others who is an in vic. doc john worked for the e commerce giant cru. pang often described as korea's amazon. he worked in one of the fulfillment centers, preparing items for delivery. prepaying manages its own logistics and has used artificial intelligence and real time productivity monitoring to make its distribution chain the fastest in the business. ah,
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it contained dental care based on the time i saw it always ortega, owner to know how to work. i mean there's how big it will be shipped can ruin while he or calgary is on the. is a question about sugar? yes i'm, i'm, it will now. it will keep people now you young. i'm. she found the place you get on bushy guns. i'm gonna pull him up. i'm not sure when i'm in. okay. look to one in oh yeah, right here, maryland, jonathan, you know chris, christina allison is another carrier more than yeah, cody corolla gimme a you know him that as you all local. plenty of it. okay. penny and i will find out how he didn't. and allison on money in there while you got
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a lot of the moon. i saw it come up. it came out of funds. hello my like when i look at this is a minute, wasn't how that all those who are melissa from the commander on isabel tell you those, how should i change or wish if there wasn't a huge shift it over to avoid any car turning on to do using math and go back gabriel and your resume, your tongue for tomorrow. c a hung goes out on that he hunger only mother bobby. bon gates. young kid he's had on that. are church i war or he or she, christine india. daniel, what had she ducked? john died of a heart attack coupon insisted it was not work related, but his parents refused to accept that denial. they travel to fulfillment centers all over the country with a delivery truck bearing the slogan, crew, pang killed my son. finally, after months of campaigning,
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they received an official ruling. their son's death was caused by overwork. cable on don't like husky, the other got. she couldn't get eaters why, what she wants to buy in the new initiatives. she will get package and i me on the wall. so we thought that he could do when it is all tingle has it. and i mean, her won't on the woman who said they respect it up so really help us out. none that he said could have hung on and going on and get cookie pie and all you didn't see it is um was hang on here to ship. sure. i always thought it was
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already in the morning as much human. his vision. oh me me one of the human. no. mom are sincere condolences go to his family. they have our deepest sympathy to day coupon is the 3rd largest employer in korea. and you know, that's, that's about 50000 people. and if you think about 50000 people over the course of
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a year, you're going to have any number of personal medical conditions from within that that population. so it's a government like, well, you believe this was a personal medical incident or this was a work related death, a death because of overwork at grouping. the government rule this to be an industrial incident and we do accept the logistics industry in korea. averages about 80 accident related fatalities a year. and you know coupon from the start. i has prioritize the health and safety of its workers.
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i came during they saw i keep doing this auto started a saw that the long for i'm back with how one j helping him. so apostles at the distribution center in, in john turn, did you know that i'm not getting paid for this right. that seems crazy. to me i what i'm seeing is that the so i won't be able to pay you. 0, one jane never planned to be a delivery driver. he holds a master's degree in english and ran his own language schools in canada and japan. he moved back to korea to be close to his aging mother who has early stage dementia . despite his qualify occasions and experience,
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he struggled to find work. i still thought at the time that i could get some positions in some from some university because i used to teaching universities as well. but. busy i have to support myself and then all shocked to support my mother. she is so sort of handicapped because of a illness. so i visit my mom as often as possible whenever i can. oh, oh god, the yale. oh, a ma and yale. almost any dinner on those hanging, g o t or non. yeah. cake cake guys, hang on. god sale. then i received some tay. i'm the parent that i'm been
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a day when a yankee canoe. i'm not even though my mother then they cut those. i lana. my o g ah, the while we've been filming this story. covert infections have sort in south korea to day, highest level yet as restrictions begin to tighten once more. so you to the strain on delivery workers for cloth in terry wrinkle. bon either get them read a oh i even have to do that. i'm going to work with one. i thought i either one alternative level. it's only been done in the subject id.
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young walk is separated from his wife and lives alone. it's been 6 months since he's hogged his daughter's well. now i oh lord, i'm lower. ha, ha, ha ha ha, ha, ha name. oh no, no, we're on weather. oh, years mail in there. there. yeah. how long ago did change when you about ball? i given it anyhow. you didn't hear that when you got huddled off. oh,
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oh yes. hello. last one i was off. he was turning on turn of his toner. wow, michael now the language of that it isn't that love to learn yet. how's it a thought and we're in the war. i, i know we ended up there during world war i'm really of us, which was like, i guess nobody class and you'll see a, i know it, wow. i was at a low because you know, what does your trauma? we mean yes, i don't think it was get up also. i
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would, you know, i know, you know, what i knew about i'm i'm in with
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ah, a ah, ah ah,
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ah ah, this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching the news are live from a headquarters in ohio. edu. navigate are coming up in the next 60 minutes. you as president joe biden set to meet pope francis at the vatican ahead of the g. 20 summit. climate change on the pandemic, or top of the agenda. top us all executives testify before a congressional committee. they're accused of contributing to climate change and.


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