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and new episode of democracy may be exposed a struggle if those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on how does era ah a top us oil executives testified before a congressional committee. they are accused of contributing to climate change and covering it. um ah, hello there, i'm installs today and this is al jazeera life window, also coming up. joe biden struggles to unite democrats behind his spending plan divisions cause another delay as he heads for the g 20 summit. argentina's,
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former president, is facing espionage charges. murray to mockery is suspected of spying on the relatives of crew members of a sunken submarine. and were ones and forces help pushed back an armed group in northern mozambique. but questions being asked about who's funding the military operation? ah, top oil and gas executives have denied misleading the public about climate change. the ceo's of exxon mobil, chevron b. p. america and the president of shell all appeared before the u. s. congress. they were asked about their role as and down playing the threat of global warming. and vast time, the oil bosses have testified under earth on the subject. how does your castro has the story? it's been a year of the historic wildfires in the american west. deadly freezes in the south and record breaking,
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flooding in the east. the fury of these weather disasters likely amplified by climate change nearly matched by the anger of democrats on the house oversight committee, who grilled oil and gas ceos on thursday. there are more of us than there are of you. you can poise the planet to make money, but we're going to defend the planet so we can live and we will win. find it in yourself today to tell the truth. it will be better for your company's futures and will be better for humanities future. the purpose of the hearing, according to the democrats, who called it, was to force the oil and gas industry to admit that it knew of the harm of burning fossil fuels for decades, but chose not to tell the public. as evidence, internal memos from exxon mobil drafted nearly 40 years ago, warning management that climate change could produce catastrophic effects for much
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of the world. mr. woods given these grave warnings from exxon's own scientists over and over and over again. do you believe that it was ethical for exxon to run a new york times advertisement that down played down, played the risk, and instead highlighted the potential positive impact of climate change from the oil ceo's denied deliberately misleading the public and pointed to recent efforts to move toward clean energy b p says it's striving for net 0 emissions by 2050. i recognized that some may doubt how serious we are about are in it 0 ambition. i get it. or progress hasn't always been a straight line. but we've learned a great deal and we view the path we're on as a business imperative. then we an eggs on mobile lobbyist was secretly caught saying this in june. did we aggressively fight against
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some of the science? yes. were eggs on mobile fire? the lobbyist saying he did not represent the company's viewpoint. me well, republicans have come to the industry's defense. we are nauseated by the continuous attacks on war. can americans and american industry while you're getting be down to day? there are people here the believe in what you're doing, and we thank you. this is the beginning of a year long investigation that democrats hope will hold big oil accountable. in the same way. big tobacco hearings in the ninety's eventually led to massive settlements paid out by the industry. although critics say it'll take more than accountability to stop the earth from warming. heidi jo, castro al jazeera washington o u. s. president joe biden is struggling to finalize a pair of spending bills. he doesn't yet appear to have the full support of his
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democratic policy for his $1.00 trillion dollars spending program. a group of politicians as it won't vote on the infrastructure bill without verging on a separate $1.00 trillion dollar bel biden, and made a red trip to the capital to urge congress to back his spending package. these are not about love versus roy or moderate versus progressive or anything else that pitts americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitiveness versus complacency about expanding opportunity, not opportunities that are small leaving the world. or letting the world passes bar . i'll fill of l has worn out from washington dc. we are hurtling towards the mid terms, you know, still a year away, but that's nothing in politics. and what this does is if you can get this pass, now that means the by the time we get to the middle of next year, people have
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a tangible something they can, they can point towards. they can say this actually made my life better on my bank. balance better or effective my life and a positive way and that way they may be more inclined to lend mess support. secondly, this bill also has a huge number of provisions for going green for tackling climate change. and remember, joe biden is going to be at the cops summit in glasgow, scotland, and a few days where he's going to stand on that will state. and he wants to be able to say we in the united states, we are leading the way. look, this is what we're doing. so this bill falls down. he can't be in that position and i could potentially be quite embarrassing for him. this is a huge bill is billed back, better plan it. you know, it was 3 and a half trillion dollars a huge amount. it's still pretty big. it's still 1.75 trillion, but they've got to make a number of concession. they've had to lose some things to do with, for example, expanding medical care for those in low income families who perhaps were looking to get dental or vision treatment. they've had to make concessions to parental leave, where the u. s. already really likes behind and they've still got some hold out
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some who still say they want more to be done or they want things put back in there around 2 or 3. and the problem that they've got is that they need all of the democratic support that they can get because 2 or 3 people doesn't sound like a huge amount. but the majority that margin is raise a thing. so could all come crashing down if they don't get full support, which is why nancy pelosi has been cracking, not metaphorical wit. today she's been trying to get people on board. joe biden delayed his flight to head for the vatican to meet the pope by a few hours so that he could try and make the case personally. but now as he comes into land, he's finding that perhaps things are not as sewn up as he thought they were. well as phil was saying, despite still dealing with his domestic agenda, joe biden has now arrived in rome to meet wild leaders of the g. 20 summit, his due to hold talks also with pope francis in the coming hours. after the 2 day gathering, the u. s. president will then head to glasgow for you and climate scientists on the president of the european commission has told al 0 the
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e u is working hard to prioritize ways of easing cove at 19 vaccine in equity. as lavonne de lyons spoke to us ahead of the g 20 summit in italy, and that climate conference in glasgow up 26 will be a moment of truth because we all know that we are not on track yet to fight climate change. we are running against the time against the clock, so we need action now in this decade. the 2nd topic is the question of fairness, the so called climate finance. the developed countries have promised to support with $1100000000000.00 per year. the most vulnerable and least developed countries, and we have to make good on this promise. let's focus on the fairness one because that is key and actually the g. 20 countries are responsible for 80 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. and yet questions will also be asked and sacrifices will be asked of middle and low income countries. you mentioned the finance, which is obviously important, but shouldn't go wider than that shouldn't. for example,
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be at the heart of the foreign policy of the you to try to alleviate the stresses that many of these countries are feeling. the goal must be on one hand climate adaptation to support developing countries. and that this is very important. and on the other hand, to support that, the developing countries do immediately leap frog in to clean sustainable at the best circular economies. and this is the big goal. and for that we need not only finances, but we also need innovation. and this innovation also has to go to the developing countries. the cop conference, obviously, under the shadow of the pandemic, which is still raging numbers are contained in parts of europe around the world. they are not a lot of actions are being pledged. i know that you will be announcing a huge pledge, but you do not being delivered will certainly not deliver it fast enough. now there's another proposal that says that actually what we should do is waive the patent of these vaccines, giving poor nations the ability to produce their own vaccines. the e. u does not support that proposal,
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but isn't that the answer to give poor nations the ability to help themselves? i've fully subscribe the goal to give developing countries the ability to help themself with what seems. therefore, we propose compulsory licensing because waving the patent doesn't bring you any manufacturing capacities. but compulsory licensing does that. and we have a 2nd initiative. we invest $1000000000.00 together with our african friends to bring m r a new technologies, the faces for the corporate vaccine to africa and to build up their manufacturing capacities. let search shift the focus to afghan is done now. now the use planning to reopen its diplomatic mission and f canister, which obviously a closed when the taliban took over back in august. it's also announced. so i believe you will announce the support package of just over $1000000000.00 to help the african people you've specifically said the african people should not pay for the actions of the taliban. but of course, overall you development aid is still frozen because of the actions all of the
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taliban. what do you see the role of the you being enough? garrison right now is the winter's coming. and therefore, the european union is leading the initiative to provide humanitarian aid. plus, we call it also, for example, to support teachers or health care workers that they can do their job. because the banking system is basically broken down. so the salaries are not being paid. but i suppose it's that balance, obviously helping the african people. but having to deal with the taliban, it's just quite a difficult balance to strike. and i wonder how long it's sustainable for they should not be forever. this is foreclose clear, this is for the crisis moment. at the right now and we are working and that's very important with the neighboring countries creating a platform because they are effective also to but the most important right now is that the taliban government has to show that they come up with their deeds,
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following their words so far we haven't seen that strong winds have left more than 450000 homes in the australian state of victoria without power. the winds brought down power lines ripped trees from the ground and damaged homes and trains. services were suspended in melbourne, and several vaccination centers were also closed when gusts, in some areas were the strongest recorded in more than a decade. on the top, us diplomat and taiwan has stressed washington's commitment to help the island defend itself. sandra kirk described relations with taipei as rock solid. the u. s . supplies taiwan with military hardware and training towns present sighing when confirmed on thursday that american forces were present on the island. we continue to have a shared and fighting interest in peace and stability across the taiwan street. the u. s. considers this central to the security and stability of the broader pacific
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region and the united states. and we are deeply concerned by ongoing p r c. efforts to undermine that stability. our commitment to taiwan is rock solid and contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability across the taiwan strait and within the region. hostile ahead here on al jazeera kit. nothing's on the rise and hazy we hear from a teenage girl who's snatched off the street, says she with and goodbye facebook. hello, meta. but when a corporate name change, tackle the social networks many problems. ah hi there your world, whether update for europe and africa right now, and we do have our run of atlantic rain through the united kingdom. this is going
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to be persist in. so over in northern england into scotland, we could see some flooding, also disturbed weather across areas of france is, includes for paris with the high of 15 degrees. that same band of rain is working its way across the iberia peninsula, but you're gonna get into some waves of rain or the next few days. so setting up into a soggy weather pattern here, that weather maker over this central mediterranean pretty much parked itself. here we still have red weather alerts and play for southern sections of italy, but look at eastern cecily could see some more flash flooding on friday. over to the eastern med right now. things pretty calm. antelli a 25 degrees, but we've got some showers over the levant and eastern sections of turkey right up toward the black sea region impacting tribes on with a high of 14 degrees. okay, well and this weather report in africa right now were, you know, across beneath about half of the country is dealing with flooding. but we've got dry conditions in store on friday. and we looked toward nearby abby john, some thunder downpours can be expected. we got yen for 27 and for see are the own
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freetown rain in the forecasts with the high of 28 degrees. that's it for me, susan. ah, in the country with an abundance of recalls, a firms forming we move to grow and fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let people lose his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah
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ah, kind of a watching al jazeera that's remind you about top stories. the south top oil and gas executives have denied misleading the public about climate change. the seo is of major oil companies appeared before the u. s. congress. that's the 1st time that they've testified under oath on the subject. u. s. president. dr. barton doesn't yet appear to have full support of his policy for his $1.00 trillion dollar spending bill. a democratic group in congress says it won't charge on the package without a separate $1.00 trillion dollar bill. and president biden now is in room meeting while leaders ahead of the g 20 summit. he's also due to meet the pope in the coming hours. after the today gathering, he'll then head to glasgow for un climate. thomas argentine as far as in larry tier, luckily has appeared in court on spine charges. he's accused of ordering intelligence
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agencies to monitor the families of crew members and the submarine that sank 4 years ago. now, the case has been suspended on a legal technicality. daniel showing that reports, ah, it was more like a political rally than a court case with several 100 supporters of the former president mary's geometry gathered in the small town of the lord is. they believe he is innocent, that the charges against him politically motivated, how la jolla he can never have spied on any one. what's the point of listening to the families, they should be looking for those responsible for the submarine tragedy. i had a mother, i'm disgusted, they even started this case. it's unbelievable. they would spy on people who had suffered such a terrible loss. many of his supporters urging him to stand again for the presidency in 2 years time. if he does this case hanging over him won't help. it
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was adjourned. the legal technicality, the prosecuting judge hadn't sought the permission necessary to try a case involving the state intelligence agency. how can a market them okay, mirror we want to cleaner life with more transparency, more honesty, that's more constructive and includes an independent and impartial judiciary. ah mac re support is a jubilant about the delay. it's not know when or even if you'll be required to return. at the heart of all this, the legal wranglings and the political maneuverings lies the still unanswered question of what happened to that submarine, the i or a san juan, and it's 44 crew members. that's the question. their families are still asking. the submarine disappeared in the south atlantic ocean in november, 2017. with 44 crew on board. it was sailing from the southern tip of argentina to the naval base in mother platter. when contact was last,
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despite an extensive weeks long serge, nothing was found anxious, families were told nothing. as their anguish turned to anger their campaign, frances became a political football for this shows, a lack of respect these football chance show a lack of respect to us and our children, to the justice system. it's an unnecessary political circus. the wreck of the submarine was discovered a year after it disappeared at a depth of 900 meters, 460 kilometers of the argentine coast a technical for to cause an implosion. there were no survivors. the wreck will not be re floated, but the relative say, they want to know more about i get all this is so that one you've been suffering since this began comes to one end of their spying illegal, spying on my mom and dad on me. it's not just, we want justice that they tell the truth, that while the san juan remains at the bottom of the ocean,
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while the falls on the case remain locked in military archives. and while those in office, at the time of the tragedy seek reelection, the families fight to discover what really happened to the 44 crew on board the submarine san juan, is like you to continue for some time daniel showing their al jazeera. delores when us iris province, now rondon ships in northern mozambique have helped the government regain territory taken by an armed group there. the 4 year conflicts has killed thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of also been displaced for one that says its funding. the military operation itself rights groups of question this out of here is malcolm web has one out from pembroke more than 700000 people have fled their homes in northern mozambique. in the last 4 years, an armed group called out, bob has attacked towns and villages. he says it wants to bring his lemon law to the province. these fighters have beheaded people and abducted others. the people who
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fled to this town told us they don't understand why, what to do. i'm going to do going to you will wonder what you do running to the forest to check my children. so i don't know what happened to them. why they decided to take my kids. i don't know. it was here at the marilla hotel in the town of palmer city and grew through more international attention than ever before. it attacked the town in march. the hotel was popular with contractors servicing in nearby natural gas project. it was besieged for days. thousands died trying to escape week later, french oil giant tow towel suspended his operations in the area and pulled out its workers. had been preparing to extract 20000000000 dollars worth of offshore natural gas than in july london, troops arrived to help the government forces over the following months. they fought the armed group out of the towns and villages. it controlled. they celebrated their
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game together at this parade. mozambique armed forces had failed to contain the insurgency. the rwandan troops had much more success with their questions around who's paying for the operation of their equipment. like the helmets wearing looks new. it's all in agreement between the presidents of the 2 countries and the terms of that agreement aren't entirely clear. rwanda's president pooka, gummy says, we wonder is simply helping an ally and funding the operation itself. we need friends to ending with this. one is just making its own contribution, but may be can rights groups wonder if for one that could even afford the cost, which would include it, importing fleets of military vehicles and why it would pay? it is not part of the wouldn't governance of conflict goes emotion that it is not
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clear as to who is paying the bill off the national forces that the 2nd country, the fight divide by many observers suspect france could be paying because of tow towels. fossil fuel interests or the french president emanuel mccomb broke a deal. he met with the president of both mozambique and miranda earlier this year . when he visited veranda in may, my con promised 500000000 euros of development aid. and spoke of helping regional responses, including in mozambique. but france has neither confirmed nor denied it. funding the rwandan troops on the ground. there are also questions around whose funding the enemy, our ship, our aging rifles captured from them by the london forces. don't suggest they have a lot of money. i feel as claimed responsibility for some of the attacks that local
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discontent with the government is more apparent than foreign connections. for many, it's not clear who is behind the forces fighting in the conflict. what is clear is that both local grievances and $20000000000.00 worth of natural gas law in the middle of it. welcome with al jazeera hipaa, mozambique. while the united states and the you are not increasing the pressure on su dawn's military edging a returned to civilian rule. joe biden says the u. s. stands with the demonstrators were angry about the military seizure of power on monday day. the violence between security forces and protest as in call to him is now killed at least 11 people. christenson amy has more now from the one that's a fairly short statement. i have a copy of it right here, one page long and it expresses serious concern about the military takeover and the suspension of some transitional government institutions. it also expresses concern about the detention of prime minister of dela hm, doc,
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and other government officials. the release also does call for the release of those who've been detained, noting that the prime minister has been returned to his home and get calls for respect for human rights. in particular, the rights of protesters to be out on the street. it's important to note that the united nations integrated transition mission in sudan has been working there are to support the transition to elections and democratic institutions. and the statement also reaffirms those efforts. so the council is basically a saying, it's very concerned about the situation there. and, and, and calling for respect for these transitional institutions. while the kidnapping of american and canadian missionaries and hazy, has captured the wilds attention, there's still no word on their fate. nearly 2 weeks later, the way the abductions and recent months,
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there has left people traumatized across the country. rob reynolds spoke to one victim and a wanting some view as may find this report to stopping. she is a 15 year old girl, the only child of a family that is far from wealthy, but that didn't stuff kidnappers from grabbing her off the street last month. on her way home from school. she asked us not to show her face or use her real name. we had therefore they took me and blindfolded me and put me in a car. i don't know where they took me. then they raped me. i was crying and calling out for my mom, and i could hear other children crying to her mother who also asked us to conceal her identity, sold all her possessions, and scraped together the equivalent of 2000 us dollars to pay her daughter's ransom . went this hunting artesia, i feel good because they didn't kill ha. i was glad i could see her and get her
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back with them without me. mother and daughter are now destitute, living in a safe house run by a private organization that helps battered and abused women and girls. a near total breakdown of law and order has left many haitians at the mercy of criminal groups who use kidnapping to make easy money. women and girls are particularly vulnerable . honestly, there's no place that i can quite like thick your place and haiti right now. everywhere is unsecure, thought in girls, old women aid workers say some victims die in captivity, and there remains are never found. others are too deeply traumatized to go on. i heard some case that human all girls that had it has been kicked, not they kill themself. few, if any of these crimes are ever solved according to a haitian human rights research organization, nearly 800 people
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a been kidnap since the beginning of this year, mary is now receiving medical and psychological treatment. oh, we need security in the country. a lot of young women and men are being kidnapped now. she is one of many victims in a country living in fear. rob reynolds al jazeera, puerto prince. now facebook has changed its name. the parent company of their famous social media site is now called messa chief executive knox. duncan bag says it reflects the matter thus and future wild with far more online interaction. and the fans founder says it brings to get into companies, apps, and tooting, instagram. and what's that under one single brand? and you gallagher has more from miami? well, it's pretty significant. it's not unexpected. this has been being reported on over the past couple of years that they were thinking about this, but the timing is something to bear in mind here. facebook has never perhaps been
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under as much scrutiny as it is now with these internal documents showing allegedly that they put profit over the dangers of misinformation. but if you listened and i watched the mark zuckerberg presentation, this is all about embracing new technology and launching new platforms and investing billions of dollars into oculus and all these other types of technologies on even here yet. but i think it is significant that facebook is now changing. it's a brand name to matter because many companies who got in trouble in the past few decades of done very similar things. because facebook has become associated with mistrust with privacy leaks and with spreading misinformation. and certainly if you watch that hearing in congress from face to face, but whistleblower, some of that material was very shocking considering it was facebook's own internal investigations that were being revealed in that case. so i think from zach about point of view, this is them looking at the next chapter in technology and connecting people. but i
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think at the back of his mind is also at trying to distance himself from the facebook brand. cooper's national assembly has approved a raft of laws, broadening citizens legal rights, and the country has been coming under fire at home and abroad for a crackdown on protests earlier this year. the new laws stem from the 2019 constitution, which requires reforms to modernize tube as judicial and penal codes, will make them say they increase protection for those accused of a crime and also improve transparency. ah, and then this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. top oil and gas executives have denied misleading the public about climate change. the ceo's of major oil companies appeared before the u. s. congress. it's the 1st time they've testified under oath on the subject. meanwhile, u. s. president joe biden doesn't yes,
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appear to have full support of his party for his one point.


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