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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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a rental, a move ah, and moneyed side in tahoe, he has stories on al jazeera, top oil and gas executives have faced tough questions in the u. s. congress. the ceo's of exxon mobil chevron b. p. america, the president of shell, were asked about their roles and downplaying the threats of climate change. the warming climate is expected to be one of the main topics of the g 20 summit in italy. president biden has arrived in rome to meet with ladies at the wells 20
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biggest economies. he's also expected to visit the pope all to that to day gathering bod, and will had to glasgow for un climate summit. back at home biden is struggling to finalize assess spending bills. he doesn't appear to have the full support of his democratic party for his $1.00 trillion dollars spending program. a key group of politicians says it will not vote on the infrastructure bill without the build back, better act the not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pitch americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitiveness versus complacency about expanding opportunity not opportunity didn't and i spoke leading the world or letting the world passes, blah b, u k, has summoned the french ambassador after the seizure of a british fishing vessel. the t countries are at all about fishing licenses in the
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english channel following breaks it. the espionage case against argentina, whom a president mauricio mockery asking to spend it. is accused of ordering intelligence agencies to spawn the families of crew members of a submarine that sank 4 years ago. the e u is deploying election. observe as to venezuela for the 1st time in 15 years and comes ahead of next month's regional and municipal elections. opposition parties are taking part in the po for the 1st time in 4 years. landmark sexual harassment case has made it to court in to nicea the politicians to him. life is accused of performing a sexual act, any call outside a high school in 20. 19 facebook has changed its name. the parent company. the famous social media site is now called meta chief executive mock, soccer bags, as it reflects a future world with a far more online interaction. let's go back to al jazeera wealth. we understand
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the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter when you call home, we'll put you can use in current affairs that matter to you or for hulu . ah, that are you getting up,
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but because you'd be keeping up with them to be called them, you would have mike, if i put them all i liked it and move it, wouldn't it without my my wife said ben. and from what am i doing with it? madam, opportune walk of him on a couple of them up. i do my audio mother. madame one more item, negative i'm and when would you have been vehicles? i've been a god we'll get, we'll get what i'm doing, what you will i panama delegate. daddy went down to one. you had to whittle vanity del, want to delete and got it now to will not clearly war lapointe. i'm like little bit of m a put him under my political no operating the fact he's been failing in poly. doha, absolutely. blue . ringback ringback ready ready ready ready ready ready when you get it,
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but when he gave it a god blessing be available. you don't like you don't really make those man. oh god . but deluxe cpanel. my and my and oh, come on. yeah. the middle for jenoma. gordon, mom, gilmer thomas, get him a marie? yeah. i'm campus, i'm at. i'm know what little of settle went down with him. dewberry in magento and william j. w. yes. had a leg up on it. labailey gave barbara to get him. who for non refundable, i'm under my phone. my give me a call. no one alex mclean. so but why would i get to my screen? so i'm, i don't want me to maggie. why? medical content, mom, legacy matter. carol? democracy? magenta. so they won't let me find who brought it to me to dr. woodson, a new dilemma. no. got about it in the 8 was headquarters, am would in the league monday, my getting a quote on that. so i followed,
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lemme monkey deposited my de my, getting a quote on j there possible, a little window he need nuclear during the summer to go. do you have any cotton caring? do a quick, would you out? we could he did it. could you are miley venica anyway? when you get uncle and you mom, dad, didn't you citizen, but when you monkey the about killing? yeah i, i put a deposit. oh i i think but it won't get shot. no, on the on the video. but necessity sion, janet comments like,
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is that pvc id be mobile device won't do this option. she bought it a lot to do it in a one month as well. we'll just get dumped up all the country vendors on those do to graduate debate. therefore, simon, i wanted to pay what you see up on the side there was he gave up and went to the bay one this year. this upcoming coming out of school early got is that there's also the bales only miss. yeah. but is that, yeah, but as i said, this actually won't the restaurant who can you ever decide to do it, but also i'm going to be a song, any no promotion i can do one is in love with want that get other feel. julio chavez, from news media, probably be along the best. not. not that anyone. got you versus yell humor a. yep. i went to where the no one that doesn't do great
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up us on monday through monday i missed it. yeah. but as i get up a little busy was yeah, did you with a pretty simple idea, can you you needed to get with somebody? did that get to this day? i bad about, i mean your muscle can include a feeble good. what can now be the benefit? what do you want to keep that before you go home? yep. when you get data like people are like, ah, no, no, nope,
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integrated with me. the la gave yeah, correct. i'm like the so i said i've been a guy electric and we get we are going with them before you run leukemia. you get hot? no, no, no. okay. well you say you're welcome. you take it in a minute. it tries to it. i feel like what i said, the village plaza. me what they feel like madam is i'm bottle. but 8, i'm about them for we tell you to, would you bad of me. don't know if you feel, you know, regular neck bottling. ah let me get the song when you're ready and where am i supported?
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was exported. don't do sunday the need to do it. a lot of money on i mean i'm looking at it additional competing to thinking about the dis mom give me a shout. if you want to get all of the political fair luck on cross product or the sell donna was any further down i was under color, but i don't see anybody level. don't look for that. that's up to like to enter it or not to be want to fix it easier than you said it's only would be the let me on. i'm on. i feel like you have agreed to see the subject to do kamani deceptive. i guess i'm actually going to show me what i got under for issue
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some really was look. thank you. last name. actually, let's do some people off part of formed on the google possible part of ours. if you could only imagine, and i'm also going to be putting down the farm down down to get his actual they'll be committed. additional information about we have met back in a lot of them when we look for about a little bit on tomorrow. i i me doesn't mean that he doesn't want to be nationally. do you see this? and that is, and i got a d, c, is it? if i go to the delivery area, will she did it on a company or money beginning in it to you? i can probably even start to pull it out, but i wonder, but distracted on pricing for people to see what they much love for. let
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me hold on the limited social service for you need in front of a what am i you say that if you gosh more or less are the media come up with a post to the found the article that been cautious you'd only of us who my dear is it says the policy level, nissan list, the nasa the and i'm not done with them on the last day with the music taking my day. my stamps have been in the system. it's been about to be nearby hall.
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it's not a highly mcgee, it will be, but i will be done with them a highly you know, how much it up i need to make different equaled up to a 100 or less. was they what, what he's got on discuss on mute on far off it current on you don't put on by listening not going so much. i don't know if that particular is another one so much that new lives in the future is, let's say, live was in the really need a little party export david association. they're going to do with like, what do you live in picking up i. so to see if he's present the, ah, the one of the subject of interest for me will be the sold. he sold in the subdivision and even in europe because they even told me that the salt is used for ice in france. oh, in belgium, you know, in the,
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in the winter. so i would like to know these kind of big trade insur quit going from the pink lake to, to europe. not arbitrary price parsing that will work. export thing to property should ask allowable power to produce sean accountability, junky food. when you put people, no problem, you don't call on me as soon as we have made a visual shaded through a dim where there was a 1000000 export dental to property, sean, lyle, savanna parametric, good news. you do not was so on is should allow for appeal is just your deposit and there are security shortage because didn't challenge political, did a or cedric will with expedia get with the guy out to the premier for that is up to the not the same. he got, when it is you maybe not viewed the lawyer,
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alopecia it back. this is the of the month of the table enough. it meant to myself, moses are unpaid. no croissant one day can be sanky them out. abandon assistant illema loudly, vaguely. cindy, like cause of bunt that you sent mendosa men supply loop also last sabo nisha and quote, devout it booky. not for sure. was getting nobela mer havasu like, whoa, whoa, at dealer i looked alma, not tell much equity began dear eyebrow. could it be like a separate den? dea looked alma allow a miller cell of on to like, boys meant to now, but pretty a little about pacifically. lou. i meant to not say like, gorski at cooper little of on the about making this l. o. me the croissant lid there. yeah. up there. hold off on this in on the list, but by duel applies them through or davids operating one. let me live it maybe says blackboard, i've been to force issue or fake one. a bomb
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wasn't and stuff if you do kensal kusha filled it up. luna sabra, when you look mute cuz you own police osh, didn't it up more states like on file and just take a seat bob, board mean that they don't go to be lawful. as you see, i'm trying to decode union one pa issue ah, just was really did if they found blah, just allow sale not been fully. pharma us go much about was them a daily may commentary, farley. my point is a big jewish decision they pump does a funky bottle left bottles, the why if i'm cafe lab q fusion, if i'm keeping the amine assailant pipe, i do poorly
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a farm out. don't the super so luck was your last on not bent the war. both. don't want to tell flu shot soft go live, come up again. you saw it's one play mark play fatty gig was super selected. your faith comes up near from pleasure. if they'd they'd be lodged the bishop good a day left was all new to him, yet i stayed clean deductibles. a faithful gotten killed. sure so well, i've been here 11 years old or you can shoot the lashona off on the block. she knows them disemboweled shows fer disclosure shoes of she on plain to fill up. the sub, a fake on of way is up. sassy luck was a way dalio luck, one up, lumpy lives up will fix the love honestly. did you wait? so was a village green fellow separate shown to lucky de la salvas available, marcella said, where said back allah a la city funky,
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desolate ah was you want to have icy deseeno? ganja finney met the blow, may or brought you luck, basket to lucy and sally tumbled bottled on the left glass guide, added torres, who sat at uncle battle medical was a victorious or bog elected g valley. victor marcial. oh, i see the negotiate expose the date of birth there for a said ovando aqua. yeah, and i kimberly dublin disabled. so to lazy danielle is espanol in them gandy upload a sub with soon 12 i played youth. wow, that's good lou. john nash, it probably isn't. it always took etha shit. no, not up. a little book may see up. i don't always want papa public law school c, c, c c. the luckily apollo.
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ella and you know some quin your fall so you said you wanted them have them do eva on that? he go don't know some but t ponder and no comping cavil nothing to the wester portal via it on to wow loons as daily hipa. oh, but she did news some debates you her said to how or requisition together? because page write down, go results all, take off. why his own jacks are st. luke's young bay. he knew and don't just he did. we don't want to do the new home. thank you all the feedback,
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so you're good to me. i don't know. i thought she never has gone. i don't for you know, la la la la valley. but you to get you more secret on the one of the plea on the lack of wonder needed to know if i that i made it everyday knowledgeable. i'll stop that, put on a part of this respect as part of i me i have and they said in the beginning of, of the 20th centuries,
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the lake has a kind of 8 square big then in the mid 19 seventies that we're talking about 3.5 limit of square from that's i haven't seen any single data that explained this, but if i can judge from my eyes, we can say now around the 3 of 2.5. for example, if you look and see, and i sent t t, she made a copy of a lot of the with somebody in the party who need to or piece, you know what i need to be a deep cleaning. can i place you if you think you might charge the farmer when he roared, is wanted to show you
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a let me sample to compute is going to be updated on the left us and also look when we have a serial article to you said it was easy, invasive to run the model of the skews opposite upset of a different little book. good. you see me do like structural abusive permit that was on the not clear the 3rd the cell can if i wanted to. josh, i was problem a graph. i mean, i'm glad you completed just on i p. and so i need to get to the metal. i risk going to see last one, the corrected easy part nadine q and d. c. well i some grandpa, c of the machine. i will go to the us in the see the need, you know, the sky,
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see only do 440 or not. if it is again or not, by the way on the left is a 3 day, was that it will only lucky when he literally says they mean delivered is that there is actual distraction on the actual battle on inter philip, i meant that it isn't. it is just on the act on base while it was really when i was going to not lead to force would be one for every day and say, do you do live by the lake that that leg quite passed nipple to learn about a month, a doctor when us i'm up to use it if it but i ah, as you know in unesco, they have different diable. they have something they called the tentative list of heritage. the tentative men that particularly they want to put it in the unit list or to be a heritage for you want it. so that's mean they start the process but that in the
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process, and this is start in 2005. but i guess i haven't heard any news from that, but i guess they are still in the process because it's take a while for unit scored to go. they need to export the reasons the motivations why they want to do so. and i think only the environmental issue is a, he's a big deal, you know, is a big issue too because of the lake and to make it go ahead. it's kept in mind for me, did you have a mom funded, a new or pre very he's also not when i walk, you need to know that anthony would need to be there for the present in my family because he mark, i've seen very cassie samples on the why their committee here lock me up for me to see. i think that's just a little committee in a crate. anita of s. as a little given him, a looking to play entity liaison,
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extra. com. i'd like to follow a little to give him a piece for taking the fund. kiki do concrete operational client id is d luck. it candidate on the director money committee said on st. louis or director wanted to give my office glenview and like i think the government should do more to puzzle the lake is not just enough to put a lake in a tentative list of heritage open as a vision like unesco. i think more action is needed in terms of preserving the nature like if it, if it, if it would be me like somebody having voters in the government, i would put like an echo museum here for the nature for the salt or just kind of think that would be very interesting for them and then a kind of team that we'd have the commission because of the lake
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the ah ah the who's the
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hi there. welcome to your world's weather forecasts in a minute 15. we're going to start in the middle east where we do have some showers working across the vans, northern areas of syria, into rock and just pushing into the western side of iran. but if we go round the gulf, we may also see some showers here. see these clouds over q weights that could squeeze out some moisture and same goes for dough. the risk of seen some thunderstorm. so if we do see these thunderstorms, the risk of also some flash flooding and winds will be gusting up to about 40 kilometers per hour through pakistan. not much to report. we've got plenty in the way of sunshine both for the south and the north. the hor, getting up to a height of 27 degrees, disturbed weather more for eastern portions of turkey. there's those showers across the la vance impacting bade roots with the hiv $26.00 degrees. and we've got our storms coming and going across equitorial countries in africa, pretty heavy pulse there is we see through the western democratic republic of congo
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for their toward the south. also, weather here, but more so eastern areas of south africa and winds will be a factor of for the eastern cape in port elizabeth. we'll see those when gets up to about 70 kilometers per hour. but really that brain stretching from durban. right to port elizabeth. ah, ah, 25 years ago, a new era in the middle east, a 2 part documentary series must be the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the chapel lord. and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of alger zebra are unique pop lanissa is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is
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program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the way reports from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people empower us, why politicians have been so in affected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of the natural resources. the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability, the climate emergency, a season of special coverage on al jazeera o democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i
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might go to prison, so i will join the ron and you episode of democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is critical. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough, my life for democracy on al jazeera. ah tell pos oil executives testify before a congressional committee. they're accused of contributing to climate change and covering it up. ah, hello there, i'm installed today, and this is al jazeera life window. also coming up, joy biden's, struggles to unite democrats behind his spending plan divisions cause another delay
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as he heads for the g 20 summit. argentina's, former president is facing espionage charges.


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