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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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told by the people who did them jesse's social level. nicer east and undertakers. this is europe anal to 0, lou around con, into all the top stories on o. desert. you as president joe biden doesn't appear to have the full support. his democratic party for his $1.00 trillion dollar spending program. a key group is saying that they will not vote on the infrastructure bill without the build back, better act biden has taken the rest up of meeting with senate is at the capital to urge them to back the spending package. these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pitch americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency,
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competitiveness versus complacency about expanding opportunity not opportunity didn't and i spout leading the world or letting the world passes by the u. k. summoned the french ambassador after the seizure of the british fishing vessel. 2 countries are in a dispute about fishing licenses, following briggs at paris as several british vessels have been denied access to french waters. because they couldn't prove they fixed their previously. the united states and the u. n. r. increasing the prussia on, sued, owns military urging a return to civilian rule. joe biden says his country stands with the demonstrators were angry about the military. caesar power, monday, days of clashes between security forces and processes and or to a left at least 11 people dead rebels in ethiopia. t gray region say at least 10 people including 3 children, have been killed, and another government astride the philippine army says it targeted a facility used by the t great people's liberation front and the regional capital
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mckayla. but the t p a left says a civilian residence was hit. thousands of members of a band religious group are marching on pakistan's capitalist law bought it comes a day off to clashes in law that full policeman and to protest his dead. members of the 3 kayla by party demanding the release of their leader was detained earlier the ship. an argentine is full of prison. burrito mcveigh has paid encore in court on espionage charges. is accused of ordering intelligence agencies to spawn families of crew members of a submarine. the sank 4 years ago. the case is cognitive in suspended. facebook has changed its name. the parent company of the famous social media site is now called meta chief executive mazzocco. zuckerberg says it reflects a future world with formal online interaction. those, the headlines now it's back to witness. and you can also catch up with out there dot com. planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcases
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programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green's films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people and power off why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change full blinds, investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l, just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front he thought, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera ah,
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yes, connecticut thomas invoice help by new source more to see this up at his teams. who attends going to load it bolivians, blue book only let him get all those v. motionlessly this simple, did i put that? let me tell when a man inexplicably can you do so little ivy. inexplicable. a studio recording take place as to emphasis about his use. ah, own and latin, have you got him in face since yellen into that company, and they look heavy as well. so we have a say shopping. okay. probably made of a cisco channel. so this company, rosie from viet isinga's, faculty math, lima hankey, she'd call all the the persona element is to is to mrs. or his roster law.
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i've uncovered that a medic. this isn't a marking cusack. loyce or you may have corresponded gwinnett cheerless. e, which has put on as i said, can another another, canada, oh yeah, no temporary. one toll case though, at emily headed goodness, those orders periodontal nathan. not going good until a year or so say latoria amico, don't expect us in the separate had but on us on british or mental health because he thought almost all those because it's little models and why so look not limit to white belt as mess as they boesky, they stated it part of it. the net loosing elemy and pest control establish april could either not muster wireless request or school police. he got the locomotive at the store. he can kill of quite a priscilla's horrendous absence even seen at others in bustle. data he granted in only cindy than godaddy can not get out of his hand. this last was but even difficult. sweating, it will open it up and goes on granted force and look as a political civilian must completely open us. you'll see
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a niche when people receives wasn't delay, mother make we biddy to talk to me. he comes from watkins in control, goes to lilith, wants us to continue the sort i story in the name for me and it was expected was independent diskin prestige. i don't, but ali lehman think us was if we really love is a pretty soon for saturday, pretty soon. this is miss leticia, but i will atlas william goodman, i am with ah
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interesting as scheduled unless you have chris will nobela hello, grassy. seen kalu, let them be another thing to those to me, lives at leisure, about dealers put in here to see 2 yellow c, c, c scum pacino's as her mother's separating gun your foot on a quote that was policy the dallas, the whole out of in the matinee, so specials is i miss minuchi? so kayla bless her principal, the lesser beth pinion out of 11 with i'm in class fiestas, but just being diverse put model that piece of that is and but i will come to that even as monet this scene 11 gram 50 for, for with
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he isn't going to be on the level that we share available to come up with. we were overseas in the sub for linda, steve. and along with bruce prefers from our list the yes, someone with it
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with him and we will go over this stuff, but i would never say we but we but we put them in the, in the thing and i think, i guess i don't like, you know, income, i can't seem to go get the need for mothers. how we're going to settle, am i can i please put in the amount that the g going to give us?
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we're going to put you. i don't get a little too, but i'm just gonna throw them on stock just to a new person, maybe a little quote to move the case to multiple that also the party with the plan. and as you make e formula, plot it from the formula to move, but as you feel so this is the equivalent socio if we were supposed to case it. but a, so lucky i got some of that and they will not read the prostitution and selfishness from personal lack of knowledge that will not
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ah they will come into school lego to sick hardaman, escal chevy seat cust, opening disposal, global ne, he not. as they will not present those when you go with
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ice bank with no, you're all as i lou, those are both of those is that was a key. there it is. so this way they, when i knew all the is mrs. and gay is a group of that, but he said they'd give him about a bit. so pre owned bobo, this is who wrapped in those exploring. so villarejo me, he done the hours that was a month ago with what it is. we have the most, you know, some of these points does. i've ever heard of. you say you bought a seat? i. oh, no, not at the dazzle. unless that doesn't mean he went up, was almost gone. only swimming. we'll assume that it must be both and it would be my sort of visit the one that aspect is money isn't money because this is
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developing for a delivery for a demo to get from now. so looking for him in those include those boss. he goes into mel, minivan visibility, and got his medicine in going there. the doesn't, doesn't need enough that this is in the lab work. those are the must be make he go, be me who no, this was billed as english. he got us last. you'd have me, he can at the, in it as it was, a guttural is almost what was there you this to really that? yes. bizarre aquanda. c storia built them, anita, gave me back up with with that, oh, the aggressive is that if it is when alice best from it yet equal it up and i got a mini swell dns. yeah, no, but i got another thing through the like if i put like a decided lack of you conquer forces, follow putting that mit it as was pass, you must was pass you
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seen in battle what mrs is place and then a p chevy. not a quarter that well, if it was clear, costello could cut them and several p n. for him. that puzzle that, that mean su, saluted ability get those a stomach as he didn't doorway i read was that those ms young part of eric went the they will none of the share that he go on as, as you know, though, own grant gallagher. have you heard about this on very least that this, it's yawn as he another boy. i media idea imprint, the, there's what you know, the gold gill dorsey, cbs mesa colleague, but he's doesn't, elaine say this, the law is the bad of it was gonna be so they've got a group rate. i don't have to leave it on. i absolute, i mean you get the deal if
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you don't want to because they are a thing that i was like, what are you on our company is that it made your mean we have those available to go get portable rate of not disposal of $1550.00 per square, less companies like to release common fat on government for the ssl certificate issue and so bills are one percent less guitar. however, let me put that i put a political in public building 30 sitting, you know, they will know if you live jeff, it'll get older. i b s t y than just got the list and then follow the as mrs. can in 20 days. politicos for sure. no use for assisting
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me in this can be empty. i'm going to cut them in. i don't report back calling for the master and really gather by someone on the mentally but mentally who's teaching this telephone needles, even the number he can, can you never connecticut graphical? can be the political. we're not today the list of if at least yes, equipped to another people, we got low and before this was 11 exams we're look is that unless you're going in medical call me when matter. but just give them put it over. but i know you, i don't think they put it via google payment will
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get you were not released by the lease which can be done in the central medical and 6 in you know is that the is but i'm going to lose them as maggie. she lives the, a lot of us or giving us, but at least us in the 1000. we get maybe, and i meant that just a model. i love you. the only thing on the agreement are going to sell was pharmacists else jo kokomo, when it goes to a yes. so you are moving on a separate product garment care
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up in florida, cuz i'm in in up. all right. you're going to buy a new willing dignitary up. i'm flipping the super bowl. less probably. will the normal question out. ok. no. my question. us to use customer input. i hope. ok joe, assuming medical mores for medicine . no military isn't she
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oh, may he got that? have you as well as elected his mas get on that, as we saw dea negatives. he got his bell. i've used that he doesn't see about me, he gun and is as heat, that going, olga is getting bored. mother, noise will be sent to get out of sailors, but if you get us, yes, a. i a jonah, they don't know what they're going to be, gabriela does. yep. we'll have to lift it up. make it quite obvious up, but don't have these pulled by. they pull that, he means there's up your, my job as
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a rental. okay. stop us on board. you think is very jack noise, but i was, he got a nice as you balance against you. he gave it rest. we got a story. see, get it like soonest. in that is big enough, these yes, ah, in la county and they like to help, but i got leprosy venture last defendant. this puts us police pick us properly and combos with his pin to start a la quarterly by east, but his yep. if he beat a piece out of elaine, this is june. gail ambient to save up at mandel, the on said to me and talk in italy. so if you that at the la costa levy together under his men will. okay. so, but other said he had candy that took a mass flow to cynthia casa chad of a leather, but kept easter so project to premiere and come to radical image by sac political heat, this temp or temp that i was good. but i be in a put a mel visetti. i'm a thank you i
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go with some will be in the process or 40 people that i'll dig it under. the mens you on is not on one of the manual is it's a one will be is your jamila goggles, mother, be sure to meet god about daily jump up without even the logo law, but he didn't really let it boldly got one. but i can't give you any, but i mean he go there normally for us, and then she it is. so is thomas randall in that he's seen a pe certificate, got him in the future, you'll probably get a report that he, somebody can be that will be of another political jingle. and domingo the election, at least people collect doral the police court order and also spin them. i made a move yet. that's what the fortune to remember. they won't cover the key for to make about what it got to meaningfully d n a. both of those michigan most commonly storia is cynthia sallie. most of that ah,
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i think was us. yes. how do you don't sell your babies like when we build ski lauras with those kids that been going so bondai yeah. in this the moment i'm not sure this every middle they quoted you. is this manuel lopez road. i believe i left a voice gus already about in language, according by that is according been able to see and thought close. i'm gonna meet in on wrangle. they've been, be those i think these 840 and thought that he got an idea in grand go living did as i mean, he said there was he in boy e i man is called it on is going to getting the indian that in a growing will that there is a single 40 and thought as he can, but as manuel out of e by lessing west, as in on blank or like, why didn't they base according to steinway because of, oh ah,
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with with
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innumerable press event of the make equal to whirlpool, they'd up is saturday, vic let out, can nobody d n a go next, vivian. think contriving expressive, and they've been amnesty a politic official. the post one up. i can em blanco, but i may. he could simply cody's meet at us. get food 18. asked up at that he shows men so cynical for 2 of the low spoilers is then so possible. see in web will vietnam proponent transform us young at the side of the line for me that i look in northern williams. friends yet. is a mr. program in morning when i was getting the boys as voiding camino just isn't there a little bit better. thank them. is there just though you to
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give the bill wasn't about a yoga, let them use me notice yes, book really yes. even have even of them in there. because as you for december, not mirrorless, business ventures, experience is elemental given a gap. and of course, as is more for them, i live in there c, global yadda, seattle. and looks quite bland. yeskis to listed govern government for not douglas tim pocket to walk away because i was no mad also set back. asshole. he's jealous, cripple scott on that video console. tavar oil in another los gas was louse t sierra. the last one. yeah. can feed my lucas will this be the last us you on freely that be really the net and i meet at le middle quintile. he can
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come, you know, for carmenela, he will not be to me too, unless one at the comfort inn was exceed. newcomb and sad, yet, but i yet conceived, call them and us in so contra muscle tweet, then web over another, the valley school and we'll see and look up the synthetic nevins. yep. or the venue modelled kentucky. this will be coronel triple dash. humans live in the book. see emptiness, umbrella, for to make a governmental entity harbor as they lose the muster, one of us would be employed at his tablet data,
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then throw them in ambient to put them as this or leveled. when the civil explicit examines, you know, a look, des moines schedule. nobody got one more lead, gelato didn't happy versus his teeth. he could put in momentum, not the knee ending on blood, but i hey aah. confronted with some of the wells was des quantity,
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mongolian government has begun shutting the nation's polluted capital. cities, coal mine ah. but as the struggle rage is to say the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who are living beneath it? ah, witness at the coal face on al jazeera. ah hi there. good to be with you. here's our headlines for the americas, i put the colors on this 1st map, the darker the red, the higher the temperature, the blues and purples, are that southern andes. and by jablonka matched
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a temperature record for october at $39.00 degrees will nyja down a bit on friday to $36.00. exceptional heat, santiago, 31 and commodore aretha davia 25 degrees. it's also above average, still soggy for rio. diginero, we've got bursts of rain through the amazon basin, but a cloudy day bogota and lima, overcast, i should say. but i do think it will stay dry. central america, heavy it's rain will be relegated toward southern mexico, a guatemala belize right through into honduras. strong storms across the southeast of the u. s. have now marched further toward the mid atlantic. it's going to be a big story for d. c. as we look at this rain moving in on friday, there's a coastal flood watch in place. we could see about half a meter of water inundate low line areas here, off toward the west. we do have a few dry days in store for vancouver, 10 degrees, but moister has moved across the other side of the rockies. we could see some snow r for calgary up to 5 centimeters on friday. and those trick or treaters are gonna
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have to bundle up on sunday. you're down to minus 7 degrees below average. that's it says in ah, the ah, top usaa oil executives deny they misled the public about the role of fossil fuels in climate change. ah, i'm wrong homeless out there, a life and go home. so coming up france sees is a british boat and threatens its neighbor with sanctions in a row over fishing rides.


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