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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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the day until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and cause for a boy impact the sporting events november on out just sierra. ah you as president joe biden announce is a scale black, a back plan for social and climate spending. but he still faces pushback from members of his own party. ah, i mean, regardless of their life and death, also coming up, france seizes a british vote and threatens its neighbor with sanctions and a rattle the fishing lights. the protest against the qu continue in, sir, dawn, the un makes his strongest will yet, but stopped short of condemning the military and good bye facebook. hello mehta,
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but we'll re brand tackle the social networks problems. ah, yes, president joe biden says he thinks he has enough support for his signature. $1.00 trillion dollar spending program. biden took the rest up a meeting with senators on their own turf, the capital to secure an agreement. but he was still struggling for, for backing for his fellow democrats for the scale back build on fisher has been following events in washington dc. it's taken months of negotiation, but u. s. president joe biden no believes he is a framework for his signature piece of legislation. he went to capitol hill to suite any last minute doubters arching his party to take the when the bill as it stands doesn't deliver all he wanted. it's been trimmed down from 3.5 trillion to 1.75 trillion. he's lost free community college,
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he's lost pete family leave. he's lost a drive on prescription drug prices. but the president is convinced this will help the u. s. recover from the economic shock from cove it and help ordinary american. we spent hours and hours and hours over months and months working on this. no one got everything they wanted including me. but that's what compromises. that's consensus. and that's what i ran on pretty cool. some of the things this bill provides free preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. the proof care for the elderly and huge tax credits to move americans away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy . and the tenured cost of those charges will be paid for with higher taxes for those adding more than $10000000.00 a year. and companies with more than $1000000000.00 a year profits. but republicans, as their don't like it trillion to dollars and spending major expansions of government agencies and even more inflation that will lead to higher cost for all
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americans. those are all on the table. now. there are plenty of democrats who wanted much more in the bill that the simply wasn't the votes across the board to push them through. joe biden wanted the when it's not the deal, he promised not the deal he campaigned on, but it does deliver on a few key issues. he hopes it will help with important elections next week. and also with the midterms. know exactly one year away and he can go to the g 7 in italy and cop 26 in glasgow until other world leaders that the u. s. is doing something significant about climate change and they have to follow. the only has to deliver is a united party and the successful vote. allen fisher out is either at the white house. let's cross down to fill a bell, who joins us live from washington dc fell. is this a defeat? not for the democrats, but for joe biden. himself well, you know, i mean i'm just talking that about a united party. there's obviously
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a lot of division here in washington within the party tonight because we've just heard in the last hour or so with that vote on the infrastructure bill, which is another bill has not been delayed until next week. now let me just explain what this is all about because this is really a tile of 2 bills that are completely separate, but also they run in parallel and how one is decided on effects. the other one, you've got the bills back better plan, which is the one that alex just talking about. that's the one where they need all the democratic support that they can get. they've got 2 will 3, hold out, but you know, those 2 will 3 don't sound like many. they are a big deal because the market is so tight and that with, in terms of the majority, that if they don't all agree that i've got a broad consensus on this than that could fall, flatten its face in parallel. you've got this infrastructure bill. now this is a $1.00 trillion dollar bill. this is a bipartisan bill, so this is where joe biden has done what he said he would to join the election. he's reached out to the republicans, he said, you know, help me out. come on board and they're all working together now. what looked like it was a slam dunk, but now we've got this situation where those democrats who had planned,
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we believe to vote for this instruct you bill, have now said hang on a 2nd. we are not going to do this just yet because we don't know how our colleagues who are holding out on the other bill going to vote essentially. it's a game a trust here because you've got some democrats who worried that if they pushed this infrastructure bill through them, those who holding out on the build back better bill will not follow through. and then that one could fall south in its face. so, you know, nancy pelosi has spent all day here in washington. she's been trying to rally the troops. she's been saying to these guys, look, you know, do not embarrass the president. she's been calling that bluff and saying, you have to vote on this infrastructure bill. and i want this vote help tonight and the last hour or so we've progressives, come out and say, we're not going to vote on this bill tonight. so she's now realized that she's got a much bigger fight ahead of her than she had planned, joe biden. meanwhile, he's been in the apple most of the day and you know, that phrase, how long as a week in politics, a lot can happen a week. never mind, not probably what can happen in a day because a huge amount has happened in the day,
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and this is all looking very uncertain for joe biden, as he professed but such down in rome. phil laval there from washington dc. now the u. k. has some of the french ambassador after the seizure of the british fishing vessel over dispute involving fishing licenses, that the dispute is over a zone in the english channel. now, frances, several vessels have been denied access because they couldn't prove they'd fish there before. briggs at andrew simmons has more i put is trula seized by french maritime police who say the crew was fishing for scallops without a permit denied by its owners. it may sound like a small incident, but it's symptomatic of something much bigger, a potential escalation and a post bricks. it fishing rights dispute was causing much more than a ripple in luke, a french relations. it sites for example, jersey. the british crown dependency only accepting a 3rd of the fishing permit applications from france absolutely might unrestricted
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. it's time that we are respected as it's totally insufficient and totally unacceptable. so now we must talk the language of force, and unfortunately, i feared that is the only thing that this british government understands. but no, the threats go beyond banning british trawlers from offloading their catches at french ports because this only amounts to a small proportion of exports without a settlement to the dispute before next tuesday, there will be rigorous french customs checks on incoming cargo. and they won't be restricted to seafood, but britain isn't offering any concessions. the measures being threatened did not appear to be compatible with the trade in cooperation agreement or wider international law. and if carried through will be met with an appropriate and calibrated response. this isn't the 1st time the fishing rights issue has fled up in may french trawlers blockaded the main port in jersey. the british and french deployed a naval presence during the protests. this time,
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france seems unwilling to back down on demands. if i get stuck on that, it is not war, it's a fight. the french fishermen have some riots. an agreement has been signed. we must have this agreement implemented. we have fishing, right? we must defend them and we will defend them with hostile her to his as you pay. france is also working on a 2nd round of sanctions if they're needed and that could mean a reduction of electricity supplies to the u. k. jose he is 95 percent dependent on french power. andrew simmons al jazeera, the united states in the u. n. r, increasing the pressure on saddam's military as the death toll rises in khartoum. as confrontations between security forces and protests continue after the security council called the restoration of the civilian lead government president joe biden says his nation stood with the demonstrators. thousands of people have been protesting in recent days to reject the return of military rule. m. m. org is bait falling developments in khartoum and centers this update. people are still calling
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for a civil disobedience and general tries to stay away from work, both at state and federal level, but they've been political moves to try to mediate between the 2 side. that is to say between the civilian component of the, the post transition government and the military that took over on monday. now we've, we've heard statements from the you as well as from norway that they went to the residence of prime minister of the land and met with him and made sure that he was in good health. the, the united nation commission into that unit camp secretary and preventative, of the us, the courage and will, without the statement, think that the 2 sides should return to the constitutional declaration. that's the power sharing agreement that was signed between the forces of fleet and change collision and the military on august 2019. so there are efforts to try to bring back the 2 sides, the military, and the, and the forced to maintain coalition to return to that constitutional declaration. let's not forget that when general hahn made the announcement on monday,
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he said that he was committed to that to that power sharing agreement with the exception of a few articles. but those are crucial articles, articles that states the formation of the sovereignty council, which is shared between the military and the civilians. the executive cabinet, which was headed by prime minister, albert ham dog and the rules and the authorities of those counsels as well as counseling as well as bringing, bringing back the transition military council. the all of the, there are political efforts and diplomatic efforts to try to bring those 2 sides back again to negotiating table. but the after the united nations also called for the release of the other political prisoners, including the members of the sovereignty council and executive cabinet who arrested on monday. the council issued his 1st statement on the crisis, expressing severe concern about the takeover, but not condemnation. kristen salome reports from the united nations. it's a fairly short statement. i have a copy of it right here, one page long and it expresses serious concern about the military takeover in the
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suspension of some transitional government institutions. it also expresses concern about the detention of prime minister of dela hm, doc, and other government officials. a. the release also does call for the release of those who've been detained, noting that the prime minister has been returned to his home and get calls for respect for human rights. in particular, the rights of protesters to be out on the street. it's important to note that the united nations integrated transition mission in sudan has been working there are to support the transition to elections and democratic institutions. and the statement also reaffirms those efforts as so the council is basically a saying, it's very concerned about the situation there and, and, and calling for respect for these transitional institutions. so head on out 0,
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we look at how the coin of ours pandemic is full of children in uganda, out of the classroom, and into go morning. why pharmacy, sir? like a protesting against the government plan to go. we're gonna make the hi there. good to be with you. here's her headlines for the americas. i put the colors on this 1st map, the darker the red, the higher the temperature, the blues, and purples, or the southern andes. and by ia blanca matched a temperature record for october at $39.00 degrees will natur down a bit on friday to $36.00. exceptional heat, santiago, 31 and couple. doro river davia 25 degrees. that's also above average. still soggy for rio. diginero we've got bursts. of rain through the amazon basin, but a cloudy day bo guitar and lima, overcast stairs should say. but i do think it will stay dry. central america,
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heavy it's rain will be relegated towards southern mexico. guatemala believes rate through into 100 duras. strong storms across the southeast of the us have now marched further toward the mid atlantic. it's going to be a big story for d. c. as we look at this rain moving in on friday, there's a coastal flood watch in place, so we could see about half a meter of water inundate low line areas here. up toward the west. we do have a few dry days in store for vancouver, 10 degrees, but moisture has moved across the other side of the rockies. we could see some snow for calgary up to 5 centimeters on friday. and those trick or treaters are gonna have to bundle up on sunday. you're down to minus 7 degrees below average. that's it soon. ah, the, in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to fighting talk to cub, beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive
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instance of chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge braying something and they didn't even see the caird foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people this is agent orange. coming soon on, al jazeera lou . ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder of all top stories u. s. president joe biden doesn't appear to have the full support. the supports of his democratic party for his $1.00 trillion dollars spending program. their conduct, congressional progressive caucus is saying that they will not vote on the
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infrastructure built without the build back, better act and the u. k. has some of the french i'm bossed, i have made a deepening brow. i the post briggs fishing rights. it comes out off to french authorities seized a british trula operating in french desert territorial waters. and the un security council is holding on to don's military rate leaders to restore the civilian the transitional government. the council issued his 1st statement on the cross is expressing serious concern about the take of it, but not condemnation. our facebook has changed its name while the social media site will keep the parent name. the parent company is now called meta chief executive mark zuckerberg, made the announcement at a virtual conference. he says it reflects the matter verse and a future world with far more online interaction. the firms founders as it brings together the company's apps, including instagram and what's up under one umbrella. and he galka is in miami. he says mark zuckerberg is keen to distance himself from facebook. while it's pretty
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significant, it's not unexpected. this has been being reported on over the past couple years that they were thinking about this, but the timing is something to bear in mind here. facebook has never perhaps been under as much scrutiny as it is now with these internal documents showing allegedly that they put profit over the dangers of misinformation. but if you listened and i watched the marks october presentation, this is all about embracing new technology and launching new platforms and investing billions of dollars into oculus and all these other types of technology that aren't even here yet. but i think it is significant that facebook is now changing it's brand name to matter because many companies have got in trouble in the past few decades have done very similar things because facebook has become associated with mistrust with privacy leaks and with spreading misinformation. at certainly if you watch that hearing in congress from fate,
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the facebook whistleblower, some of that material was very shocking considering it was facebook's own internal investigations that were being revealed in that case. so i think from zach about point of view, this is them looking at the next chapter in technology and connecting people. but i think at the back of his mind is also at trying to distance himself from the facebook brand. a mr. green, a complaint related to an alleged sex crime has been filed against former new york governor andrew cuomo, the complaint come, the complaint accuses and coma of forcibly touching a former executive assistant under comer, resigned his governor in august off to tenaki as an office. his resignation followed an investigation that found he had sexually harassed 11 women and i'm here to day. and argentina's, former president murray, geography has appeared in court to face espionage charges. mockery is accused of ordering intelligence agencies despite the families of crew members of a submarine. the site will years ago. the case has been suspended due to the
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president's obligation to hold military secrets. but that condition could be overturned by the country's incumbent leader. the new schwab la has more from outside the court in dolores, he appeared before a small group of supporters. a couple of blocks away from here in the town of the lord is to say that obviously he's innocent and he doesn't know anything about any spying charges. he didn't spy on the families of the victims of the submarine or the san juan, or anybody else for that matter. it sounded like an election rally. there are congressional elections in a couple of weeks time here in argentina. many of his supporters would like to see him stand for the presidency again. so it smacked more of an electoral rally than of him coming here to declare his innocence. but that is the case. we believe the families of those victims of the submarine thinking also here in town. we haven't seen them yet, but they're here. these were the victims of the spying charges. they were campaigning at the time when the submarine disappeared in november,
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2017. to find out what had happened to their loved ones, they wanted the authorities to tell them more. um, and instead it seems of the accusation is that the authorities on to the orders of madison mockery that m president ordered them to be spied on to find out what it was they were they were organizing. so that basically is the case, but it has split the country in many ways. those who were against notice your mockery when he was president and the current government all about it all fernandez, who were obviously happy to win the elections a couple of years ago. and they would like to see this good this case come to the come to the course. and rebels in ethiopia, t gray region say at least 10 people including 3 children have been killed in another government airstrike. the ethiopian army says it targeted a facility used by the t great people's liberation front and the regional capital mach haley. but a spokesman for the rebel says, a civilian residence was hit. fighting between the t p ela from federal forces has
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been going on for almost a year, but our strokes have increased in the past week. the united nation says escalation of hostilities in northern with yoko is putting more civilians risk. to airstrikes were reportedly carried out on a residential area. anti grace capitol mckelly. according to initial reports, 6 people were killed and 22 injured. a number of houses are understood to be destroyed or severely damaged. were also a lie by law going hostilities in a fire in horror regions which are causing large scale displacement, livelihood disruptions and food insecurity. and preventing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in both regions. the escalation of hostility is risk worsening. the already dire humanitarian situation in te gray. i'm horror and afar, where millions of people need urgent humanitarian assistance. schools in uganda been closed for more than year and a half because of the pandemic that's longer than anywhere else in the world according to the un. and the absence of an education,
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some children say bernie auction now is to dig for gold in mines, victoria gate and miracles. at the marrow mine in easton, uganda. 17 year old mateus is digging for gold. he says, if he doesn't find any, he doesn't get paid. if you come back again, it ran at that jazz. you are not good. again, you go back home. now sometimes you get a little money leaky, or 201-0000. $10000.00 you can't in shillings is the equivalent of around $2.80. schools and uganda had been closed since march 2020. shortly after the 1st case of cove at 19 was confirmed on the african continent. some classes reopened in february this year, but shut down again 4 months later as the country faced the surgeon infections when called me to kimmy, scores were lost. i'd activities good glossed it if was to use to come in and evolve this activity to get what get some money for some way. will it
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also force the younger children because they had nothing to do that as i was at the un says uganda is now the only country in africa where schools remain closed. 16 year old and net worry, she'll never catch up on the school work. she's missed saying i'd hometown banks yoga, an anti then morale to read books and yoga . and as the song ha, sometimes he does to forget words. they don't, they don't dads, school. the government says though we open schools, when more than 5000000 of the countries 44000000 people are fully vaccinated. so far, only 700000 have been this locked down is expected to last until early next year. which means more children in uganda will miss out on one of the most important part of their lives, education, victoria, gate, and be al jazeera roches capital is shut down for 11 days. the country deals with
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the record number of new cove is 19 cases and related deaths. only 36 percent of russians are fully vaccinated. moscow, all schools, restaurants non statement venues will be closed until november 7th. present. vladimir putin is also ordered a paid nationwide weeklong holiday to curb rising infections. hungry is introduced a string of new measures to combat a 4th wave of coin of virus infections. employees of state institutions and other companies will require vaccinations. a day earlier hungry reported more than 3100 new cases. it's highest job in daily infection since april thousands of members of band religious group are march con pakistan's capitalist lombard. a day after deadly clashes in the horse or 4 policemen. and who protest is killed, police have set up road blocks on the main highway between the 2 cities and the government is called empower military forces. members of the legal of our party are demanding the release of their leader who's been detained since earlier this year.
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and they also want the french ambassador expelled over the 2017. charlie had no cotton controversy. now a plan is her lanka for all food production to go a 100 percent or cannick has caused anger among farmers there protesting against the lack of fertilizer as the cultivation season gets underway. the government's bond, all imports of chemical fertilizers and has been l fernandez. reports from polar ruin aurora pharmacy. the governments fell to provide an organic alternative angle on the streets of humble entertain southern sri lanka, the hot land of the governing roger box of family farmers. he has said the governments move to make farming 100 percent organic, threatening their livelihood, ma'am, but an idea that the government wants us to listen to ministers, not agriculture experts, but experts say this won't work. it's been known, the govern band, the importer fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals earlier this year, after
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a foreign currency shortage. it once farmers to use organic world genitives across the country and pull a narrower, one of the biggest drives producing areas 81 year old diva paley, goodwill, hunger is impatient. he's bad if he is our overgrown normally, he says the soil would be tilled and ready by now of her. when you stop supplies, all of a sudden, whether it's vegetables, obey genes or chillies. they have worms, potatoes don't grow properly. these products are essential. this is why farmers angry or didn't present got up a roger boxer says that change is needed to reduce the health risks, paused by agricultural chemicals he got it will i me rather than seeking political mileage. everyone should get together and do this for our country for our future generations. we can do this in a short time. it won't take 10 or 15 years. many scientists, agricultural experts and successful organic farmers. like how do lay jive,
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they said disagree. he says it's taken him 12 years to turn around this green batch when arthur grantly, i won't go any longer and we'll, we'll have destroying something can be done quickly, but reviving it has to be done systematically and in a very organized way. that's why i say the government could get farmers more involved, give them incentives, seek their views, and consult others in green, agricultural gunning. that would have been more successful, like our attempts to secure organic fertilizer have run into a series of problems the should. i can government says pharma protests like this. i instigated by the opposition and multinational chemical and fertilizer companies, but tens of thousands of farmers facing crop failures. and noah yields say they are facing a battle for survival. ha, ha ha. now the pharmacy, their biggest concern, is how they will feed their families in the coming months. minute fernandez, o jazeera polo, narrower not center,
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shall anchor. an historic bronze statue stolen from nigeria more than a century ago is on its way home from the u. k. the university of aberdeen had held the bronze head of a been in king for more than 40 years. now it's become the 3rd european institution to return an artifact. over the past few days. armand address has more from boucher after nearly 125 years in foreign lands. this tall and bronze statue depicted the head of the king of my jealous, ancient, been in kingdom, is final units we hall for more than a century. it's beauty and craft was looked at and appreciated by a privileged few. it has taken companies and communities from why it was looted decades to get back this object of immense, religious and cultural significance. on wednesday, the university of cambridge became the foster institution to return such an addict were all thrilled at seeing this. they arrive when the bronze is finally returned
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home. but we're also painfully aware of having the price, it's rightful owners for so long of its presence. and we offer a heartfelt apologies for the historic from also in paris, president man on macro lead a ceremony to return a set of 26 pieces of art of votes stolen from frances former colony, been in in $1892.00 left hosted with icbc vin france had to act, given the fact that 95 percent of the african material heritage is said to be outside of africa. all young people need to take possession of their history to better build their future. there was no reason to condemn the african youth to be denied access to its own history. anything extra save events of the past few days are significant. there is some sort of potential now through these actions for some truth telling it for very even some reconciliation and the returns. so the
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significance either of these items really relates to their buy in conic states us that underlying the significance of african arts. but campaign is an activist, also aware that getting all of the stolen artifacts back could take a long time. there's also a chance they may never succeed. the k brunley museum in paris hold some 70000 african artifacts. one london, british museum has tens of thousands more while companions a happy with a progress in negotiations with countries like belgium. they're less hopeful with others. in particular, they're worried about the fate of looted items in the hands of private collectors. we want to and metal nigeria as one particularly did or people to see what belongs to them in or objects of far history and cultural import us. the campaign to returned the been in bronzes and thousands of
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other artifacts looted during the sent to his long colonization of africa. i stick in a long time. campaigners hope the events of the united kingdom on france this week will begin a process that could see the return of most of africa stolen, historic and cultural artifact. ahmed edris al jazeera, a butcher. ah, there's those, there are these other top stories, u. s. president joe biden doesn't appear to have the full support of his democratic party for his $1.00 trillion dollar spending program. a key democratic group is saying that they won't vote on the infrastructure built without the build back. better act i have hail hel, steady and with what we've talked about his progresses and at least some of the progressive fuck is up until now. then that really built a bills to write together. and uh, we don't have that right now. also, i thought.


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