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oh, al jazeera, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello i marianna mossey. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. the art of the trillion dollar deal president joe biden thinks he has a plan for social and climate spending, but it's half the package it was. is about expanding opportunity,
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not opportunity in our small reading the world. we're letting the world pass as far france holds a british vote and threatens its neighbour with sanctions in a row of fish. we look at a protest against the qu, in sudan. the united nations makes its strongest move yet, but stopped short of condemning the military. and good bye facebook hallow matter. will a corporate name change? tackle the social networks problems and i'm sort of hives the latest sport. the houston ashley's hit back against the atlanta braves to level baseballs walls, theories, and boss. the loaner are looking for a new head coach off the sacking ronald crewman. ah. hello, welcome to the news our u. s. president joe biden says he thinks he secured support for his signature $1.00
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trillion dollar spending program. but he had to plead with his party for support, with a separate trillion dollar plan for infrastructure set for a vote, which has split the democrats, well, the planet known as build back better was originally a 3 and a half trillion dollar package with government investment in child care, education, healthcare, and the fight against climate change. but political fighting within the democratic policy has seen that package whittle down to just half that figure. at 1.75 trillion. lots expect it to be offset by nearly 2 trillion dollars by raising taxes on 1000000 as in 1000000000 as and ensuring that large companies pay the appropriate level of tax algae. there is alan fischer reports now from washington. it's taken months of negotiation that you as president joe biden, though, believes he has a framework for his signature piece of legislation. he went to capitol hill to
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suite any last minute doubters arching his party to take the when the bill as it stands doesn't deliver all he wanted. it's been trimmed down from 3.5 trillion to 1.75 trillion. he's lost free community college. he's lost, paid family leave. he's lost a drive on prescription drug prices. but the president is convinced this will help the u. s. recover from the economic shock from covered and help ordinary americans sworn. we spent hours and hours and hours over months and months working on this. no one got everything they wanted including me. but that's the compromises. that's consensus. and that's what i ran on. that's pretty cool. some of the things this bill provides free preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. the proof care for the elderly and huge tax credits to move americans away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. at the 10 year cost of those charges will be paid for with higher taxes for those adding more than $10000000.00
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a year. and companies with more than $1000000000.00 a year profits. but republicans in there don't like it. trying to dar's and spending major expansions of government agencies and even more inflation that will lead to higher cost for all americans. those are on the table. now. there are plenty of democrats who wanted much more in the bill. it simply wasn't the boats across the board to push them through. joe biden wanted the, when it's not the deal, he promised not the deal he campaigned on, but it does deliver on a few key issues. he hopes it will help with important elections next week. and also with the midterms know exactly one year away and he can go to the g 7 in italy and cop 26 in glasgow until other world leaders that the u. s. is doing something significant about climate change and they have to follow. the only has to deliver is a united party and the successful vote. allen fisher out is either at the white house
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. well, that's close to phil avow now, who is in washington. and of course, we mentioned briefly their negotiations over the infrastructure bill that is separate from the social and climate spending package. what is happening with that? because it seems as though that the house speak and nancy pelosi is keen to, to get a vote organized as soon as possible. i and she is not particularly happy marian, i mean she gave a press conference where it was quite clear how frustrated she is. she said her fuse is running low on this whole issue. and here's why, you know, you got these 2 separate bills, but they're also kind of like, i'll just explain why it's quite completed. you've got the build back path, a plan that alex just talking about, that you've got this infrastructure bill, which is worth $1.00 trillion dollars and what this infrastructure bill does. it speaks to all of those points that joe biden made, remember year ago when he was campaigning to be president, he said, i'm going to reach across the aisle. i'm going to work with republicans. we're going to work together to make stuff happen. and that's what this restrict
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infrastructure bill does. he's got the buy in from republicans, he's got the backing, but now we're in the position where somebody's outside looks like they may stop there. so they may hold out, which is an inconceivable position for a sitting president to be and where they've got the other side supporting them. and yet members of the party potentially holding out. now those hold out so potentially holding out for a number of reasons. they won't guarantees that those who are planning on holding out on the other bill will go ahead. they also say they want to see the text of this framework. you know, they say we got a framework for months. we want to see the tax. so now not supposing i said, right, here's the text, there's 2000 pages of it. read it, digest it, enjoy it, complaint do whatever you're going to do, but you have to get behind the spell. now, she wants this vote on the infrastructure bill to happen tonight. all of the indications here that that probably is not going to happen, but she's down here on the ground. she's trying to sort it out. well, joe biden is in the air. he's on his way to see the pope, and you just know that he's going to be saying a few prize of his own up there in the skies marin. okay, thank you very much,
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philip. out with all the latest in washington. thanks very much. so joining us now by skype from the united states as author and political scientists, philip rocket is from market university and the city of milwaukee festival. i want to discuss the, the social spending plan with you because it was originally was some 3 and a half trillion dollars. that was whittle down to less than 2 trillion dollars. how disappointing is that for us president joe biden and his domestic agenda. i think when you are a sitting president and you have a really short fuse when it comes to ensuring that benefits that you can actually reach voters before the next relevant election. and when it looks like there are benefits, something like paid family leave are paid, paid. we sit in the united states, which united states is an outlier. and always c d countries on that. it's a really popular program,
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more than 80 percent of americans supported it. and it's something that job and campaigned on in the middle of a pandemic is something that would be valuable. that's a pretty big loss. it's a benefit that's not going to go into place. people are going to sense that and he'll that tangibly for the election. i think that the bleeds off a little bit of support. and i think that if the goal of a bind presidency really is to go big early with benefits that reach people and touch people very soon, i think that's got to be very disappointing for it. right. so is there that disappointing is there? you mentioned that there is an important election coming up. is there enough then in this current bill to energize democratic votes, says full upcoming midterm elections next year. when the control of both houses of congress will be at stake. yeah, i think it's really important that the buy the ministration, explain to people very clearly if they want to re benefits politically from this
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what the benefits are, how they're going to roll out when the experience of there are things in this program that are significant. the child tax credit is probably one of the largest anti poverty initiatives ever actively united states in the last 50 years or so. but it's still something that can be very obscure to people because it's buried in the tax code. if you look at something like universal pre k, that's something that is going to take time to stand up because it is based on partnership between the federal and state government. so when it comes to ensuring that benefits go into place in are visible intangible for the next selection, that takes a really solid message. it also takes program designs implementation, and that is sort of well put. so such things actually begin to go into effect. and that's, i think, why the details of the legislation are so important because the details are what can dictate or help to dictate what some of the political outcomes of this are. but
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is that detail being communicated properly at this point? or is it just getting lost in the kind of nuance of negotiations and, and detail in congress because we would just hearing our forces speaking about how a progress boot progressives might block the infrastructure bill. because that crucial elements like paid leave aren't in the, the social spending plan. you know, i think the actual contents of this legislation has been sort of obscured from the beginning. you know, if you think about the biggest negotiations that were happening were not necessarily progresses. but the real reason why the initial plan, which the house agreed to was scuttled and cut down was because of us senators, joe mentioned in person cinema in the senate who their main talking point about the legislation was that it was too much money. and so your follow media coverage on
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this, the main descriptor of the legislation was it's cost, not actually what it contained in the bargaining in the senate never appeared to be occurring on the basis of what the substantive content of the legislation was. and so i think that's, i think, for most americans, this omnibus, if occasion of legislation and these giant packages make it very difficult to figure out what is in the legislation for them. and i'm not sure that just yet biting has articulated clearly enough of what people are going to get and how he's going to change the lives of the average american. i thank you very much for your analysis on this philip rock joining us that from milwaukee with the news our life from london said i had for you on the program, digging for gold instead of studying and class uganda children, mis 18 months of school because of the pandemic,
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and if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the world and the forests of the ca pay the mountains of the lungs of europe there on the threat will explain what that could mean. and then later on in sport to south africa cricketer, it says here now take me against racism off initially refusing to do so. ah, the u. k is some in the french ambassador off to the seizure of a fishing boat and threat of sanctions in route over the right to catch fish in u k. waters. the dispute is over zone in the english channel, 6 to 12 multiple miles from the british shore. front says several vessels have been denied access because they couldn't prove a fish that before breaks it. not the 1st time fishing has been a problem either. in may, british navy boats were sent to jersey when french troll is threatened to blockade
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the channel islands main entry port. and it's far from the last breaks at ro, or the last concerning food with the status of northern ireland and exports in and out of europe and within the u. k. cause in contention as well under simmons has more now on the fish fight. a put is trula seized by french maritime police who say the crew was fishing the scallops without a permit denied by its owners. it may sound like a small incident, but it's symptomatic of something much bigger. a potential escalation and a post bricks. it fishing rights dispute is causing much more than a ripple in buquet french relations. it sites for example, jersey. the british crown dependency only accepting a 3rd of the fishing permit applications from france. ab should he might unto felicity. it's time that we are respected as it's totally insufficient and totally unacceptable. so now we must talk of the language of force, and unfortunately, i fear that is the only thing that this british government understands. but no,
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the threats go beyond banning british trawlers from offloading their catches at french ports because this only amounts to a small proportion of exports without a settlement to the dispute before next tuesday, they'll be rigorous french customs checks on incoming cargo. and they won't be restricted to seafood, but britain isn't offering any concessions. the measures being threatened did not appear to be compatible with the trade in co operation agreement or wider international law. and if carried through will be met with an appropriate and calibrated response. this isn't the 1st time the fishing rights issue has fled up in may french trawlers blockaded the main port in jersey. the british and french deployed a naval presence during the protests. this time, france seems unwilling to back down on demands. it began setancolon, but it is not war. it's a fight. the french fishermen have some riots. an agreement has been signed. we
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must have this agreement implemented. we have fishing, right. we must defend them and we will defend them with hostile france is also working on a 2nd round of sanctions if needed. and that could mean a reduction of electricity supplies to the u. k. josie is 95 percent dependent on french power. andrew simmons al jazeera now facebook has changed its name while the app on your phone will keep the name. the company is now officially called matter. chief executive mark zuckerberg made the announcement of virtual conference. he says it reflects the met of us a future world with far more online interaction from found it says it brings together the company's apps on the one brand, but it comes as the company, of course has been facing increasing scrutiny, which we can now get into with my guest, remish, serv, austin, he is a professor of information studies at the university of california,
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los angeles. so is this about to sort of avatar driven, futuristic, massive us or increasing p all crisis? i think it's a little bit of both. i mean, certainly we, we all are highly aware of the incredible crisis that facebook spacing right now. its effects on threatening democracy in different parts of the world. and even it's very harmful effects on the secret to, to grand people as we speak in ethiopia. and i know just 0 is one of the few networks that covers these sorts of important stories. at the same time, i think we need to look very carefully at what fits. because doing, you know, in by, in naming itself, meta, which is a reference to metaphors. facebook is actually not only shifting the story that we're going to be covering. but it's actually in a sense, for those of us who are analyzing it, basically saying that we are the internet,
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our entire goal is to be the internet. so what facebook is essentially attempting to do is centralize the decentralized internet. many of us experience every day. what does that basically mean? it means all the different kinds of applications that facebook has will be integrated. and it actually basically means that facebook is looking at itself and its goals are to basically be, you know, our bedfellow. no matter what we do or where we go when we use our phones or when we are online, and that is really facebook school, but that's not just the goal of facebook. that's the goal of every big tech company, is to essentially dominate our lives and to be and to constantly be surveilling us capturing data and tell me when you speak about that goal. facebook is particularly unique in terms of its position in the market. does that? does that bother you? oh, absolutely. i mean facebook as a dominant actor and might even be we might even in need to consider facebook
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utility when it comes to the market of social media communications. remember facebook, the company on facebook? the technology, but it also owns instagram and what's up right in many countries in the world, in the global south, what's up is the cell phone network. facebook is the news network is the media network. so there are a dominant player, but there are other dominant players, you know, amazon is a dominant player and the e commerce and cloud computing space. so the point being again, that the goal of every one of these technology companies is to not nearly, not, not solely be about technology. it is to basically be the digital presence and all of our lives all the time. because what we don't know as american citizens or citizens the world over is what are they collecting about us? what do they know about us? and how does that feedback into recommending us content that ends up polarizing us? and that's something that's really important to shine a light on and to stop them. doing this concern is really been brought into sharp
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focus in recent weeks in the wake of revelations, from facebook's own members of staff. what do we know about the way in which the company has been dealing with that criticism, particularly ceo, mark is about how do they view this, the criticism that the company is damaging to individuals and society. look, what facebook tends to do is, is sort of say, hey, we're going to make our platform accessible in different languages or world higher . more content moderators. but who are those content moderators? it turns out that many of them are exploited. p t. s d. you know, experiencing workers who are not even employees in places like the philippines. what facebook is not willing to really challenge is the audit and disclosure of its
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data collection practices. it's data retention practices, how long it has data about us. and it's algorithm, and we know what's algorithm is privileging attention hoarding content, which tends to be outrageous content. this is all based on correlation and massive amounts of data being collected about us. so those are the areas where we really need to intervene instead of hiring exploited content. moderators. facebook should be hiring independent journalists and people working in parts of the world like where it's flaring up right now who are in the human rights space and actually can help moderate facebook's content. so it actually serves the countries and cultures that it monetize this and surveil nash service. and thank you very much, nice tati. great to be with you. christy story that's broken in the past hour and a misdemeanor. complaint related to an alleged sex crime has been filed against form, the new governor andrew cuomo. months after he resigned following
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a harrison and pro complaint has been filed in a court in albany. the new york state capital coma resigned as governor in august after 10 and a half years in office. his resignation followed an investigation that found he'd sexually harassed 11 women alley. go to shanker and applying for all food production to go. 100 percent organic is causing anger among farmers. they are protesting against a lack of fertilizer as the cultivation season gets underway because the government has banned all imports of chemical fertilizers and asthma. now fernandez reports from paula, narrower pharmacy. the government's fail to provide an organic alternative angle on the streets of hum, bundle in southern sri lanka, the hot land of the governing, roger boxer family farmers here, see the government's move to make farming 100 percent organic, threatened as their livelihood may. i get an idea that the government wants us to
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listen to ministers, not agricultural experts, but experts say this won't work if they're not the govern band, the importer fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals earlier this year. after a foreign currency shortage. edwin's farmers to use organic or genitives across the country and polar narrower, one of the biggest drives producing years. 81 year old diva paley, goodwill, hunger is impatient, is bad. if ears are overgrown normally, he says the soil would be tilled and ready by now of her. when you stop supplies, all of a sudden, whether it's vegetables, obey genes or chillies. they have worms, potatoes don't grow properly. these products are essential. this is why farmers are angry or didn't present, got up a roger boxer says that change is needed to reduce the health risks, paused by agricultural chemicals, it got a little on me rather than seeking political mileage. everyone should get together
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and do this for our country for our future generations. we can do this in a short time. it won't take 10 or 15 years. many scientists, agricultural experts and successful organic farmers like co delayed job. they said, disagree. he says it's taken him 12 years to turn around this green batch reno's here. good me, i want got only one gun. one will have destroying something can be done quickly, but reviving it has to be done systematically and in a very organized way. that's why i say the government could get farmers more involved, give them incentives, seek their views, and consult others in green agriculture. again, that would have been more successful like attempts to secure organic fertilizer have run into series of problems. the sure like and government says farmer protests like this. i instigated by the opposition and multinational chemical and fertilizer companies. but tens of thousands of farmers facing crop failures and lower yields say they are facing a battle for survival. i got the problem now the pharmacy,
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their biggest concern is how they will feed their families in the coming months. minute fernandez, o g, zebra fuller, narrow not center. she lanka, united nation security counselors, calling on sedans, military leaders to restore the civilian law, transitional government. the council issued its 1st statement on the crisis, expressing serious concern about the takeover, but stopped short of condemnation. coolly de abdel for to alber hon is dismissed at least 6 ambassadors after they spoke out against monday's takeover. thousands of people who protested in recent days to reject the return of military rule. some state officials of eyeing disobedience with act of saying mass demonstrations are planned for the weekend had been morgan has been falling developments from the capital hart. tim. people are still calling for civil disobedience, and journals tries to stay away from work, both at state and federal level, but they've been political move to try to mediate suicide. let's just say between
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the civilian component of the default transition government and the military that took over on monday. now we've, we've heard statements from the you as well as from norway that they went to the residence of prime minister of the land and met with him and made sure that he was in good health. the, the united nation commission into that unit camp secretary and especially preventative, of the us, the courage and what does the statements think that the 2 sides should return to the constitutional declaration? that's the power sharing agreement that was signed between the 4th of them and change collision and the military on august 2019. so there are efforts to try to bring back the 2 sides, the military and the, and the force of the to maintain coalition, to return to that constitutional declaration. let's not forget that. when general han made the announcement on monday, he said that he was committed to that to that power sharing agreement with the exception of a few articles. but those are crucial articles, articles that states the formation of the sovereignty council,
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which is shared between the military and the civilians. the executive cabinet, which was headed by prime minister abil dog and the roles and the authorities of those counsels as well as counseling as one of the bringing but bringing back the transition military council. the all of the, there are political efforts and diplomatic effort to try to bring those 2 sides back again to the negotiating table. but the after the united nations also called for the release of the other political prisoners, including the members of the sovereignty council and executive capital, arrested on monday. each national response of the coincidence has been very the wall bank has put on hold $2000000000.00 in economic support. the u. s. is pools of a $700000000.00 in emergency funding. while the european union has threatened to do the same, the african union label the co unconstitutional and suspended saddam from all activities until the transitional authority was restored. china has significant investments ensued on including oil. it's expressed concern a clue warning. it would take necessary measures to protect chinese institutions
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and people in sudan and the united nations security council cold for the restoration of the transitional government and the immediate release of old detainees. with more on that has kristin salumi at the un. that's a fairly short statement. i have a copy of it right here, one page long, and it expresses serious concern about the military takeover and the suspension of some transitional government institutions. it also expresses concern about the detention of prime minister of dela hm, doc, and other government officials. the release also does call for the release of those who've been detained, noting that the prime minister has been returned to his home and get calls for respect for human rights. in particular, the rights of protesters to be out on the street. it's important to note that the united nations integrated transition mission in sudan has been working there are to
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support the transition to elections and democratic institutions. and the statement also reaffirms those efforts. so the council is basically a saying, it's very concerned about the situation there. and, and, and calling for respect for these transitional institutions. you're watching the news ally from london still ahead to the few women they can accommodate. they also love advice and tabs of piracy. html. we look at a desperate situation in afghanistan as decades of progress on mental health disappears in just weeks and australia when back to back matches at the t 20 cricket woke up sorrow. the yet with all that action ah
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hi there your world, whether update for europe and africa right now, and we do have our run of atlantic rain through the united kingdom. this is going to be persistent. so over in northern england into scotland, we could see some flooding, also disturbed weather, across areas of france. this includes for paris with the high of 15 degrees. that same band of rain is working its way across the iberia peninsula. but you're going to get into some waves of rain or the next few days. so setting up into a soggy weather pattern here. that weather maker over that central mediterranean pretty much parked itself. here we still have read weather alerts in play for southern sections of italy, but look at eastern sicily could see some more flash flooding on friday. over to the eastern med right now. things pretty calm on tele, a 25 degrees, but we've got some showers over the levant and eastern sections of turkey right up toward the black sea region, impacting tribes on with a high of 14 degrees. ok, well, and this weather report in africa right now were, you know, across beneath about half of the country is dealing with flooding. but we've got
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dry conditions in store on friday. and we looked toward nearby abby john, some thunder downpours can be expected. we've got you in for 27 and for see are the own freetown, raining the forecast with the high of 28 degrees. that's it for me, susan. ah, in the next episode of planet i saw s a head of the upcoming un climate conference, will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air. get a new perspective of the changing face of the coal mining industry in poland. will report on illegal logging in romania and explore how catastrophic while flies in greece since created new problems that all feed into the destructive cycle of extreme weather join us for plan.


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