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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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but in the last decade, weather related crises have become a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. foot lines travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's appending lives, and feeling migration. exit on jurors. a climate in crisis on al jazeera. ah, the art of the trillion dollar dale president joe biden thinks he has a plan for social and climate spending, but it's half the package it was. is about expanding opportunity, not opportunity to deny spa leading the whirl. we're letting the world passes bar ah,
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hello i mariam the mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. france holds a british boat and threatens its neighbor with sanctions in a row over fish. a protest against the coo are continuing in sudan. the united nations makes its strongest move yet, but stopped short of condemning the military. and good bye facebook hallow messer will a corporate name change tackle the social networks problems. ah, you as president joe biden says he thinks he secured support for his signature $1.00 trillion dollar spending program. but he had to plead with his party for support, with a separate trillion dollar plan for infrastructure, sat for a vote,
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which has split the democrats. we took the rest step of meeting with senators on their own turf at the capital, to urge them to back the spending package. he'll need all democrats to support it in order for it to pass in the evenly split senate. president tried to suppress the disagreements within his party when he addressed the american people. these are not about love versus royal or moderate versus progressive or anything else, the pits, americans against one. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitiveness versus complacency about expanding opportunity not opportunity didn't are spa leaving the world. we're learning the world press is bar biden's, social spending and climate plan known as bill back better was originally a 3 and a half trillion dollar package with government investment in childcare education, health care, and the fight against climate change. but with political quarrels in the democratic
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party, the package has been whittle down to just half that figure. 1.75 trillion. that's expected to be offset by nearly 2 trillion dollars by raising taxes or 1000000 as in billionaires and ensuring large companies pay the appropriate level of tax. that's close to allen fisher in the white house. tell us more about the, the contents of this deal and why parts of the democratic party so frustrated what a lot of the stuff to dubai has been talking about for a while. in fact, is what he campaigned on is what he got a leg to dawn is what he's been talking about since he moved into the white house that this was going to be his signature piece of legislation. it's so important to him that he delayed his trip to europe this morning. so you could go on to capitol hill to speak to members of the democratic party who sit in the house to say, look, we need to the when we've got the senators on board, we need everyone including the progressive caucus to vote for this. it's not the
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$3.00 trillion dollar bill that we were talking about is $1.00. and they have lost important things that many in the progressive caucus wanted such as a paid family leave. that was something that the u. s. is way behind it's g 7 competitors with a and something that the progressive caucus was very keen on. they've lost a drive on prescription drug prices. they've lost elements of vision and hearing and dental from medicare. but he was telling them, this is a when they're getting a lot of things that important like elderly care and making sure that children have got good schools from the age of 3 through to 16. the fact that there can be a continued child tax credits across the u. s. so joe biden then flew off to europe, essentially leaving nancy pelosi to coordinate the voice. but seeing, he has a framework, the having a framework in actually delivering in the end, there's still a bit of work to go. and given that there's been
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a lot of talk about this. he would like to see a when, by the time you arrives in rome, certainly by the time the g 7 gets underway, there's no guarantee that will happen. right. and, and separately there is this bipartisan infrastructure package less on point 2 trillion dollars. now, why are some members of the party reluctant to move forward on that? is it, this is all going to beat about timing or what bill goes farce. no. ideally, what they would like to do is do the infrastructure bill, which is bipartisan support, and then go on to what will become known as the bill back better bill, which bitin has been pushing, but there are progressive. so saying, hold on a 2nd. how can we trust the 2 democratic senators who have been holding out and not coming up with a deal? how can we trust them to make sure that they will vote for this 1.7, try 75 trillion dollar bill. if we vote for infrastructure 1st,
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they don't have that guarantee. and so they're worried that if they vote for infrastructure, the 2nd build, the bigger bill in their view, won't come up for a vote because for some reason, democratic senators will walk away. nancy pelosi has that to deal with. that's the cards she's got to deal with. she's got to make sure that everyone's happy. and if she gets both bills through the house for joe biden, then she can see she got phil house. thank you so much and i as alan fisher putting thanks, alan. ah you k has summoned the french ambassador after the seizure of a fishing boat and threat of sanctions in a row over the right to catch fish in u k. waters. the dispute is over zone in the english channel, 6 to 12 multiple miles from the british shore. francais,
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several vessels have been denied access because they couldn't prove they'd fish that before breaks it. it's not the 1st time fishing has been a problem. in may, british navy boats were sent to jersey when french trawlers threatened to blockade the channel islands main entry port. and it's far from the last breaks at round or the last concerning food, the status of northern ireland and exports in and out of europe. and within the u. k, causing contention as well. andrew simmons has more now on the fish fight. a put is trula seized by french maritime police who say the crew was fishing for scallops without a permit denied by its owners. it may sound like a small incident, but it's symptomatic of something much bigger, a potential escalation and a post bricks. it fishing rights dispute was causing much more than a ripple in buquet, french relations. it sites for example, jersey. the british crown dependency only accepting a 3rd of the fishing permit applications from france. ab should he might unto felicity. it's time that we are respected as it's totally insufficient and totally
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unacceptable. so now we must talk of the language of force, and unfortunately, i fear that is the only thing that this british government understands. but no, the threats go beyond banning british trawlers from offloading their catches at french ports because this only amounts to a small proportion of exports without a settlement to the dispute before next tuesday, they'll be rigorous french customs checks on incoming cargo. and they won't be restricted to seafood, but britain isn't offering any concessions. the measures being threatened did not appear to be compatible with the trade in co operation agreement or wider international law. and if carried through will be met with an appropriate and calibrated response. this isn't the 1st time the fishing rights issue has fled up in may french trawlers blockaded the main port in jersey. the british and french deployed a naval presence during the protests. this time,
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france seems unwilling to back down on demands. if i get stuck on that, it is not war, it's a fight. the french fishermen have some riots. an agreement has been signed. we must have this agreement implemented. we are fishing, right. we must defend them, and we will defend them. france is also working on the 2nd round of sanctions if they're needed and that could mean a reduction of electricity supplies to the u. k. jersey is 95 percent dependent on french power. andrew simmons al jazeera or from a row of fishing to one over farming and applying and shall anchor for food production to go. a 100 percent organic is caused anger. amongst farmers, they are protesting against a lack of fertilizer is the cultivation season gets underway. government band, all imports of chemical fertilizers, and as men al, fernandez now, it puts from pull on a ruler. farmers save governments fail to provide an organic alternative
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angle in the streets of hum, bundled in southern sri lanka, the hot land of the governing, roger bucks, the family. farmers here see the government's move to make farming 100 percent organic, threatening their livelihood. may i get an idea that the government wants us to listen to ministers, not agricultural experts, but experts say this won't work. the dozen band importer fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals earlier this year, after a foreign currency shortage. edwin's farmers to use organic alternatives across the country and polar narrower, one of the biggest drives producing areas 81 year old david r paley. goodwill longer is impatient is bad. if ears are overgrown normally, he says the soil would be tilled and ready by now of her. when you stop supplies, all of a sudden, whether it's vegetables, obey genes or chillies. they have worms, potatoes don't grow properly. these products are essential. this is why farmers are
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angry, other didn't present, got up a roger boxer says that change is needed to reduce the health risks. paused by agricultural chemicals, it got a little army card rather than seeking political mileage. every one should get together and do this for our country for our future generations. we can do this in a short time. it won't take 10 or 15 years. many scientists, agricultural experts and successful organic farmers like how do legit. they said disagree. he says it's taken him 12 years to turn around this green batch. when i say a good way, i want got only one gun. one will have destroying something, can be done quickly, but reviving it has to be done systematically and in a very organized way. that's why i say the government could get farmers more involved, give them incentives, seek their views, and consult others in green agriculture. again, that would have been more successful. attempts to secure organic fertilizer have run into series of problems. the sheila can government says pharma brought us like
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this. i instigated by the opposition and multinational chemical and fertilizer companies, but tens of thousands of farmers facing crop failures, and neu, yields there they are facing a battle for survival. i thought i heard now the pharmacy, their biggest concern is how they will feed their families in the coming months. mina fernandez o g, a 0. polo narrower, not center she lanka. well now the un security counselors calling on sedans, military leaders to restore the civilian law. transitional government council issued its 1st statement on the crisis, expressing serious concern about the takeover, but not condemnation. coolly to abdel for to alber hahn has dismissed at least 6 ambassadors after they spoke out against mondays take over thousands of people of protests in recent days to reject the return of military rule. some state officials are vowing disobedience and active a say mass demonstrations are planned for this weekend. if morgan has been
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following developments in hard, tim, people are still calling for a civil disobedience and generals trying to stay away from work, both at state and federal level, but they've been political moves to try to mediate between suicide. let's just say between the civilian component of the, the post transition government and the military that took over on monday. now we've, we've heard statement from the you as well as from norway that they went to the residence of prime minister of the land and met with him and made sure that he was in good health. the, the united nation commission into the unit secretary, and especially preventative, of the us, the courage and what does the statements think that the 2 sides should return to the constitutional declaration? that's the power sharing agreement that was signed between the forces of them unchanged collision and the military on august 2019. so there are efforts to try to bring back the 2 sides, the military and the, and the force of the dimensions coalition to return to that constitutional
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declaration. let's not forget that. when general han made the announcement on monday, he said that he was committed to that to that power sharing agreement with the exception of a few articles. but those are crucial articles, articles that states the formation of the sovereignty council, which is shared between the military and the civilians. the executive cabinet, which was headed by prime minister abil dog and the roles and the authorities of those councils as well as counseling as one of the bringing but bringing back the transition military council. the all of the, there are political efforts and diplomatic efforts to try to bring those 2 sides back again to the negotiating table. but the after the united nations also called for the release of the other political prisoners, including the members of the sovereignty council and executive capital, arrested on monday. we international response to recent developments in sit on is really varied. the world bank has put on hold $2000000000.00 and economic support. the u. s. is paused another $700000000.00 in emergency funding. while the european
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union has threatened to do the same, the african union labeled the coo, unconstitutional, and suspended on from all activities until the transitional 30 is restored. china has significant investments ensued on including oil. it has expressed concern at the curb warning that it would take necessary measures to protect chinese institutions and people in sudan and the united nations security council for the restoration of the transitional government and immediately and the release of old detainees. kristin salumi has more from the un. it's a fairly short statement. i have a copy of it right here, one page long and it expresses serious concern about the military takeover in the suspension of some transitional government institutions. it also expresses concern about the detention of prime minister of della han doc and other government officials. the release also does call for the release of
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those who've been detained, noting that the prime minister has been returned to his home and get calls for respect for human rights. in particular, the rights of protesters to be out on the street. it's important to note that the united nations integrated transition mission in sudan has been working there are to support the transition to elections and democratic institutions. and the statement also reaffirms those efforts. so the council is basically saying it's very concerned about the situation there and, and, and calling for respect for these transitional institutions. you're watching alger, their ally from london still ahead on the program, digging for gold instead of studying and uganda's children, miss 18 months of school because of the pandemic. and if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the world in the forest of the co pay,
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the mountains of the lungs of europe that they are under threat would explain why i could me ah hi there your world, whether update for europe and africa, right now and we do have our run of atlantic rain through the united kingdom, this is going to be persistent. so over in northern england into scotland, we could see some flooding, also disturbed weather, across areas of france. this includes her paris with the high of 15 degrees. that same band of rain is working its way across the iberia peninsula, but you're going to get into some waves of rain or the next few days. so setting up into a soggy weather pattern here. that weather maker over that central mediterranean pretty much parked itself. here. we still have red weather alerts in play for southern sections of italy. but look at eastern cecily could see some more flash flooding on friday. over to the eastern med right now. things pretty calm on tele,
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a 25 degrees, but we've got some showers over the levant and eastern sections of turkey right up toward the black sea region impacting tribes on with a high of 14 degrees. okay, well and this weather report in africa right now were, you know, across beneath about half of the country is dealing with flooding. but we've got dry conditions in store on friday. and we looked toward nearby abby john, some thunder downpours can be expected. we've got you in for 27 and for see are the own freetown, raining the forecasts with the high of 28 degrees. that's it for me, susan. ah, the climate is jamie. every year for a 1000000 decades of talk. but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has consist. buttercups referred to the oil industry was
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a made bank roller for opposition required to back the campaign against the climate . do you think that's a bad thing? more shooting did was through? absolutely. all j 0 lou. ah ah, welcome back in the main stories now. the u. s. president says he secured enough support for a sweeping economic and climate change spending package. it was initially supposed to be worth 3 and a half trillion dollars, but that was cost. in half off the divisive negotiations. the u. k. some of the french ambassador emitted deepening ro of a post breaks at fishing rights. it comes ours off to french authorities seized
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a british trula operating in french territorial waters. the un security council is going on saddam's military leaders to restore the civilian lead. transitional government council issued its 1st statement on the crisis, expressing serious concern about the takeover, but not condemnation. facebook has changed its name while the app on the phone. we'll keep the name. the company is now called meta chief executive mark zuckerberg, made the announcement at a virtual conference. he says it reflects the matter of us and a future world with formal online interaction. firms found to says it brings together the company's apps under one brand, but it comes as the company has been facing, it's fast shaft criticism. and he kalika joins us live now from miami. tell us more about the rationale behind this rebranding.
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well this is mark zuckerberg saying look, i created facebook to connect people across the world. now i want to move into the next phase, using technology that is very much in its infancy. so during that presentation, which i watch, you saw zuckerberg dawning, augmented reality glasses. people, a boxing computer generated avatars. he's going to invest billions of dollars over the next year or so to try and essentially put together a new platform and bracing all of this new technology. going back to the very heart of why it created facebook in the 1st place, which was to connect people. so this is, i think, a major rebranding for facebook. even the ticker symbol on the stock exchange will change. come december the 1st and the stocks on the stock market that i are up about 3 percent. so a major re branding for a company that is literally used by hundreds of millions of people around the globe . right now of course a context is important here that it, because it comes after these revelations over the past few weeks made by
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a whistle blower that, that essentially the company has a toxic influence online and, and then this increasing pressure for the company to be broken up yeah, it's hard to look at this rebranding and not think these 2 things are connected because that whistleblowers evidence that she gave to congress here in the u. s. were internal documents from facebook itself that really acknowledged the fact that they hadn't done much to stop the spread of misinformation learner, leading people down rabbit holes directly linking what happened on january the 6th and the insurrection to facebook misinformation. so there's no question that facebook is in deep water right now, and there is some talk mazacco berg wants to move away from being the face of facebook. and this is how he's doing it. he's putting himself into a new phase of technology and saying, look, it's the meta verse 1st, not facebook. first,
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those words out of everything he said on his presentation were perhaps the most significant. but it is important to say that facebook is in hot water right now. privacy concerns leakage concerns, and it's very much become associated with out. of course, facebook isn't attracting younger uses any more. and i think zuckerberg services sees this new technology is a way of trying to do that, certainly distancing himself from what is in trouble right now, which is facebook. i it thanks very much, annie gallagher reporting to us on that. now rebels and ethiopia, north integra region say at least 6 civilians have been killed in another guffman as strike there. if you're happy, an army claims it targeted a site in the calais is by tick ryan forces to make and repair weapons, but a spokesperson for the tig people's liberation front says a civilian residence was actually hit. 3 children are reported to be among those killed fighting between the t p l. f and federal forces has been going on for almost a year now that as strikes have increased in the past week and the
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united nations, the st. the escalation of hostilities in northern ethiopia is pushing more and more civilians at risk. to airstrikes were reportedly carried out on residential area, anti graves, capital mckelly. according to initial reports, 6 people were killed and 22 injured. a number of houses are understood to be destroyed or severely damaged. were also law by law going hostilities in a fire in horror regions which are causing large scale displacement, livelihood disruptions and food insecurity. and preventing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in both regions. the escalation of hostility is risk worsening. the already dire humanitarian situation in te gray. i'm hora at a far where millions of people need urgent humanitarian assistance. schools in uganda has been closed for more than a year and a half. because if a pandemic that's longer than anywhere else in the world, according to the united nations and in the absence of an education,
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some children say their only option is to dig for gold. victoria gate and b has more at the more aero mine in easton, uganda. 17 year old mateus is digging for gold. he says if he doesn't find any he doesn't get paid. if you come back again, it ran at that jazz. you are not good, i can you go back home now? sometimes you get a little money leaky or 20. then those are $10000.00 you can't in shillings is the equivalent of around $2.80. schools and uganda had been closed since march 2020, shortly after the 1st case of cove at 19 was confirmed on the african continent. some classes reopened in february this year, but shut down again 4 months later as the country faced a surgeon, infections when called me to kimmy, scores were lost. i'd activities good glossed it if was to use to
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come in on the wallow, this activity to get what get some money for some iowa. it also forced the younger children because that nothing to do. the un says uganda is now the only country in africa where schools remain closed. 16 year old and net worry, she'll never catch up on the school. what she's missed. thing i'd hometown games, yoga, atlanta, then morale, to read books and yoga and as the so ha, sometimes it, as they forget words they, they don't, they don't dads, school. the government says though we open schools, when more than 5000000 of the countries 44000000 people a fully vaccinated so far, only 700000 have been this looked down is expected to last until early next year. which means more children in uganda will miss out on one of the most important part of their lives, education, victoria, gate, and be al jazeera,
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the carpathian mountains known as the lungs of europe. but that vital organ is at risk. the pristine forest sucks out much of the constant c o 2 emissions, but it faces a growing threat from illegal logging. nit clark reports now from romania autumn carpets the hill sites, the multi hued canopy marking the seasonal change of millennia. ancient original forests sweeping across the copay, the mountains in eastern europe. if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the world than the forest of the co pay, the mountains of the lungs of europe, they shot the c o $2.00 out of the atmosphere and put oxygen back into it. they regulate the water system. there's a vast, vast array of life here. in fact, the forests of the world are the most by diverse ecosystems on the planet barton. this one's pristine environment. life is being squeezed out by the so called him
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mafia trees being extracted illegally on an unprecedented scale by criminal gangs, and the locals who fight against it. pay the price. beatings are frequent, but people murdered to 6 forest rangers, have been killed in the last few years, leading to recent protests in the capital, bucharest. o forest and hoary a petros, mimics the call of a red stag. he tells me they used to be 50 or 60 in this area alone. but now it seems, there are none. and this is why this area was illegally logged 10 years ago and it ripped apart the ecosystem. but you can see this kind of, there's a station from the more on to sent the letter in lapse. you, you can see everything's, it's impossible to believe that they didn't know they know. and they, they encourage and they took a lot of money. korea says it's clear who's to blame the politicians. we spoke to
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the government and they told us combating illegal logging is one of the priorities of romania. it's a continuous action and we've already seen results for the people who live in the mountains. it's terrible. i don't, i for them, for it on the plan to center that for hundreds of years. we have managed the forest in a sustainable way. we take a small amount of wood for building and fire. it's very annoying that strangers come here from other countries and take away our way of life. i'm frightened of the people who steal to what i feel. my family is in danger, because this is a mob like organization then is the scale of losses. staggering romania loses up to 9, hector is a forest per hour to illegal logging that contributes to the huge amount of forest loss globally. in fact, between 199-2016, the world lost 1300000 square kilometers of forest, an area larger than south africa. and in 2020 tropical forest loss around the world
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equal the size of the netherlands. since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled around the world. 2020 was meant to be a landmark year in the fight against deforestation a year by which many countries had pledged to have or completely stop for a loss. but in fact, the plundering has increased here in romania. it's not too late yet. but if not now, when nick clark al jazeera copied in mountains romania. ah, i look at the main stories now. you as president joe biden says he thinks he secured support for his signature, $1.00 trillion dollars spending program. took the rest set of meeting with senate on their own turf at the capitol to urge them to back economic incline that focus package. you'll need all democrats to support it in order for it to pass any evenly
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split senate. a package was initially supposed to be were 3 and a half trillion dollars, but it was cut in half of.


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