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the police forces and have been making progress towards islamabad. they are still a few hours away, but along the way, elaborate plans have been made. changes have been dug up and a key bridge on the river jail them had been declared, had been closed. and i did the red line, they already have been doors that did protest, i should not be allowed to cross that bridge at any cost. now, while this is all happening, the government has said that it will be ready to release the need that sod. rigley, it will be also in a position to lift all the cases, but as far as the expulsion of the french ambassador or to bring that issue in ball amended out of the question. and already 30000 police force did have been called in from the adjoining, proven phase to make sure that it's some abad is kept safe. right now we're in the red zone. as you can see, that security for 2 bedroom did also the prime minister called
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a meeting of the cabinet yesterday and decided to do deal with dates were denied. and they say that judge groups cannot be allowed to take matters into their own hands or to dictate policies. india has successfully test fired, want to fits intercontinental ballistic missiles. the acne 5 has a range of 5000 kilometers and is capable of carrying and nuclear warhead. it's believed to be able to strike nearly all of china. elizabeth herana has more from the jelly and the defense ministry says it carried out successfully has launch of the odd me 5 and the continental ballistic missile off india's eastern course. on wednesday night now the 50 tom miss hall was carrying a 1.5 ton warhead and flew at 24 times the speed of sound before the flashing down in the bay of bang gold. now the army 5 has been successfully tested at least 5 times since 2012 by the engineers who designed it. but this is the 1st time that
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it's being tested by the indian army team as part of its induction into the armed forces is also the 1st time that such a test has been carried out at night. the army 5 is india's longest range surface to surface for the stick muscle. it has the range of 5000 kilometers, meaning that it can hit any target in china. this is also the 1st soft shot test launch since the military standoff between india and china began in april last year . the tensions resulted in the 1st death and fighting between the 2 countries in 50 years and multiple rounds of tool since then have failed to result in the complete disengagement of soldiers on both sides of the border. now and the defense ministry has said that the successful test of me 5 is in line with a stated policy of credible minimum deterrence, which on the pins its commitment to no 1st use. now this launch was actually
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supposed to happen last month. and when the chinese government found out about it, they weren't happy. and they said that all parties should be committed to maintaining peace, security, and stability and south asia. while these of why india come as the u. s. military is most senior officer warns of a very concerning hypersonic missile test by china. general mark milly is the 1st pentagon official to confirm the test. earlier this year. the hypersonic and launched into orbit has the potential to evade america's missile defenses. b, u. s. is working on its own hypersonic technology, but as behind both china and russia farmers insur line car protesting against a lack of fertilizer. as the conservation season gets underway, the shortage follows a government decision to ban all agro chemicals. president got a buyer at parkside, announced the plan in may saying he wanted to make farming 100 percent organic.
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michelle fernandez reports hang on the streets of hum, bundled in southern sri lanka, the hot land of the governing roger bucks. a family. farmers here said the government's move to make farming 100 percent organic, threatening their livelihood, ma'am, but an idea that the government wants us to listen to ministers, not agricultural experts, but experts say this won't work. it's been on the government ban the importer fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals earlier this year. after a foreign currency shortage. it warns farmers to use organic or genitives across the country and polar narrower, one of the biggest drives producing years. 81 year old diva paley, goodwill, hunger is impatient. he's bad if he is our overgrown normally, he says the soil would be tilled and ready by now of her. when you stop supplies, all of a sudden that whether it's vegetables obey genes or chillies,
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they have worms, potatoes don't grow properly. these products are essential. this is why farmers angry or dividend present got up a roger boxer says that change is needed to reduce the health risks paused by agricultural chemicals he got, it will on the car rather than seeking political mileage, every one should get together and do this for our country for our future generations, we can do this in a short time. it won't take 10 or 15 years. many scientists, agricultural experts and successful organic farmers like co do lay jive, they said disagree. he says it's taken him 12 years to turn around this green batch . when i say a good way, i want got only one gun. one will have destroying something, can be done quickly, but reviving it has to be done systematically and in a very organized way. that's why i say the government could get farmers more involved, give them incentives, seek their views, and consult others in green, agricultural gunning. that would have been more successful like our attempts to secure organic fertilizer have run into
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a series of problems. the sure like and government says farmer protests like this. i instigated by the opposition and multinational chemical and fertilizer companies, but tens of thousands of farmers facing crop failures. and noah yields say they are facing a battle for survival. ha, ha ha. now the pharmacy, their biggest concern, is how they will feed their families in the coming months. mina, fernandez o g, a zebra, fuller, narrower, not center she lanka. facebook has changed its company's name to matter to emphasize its met reverse vision. their ceo and founder mark zuckerberg, made the announcement at a virtual conference. this platform includes immersive learning spaces, new gaming platforms, virtual worlds for work, exercise, and virtual gatherings with others. anti gallagher, joining us from miami, talk us through a name change angie and why now?
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well, it's pretty significant, it's not unexpected. this has been being reported on over the past couple years that they were thinking about this. but the timing is something to bear in mind here. facebook has never apps been un under as much scrutiny as it is now with these internal documents showing allegedly that they put profit over the dangers of misinformation. but if you listen to night watch the mock zak a burg presentation. this is all about embracing new technology and launching new platforms and investing billions of dollars into oculus and all these other types of technology that aren't even here yet. but i think it is significant that facebook is now changing. it's brand name to matter because many companies have got in trouble in the past few decades of done very similar things because facebook has become associated with mistrust with privacy leaks and with spreading
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misinformation. and certainly if you watch that hearing in congress from face to face, but whistleblower, some of that material was very shocking considering it was facebook's own internal investigations that were being revealed in that case. so i think from zach about point of view, this is them looking at the next chapter in technology and connecting people. but i think at the back of his mind is also at trying to distance himself from the facebook brand. okay, thank you. anti gallagher reporting from miami, the carpathian mountains and romania are known as the lungs of europe at that vidal oregon is at risk. pristine forest which sucks up much of the continent. c. o. 2 emissions faces a growing threat from illegal logging. nick like reports all term carpets, the hill sites, the multi hued canopy marking the seasonal change of millennia. ancient original forest sweeping across the copay, the mountains in eastern europe. if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the
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world than the forest of the copay, the mountains are the lungs of europe. they suck the c o 2 out of the atmosphere and put oxygen back into it. they regulate the water system. there's a vast, vast array of life here. in fact, the forests of the world are the most bio diverse ecosystems on the planet barton. this one's pristine environment. life is being squeezed out by the so called him, but mafia trees are being extracted illegally on an unprecedented scale by criminal gangs, and the locals who fight against it. pay the price. beatings are frequent, but people murdered to 6 forest rangers, have been killed in the last few years, leading to recent protests in the capital, bucharest. o forest and hoary a petras mimics the cold of a red stag. he tells me they used to be 50 or 60 in this area alone. and this is
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why this area was a legally log 10 years ago, and it ripped apart the ecosystem. but you can see the scandals near her station from them or on the satellite. there is a maps you can see everything's, it's impossible to believe that they didn't know they know and they, they encourage and they took a lot of money. honda says it's clear who's to blame the politicians. we spoke to the government and they told us combating illegal logging is one of the priorities of romania. it's a continuous action and we've already seen results for the people who live in the mountains. it's terrible. i don't, i for them, for the, than the rental center that for hundreds of years we have mentors the forest in a sustainable way. we take a small amount of wood for building and fire. it's very annoying that strangers come here from other countries and take away our way of life. i'm frightened of the people who steal to what is i feel my family is in danger, because this is
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a mob like organization then in the scale of losses. staggering, romania loses up to 9 hector's, a forest per hour to illegal logging. that contributes to the huge amount of forest loss globally. in fact, between 199-2016, the world lost 1300000 square kilometers of forest, an area larger than south africa. and in 2020 tropical forest loss around the world equal the size of the netherlands. since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled. around the world, 2020 was meant to be a landmark year in the fight against deforestation. a year by which many countries have pledged to have or completely stop for us loss. but in fact, the plundering has increased here in romania. it's not too late yet. but if not now, when nick clark al jazeera copay, the mountains romania tell us cavalier us and there is an expert at the u. anesco
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world heritage center. he says the research into protected forests had positive and negative findings. we did this a very 1st analysis in which we were able to quantify the amount of carbon that is absorbed and released from heritage forests. and we were kind of surprised both positively and negatively. of the results we found out that indeed will hurt the forests or a large carbon sink absorbing $190000000.00 tons of c o 2 per year. that's more or less at half of the case, annual emissions for fossil fuels. but also, unfortunately that 10 will heritage for us have a emit the more carbon then captured. and the reasons i'll say are many lenders, pressures,
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but also climate change. actually what stroke us more in this study was and the impacts of climate related events. for instance, the wildfires and we have seen unprecedented wildfires over the past few years, which for instance working why fi really more c o 2 emissions than a country per year. and, and this is a quite a lot of me because it's a vicious cycle. as you have more higher temperatures, this means more wildfires, more workers, more su, 2 emissions and then more c o 2 emissions again, higher temperatures. so it's a vicious cycle that can be very dangerous. russia's capital has shut down for 11 days as the country deals with the record number of new covered 1900 cases and
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related deaths. only 32 percent of russians are fully vaccinated. moscow, all schools, restaurants and entertainment. venues will be closed until november, the 7th president vladimir putin also order to pay a nationwide week long holiday to curb raising infections. hungary introduce a string of new measures to combat a 4th wave of current of virus infections. employees of state institutions and other companies will require vaccinations. a day earlier, hungary reported more than 3100 new cases. its highest jumping daily infections since april. the south african government is still grappling with how to compensate people who were forcibly removed from their homes and land during the apartheid era . the land claims commission was established more than 25 years ago since then. it's settled around $80000.00 claims. tens of thousands more, remain unresolved and sa, so the name reports from quad, zulu natal province. this muslim cemetery in durban isn't just hallowed ground for
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wally shake, and them aqua community. they say the cemetery and the 18 hector's surrounding it are part of their heritage. their roots in south africa, the apartheid government stole them a cou, a land when shake was 6 years old. you're destroyed them, you know, coming, coming from all the colonial person and coming in, drew about. it was just unbelievable. 16 years ago the land claims commission declared them a qu, up were the rightful owners, but that ruling has had little effect because of homeowner opposition. a refusal to relocate a lack of government compensation for relocation and not enough money to develop the area. a 3 hour drive away. people living in this impoverished rural area also prevailed in their land claim case. they were forced out of what is now shlou way
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info. lucy park more than a decade ago. they agreed to collaborate with park officials. given that it's a protected area, as was on his class, will not a wish was to be able to take part in running and developing the bulk of this. we didn't want to take back to land that would not have benefited us. we wanted the park to employ young people in the community earlier this year, amid escalating anger about the lack of jobs vandals set on fire and cut down one kilometer of the park. smart fence because of the challenges and the conditions they find themselves. and that what teens and the specious that, you know, i saw some communities in which we are working on, which we have communities looking on to make sure the lesson good. this park offers hundreds of temporary seasonal jobs to unskilled workers. each year the community wants full time employment park officials say they have financial constraints.
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instead, they want to facilitate economic growth by encouraging other government agencies, non profit organizations, and the private sector to partner with and invest in the community. when the land claims restitution act was passed in 1994, it was supposed to offer hope and justice to the displaced more than 80000 claims have been deemed settled. but more than 26000 remain unresolved. it's unclear how many people have actually re settled on reclaimed land with shakes, suspects tenants on the mc who are property or stalling in the hopes. the remaining elders who live through the trauma will give up. he says he'll die fighting to reclaim their stolen land. natasha name al jazeera conseula natal province, south africa. the university of aberdeen and scotland is returning one of the
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benign bronzes on thursday. the bronzes or some of africa's most significant artifacts, but were looted by colonial troops in the 19th century and taken to europe. while it's not just this one that's being returned on wednesday, the french president took part in a handover ceremony for $26.00 artifacts that were taken in 18. 92 says of these works will return home. they'll find the men and women who will be able to understand the full power behind these works. these works will return to territories that they left so long ago and there recover all their meaning. there were cambridge university also returned one of the statues to nigeria on wednesday, and germany has agreed to start handing back it's collections. next year. dan hicks is a professor of contemporary archaeology at the university of oxford. he says the objects taken in order to remove african sovereignty and destroy traditional religion.
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i think it's really interesting how the restitution i to bait you know, is in the other news at the moment of my seeing real progress being made. i think 1st off is important to say though, that the restitution movement is a long stem, the african lead movement. so the 1st items were returned in the case of the been in attack. you know, of the 89 says as early as 1938 to the over at the time. and it's only quite recently in the 196 isn't 7, says that there were attempts by the european nations to introduce laws and to start to promulgate miss this, that argued against actually the return of these items. so now i think if we take the case of the ben in bronzes, we're coming up to the 100 and 25th anniversary of beth's attack in 1997 next year . you know, and that has really focused the minds for the museums, but also it has been the formation of the legacy restoration trust. you know,
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which is an i, jerry and lead agency that's able to brings together reach it each of the parties, each of the voices within nigeria. so that includes the world court is includes the are the governor is includes important be the nation states. so that, that argument can be put on the demands are able to be made as though we're seeing objects returning now, which is great. solar had on the altos earnings abra, we'll have more on barcelona, who have sacked. their head coach, got him more coming up in just a moment with sarah and sports. ah .
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ah ah ah ah ah,
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for the sportsman's here, sir. thank float, serene. well boss alone. i have called up the b team coach surgi barge. want to temporarily replace ronald crewman who was sites on wednesday evening is the part to comes less than 3 months after the a no mess. he left the club for paris, son, german to man, to cover in august last year. and his 1st season in charge. he led bossa to 3rd place in the legal and won the copa del ray a boss or is struggling this campaign. they sit nights in the spanish league, and i've also made, there was of assaults in the champions league passes. president joe on the whole to me and he lost his job shortly after there was no defeat against via condos. that was a 3rd loss. and then last fall, a leak, a game or a 6 point behind lead israel madrid who beat them in l. kasicoda on sunday. now this is what they coach color until he has to say about the news. you know, i mean understood which has versus look, i've been sacked
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a lot of times and i'm still here alive and happy being sacked is part of the job. the anything i say is that you have to give everything as long as you are the coach . and from the day after you've been sacked, you have to look ahead with a clear conscience that you gave it all. i think the cumin always giving all that he can as well as we mentioned, but one will take charge of the replacement can be found that he paid for boston for 9 seasons and made $56.00 appearances spain. he'll take training on thursday and hold a news conference on the friday thoughts. it's another form, a player who's expected to get the job permanently as spanish football. janice jemma followed, told us earlier. toby hernandez is a principal candidate, actually was just waiting for a statement. it's not official yet, but there is agreement between the club and the former player that now it's going to be that go to his and if you are still on a legend a, he's also an example of success of the art luna academy law,
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marcia. we're just waiting because now who's working on termination? his contract, we've got some they need to change it before the sled and they can manage at least to finish on the 1st part of the sports and play the champions league next year. he was in the president, run up the choice, so these would be an important fight losing a classical losing on wednesday. again the, the recently promoted team but especially the fact that there was no reaction of the theme, no feeling that they can overturn the crisis. the situation when you will have to let go your to adopt cards in 2 seasons in a row, it can be easy for to try to and especially the summer they need to let go leonel messy and they didn't have money to sign any player with guarantees that they can guard of the goals for swat, and then the board starting because they were the leaders of the steam. plus the
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team has been extremely unlucky with injuries and also run out on cheap options that he need to find if they could make a difference. well, there was a fantastic old and major league soccer over in the u. s. chris dot i on for the sun it center and divided to assist is from the crew. be orlando, 531 that went to defending champions in with a chance of making the tail. and here in cats, i had signed up your largest hotel group a call to help manage accommodation for funds. the next years world comp organizes have to try 1200000 visitors during the tournament. but those limited hotel space a call has been brought in for more than $60000.00 extra rooms and existing residential apartments and even village. but they will stock cap of being left with too many hotel rooms beyond 2022 south african crypto quinton, to cox as he will now take the need before
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t 20 wilcock games author initially refusing to do so. he's apologize to his teammates and fans for putting out their match against the west indies. off the south african cricket bosses ordered the team to neil the ca, who's from a mixed race, found themselves to the fully supports the stand against racism and didn't mean to offend anyone. now this is what he had to say. i felt like my rights were taken away when i was told what we had to do in the way that we were told for me he says back lives have mattered since i was born. not just because there was an international movement when you are told what to do with no discussion, i feel like it takes away the meaning and australia have been since july, 2nd straight when he went to cricket, we'll cut the line to bass. it busted rather 1st than despite a good thought, we are unable to capitalize in divine santa whose name player of the much taking c for 12. sure line cool restricts. it's a $154.00 for 6. david warner was not looking to waste any time he has. 65 runs
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from only 42 bowl, feel 3 and eventually winning by 7 wickets. the 3 over i'm moving on to baseball was series and the houston astros have bounced back to level things up against the atlanta braves. 11 has a survey was the saw, the show with a home run in the 7th inning help me is seem to a 7 see victory. i'll see if a is now 22 post season home runs. and as chris and that plays him for a 2nd in the old time list 7 behind the record holder money ramirez, the best of 7 series back to the floor. the florida panthers. incredible thoughts of the season continues bob, the coach could find himself in trouble with an h. l, a bosses john quinn vall, nate was named in a report about how the 2010 chicago black hawks, the tv coach, the stanley cup, fell to properly investigate. sexual assault allegations made by a play against an assistant coach, convert will meet the n h l commission. later on thursday or wednesday,
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he was one on the bench to watch his current parts of the fight from a goal sound from me. feed, i'm thank you so much, sarah. thanks for watching the news. our more news coming up in just a few moments. bye bye, for now. a ah. well as experiencing unprecedented extreme weather, reco temperatures have been said last year than i feel for deteriorating. busy foss whenever the clock running down world lead is amazing gloves go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out a deal to slash emission to port to late follow the you and climate summit on al
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jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of resort trade. byron walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia, now talk to al jazeera in the field, goes to one of the world's most dangerous migration groups that are crossing still this dangerous jungle. can make it to north america and meet some of those trying to cross the columbia, panama borden, in search of a better line. they say the only thing left are there expired passport on al jazeera to many have been forced to flee their homes escaping violence. conflict and poverty. but in the last decade, weather related crises have become
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a primary trigger for the displacement of people as droughts, hurricanes and floods besieged communities. fought lines, travels to the front lines of the climate crisis in central america to see how it's up ending lives, and fueling migration exit on doris at climate in crisis on al jazeera. ah, the art of the trillion dollar dale president, joe biden think see, has a plan for social and climate spending, but it's half the package it was. is about expanding opportunity, not opportunity to deny smile leading the world. we're letting the world pass is bar. ah,
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hello i mariam to my z and then you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. france holds a british a boat.


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