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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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john the river jail, m, as been declared there had been closed, and i did the red line the our daughter did have been door that did not protest, i should not be allowed to cross that bridge at any cost. now, while this is all happening, the government has said that they did like, it will be ready to release the need their sod wrigley. it will be also in a position to lift all the cases, but as far as the explosion of the french ambassador or to bringing that issue in ball amended out of the question. and already 30000 police forces have been called in from the adjoining, proven phase to make sure that it's some abad is kept safe. right now we're in the red zone, as you can see, the security for to present it. also, the prime minister called a meeting with governor yesterday and decided to do deal red dates were denied and fed. they say that judge groups cannot be allowed to take matters into their own hands or to dictate policies. farmers ensure lanka are protesting against the lack
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of fertilizer as the cultivation season gets underway. the shortage follows a government decision to ban all agro chemicals. presidents go to buy a raj epoxy announced the plan on, in may saying that he wanted to make farming a 100 percent organic. now fernandez reports ha angle on the streets of humble entertain southern felucca. the hot land of the governing roger bucks, a family farmers. he has said the government's move to make farming 100 percent organic, threatening their livelihood, ma'am, but i didn't know that the government wants us to listen to ministers, not agricultural experts, but experts say this won't work. the dozen band importer fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals earlier this year, after a foreign currency shortage. it warns farmers to use organic alternatives across the country and polar narrower, one of the biggest drives producing areas 81 year old diva paley, goodwill,
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hunger is impatient, is bad. if ears are overgrown normally, he says the soil would be tilled and ready by now of her. when you stop supplies, all of a sudden, whether it's vegetables, obey genes or chillies. they have worms, potatoes don't grow properly. these products are essential. this is why farmers angry or dividend present got up a roger boxer says that change is needed to reduce the health risks paused by agricultural chemicals, he got it well on the car rather than seeking political mileage. every one should get together and do this for our country, for our future generations. we can do this in a short time. it won't take 10 or 15 years. many scientists, agricultural experts and successful organic farmers like code to lay jive. they said disagree. he says it's taken him 12 years to turn around this green batch. when i say a good way, i won't go any longer and one will have destroying something can be done quickly,
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but reviving it has to be done systematically and in a very organized way. that's why i say the government could get farmers more involved, give them incentives, seek their views, and consult others in green, agricultural gunning. that would have been more successful like our attempts to secure organic fertilizer have run into a series of problems. the sheila can government says pharma protests like this. i instigated by the opposition and multinational chemical and fertilizer companies, but tens of thousands of farmers facing crop failures. and noah yields say they are facing a battle for survival. ha, ha ha. now the pharmacy, their biggest concern, is how they will feed their families in the coming months. mina, fernandez o g, a zebra. fuller, narrower, not center she lanka. india has successfully test fired one of its intercontinental ballistic missiles. the agony 5 has a range of 5000 kilometers owners capable of carrying
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a nuclear warhead. it's believed to be able to strike nearly all of china long running tensions with beijing about a disputed border have escalated after troops were killed and a stand off in april. last year. elizabeth parent m has more from new delhi and the defense ministry says it carried out successfully has launch of the me 5 and the continental ballistic missile off india's eastern course. on wednesday night from now the 50 tom miss hall was carrying a 1.5 ton warhead and flew at 24 times the speed of sound before the flashing down in the bay of bang gold. now the army 5 has been successfully tested at least 5 times since 2012 by the engineers who designed it. but this is the 1st time that it's being tested by the indian army team as part of its induction into the armed forces is also the 1st time that such a test has been carried out at night. the army 5 is india's longest range
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surface to surface ballistic missile. it has the range of 5000 kilometers, meaning that it can hit any target in china. this is also the 1st soft choice test launch since the military standoff between india and china began in april last year . the tensions resulted in the 1st death and fighting between the 2 countries and 50 years and multiple rounds of tool since then have failed to result in the complete this engagement of soldiers on both sides of the border now and the defense ministry has said that the successful test of me 5 is in line with a stated policy of credible minimum deterrence, which on the pins its commitment to no 1st use. now this launch was actually supposed to happen last month. and when the chinese government found out about it, they weren't happy. and they said that all parties should be committed to maintaining peace, security, and stability in south asia. well,
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these moved by india come as the u. s. military is most senior officer warned off a very concerning hypersonic missile test by china. general mark milly is the 1st pentagon official to confirm the test. earlier this year, hypersonic weapon launched into orbit has the potential to evade america's mis all defenses. the u. s. is working on its own hypersonic technology, but it's behind both china and russia. a hearing into lebanon's, former prime minister roll in the bay route bloss has been delayed. the judge investigating the explosion has suspended his son at the hearing until the lawsuit against the state is settled. job filed a suit on wednesday, challenging product towers, efforts to prosecute him over last year is blocked. the former prime minister has missed at least 2 interrogation sessions that were requested by the judge.
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russ capital has shut down for 11 days as the country deals with a record number of new code with 1900 cases and related deaths. only 32 percent of russians are fully vaccinated in moscow, all schools, restaurants and entertainment, venues will be closed until november. the 7 president vladimir putin is also ordered a paid nationwide week long holiday to curb the rising infections. hungary is introduced, the string of new measure is to combat a 4th wave of corona, virus infections. employees of state institutions and other companies will require vaccinations. a day earlier, hungary reported more than 3100 new cases. it's high as jumping daily infection since april. countries in eastern europe have the regions lowest vaccination rates . the car pay, few mountains in romania are known as the lungs of europe, but that vital oregon is at risk. b christine forest, which sucks up much of the continent. c. o. 2 emissions faces
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a growing threat from illegal logging. mcclark report autumn carpets the hillsides, the multi hued canopy marking the seasonal change a millennia ancient original forest. sweeping across the copy, the mountains in eastern europe. if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the world than the forest of the copay, the mountains of the lungs of europe, they sought the c o. 2 out of the atmosphere and put oxygen back into it. they regulate the water system. there's a vast, vast array of life here. in fact, the forests of the world are the most bio diverse ecosystems on the planet. bout in this once pristine environment, life is being squeezed out by the so called him a mafia. trees being extracted illegally on an unprecedented scale by criminal gangs, and the locals who fight against it, pay the price. beatings are frequent,
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but people murdered to 6 forest rangers, have been killed in the last few years, leading to recent protests in the capital, bucharest. oh, 1st and hurry up, petros, mimics the cold of a red stag. he tells me they used to be 50 or 60 in this area alone. and this is why this area was a legally log 10 years ago and it ripped apart the ecosystem. but you can see the scandals, notation from them more on to say that there is a maps you, you can see every things, it's impossible to believe that they didn't know day know and day day encourage and they took a lot of money. tanya says, it's clear who's to blame the politicians. we spoke to the government and they told us combating illegal logging is one of the priorities of romania. it's a continuous action and we've already seen results for the people who live in the mountains. it's terrible. i don't, i, for the,
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for the, than the rental center that for hundreds of years we have mentors the forest in a sustainable way. we take a small amount of wood for building and fire. it's very annoying that strangers come here from other countries and take away our way of life. i'm frightened of the people who steal to what is i feel my family is in danger, because this is a mob like organization then is the scale of losses. staggering, romania loses up to 9. hector is a forest per hour to illegal logging that contributes to the huge amount of forest loss globally. in fact, between 199-2016, the world lost 1300000 square kilometers a forest, an area larger than south africa. and in 2020 tropical forest loss around the world equal the size of the netherlands. since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled. around the world, 2020 was meant to be a landmark year in the fight against deforestation. a year by which many countries
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have pledged to have or completely stop for us loss. but in fact, the plundering has increased here in romania. it's not too late yet. but if not now, when nick clark al jazeera copay, the mountains, romania or talis cavellia sandra is an expert at the unesco rolled heritage center . and he says their research into protected forests had positive and negative findings. we did this a very 1st analysis in which we were able to quantify the amount of carbon that is absorbed and released from heritage forests. and we were kind of surprised both positively and negatively. of the results we found out that indeed will hurt the forests or a large carbon sink absorbing $190000000.00 tons of c o 2 per year.
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that's more or less at half of the case, annual emissions for fossil fuels. but also unfortunately that 10 will heritage for us have a emitted more carbon then captured and the reasons i'll say are many lentils pressures, but also. busy climate change actually what stroke us more in this study was and the impacts of climate related events. for instance, the wildfires and we have seen unprecedented wildfires over the past few years, which for instance working why fi really more c o 2 emissions than a country per year. and this is a quite a lot of me because it's a vicious cycle. as you have more higher
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temperatures, this means more wildfires, more work, there's more su, 2 emissions and then more c o 2 emissions again, higher temperatures. so it's a vicious cycle that can be very big years of the south. african government is still grappling with how to compensate people who were forcibly removed from their homes and land during the apartheid era. the lands claims commission was established more than 25 years ago. since then, it's settled around $80000.00 claims, but tens of thousands more remain unresolved. natasha. the name reports from quite zulu natal province. this muslim cemetery in durban isn't just hallowed ground for wally shake and the mcculla community. they say the cemetery and the 18 hector's surrounding it are part of their heritage. their roots in south africa, the apartheid government stole them a cou, a land when shake was 6 years old. to destroy the break away from that to take it
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to the u. s. president debate in speaking on his new framework for his post social spending plan and our people turned the climate crisis unknown opportunity. new put us in a pad not only to compete, but to win the economic competition of for the 21st century against china and every other major country in the world is fiscally responsible. it's fully paid for 70 no bell prize winners in economics. have said it will lower the inflationary pressures on the economy, nor the next 10 years. it will not add to the deficit at all. it will react to reduce the deficit according to comes. i want to thank my colleagues in the congress for the leadership. we spent hours and hours and hours over months and months working on this. no one got everything they wanted including me. but that's what compromises that's consensus. and that's what i ran on
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a long shed compromise in consensus of the holy way to get big things done in a democracy. important things done for the country. i know it's hard. i know how deeply people feel about the things that they fight for. but this framework includes historic investments in our nation and in our people. any single all of this framework would fundamentally viewed would be viewed, be viewed as a fundamental change in america, taking together their truly consequential. i'll a more to say after i returned from the critical media in europe this week, but for now let me lay out a few points. first, we face and i'm know i'm, i apologize for saying this again. we faced, we faced an inflection point as a nation. for most of the 20th century, we led the world by a significant margin because we invested in our people, not only our roads and our highways in our bridges,
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but in our people and our families. we didn't just bill interstate highway system, we build a highway to the sky. we invested to win the space race and we won raso among the 1st to provide access to free education for all americans, beginning back in the late 18 hundreds. that decision alone will invest in our children and their families was a major part of why we're able to lead the world for much of the 20th century. but somewhere along the way, we stopped investing in ourselves investing in our people. americans still the largest economy in the world. we still the most productive workers and most innovative minds in the world. what we've risk losing our edge is a nation. our infrastructure used to be rated the best in the world to day corner in the world economic forum. we rank 13 in the world. we used to leave the world and educational achievement. now the organization for economic cooperation and
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development ranks america 35th out of the $37.00 major countries. when it comes to investing in early childhood education and care. we know our children's star impacts significantly and how they'll finish. we can't be competitive the 21st century global economy. if we continue this slide, that's why i've said all along. we need to build america from the bottom up in the milan. not sure, the top down with the trickle down economics that's always failed us. i can't think of a single time in the middle class has done well that the wealthy haven't done very well. they get many times, including now in the wealthy, the super wealthy do very well in the middle class. don't do well. that's why i propose the investments congress is now considering in too critical piece of legislation. positions i ran on as president positions. i announce one i laid out in
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a joint session of congress. what my economic agenda was. these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive or anything else to pitch americans against one on this is about competitiveness versus complacency. competitive versus complacency is about expanding opportunity, not opportunity, didn't and i spot leading the world or letting the world pass this by to day with my democratic colleagues, we have a framework for my build back better initiative. and here's how it will fundamentally change the lives of millions of people for the better. millage of you are in the so called sandwich generation. who feel financially squeezed by raising a child and carrying for an aging parent. bought 820000 seniors in america and people with disabilities have apply for medicaid. and they're on
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a waiting list right now to get home care. they need some hell not to be put. they not be kicked out of their holes. but they need little help getting around, having their meals made occasionally for him. they don't want to put them in nursing homes, not because of the cost, but because it's a matter of dignity and want to stay in their homes. but it's hard. you're just looking for an answer. so your parents can keep living independently with dignity for millions of families in america. this issue is the most important issue they're facing. is personal. for here is what we're going to do are in expand services for seniors. so families can get help from well train, well pay professionals help them take care their parents at home cooked meal for them to get the groceries further help them get around, help them live in their own home with the dignity they deserve to be afforded.
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quite frankly, what we found is that this is more popular as poplars. anything else we're proposing is american. people understand the need to matter, dignity and pride for our parents. 30 years ago, we ranked number 7 among the infant and advanced economies in the world. as a share of women work, we are to day rank 23rd 23rd 7 to 23. once again, our competitors are investing the we're standing still. today, there are nearly 2000000 women in america. not working to day simply because they can't afford child care. typical family spends about $11000.00 on child care. some states is $40500.00 a year per we're going to make sure that the all families already less than 300000
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dollars year will pay no more than 7 percent of their income for child care. and for a family making a 100000 dollars year, that will save them more than $5000.00 in child care. this is a fundamental game changer for families and for our economy. as more parents, especially women, can get back to work and work in the workforce and look in a lot of significant pressed people in front of me. lot of them are working, working mothers, they know at a cost. i remember when i got to the senate, i lost my wife and daughter in an accident. i to boys. i started commuting 250 miles a day because i had my mom and my dad, my brother, my sister, helped me take care my kids because i couldn't afford child care and i was getting the serious salary. $42000.00 a year. we've also extended historic middle class tax cut. that's what i call the middle of that tax cut for parents. that is the expanded child tax credit we passed
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through the american rescue plan. what that means is for folks at home, they're getting $300.00 a month for every child under the age of $6250.00 for every child under the age of 18, or extending that. the money is already life changing for so many working families . the self cut child poverty in half this year, according to experts. that's not all it does. it changes the whole dynamic for working parents in the past. if you paid tax, is that a good income? you could deduct under the tax code $2000.00 per child from the taxes you owed. but how many families do you know, a cashier, waiters, health care workers who never got the benefit of the full tax big because they didn't have that much to deduct. and it wasn't refundable,
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so either came off your tax bill or you didn't get full credit. why should is somebody making 500000 dollars year 150000 or 200000 dollars year? get to write it off their taxes. and the people need the help even more. they don't have that much tax to pay. they don't get the benefit, nay, the same cost of raising their children. 80 percent of those left out, we're working parents who just didn't make enough money. that's why an american rescue plan. we didn't just expand the amount of the middle class tax cut. we also made it refundable. this framework will make it primary refundable, making sure that the families who needed a get a full credit for it. in addition to those who are already getting full credit, they're going to make sure that every 3 and 4 year old child in america go to high quality preschool. that's part of the legislation. i just brought up to the
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congress. studies show that when we put 3 and 4 years old in school school, not daycare school, we increase by up to 47 percent. the chance that that child no matter what their background will be able to get earn a college degree. if my wife kills in the back here, we always says any countries out educates us is going to outcompete us. we can finally take us from 12 years to 14 years of universal education america. we also make investments in higher education by increasing pell grants to help students from lower income families, attend community college and 4 year schools. and we invested historically back universities, colleges, universities, p. c, use minority serving institutions and travel colleges. to make sure every young student has a shot at a good paying job in the future. this framework extends tax credits to lower
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premiums for folks on of one who are in the affordable care act for another 3 years . for, for 1000000, from foreman and folks in the 12 states that have an expanded medicaid. all the rest hath this framework on labor, you to get affordable coverage. and medicare will now cover the cost of hearing aids and hearing check us. this framework also makes the most significant investment to deal with the climate crisis ever ever happened beyond any other advanced nation in the world over a 1000000000 metric tons of emission reductions at least 10 times bigger on climate than any bill that has ever passed before. and enough to position us for a 50 to 52 percent emission reductions by the year 2030 and we'll do it away. the grow, the domestic industries crate, good paying union jobs address, longstanding environmental injustices as well. tax credit to help people do things
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like whether rise their homes. so they use less energy install solar panels and develop clean energy products to help business produce more clean energy. and when paired with the bipartisan infrastructure bill will truly transform this nation. historic investments and passenger rail. i know everybody says oh biden's rail guy, that's true. the passenger rail and freight rail and public transit. it's going to make hundreds of 1000 take 100000 of eagles off the road, saving millions of barrels of oil. everybody knows all the study shell, if you can get from point a to point b an electric rail. you won't drive your car, but take the rail service. we also learned and most major cities in america, minority populations, the jobs he used to have in town. they're now out of town, roughly 60 percent of the folks they don't have vehicles so they need to have
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a means to get out of town to their jobs to be on time. that's what this will do that like it did for the troy. 95 percent of the 840000 school buses in america, bronnan, diesel. every day, more than 25000000 children and thousands of bus drivers, breed polluted air on the way to and from school, from the diesel exhaust. or in replace thousands of these with electric school buses that have a big batteries underneath it and that of her good for the climate. i went down to the 11 of the manufacturing facilities, saw them got a one drive, they do not expend any and they, they, they not to expend any pollution in the air. will build out the 1st ever national network of 500000 electric vehicle charging stations all across the country. so when you buy an electric vehicle, the credit for buying you buy electric vehicle,
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you go all the way across america on a single tank of gas, figuratively speaking, it's not gas. you plug it in. 500000 of the stations along the way. we're gonna get off the sidelines on manufacturing solar panels and wind farms, electric vehicles, with target manufacturing credits, we manufacture you get them a credit for doing. these will help grow the supply change in communities to off the left behind. and when a reward, countries for paying good wages for companies, i should say for good wages and for sourcing materials from here in the united states, that means tens of millions of panels and turbines doubling the number of electric vehicles we have in the road within just 3 years, we able to sell and export these products and technologies to the rest of the world . they've created thousands more jobs because we're once again going to be the
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innovators will also make historic investments, environmental clean up and remediation. that means putting people to work in good paying jobs, the prevailing wage, capping hundreds of thousands, hundreds of 1000 abandoned wells and gas. welf, orland gas. well that need to be gap because they are leaky things that hurt the air. putting a stop to the methane legs and a pipeline protecting the health of our communities. it's a big deal and we'll build up our resilience for the next super storm drought wildfires and hurricanes that represent a blinking co gray for america in the world. last year, along these types of extreme weather events you've all been covering and you've all witnessed and you've some of you been caught in the middle of have caused $99000000000.00 in damage united states for the last year,
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99000000000 dollars. we're not spend any money to deal with this. it's costing us significantly. i meant in pittsburgh, i'm in an i b w. electrical worker who climbs up in those power lines and milla storm and try to put transformers in keep the light silenced. farm said he calls himself a 100 percent union guy. his jobs, dangers, as he said, i quote, i don't want my kids growing up in a world where the threat of climate change hangs over their heads and of quote, folks. we all had that obligation and obligation to our children into our grandchildren, the by parson infrastructure bill is also most significant investment since we built the interstate highway system and won the space race. decades ago, the spout rebuilding the arteries of our economy across the country. now there are
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45000 bridges and 173 miles of 1000 miles of roads that are in poor condition.


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