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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ah, al jazeera, i with you as president joe biden, due to announce a revised framework for his domestic spending plan. he's now racing to firm up support from all democrats in congress. ah, hello, i'm at emily and gwen. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. francis sees is a british troll, or as a dispute escalates about post wrecks it fishing, right. international pressure builds on sedans, crew, latest coals, growing for the release of politicians,
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including proposed prime minister and looted artifacts are being handed over to nigeria and the name as momentum grows to attend cultural treasures seized during the colonial era. ah, hello, we begin the in the us where the president is expected to announce a new framework for his social spending plan. senior administration. officials say joe biden believes this version can win the support of all democrats. something that will be necessary for it to pass in a closely divided senate. this waiving policy package, initially came with a $3.00 trillion dollar price tag and bide and struggled to get moderate democrats on board. he now thinks he can push through the revised down deal for 1.75 trillion . the president wants to plan in place before he heads the cop 26 summit in glasgow
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. and fisher jones is lad now from washington, dc with the details. hello there. alan, what are the ins and outs of this revised plan? what will and won't the president guess what the white house has been saying for weeks? not everyone is going to get what they want. he to $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to come in somewhere around $1.00 trillion among the things that debate and will definitely get is improved care for the elderly and also for children. it's also going to improve a pre kindergarten and kindergarten schools across the country. huge expansion of that is going to be clean energy tax credit, which he hopes will boost manufacturing in the united states. and there's going to be an increase in the, at well, a continuation of the child tax credit which has been going on throughout the pandemic. it gives our families about $300.00 a month per child that will continue for at least a year, although not indefinitely. as he had wanted, and there's expansion of health care coverage at the white house believes that it's going to bring 7000000 people who don't have health care at the moment,
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back into the fold and give them some sort of cover. so what's not going to be in the bill, what there's no action of prescription charges. the white house accepts it simply doesn't have the vote to take action on that. there's no free tuition at community college. is that something that barry sanders and all of his supporters were very keen on, and there is no paid family leave the united states hands way behind the other g 7 countries on something like that. initially the plan was 12 weeks of paid family leave, then it became 4. no 8 stone to 0. joe biden is currently on the hill at the moment . he's talking to house democrats, and he's hoping that he can convince them that this is a good deal and something this a should say on till was me just to sell some pitches and j bad and arriving. ne alan, do you think that he'll be able to get this plan passed in congress? well, he's going to make the point that this will pay for itself because there's going to be a new tax on millionaires and billionaires particularly new tax rates for those adding
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more than $10000000.00 a year. there's going to be a 15 percent corporate tax rate on any company that makes more than $1000000000.00 a year profit a one percent tax on companies they get involved in buying share stock back as well . so that's all important. but what the joe biden is going to say is that it's important that the democrats politically get a win on the board. there are 2 big elections next week. the governor ships in new jersey and virginia are up for grabs. he wants to help them at pushed through, but also he's got another eye on the midterms. next year he wants the democrats to increase his control over the house and possibly even over the senate. and the way they're going to do that is by getting some political winds on the board. no, there are those. so see, he asked for 3.5 trillion. he's getting 1.75 trillion. i'll speak to someone in a think tank here in washington. the last couple of hours they say, look, that's still a lot of trillions and you can still do a lot with that money. and of course when people go to void,
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they won't be looking at what the joe biden not get in that deal. what did he do for me as my live better now? and that might sway their vote come november next year. so job bite will make the point that this has got to be a big win for democrats, and also he believes for the country. but also if he takes away a win on climate change, which is included in this bill, it's something that he can use when he gets the glasgow for koch 20 sakes and say, look, the united states might be the world's 2nd biggest polluter. but we're actually taking concrete action and climate change and others need to follow along and a lot riding on this planning past. thanks for the update alan fish life for us in washington dc. the u. k says, thread spy, france to block british boats from its ports are a breach of international law. it's the latest escalation in a dispute linked to a post breakfast fishing agreement. the comments come off to france,
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say to british boat fishing in its waters without a license. piracy is threatening sanctions. if the u. k doesn't grow more licenses to french fishermen, you can waters, the british government says any sanction would be mask with the appropriate retaliation. it is very disappointing to see the comments that came from france yesterday. we believe these are disappointing and disproportionate and not what we'd expect from a close ally and partner the measures being threatened. do not appear to be compatible with the trading cooperation agreement or why the international law and if carried through will be met with an appropriate and calibrated response. went on since it's time for us to get them to speak to. i stand by the fact we issued through some few dialogue until now since allowed our fishermen to have a bit of a half of the fishing licenses, we have to also see the glass half full, but that's not enough and not acceptable at all. so now we need to speak the language of strength. since that seems to be the only thing the british government
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understands. and andrew simmons has more on the spat from london. the threat from france. well it's, it's more than a single threat as a whole list of, of measures. they are threatening on the 2nd of november next tuesday if britain doesn't start grunting more fishing licenses. but france says that it will band all offloading of seafood, a british pull at france french ports. furthermore, because that is only a small amount of the exports to france. it will also increase customer checks on freight and not just with seafoods, but other goods as well, that will cause a lot of problems. furthermore, along with other measures, there is a 2nd wave of action planned. not too much is known of that, but they're not denying the french and not denying that they're seriously looking at the power supplies to the u. k. the export of electricity,
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particularly the channel islands, which is supplied in the submarine as a sub, bring a channel across the english channel. that is a threat. so we have here a situation that could easily get really quite serious unless the can be some com in the way that the 2 sides are talking to each other right now. it's pretty heated much tab ram and is the managing director for europe at the political west consultancy erase. you great. he says the dispute stems from wider issues. so i think the issue is a lot bigger than fish. frankly, i think this is the thin edge of the wedge. now it's an issue of this lead us been reported over the course of yesterday evening, but i think if you look back several weeks, there are big disagreements over immigration flows. and if you go back a little bit further, there's also disagreement. if you think about the orcus parks and how that came
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together and the extent to which the french felt like cut across what it was trying to achieve in the pacific. some of it's diplomatic outreach to china. i think that's also been a factor. and of course the thing underneath are on top of all of these conflicts is a very difficult you, k e u relationship with the u. k. government now seeking a for renegotiation of the brakes. it vo, it reached in and ratified in 2019. so there are very many points of tension. fishes, one of them, but there are very, very many sedans. daniel anchor later abdel fatter, albert han has dismissed at least 6 ambassadors after they spoke out against monday's military. takeover is increasing opposition both at home and abroad. on wednesday invoice from several western countries visited after prime minister della ham dock at his residence, where he's under heavy security, the u. s. and
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u. n. have cold for the immediate release of civilian ladies. his morgan has more than the capital cotton. people are still calling for civil disobedience and general trying to stay away from work, both at state and federal level, but they've been political moves to try to mediate between the 2 side. that is to say between the civilian component of the, the post transition government and the military that took over on monday. now we've, we've heard statements from the you as well as from norway that they went to the residence of prime minister of the land and met with him and made sure that he was in good health. the, the united nation commission into that unit secretary and the special representative of the u. s. security general. what does a statement think that the 2 sides should return to the constitutional declaration? that's the power sharing agreement that was signed between the forces of them and change election and the military on august 2019. so there are efforts to try to bring back the 2 sides, the military and the, and the force of freedom,
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a change coalition. to return to that constitutional declaration, let's not forget that. when general han made the announcement on monday, he said that he was committed to that to that power sharing agreement with the exception of a few articles. but those are crucial articles, articles that states the formation of the sovereignty council, which is shared between the military and the civilians. the executive cabinet, which was headed by prime minister, albert ham dog and the rules. and the authorities of those councils as well as counseling, as well as bringing back, bringing back the transition military council. the all of the there are political efforts and diplomatic efforts to try to bring those 2 sites back again to go see a thing table. but, but the after the united nations also called for the release of the other political prisoners, including the members of the sovereignty council and executive cabinet who arrested on monday. and in some news, just in the united nations security council has just issued its 1st statement on sudan since the military takeover from our niece. let's go live to christian salumi
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at the un. hello there. christian. what does this statement say? well, the security council is expressing serious concern about the military takeover and calling for the release of those who been detained by the military. the statement has not officially come out yet, but we're told by sources in the security council that it has been agreed upon by council members. there was a lot of back and forth on this the united kingdom, which is the pen holder on sudan in the security council began working on a statement on monday, almost as soon as the takeover happened in prime minister hom doc was taken into custody. we're told that there were at least 3 draft versions of this statement circulated before. coming to an agreement, russia we are told, was the main object tour to the earlier drafts they had
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objected to wording that condemned the take over choosing something a little softer, saying that they wanted to express serious concern. that's what ended up in this resolution. we also heard that there was some questioning of why talk about the prisoners when a 2 years ago when a new government took over the security council did not weigh in and call for the release of political prisoners. at that time when president omar aba sheer was removed from office. so this is just a little bit of the behind the scenes negotiations and tactics that were going on to get to some agreement. we know that the african members of the council were also pushing very hard for a statement as this qu happened, while the security council members were actually in africa in the so hell. talking
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about difficulties on the continent and in the region. the president of the c ready council this month is kenya, and they said that they wanted to follow the african union's lead on this, the african union, of course. so suspending sudan from membership and until the situation is resolved, they are so much hard work behind the scenes to come out with a, a fairly benign statement. but, but one that the international community will have to pay attention to because it has been agreed upon by all council members saying that this situation is a very serious concern and needs to be addressed to get the community to get the country back on path towards a constitutional reforms and an election. well, we appreciate the update. thank you very much. christian salumi live for us at the un. still ahead on al jazeera farmers ensure lanka hold protests against
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a gap of ban on chemical visualizes. as the constellation cultivation season rather gets underway and wearing the carpathian mountains where illegal logging is destroying the forest at some consider the lungs of europe. ah. hello, we got some pleasant sunshine coming in to japan over the next couple of days. welcome sunshine after what's been a rather wet week for many. so i feel making his way out into the open waters pulling the right out of the way bright skies come back in behind. take a getting up to 20 degrees celsius, bright and breezy day. here on friday, the winds will ease off a little as we go one into sas day. so i really will feel quite pleasant out in the sunshine. little more cloud though,
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some sherry rain coming across yellow sea towards the korean peninsula. hillside increased the wet here, then as we go on through the, we can price guys come back behind for much of china. water to showers down towards the south, joining up with the showers that we have across a good part of indo china where we have seen some very heavy rain recently, which is weather is now in the process of just pushing across towards thailand, you can see how the cloud and rain to slides in here, you shall, scattering a shower for the philippines for malaysia, for indonesia, and quite a scattering a showers to cross c r by up and go to water. southeast of india. there's still a clutch of storms bringing some very nasty weathering over the next couple of days . it could cause some localized flooding, much of southern india, seeing some very heavy rain orange warnings in force here. all the way across to was corolla and connecticut. ah, in the country with them the i'm done so bristle re, foreign,
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was into easier his this turns forming. we move full to grow and frank, we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs through invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest even easier now. oh, i hello you watching out 0. i'm emily anglin, a reminder of that's help stories this hour. you as president joe biden is expected to announce a new framework for his social spending plan. senior administration officials say
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bottom beliefs dispersion can when the board of all democrats revives deal will now come in at $1.00 trillion dollars u. k has rejected threats from france to block in boats from a french port saying that's a breach of international law. the french government says it needs more licenses for fishermen in the waters or it may impose sanctions. and the un security council has just issued its 1st statement expressing a serious concern about the military takeover. sudan, it's ami later, has fact at least 6. sam baset is as international pressure grows against monday's pakistan's government is threatening to crack down on a band group after 4 police officers were killed at a rally. me hall to protest is were also reportedly killed and dozens more injured when gun fire broke out on wednesday, members of the to rekey limbeck party have been demanding the release of their
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leader and the expulsion of the french ambassador for the 2017 jolly country controversy. come out, honda has the lightest from miss, i'm a back so far they are continuing to press on. they've moved out of the city of law, overcoming all the barricade that was set up by the police forces and have been making progress towards islamabad. they are still a few hours away, but along the way, elaborate plans have been made. changes have been dug up and a key bridge on the river jail em. i'd been declared, i'd been closed. and i did the red line. they already have been doors that deeds protest, i should not be allowed to cross that bridge at any cost. now, while this is all happening, the government has said that it will be ready to release the needed ridgeway. it will be also in a position to lift all. busy the cases,
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but as far as the expulsion of the french ambassador or to bring that issue in ball amended out of the question. and already 30000 police forces have been called in from the adjoining province phase to make sure that it's some abad is kept safe. right now we're in the red zone. as you can see, that security for 2 bedroom did also the prime minister called a meeting of a cabinet yesterday and decided to do deal with dates were denied. and they say that judge groups cannot be allowed to take matters into their own hands or to dictate policies. india has successfully testified an intercontinental ballistic missile. the acne 5 has a range of 5000 kilometers and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. it's believed to be able to strike meaning all of china. elizabeth, veronica has moved from new delhi and the defense ministry says it carried out successfully has launch of the me 5 intercontinental ballistic missile off india's
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eastern course. on wednesday night from now, the 50 ton missile was carrying a 1.5 ton warhead and flu at 24 times the speed of sound before the flashing down in the bay of bang gold. now the army 5 has been successfully tested at least 5 times since 2012 by the engineers who designed it. but this is the 1st time that it's being tested by the indian army team as part of its induction into the armed forces is also the 1st time that such a test has been carried out at night. the army 5 is india. the longest range surface to surface ballistic missile. it has the range of 5000 kilometers, meaning that it can hit any target in china. this is also the 1st soft chad test launch since the military standoff between india and china began in april last year . the tensions resulted in the 1st death and fighting between the 2 countries in 50
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years and multiple rounds of tool since then have failed to result in the complete this engagement of soldiers on both sides of the border now and the defense ministry has said that the successful test of me 5 is in line with the state policy of credible minimum deterrence, which on the pins its commitment to no 1st use. now this launch was actually supposed to happen last month. and when the chinese government found out about it, they weren't happy. and they said that all parties should be committed to maintaining peace, security, and stability and south asia. farmers in shall ankara, protesting against the lack of fertilize as the cultivation season gets and away. the shortage follows a government decision to ban all agro chemicals. men al fernandez, reports anger on the streets of humbug, daughter in southern sri lanka, the hot land of the governing roger box of family. farmers here said the
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government's move to make farming 100 percent organic, threatening their livelihood, ma'am, but an idea that the government wants us to listen to ministers, not agricultural experts, but experts say this won't work if they known the govern band, the importer fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals earlier this year, after a foreign currency shortage. it warns farmers to use organic alternatives across the country in polo narrower. one of the biggest drives producing years, 81 year old diva paley, goodwill, hunger is impatient, is bad if he is our overgrown normally, he says the soil would be tilled and ready by now a return. when you stop supplies, all of a sudden, whether it's vegetables, obey jeans or chillies, they have worms, potatoes don't grow properly. these products are essential. this is why farmers angry or dividend present got up a roger boxer says that change is needed to reduce the health risks,
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paused by agricultural chemicals. got it, will i me rather than seeking political mileage, every one should get together and do this for our country for our future generations. we can do this in a short time. it won't take 10 or 15 years. many scientists, agricultural experts and successful organic farmers like code to lay giant, they said, disagree. he says it's taken him 12 years to turn around this green batch. when i say a good way, i want got only one gun. one will have destroying something, can be done quickly, but reviving it has to be done systematically and in a very organized way. that's why i say the government could get farmers more involved, give them incentives, seek their views, and consult others in green agricultural gunning. that would have been more successful, like our attempts to secure organic fertilizer have run into a series of problems. the sheila and government says pharma protests like this. i instigated by the opposition and multinational chemical and fertilizer companies,
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but tens of thousands of farmers facing crop failures. and noah yields say they are facing a battle for survival. ha, ha ha. now the pharmacy, their biggest concern, is how they will feed their families in the coming months. mina fernandez, are jazeera polo narrower, not center she lanka, the carpet in mountains in romania and known as the lungs of europe. but that vital organ is at risk. the pristine forest which sacks out much of the continent say a 2 missions faces a growing threat from illegal logging as neat clark ripples all to him carpets the hillsides, the multi hued canopy marking the seasonal change of millennia ancient original forests sweeping across the copay. the mountains in eastern europe. if the amazon rain forest is the lungs of the world than the forest of the copay, the mountains are the lungs of europe. they suck the c o 2 out of the atmosphere
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and put oxygen back into it. they regulate the water system. there's a vast, vast array of life here. in fact, the forests of the world are the most bio diverse ecosystems on the planet. bout in this once pristine environment, life is be squeezed out by the so called him a mafia. trees being extracted illegally on an unprecedented scale by criminal gangs, and the locals who fight against it, pay the price. beatings are frequent, but people murdered to 6 forest rangers, have been killed in the last few years, leading to recent protests in the capital, bucharest, o. forest and horace, petra's mimics the cold of a red stag, he tells me that used to be 50 or 60 in this area alone. and this is why this area was illegally logged 10 years ago and it ripped apart the ecosystem. but you can see this kind of station from the more on to say that there is
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a maps you can see everything's, it's impossible to believe that they didn't know day know and day day encourage. and they took a lot of money. tanya says, it's clear who's to blame the politicians. we spoke to the government and they told us combating a legal logging is one of the priorities of romania. it's a continuous action and we've already seen results for the people who live in the mountains. it's terrible. i don't, i for them, for the, than the rental center that for hundreds of years we have manners the forest in a sustainable way. we take a small amount of wood for building and fire. it's very annoying that strangers come here from other countries and take away our way of life. i'm frightened of the people who steal to what i feel my family is in danger, because this is a mob like organization then in the scale of losses. staggering romania loses up to 9 hector's, a forest per hour to illegal logging. that contributes to the huge amount of forest
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loss globally. in fact, between 199-2016, the world lost 1300000 square kilometers of forest, an area larger than south africa. and in 2020 tropical forest loss around the world equal the size of the netherlands. since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled around the world. 2020 was meant to be a landmark year in the fight against deforestation a year by which many countries have pledged to have or completely stop for us loss . but in fact, the plundering has increased here in romania. it's not too late yet. but if not now, when nick clark al jazeera copay, the mountains romania, the university of aberdeen in scotland is returning one of the beneath bronzes on thursday. the bronze is some of africa's most significant artifacts,
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but were looted by colonial troops in the 19th century and taken to europe. cambridge university also returned one of the statues to nigeria on wednesday. of interest has interest rather has more from the food. some of these artifacts are, in fact objects of worship by traditionalists in these, in these parts of nigeria where they've been taken from the british occupation. now the release of some of the active but so far is generating excitement on the part of campaigners who struggled for years to get them back. and also a source of concern for them. they said the thousands of artifacts out there and it will be very difficult to reclaim them all back to their rights and faces. now in terms of negotiations, campaigners say they've been some progress in negotiations between them and the belgian authorities to return some of the attributes taken out of africa, west africa, and especially from nigeria. but then i also worries the negotiations between
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campaigners and the authorities in the united kingdom on progressing as fast as they wanted to. they said that they had several problems, several hobbles to try to get them back. they also worried that thousands of us may not be finally returned home, simply because they are in the hands of private collectors. they want to assure that these artifact brought back, but they also warned that this could take a very long time before they finally reclaimed. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and the, the top stories this our, you as president joe biden is expected to announce a new framework for his social spending plan. senior administration official said you're buying a blaze. this version can win the support of all democrats to revise due will now come in at $1.00 trillion dollars. allen fisher has more from washington, dc is going to be clean.


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